Thursday, August 18, 2005


Friday, August 19th

Episode #10,126
Tape date – 7/21/05
Director – Jim Baffico


Victor gives Nicole the boot, Chelsea and Max get a surprise interruption and Alex knows just how to get Marlena's memory back.

The show starts with Shawn and Mimi making out on the bed. She stops and they wonder what they were doing. She moans about losing the love of her life and her best friend all in the same day. Shawn says he’ll be always there for her and asks why she can’t stop talking about Belle. Mimi confesses about being really hung up on Shawn before she met Rex. She knows he never thought twice about her, but asks anyway. Shawn said she’s a beautiful girl, but it’s always been Belle. He can’t stop thinking about a future without Belle in it. He doesn’t know if he could ever love someone like that again. Mimi should realize that as he doesn’t want to lead her on. He can’t be that vulnerable again. She tells him how much she loved Rex and it hurt so much when he left. She doesn’t think she’ll get over him for a long time either. They agree it sucks, but happy they can be there for each other as friends. She goes up and hugs him saying she can’t lose anyone else in her life and thankful he’s there for her. Mimi rants on Belle’s marrying Philip again, someone she doesn’t love. Shawn stops her and says they both need to move on. They hear music and Philip and Belle’s lovemaking through the air vent. Mimi feels for Shawn about him having to hear that as Belle and Philip’s moaning gets louder.

Billie and Patrick open Chelsea’s bedroom door and Billie calls a halt to their lovemaking. Max tells them nothing happened (yet), but Chelsea yells at them to get out of her room and stay out of her life (hello mother, hello daughter) forever. The four argue as Max reminds them that he and Chelsea are both consenting adults. Chelsea tells Billie she doesn’t need a surrogate mom and knew this would happen (uh, find a job and make your own way then big mouth!) She tells Billie that Georgia was lucky to not have to grow up with her and hopes no one ruins her life like Billie’s trying to ruin hers. She asks Billie if she didn’t realize how humiliating what she just did was to her. Her mother would never have asked her to look after her if she knew how miserable she would make her life. She suggests Billie stop looking for Georgia so she won’t make her life just as miserable. Billie walks out and Patrick speaks up for Chelsea to stop it and orders Max to get dressed and get out. Max mouths off a little, but Patrick warns him that if he keeps it up he’ll take him out on a stretcher and goes after Billie.

Chelsea thinks she made Patrick jealous, but Max tells her that Patrick only wants Billie. Max picks up on the fact she’s using him to make Patrick jealous (yeah, she knew he’d fly to Europe and back in one evening, everyone in Salem does it, LOL!) Chelsea brings up Kate and Roman’s break up and how Bo and Hope will probably do so too as Billie keeps dragging Bo out of town to look for their daughter. Max clues Chelsea in that Billie has done nothing but try to help her. He remembers how wonderful Caroline was when the Brady’s took him and Frankie in. She’s determined to win this battle and walks up behind him, opening her robe as she leans into his back. She tells him she wants to have sex with him and for him to make love to her. He turns and they kiss. Later we find them falling back in bed again. He remembers what Frankie told him about being in love before having sex and wants to get to know her better first. Chelsea gets out of bed saying she just wanted sex from Max, but only wants to be in love with Patrick.

Patrick finds Billie filling up the pool with her tears. He says Chelsea was just embarrassed and to not take it seriously. Billie justifies all Chelsea’s gone through, but feels like Chelsea just stabbed a knife in her heart. She’s just a kid she’s helping out. Patrick knows something Chelsea said that makes sense. She’s trying to replace Georgia with her. Billie worries about if what Chelsea said was true. Is she responsible for ruining her daughter’s life? She cries in Patrick’s arms. Later he rationalizes there may be a good reason why she’s feeling this way and suggests she sit down. He remembers Tony’s statement about her daughter living in Salem and they’d recognize her name. He suggests to our super sleuth (who’s blood magically helped Georgia after the car accident..duh) that maybe Chelsea is Georgia.

To his loving grandson and not so loving wife. He’s anxious to give his wife what she so richly deserves. He mentions his evidence on her that she stole and Nicole said that was bogus stuff in his safe. Victor tells Brady about Jan’s involvement that night and how Jan tried to kill him in his tub while Nicole was handcuffed to Brady. Brady’s furious how she used him for an alibi and says that it’s definitely over between them. Victor grows impatient and turns to start strangling Nicole. Brady stops him saying she’s not worth going to prison for. Victor learns Jan’s in a coma and tells Nicole no matter, she’s not worth pressing charges against. Brady asks if she tried to kill Victor to be with him. Nicole said no, it’s because Victor’s evil and she wanted out of their marriage. Brady apologizes for sleeping with Nicole, not realizing he was alive. Victor calls Nicole a witch and isn’t upset at Brady over it. Victor knows Nicole had a master plan and won’t forgive her for going after his grandson. Brady advises Victor how Nicole was trying to transfer twenty million dollars to the Cayman Islands earlier. Nicole panics and Victor says it’s time she paid. Nicole figures she earned that money from all he’s put her through. Victor tells her to leave before he changes his mind and gets his gun. He throws her out with just the clothes on her back. She asks about the rest of her clothes and he tells her she can check the dumpster (they have one?) in the morning and salvage what she can find there. When she asks what she’ll do without any money, he gives the Rhett Butler response…”frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn”. Cue the “oh sh*t” look on Nicole’s face. Brady escorts Nicole outside as she begs Brady not to shun her too. He quietly says he doesn’t want anything more to do with her and to go. Sobbing, she does so. He returns inside and hugs Victor again, happy he’s home. Nicole watches from outside and vows to get Victor and everyone else!

Dr. North cooked a wonderful dinner for Marlena and pours them some wine. She raves about how wonderful everything looks (and tastes) and claims they’re all her favorite foods that she hasn’t had for years. She realizes some of her memory is back to realize that as he watches knowingly. He asks how much she remembers and she can’t remember anything about John or Roman, but it’s the food she remembers. He insists they stay on a first name basis and she asks how he knew about the soup (as we see another flashback of them eating together) and do they share something from the past? He admits looking into her history. She confesses feeling warm and happy there and admires his way of making her feel completely at ease. All she feels is anxious around her “family”. He touches her hand and notices it’s cold. He’s laid a fire knowing it gets chillier in the mountains, even in summer. With one match the fire starts (man, he’s good!) and turns on some soft jazz with his remote. He calls her doc (which she notes and he said he knows that’s what John and Roman call her) he toasts her and to her recovery as she has a flashback of them sipping wine together in the past. She tells him she remembers something and he takes her by the fire to warm up. He asks her to tell him what she remembers and she asks why she remembers him.

We return to them sitting on the floor near the fire as she ponders why all her memories involve him. From one shrink to another, he says it’s normal. She’s transferring her memories to him and not to fight having them. He tells her it’s time for bed and they’ll deal with the dishes in the morning. They blow out the candles at the same time and she flashes back to them kissing in bed. He asks what she remembers as goes upstairs crying as he watches solemnly as the previews roll...

Sami to herself: I swear, if he comes between me and Lucas, I’ll just have to kill him, that’s all. (is she talking about Stan or Tony? Rewound several times and couldn’t understand her, sorry…)

Billie to Tony: “You bastard. Tell me who she is!”

John to Kate: What if all she remembers is being in love with Roman?

Marlena to Alex: “I remember being in love with you.”

Alex’s response: You can start by taking off your clothes.
Marlena’s stunned response: “what?”


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