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Tape date-2/7/06
Director-Roger Inman

Just in case we missed some shows, this one is filled with flashbacks, some we have seen, some newly created. Lucas & Carrie go on their date, while Sami cons Austin to go to the same place, Bo is out on his bike, as Hope’s plane reaches Morgan Island.

SAMI finds Will’s cell phone inbetween the sofa cushion, and notes a message from Lucas on it, saying he is taking Carrie to Chez Rouge. Austin comes in, tired & hungry, but Sami claims no food in house, and they should go out. Austin says no, but then changes his mind, and asks where she wants to go.

CARRIE & LUCAS arrive at Chez Rouge to be greeted by Eugenia. It seems she was asked by Maggie to fill in tonight. Carrie goes to ladies room, running into Marcia Kelly, with whom she used to work at the hospital. Marcia tells her she heard Carrie was dating Kate Roberts’son (who talks like that?) and as Carrie nods in agreement, Marcia tells her she always knew she & Austin were soulmates.

BILLIE IS ON PHONE to Roman, worried about being unable to find Bo, and asks Roman to put out an APB. (hmmm, last we saw Roman, he was at his place with Nicole, guess she left and he is back at work, Ha). Chelsea comes down, dressed to the nines, all set to go out and party, as late as it is already. Billie convinces her it would not be a good idea and would look bad to the judge, so Chelsea agrees to stay home and suggests they play poker. Billie flashes back to playing poker with Patrick. With her winning, they decide to up the stakes from matchsticks…..and the next scene shows them playing strip poker and both down to their undies. Billie loses the hand with a pair of 8’s to Patrick’s trio of 5’s, & leads to sex on the sofa. Billie returns to the present, telling Chelsea she would rather play gin rummy. As they sit with their hot chocolates, they talk about Patrick, and then get into an argument about Bo, as Chelsea beats the drum again about Billie going after Bo, now that Hope has kicked him out of the house.

ON THE PLANE, Patrick is looking out his window, flashing back to breaking up with Billie, while Hope is flashing back to seeing Bo & Billie in bed in the motel, then in a conversation with Shawn about leaving town. Elaine Whitman sits down next to her, glad to get away from her snoring seatmate. Hope discourages any conversation with her, then flashes back to a scene of her and Bo declaring their everlasting love to each other. The passengers are told to prepare for landing.

BO IS ON HIS BIKE, wondering where Hope has gone. He flashes back to saying goodbye to Zack at the hospital (when they turned off the machines).


Ok folks, Sandra here. I am just going to add in here what happened after Barb's tape stopped.

CARRIE tells Marcia that she is with another of Kate’s sons – Lucas, to which Marcia apologizes for putting her foot in her mouth. Carrie returns to Lucas and they are full of nervous smiles and awkward moments as they discuss this change in their relationship.

SAMI pretends to call a whole bunch of restaurants (we can see her hang up the phone before she talks, so is talking to a dead phone), which all supposedly reply that they have no reservations before 10. Austin suggests they go to Chez Rouge and goes to get cleaned up. Sami knows that he can’t blame her, since it was his suggestion. When they arrive at Chez Rouge, Eugenia and Sami snipe at each other before she shows them to a table. Austin comments on the ‘nice start to their evening – and it gets even better’ as they see Lucas and Carrie. Austin swears if he didn’t know better, he would think Sami set it up (duh!!). Austin orders some wine from Eugenia, as Sami stares very sadly at Lucas and Carrie. Both couples decide not to leave, just to spite the other. Carrie asks Lucas to dance. Watching them go, Sami decides that Austin might be right, Lucas and Carrie might be there working, not dating. Eugenia is standing there and tells her that Lucas said it was a date. Austin tells Sami if she can be there around her ex, then so can he. They are moving on.

BILLIE decides that Patrick might have been right about Chelsea's moral compass, which doesn't sit well with her daughter. She seems to have Chelsea’s number and calls her for playing on Billie’s feelings (for Bo and for the relationship she wanted to develop with Chelsea), deliberately hurting people (and deriving pleasure from it), and blackmailing her into making them a family (which she never had, so she can’t pretend to be the kid from the divorced parents). Chelsea keeps at her, changing her tactics once in a while. Roman calls Billie to tell her what the cops said (see below) and thinking she knows where Bo is going, goes rushing out to find him. Chelsea is pleased. She ends up watching television and we hear a commercial for a zircon ring as she goes for her credit card and finds a picture of Zack. She apologizes to him for doing wrong, but she is trying to do what is right now, and she flips to a picture of her with Bo and Billie.

Billie drives along the road where the cops saw Bo and finds his abandoned motorcycle. She goes into the woods looking for him and hears a shot.

Elaine keeps trying to attach herself to HOPE – even offers to take her out for drinks, partying and cruising for hot, sexy guys. Hope tries to brush her off, and when she goes to find her bag, Hope goes to a counter to ask for a rental that is remote and secluded, (and on the beach) as she wants solitude. The attendant shows her a magazine page and Hope says it is good and takes it. A man gives her a flower and tells her it is a special flower that only grows on that particular island for a short time each year and if given by a native to a woman visitor, she will find love while on the island (groan…..). She is cynical, which he calls her on, but he promises it will happen.

PATRICK meets up with a guy who must be his friend while he is on the island. The guy is surprised that Patrick is alone, without a female companion, but Patrick claims that they are trouble and wants solitude in his beach house (anyone else see where this is going, yet??) They head off to his house.

BO is spotted speeding off by two cops, who call it in to the station, thanks to the APB Roman put out. They are told that someone else is being sent after him, so they go, commenting that he had better be careful and slow down because of the fog. He skids.

Next we see him, he is drinking beer by a campfire. He aims a gun at a row of beer bottles on a rock and fires. He misses and is startled by a yell. He goes to investigate and finds Billie unconscious on the ground, with blood on her hand.

Fade on Bo’s saying Billie’s name as the previews roll:

Shawn: “Are you getting cold feet about marrying me?” Flash to Mimi and then Belle.

Hope to Patrick: “Bo has moved on with someone else so there really is no marriage to go home to.”

Frankie to Jen (while fireworks are going off overhead): “Guess we’re not the only ones celebrating tonight.”

And the credits roll....


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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Episode: 10,260
Directed by: Albert Alarr
Tape Date: 2/6/06

As evening rolls around our little executives are still at work whether at Titan or at Austin Reed Inc. Marlena counsels Belle as Alex returns home with flowers; Bo searches for Hope at the airport while Shawn returns to the loft to meet Calliope.

Carrie and Lucas meet with Victor. Victor’s office bar is at the ready and he seems to use it like we use coffee and water at our jobs. They tell Victor how Carrie’s gone through HR and Victor asks for a few minutes alone with her. Victor assures Carrie he knew Lucas hired her, but flat out asks if she has what it takes to compete with Austin. She tells him that Austin’s taught her how to be ruthless and he welcomes her aboard. We return as he thinks Carrie has potential and says Austin has his work cut out for him.

While Lucas waits outside Victor’s office, Kate arrives to see Victor. He reminds her about his keeping Will from her if she interferes with him and Carrie. Victor finishes with Carrie and Lucas dashes back to Carrie when Victor asks Kate what she wants. She needs his advice about what to do about John Marlena and Alex. His advice is simple, to stay the hell out of it. We return as they argue about Sami’s trying to get Austin back. Victor says he’s angry about Kate wanting him to keep Claire’s paternity a secret as she shushes him. He figures it’s time the truth comes out. Kate’s worried how devastating it would be to Philip if Belle and Claire were taken from him.

After working for 5 minutes (Kate and Victor are still talking in the hallway..wasn’t that long), Lucas says he’s hungry and suggests they go to dinner. Carrie prepares to bring their notes, but he clarifies he’s asking her for a date, not a business dinner.

Sami asks Austin if Kate warned him to stay away from her. He tells her no and the world doesn’t revolve around her. He tells her that Kate was worried about Belle and Philip’s marriage, which momentarily concerns Sami. Austin tells Sami math is one of her strengths and being too easily distracted and nosy her weaknesses. She’s insulted, but determined to prove him wrong. Later he’s happy with the figures. He finds a cufflink on the floor and Sami figures Lucas dropped it the night before (remembering their kiss). Austin asks if he’s trying to get her back, but she says Lucas came about Will and only wants Carrie right now. When she mentions Carrie, Austin demands to know what Carrie said. She finally tells him that Carrie doesn’t want any part of him and wouldn’t be surprised if the next wedding is Carrie and Lucas’.

Abe warns John not to drink so hard. John asks how he’s suppose to do that when he knows what Alex is up to, especially after what happened to Lois. Abe figures that Alex may be playing with John. John said he doesn’t give a damn about the restraining order.

Alex returns with flowers in hand, planning to make Marlena pay for what John did to him (as he touches his face and remembering the punch). He hears Belle inside with Marlena and says he doesn’t need John and Marlena’s whiny brat to interfere. Marlena tells Belle to follow her heart, just like she’s doing. Belle whines she has told Shawn she loves him still. Alex overhears as Marlena tells Belle that he was her first love and will always own her heart. Belle fears what a divorce would do to Claire and knows how Sami blames everything on her parents divorce. Marlena says she knows (selective memory?) and Belle thinks she should just stay with Philip. She loves him even if it’s not the deep love she shares with Shawn. Alex decides to walk in at that point and goes to put the flowers in water to leave them alone. Belle decides to leave and Marlena tells her how proud she is of her. Alex is surprised to find Belle gone (yeah right) and asks how Calliope and her got along. She tells him how Calliope did put her 2 cents in on her and John belonging together (as he states…on his dime). Marlena ponders about how so many people want her and John back together. She tells Alex she knows her future is with him. She holds the picture of her with John and Belle and out loud, again ponders how everyone says she was so in love with John. She turns and notices his bruised face and angrily asks if John did that. She hugs him, apologizing and says after they’re married John will have to realize it’s over between them. Alex agrees it will be all over soon.

CALLIOPE AND BONNIE get along great as Mimi rolls her eyes. A morose Shawn returns home to tell Mimi that his mom’s leaving town. Calliope interrupts to say the mother of the groom needs to be at the wedding. She introduces herself to Shawn, saying she was a former Salemite and can’t believe John and Marlena and now Bo and Hope are breaking up..saying that’s crazy (Amen, sister!!) Bonnie figures she can cross off both Bo and Hope off their wedding list and Mimi gasps and wants to see this list. Staring at the picture of his family, Shawn’s mind wanders. Mimi sees that Belle and Philip aren’t on the list and says they’re the best man and matron of honor. Bonnie doesn’t approve. Belle arrives and Calliope is speechless when she realizes that Belle is John’s and Marlena’s little girl. She twirls Belle, amazed that she’s all grown up and asks what they put in the water there (Calliope must be our mouthpiece in Salem, LOL) Mimi, Bonnie and Shawn roll their respective eyes as Calliope always figured Belle would be the one to end up with Shawn. She asks if Belle is happy with this Philip and Bonnie speaks up saying she is. Calliope watches Belle’s face as Shawn and Mimi kiss.


Bo tries to use his cop status to find out if Hope is on their flight, but the attendant refuses to give him the info without approval or a warrant. We see Patrick and Hope separately waiting for their flights. A couple uniforms arrive and Bo instructs them to find Hope and not let her board a plane. While doing so, the flight for “Morgan Island” is announced and Hope’s first at the counter and checks in to board before he finishes talking to the officers. Patrick is further down the line. Hope finds her seat and Patrick does his, still not realizing they’re on the same plane. Bo gets clearance to check flights before they leave and heads for the next plane that’s going to take off. He pushes his way through the passengers trying to find their seat and finds a lady who looks like Hope (wearing the same color as Hope too, how did he know what she’s wearing?) and apologizes for grabbing her. We see Hope (and Patrick) gazing out at the fog as the stewardess announces it’s 81 degrees on Morgan Island. As we see a thunder and lightning storm outside, Hope bids farewell to Zack and Bo. Bo rushes up to the attendant asking about other flights and she tells him they have flights leaving for all parts of the world. The two officers arrive without Hope as well and Bo charges off. The officers fear about Bo’s life if he gets on his motorcycle, but state they figure Bo doesn’t care about his own life anymore…as the previews roll…

Sami and Austin go out to dinner and see Carrie and Lucas there. They both figure the other couple is on a date.

We see Hope’s face as someone who sounds like Ricardo Montalban talks about love (is this Fantasy Island) on the island (sorry, couldn’t understand him).

Bo finds Billie lying unconscious on her back in the snow and calls out her name.

As the credits roll…

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Monday, February 27, 2006

Episode # 10259
Tape Date: 2/3/06
Air Date: 2/27/06
Director: Phil Sogard

Summary: Once again, Lexie gives in to Tek…Alex sets John up and makes him look like a fool…Hope decides to leave Salem…Caroline offers Bo some wise advice…and Marlena offers Belle advice as well. Three cheers to Shawn and Patrick, who see Chelsea for what she really is (and perhaps now Billie is finally seeing it is as well).

At the Hospital…Lexie and Abe are in her office as he is telling her of his check up and that he is doing well. She wants to plan a romantic evening at home by the fire, but he isn’t optimistic about it. Tek is listening at the door as Lexie tries to convince Abe, but he says it is only torture for both of them, which understandably, offends her. She says she only wants her husband back…she needs him. (Well, you fixed his eyes, can’t you fix THAT as well? ;-) She thinks that it may all be psychological, but Abe doesn’t want to talk about it. He goes to leave, as she tells him she will be waiting for him by the fire with wine. After Abe leaves, Tek comes in telling her not to put up with Abe’s abuse and neglect, admitting he heard everything. He says that Lexie deserves better and that he is the man to give it to her and kisses her. She slaps him, but he says he knows she wants him too. She gets upset, yelling at him to stop harassing her. Tek says that Abe can’t satisfy her but she defends Abe, or at least tries to. But Tek keeps belittling Abe, saying that Lexie is an exciting woman and that Abe is never there for her. She starts crying as Tek tries to get her to admit that she wants him as well. He tells her that all she has to do is tell him to leave and he will, but she can’t and they start kissing again. They start ripping each others’ clothes off like two animals in heat as he clears the desk, throws her over it and they go at it. (Cover the kiddies’ eyes, LOL).

At the Lockhart House…Billie is getting ready to go check on Bo as Chelsea continues to push her about making her move on him and going on about how Bo needs her. Billie declares she isn’t going after him, only being a friend. But Chelsea doesn’t think that they have done anything wrong. As Chelsea chatters on, Patrick walks up and hears her, telling them they are making a huge mistake trying to break up Bo and Hope. Billie takes the opportunity again to blame Patrick for turning in Chelsea but he says that the truth would have come out eventually and now Chelsea needs to pay for what she did, saying that perhaps she will learn that her actions have consequences. He says he doesn’t want to argue about it anymore and tells them that Bonnie said they can stay. Billie says she heard he was leaving town and asks where he is going. Chelsea lets it slip that she knows he is going to the beach and he asks her what she is up to. He warns Billie to watch her back in regards to Chelsea. He says that Billie was willing to go to jail for her, but Chelsea wouldn’t have even cared. Chelsea gets angry and tells him goodbye and good riddance and leaves. Patrick tells Billie to keep an eye on her, she is just using her…saying that Chelsea is selfish and has no moral compass. (Go Patrick!) But Billie takes up for her, saying it is all her own fault, not being there for her when she was growing up (and like YOU would have been a good influence???) Patrick says that is bull…the Bensons were good people…there is no one to blame for Chelsea’s behavior, except Chelsea. Patrick says she is nothing but bad news. He sees that he isn’t getting through and tells her never mind, he is leaving town and they won’t have to see him again. He says that Bo is so threatened by his friendship with Hope and he doesn’t want to be an obstacle in coming between them (which is news to Billie). She lies, saying she doesn’t want to come between them either as he says that Bo and Hope belong together. Billie asks him if he is running away from temptation and he says no…it’s just time for him to leave, there is nothing to keep him in Salem.

At the Brady House…Shawn is with his mom as she is telling him she is going away for a while and he understands. He talks about getting away from all the wedding planning and Hope says with the wedding, she can’t go away. But he says it will be a while, she should take her time and take care of herself…she will be back in time for the wedding. He offers to go along with her, but she tells him no, she needs time alone. She talks about seeing him happy and he swears he loves Mimi. He admits that she was rooting for him and Belle to get back together and he says so was he. She says she believed that there was a reason that Zack saved Claire’s life. They promise not to worry about each other and she asks him not to tell Bo where she is going. Shawn says he won’t…it’s not like they are speaking anyway. With a hug, she promises to see him again soon. After Shawn leaves, Hope is on the phone making travel arrangements. She picks up Zack’s teddy bear and clutches it.

At the Penthouse…Belle tells Marlena she saw the paper and there is no way this wedding can happen…Shawn CANNOT marry Mimi. Marlena is stunned, saying she thought she was talking about her and Alex. Oops! She was, but that just slipped out. Marlena says she knows that Belle still has feelings for Shawn. Belle admits to that, but just can’t understand about Marlena and John…they were SO in love. Marlena tries to poo-poo all that but Belle goes on and on about how much her parents were so in love. Marlena doesn’t want to talk about it anymore and tells Belle that SHE is the one that needs to follow HER heart. Belle asks if she is advising her to leave Philip, but Marlena says no, she just needs to listen to her heart and it sounds to her like Belle still loves Shawn. Marlena talks about making vows and says that maybe Belle’s watching all that Marlena and John are going through has made her think twice. Belle gets upset, saying that her mom is analyzing her, and putting her on the defensive. Marlena says she may not remember a lot about Belle, but she knows she loves her and just wants her to sort it all out and do what is best. Belle says there IS no sorting it out…she is only doing what Marlena taught her (as they talk about vows and family). Marlena says something about Belle staying with Philip and being miserable, but Belle says she is NOT miserable. But, says Marlena, you love Shawn more. Marelena says Belle’s choices are clear…she can stop Shawn from marrying Mimi….or…just live her life without him.

At the Brady Pub…Bo is moping around as Caroline offers advice…telling him to give Hope time to heal…right now, everyone’s emotions are raw. He complains that Hope is stubborn and won’t let him explain his side (I’m not even gonna go there on that one). But he says it is all his fault…and she (Caroline) warned him about not telling the truth from the beginning. She talks about the stages of grief and tells him to be patient with Hope. She tells him to put himself in Hope’s shoes and let her know that he too, is angry over what Chelsea did. But he says he doesn’t want to feed Hope’s anger. Caroline warns him to NOT let Chelsea push him towards Billie and says that Hope will see that as him choosing them (Chelsea and Billie) over Hope (Listen to your mother, Bo!) She says that he and Hope love each other and she is sure that love will see them through this tragedy.

Chelsea comes in, looking for Bo, wanting to talk about her case. But Bo says he has other things to deal with and brushes her off. She starts her crying routine and complains that Hope hates her and will do anything to turn Bo against her (this girl never stops!) Bo says he understands what Hope is going through as Shawn walks by, saying he KNEW he would find them together. He says no wonder mom wants to get away. Bo is shocked, asking where she is going and Shawn says “like YOU care” and walks on by. Bo takes off as Chelsea silently damns Shawn, sure that Bo is going to stop her from leaving. Chelsea sashays over to Shawn and he looks at her, telling her to GET OUT! (go Shawn!) She asks him if Hope is really leaving town and he says he knows that is what she wants…that way she won’t have to face her. She plays her “I’m sorry” card, and says she is ready to face her punishment and rattles on about how guilty she feels, but Shawn isn’t buying it. He tells her she should be behind bars and far away from them. She lies, saying she hopes that Hope forgives Bo and maybe he can stop her for leaving. Shawn says it’s too late, she will be gone before he gets there. We see Bo rush into the house, calling for her. He finds a note to the cleaning lady, explaining she will be gone for 2 months. He calls the airport but they can’t help him so he takes off. He arrives at the airport, looking for her, but doesn’t see her (she is reading a magazine). The camera pans around the airport and we also see Patrick is there as well. Later, Chelsea returns home as she and Billie talk about Patrick leaving town. She says it is good…now no one can stop her (Billie) from making her move on Bo. After she walks off, Patrick’s words resonate in Billie’s head (about Chelsea just using her) and Billie gets a light bulb look on her face, maybe realizing that he was right.

At the Morgue…Alex is talking to Lois (thanking her for helping his plan work perfectly and how no one can stop him) as John is outside the door. He comes barging in, grabbing him around the collar, calling him out. Alex admits to all of it and John asks him what he is planning to do to Marlena. Alex taunts him and says it’s for him to know and for John to find out. He finally says he is going to cause Doc “more pain and suffering than John can ever imagine”. John calls him a sick bastard as Alex admits to killing Lois, but says no one will ever believe John…he has no evidence. He tells John he loses. John goes off the handle and starts punching him…as Abe comes in and breaks it up. Alex, with a bloody face, plays innocent, as John tells Abe that Alex confessed everything to him. Alex asks where is his tape recorder?...where are his witnesses? He says John has no evidence as he sneers at John…John sneers back. Abe asks why John is there and he says that the Medical Examiner called him. Abe says he talked to the ME and he didn’t call John…as John realizes it was all a set-up, which Alex denies, and wants Abe to issue another restraining order against John. Abe has to restrain John and warns him to stop. Alex says he cannot wait to see Marlena in that wedding dress…then he can’t wait to see her OUT of it as well…as he struts out of the room. John goes ballistic, telling Abe that Alex is only taunting and baiting him. John says he WILL protect Marlena…even if he has to die trying…as the previews show…

Alex (to Marlena): Does this mean you are having second thoughts about renewing our vows with me?...

Lucas (to Carrie): This isn’t a business dinner…I am asking you on a date…

Austin (to Sami): What did she say?...(Sami): Come on Austin, you told me not to be nosey…(Austin): I’m serious…what did she say?...

Hope (looking out the window of the plane as she thinks): Goodbye Zack…goodbye Bo…

And the credits roll…

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Friday, February 24, 2006

Episode: 10,258
Director: Roger Inman
Tape Date: 2/2/06

A fan favorite not only returns to Salem, but as her original character (imagine that, I like that idea!). Calliope Jones Bradford returns as Marlena and Mimi’s wedding planner. Devil teen continues to manipulate, Alex talks to Lois’ body at the morgue and Hope thinks about leaving town. (side note to our newest readers…a senior center that just found out about our site yesterday…welcome aboard!!)

Mimi and Shawn are working on their wedding plans. Both lose their temper as she asks for his family’s addresses and he says they’re on the computer. She tells him she needs MAILING addresses, not email addresses (LOL). Bonnie arrives, hearing them from down the hall, and Mimi said getting married so quickly is a bad idea. Bonnie assures them that she and Kate’s check book will take care of all the arrangements and for them not to worry about it. She herself has been to the hairdressers and salons ala Kate’s $$. Patrick arrives and tells Mimi he’s leaving town and doesn’t know where he’s going. Bonnie admits knowing he was leaving. Shawn isn’t upset, knowing Patrick worked for Dimera. Patrick knows neither Shawn or Bo like him. Mimi’s upset he’s not staying for her wedding and hugs him goodbye. He sticks around to help Bonnie try out the wedding food samples she brought as Shawn worries they’re bad for her heart condition. She tells him she got a clean bill of health (then why rush into a wedding?) She explains all the food she brought as Patrick asks what they mean by her heart condition. Bonnie says they hired a great wedding planner and she should be there any minute. Shawn leaves to go check on Hope (about time) and tells Mimi she can talk to the planner with her mother and brother. Mimi sends her best wishes to Hope as they tell each other they love each other before he leaves. Patrick leaves and Bonnie lectures Mimi how she can’t delay the wedding. Calliope arrives (after she had been to the Penthouse below). She identifies herself as Calliope Jones Bradford. Calliope and Bonnie both love each others outfits. Bonnie tells Mimi nothing can go wrong with Calliope helping them.

Belle joins John at the pub, upset about reading that her mother and Alex are remarrying and going on a long honeymoon. She tells John he has to stop it from happening. He assures her he’s doing whatever he can to stop Alex, not wanting what happened to Lois to happen to Marlena. He has to be patient until he gets the goods on Alex though. Belle offers to help, but John just wants her to relax and take care of his granddaughter. She kisses him goodbye and leaves as he plans to go too. He hears Bo in the next booth and sits down and asks for his help.

Marlena is worried about Alex’s latest injury from John. He assures her that neither John or anyone else is taking her away from him. He’s not going to let anyone interfere in their wedding or out of town honeymoon plans. Doorbell rings and she’s worried it’s John, but he knows he has a surprise for her. He opens the door and long time viewers will recognize CALLIOPE running in and hugging Marlena, saying how much she’s missed her. Of course Marlena doesn’t recognize her due to her amnesia..and asks if she knows her. (Calliope was a bubbly, kooky Salem resident long ago and a good friend of Marlena’s) Calliope asks if she’s aged THAT much, not knowing about the amnesia. She tells Marlena it won’t mean anything that Eugene sends his love and sorry he couldn’t come. Alex explains Calliope is a famous wedding planner and he didn’t realize she was from Salem and knew Marlena. He leaves (much to Marlena’s distress, come on Marlena, show some spine) to run errands and let the women chat. As soon as he leaves, Calliope asks who that man was. She knew all of Marlena’s husbands and HE was not one of them. (side note…when Calliope got married…she wore a dress that was covered with white Christmas lights, that lit up as she walked down the aisle, while Eugene wore a white fur coat. Hopefully her tastes have changed ;-)

Calliope can’t believe Marlena is choosing this Alex guy over Roman, er, John..she can’t get use to his new name (LOL) and when Marlena says she’s scared of John, thinking he’s obsessed. Calliope thinks that’s great after all these years. Marlena worries his obsession has turned into violence. Marlena asks if John sent her there to work on her and if so, she wants her to leave and not come back. Calliope responds “that’s so cold.” She says Alex called her just like he told her and just is having a hard time believing Marlena feels that way about John. Calliope has another appointment, but brought some things for Marlena to look at and will call her to set up another time. She crosses her fingers behind her back saying she won’t mention you know who’s name (Voldemort? Sorry..Harry Potter fan here) again. Marlena gasps when Calliope leaves (maybe she needs some more whaps on the head to get her memory back).

Belle arrives and tells Marlena she saw the paper and this wedding can’t happen.

Chelsea continues plotting against Hope, remembering Patrick’s phone conversation. She knocks before entering Jennifer’s house, carrying only flowers, and talks with Abby. Abby says she's staying there and doesn't need to knock. She had seen Patrick’s car at home and didn’t want to face him after he ratted on her. She tells Abby the flowers are for Hope, but knows how angry Hope is at her. She whines she lost Zack too and didn’t do this on purpose and angry that Hope won’t forgive her. Through her little manipulating she gets Abby to offer to take the flowers to Hope and have her tell Hope how badly she feels about what happened. Chelsea tells Abby that she was going to suggest to Hope to go away to think for a while and mentions the place as a suggestion. Abby falls for the bait and leaves as Chelsea tells herself she didn’t think it would be that easy (ah, nothing like starting your day with a manipulating teenager---NOT)

Bo calls home (from the pub) and gets a sweet message from Hope that she, Zack and Bo aren’t there. Zack spoke up that yes they are and she laughs. Bo asks Fancy Face to pick up and we see her crying on the bed, staring at the phone. Hugging Zack’s bear with tears pouring down her face, she hears Bo pleading for her to see him so he can explain, saying they need each other more than ever now. After hanging up, he sits in the booth and tells himself if Hope wants him out of the house, he’ll do it.

John joins him later and says he needs to clear his name and nail Alex North for killing Lois and framing him. John gets a call from the morgue that the autopsy report is back. He’s hoping it’ll show she was murdered (hello…would they give the results to the suspected murderer? I don’t think so.) Bo wishes him good luck and John leaves.

The doorbell rings and Hope hopes it’s not Bo. Abby calls out it’s her and she rushes to the door. Abby gives her the flowers. Hope thanks her, saying they’re beautiful and hugs her. Abby explains they’re from Chelsea and Hope tosses them in the basket, asking if they’re suppose to make up for killing her son. Abby apologizes and pulls the flowers out of the trash saying Chelsea really feels bad. Abby asks if there’s anything she can do to help and they talk about Jack. She suggests that Hope maybe go away for a while and Hope says she was thinking the same thing, but didn’t know where to go. Abby mentions Morgan Island and Hope says she’ll check it out and thanks Abby.

Later Abby returns home and Chelsea pulls what happened with Hope from her. She clarifies that Abby didn’t tell Hope it was her idea where to go and suggests they keep it between them as Bo might try to stop Hope if he knew. To herself she hopes her plan works as her parents need to be together to keep her from going to prison.

Shawn arrives to see Hope and she tells him she’s thinking about getting away. It’s hard for her to be there. Shawn offers her their spare room (not mentioning he's getting married soon). She smiles and thanks him, but says she heard about a place called Morgan Island and thinking about it. (isn’t she still on the Salem PD? Is she on family leave?)

Alex walks right into the morgue and opens Lois’ door. He pulls her out and apologizes if he’s catching her at a bad time, saying they need to talk (yeah, right). He explains he knows she’s dead as he’s the one who put her there..but no one can know what he’s up to. She can’t tell on him anymore now and John’s injecting the truth serum helped him get away with it. No one can know what he’s up til until Marlena’s paid the price. He babbles on about what happens to Marlena will make her very happy and she’ll be sorry she isn’t around to enjoy it as the previews roll.....

Tek to Lexie: Tell me you don’t want me to go. Lexie is breathing heavy and can’t and he knows it.

Shawn to Hope: You should go and take care of yourself. How about if I came with you?

Shawn to Bo (who’s at the pub with Chelsea): Away? Where’s she going?
Shawn: Away…like you care.

Marlena to Belle: YOU need to listen to your heart.

John to Abe (as Alex stands there with a bleeding face): He’s going to use the law to try and stop me from protecting my wife. But I’ll tell you one thing Abraham, I will protect her…

To read up on Calliope Jones Bradford...go to Dustin's site at

As the credits roll..

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Thursday, February 23, 2006

Episode # 10257
Tape Date: 2/1/06
Air Date: 2/23/06
Director: Herb Stein

Summary: Lots of convincing going on in Salem! Kate and Bonnie try to convince Mimi to keep her mouth shut…Belle tries to convince Shawn to choose her…John tries to convince Marlena that Alex is a danger to her…Billie tries to convince Chelsea that there is no hope for her and Bo…Patrick tries to leave Salem, but Bonnie tries to convince him to stay….and Hope tries to convince herself that it is over between her and Bo.

At the Loft…Shawn walks in as Mimi is in the wedding dress but he sees Belle instead. Mimi chases him out, saying they can’t get married now…he has seen her in the dress. Bonnie rushes him out the door, just as Belle walks up. Mimi tells Bonnie and Kate that she wants a different dress now, if she wears this dress, their marriage is doomed…especially if Shawn learns the truth about the baby. Bonnie listens at the door (eavesdropping on Shawn and Belle) as Kate helps Mimi get undressed. (She calls Belle a little witch for not leaving him alone.) Belle tells Shawn that she is having a hard time dealing with their wedding (as Shawn has flashbacks of her in the dress). She asks him what is he thinking and he tells her he saw Mimi in the dress. Belle urges him to admit that he still loves her and he asks what good would that do…she is married to Philip and he is marrying Mimi. Kate walks up and catches Bonnie listening at the door (with a glass) and asks what she is doing. She then lectures Bonnie about keeping her mouth shut and watching what she says, saying she has a habit of blurting things out but Bonnie swears she would never tell about Claire. Mimi comes in as Bonnie demands the Basic Black credit card from Kate so she can go shopping to get the perfect dress for the wedding. As she leaves, she stops in the hall and tells Shawn and Belle how beautiful Mimi looks in the dress and how happy they are all going to be. She talks about Claire and then blurts out that she looks just like her daddy…Philip, of course. As she leaves, she thinks she needs duct tape over her big, fat mouth (LOL). Kate tells Mimi she shouldn’t have second thoughts, but Mimi tells her that she feels as if Shawn is settling for second best. Kate tells her that sometimes happiness is worth one little white lie. Belle talks about how much she loves Claire and wishes Shawn were her father. He says he will always love her but the fact is, she is NOT his daughter…she is Philip’s. Inside, Mimi frets over the lie, but Kate tells her that the truth will hurt a lot of people and she need to make sure that it doesn’t come out. She tells Mimi that sometimes, a lie can be your best friend. If she tells the truth, her life will be miserable. Shawn tells Belle that he is moving on…he and Mimi are getting married. Belle agrees that Philip is a great father, but Shawn says that is the way it should be. He tells Belle to face it…what we had is gone…the three of us can never be a family.

At the Lockhart Place…Chelsea goes over to get her things as Patrick asks what she is dong there and tells her to get out. She starts her “it’s your fault I am going to jail” routine. He puts a guilt trip on her and they argue. He tells her that he has decided to leave Salem and she says she won’t miss him. He admits that he will miss Jen and Hope (as Chelsea makes a crack about their ages). He says that Jen has Frankie but he is worried about Hope. He talks about how Bo is so threatened by him, even though he was only trying to help Hope. Chelsea’s little wheels in her mind start turning and she thinks maybe she can use Patrick as a wedge between Bo and Hope. She tries to talk him into staying but he says he is leaving and will not be involved in breaking up Bo and Hope and goes to pack. She eavesdrops on him making flight arrangements and says to herself that he can’t leave…unless he takes Hope with him.

After Chelsea leaves, Bonnie comes home and he informs her that he is leaving Salem. She tries to talk him out of it, saying he should marry Billie. He makes it clear that it is over between them, so she tells him to let Billie leave town then and to take “her murdering little kid with her”. He says he would like to stay and help Hope but Bo wouldn’t stand for that. Bonnie gets an idea, pointing out that Hope is a Horton. She urges him to let Hope cry on his shoulder, saying that Hope is perfect for him and tells him to make his move. Patrick is disgusted with her and tells her no. Bonnie says if she weren’t such a busy-body, her children would have no lives at all. Patrick doesn’t want to hear it, but Bonnie pushes him, saying he is on second base already…if he turns on the charm and plays his cards right, he could be sliding into home every night…to a beautiful wife and oodles of money. He refuses to put the move on Hope, saying she is a grieving mother, for God’s sake. Bonnie tells him that he needs to make Hope happy then, saying that Hope has class and that would be good for him. He tells her to give it up, he is leaving. Bonnie asks WHY her kids won’t listen to her and says she will do what ever she has to see they get what they deserve.

At the Penthouse…we have the same old, same old. John tries to convince Marlena to get away from Alex, he is trying to hurt her. But she won’t listen…reciting her “I love Alex…we are getting married” mantra as Alex listens. She tells John that Alex had the wedding dress special made, but John points out that it is exactly like they one THEY married in and urges her to check it out in the mirror. She has some flashes of marrying John, but quickly dismisses them and asks WHY is he trying to ruin this for her. Alex comes down, asking why isn’t John in jail and asks if his lover, Kate, got him out. John asks about the dress and Alex says that the dressmaker must have assumed that Marlena was remarrying John and copied her dress from before. Alex says he may have gotten out of jail, but it won’t do him any good, Marlena is marrying HIM. John asks why? So you can kill her?. Then he shoves Alex and they get into a scuffle and John punches him. Marlena is furious and tends to Alex. John asks WHAT will it take for you to wake up and see what’s going on? (Hey, maybe he should have punched HER, lol…just kidding). She says it will take EVIDENCE…something that John can’t produce. She tells him to leave and threatens to call the police. John throws up his hands and leaves (as Alex smiles). Alex hugs Marlena and talks about marrying her and going off, far away from Salem where John can’t hurt them. In the hall, John vows to make sure Marlena sees the truth about Alex.

At the No-Tell Motel…Billie and Bo are in bed as he is dreaming about Hope (déjà vu…haven’t we had this scenario before?) Hope and Jen arrive as Jen urges her to go in. She walks in and sees them in bed together, then turns and walks away, wordless. Jen has a look-see for herself and is shocked. Hope says she doesn’t have to be hit over the head to see the truth. He has made his decision…now he has to live with it. Jen apologizes for dragging her there and tries to get her to leave. Hope takes a second look and hears Billie mutter “make love to me again Bo”. Well, that did it…Hope tells Jen she has heard and seen enough and they leave. After they leave, Billie gets up and shuts the door, asking “My God…what have I done?” Bo wakes up feeling rough as Billie gets him aspirin. She insinuates that she slept in the chair all night and he thanks her for helping him out. He says he has to go home…Hope needs him. She tries to turn his attention to Chelsea, and Bo says he won’t abandon her, but right now he can’t turn his back on Hope. She offers to give him a ride, but he refuses and plans to walk to the church and get his bike. She suggests he not mention any of this to Hope. He thanks her and leaves. After he is gone, she cries, saying “I’m so sorry…I did it for Chelsea…I will not let her go to jail.”

At Java Café…Billie and Chelsea meet up and Chelsea wants all the details. Billie tells her what happened and Chelsea is ecstatic. She is sure that Hope will never take Bo back now…saying she needs him on her side. Plus, now, Billie can have the man she wants. Billie stares at her and asks “My God Chelsea…who are you?” (well, she’s her mother’s daughter). Billie lectures her about love and says Bo loves Hope, NOT her. Chelsea is sure that Bo will turn to Billie. Billie says that Chelsea doesn’t know anything about love…Bo and Hope are going through a rough time, but they always find their way back to each other. Billie asks her if she feels no guilt about this, but Chelsea says they deserve to be happy as well. She says she needs both of her parents to be there for her (as she turns on the tears). Billie tells her that she will always be there for her. Chelsea says that Billie must keep Bo away from Hope. Hope hates her and wants to see her suffer. She goes on to tell her that Patrick is leaving Salem. Billie fears that Chelsea is going to turn out like her. She tells her that she needs to be realistic. She says she only wants to keep Bo and Hope apart for a little while…long enough to keep Chelsea out of prison, but she knows that eventually, they will find their way back to each other…they always do. Chelsea thinks to herself that she must find a way to get Hope out of the picture…and Patrick is the key.

Jennifer and Hope…return to Jen’s house (as Jen is still apologizing for taking Hope there). Hope says that Billie took advantage of the situation, as she always does. Hope says she has lost her husband to the mother of her son’s killer. She says there is no way she can forgive Bo for that…it’s over between them. She can never take him back. She raises her cup of tea and says “here’s to the rest of my life…without Bo.” Jen tries to makes excuses for Bo but Hope says no, he has chosen Billie and Chelsea. She says that she and Bo have nothing left…she has lost him to Billie this time. They hear his motorcycle pull up and Hope rushes to the kitchen, not wanting to see him. He comes in demanding to know where Hope is. Jen stops him but he hears the back door slam. He rushes out the front door chasing after her as we hear her tires peel rubber as she takes off…leaving him there calling her name…as the previews show…

Abby (to Hope): These (flowers) are from Chelsea…a kind of peace offering. (Hope): and they are supposed to make up for killing my son?...

Bo (to John): How are you going to prove to Marlena that North is a murderer? (John): I’ll get her away from him…one way…or another…

Alex (to Lois’s body): Lois, I hope I’m not catching you at a bad time…but we need to talk…

Belle (to Marlena): I saw you and Alex in the paper…I’m sorry mom, but this wedding can NOT happen…

And the credits roll…

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Episode #10,256
Tape date 1/31
Director-Phil Sogard

Wedding plans abound as the brides try on dresses, while Frankie springs John, Belle refuses to take no for an answer and Billie betrays Bo & Hope.

Bonnie barges in on Shawn & Mimi eating breakfast, with a folder full of gown designs. Shawn leaves, and Mimi tells her mom about the conversation she overheard last nite on the roof. Bonnie panics, insisting that Shawn & Mimi must get married ASAP. Outside in the hall, Shawn runs into Belle, and they both go back up on the roof. Shawn tells Belle in no uncertain terms that “we’re OVER”. Meanwhile, Caroline has brought over her wedding dress, the one Mimi wants to wear. Mimi goes to try it on, while outside in the hall, Shawn & Belle have come down from the roof, running into Kate. They open the door, and Belle sees Mimi in the wedding dress, and leaves, back to the roof. Kate goes in, with both Bonnie & Mimi filling her in on the overheard conversation. Kate repeats the mantra. You have to get married quickly, Shawn cannot find out. Caroline has left, going up to roof after Belle, who is upset. Belle tells Caroline how she told Shawn she still loved him. Caroline is not happy about that, reminding Belle that she has a husband, that Mimi & Shawn love each other, and she is wanting to upset 4 different lives. Shawn comes in just then, sees Mimi, imagines seeing Belle in the dress and says, Wow, you look beautiful. (Well, the groom has seen the bride in her dress…doubt there will be a wedding now!)

Jen & Frankie talk, his leg is pretty well healed and no longer needs crutches. Jen mentions the girls are still asleep, commenting about Chelsea staying over last night, how awkward it is for her, as she knows Chelsea is Abby’s friend, but Jen is loyal to Hope, too, and knows how she feels. Chelsea comes downstairs, thanks Jen for letting her stay over. She asks Frankie if he is still going to represent her, he assures her he will. The doorbell rings, Jen sees it is Hope, telling Frankie & Chelsea to go into the kitchen. Hope comes in, telling Jen how she threw Bo out, explaining about Patrick taking her home from the cemetery and Bo coming in and again picking a fight with Patrick like he did at the church. Frankie tells Chelsea that in a case like hers, the parents of the victim will carry a lot of weight with the judge hearing the case. Chelsea asks if Bo being on her side would help, and Frankie says it probably would. He leaves. Chelsea calls her mom’s cell, learning she is in a motel room with Bo, who is sleeping it off. She whines to her mom about not taking the opportunity staring her in the face, and that Bo & Hope have to get broken up. Jennifer tries to reason with Hope, but she claims she can never forgive him, nor take him back. Her cell phone rings, and a woman cop named Penny is calling (she has Hope’s cell phone #??)wanting to make sure Bo was o.k. Hope learns of the bar fight the previous night. The lady cop is sorry, she thought the woman who left with Bo was Hope. She wasn’t there, but some other cops had told her about it.

Hope hangs up, telling Jen what happened. She is even more upset with Bo. Her cell rings again….this time her credit card company. (oh, puleeze!) A charge has come in from the Parkway Budget Motel, and they want to make sure it is a legitimate charge. Hope assures them that it is o.k. and now tells Jen about Bo being at the motel. Jen again tries to reason with Hope, reminding her Bo had nowhere to go, etc. Jen convinces Hope to go there and talk to Bo, and promises to go along. Chelsea, who has been eavesdropping all this while, quickly calls her mom’s cell, telling her that Hope is on the way, and this was now her chance to take advantage.

Kate visits John, who is also repeating how Alex intends to kill Marlena. Kate shows him a newspaper headline, and he cannot believe it. Frankie comes in, having gotten John out on bail, but warns John he has to stay away from Alex & Marlena. (oh, sure, like John will pay attention to that.) Kate leaves (does she ever show up at Basic Black??) Meanwhile, at the Penthouse, Alex & Marlena are having their morning coffee, talking about Lois. Alex feels perhaps he failed her, since he was her doctor, but goes on about how disturbed John is, that Lois would be alive if John had not given her the sodium pentothal, how obsessed he is with Marlena. He really pours it on about John having been a mercenary and the pawn of Stefano. Marlena tells him she remembers a little bit of her psychiatric training, and says she would no more have suspected John of being so obsessed, than she would Alex himself. Alex tells her he has a surprise for her, and shows her the newspaper headline. It says Doctors To Renew Wedding Vows, with a picture of both Marlena & Alex. (oh, come on! Headlines???). Marlena reads the article, which says they are to go on an extended 2nd honeymoon. Now Alex has another surprise. He drags out a huge box, which contains a wedding dress. Marlena is impressed, it is beautiful. (So much for letting her choose her own, controlling jerk, isn’t he?) He tells her to try it on, which she does. He runs upstairs averting his eyes so as not to see her in it. Just then, John comes in, sees Marlena in the wedding gown, and asks just what he is up to now. Marlena ask John what does he think he is doing there. Looking down on the them both, Alex chuckles, saying this is even better than what he hoped for.

Bo is asleep, dreaming of how he got there (Billie brought him, drunk, evidently the last room in town that night), then dreams about reading Zack a story, as he sits on Hope’s lap. He tosses and turns, murmuring Hope’s name, muttering how much he loves his Fancy Face. Billie listens, knowing there is no chance for herself, Bo will always love Hope. Chelsea calls, clueing in Billie that Hope is on her way, and urging her to do something, if she loves her. Billie undresses, opens the door slightly, then drops her underthings on the floor next to the bed, asks God to forgive her, then crawls naked into the bed, next to the sleeping Bo. Outside, Hope arrives with Jen, not sure she is doing the right thing, but Jen insists she go in. Hope notes that Bo must have left the door ajar. She pushes it open, sees Billie with her arm across the sleeping Bo. Cue the shocked expression that comes to her face. And the previews show…….

Belle to Shawn: you still want to be with me. Admit it

Bonnie to Patrick: you’ll be coming home every night to a beautiful wife and oodles of money. What could be more perfect than that?

Hope to a protesting Jen: It is over between us. It is over! I can’t ever take him back.

Alex to John: Get out! John punches Alex, who goes down as Marlena screams. Marlena to John: How could you do that?

And the credits roll


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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Episode: 10,255
Directed by: Albert Alarr
Tape Date: 1/30/06

Summary: All our heartbroken Salemites (which is most of Salem) rant or vent to others. Sami to Carrie and Lucas, Austin to Kate, Bo to Billie, Belle to Shawn. (sure wish SOMEONE in Salem was happy).

Austin explains what happened between him and Carrie to Kate. He’s not after business advice from his mother, but her help in patching things up with him and Carrie. She tells him she loves him dearly, but doesn’t know if she can advise him how to patch things up with Carrie. He knows that he and Carrie could be happy together if she forgave him. Kate remembers Lucas’ threat about never seeing Will again (we never see him anymore either Kate). Kate tells Austin the only way he can have a future with Carrie is if he gives up his company, but he needs to focus on his company now and think of his investors. It was always his dream to start a company from the ground up. She tells him to give it some time. He’s afraid he’ll lose Carrie to Lucas. Austin is glad at least Philip is happy. He knows if he and Carrie had just a day together that things would work out. Kate tells herself that one of her sons will get his heart broken and she’s afraid it will be Austin.

Back to Sami preparing her romantic evening with Austin and Lucas’ walking in and being the receiver of her warm welcome kiss. They argue over who should be able to press charges (her for sexual assault and him for breaking and entering) and she reminds him he walked into her apartment. Carrie walks in silently and stops their arguing with a loud whistle, pointing out that it’s obvious they’re still in love. Sami huffs off and Lucas doesn’t disagree. Sami finally says she doesn’t feel anything for Lucas and he rants back all he feels is contempt for Sami. He says he was attacked by a sex starved maniac. They argue and when she asks what he came for about Will, he says her horny little mind doesn’t want to hear it and leaves. Carrie wants to stay and talk with Sami. Outside Lucas remembers their kiss and then turns and eavesdrops through the door. Carrie tells Sami she knows that she still loves Lucas. Sami says she refuses to pine after a man that doesn’t want her. This woman is moving on and to hell with Lucas Roberts. She wants a family, a little girl to raise. Carrie remembers her chat with Billie about having children when Billie says she feels bad things didn’t work out with Mike and Carrie saying she wants to get married and have children. Both say their biological clock is ticking and they have to move on it. Sami admits how happy she and Lucas were and they were going to give Will his dream until his bitchy mother ruined everything. She’s accepted that Lucas doesn’t want anything more to do with her and she has to move on. Outside the door Lucas tells himself that Sami has that part right. Sami tells Carrie that she’s not like her. She’s never wanted a career. She just wanted to be a wife and mother. She’s ruined all the chances she’s had in the past. When Carrie mentions Lucas again, Sami tells Carrie to stop talking about Lucas, she doesn’t want to be with him. Lucas tells himself he doesn’t want to be with her either. All she wants is Austin. He went out of his way to help her when she needed it, unlike Lucas. She truly believes that Austin is the one for her, unless Carrie stands in their way. Carrie says that won’t happen now. Sami asks Carrie if it really is over between her and Austin. Carrie turns and about to cry, hears Sami ask her not to stand between her and her one chance at happiness. Carrie tells her little sister all she wants is for her to be happy and she won’t stand in her way and to “go for it”. Sami hugs Carrie. Carrie rushes off before Austin returns. Austin returns and runs into Lucas and Carrie in the hall and Sami tells him that she talked with Carrie and she’ll never forgive him.

Mimi debates what to do while sipping from her mug. She imagines what would happen if she told Belle and Shawn the truth and Shawn saying he wants to be with his child and he and Belle smile and leave the apartment. Philip damns Mimi, saying she tore his life apart by losing his wife and daughter and a lie is better sometimes. She peeps through the door and sees it’s Philip knocking. Philip’s in the same undershirt he had on in her imagination (he and Austin must not feel the cold). He’s looking for Belle. He doesn’t understand why Belle left so soon after bringing Claire home from the hospital. He asks where Shawn is because he wants to ask him if he knows where Belle is. Mimi has the deer in the headlights response to that. He knows that Belle likes to go up to the roof and decides to go look for her there instead.

Belle and Shawn are on the snowy roof. He suggests they go inside and she wants to figure out a way to make this work. She hates keeping the truth from Philip that she still loves Shawn. Shawn tells Belle that he and Mimi are going to adopt some kids and live happily ever after. He finally yells at Belle that there will never be any her and him. Belle won’t accept that. Shawn tells her it hurt when she and Philip got married, but he got over it. He reminds her that she has her daughter now and she deserves both her parents. He’s not Claire’s father. Belle never told Philip how she felt before he went over seas and he’s not saying that to hurt her, it’s just the truth. He and her are finished, face it. He leaves her crying on the roof and goes back inside.

Belle walks in from the stairwell and into the hallway and tells Philip she went up to the roof for some fresh air. She asks about Claire and he shows her the baby monitor. Belle doesn’t like leaving Claire alone. Shawn comes out from the bedroom like he had been sleeping. They both go back to their own lofts and to the closed door, Shawn says “bye Belle” softly as Mimi overhears.

We hear, then see, Bo arrive to visit Zack’s fresh grave. He looks at his headstone and pulls out his handy pocket flask for a swig. Billie finds Bo (her ISA training kicked into gear apparently). She tells him he hasn’t allowed himself to grieve and he needs to. The snow has turned to rain and he’s drenched (Billie’s not as wet, must be under a tree ;-) , as he kneels down on Zack’s grave and looks up yelling WHY, WHY did this have to happen to my little boy? Why? Why didn’t he tell Chelsea no, she couldn’t use his truck? It’s all his fault that his little boy is dead and his daughter will go to prison for the rest of her life. Hope was right that someone would get hurt by Chelsea’s recklessness, it was their little boy. He should be alone for the rest of his life after all he did and he wails over Zack’s grave. He pounds the ground and disturbs the flowers and items near the headstone. He calms down and tells Billie he’ll fix it and puts everything back as he remembers when he and Hope returned home the last time and promised Zack they’d never leave him again. We return and it’s snowing again. Billie pulls Bo away from the grave and says he needs to get his hand attended to and asks him to let her take care of him. He thanks her and says he wouldn’t have made it through the night without her. She replies that she’ll always be there for him. We hear the motorcycle start up and headlights pan over Zack’s grave as the previews roll:

BONNIE TO MIMI: We cannot let those two get back together again.

BELLE TO SHAWN: I can’t do it. I can’t live like that.

(who’s looks like she’s wearing a wedding gown): “What’s that bastard up to now?”
MARLENA: “I want you to go right now.”
ALEX IS SMIRKING and thinking: “This is working out even better than I planned.”

HOPE TO JENNIFER as they walk up to an open door at the Salem Inn (?): “Bo must have been drunk, he didn’t even shut the door.”
JENNIFER: “go right on in.”
HOPE says softly: “Bo” as she walks in….and the credits roll…


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Friday, February 17, 2006

Days of Our Lives will be preempted by the Olympics on Monday...so no Early Edition on Friday folks.

Episode No: 10254
Directed by: Roger Inman
Tape Date: 1/28/06

Our Salemites must have antifreeze in their blood as many conversations take place out in the snow (but we see some beautiful coats in the bargain) as Billie tries to help Bo, Belle tells Shawn she loves him still. Kate is at Java Cafe as her sons (and Carrie) stroll through and chat while Sami makes dinner at the apartment. John gets the fickle finger of fate (so to speak) as Lois points at him, but for the wrong reason.....

Austin rushes out of the bathroom after his shower with a towel wrapped around his waist (barely) to get the phone (he gets points for being the CLEANEST Salemite..and why don’t they have phones in the bedroom(s?) Sami steps out of her room (fully dressed) and overhears Austin telling his friend in NYC about missing the big apple, but mostly misses his friends, saying he could use one right now. He proceeds to tell his friend how he lost Carrie and why… as Sami listens in (why didn’t SHE get the phone?) When he tells his friend he should just give up ARC (his company), Sami rushes forward and tells him he can’t do that after all they went through to get started. He hangs up with his friend and asks if Sami’s eavesdropping on his conversation. She explains she was getting her coat in her living room and overheard. She and Nicole worked their butts off to get where they are now and he can’t give the company up. He says he was just venting with a friend and didn’t give up a six figure salary with bonuses in NYC to quit so soon there. She mentions that Nicole is out wining and dining investors and she is going to go to the store for makings of their own dinner for two tonight. He says Sami is right and knows just who to go to for help. (what happened to their office at Brandon’s old loft? I thought Austin was going to move there?)

Later Sami returns home with groceries and finds a note from Austin that he will be right back. She decides to get dinner started.

AT JAVA CAFÉ….Carrie and Lucas chat while she gets the coffee and he does something else. She thanks him for being her friend through all this. Carrie overhears Kate talking to herself (it was only a matter of time) saying “sorry Lucas, Carrie and Austin belong together”. She tells Kate she’s wrong and it’ll never happen. Lucas returns and seeing Carrie talking to Kate, orders the coffees himself. Kate asks Carrie to sit down and Carrie explains she’s with Lucas. Kate asks her to do so for just a minute and proceeds to tell Carrie that Austin loves her and Carrie admits loving him as well, but he did destroy High Style, which was like her family as well as friends. She loved that company she tells Kate. Kate warns her that if she still loves Austin, she shouldn’t give up. Lucas bring their coffees, not pleased with Kate’s advice. Carrie tells him it’s okay and steps outside to talk on her cell with Becky when she calls. Lucas is angry with Kate as she knows how he feels about Carrie. Kate tries to explain to him that despite the High Style debacle, Austin and Carrie love each other. He’s convinced he can win Carrie’s heart over..but Kate says that despite the fact she still loves John, she knows Marlena still has his heart and had to accept that (that’s a first for Kate). He has to do the same with Carrie. He can only accept that Kate is coming between him and the woman he loves..AGAIN. She only wants her kids to be happy. He’s glad Philip’s got a sure thing with Belle. Kate says there’s no such thing as a “sure thing”. He asks what she did to come between them now. He warns her she’ll regret it if she’s done anything that will break up Belle and Philip. He then plays the Will card..saying she’ll lose her grandson permanently if she comes between him and Carrie. He reminds her about what happened when she came between him and Sami. He’ll devote the rest of his life on getting revenge on Austin if Austin and Carrie end up together. He finds Carrie outside and asks her if they can take their coffee back to his apartment as there’s a problem about Will and he has to talk with Sami. She agrees, but wants to stop by the bookstore first, so will meet him there (must be walking distance). Kate worries how she can do what she wants. Austin walks up, asking her what’s wrong.

Outside on the phone Carrie’s offering Becky a job with Titan when she overhears something and remembers when she and Austin danced (she was dressed in a Roaring 20’s outfit) about how their love will never end, yada yada. It’s now snowing and Carrie sees Austin in with Kate. She mumbles something about Austin and walks off. Inside Austin and Kate talk about her only wanting what’s best for her children. Austin says that’s why he needs her help.

ON THE ROOF …. Shawn asks Belle if what she said is true, she still loves him? Why is she telling him this now? (Mimi’s overhearing all this) She tells him because he’s engaged to Mimi and when she saw the Horton ring on Mimi’s finger, she had to say how she felt. She kisses him, then says time is running out and they only get one go at life. Shawn tells her that he’s sorry, but time ran out when she and Philip had Claire. Mimi is weeping silently in the background, knowing the truth about his being Claire’s father. He admits loving Belle, but he also loves Mimi and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. She (Belle) is not only married to Philip, but they have a baby. Mimi remembers Bonnie’s telling her that Claire is Shawn’s daughter. Belle tears up and tells Shawn she’s always loved him and should have spoken up earlier. Shawn says they have to accept what fate gave them. He refuses to break up her family. It will get better and they’re with people they love and he will not break Mimi’s heart. Belle asks what have they done as he puts her head on his shoulder. Holding her he tells her she has a beautiful daughter and a great life. He will always be there for her, he promises, but as a friend. Mimi didn’t hear that as she climbs back in their window (and doesn’t shut it…it’s SNOWING outside people!). She figures she can never tell Shawn the truth or her nightmare really would come true. Someone knocks on the door and she is upset to see who it is.

BACK AT SAMI’S….we see a beautifully set table (Martha would be so proud!) with tall candles lit, and Sami now in a black sexy lingerie. She hears footsteps in the hall and turns out the lights and holds her breath as the door opens. She kisses the person who walks in and of course, it’s Lucas (doesn’t he even knock on their apartment door anymore?) She quietly says his name.

Billie stops Bo from pounding his head against the wall..saying he’s hurting himself (ya think?) She asks how much he’s had to drink and he replies..not enough. He’s angry he’s lost his son and now his wife. Billie tells him to go home. He said he’s seen Hope in pain before, but not like this and he’s lost her. He says Hope threw him out, Shawn hates him, Chelsea doesn’t trust him and Zack’s dead. He’s got what he deserves and is alone. Billie says that’s not true, he’s got her. He’s glad Chelsea has Billie. Billie encourages him to go home and clean his hand before it gets infected. When he said he doesn’t have a home to go to, she guesses he’ll find a park bench and tells him no way! They talk about Patrick and he’s glad it’s over with her and Patrick. He says Billie deserves someone better. Billie remembers Chelsea’s advice that she and Bo belong together and to take the opportunity that’s available now to get him. She tells Bo she’s going in the Cheatin’ Heart to get a towel of ice for his hand and then will take him to a motel where he can sleep for the night. She insists he not take off and goes inside (just WHO is watching Chelsea to make sure SHE doesn’t take off?) Bo sits on his motorcycle and calls Hope. When she doesn’t answer, he leaves a message asking for Fancy Face to pick up and when she doesn’t, says he loves her and to please call him. Billie’s taking forever and Bo climbs on his bike, puts on his helmet and drives off. Billie then comes out with the towels and yells for him to stop, which of course he doesn’t.

In his suit and tie Alex assures Marlena he did not try to hurt Lois. She knows that, saying how he’s her husband, she loves him and will stand by him. John and Tek stand nearby. Lexie tells them that Lois is very weak, but can make a statement. Alex wants to join them, upset about the unethical shot of truth serum John gave her. Lexie warns them she’ll toss them out if Lois gets stressed at all. Lois watches Lexie and Tek, then Marlena and Alex.and finally John. She starts breathing hard as Tek tells her to just point to the person that hurt her. Alex glares at her and she turns and points at John. To herself she says that Alex hurt her and John helped her. She remembers when John gave her the shot and when Alex came in and warned her not to tell anyone what she had done. He threatens to kill her if she tells. Her eyes open wide as she points at John saying (silently) he has to help her again as Alex rants that John hurt her. John can’t believe she’s pointing at him as Lois’ eyes are wide open, telling herself that he has to help her again. Her heart monitor (top line) goes flat as Lexie calls for the crash cart and starts pumping on her chest. She orders everyone (but Tek) out. John and Alex blame each other in the hall. Lexie walks out saying there was nothing she could do. Tek and two uniformed cops walk up and John grabs Alex saying he’s going down pal. Tek informs John that they’re here for him, not Alex. John steps aside with the uniforms to talk. Lexie goes to arrange for Lois to be taking to the morgue and Tek stops her, asking how Abe is. She says fine and he points out his cornea transplant is fine, but not in the bedroom, he can tell (how rude). Alex suggests he and Marlena leave and she agrees. They walk out arm in arm as John tries to follow, but the uniforms stop him. He warns Marlena that Alex is going to hurt her, but is held in place as the credits roll….

AUSTIN TO KATE: I’m afraid I’ll lose Carrie and the person I’ll lose her to is Lucas.

CARRIE TO SAMI AND LUCAS: “Do I have to draw you a picture? It’s so obvious that the two of you are still in love”. Lucas stares at Carrie as Sami walks away.

BELLE TO SHAWN: “I still love you. There has to be a way to make this work, there just has to be.”

BO TO BILLIE: “I would never have made it through this night without you.
BILLIE: “I’ll always be there for you Bo. No matter what.”

As the credits roll...

Behind the Bash

Sunday, February 19, 2006 7:00 PM ET/PT

Days of Our Lives Bash - Join Giada as she travels back to 1965 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of one of television’s longest running shows. The catering team is in a race against time. Watch the event design team as they transform an ordinary building into a 1965 airport terminal. With 1000 guests including daytime TV brightest stars, the team is hoping for glowing reviews.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Thursday, February 16, 2005

Episode # 10253
Tape Date: 1/28/06
Air Date: 2/16/06
Director: Phil Sogard

Summary: Lexie tries to jump start her relationship with Abe…John accuses Alex of trying to murder Lois…Billie breaks up the fight at the Cheatin’ Heart…Mimi continues to wrestle with the truth…in a show peppered with quite a few flashbacks (and yes, fantasy scenes). So glad to see that Kristian (Hope) got a day off!...she deserves it! ;-)

At the Loft…Mimi is wrestling with her conscious when Philip comes over looking for Belle. Mimi tells him that she is on the roof with Shawn, as they come through the window. Belle explains that she couldn’t sleep so she went to the roof and found Shawn there, as they make light of the situation. Shawn asks Mimi what is wrong and she says she couldn’t sleep either (in your evening dress?) She tells them all that she has something to say, even though her timing sucks. She says that this is something that may tear them all apart. They all insist that there is nothing that bad but she sees otherwise. She says it’s about Claire and tells them that she is not Philip’s. They all are stunned as she turns and tells Shawn that Claire belongs to him…HE is her father. Everyone is dumbfounded so Mimi explains about the Shawn/Claire blood match. She says she did her research and says that Claire couldn’t be Philip’s daughter. Shawn and Belle both declare that they never had sex, but Mimi reminds them of that evening in the barn. She reminds Belle of the dream she had and Shawn realizes that he had the same dream….and they realize it wasn’t a dream after all. Excitedly, they rush together and hug, then Belle apologizes to Philip, saying that it explains everything…and how every time she looks at Claire, she sees Shawn. Shawn says this changes everything…he tells Philip he is sorry, but if Claire is his daughter, he wants to be with Belle. Mimi says she is sorry, but she had to tell the truth. Shawn wants to go and see Claire right now, so he and Belle leave. Philip is furious with Mimi for telling and begins to shake her. And of course, Mimi WAKES UP…IT WAS ALL A DREAM! She is alone on the sofa as she looks at the open window. We then see Shawn and Belle on the roof with Shawn asking Belle if it is true…does she really love him? Then we see Mimi in the background hearing this…as she silently cries. (Sorry folks…I dont' write this crap...just reporting it as it happens ;-)

At the Cheatin’ Heart…The fight is in full swing as Billie arrives and breaks it up, flashing her ISA badge. The guys there give Bo a hard time about being saved by a GIRL. Bo insists he didn’t need her help but she says he is getting her help, regardless. She tries to shame him, asking what would Zack think. He tells her that Hope threw him out of the house. Billie tells him that they can’t break up but Bo says that she doesn’t want him around her anymore. (Cue flashback of Chelsea urging Billie to go after Bo). Billie assures him that he and Hope have been through a lot and can work this out (as Bo has a flashback of arguing with Hope and her telling him to leave.) He tells Billie that they can’t work it out this time. The cops arrive to arrest him as one guy finds out he is a cop…he wants him arrested and wants his badge. The bar tender takes up for Bo and takes him to get coffee. Billie pulls the cops aside and tries to smooth things over, explaining he just buried his son today. They relent and say they will look the other way…IF she cuts off his booze and takes him home. Bo apologizes for the mess and says he will pay for the damages. He wants another beer, but Billie tries to talk him out of it, saying it will solve nothing. But yet, he asks for another. He is refused and gets mad, saying if they won’t serve him, he will go somewhere that will and storms off….as Billie chases after him. In the alley, he starts throwing things around and has a long series of flashbacks (his goodbye speech to Zack in the hospital…Hope finding out the truth about Chelsea being the one that hit Zack…then Hope throwing him out). He crumples to the ground crying uncontrollably, crying No…No…as Billie watches from the background.

At the Hospital…John tosses the scrubs at Alex as he denies being responsible. Marlena defends Alex as John accuses him of trying to kill Lois. Abe orders Tek to arrest Alex but Marlena refuses to let him. Abe says that Lois will set the record straight when she wakes up and will put Alex away for a long time. Lexie tells them that Lois is alive, but in no condition to talk. John and Alex continue to argue as Alex says if he HAD wanted to kill Marlena (as John says) he had plenty of opportunities. Marlena continues to defend Alex, saying that it was Lois that was trying to kill her. She reminds John that it was HE that brought Lois to Salem in the first place. Lexie tries and finally convinces Abe that he needs his rest so they go back to his room, as John thanks him for his help as he leaves.

In Abe’s Room…He is complaining as Lexie takes him to his room. He says he feels fine, but finally admits that his vision is a bit blurry. But he is determined to help John, as Lexie is afraid he will overdo it. She tells him that she doesn’t trust Alex either (as we see a long set of flashbacks of their earlier conversations…when she realized he was hypnotizing Marlena…and ending with him blackmailing her over Tek). Abe asks her about it and she tells him that she and Alex had a difference of opinion over his treatment methods. (Then Lexie has a flashback of hot times across her desk with Tek). She has a wave of guilt, as Abe thinks she is feeling guilty over Marlena. She says she didn’t know that Alex and Marlena were married. Abe says some marriages can’t last the test of time, unlike theirs. She goes over and locks the door and closes the blinds, suggesting that they have “a good ole time”. But Abe isn’t so keen on the idea, reminding her that she said he needs to take it easy. (I think he says “he shouldn’t be bouncing around”, LOL). She suggests they go away for the weekend to Green Mountain Lodge, but he isn’t too enthusiastic over that idea either, telling her he was planning on taking Theo to a hockey game. He tells her she can come too, which doesn’t sound too inviting. He asks why he is putting her off and asks if it is because of his “problem”. He tells her she can say it…impotency…it’s okay to say it. He says sorry, it’s just that now is not the time. He gets a call from the commissioner and tells her this may take a while, so she leaves. In the hallway, she has another flashback of crying on Tek’s shoulder (over the way Abe was treating her, and him telling her she deserves better). A nurse comes and tells her that she is needed in ICU…it’s Lois Banks.

Back with John…Marlena tells Alex that John gave Lois truth serum and he accuses John of putting her recovery in jeopardy…calling what he did barbaric and inhumane. He tells Tek that John is responsible for what happened to Lois…if she dies…her death will be on HIS hands. Marlena concurs with Alex, saying that John is responsible. John explains that he administered the truth serum to get to the truth. Alex refers to John as ‘James Bond’ as Tek defends John and his methods. Alex lashes out at him, saying that what John did could have been the cause for Lois attempting suicide. John tells that that Alex was found at the hospital…while it was under lockdown…he had to be there the entire time. He tells Marlena that when she talked to Alex on the phone, that was just for an alibi. Alex insists that he was at Salem Place when he talked to her. (We then see a flashback of Alex at the hospital and listening to a couple arguing over a gift the man had bought the woman. The man ends up tossing it in the trash can and Alex fishes it out.) Alex then produces a receipt for a jewelry shop in Salem Place, noting the time on the receipt…the time that Lois attempted suicide. (Now isn’t THAT convenient?) But John doesn’t believe it and says that Alex could have gotten that anywhere and demands to see the gift that he supposedly bought her. Alex pulls it out of his pocket and gives it to Marlena. She opens it to reveal a bracelet (or a watch, I couldn’t tell) and thanks John for ruining the surprise. Lexie then comes back and tells them that Lois is awake and ready to talk. John stares at Alex, saying that the whole world will now know that he is nothing but a cold-blooded killer. Freeze frame on Alex’s face…as the previews show…

Bo (to Billie): My boy is dead because of me…I got what I deserve…I am alone. (Billie): not true…you have me…

Shawn (to Belle): I am not going to break up your family…(as Belle kisses him passionately)…

Sami (to Austin): There is no way I am going to let you give up your company because you hurt Carrie’s feelings…

Tek (to Lois): Do you see the person who hurt you?...as she points and mumbles…cut to John with a shocked/surprised look on his face…

As the credits roll…


Behind the Bash
Episode BH0113
February 15, 2006 9:00 PM ET/PT
February 16, 2006 1:00 AM ET/PT
February 19, 2006 7:00 PM ET/PT

Days of Our Lives Bash - Join Giada as she travels back to 1965 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of one of television’s longest running shows. The catering team is in a race against time. Watch the event design team as they transform an ordinary building into a 1965 airport terminal. With 1000 guests including daytime TV brightest stars, the team is hoping for glowing reviews

Tuesday, February 14, 2006



Tape date-1/26
Director Herb Stein

John continues to try and convince Marlena of Alex’s duplicity, Belle blurts out a confession, Hope makes a huge decision, while Chelsea continues her whine fest.

CHEZ ROUGE: Philip is dancing with Mimi, talking about her upcoming wedding. Shawn dances with Belle, a repeat of him asking her to congratulate him. She does, but gets upset and runs outside. He follows. She is in tears, but claims it is not the post partum depression. They talk of Claire, then Shawn asks if she is upset over seeing Mimi’s engagement ring. Belle has a short fantasy of her in a wedding dress marrying Shawn. Belle tells him it would be a huge mistake if he married Mimi, saying “I still love you”. Before Shawn can reply, out come Philip & Mimi, wanting to know what is wrong. Philip assumes this is about Zack, tells Shawn how greatful they are and he will say a prayer for Zack every single day of Claire’s life. (odd phrasing??) Everyone decides to leave.

At home, Mimi rambles on about her ring, while Shawn remembers Belle declaring her love. Belle & Philip talk in bed about Zack and Claire, Shawn & Mimi. Philip wants to make love, but Belle is exhausted and they say good night. We see flashes of a sleepless Belle and then Shawn, with both deciding to get up and go up on the roof. (isn’t it still winter in the Midwest? Nightgown and flimsy robe, brrrrr). Belle mutters to herself how could I be so stupid to tell Shawn I love him. Behind her, Shawn says, “That’s what I want to know. Is it true?”

IN HER ROOM, John cuts down Lois, attempting to give her CPR. Marlena is insistent that Alex is not responsible, as John tells her she is next. She calls out in hallway for help. Abe (I thought he was a patient?), Lexie & others come running in, with all working on Lois. Marlena claims it was attempted suicide. Abe calls the cops, as Marlena keeps crying, no, no, no, it was not Alex. Abe asks how she (Lois) got up there, as he looks up at the ceiling. John says her feet were 8 inches above the chair. She had help. Marlena keeps defending Alex, as John & Abe leave to search for him. Lexie comes out saying Lois is breathing but still unconscious. She tries to reason with Marlena, and tells her she is sorry she ever recommended him to her. Meanwhile, Alex is now in surgical scrubs (in a psych ward??). Marlena calls him on his cell, and he pretends to be in Salem Mall, getting her a gift. He hears John & Abe, abruptly disconnects and goes into a linen supply room.

Tek arrives to pester Lexie once again, talking of how he knows she wants another child, and he can give that to her, Abe can’t. She tells him no. Abe & John return, with Abe wondering what they are whispering about. Lexie says Tek was asking her if she had seen Alex in with Lois, and very pointedly turns to Tek, saying she told him she can be of no help, and the answer is NO. Marlena & John are in Lois’s room now, arguing about Alex, who is in the next room, watching and listening thru the 2 way mirror. John is feeling along the wall, as they talk, and finds the hidden door to the room. They go in, and John finds the scrubs, realizing that is how Alex has been disguised. Marlena keeps protesting that Alex is wonderful, innocent, would never do such a thing, yada, yada. We hear Abe’s voice saying look who I found, as he brings in Alex, now in full suit & tie.

BO ARRIVES HOME, and we see a repeat of him spotting Patrick with Hope, bursting in, telling Patrick to get away from his wife. Hope jumps up saying, no, YOU go away, get out. Patrick is a friend, who tells me the truth. Bo pleads with her, but Hope is adamant. Bo makes an impassioned plea, talking of how they buried their son and should be together now, that they need each other. Hope asks him where he has been for her, when she needed him all this time. With Chelsea, who killed our son. She goes on and on. Bo protests that it is an impossible situation, and talks about having to arrest and book his daughter. Hope is mollified that Chelsea is in jail, but seeing the look on Bo’s face, as he takes a step back, shouts at him to please tell her Chelsea is not free. Bo tells her of calling the DA, and getting bail, accepting responsibility that she won’t flee. He wants to know what he can do, and she shoves the box of Zack’s school things at him, showing him the Valentine her son made for her. (How wonderful that Zack made that Valentine even before Christmas, I would guess. No school in between Christmas & New Year’s, right? And Zack was run down New Year’s Eve. Maybe January only consists of 2 days in Salem. In our time, it was over 6 weeks til his funeral!) Hope & Bo argue some more, Patrick is off to the side. She finally tells him she wants him out of the house. Bo says no, so Hope says then she will leave. O.K. he will go. She opens the door, telling him she wants him OUT of the house. He leaves. Later Hope & Patrick are sitting on the sofa. She tells him she will be fine. Patrick leaves. Hope picks up the white rose, and cries. Outside Patrick is leaving, saying aloud, “You don’t deserve her, Bo”.

BILLIE & CHELSEA are still at the cop shop, where Billie is reading her daughter a riot act about her selfish intent to want to break up Bo & Hope. Chelsea whines big time, bringing out every big gun she can think of, including the “mom & dad” cards. She wants her mom to go after Bo, he is ripe for the taking. They argue, and argue again, with Chelsea pointing out that Hope is never going to forgive Bo, that Billie can give her a family. (puleeze! Sounds like Sami….Will….the broken record has a new voice) Chelsea yaks about Patrick, and how that did not work out for Billie. Although her mother refuses time and time again, Chelsea is persistent beyond belief. They argue over and over.

AT THE CHEATIN’ HEART, Bo is drowning his sorrows at the bar, asking for another shot. Some burly guy asks where is his beer, he was there first, and Bo (clearly looking for a fight) finds one. A brawl ensues, as Bo taunts his attacker, giving back what he is getting. The bartender calls Billie, telling her what is going on, that he did not want to call Hope and add to her troubles. Billie says she will be right over.

When Billie gets the phone call, she tells Chelsea she has to go see Bo, and leaves. Chelsea smiles, saying, “Never thought it would be this easy. Mom & Dad are this close to getting back together already. The camera freeze on her face as a picture of Bo appears along side of it. And the previews show…..

Bo to Billie: Hope threw me outta the house. She can’t stand the sight of me. My life with her is over.

John to Marlena: He lied to you about where he was because he needed an alibi. Then to Alex: It was you who did this to Lois.

Mimi to Philip & Belle: That little girl, sleeping so soundly doesn’t belong to you, Philip. Belle: Whaatt?


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