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Monday October 3, 2005

Episode # 10157; Tape Date: 8/31/05; Air Date: 10/03/05; Director: Herb Stein

Summary:Sami and Kate go another round...Mimi and Shawn finally agree to be Claire's Godparents... Billie catches Chelsea in a lie... Hope is concerned how Bo handled Chelsea.

At the Hospital... Shawn and Mimi are a bit shocked that Belle and Philip asked them to be Godparents as Mimi flees the room. Shawn explains that she has had a rough time lately. Philip goes to talk to her and apologize, leaving Shawn and Belle alone. Shawn tells her how beautiful Claire is. Philip catches up with Mimi in the lobby and tells her that he's sorry, but Mimi thinks they were being insensitive. He keeps trying to apologize but she says she can't forgive Belle that easily. He points out what good friends they have always been and asks her to give Belle a break. In the room, Shawn is daydreaming that it is he and Belle as the parents. Philip asks Mimi how things are between her and Shawn and she says they are just good friends. He asks her again to please be Claire's Godmother for his sake and she finally agrees. Belle asks Shawn if he would like to hold the baby and he does. She asks him if he is okay they asked him to be the Godfather and he says sure, as long as it's okay with Philip and she says they both want it. He says he will...for her and Claire. Philip and Mimi return and tell them that Mimi agreed as well. Philip and Belle thank both of them and suggest that Mimi hold the baby. She is reluctant at first but does, saying that she is beautiful. Shawn and Mimi take the baby back to the nursery. In the lobby, Mimi starts crying as she holds the baby.

On the Boat...Billie and Hope tell Bo that Chelsea hates both of them and are glad that Bo was able to get through to her. Bo says it isn't that unusual, being that Shawn always opened up more to Hope. He tells Billie not to worry. Billie apologizes for interrupting their evening but Hope says it's okay. Billie thanks them both and leaves. She is going to meet Patrick at a club, which Bo isn't so thrilled to hear. After she is gone, Bo says he wishes she would leave Lockhart alone, he doesn't trust him...but Hope takes up for him. She suggests they drop it and shows him the desert she bought, his pie. She says they can work off the extra calories later. ;-) He suggests they have dessert first. As she gets it out, she tells him that she went to pay and didn't have any cash and had to charge it and she will needs some money since he went to the bank that morning. He explains he doesn't have any either...he gave Chelsea some money. Hope isn't too thrilled to learn that he gave her $250. She thinks he did it out of guilt, but he feels justified in doing it...she needed some help. She reminds him how he lectured her for giving Shawn money before. She explains the she and Billie think that Chelsea needs boundaries and to learn responsibility and this isn't the way to do that. But Bo says she was in need and he was just glad he could be there for her. But Hope says handing over cash won't teach her anything. Bo continues to defend himself, but she worries about his and Chelsea's relationship and warns him not to let her take advantage of him. After they finish their desert, they kiss and he carries her off to the bedroom (as she calls him "such a caveman", lol).

At the club...Chelsea meets Max at "The Craze" and they are dancing as she kisses him. They sit and talk as she tells him about her new found wealth. She rags on Billie as Max tells her that at least she is trying. She tells him what she learned about Billie and Kate (being ex-hookers). Patrick is outside the club when Billie shows up. She tells him about the fight with Chelsea and how Bo and Hope took her side. She tells him that Chelsea is (supposedly) at Abby's and they decide to go in and have some fun. Billie and Patrick see Chelsea and Max and Billie is furious that she lied to her. She heads over that way but Patrick stops her and tries to calm her down, reminding her that Chelsea IS an adult. Billie tells him that Hope suggested she keep an eye on her and on a short leash. Chelsea sees them dancing and Max tells her that if she takes off after Patrick, he is out of there. But Chelsea says no, she wants to be with Max. They dance over that way and Chelsea asks Billie if she is checking up on her. Billie tells her no, and Chelsea smugly tells them to have a good night and move on. Max asks Chelsea why she was being almost nice to Billie and she says she is going to try and get along with her. Billie is encouraged that Chelsea was nice to her and thinks that maybe Bo did get through to her as they watch Chelsea and Max dance.

At the Chez Rouge... Kate is shocked that Austin is there with Sami as Sami says he is being a good friend to her. Kate says she is just poisoning another of her sons. Sami goes off on how she hates Kate for ruining her life but Kate says it is all her own fault. Austin is forced to play referee as they get into it again and tells Kate to cut Sami some slack. But Kate keeps on, saying that Sami deserves all she gets and says that she is just playing him. Kate is sure that Sami will have him in her bed next. Austin does NOT want to be in the middle of all this and explains that when he got to the church, he found Sami crying and he is just trying to help her as a friend. (I guess Kate doesn't understand the concept of "friend", since she has none herself.) Austin points out that they are BOTH at fault and that Kate should have just stayed out of it...she has done enough already. But Kate tries to justify her actions and reminds Austin how much Sami hurt him before and begs him to leave with her. He refuses to leave and says he is going to be there for Sami. He talks about talking to Lucas before the wedding and how happy Lucas was and sure that Sami had changed. Sami says she did change and was doing well, until Kate interfered and set her up. Kate runs through Sami's list of wrong-doings as Sami points out that Kate has a list herself...and especially hurt her children and Austin has to break them up again. Kate again tries to get Austin to leave with her, but he refuses. Sami wants to go home so Austin offers to take her. He tells Kate it was good to see her and he will call her tomorrow as they leave. After they leave, Kate says Sami may think she has won but she will do ANYTHING to protect her sons...she will NOT let her get her hooks into Austin or Lucas the previews show...

Marlena (holding Claire): Oh are perfect in every way (as Belle looks at her strangely)...

Jack (to Frankie): You are just waiting for me to kick off so you can come in and take your place with her. You fell in love with her, you son of a bitch (as he punches Frankie)...

Shawn (to Mimi): You are incredibly worthy of love. (Mimi): Do you really mean that? they kiss...

Lexie (on the phone): I need info on all the cases Alex North has consulted Alex hangs up the phone and says: I wouldn’t do that if I were you...

And the credits roll...

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Friday, September 30, 2005

Summary: Great scenes between Sami and Kate, Billie asks Hope for advice (it is so nice to see these two getting along!), Bo and Chelsea have a father-daughter chat, Shawn and Mimi continue their “date”, Nicole sets her sights back on Austin, Belle and Phillips daughter has a name….

On the Fancy Face, Chelsea is still accusing Bo of taking Billie’s side. He explains that they are just worried about her safety. Hope steps in and asks Chelsea what is really bothering her, as there has to be something else. Chelsea points to Billie and says she is ruining her life. Hope asks if she isn’t being a little harsh – her mother is just concerned about her. Chelsea is upset that Hope can’t stand Billie, but she is still taking her side. Hope tells her that they are worried about her driving so recklessly, especially given what happened to her parents – to which Chelsea replies there is no comparison, as they weren’t speeding, they were hit by a drunk driver. She claims that Hope doesn’t like her because her husband had a child with another woman. Why are they ganging up on her? She runs out and when Billie goes to go after her, Bo asks her to let him go – maybe she won’t be so defensive if she doesn’t feel ganged up on. Up on the deck, Bo promises not to lecture her anymore if she will talk to him about what is bothering her. She tells him that she feels constantly criticized – about her clothes, her dates, her driving. She only just found out about her birth parents, they have no history, and them suddenly being in her face is just too much. Bo counsels her that just because she is grown up and 18 doesn’t mean she couldn’t use some guidance. She ends up telling him about what Sami said and how Billie confirmed it. Bo tells her that Sami is not in any position to judge anyone, though Chelsea accepts she was right. She is thinking it may truly run in the family. Bo assures her that she will make her own mistakes. He thinks it is good that Billie told her. He is sure that it wouldn’t have been kept from her, but Chelsea doesn’t agree. He tells her that Billie just doesn’t want Chelsea to make the same mistakes she made. Chelsea says that she needs Billie to stop butting into her life. She goes on about the women not liking her, but she is not about to change to make them happy. She goes on about winning her car made her happy and gave her freedom, but now she pays so much for insurance, she can’t afford gas. Now she feels trapped. She is not about to ask for money from Billie, who would never let her forget it. She goes on about needing money for work clothes, so Bo gives her some, telling her to buy the clothes and gas and have fun with whatever is left over. He just has one condition – she has to try to get along with her mom a little better as this is all new to her, too. She tells him, “Thanks Dad,” and kisses him on the cheek.
She goes to a payphone and calls Max, telling him she has loads of money and is ready to party.

Hope apologizes if she’s made things worse. Billie thanks her for backing her up. Hope claims she only did it because Billie was right. They end up discussing life with a teenager – one who is fine one minute, angry the next. She asks Hope for advice. Hope reminds her that though it must be tough being a single mom, Bo is going to be involved. It is hard enough raising a teen from birth without adding in Chelsea’s problems. They will help. They discuss needing to find a balance and teaching responsibility. Hope also tells Billie to stop her mother from spoiling her. Billie has talked to her, but look what good it did, although they would have killed for a dress like that at 18 – okay maybe just her (lol at Hope’s look). Billie is not going to give up. That will make all the difference. Bo comes back down and tells the ladies they had a good talk. Both are upset that she talked to him and not to either of them. He tells them that she has a hard time relating to them. They give each other these looks…

At the hospital, Phillip and Belle are discussing how quiet and good the baby is. She even fell asleep nursing (ah…those were the days). She goes on to complain that they have no crib, no diapers, no supplies. Phillip reminds her that her shower wasn’t supposed to be till next month; however, he is sure that everything will be taken care of by time she goes home. They then discuss how they haven’t chosen a name yet. Phillip suggests giving her two middle names and using eeny-meenie-miney-mo. Each has a favourite name, so they decide to each write their choice down so as not to influence each other. It figures that they picked the same name: Claire Kiriakis. Belle tells him that is one thing off her list of things to do (which is at least two pages long!) Next up is the choice of godparents. They bat around names like Brady, (on his honeymoon), Lucas (a good dad, but his problems with Sami are an issue), Sami (a good mom, but not a good role model). Belle gets hungry and wants trail mix for dinner, but he says no. He will find her something.

Meanwhile, at Chez Rouge, Shawn and Mimi are dancing and laughing at Chez Rouge. They comment on the good food, good music, and good company – a lot of fun for a cancelled reception. They have a whole conversation about dating vs friendship. They decide that they are more comfortable and relaxed as friends. A waiter interrupts with champagne from Mr. Horton, on the house. They toast to themselves – “Friends forever.” After discussing Sami’s trouble and how she needs to change drastically, they make another toast: may they find and keep true love. Shawn asks her to dance again, but his phone rings. Phillip wants them to go to the hospital right away, but didn’t tell them why. It sounded important.

When they rush into the hospital room, Phillip is sorry he worried them, but they have something important to ask them. A smiling Belle asks if they will do them the honour of being their daughter’s godparents. Both look at each other, surprised.

Nicole is sitting with Austin and orders another martini. He wasn’t going to say anything about her drinking until she brings it up. He doesn’t think she needs another, but she does. He is interested in listening to her story, but the abridged version. She asks if he still has feelings for her…Of course, but he also has feelings for Sami. He goes on to tell her that he thought about calling her – but she married Victor. He did call once when Victor died, but didn’t leave a message. It didn’t feel right to leave one instead of talking directly to her. He asks again for her to tell him about what her life has been like. She gives him the very short version. She tells him the glass is her only friend – but he claims he is a better one, and asks her to dance. He is glad he could cheer her up, but maybe he needed cheering too. Apparently his social life has been very quiet – he has become a workaholic. He has gone out, but there is no one special. He left his heart in Salem. Phillip arrives and sees Austin dancing with Nicole and shakes his head. He interrupts to talk to Austin, sending Nicole for another drink. Austin steers the conversation around to Phillip’s life. No, he doesn’t know how long he will be in town. Phillip warns him off Nicole, and asks what he meant about leaving his heart in Salem. Who did he mean? Austin reacts to being put on the spot by refusing to answer. He promises to come meet the baby. Phillip goes to get food for Belle, Austin returns to his table and Nicole comes out from behind the fireplace wanting to know, too. She also wonders where Sami and Kate are –with her luck, they probably killed each other and she missed it. She goes back to Austin and they discuss how much has happened and how things are always happening in Salem.

Still in the ladies' room, Sami goes to attack Kate with the candlestick. Kate warns her that she shouldn’t do that unless she wants to spend her wedding night in jail (and she isn’t already because….?). Sami thinks it would be worth it, but she is not going to kill Kate – because she would have to touch her, and that idea makes her skin crawl. Kate gloats that she has beaten Sami – she wins. Sami cries that this is not some kind of game – Kate has lost Lucas, too, and he will keep Will away from her. She has also lost Roman and John only wants Marlena. She calls Kate a bitter, miserable, lonely woman. Kate admits she paid a high price to keep Sami out of her family, but she would be willing to do it again. She claims that she did it for them, not herself. True love requires sacrifice, which Sami knows nothing about. They are hurt now, but they will see that she did the right thing. Sami contradicts her, in that Kate didn’t care how Lucas felt, she was thrilled to beat Sami. She tells Kate that Stan happened because of Kate’s game – it is all on her head, and everyone knows it. Sami wouldn’t call that victory. Kate whirls Sami around to the mirror and tells her to look at how mean and vindictive she is. She throws up what Sami said to Chelsea and how she hurt a girl she didn’t even know. Sami says her Brady blood gave her a chance, but she is after all, related to Kate. Then she asks about Lucas and his happiness that Mom supposedly wants for him. What is gonna do, buy him another $5 million bride? All she ends up doing is hurting him. Sami is adamant that she and Lucas were good for each other – that what they had was true love. That angers Kate even more. She is sure that Nicole and Sami are the worst things for Lucas and Austin. Neither of her sons will ever have anything to do with Sami or Nicole. Kate needles Sami about forgetting the reception was cancelled, but says it doesn’t matter since she is dining alone. Sami wants to know why she would think that, and Kate is sure that there is no way she could have scrounged up a dinner date after what happened. If she is not alone, then he must be some kind of desperate low life. After Kate leaves, Sami tells her she is in for quite a shock. Kate sees Austin and happily hugs him when he runs to her, before noticing Nicole is at the table he came from. She wants to know why he was there with her, but Nicole says she just stopped in to say hi. Kate tells her that now that she is there, Nicole can just say good-bye. Austin tells her there is no need to be rude, though Nicole leaves anyway. She starts on Austin about getting caught up. They can have dinner and talk and relax. He tells her not tonight, he is there with someone already. She says that if he brought someone from New York, he should have told her about it. She asks him who it is, but the answer comes from behind her…Sami says, “It’s me.” As Kate turns around, almost in tears, lightning strikes beside her, and the previews roll:

Kate: “I am begging you – leave her here and come home with me. You know it’s the right thing to do.”

Belle: “You know, you have the exact same expression on your face that Phillip had on his when I suggested it to him.” Cut to Shawn.

Bo: “I gave Chelsea some money.”
Hope: “How much?”
Bo: “$250”

At a dance club, Billie sees Chelsea on the dance floor, “Chelsea? Oh, my God, she lied to me!”

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Episode # 10155; Tape Date: 8/29/05; Air Date: 9/29/05; Director: Albert Alarr

Summary: Ho-hum…quite a boring show. Billie and Chelsea have a rough time getting along…Mimi and Shawn enjoy an evening out…Austin convinces Sami to go out with him…as Nicole convinces Kate as well.

Bo and Hope are on the Fancy Face 3 having some alone time. (They explain that Zack begged to stay the night with Doug and Julie). They talk about Sami’s wedding imploding and about her being involved with Tony. Later, they have made love and are lying in bed as Bo is still upset over what Sami did and how Shawn could have been killed. They talk about how dumb she was to fall into Tony’s web. He doesn’t think anyone will ever forgive her or trust her again. They fell especially bad for Roman, Lucas and Will. They also talk about how Shawn is dealing with the Belle situation. Hope still thinks that he and Belle belong together, but says the more she sees Belle and Philip together, the more she thinks they are in love. Maybe this is the way it should be. Later they are fixing dinner and she tells Bo to keep an eye on things, she is going to run to the bakery to pick up desert. He is thinking about giving Chelsea a call, remembering how upset she was at the church, thanks to Sami. Hope thinks that maybe he can reach out to her better than Billie can…she says Chelsea and Billie are too much alike. He agrees, but thinks they should be able to find common ground. She warns him though, to think of Chelsea and not come across as siding with Billie against her…he could lose her if he does.

Meanwhile, Billie tries to fix dinner for Chelsea (looks like frozen dinners). Chelsea is NOT impressed and tells her to stop trying to be her mother, saying she, Billie and Bo will never be a family. Billie tells her the love her and she is trying. Chelsea says that Billie just tries too hard and she doesn’t want new parents and cries about losing her mom and dad. Billie asks if they can at least be friends as Chelsea says no and walks away. Later, Billie can’t stomach the food herself as Chelsea walks in dressed in a black slinky dress (another of Grandma Kate’s gifts). Billie isn’t too thrilled with it, saying it is too ‘Sex and the City’. Chelsea says why don’t she just call her a whore like Sami did. Billie tells her to ignore Sami’s comments. She tells her that Sami also said she was just following in the family tradition…both Billie and Kate were whores too. Chelsea can see by the look on Billie’s face that she hit a nerve. Billie answers that when she was younger, she was wild and she understands what a young lonely girl can go through. She goes on to tell her about when she was younger and how Bo turned her life around. She also explains that Kate did things to survive. Chelsea says that Sami was right…it could be genetic, she must be cursed and runs off. Outside, she gets a call from Bo and says ‘I need you daddy’. Bo must have told her to come on over, because the next scene, she rushes onto the boat, hugging him and crying…with Billie hot on her trail. Billie starts scolding her about her wild drive over there and Bo jumps in, siding with Billie…just as Hope walks in.

Kate is at her place trying to reach Austin on the phone when Nicole shows up, telling her to get dressed, they are going out. Kate refuses and tells her to leave. But Nicole tells her she needs to show her something. Kate is quite rude to her, telling her she is more interested in talking to Austin. Nicole promises her she won’t miss him. Kate asks her if she wants money, but Nicole tells her that this is about Sami and she MUST see for herself. Kate finally gives in and goes to change as Nicole has a celebratory drink.

At the Chez Rouge…Mickey and Maggie are talking about Sami’s wedding disaster as Shawn and Mimi show up. Mimi apologizes for her mom’s behavior earlier and they give Mickey & Maggie an update on Belle and the baby. Meanwhile, Austin and Sami have arrived outside and the valet starts mouthing off to Sami about the reception that had been called off, upsetting her. She cries to Austin about how people are talking about her but he calms her down, telling her to stop being her worst enemy. Maggie points out to Mickey that love may be in the air for Shawn and Mimi as they are enjoying their dinner. Mimi is talking but Shawn is a million miles away, thinking of Belle. He tells her that seeing Belle with her baby made it all real to him. Sami comes in as Maggie asks how she is and asks if she will be dining alone. Austin walks up and says no, she is with me. Maggie seats them at a quiet table as Mickey takes desert to Shawn and Mimi. He tells them that he and Maggie think they look great together. Sami finds something on the table (either a gift or a decoration) that says ‘Sami & Lucas’ and tosses it aside and starts again about how things turned out and how everyone hates her now. She says if she died right now on the spot, no one would even care. Of course Austin says he would. Shawn and Mimi explain to Mickey they are just friends as Maggie walks up, making up a story about how upset the dj is that no one is dancing and asks them to dance. While they are dancing, Mickey tells her that they are not dating and Maggie says not YET and smiles to herself. Austin is still consoling Sami and tells her that he isn’t going to let her go through this alone. She goes to the ladies room…just as Kate and Nicole arrive. Nicole orders a drink as Kate heads to the ladies room as well. Nicole spots Austin and makes a bee-line to his table. He informs her that Sami is there as well and he is trying to help her through this. Nicole admires his chivalry and he says he does still have feelings for Sami. She asks if he has some feelings for her as well. In the bathroom, Sami is crying again when Kate comes in and they glare at each other. Kate starts gloating, rubbing Sami’s nose in everything, saying she finally won. Kate asks her if she is going to congratulate her. Well, Sami has had enough and says “congratulate you…I am going to KILL you” as she picks up something (looks like a candlestick) and lunges at Kate…as the previews show…

Belle (to Shawn and Mimi): It would mean a lot to both Philip and me if you would do the honor of being out daughter’s Godparents…

Bo (to Billie and Hope): She said she had a hard time relating to both of you…

Nicole (to Austin): You must have a bunch of women waiting for you in New York. (Austin): The truth is I left my heart here in Salem (as Nicole smiles)…

And the credits roll…

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Tape date –8/29
Director – Albert Alarr

A few lighthearted moments in the aftermath of the wedding disaster, as Baby K has visitors in the hospital, Austin takes Sami home, & Nicole manages to flit all over town.

AT THE HOSPITAL, Philip & Belle are cooing over their new baby girl, while an admiring grandfather Victor & Lucas look on. Lucas has had an amazing transformation, having changed his clothes, gotten a short haircut, and grown a mustache & slight goatee, all in a matter of an hour or two. LOLOL. There is a short bit of conversation about Sami & the wedding, but Lucas discourages it. He knows his mom wanted to wreak revenge on Sami, to publicly humiliate her, just as Sami outed Kate at his birthday party, tit for tat, & he will never forgive Kate for what she did and the way she did it. They chatter and tease about naming the baby, saying that if a boy, they wanted Luke for the name. Lucas is flattered, but says not to name the baby after him, and talks of maybe Lucille. Belle says she likes Lucy, then mention not wanting trendy names, like Madison. Belle mentions all the “family” names that are a tradition in hers, Lucas says he has the perfect name. Kiki. Everyone laughs, as he explains how Kiki Kiriakis just rolls off the tongue. Belle knows how kids are, and would be calling her Geeky Kiki. LOL. She asks what the name would be from, Lucas says Katherine, then Philip says no, not wanting to have Kate think the baby was named after her. Meanwhile Mimi & Shawn have arrived at the hospital, with Mimi trying to talk Shawn out of checking on Belle, as all was well at the church. He insists, and they pop in for a short visit, congratulating the new mommy & daddy, and then leave.

Out in the hall, Nicole runs into a gift laden Kate (wonder where she managed to find a store open on such short notice……oh, yeah, probably the hospital gift shop – but what is Nicole doing there. Last we saw, she was drowning her sorrows at Chez Rouge.) Nicole congratulates Kate on a job well done, and tells her that what she has done is going to come back and bite her in the butt. Kate calmly tells Nicole that with Sami gone, there is no reason for her to have anything to do with Nicole and to get lost. Nicole is furious, but Kate tells her that she already gave her money, it was enough, it is all over now. Nicole leaves. Victor spots Kate through the window, and excuses himself to go stop her. He tries to talk sense to her, but she is all excited about the new grandchild. He tries to make her realize that the way she got her revenge on Sami has ruined her in Lucas’s eyes. Philip comes out, telling Kate that Belle is getting ready to nurse the baby (wow, already??) so would not be a good time for her. Lucas comes out, tells Kate that in his eyes, she is far worse than Sami could ever be & tells her off, saying finally he will never speak to her again. He leaves.Victor asks Kate if her revenge on Sami was worth losing the son she loves so much. She says yes, it was, and thinks Lucas will eventually forgive her. We see Lucas on the phone to Will, trying to console him, promising him that he would still be seeing his mom. Lucas does warn Will, that his mother may go to jail, but that no, Gramma Kate would not. He tells Will that he is going to take him out to dinner, just the two of them.

AT THE LOFT, Mimi & Shawn arrive home, talk a bit about their respective failed love lives. Shawn thinks that Rex will eventually realize how much he misses Mimi and will return. Perfect cue for a knock at the door, and a messenger with a package for Mimi. She opens it, to find all the things she ever gave Rex, all the pictures of them - mementos and souvenirs from their dating days. Pictures, movie tickets, match books, restaurant receipts, etc. Mimi realizes Rex is making sure she understands it is over, he is not ever returning to Salem or her. They both moan and groan a bit, then decide to go out to dinner.


Austin & Sami arrive in the hall, and run into an elderly, rather gregarious neighbor with a rather foggy memory, who mentions not having seen Austin in a month of Sundays. Now follows a humorous conversation, (Sami is in her wedding dress) wherein she first thinks Pammi finally married Austin, & they are going on honeymoon. When they assure her that is not the case, she remembers it was supposed to be Lucas across the hall, & then proceeds to mention all the men Sami was supposed to marry…Lucas, Franco, Brandon. Sami is furious, Austin restrains her, they argue big time. (the neighbor is really funny, & gives some sharp digs to our girl) Austin shags Sami inside the apt., tells her that it was all her fault, not the neighbor’s, calms her down, and tells her she needs to get out of that dress. She asks him to get a storage bag from the closet. He goes into the closet, and shocked, as he brings out 3 storage bags covering wedding dresses. One is dress from when they married in Paris, one that Sami had made identical to Carrie’s when they were to get married, & Carrie & Lucas stopped it. (That was Will’s paternity reveal). The 3rd is the one she wore for their aborted Vegas wedding. Sami is crying as she then goes to the closet to pull out 3 more…….(egads!) the one from when she was to marry Franco, the one from when she was to marry Brandon, and the one she was to wear to her lst wedding to Lucas. He tells her she still needs to get out of that dress. She asks him where he was planning on staying, and he says at Lucas’s apt. while they were gone on their honeymoon. Uh, oh. He wants to clean up, she tells him to feel free to use the shower. (Let us all remember here that so far, have not seen a single bit of luggage for Austin. LOL). He goes off to shower, and a frustrated Sami angrily tosses the wedding dresses around. Knock, Knock. It is the resident lush, Nicole, who first asks if she has any vodka, then gleefully tells Sami off about another failed wedding, saying she deserved it for not helping her get Brady away from Chloe. Sami tells Nik to get out, opens the door, turns, realizing it was Nicole who told Kate about her being Stan. Nicole asks her just WHERE would she have gotten that disguise, that Sami was positive it was destroyed. She tells Sami to face it, Tony gave the disguise to Kate……..and out of bathroom comes a towel clad Austin, startling Nicole. Sami is angry, and wants Austin to get rid of Nicole. He tells her once more to get out of that dress, and she goes into the bedroom, yelling that Nik had better be gone when she comes out. Nicole asks Austin for a hug, he complies, commenting that she has been drinking. She admits it. Sami is yelling from behind closed doors to get her out of there. She wants to see him later that evening, but he says he is going to keep Sami company tonight. They agree to meet tomorrow. He asks where she is living, and she just smiles, saying she will call him. He gives her his cell phone #, and they talk of having lunch at Chez Rouge, where, as Nicole claims, they make the best Bloody Marys in town. He thinks that for Nicole, all the restaurants in town make the best Bloody Marys. She comments about “Boston Austin” (his name during prize fighting days) making snide remarks, and leaves, Sami comes out. Austin insists they not stay home, he is taking her out to dinner at Chez Rouge. Sami says no, that is where her reception was supposed to be. Austin tells her she cannot hide, she has to face people sometime, and why not tonite. She says the place will be closed. He fells they would definitely have room for them. Sami finally agrees. (Jeez, the entire town is going for dinner there tonight……and the place was “closed for a private party”. Amazing, huh?, especially since Bonnie took all that food. Ha.) Outside in the hall, Nicole has been eavesdropping (a favorite Salem pastime) at the door, and smiling like the proverbially Cheshire Cat, she says, Chez Rouge, huh? AND THE PREVIEWS SHOW……

Chelsea to Billie: Why would she make it sound like you guys were a couple of prostitutes – don’t tell me Sami was telling the truth.

Hope to Brady: If you put yourself in the middle and Chelsea thinks you are siding with Billie, you could lose your daughter forever. Is that a chance you are willing to take?

Nicole to Austin: What about me, Austin? Do you still have feelings for me, too?

Kate: Aren’t you going to congratulate me? Sami: I think I’m gonna kill you…….as she launches herself at Kate. And the credits roll.


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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Episode #10,053
Directed by: Phil Sogard
Tape Date: 8/26/05

Summary: As Belle has her baby at the church (yes, today’s delivery day!); it appears that Alex is the original Roman trying to get Marlena back; while Bonnie is back to taking advantage of the reception that didn’t happen at Chez Rouge (thought it was suppose to be at her place?)

Chez Rouge
Bonnie (wearing her red low cut gown and black shawl) walks in and finds Mickey sitting at a table, sipping some red wine. She joins him at the table and he does us proud as he doesn’t get caught in her web. She mentions there won’t be a wedding reception there after all and Sami Brady is still, well, Sami Brady. Being the wonderful food won’t be eaten and the restaurant is closed, she asks if she can have it for a “good cause”. Mickey states it’s Maggie’s restaurant and her decision, so Bonnie go to leave. Maggie asks what the home wrecker wanted.

Bonnie finds Nicole drinking a Martini at the bar, saying she was crashing Sami’s wedding reception to see Austin. Bonnie explains that Sami’s probably crying on Austin’s shoulder as they speak, saying the wedding didn’t happen and knows there’s a voodoo doll out there of Sami and some black magic woman is poking pins into it. She tells Nicole about Kate dressing in Stan’s costume and stopping the wedding as Nicole practically gags while laughing. Later they’re toasting to Kate’s success with Martini’s (wait til you get the bill for those Nicole being there’s no reception). Bonnie watches Mickey talking to Maggie as Nicole rants about all the good ones getting away and agrees. Bonnie remembered seeing Austin in the boxing ring years ago as Nicole talks about him. Mimi joins them and says she sounds just like Kate Roberts, which Bonnie is flattered by, especially if she had her money. She tells Mimi that Mickey told her she could have all the food she wanted as Maggie (in her pink gown and shawl) overhears saying over her dead body. When Bonnie sounds obliging, Maggie asks (with hands on hips) if she wants a piece of her and Bonnie jumps at her, saying bring it on red as they fall to the fall brawling. Nicole watches oohing and awing, jabbing her toothpick in the air as though giving directions. Later Mickey breaks them up. Bonnie claims most of the food was going to the battered women’s shelter and Maggie picks up on MOST OF, claiming the rest would go into Bonnie’s horrible chili that even her dog wouldn’t eat. Bonnie goes after Maggie again and Mickey stops her. Maggie tells her to take the food and GET THE HELL OUT. Mimi tries to pull her mom to do just that. Bonnie mumbles about getting Mimi paired up with Shawn and that Horton money as she trips on a table. Maggie yells for her to watch that first step, it’s a bitch and hums to herself, LOL.

Later Mickey apologizes for all he put her and Bonnie through. Maggie is grateful to be the one and only Mrs. Horton and they kiss.

Nicole finishes her martini, moaning about being alone in a bar in the middle of the day and will wind up a Bonnie Lockhart one day. She wishes she had Austin in her life.

Bonnie calls the shelter and learns the walk in freezer is on the fritz, so offers to bring down enough for them to have a square meal tonight and will take the rest to the school down the street for their bake sale (as she holds the phone away saying … NOT)…ka-ching ka-ching. (Gee, their refrigerator probably works still Bonnie!) She finds Nicole writing Austin’s name over and over on a cocktail napkin, knowing she was right about her.

We find Sami crying in the courtyard as Austin asks her to tell him what happened. He finds it hard to believe she went to work for Tony and was disguised as a man, but says she now might lose her son and Lucas. Austin calmly lectures that she brought it on herself and doesn’t learn from her mistakes, but builds on them…like what happened in Las Vegas. He reminds her that it’s a miracle that he’s standing there talking to her right now and another that Lucas was at the altar waiting to make her his bride. She has a way of making people paranoid. He thought she had changed by the way Lucas had talked to him on the phone, but listening to her now, realizes she hasn’t. Sami tells him about how Kate had gotten her and Brandon drugged and in bed together the night before their wedding so Lucas would find them together. Kate even admitted it. She explains how she thought most of her family was dead and was already low at that point. That’s when Tony got her, when she was the most vulnerable. She didn’t know it was Tony though, just an anonymous make-up artist showed up at her apartment and made her up as Stan. She tells him how Lucas, Shawn and Rex went to find Philip and “Tony” threatened she’d never see her parents again unless she also went overseas. Austin finds all this hard to believe and knows she’ll never top this. He tells her she only has herself to blame and needs to turn her life around if she wants to be happy. He offers to always be there for her and she thanks him for being nice to her and for forgiving her. She rushes into his arms and so thankful he’s back.

Lexie demands Alex tell her the truth. He threatens to expose her “therapy” used with Dr. Cramer and will see to it that she loses her son if she tells John what “therapy” he’s using on Marlena. John comes to get Lexie for Belle and tells Alex that this might trigger Marlena’s memory. To himself, Alex agrees. Lexie walks in and hears Belle’s water has broken and goes into action.

Shawn lights a candle and crosses himself as he prays for Belle and her baby to be safe and happy. Mimi joins him, asking if he’s asking for Belle and her family’s health or for a miracle for himself. He only wants Belle’s happiness and whatever she decides. He doesn’t want to see a family torn apart and situations like Will’s or his with new stepsister Chelsea. He sees what it’s doing to his mom. Later Mimi tells Shawn there’s an emergency at Chez Rouge and she needs to join her mom there. Lexie rushes out to get more medical supplies from her car and tells Shawn that Belle’s in the last stages of labor. Lexie tells him not to go in as her husband is with her. He starts to go anyway when Alex stops him. He offers Shawn some advice and Shawn asks why he should listen to him. Alex calmly says because he knows what he’s going through as he also lost the woman he loved. We see flashbacks of him as the original Roman as Marlena holds baby Belle in her arms crying when she left him to be with John as he tells Shawn about the woman he loved and lost (ironic that it’s Belle’s true love he’s telling it too). We see more flashbacks of him hugging Marlena as she cries over the situation. Shawn thanks him for the advice. Alex says he knows how it can make you do things you wouldn’t normally do. Alex knows Shawn will never give up on Belle just like HE will never give up on Marlena.

As Belle screams in pain, John insists that Marlena not give up on getting her memory back. They hear Belle scream and Philip pulls them in, telling Marlena she’s a doctor and to help her daughter who’s in labor. Marlena asks Belle where she feels the most pressure and worried the baby is breech. (they walk from the hospital to the church all the time…why can’t they rush her there, so stupid!!) John realizes that Marlena is getting her memory back and urges her to do her doctorly thing (where’s Lexie? It’s not that big a parking lot!) John suggests they call an ambulance (should have done that a long time ago!) and Marlena says it’s too late and apologizes for not having anything for the pain or to calm her uterine muscles. They have to move the baby to another position. Lexie conveniently must have parked across the park/city. Lexie finally returns and puts on gloves (look more like formal white gloves than hospital gloves, LOL. She takes a quick look and congratulates Marlena on turning the baby around, then returns to Belle. Marlena and Philip hold Belle’s shoulders as Lexie delivers their little GIRL. Philip tells Belle they have a little girl as John’s crying in happiness. After the commercial, Belle is holding her daughter (we don’t see her) as she introduces her to her own mom and dad and her Aunt Lexie after Philip tells her who he is. Lexie goes to check on the ambulance (LOL…it’s spitting distance from the hospital..but don’t get me started) as we see Shawn watching from the doorway (unnoticed), smiling as Philip kisses his wife and daughter and leaves quietly (way to go Shawn!! I’m proud of you!) John hugs Marlena and says she remembered her skills as a physician and her memory is coming back. Before she gets any more memories, Alex waves the necklace at her from the door and she goes into a mini trance as we see him hypnotizing her earlier and saying she’d no longer be concerned with her husband or children and her agreeing. He pockets the locket and vows he gave Marlena up once, but not again, as Lexie smirks Marlena might get her memory back. We see John glowing, telling Marlena this is a memorable day as they have OUR first grandchild, but she’s also getting her memory back. Crying, Marlena agrees and wants him to take her home.

Mimi returns to the church and finds Shawn back lurking outside the door, watching Philip and Belle with their daughter. He tells her it’s over and she says endings make way for new beginnings. Belle laughs at how many times Philip has counted their daughter’s fingers and toes as Marlena and John watch happily (where are Kate and Victor during all of this? It’s their grandchild too) Shawn overhears Philip and Belle telling each other they’re a family now and they love each other and will always be together. The show closes with a freeze frame of Shawn sadly realizing he’s lost Belle…

as the previews roll…

Sami yells at Nicole…”You told Kate about my disguise? You helped her ruin my life?”

Lucas to Kate: “You destroyed my life. You’re far worse than Sami could ever be”…as we see flashes of Marlena and John on the screen….

Philip to Belle and their baby (now at the hospital with her in a hospital gown and he in his t-shirt)…”I promise both of you right now that I will treasure and protect both of you for the rest of my life”…

Shawn to Mimi: "I just want to make sure they’re alright. "
Mimi: "Why can’t you just leave destiny alone?”

As the credits roll…

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Monday, September 26, 2005

Episode # 10152; Tape Date: 8/25/05; Air Date: 9/26/05; Director: Albert Alarr

Summary: Sami finds herself backed into a corner with Kate gloating...Austin makes his way to the church with the help of an unusual limo driver...and Belle goes into labor.

Patrick and Chelsea are at the bowling alley as she flirts with him shamelessly. Mimi and Shawn also show up there, she determined that they are going to have some fun. They are wearing matching bowling shirts that she bought for them and they joke about the rental shoes. They are bowling as they talk about whether it could be true that Sami was Stan. Mimi gets a strike and celebrates. Meanwhile, Patrick makes it clear to Chelsea that he agreed to come with her so she would promise to be nicer to Billie. Patrick sees Mimi and Shawn and goes over to say hi, followed by Chelsea. Shawn asks her what she is doing there with him...he is dangerous. Billie calls Chelsea, but she pretends she can’t hear her and hangs up. Patrick urges her to call her back, but she refuses. Patrick gets them ice cream and she talks about how she should avoid stress and that Billie only causes her more. Patrick suggests she find a guy her own age and she suggests Max, to which Patrick says no way. She says Max is cool but Patrick thinks she can do better. She tells Patrick she is going to save herself for the mean of her dreams.

In St. Luke’s bridal room, Marlena and Lexie are helping Belle, realizing they may not have time to get to the hospital. Marlena begins having flashbacks of giving birth to Belle. Caroline also comes to help as Belle cries out for Shawn. In the hall, Alex fears that Marlena may be having memories, if so, he says he must stop that. Lexie checks on Belle and says Oh my God. She says that Philip should be told he is going to be a father soon. Shawn calls Caroline to check on Belle and she tells him that Belle is in labor. He tells Mimi that they need to go be there. Marlena gets Philip from the sanctuary and in the hallway tells him about Belle and that she is calling for him. Mimi and Shawn arrive just in time to overhear this. Philip goes to Belle and comforts her as best as he can, for she fears she is losing the baby. Shawn, Caroline and Mimi watch from the door. Shawn says something about how the baby deserves to have a family and Caroline hugs him, saying she is so proud of him. Philip wants to get her to the hospital, but when she stands, she doubles over in pain.

Alex catches Marlena in the hallway and she says she thinks she is having memory flashes. So he whips out his necklace and begins to hypnotize her. Later Lexie sees him in the hall and tells him that she is going to tell John what he is up to. Yet again he threatens to expose her. She says she is going to do what is right and leaves. Later, Abe and Lexie go outside and he talks about how sorry he is for pushing her away and wants a second chance...says he can’t live another day without her. She says that is what she wants as well. She tells him she has to check on Belle, but is stopped in the hallway by Alex (who apparently overheard them) who warns her not to talk to John again.

Austin’s plane is nearing Salem as he is wondering if he missed the wedding...if it really happened...or if it ended in disaster, like Sami’s other weddings. Later, he is in the limo, pleading with the driver to hurry and get him to the church. The driver is played by comedienne Kathy Griffin, who in typical fashion of the hotel workers in Salem, is particularly nosey. He tells her about how he married Sami once, then almost did again. She advises him to just get back on his plane and leave, this Sami sounds like trouble. He tells her that Sami is marrying his brother and she says he needs to stay away from this lunatic bride. Austin tells her the story of him and Sami (mixed with some flashbacks) as they are stuck in traffic. She says his story is hard to believe. She tells him that she is in a 12-step program and it sounds like he needs one too. (LOL)

In the sanctuary, Kate tells everyone that the report she has is from the ISA. Roman thinks that Kate is being awfully smug...and everyone knows that she only wants to ruin Sami. John talks to the ISA and says the report is legit. Sami continues to plead with Lucas to believe her, but Kate keeps on. Sami pleads with Roman to stand up for her, but he says it’s true...she was working for Tony. Sami says she loves Lucas but he doesn’t want to hear it, she almost got them all killed. Will says she always ruins everything. Roman turns her around and forces her to look at all the people she has hurt. Philip talks about how SHE did this to him, it was all her fault. Roman tells her for once in her life to tell the truth. She finally breaks down and confesses that she WAS Stan. She apologizes but says it was all Kate’s fault. She says Kate framed her and she thought her mom, dad and grandmother were all dead. She turned to John and Belle but they refused to help her. Kate was driving her crazy and she was driven by revenge. She says at first she didn’t know it was Tony behind it all, and she was caught in his trap. She says he offered her proof that her mom and dad were alive. She says that people got hurt because of her, but hopes they can forgive her. But Abe and Roman says that will not satisfy the state. She will be brought before the grand jury and charges will be brought and the punishment could be severe. Sami pleads with Roman to help her but he says he cannot control what happens...she did this to herself...she always does. Roman demands to know how da hell she could work for Tony. She says when she found out, it was too late. Lucas jumps in saying she lead them into danger and almost got them killed. She says when she learned what Tony was up to, she did what she could to save them. Lucas says he wants to forgive her but he can’t. Sami pleads with him, but he says she is dead to him, all he feels is hate and disgust. Sami bolts from the church as Kate tries to talk to Lucas. He says he hopes she is happy, this is what she wanted. She tries to say she did it all for him, but he says she did it all for revenge, and she is worse than was all her fault....she started it all. He loved Sami and Kate pushed her too far. He says he never wants to see Kate again and storms off. Roman agrees with Lucas. Billie asks Kate if it was worth it all. She says yes, now both of her sons are rid of Sami. Meanwhile, Sami is in the garden crying as someone walks up behind her and offers her a hankie. She tells them to get away, everyone hates her. A voice says "I don’t" as she turns to see Austin standing there...and the previews show...

Philip: She’s going into labor right now...she could lose the something! (Marlena:) I don’t know what to do...

Shawn (to Alex): Why should I listen to you. (Alex): Because I lost the woman I loved...I have been in your shoes...

Austin (to Sami): I’m sorry Sami, but the truth is, you only have yourself to blame...

Bonnie (to Nicole): You’re planning on making a move on Austin Reed aren’t you?...

and the credits roll...

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Friday, September 23, 2005

Episode # 10,151
Directed by: Herb Stein
Tape Date: 8/24/05

Sami continues to claim she's innocent as wedding guests mull around, Lexie visits Jack as Frankie finds an old letter Jen never mailed confirming she loved him (great scene) and Belle goes into labor.

Jack tells Jen he just has a bug as she refuses to leave him for Lucas and Sami’s wedding. Frankie encourages Jack to tell Jen the truth when she goes for some Salem Tea. Jen calls someone, knowing it’ll cause WW III, but she doesn’t care. She asks Frankie to get a box in the garage labeled Horton Home Remedies for their heating pad. He laughs as he finds it, but notices an envelope she had addressed to him at his NYC address (256 112th St., Apt. B for those who want to know his address ;-) when she was still Jennifer Horton at 25 River Street, Salem USA 06694.

Lexie answers her phone at the church. It’s Jennifer. Lexie tells Jennifer she’s not missing much as Sami’s wedding is self destructing again. Jen asks Lexie to come over and she agrees. Jack’s not happy about that. Lexie arrives and Jen goes to get something as Lexie starts to take his blood pressure. She tells him he’s getting worse and writes a prescription for an antibiotic for Jack that will help, but urges him to tell Jennifer he’s dying. She tells him he doesn’t have a choice and he says he does, he’s going to disappear (what, and die alone?) He won’t commit suicide because Jennifer would kill him if he did…he’s just going to disappear. Lexie can’t stop him from dying where he wants to. He’ll figure out a way to let Jen and the family know he died quickly and not in pain. Lexie knows he’d be all by himself then. Jack tells her he knows Frankie will fill in for him with Jennifer. Marlena calls for Dr. Carver (hmm, knows her cell number or maybe it’s Belle’s phone?) for Belle. Lexie leaves Jack and heads back to the church.

Jen wonders what’s taking so long and remembers putting that letter to Frankie in the same box she asked him to get the heating pad from and panics. He can’t read that letter and she rushes out to see he had just done so. He asks why she hadn’t mailed it. She tells him she wrote it when he went off to school at Columbia and never mailed it. She figured he had forgotten her by that time and remembered Eve Donovan and other things in their lives were going on. She tells him she had a bus and train schedule and had considered joining him there. She loved him deeply. He chokes up and mad she never mailed it. She reminds him that he didn’t write her either. He gets emotional that they both threw away their whole future by not communicating. She tells him she can’t be upset about falling in love with Jack and the family they had. She takes the letter from him and wishes he never found it. Crying, he tells her he’s glad he found it as he knows she really did love him. He berates himself for not contacting her as they would have been married with a family of their own now.

Jenniver returns with the heating pad and goes to make more tea. Frankie joins her and she asks him to forget what she wrote in that letter. They have to leave their feelings in the past and don’t have a future. He remembers Jack’s request for him to take care of Jennifer and his kids when he dies.

Jack crumbles up the antibiotic prescription, saying it’s time for him to die.

John persists that Marlena stay and she to leave. He agrees she can leave, but NOT with Alex. Sorry John, Marlena’s a big girl and says buh bye. Philip swears to Belle that if Sami is responsible for him losing his leg and everything else…Belle pales and needs some fresh air as she insists that Philip stay to find out what he needs to. Shawn, and Mimi, follow Belle. They find Belle and she tells them she’s fine, just needs off her feet for a little while. She steps into the brides room to sit down as Mimi tells Shawn to cool it and let Philip take care of his wife. Marlena and Alex walk by Mimi and Shawn and Mimi tells her that Belle’s not feeling well and asks her to take a look at her. Marlena agrees and steps in the room with Belle. She finds Belle holding her belly and crying in pain. Marlena assures Belle she’s right there.

We see Austin sipping champagne out of a glass on the plane hoping this time Sami’s wedding goes well.

Sami denies the photos weren’t her, just computer trickery. She flat out lies, saying she wasn’t Stan as her family and friends refuse to believe her.

Marlena is clearly agitated, knowing she should have been more upset about all that had just happened. She must have loved Roman and John at one time and now had no feelings for either of them. He calmly tells her that weddings affect people and it’s not unusual. He suspects the two men she loved may now be in love with Kate. She asks if he believes that they’re both in love with that dark haired woman (good grief, her name is Kate, do you have short term memory too?) He reminds her how she saw John with Kate making love to her while being held captive and Roman was/is married to her. He feels she’s afraid to remember as she doesn’t know how she stands with either of them as they both may love her (Kate) and she wouldn’t be loved herself in return. Marlena buys all this as she cries. She decides to leave Salem without even returning to the penthouse. It’s obvious that John and Roman are in love with that woman and she just wants to go away, far away (what money would she use to do so?) He suggests they go back to her cabin and she cries and falls into his arms, grateful for the suggestion.

Kate watches Belle as Philip tells her the guy his mother impersonated was the guy who almost got them killed overseas. Shawn is concerned about Belle as Mimi pulls him away. Marlena tells Alex she feels awkward as she doesn’t have any concern about anyone in there and she should. She shouldn’t have come and asks Alex to take her out of there. John stops her from leaving insisting Sami needs her more than ever. Billie is mad at Kate and knows Austin won’t be happy about this either. Kate tells Sami that she is Stan. Roman, Lucas and Will in the background, listen as Kate insists that Sami is Stan. Kate tells them how the clothes were delivered to her earlier with the envelope (that she hands Roman). Kate says they were delivered to her earlier in a pizza box. She opens the box to pull out the photos of Sami being transformed into Stan. Everyone in the wedding party looks at the photos..(so much for fingerprints, huh?).

Lexie’s in with Belle and Marlena tells Alex she can’t leave without knowing her daughter is okay. Belle tells Lexie about the cramps she’s having, worried she might lose the baby. Lexie says she’s in labor and Marlena helps try to calm Belle as she frets it’s too soon and she’ll lose her baby.

Mimi suggests to Shawn that they leave. He asks where and she has an idea.

Kate tells Sami to go up on the altar with the Bible and swear on it that she’s not Stan. Sami stares at her. Sami’s family stands by her as Sami thanks them. She asks Lucas who he believes. She asks him not to let his mother ruin their wedding. Lucas believes her and wants to marry her. Kate tells them she has more proof that she was Stan and will show it to everyone after they all claimed to believe Sami over her. It’s an ISA crime lab report (just how did Bart get the ISA to do that?) that her DNA and genetic markers were found all over the disguise. There is no way her DNA could be on it without her wearing it…so she MUST be Stan. Cue the shocked looks…as the previews roll…

Lexie tells Alex that he wants Marlena all to himself. He replies just like she wants Detective Kramer all to herself….

Shawn tells Mimi that Belle is having this baby and they need to be together (her and Philip I’m assuming)..we next see Philip watching Belle in pain as she tells him the baby is coming…

Sami has her back turned and rants that everyone hates her and Austin replies..I don’t as she turns around startled…as the credits roll..


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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Episode # 10150; Tape Date: 8/23/05; Air Date: 9/12/05; Director: Phil Sogard

Summary: Yet another Sami Brady wedding comes to a screeching halt, thanks to an uninvited guest...Chelsea runs off as Patrick goes to find her...Lexie catches Alex and threatens to expose him, but he counter-threatens her.

In the Bridal Room...It seems that Mimi while trying on Caroline’s dress, the zipper got stuck. She goes on whining about missing Rex and how she has nothing. Shawn tells her that she has him and they thank each other for their help during difficult times. Shawn looks for something to help (such as candle wax) and Mimi tells him good idea, she saw that on Martha Stewart (shameless plug there). Shawn can’t find anything but does find a bottle of champagne. He says that since Lucas doesn’t drink, they should indulge. He opens it and they toast their friendship. Mimi asks him if he will ever find someone else after Belle. He tells her that Belle admitted she still loves him, but will not leave Philip. They both say they have to move on as Mimi suggests move on together. She says they need to have some fun, so Shawn starts tickling her and the zipper pops. She goes to change as he tells her she will make a beautiful bride someday. She says that if the worst-cursed bride in Salem (Sami) can get her man...well, then maybe there is hope for her.

Billie and Patrick are outside the church looking for Chelsea (she ran off after Sami insulted her). Billie prays she isn’t in trouble as Patrick offers to go look for her. He calls her later and tells her that he spotted Chelsea’s car at Salem Place. Chelsea is in the Java Cafe where she runs in to Josh (the boy that likes Abby) and he is all ga-ga over her outfit. Max shows up asking what is wrong. (I think) she sees Patrick outside and starts crying and hugging all over Max. She tells him that Sami called her a whore and that Sami is jealous of her. He tells her to forget about Sami and wants to go out and celebrate over her new job. Once Patrick is inside and within earshot, she accepts his invitation and kisses him. Max stops her but she says she knows what she is doing. He tells her that he is not just going to have sex with her, that won’t solve her problems. He wants to just go out and get to know her first. She walks away from him, over to Patrick, telling him she is so flattered that he came looking for her. Billie calls to check in with him and he hands the phone to Chelsea, who tells Billie she is okay. Billie tries to get her to come to the reception. After she gets off the phone, Chelsea tells Patrick he owes her (for being nice to Billie). She asks him to take her on a date.

In the church study, Lexie tries to get Alex to stop what he is doing. He threatens her, telling her if she tells anyone, he will tell Abe about her and Tek. We then learn (through a flashback) that he saw them going at it at the hospital. He says that Abe is blind in more ways than one. She tells him what he is doing to Marlena is wrong, but he says he is only treating her. Abe walks in asking what is going on. Lexie tries to cover, saying she was helping Alex with Marlena. Alex says that Marlena was upset and he was only trying to calm her down and that he would like to continue the session. Lexie convinces Abe to leave and then tells Alex she will NOT let him hurt her friend. Marlena repeats her mantra that ‘Alex will always protect me...I need Alex...etc.’ Alex tells Lexie that everything is okay, there is nothing for her to worry about but Lexie thinks he is brainwashing Marlena. He warns her to stay out of his way. She tells him she is not going to let him hurt Marlena, despite his threats. After she leaves, Alex continues with his ‘beautiful, sweet Marlena’. He tells her (she is still under) that from now on she will not be concerned with her children or husband, they only want to hurt her. She can only trust him. In the hallway, John runs into Abe, who tells him that Marlena is with Alex and Lexie in the study. On his way, he runs into Lexie as well and asks her what is going on. She tells him that Marlena was upset and that Alex is trying to help her with hypnosis. John becomes upset and she tells him to do something to stop it then as John storms off to find them. Alex brings Marlena out of the trance, telling her to remember his instructions. John comes in, demanding to know what is going on. Alex tries to smooth-talk his way out of it and Marlena takes up for him, saying that Alex is wonderful and she won’t give him up. She leaves to freshen up as John says something is going on here and he is going to get to the bottom of it.

Meanwhile, Sami and Lucas are going through the vows (yet again) when the mysterious figure comes in and reveals himself as Stan, asking Sami if she missed him as John, Philip and Lucas all have flashbacks of Stan. Sami stares at him as she has her own flashbacks of her transformation and says ‘it can’t be". Stan walks up to Sami, asking if she is surprised to see him. Tek has to restrain Lucas from him and Sami faints dead away. Roman and John are asking why he is there as Sami comes to, telling Lucas to get him out of there. Stan says he has a score to settle as Sami demands he be arrested. Philip asks Stan how he can live with himself and he tells them to ask Sami that question, who calls him crazy and evil. Stan says he isn’t going anywhere and the only one getting what is coming to them will be Sami. Stan says it is true, he worked for Tony and that no punishment would be too much. Yes, Stan is guilty, but the only problem is...he is not Stan. He turns to Sami and starts removing the disguise and in Kate’s voice says ‘I was only borrowing the disguise’. He removes the mask and reveals to everyone that ‘he’ is in fact Kate. Roman demands to know why she is dressed as Stan. She then turns toward Sami and says ‘Sami, should I tell them, or do you want to do the honors?’ the previews show...

Kate (to Sami): You, Sami Brady...are Stan...

Alex (to Marlena): The two men you loved may now very well be in love with Kate...

Frankie (to Jen): If I would have kept in touch, you and I could have a family of our own...

Jack: It’s time for you to die Jack old boy...

Belle (to Lexie): They’re stronger than last time...please tell me I am not losing my baby...

and the credits roll...

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Tape date – 8/19
Director – Herb Stein

As we all knew only too well, Sami’s wedding is just not to be, while Alex exerts more of his unique brand of mind control on Marlena and the inept Salem PD proves once more they ALL need to get retrained.

CHELSEA ADMIRES the dress she is wearing, preens in front of the mirror, telling herself what good taste Gramma Kate has, and that she looks really good. Patrick comes in saying she is right, she looks really hot. He goes to Chelsea and kisses her. Billie comes in, asking what the heck they think they are doing. YEP, just another one of the fantasies with which Days tries to fool us. Billie has come in, tho, and tries to reason with Chelsea as to the inappropriateness of the dress for a wedding. Chelsea begins to whine about how it makes her feel so good, how she never had nice things, had to shop at the thrift store, blah, blah. Billie tells her she, too, had nothing when she came to town, and wanted nothing more than a career, money and a man. Chelsea says..that is when you met Bo. Billie says yes, and everyone thought Hope was dead, but she wasn’t. And Bo is with Hope, and that is o.k. because he gave her the most wonderful thing in the world….you. Chelsea smiles.

MIMI has escaped into the bride’s room, unable to view the 2nd wedding in two days. She bemoans her loss of Rex, the plans she had for the both of them, etc. Caroline comes in, looking for a hankerchief for Sami, as she knows Sami will cry buckets when she says I DO. She retrieves one from the chest, and then comforts Mimi, giving her a pep talk about eventually finding someone else. (shouldn’t Caroline be getting back to the wedding….heck Sami was about to say I do, last we saw).

Outside the church, Roman confers with Tek, joined immediately by Bo & Hope. Roman asks why Tek pulled him out of the wedding. (if this is all not the most stupid scenario) & Tek says the ISA has received several reports about an international terrorist having arrived in Salem and being spotted in vicinity of St. Luke’s church. Why St. Luke’s, Hope asks. And Bo says to just think about it, all the Brady & Horton extended families are in there (not that I could see, but what the heck, let’s suspend reality, shall we?) along with the last 3 Police Commanders. Perfect opportunity for DiMera to do harm. (and now DiMera is an international terrorist, the only one in the entire world, apparently…sigghhhh). Inside, just as Sami is about to say I Do, her precious father comes in yelling, and I do mean yelling to stop the wedding. Sami pitches a fit, and rightly so (another 30 seconds would not have mattered). He makes his “terrorist” speech, telling everyone to stay put. Sami argues with him, saying the wedding could be over during this arguing time (and we all agree, Sami….as I said, stupid scenario). Roman tells John to take everyone down to the rec room. (wow, that church really has a lot of extra rooms, doesn’t it? LOL.) John tells Marlena she should go to Sami, as her mother, that she may not remember Sami, but Sami remembers her. Marlena does, and tries to comfort the upset Sami, who is standing with Lucas & Will. Lucas promises her all will be o.k. and they all leave for the rec room. Father Jansen takes Will, and then all the strangers get herded downstairs (sorry, but they are, wonder if all those extras had to provide their own clothes?) Shawn looks for Mimi. Belle says she left her purse in the bride’s room, and goes to get it. We see a mysterious figure, all in black with a hood over the head, has snuck into the rec room, carrying a manila envelope with the name Sami Brady written on it.

In the bride’s room, Caroline is showing Mimi her wedding dress, when Belle enters with the news of the interrupted wedding, and the lockdown. Tek comes in, telling them to stay put, lock the door, and not to open it except for police. Caroline does some chattering about her wedding dress in the trunk, talks of when Belle put it on, and Shawn had the tuxedo on. She then tells Mimi to put the dress on. Down in the rec room, Shawn & Philip learn that Belle is with Mimi & Caroline in the bride’s room, & decide to go there. Mimi has come out, wearing the dress, as Philip & Shawn arrive. Shawn tells Mimi she looks beautiful (she does) and we can see Belle looking wistful, I guess.

Marlena gets very nervous at all the people in the rec room, so Alex spirits her off into another room. There, he insidiously talks to her about how her family is using her, not caring about her condition, only their own, mentioning Sami. Marlena protests that it is Sami’s wedding day, and all brides are self-absorbed. She wants to join her family, but Alex stops her, continuing to talk against her family and John. She tries to leave, but he won’t let her. He keeps talking about the need to isolate her. He then begins to hypnotize her (and it looks like he is using the blue topaz necklace John gave her), when Lexie comes by, sees what is going on thru the open door, and rushes in. She gives Alex a hard time about him using hypnotism for mind control, and he gives her a song and dance about how, in amnesia cases, it can have the opposite effect. Lexie insists that John should know about this, and she is going to tell him. Alex tells her that she is NOT to tell John, because if she does, he will tell Abe about her sleeping with Tek. (LOL, would not call that desk top romp or the supply closet escapade “sleeping”, haha). Lexie is shocked!

The black clothes mystery figure has now entered the church. Hope comes in, gun drawn, looks around, talks to Bo via radio that all is secure. The mystery figure is hiding behind a pew. So much for a good search. Bo says the vestibule is secure. They radio Tek. In the rec room, Sami runs into Chelsea, takes one look and says she did not know she had invited a streetwalker to her wedding. Ouch! Chelsea goes right back at Sami, wondering how many wedding dresses she has accumulated now. Sami calls her a tramp, like her Gramma Kate and her mother. They have a few more words, and Chelsea runs out. Billie sees her, enlists Patrick’s help and they go after her. Bo bumps into Chelsea running out the door, with Patrick after her. Billie stops Bo from going after them, saying Patrick knows how to handle this. Patrick tries to talk to Chelsea. Tek goes to the bride’s room to tell them all the church is secure, and the wedding will now continue. Mimi has to get out of the dress, Shawn is going to wait for her, so Belle wants to wait, too. Caroline says no, Sami needs her best man & matron of honor there, she is nervous enough.

Everyone is now back in the church, except for Alex & Marlena. Sami & Lucas are standing at the altar, Father Jansen has Lucas repeat his I do, then, just as Sami is about to say hers, the back door to the church opens (so much for Salem PD “security”) and the black clothed figure enters. Off goes the hood….and there stands Stan, who says, “Hello, Sami, did you miss me?”. Camera freeze on the shocked face of Sami… the previews show……….

Roman to Lucas, as a stunned Sami looks on: Are you sure this is the guy? Lucas replies, Yeah, I’d know him anywhere. And Stan says, About as well as you’d know your own bride – isn’t that right, Samantha?

John to Alex: you’re gonna tell me why you’re hypnotizing my wife, and you’re gonna tell me right now.

Shawn: I have to move on with my life. Mimi: So what do you say we move on together?

Billie, apparently praying: Don’t let her be in any trouble

Roman: Stan’s inside. Abe replies: DiMera’s Stan?

Stan: The only one whose getting what’s coming to them is Sami

And the credits roll……


Monday, September 19, 2005


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Episode No.: 10,148; Directed by: Albert Alarr; Tape Date: 8/18/05

Tiz Sami and Lucas' wedding day (finally) as guests arrive and Sami gets ready and makes it to the altar while Kate and Nicole commiserate together as Austin jets his way to Salem.

AT THE PENTHOUSE… Marlena is dressed in a dark blue gown and insisting to John that if anyone stays, it’s Alex (enough already…I was gone for a week and that’s what she was doing when I left!). Big surprise, John agrees to let Alex stay and apologizes for his behavior. He could almost swear that Alex did something to her while she was sleeping (as we see a replay of Alex climbing through her window), but Alex says they both know that’s impossible as John kept him virtually a prisoner in his own room. Marlena asks what Alex is referring to and John tells her. We see Alex telling Marlena how much she needs him (as she repeats it) while she’s sleeping and Marlena tells John if Alex leaves, so does she.

Belle is dressed in her pink and black gown while chattering away to Philip upstairs how she’s surprised Sami wanted her to be her matron of honor (who else would do it?) and hoping she doesn’t faint during the ceremony as Sami wouldn’t be as understanding at Chloe and Brady were. Philip comes downstairs in his dress uniform (he’s the best man) without a cane, proclaiming the prosthesis was as wonderful as the doctor’s had proclaimed. He suggests trying to dance, but agrees to only a slow dance at the reception. He tells her how he met another guy with the same type of prosthesis at a NYC hospital that is training for a marathon. He recalls lying on that mine field and asking God for one last chance to tell Belle how he loved her. She rubs her enormous belly (didn’t he notice how she blew up in the couple days he was gone?) as he tells her he loves her and she tells him she loves him too.

Across the hall, Mimi’s all dressed and yelling to Shawn to hurry it up. They were up late watching a movie like Jurassic Park, but apparently had more x-rated scenes than Jurassic Park did as we hear moaning while they hunt for the remote. She remembers how they finished that movie, surprised at how fast it ended..and watched it again as it replayed. He kissed her cheek and said she was the best friend ever. Back to present, he asks her to help him with his tie after exclaiming how hot each other looks.

The four meet in the hallway and decide to ride over together in Mimi’s car being it’s fixed now. Later they arrive as Belle goes to be with Sami, Shawn to seat guests.

AT THE CHURCH, Sami tells Roman maybe the next wedding will be his and Marlena’s. Caroline and Roman both remind her that Marlena IS married to John. Caroline changes the subject how Sami should concentrate on her own wedding now and to get ready. Roman leaves, promising Sami to ask Marlena to walk her down the aisle with him before leaving. He runs into Lexie in the hall and inquires about Abe and says Kate wasn’t invited to the wedding today.

Later Caroline’s dressed in a forest green dress, trying to help Sami get ready solo, curling her hair as Sami freaks that everyone wasn’t at the church yet. Caroline assures her that not everyone arrives 3 hours before the ceremony (LOL) and to chill out.

In the hall, Roman tells Lucas that he’s the best thing to ever happen to his daughter and thanks him for straightening her out. Lexie sighs in relief as he embraces his future son in law. Will (apparently they didn’t have time to get his hair cut yet) calls out to Sami and she starts to open the door until she hears Lucas’ voice and slams it again, refusing to let him see her. He yells out that he can’t wait to marry his little “firecracker”, and leaves as Roman and Lexie chuckle. Sami can’t believe it’s finally going to happen as she dries her eyes. She asks for the mirror and it falls to the ground and breaks. Seven years of bad luck she exclaims. Later there’s a knock on the door and Sami calls out if it’s Lucas to go away…she can’t afford any more bad luck, LOL.

Marlena and her escorts arrive, much to Roman’s delight. He asks her to walk Sami down the aisle with him. She looks to Alex and he nods yes, which upsets John as he protests she has her own mind. She says she just values Alex’s opinion, but consents to walk Sami down the aisle and goes to tell Sami with Roman. John and Alex argue more about who is really trying to control Marlena. Alex vows he only cares what’s best for his patient, but John knew he was making progress with Marlena before bed the night before.

Roman tells Sami it’s him with her mother and she lets them in. He informs her that Marlena will walk her down the aisle with him and Sami is thrilled. She hugs her and Marlena doesn’t respond as Sami apologizes, but asks if she remembers being her mother and how much she loves Roman. Marlena calmly replies she knows she was married to Roman and is her mother. She also knows the baby she lost was his and how hard it must have been for him, especially being she was married to John and he to that dark haired girl that was her friend. Sami interrupts saying Kate Roberts was NOT her friend and did not deserve to be married to daddy. Roman and Caroline pipe up in Kate’s defense. Caroline tells Sami today is not the day to start that.

AT KATE’S HOTEL ROOM, Billie's gone, but Nicole arrives, whining about losing Brady forever and wanting serious revenge against Sami. Kate agrees to a temporary truce in their joint hatred of Sami Brady. They toast and Nicole’s happy that at least Austin got wise to Sami in time. Speaking of Austin, the phone rings and he’s on a plane and tells his mother that he’s arriving later than expected. Nicole remembers kissing Austin and wishing she had met him under better circumstances…but she had to stay there and he to NYC. Kate panics at the thought of Austin with Nicole. Nicole finally offers to tell Kate what she had on Sami and Kate said it’s too late to stop the wedding, don’t bother (oh yeah, like we all believe THAT!) Nicole is bursting at the seams and tells her how Sami was Stan. Kate chokes on her drink and wants to run to the church with this information. Nicole reminds her there’s no evidence. Kate recalls Tony’s saying Sami’s disguise, but she figured it was as his lawyer, not Stan. The car that blew up had Stan’s clothes in it, their only proof. Kate decides the only thing they can do is to get very drunk as they toast to Sami’s demise.

BART anxiously awaits something and it finally arrives. He rushes out with it.

ON THE PLANE…Austin knows he missed the wedding as the plane won’t be landing for about 45 minutes. He figures he should have flown in the night before, but can hit the reception, assuming this wedding does happen.

KATE AND NICOLE are flopped on the couch drinking as they talk about Austin. Nicole goes to fix herself up for Austin as Kate answers the door. No one is there, but there’s something on the floor (we don’t see it, but assume Bart left whatever he received for her).

BACK TO THE BRIDE’S ROOM, Belle walks in happy to see her mom there. Marlena says she has the prettiest girls in Salem. They think she’s remembering, but Marlena just says that’s what everyone has been telling her. Sami is now dressed in her veil and gown, looking absolutely beautiful. Her curled hair is pulled back and secured behind her neck with a small veil in the back. Her thin strapped scooped (but no cleavage exposed) gown with off the shoulder delicate fabric accents is very beautiful. As the women give her the traditional gifts. Caroline gives her the something new (a garter, that Sami knows Lucas will enjoy taking off her) and something blue (that I didn’t see). Belle hands her the something old and borrowed…Marlena’s pearls. Sami gasps and tells Marlena how they use to be hers and she had wanted her to wear them at her wedding. Belle knows how upset Sami was that John gave them to her. Sami hugs her sister, saying she takes bad all the bad things she said about her (love Belle’s reaction to that) as Sami turns to ask Marlena to help her on with them. Marlena agrees as Sami cries in happiness.

The church is filling up (mostly with strangers). Lucas and Philip at the altar waiting. Will sits in the front pew of the bride's side as John sits behind him in the second aisle. (see, if he had gotten a hair cut he might have been an usher , LOL) Belle walks down the aisle and winks to Philip after taking her place. Everyone stands as the cue for the bride’s arrival is played. Roman and Marlena walk in arm in arm and they step aside on each side of the aisle as Sami walks up to them. They walk her down the aisle with the slow one foot before the other procession as Sami glows walking down the aisle. Marlena and Roman both say WE DO when asked who gives the bride away. He moves to the front row of the bride’s side and extends his hand to her. She looks at him, John and Alex, (in the front row of the groom’s side (being Billie, Kate and Austin aren’t there, the pew is empty…but still awkward for HIM to be there). Marlena is confused and goes to sit with Alex, much to John and Roman’s dismay. We watch as Samantha Gene and Lucas Desmond are about to be married. Later when the priest says the usual…does anyone hear object to this union, Sami and Lucas turn and look at everyone, hoping no one pipes up (ROFLMAO) as we see expressions on the guests faces. (hmmm…..strange that Bo, Hope, Grandpa Shawn, Jack, Jen, Alice, as the list goes on….aren’t there for Sami and Lucas!!!) Vows are read s Sami and Lucas stare into each other’s eyes. Lucas agrees as does tears fall from her eyes….as the previews roll….

Sami and Lucas smile and nod as Roman walks in saying this wedding is to stop (ah, there’s Bo and Tek wearing suits and Hope walking in with Roman)

Billie walks in and catches Patrick kissing Chelsea. She asks what’s going on here and what the hell the two…

Shawn sees Mimi dressed in a wedding gown and tells her she’s beautiful as Belle watches nervously.

Lexie sees Alex hypnotizing Marlena though an open door and walks in asking what he’s doing to her…

As the credits roll…


Friday, September 16, 2005


Monday, September 19, 2005

Episode # 10147; Tape Date: 8/17/05; Air Date: 9/19/05; Director: Phil Sogard

Summary: It’s a new day in Salem...Sami is preparing for her wedding...Bo is forced to have a father/daughter chat with Chelsea...Alex continues to manipulate Marlena.

At the Deveraux House...Bo and Hope are there on their way to the wedding. Chelsea comes parading through the living room (in a gold halter top and shiny red mini-skirt) announcing that is what she is wearing to the wedding. Everyone is shocked, thinking it is too mature for her. Chelsea announces that Grandma Kate gave it to her as she and Abby proceed to the kitchen. Bo says he can’t talk to her about clothes and Hope reminds "Beauregarde" that she is HIS daughter (lol). In the kitchen, Chelsea and Abby paw through a pile of the latest fashions that Kate gave her (from Paris and Milan) with Chelsea saying she hit the mother load. She is sure that Patrick will notice her in these things. Abby tries to convince her to not go after him but she is determined. Chelsea decides that Abby needs to dress like this as well, to find a man...NOT that nerd from the Java Cafe. She gives Abby an outfit to wear to the wedding, saying all the men will drool over her. In the other room, Jen thinks that Chelsea is being a bad influence on Abby. Bo says he will not allow his daughter to dress like a... "hooch" Jennifer finishes. Bo goes to the kitchen and tells Chelsea she can’t wear that to the wedding as Abby leaves, outfit in hand. Jen and Hope listen at the door, thinking it’s awfully quiet in there. A little later, Abby comes down dressed in a black sparkly halter top and short white mini-skirt, shocking them. She tells them that Chelsea gave it to her and Jen pitches a fit, telling her she is NOT wearing that. Abby claims she has nothing else to wear. Jen tells her that her dad will have a FIT and to go change. In the kitchen, Bo lectures Chelsea and says he is going to have a little talk with Kate as well. Chelsea whines and lays it on thick, saying that these clothes make her feel important and for him not to ruin it for her. Bo says she doesn’t have to dress like that to get people’s attention...that’s just not the way we do things. But she says she just wants to feel accepted. Bo doesn’t want men looking at her like that. She finally says if it will make him feel better she will change or find a shawl to put on, so they seem to reach a compromise. As she leaves, Hope comes in. (LOL at her face as she looks at some of the clothes on the table). Bo tells her that they had a good talk and he feels better. Hope brings up Chelsea’s bag of tricks, upsetting Bo, saying she is just young. Bo doesn’t think her clothes will send her to hell, but Hope says new clothes isn’t what she needs...she needs discipline and to behave appropriately. Abby comes downstairs as Chelsa gives her a hard time, telling her she is dressed like her mom (as Bo and Hope overhear this). Jen comes down and they are only waiting on Jack and they will be ready to go. They all hope this wedding goes off without a hitch. Hope says one thing for won’t be boring (LOL).

Billie is with Kate (who is moping around). Billie plays along and tells her that she just won’t go to the wedding either, volunteering to go shopping with her. Kate tells her that Austin is going to be there and Lucas needs her as well. She says she has lost Lucas but does have a new grand daughter. Billie tells her that she needs to stop with the gifts, she is spoiling Chelsea. Kate claims she is only trying to make up for lost time. Billie says the clothes are too sophisticated for her but Kate says not. Billie is sure that it will all overwhelm Chelsea. Kate thinks that it is just hard for Billie to accept that Chelsea is a mature young lady...just going after what she wants. And speaking of...Billie should use this opportunity to go after Bo as well. Billie gets irritated and tells her to leave Bo and Chelsea alone...stay out of HER life and go back to Lucas. She tells her she should call Lucas and even apologize to Sami. Kate is furious to hear this and refuses. She tells Billie that Lucas and Will are in danger with Sami. She is sure that Sami is mixed up with Tony...she was conspiring with him, but she cannot prove it. She says she is holding on to one hope...Sami’s wedding curse. She says that maybe Lucas will get lucky and Sami will get struck by lightening. There is a pop of thunder and they look at each other. Kate says it COULD happen. (LOL).

Roman and Abe are outside the church and Abe tells him that they are picking up an informant. The ISA had bugged Tony’s cell and they may get some information. He says that Tony blames "Stan" for his escape failing. Roman wishes they could blow the whistle on him. They can’t figure out what is going on. Roman remembers Tony telling him when they caught him that he had just destroyed the life of someone he loves. Roman gets the feeling he was talking about Sami. He fears that Tony will ruin Sami’s day.

In the bridal room...Sami gets flowers from Lucas and is so happy her dreams are finally coming true. She says that Tony’s escape failed and now Stan is dead and gone. She turns to find Caroline standing there who says "Samantha, how could you?" No, she didn’t hear any of that, she is just berating her for getting ready for her wedding with out her. Sami says that it would be perfect if Marlena were there too. She only wishes that her mom and dad were together. Caroline reminds her that people make choices and live by them. Sami is afraid that Roman will spend the rest of his life alone. Roman comes to see them and offers Sami advice...and remember the 2 words honesty and integrity and all will be fine. Caroline has a third word...forgiveness. She thinks that Roman should forgive Kate. But Sami disagrees, saying that he and Marlena were made for each other...she being the love of his life. She urges him not to give up on her. She reminds him that she was pregnant with his child and when she gets her memory back, will remember HE is the one she loves. Roman doesn’t want to talk about it and jokes that everyone is in the parking lot making bets on whether she will get married this time or not. But Sami thinks that it would be awesome if Marlena were to get her memory back during the ceremony and remember everything.

At the Penthouse...Marlena is dreaming of John telling her she has to get her memory back. Then she sees Alex telling her he is going to take care of her. Downstairs, Alex walks in with John telling him he knows he never left his room. Alex has flashbacks of sneaking into Marlena’s room and standing over her, saying he is just what the doctor ordered. He says she will have a peaceful night and wake up in a perfect mood. Back to the living room, Alex tells John he only wants Marlena to become more herself every day. Marlena wakes up and looks in the mirror, saying that today will be a perfect day. John and Alex argue as Alex reminds him he is a doctor and calls John paranoid, saying he is just trying to help her. More flashbacks here of Alex speaking into (what looks like) a small tape recorder, saying that Marlena needs him and will always be there for her (as she repeats all he says). He puts the recorder under her pillow (I guess so it plays over and over during her sleep). In real time, John talks about how he thinks Marlena is about to make a break through and will no longer need Alex around. Alex says he will go pack. Marlena comes down asking what John did or said to him. She begs Alex not to leave and he goes upstairs to dress for the wedding. She tells John she will do anything to keep him there with her. She is angry with John and he reminds her of last night and how well she was doing as she lashes out at him and does a 180. Alex comes back downstairs with his bags and she says if he leaves, she is going with him. John reminds her that today is her daughter’s wedding day and she doesn’t care. She says she doesn’t know Sami...Alex is all she cares about, she just wants to be with him. John stares at her in shock as the previews show...

Mimi (to Belle): You really need to give it up Belle (Belle): What are you talking about? (Mimi): You need to see a shrink because you have serious problems...

Nicole (to Kate): I am going to squash Sami’s dreams of marrying Lucas and living happily ever after for once and for all...

Marlena (to Alex): What are you talking about? (Alex, to John): Are you going to tell her or should I?...

Sami breaks her mirror and screams "Oh my God!...7 years of bad luck...starting right now!"...

as the credits roll...

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