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Thursday, February 1, 2005

Episode #: 10497
Tape Date: 1/10/07
Air Date: 02/01/07
Director: Albert Alarr

Summary: Not that great of a show today…unless you are fans of Nick, Chelsea, Philip, Willow, Shawn and Belle…because they are the only ones featured in this show. Nick and Chelsea make their way to Toronto…Victor helps clear Philip at the airport and he is on his way as well…the shelter where Belle and Shawn are hiding is raided.

On the Airplane…Chelsea is asleep beside Nick as he sniffs her hair…and then sneezes. She wakes up asking if he is getting sick then notices he is reading a bridal magazine. She asks what is wrong with him…is he in love? She starts questioning him about who he is involved with and if it is an older woman. He says yes, that’s it. Chelsea badgers him for a name and he tells her Marge…as in Simpson (lol). He tries to say he is just trying to pass the time because he is a white-knuckle flyer, but when they hit turbulence, it is he who has to calm her down. Later, he is very uncomfortable by her questions so he leaves. When he gets back, she wants him to do a quiz with her and he agrees…to pass the time. She goes through the questions and when they finish, she adds his score and it shows that he is in the “young and inexperienced” category. She turns to him and asks if he is a virgin. He gets upset and embarrassed and tells her to leave his virginity alone (a bit too loud, as others around him hear). He tells her he is NOT a virgin so she starts needling him about who it was, even though he asks her to please stop. But she keeps on, and will not let it go…she just wants a first name. He won’t say and she thinks it may be someone she knows…Abby?...Stephanie? He tells her to let it go and then turns the tables and starts asking her personal questions…is SHE a virgin? She claims she has ‘been around’. He asks how many guys she has been with as she starts silently counting on her fingers. He demands she tell him a name and when she gets uncomfortable, she goes to freshen up. He tells her to tell him ONE NAME, so she tells him Larry…Moe…and Curley. When she gets back, she starts again and tells him if he tells, she will too. He tells her to shut up and not talk to him until they get to Toronto. She apologizes for hurting his feelings and making fun of him. The truth is he is a great guy and she thinks he is even kind of cute, which surprises him. We hear the announcement that they are arriving in Toronto as she looks over and smiles at him.

Back at the Salem Airport…Philip is cuffed to a chair (with those plastic handcuffs) as he is having a fit, and blaming Willow for not keeping an eye on Nick. The security agent guarding him gets a call and has to leave as Philip tries to get her to free him but she refuses and assures him that Victor will be there soon. She tries to convince him to let her go on ahead to Toronto and keep an eye on Shawn and Belle, and Philip gets suspicious of her, thinking maybe she is helping Bo and Hope by looking the other way. She denies it and swears she is on his side. He says if he finds out otherwise, she will regret it. She says she doesn’t like being threatened and goes to leave. She assures him that she IS on his side, but if he doesn’t show her some respect, she could make it rough for him as well. She tries to assure him that they both want the same thing. Victor shows up and tells Willow to get out of the room. He is furious and says this is an outrage and that someone will pay. Philip says that Shawn will pay and is hell bent on revenge. Victor tells him he needs to concentrate on Claire and forget about revenge on Shawn. But Philip is sure he can do both. Victor advises him to walk away from it as they argue. Philip says that Victor has no trust in him and always thinks he will fail…that is why he paid Willow and the judge off. Victor tells him if he goes through with this, he is on his own and that he had better listen to him or he may never see Claire again, saying he is being foolish. He tries to reason with Philip, advising him to act like a soldier. Philip finally says that Victor is right, he doesn’t have a strategy. Victor tells him he has the advantage and he needs to go in quietly and look for them, instead of going in making a lot of noise. Victor has gotten a tip where they are and tells Philip that he learned that the place is being raided. They were able to trace them through the ring that Belle tried to hock. The Canadians think they are wanted on theft charges…they don’t know about the kidnapping. Philip wants to call the Toronto police, but Victor advises him not to, for they will surely call Salem PD and talk to Bo or Roman and get their side of the story first. Victor assures him that he is on his side, but he must act rationally or he may never get his little girl. Philip goes to sign release papers as Willow returns munching on an ice cream cone. She tells Victor that revenge is like ice cream…served best cold. (Lol at his face as she asks him if he wants a lick). Philip comes back as Victor asks him if he is REALLY taking her along and Philip says he owes her. Victor thinks she may have been working for the other side. Philip agrees that he doesn’t trust her, but wants to keep her in his sights until he finds Claire. Victor tells him to be careful. After Victor leaves, Willow asks Philip what is Victor’s problem. Philip says that he just doesn’t trust her…she took money and did it out of greed. Philip tells her to get ready, he is leaving…with or without her. After he leaves, she says oh, yes she is going to be with him…for a long, long time.

In Toronto…Shawn and Belle wake with his arm around her. She fears that Philip is going to show up at any minute. Shawn assures her that they are leaving tonight and they will be safe. Belle says that Claire needs food so he volunteers to go and get something. She thanks him for making her feel safe…like her dad. Shawn protests, saying he is nothing like John (BTW…just how IS John? mention of him lately). Shawn says he has made many mistakes…things that her dad would never do. But, however, he promises her if Philip comes anywhere near her or Claire, he will kill him. Later, Merle comes in, telling them that word on the street is that something is going down today and they should all pack and plan to get out of there, so Shawn wants to make his supply run. Merle tells them that he has heard the place is being raided and everyone needs to get out as he scurries everyone out the back way. Claire is crying as Belle tries to calm her down as there is banging on the door. Shawn sends them on and he stays behind. He goes to the door and plays drunk for the cops (like a vagrant). He stalls them long enough so that everyone can get out and they shove him out of the way. They end up cuffing him and hauling him off. After the cops are gone, everyone comes back to the shelter and Belle is looking for Shawn. Merle tells her that he was brave and played drunk to help everyone else get out. Claire is hungry so another mother offers Belle her baby’s bottle. (LOL at how Claire latches onto it). She tells Belle not to give up…especially when she has a child counting on her.

Later, Chelsea and Nick arrive looking for Shawn and Belle. Belle is shocked to see that it is THEM who are the couriers. Merle tells them that he checked into it and Shawn was arrested. Nick tells Belle not to worry, they have plenty of money with them…enough for bail. They will be able to get out of there LONG before Philip gets there…as a worried Belle stares…and the previews show…

Lucas (to Sami): I can’t work with him…that guy just tried to play the family card on me…saying we could use the income, if we have another baby (worried look from Sami)…

Willow (to Shawn, who is behind bars): Belle helped take my dream away…(Shawn): What are you talking about?...(Willow): Our future…our house with the picket fence…our kids…(as Shawn’s jaw drops)…

Belle (to Nick and Chelsea): Shawn is in jail and Philip is on his way…how am I supposed to protect my little girl without Shawn?...

Philip (pounding on the door): I want Claire! hear me?...

And the credits roll…

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Wednesday, January 31st, 2007

Episode #10,496
Taped 1/9/07
Director - Roger Inman

Slow show today, with not much going on. Lucas gets a job offer he doesn’t refuse, while the Chelsea & Nick begin their trip to Toronto, all the while trying to keep Philip at bay.

Nick & Chelsea are driving to the airport, and realize they are being followed by a very expensive imported car. Chelsea panics, but Nick has a plan. Behind them Willow has seen Chelsea turn around, but Phil just says “Be afraid, kids, be very afraid”. Willow loves Philip sounding evil, and remarks they make a good team. Phil retorts “You’re a whore, Willow. I don’t take things lying down, and I don’t get used”. Willow sees the car ahead turn, and remarks this is not the way to the airport. Nick has turned off onto Mockingbird Lane, to get something from Aunt Maggie’s house. He parks the car, tells Chelsea he will be right back, lock the doors and turn on the radio. He leaves, and ol Phil pops into the car. He now makes some veiled threatening conversation, but Chelsea tells him that she & Nick are on a date to a movie. Phil is disbelieving, and promises he will be following them. Nick returns, ordering Philip out of his car. She admits she did not lock the doors and they take off. Nick says he has a few tricks up his sleeve, and needs Chelsea to distract Philip at the airport, kiss him or something. He shows her something (I could not see what it was, but think it is a knife). She cannot imagine how THAT is going to take care of Philip.

At the airport, Nick & Chelsea are in line, wanting to get aboard first. They have some good natured banter about each not wanting an aisle seat. Yawwwwnnn. Finally Philip & Willow arrive, (wonder how he got tickets already for this particular flight, since he did not know about it beforehand) and Nick tells Chelsea to go do her stuff. She goes up to Phil, wanting to talk to Phil in private, and he tells Willow to take a hike. Now Chelsea babbles on about not wanting Nick to get hurt, and how she will tell him where Shawn & Belle are. She keeps an eye on Nick, and when she notes he has completed his “trick”, she goes up to Phil’s ear, and yells into it that they are in Canada, idiot. She rushes back to Nick and they go thru security. Now Nick tells her to wait, as they watch Philip & Willow’s turn. As Philip’s bag comes thru the machine, the inspector tell Philip to stop, and asks if he can open his bag. Philip says go ahead….the bag is opened, and the inspector/guard draws his gun, a few more guards surround Philip with guns drawn, and order him down on the floor. Nick grins and takes Chelsea to board their plane.

Loud music & voices wake Claire who begins crying. Belle tries to soothe her, and Shawn goes to quiet down the party. Outside two guys are drinking and bopping to the music, rambling about having played guitars like that at one time. Shawn shuts off the radio, telling them folks are trying to sleep. They turn it back on, and Shawn hits it, evidently breaking it, making them leave. A cop comes along, the guys go inside, and Shawn hides. The cop knocks on the door, shines his flashlight around a bit, and then leaves. Shawn goes back inside, and tells Belle about the cop. Belle says Claire is teething, is in pain and she has nothing to help. He will go to a close by pharmacy, but Belle tells him that is dangerous for him. Later, Claire is crying and guys are yelling to shut the kid up. She takes Claire outside, as Shawn returns with the medicine. They apply it to Claire’s gums, and she quiets down right away. They go back inside. Now there is banging on the door, as the cop has returned. The banging stops, and Claire is babbling Mama over and over. (it is soooo cute, and she does it throughout the scenes) Belle worries that Steve may be the one to come with the money, but Shawn figures his description has been sent out, so his dad will send someone with a low profile. All three lay down to get some sleep. (Must be really chilly in there, as they never take off their outer clothes)

Lucas & Sami are having dinner with Kate, as Lucas tells about being fired by Victor for refusing to go after Belle & Shawn. He asks her for a job, surprising her, and she is hesitant, as she explains about still having EJ for a partner. And speak of the devil, who walks up to join them. Lucas wants nothing to do with him, but EJ shows him the paper, with headlines that say “Racing Star Cleared of All Charges”. Lucas doesn’t believe it and says he knows EJ shot John and there was a witness, but EJ laughs, saying that first it was Lexie who claimed to be a witness, and then it was supposed to be Tek. He mentions that his troubles are probably because of the warm feelings he has for Samantha. Sami sits silent. Kate mentions Lucas looking for a job, but Lucas says no, thanks, he changed his mind. EJ again offers Lucas a job, but Lucas refuses. EJ leaves.

Kate yaks it up, urging Lucas to go talk to EJ. Lucas asks Sami, who says he should do whatever he thinks is best. Kate finally convinces Lucas to go talk to EJ, and Lucas comments that if EJ comes anywhere near Sami, he will kick him all the way back to Trafalgar Square. LOL
Lucas has joined EJ at his table, and tells him he wants EJ to stay away from Sami, in fact he wants him to move. EJ is fond of his apt. but Lucas insists. EJ now mentions Lucas & Sami probably making wedding plans, and then asks if they are planning on having children. Lucas stares, then says, no they are not. EJ agrees finally, that he will move, and will cross the street if he sees Sami coming anywhere in his vicinity. He conveniently has a contract in his pocket, with generous salary, stock options, perks, etc. (My, my, EJ must live by the motto “Always be prepared”). Lucas signs it.

Meanwhile, Kate has been questioning Sami as to why Lucas is so worried about a job, after only 1 day, commenting they must have savings. Of course they do, says Sami, but they want to keep the money as savings. Lucas is just being responsible. Now Kate mentions having seen a producer, and their conversation turned to Sami’s rescue of Lucas. The producer was intrigued, and wants to Sami to tell her story. It is a Human Interest Reality program, with a different and true story each time. Sami wonders why Kate is being so nice to her, but Kate dances around the reason, just saying she knows they have been at odds in the past, but Sami did save her son, and she is ever so grateful. (Watch it, Sami, sounds like the snake in the Garden of Eden, lol).
Lucas arrives, telling the women about accepting the job. Sami seems happy for him, then Kate urges her to tell Lucas about the TV show. Now Lucas is happy for Sami, who will be a TV star, so he says. Kate is positive about Lucas joining Mythic and is looking forward to working with her son. Sami & Lucas leave, while Kate says she is going to have a drink at the bar. But she stops at EJ’s table, telling him she wonders just what EJ is up to. She leaves, EJ twirls his wine glass, saying “the closer Lucas is to me, the closer I am to Samantha. So here’s to the perfect pair”, as he empties his glass. And the previews show:

CHELSEA TO NICK: I will tell you the name of the one guy I slept with, if you will give me the name of your one and only

SHAWN: I can take care of you and Claire
BELLE: I know (they look as tho they are about to kiss)

PHILIP TO VICTOR: I don’t trust Willow, but I want to keep her in my sight until I find Claire, and then I never want to see her again


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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

EPISODE: 10,495
DIRECTOR: Roy Steinberg
TAPE DATE: 1/8/07

Hope gets some bad and good news; Chelsea and Nick offer their services; Steve agrees to get help with his episodes; Philip finds an allie.

Philip is waiting for Max when he arrives for work. The two exchange words about his helping Shawn and Belle take Claire. Philip won’t leave without Max’s help in finding his daughter. Max tells Philip off, offering only a postage stamp to mail his sorry self out of town, so Philip tries money next. Max turns down the “bribe”, but Philip says it’s not a bribe, but help to get Max back in the racing game. He even offers cash. Philip knows they’re hiding somewhere in Toronto and no one will know Max told him where. He smugly hands Max his cell phone to make the call. Max opens the phone, punches a button and begins a conversation with Shawn. He asks how things are going and an address to send a care package to. The line about money to take curling lessons tips Philip off he’s NOT really talking to Shawn, LOL…and Max closes the phone, saying he’d change the oil in 1,000 cars before helping Philip take Claire away again. Philip grabs Max and slams in into the locker. He rants about how his life is and he’s lost a leg and sees horrible images of fallen friends when he closes his eyes. Claire is the only good thing left in his life and he needs her back. Max feels for all Philip’s gone through and done for his country, but he himself grew up living in cardboard boxes, but you don’t see him treating people differently for it now. He tells Philip it’s not his new face he doesn’t recognize in the mirror, it’s the bastard he’s become and orders him out. Philip vows to find Belle and Shawn and when he does, it won’t be pretty.

Outside the pub, Abby makes a cell call to Jennifer. She hopes she didn’t wake Jennifer, but needs her advice, something that will affect the rest of her (Abby) life.

Abby walks into the garage and finds Max working underneath a silver mustang. His shoes are tapping away to a song on the radio and she smiles. She taps his leg and he rolls out quickly and stands up (thinking it was Philip back). Abby is distracted being he’s shirtless (give me a break…it’s winter and freezing on the border of Canada..he’d be wearing coveralls at least! He’s also wearing jewelry that could easily get caught in parts, etc., but I digress) He wipes away oil on his shoulder (see!) and happy to see her as his computer is acting up. She tells him she’s quitting. She hands him a dress shirt (guess all his t-shirts are dirty?) and he puts it on saying she doesn’t want to see his heart breaking. She explains about she and Chelsea going to Spring Semester at Salem U and needed to get away. He asks if she’s getting away from him, but happy for her that she’s going to school. He makes sure she realizes they’re still friends and apologizes for not paying more attention to her. He says Mimi means a lot to him and she figures school is what she needs right now.

Hope and no-name Brady are visiting Maggie. Hope’s worried about Shawn. Maggie comments on how adorable the baby is and Hope says she’s definitely Bo’s baby…who fights off sleep like it’s a demon when something is bothering him. Willow arrives and Maggie tells her she’s not getting her job back and not wanted there. Willow says it’s about Shawn and Hope will want to see her. Maggie steps away to try and get Willow’s last check to get rid of her and Hope tells Willow they’re not interested in what she has to say. Now alone, Willow tells Hope she’s 8 weeks pregnant with Shawn’s baby (doesn’t anyone use birth control in Salem?) Hope doesn’t believe her, saying even if she is pregnant, it probably isn’t Shawn’s. Willow pulls a Dr. note out of her purse to prove she is pregnant. Hope looks at the document and says it doesn’t prove Shawn is the father of her baby. She tells Willow to leave. Willow threatens to get Shawn named as the father of her baby with the court and will tell the media. They’d love to hear how he and his baby are on the run after he’s gotten another woman pregnant. Hope asks what she expects them to do. Willow says they’re the only family she’s got and thought they’d be happy to hear the news and help her being she’s homeless and has no insurance. If Hope won’t, maybe Grandpa Bo will. Hope makes it clear she’d do anything for her family, but won’t give Willow a dime. She can go back to Victor if she wants to. She also warns her that if she tries to muddy Shawn’s name in family court, she’ll expose her past for the lying tramp she is. She gets up and pushes no name’s buggy away from the table.

Chelsea offers to run the money to Shawn and Belle. She calls herself the black lamb of the family and Nick corrects her she’s the black sheep, not lamb. She’ll get on the plane and take the money to them. (hope you have a passport with the new law in place) They all warn her how dangerous this is as Victor and Philip have declared war. Bo won’t let her, saying it’s too dangerous. Kayla chats with Chelsea and Chelsea figures Bo suspects she might take the money and run off with it. She tells Bo and Steve she understands why they don’t trust her after all that’s happened. Bo tells her even after all of that, they still love and trust her. Nick knows none of them will be able to fly under the radar. She asks again. They’re all in a booth now talking and Bo finally agrees to let Chelsea go, as long as she doesn’t travel alone. Nick happily offers to go with her and she smiles at that too, despite questioning that she’ll need a chaperone. Bo doesn’t give her any alternative, wanting someone to cover her back. She agrees and Bo will make the travel arrangements in Nick’s name so it’ll look like a couple off on a vacation. Kayla and Steve go to get the money. Nick goes to tell Aunt Maggie he’s taking off and Bo makes it clear Maggie should keep this to herself. Chelsea and Bo are alone and she apologizes again for all the trouble she’s caused, especially involving Zack and wants to make Bo proud of her. He tells her he is and they hug.

Later Hope and baby arrive and Bo’s happy to see his two favorite women, Hope and Doodlebug. She tells him about what happened with Willow and he tells her about Shawn’s call. She’s relieved to hear they’re safe in a safe house, but not happy to hear Bo’s trusting Chelsea to deliver the money. He tells her about Nick’s going too and she finds it ironic that a year after Zach died that their lives are in Chelsea’s hands.

Nick bustles in and Maggie’s walking with the paychecks near the bar when he enters. He tells her about going way for a couple of days and where he’s going. He talks in the voice you don’t think people overhear, but do, as of course Willow does and stands behind the fireplace in the middle of the room to eavesdrop. She hears enough and whips around to ask for her check. Maggie gives it to her and makes it clear she’s not wanted there again. Outside she pulls out her cell phone. She calls and tells someone she has some news they’ll be happy to hear.

Philip arrives outside the restaurant to chat with Willow. She tells him about overhearing Nick talking to Maggie and the bouncing Brady girl Chelsea is taking enough money to Toronto to get Shawn and Belle hidden forever. She still has money after Victor gave her the 10K, all she wants is to go with Philip to see the look on Shawn’s face when Claire is taken away from him. He tells her she knows how to hold a grudge and they shake on the deal. Abby walks up as they finish talking. She starts to walk by them, but Philip stops her and identifies who he is (at least someone doesn’t recognize him, LOL) She says hi to them and then excuses herself to work her shift and goes inside. She tells Maggie about seeing Philip out front with Willow and the two Horton gals figure out Willow might have overheard Nick. Maggie calls Kayla and Steve to warn them and Abby goes to find Chelsea. Philip isn’t worried if Abby overheard, saying they can’t do anything to stop them.

Kayla and Steve look at the stack of bills to send to Shawn and Belle. Kayla says she got more than the $5K knowing they could probably use it. She questions what Roman said about the man throwing boxes out of the delivery truck and jumping off of it. She’s concerned about what these episodes are doing to him. He admits having another one, but got the kids safe to Canada. She worried this isn’t acceptable. She and his daughter need him. She wants him to call Marlena and try hypnosis. The phone rings (Maggie) but Kayla stops Steve from answering, saying his sanity is more important and to let voice mail pick it up. He wants to talk with Benjy before talking to Marlena as this all started after their dinner with him. Kayla says okay.

Nick and Chelsea arrive outside the Johnson’s room, both with their overnight bags packed. Chelsea takes a moment to thank Nick for what he said about her at the pub, that she can do whatever she sets her mind to. They go inside and Steve hands the wad of bills to Nick, who puts it in his jacket. Steve warns them to keep a low profile at the airport as security might question someone traveling with that much cash. They leave and outside the hotel room door, Abby walks up breathless as she had ran the 10 blocks to the inn. She clues them in about Willow overhearing. Chelsea asks what they’re going to do and Nick says…outsmart them…as the previews roll…

CHELSEA (in black knit cap) to Nick at the airport: "Well, I just hope you know what you’re doing Nick."
NICK: "Yeah, So do I. "

SAMI (to Lucas at a restaurant): Well?
LUCAS: I said Yes.
SAMI to LUCAS: I can’t believe you’re going to be working with EJ.

EJ to KATE: The closer Lucas is working with me, the closer I am to Samantha. So here’s to the perfect plan, Samantha and me.

The police are knocking on the door, saying they know someone is in there…as we see Shawn and Belle (holding and sshing Claire) behind it…

As the credits roll..

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Monday, January 29, 2007

Episode #: 10494
Tape Date: 12/27/06
Air Date: 01/29/07
Director: Albert Alarr

Summary: Sorry folks, I don't know what happened, but I lost the feed around the halfway point of the show this morning. I could still see a blurry picture after that, but had no sound. This is what happened up until the hourglass marker announcing the second half of the show. If I can find out any more details, I will add them later, or perhaps Linda or Barb can.

Max and Mimi arrive at the cop shop to see Roman. He is busy and talks about everything going on with Shawn and Belle and with releasing EJ. Mimi is just going to add to his troubles…she has the bag o’ bones with her and tells him that she found them. Roman wants all the details and she explains that she found them in her backyard and that she thinks her mom and brother are responsible. She explains she asked them about it, but only got lame answers. He threatens to haul them in but she asks him if he can hold off until she can get a DNA test done. They know that the lab is backed up, so can Nick do the test. Roman doesn’t like the sound of all this, but Mimi begs him and he finally gives in but warns her if he doesn’t have answers soon, he is bringing Bonnie and Connor in. Another cop comes in and tells Roman they have info on that stolen delivery truck and informs him that Steve was involved.

Later, Max and Mimi are out to dinner at Chez Rouge, but she doesn’t have much of an appetite. He assures her that she did the right thing by going to the cops but she is worried about Connor being dragged into all this. She says before it’s all over she could be the only member of her family NOT in jail. She tells him that there is something she didn’t tell Roman, or him for that matter. She doesn’t know if it’s true or not, but Connor told her that the bones are their dad.

Shawn calls to the pub as Chelsea answers the phone bombarding him with questions, asking where they are and if they are okay. She wants to help but Shawn only wants to talk to Bo. She promises to go and find him and bring him back to the pub. Shawn plans on calling back in an hour and a half and she says she will have their dad there. After Shawn gets off the phone, he tells Belle about talking to Chelsea (she isn’t so sure about that one) but he says she is going to find Bo and he is going to call him back. He suggests that maybe they should take a nap. Problem is, they only have 2 cots and Claire is asleep on one of them and Belle doesn’t want to disturb her. She suggests they share, but Shawn offers to take the floor. Belle apologizes for everything turning out like it has and thanks Shawn for all he has done. He says he only wants to take care of Claire and her. Belle asks what happens if they get caught but he assures her they will be fine…his dad taught him to take care of family…and she can count on him.

Steve returns home to find a worried Kayla. She notices that he has some bruises on his face and he explains what happened but he assures her that everything is okay and that Shawn, Belle and Claire are all safe. Bo comes over as Nick fills him in on the trip and assures Bo that they are safe. He warns Bo that they can’t contact them and that they are to play dumb as to knowing what happened or where they are. Chelsea and Nick arrive as she comes barreling in, babbling on about Shawn’s call. Bo thanks her as everyone hurries off to the pub.

Later, everyone is waiting at the pub for Shawn’s call as Chelsea tells them she admires Shawn for what he did. Steve suggests they lock the door so no one comes in while Bo is on the phone with him. Too late, as Roman walks in asking what they are all doing there. Bo tries to cover, saying they are just hanging out, talking about Shawn and Belle and wondering if they are ok. But Roman knows they are up to something and tells them that they were spotted in Toronto and that the cops are looking for them. Chelsea tells him to just leave them alone…Shawn is just trying to protect Claire. Everyone glares at her, so Nick leads her away. Roman tries to persuade them to cooperate and Steve says that Roman is just like everyone else…just doing what he has to. Roman asks them to please let him know if they hear from them.

Meanwhile, Merle wakes Shawn up, afraid he overslept. Belle wakes up too and Merle wants to tell them something. He has a friend of a friend who has told him of a freighter leaving for Africa and thought they’d want to know. Shawn is excited by the news, but Belle isn’t so sure. Merle says they could go as stow-aways and wouldn’t need passports. He assures them they would be safe, but it would come at a price.

I lost the feed around this time, the last thing I saw was the gang at the pub.


To continue....but my memory may be a bit faulty here, did not take notes..... Barb

Merle tells Shawn & Belle it will cost $5000. Belle remembers her wedding ring, and says it has to be worth at least that much. There is a pawn shop about 3 blocks away, & Merle says he will take her (while Shawn stays with Claire). She puts on a hat and dark glasses and off they go. Later she returns, sadly reporting she could not sell the ring, even coming down on the price. After going to 3 pawn shops she realized that Philip has reported the ring stolen.

At the Pub, Roman tells everyone about the info received from the Michigan State Police. He talks of the drugged out wild man who drove the truck, threw boxes on the hood of the delivery truck, then jumped off at 80 mph. and ran into the woods, eluding the state police. He rattles off a list of charges a mile long, then asks Steve where he was. Steve says at home alone, while Kayla was at Marlena's. They all go back l& forth, until Steve finally says that yes, he stole the truck, helped Shawn, Belle & Claire escape, threw the boxes off at the police car, and jumped off while the truck was doing 80. Now Roman is a bit skeptical, and Steve again says he was home alone, and did not do anything. Roman says he will file a report with the Michigan State Police saying he has no info, but if he catches any of them doing one thing, that will be it.

At Chez Rouge, Mimi is picking at her meal, apologizing to Max for not touching this wonderful food. She is clearly still upset, and finally tells him that her brother told her the bones belong to her dad. She tells how he left 5 or 6 years ago to go out west, looking for work. At least that is what Bonnie told her. She just woke up one morning and he was gone. Now she will probably be the only Lockhart not in jail, and worries about Connor, as he is still young, a good kid, has gotten into some scrapes, but will be in trouble because of Bonnie. She hopes Nick will be able to get the test done and they will get answers.

Back at the Pub, Roman is still warning the group, when the pay phone begins to ring. The looks on all the faces are priceless. Nick & Chelsea are in a booth, and stand up, and as the phone continues to ring, Roman wonders just who that could be. Nick says it is probably for him, that he lost his cell phone, and left this number for his boss to reach him. He hopes it is all right. Sure. He answers, and says, oh, Hi, Dr. Rieber. Shawn, on the other end, is puzzled, but Nick whispers they have company. Nick continues to pretend that he is talking to his boss, as Roman again warns everyone and then leaves. Bo rushes over to the phone, with Shawn telling him about the freighter (tho not the details) and needing $5000. Bo said not to worry, he will get it to him. Shawn will call back later to get details. Bo hangs up and tells the group the news. Kayla said she will go across the street to the bank and get the money, as Bo says they can send it to Shawn. Nick warns them that the police can trace a money transfer. Steve volunteers to take the money to them, but Bo says all of them are probably being watched. Chelsea pipes up, saying not her. No one is watching her. SHE will take the money to Shawn.
Back at the shelter, Shawn tells Belle his dad is going to get them the money. They sit down on the cot, his arm around her, as she says everything seems to be finally going their way.
Outside, we see a Canadian police officer, with his hand seemingly on his holster, walking up to the shelter. And the previews show......

Kayla telling Steve that they need to get some help to deal with this (am sure they are talking about his episodes)
Nick looking shocked at Connor
Philip saying he is going to get Claire back


Finally got around to watching Friday's show and I can fill in the previews for Barb...

Kayla to Steve: We need help! We can't do this alone!

Hope to Bo: Shawn and Belle's future rests in Chelsea's hands. God help us!

Phillip to Max: I will find Shawn and Belle. And when I do, it won't be pretty.

Chelsea to Nick: What are we going to do if Phillip knows about us?

Nick: The only thing we can do... outsmart him.


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Friday, January 26, 2007

EPISODE: 10493
DIRECTED BY: Phil Sogard
TAPE DATE: 12/21/06

Belle and Shawn find shelter, Chelsea turns a leaf, Sami confronts EJ; Lucas is given an option by Victor (is it just me or are we back to under 30 crowd taking over?)

Belle and Shawn are given shelter by Merle (I believe it's Max Gail, the same actor that played Wojohowitz on Barney Miller) who’s helped draft dodgers for years. They’re taken into a clean dorm type of room with other people. He tells them to keep their cell phones turned off 24/7 as they can be traced (great advice!). There’s a pay phone in the hall with a bucket of quarters and to keep calls less than 3 minutes. Belle and Shawn thank him and promise not to stay very long or need too much. He asks them if they’re really the baby’s parents and not kidnappers. They say Claire is their daughter and the system is trying to take her away from them. He pulls out a map showing what countries don’t have an extradition treaty with the U.S. They read Algeria, Bangladash, and finally Russia. Merle comments how Russia’s a socialist paradise.. Shawn mentions it hasn’t since the wall came down, but he’s clueless about the wall. They ask to borrow his map to study. He agrees, but advises them to choose carefully as they’ll be there for a long time. Shawn asks Belle how her Russian is. Later he counts their cash..$300, saying that won’t even get them to Montreal. She offers to sell her wedding ring. He asks if she has second thoughts about taking off and she’s more worried about if he has. Claire must be sleeping as they step aside and he tells her what happened before is history and Claire is with her mom and dad and that’s all that counts. She can’t believe she’s saying this, but he reminds her of her dad. He’s flattered, saying it’s the nicest thing she could say to him. She asks if it’s safe to call home and he h as one phone that might not be tapped.

Victor and Lucas chow down while Victor orders Lucas to fly to Toronto to find Claire and bring her home. Lucas’ reply, sorry boss, can’t do. Vic’s not happy by that response, but Lucas explains this is not Titan business and he doesn’t want any part in Victor’s blood feud. Victor retorts Philip is his brother, but Lucas says he sides with his cousin and he should send Philip to get Claire back if that’s what he wants. Victor says he can’t as he doesn’t trust Philip. The war changed Philip, plus losing Belle and Claire, he couldn’t handle it. He wants Lucas to find them and convince them he and Philip won’t press charges if they return. Lucas asks if he’s sincere in that. Lucas asks what if he finds them and they don’t agree. Victor says it’s his job to convince them to return, Claire is his, oh and Philip’s of course. Lucas realizes it’s not an option for Belle and Shawn and refuses, saying he’s proven his loyalty to Victor business wise, but this is personal. Victor disagrees and tells him to choose whose side he’s on. Victor gives him a choice…get on the next flight to Toronto to bring Claire home or start checking the job want ads. Victor can’t believe he’s refusing and promises to blackball him with other jobs as well. Lucas tells him he’s proud he’s not his son and to take his job and shove it if this is the way he’s insisting it is. He walks away and Victor looks a little remorseful.

Nick calls Abby (from the hospital) to tell her about Chelsea and Billie’s request for him to get Chelsea a job at the hospital. He explains his boss is the picture of the real Lonely Splicer. She tells him to just let Chelsea know there weren’t any openings. His boss walks in and after he hangs up with Abby, tells Nick that they have a job opening for a new Lab Assistant, asking if he knows anyone who’s not afraid of rats. We return to Nick looking in his microscope when his boss comes in saying he has a promising candidate to interview. Chelsea walks in and sees them together as Nick tries to hide him. Chelsea sees Dr. Shane Patton and identifies herself as his Dark Angel. Nick comes out of his trance realizing that can’t happen when he’s asked again to recommend someone for the lab assistant job of long hours and low pay, but having him as their doctor. Nick remembers Abby’s advice about telling Chelsea there aren’t any jobs available.

EJ is brought handcuffed to the open detectives office area where Sami is waiting to talk to him (eating crackers from a ziplock bag in her purse and carrying a bottle of water). She puts the bag in her purse before EJ steps into the room. He looks up saying he’s not dreaming..she’s the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. The two quip back and forth about Lexie and how Sami blackmailed her at one time. He resents having to prove himself and the police have no proof he shot John. He was waiting in the boathouse for her to run away to Paradise with her. He knows she set him up and can forgive and forget. He goes on about feeling so complete in her arms that night (in the front seat of Lexie’s sedan? LOL) She calls him smooth, like a well oiled snake. He dares her to go to her daddy and take all her evidence she thinks she has, knowing they don’t have anything on him. They quietly chat as she asks what he did with Lexie and Tek..are they in Italy being tortured DiMera style or did he kill them and leave them in the woods? He calmly replies he hates she thinks so badly of him. She mentions what he did to John too. He’s surprised she’s forgiven John and she says he (EJ) is the only one she hates. He’s glad she hasn’t gone totally Mother Teresa on him after they made love that time. She refers to it as rape, but he insists she wanted it too. Sami says she hated every second of his slimy pawing her, but just wanted to make sure he realizes that she didn’t tell anyone about that night and to leave her family alone. She’s clearly repulsed by him, but it encourages him even more as he tells her his team of lawyers are going to convince the DA to free him. He plans on restoring his business and relationships and wants her to work for him again. She backs up saying, no, no , no and he tells her to think on it. All she wants is his promise not to be dead next to Lexie and Tek in a swamp and he kisses her hand, saying her wish is his command. He stares her in the face saying he could never hurt her, the mother of his child. She lies, saying she was using protection that night. EJ tells her maybe next time… and she stares him in the eyes and tells him there won’t be a next time Elvis, or I’ll kill you. He comments she sounds serious about that. She warns him whatever he’s planning, to keep her and her family out of it. He tells the empty room….yes dear, you can count on that…

Later a handsome detective tells EJ (who was just being taken back to his cell by a young officer with mouth open in surprise) that Roman (not Commander Brady) informed him the DA ordered his release. EJ gets his personal belongings and is told to get out after signing his release. EJ complies (wow, lots of cops doing paperwork in the office) He calls and gets Kate’s voice mail saying he’s “sprung” and suggests a business meeting, clothing optional.

They both return home about the same time. He was there first and surprised she wasn’t there cooking like he thought. She tells him she was walking the mall and surprised when he goes on about her not leaving a note, etc. She promises to do so next time and asks about his meeting with Victor (being he ate with him, it’s a good thing she wasn’t cooking!). He tells her about what Victor wanted, his refusal and being fired. She tells him he can get another job, but he explains Victor’s blackballing him. She suggests getting a job herself, but he puts his foot down saying no, he committed to support their family and will, which takes her back a little. She argues her being pregnant is the WRONG answer, it’s not 1957 and women work until they’re about to give birth all the time now. He taps his head agreeing, saying STUPID MALE PRIDE 3 times, LOL…cute. He kids he’ll probably be asking if they want fries at Burger Barn, LOL, but she has more confidence in his ability. She asks him to keep their pregnancy secret under the circumstances so people won’t pity them and will keep Roman privy to their news. They exchange I love yous and kiss.

Chelsea joins Abby. Abby thought about Chelsea’s suggestion she also go to college and decided to do so. She’s signed up for the full 16 units. Chelsea walks over and gives her a big hug in excitement. Chelsea is so excited and rambles on about sororities, studying together, etc. Chelsea promises to protect Abby if the other gals get mean as she’s the queen of it. Chelsea has drempt of a big house with other people, someone to clean up after you and a sorority mother to give you advice. She gets choked up as she tells Abby about a memory she had of her mother watering the lawn at sunset and how protected she felt. Lonely Splicer did that to her too and brought her own attributes out in the open that she should remember. Abby reminds her Billie’s always been good to her and Chelsea says she’s got her own life to deal with, citing almost walking in on her with someone. Abby tells her she’s reading too much into a one night stand, but Chelsea figures Billie cares more for that guy. Nick arrives and they tell him about going to college. Chelsea asks Nick about a job and he says he checked with the department heads, nothing’s available. She thanks him for checking and lets it go at that. Abby splits as she promised to work a shift at Chez Rouge for Maggie and Chelsea hugs her goodbye, again looking forward to setting the college world on fire together. Alone, she asks Nick if he has any idea who her mom’s boyfriend might be. He chokes when she reminds him about the belt she found and if he’ll help her find him. She says she’s kidding and he’s an amazing friend and a great guy and appreciates him. She kisses him on the lips to prove she’s sincere. Nick is speechless, literally, saying he has to go, but she asks him to celebrate her going to college with her, suggesting they.get some food and go out to the damn (isn’t it still winter there?). He agrees. On the way out the pay phone at the pub rings and Nick doesn’t figure it’s worth answering, but Chelsea stares at it, trying to decide if she should….(it’s Shawn)…as the previews roll….

MIMI to MAX: Conner said those bones, they’re my father’s.

CHELSEA TO NICK: I’ll do it, I’ll do it for the money…

BELLE TO SHAWN: Shawn, we’re talking about Africa.
SHAWN: We can take care of Claire.
BO to ROMAN (and STEVE): Can we talk about this later? I mean this whole thing…

ROMAN: No, it involves a stolen delivery truck, So no, we need to talk about it right now…(Steve nods)…

As the credits roll..Linda

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Episode #: 10492
Tape Date: 12/20/06
Air Date: 01/25/07
Director: Phil Sogard

Summary: Not a whole lot going on in this show...Mimi learns the truth about “Mr. Bones”…Kate pays a visit to EJ in jail…Chelsea admits to Nick that she really does like him…Sami is determined to go and talk to EJ.

At the Lockhart House…
Bonnie and Conner return from burying the bones all dirty as Mimi walks in demanding to know what they have been up to. They try to lie and say they had a water problem in the basement but took care of it. Mimi tells Conner if he is going to lie to at least pay attention to their mom, so he can learn how to get good at it. Mimi whips out a police artist sketch of the guy who helped steal the bones at the morgue, asking them if he looks familiar. She stares Conner down as Bonnie says she thinks it looks a little like Matt Damon. Mimi tells her to shut up and puts the squeeze on Conner. He spills the beans, blurting out that Mom made him help her. Bonnie immediately starts denying it as Mimi demands that Conner tell her the truth. He stammers around so Mimi storms out, saying she will just find out herself as Bonnie and Conner go to fix them something to eat. Later Mimi comes back in with the bag of bones and slams them on the table, threatening to call the cops if they don’t tell her what’s going on. They claim that they were only trying to protect her so she grabs the phone to call the cops. Conner cracks and tells her the bones in the bag…are their dad (yea, big surprise there, huh?). Mimi almost faints when she hears this, not able to comprehend what they are telling her. She demands to know what happened to him but Bonnie refuses to answer, saying she could incriminate herself. Mimi demands to know if she killed him. Conner begs her to just forget about it and she can’t believe them. Conner claims that he doesn’t know what happened, only that Mom told him that she needed his help. He says he is going to bed so Mimi turns to Bonnie and informs her that if Bonnie doesn’t tell her everything, she is taking the bones to the police and tell them what she knows. Taking the bones with her to her room for safe keeping, she tells Bonnie she has until morning to tell her the truth or she is going to the police.

At the Pub…
Chelsea and Abby are talking about school as Chelsea tries to talk Abby into enrolling full-time so they experience college life. Abby asks her if she has given up on Dr. Shane Patton. Outside Nick is pondering telling Chelsea the truth, but Billie assures him that she will never find out. Nick tells her that his first time was great and that Billie shouldn’t feel guilty…he doesn’t. She tells him it would have never happened had she not have been drinking and that she has gone back to her AA meetings. She promises him that she will never tell and for her they are just sweet memories. She tells him that she thinks he has been a good influence on Chelsea and about her wanting to go to college. He says no, it is Dr. Patton she is wanting to impress. Inside, Chelsea tells Abby that it is over with Dr. Patton…he dumped her and she is ready to move on and leave “Dr. McDrippy” behind. She continues to try and convince Abby to go to school full time and Abby says she will think about it. Billie tells Nick she approves of him and Chelsea but Nick says it is Dr. Patton that she wants, but Billie thinks that Chelsea really likes Nick, she just doesn’t know it yet. She asks if Chelsea knows how he feels and he says yes, that is how she uses him to do things for her. Billie tells him to just not give up on Chelsea yet and hang in there. She gives him a hug and leaves. Nick goes back inside as Chelsea grills him about where he has been. Abby excuses herself and leaves. Chelsea won’t let him change the subject and he says he was just talking with someone old enough to be her mom. Chelsea tells him to not knock mom…she’s pretty hot…and Nick agrees (lol). He starts asking her about school, and about what she plans to study…she is considering law. She starts on him again about helping her get a job as he tries to discourage her. He ends up telling her that she is beautiful as she smiles, thanking him for the compliment, saying no one has told her that before. She decides to leave and Nick follows her out, wanting to tell her the truth. He tells her that when he is at work, that is his “real world” and he needs to keep the two worlds separate. She says she understands and is not upset. She asks if he is afraid she would embarrass him and he says no, he fears he would embarrass himself. She says she is trying to change and she understands. He finally tells her he will ask about the job. She is thrilled and says that she just wants him to be proud of her and he says he already is. She tells him that she knows it really sounds lame…but she really likes him and probably always has…she just likes teasing him. She can’t believe how great he has been to her, considering she treated him so bad. She says that he inspires her and she apologizes for how mean she has been. He promises to always be her friend. She kisses him and takes off as he floats about a foot off the ground.

At Sami’s…
Roman is there telling them that EJ is back in Salem and that he turned himself in. He tells them that EJ claims to have friends that can clear his name and mentioned Sami in particular. Sami spits that EJ is NOT her friend. Roman informs that with Lexie and Tek missing, the cops have no case against him. Sami says they are not coming back because she is sure that they are dead and that EJ killed them. Roman says they have no proof of that, but she is sure that is what happened…and now she is next on the list. Lucas tries to calm her down and urges her to tell Roman their good news. She tells him that she is pregnant. He tells her that she doesn’t look too happy and she tells him she is but EJ…(as she trails off). Roman promises her that no one is going to hurt her or her baby. Lucas promises that if EJ ever comes near Sami, he will have to go through him first. Roman tells them that he doesn’t think that they have enough evidence to hold EJ, but promises Sami that she is going to be okay. He asks when he can start spreading the news and Sami tells him it’s too early yet. Roman leaves as Lucas is ranting about EJ.

Billie drops by asking if everything is okay. Sami tells her about EJ being back in town and will probably go free. Sami says she has to go and talk to him while there are still bars between them. Billie thinks it is a bad idea and tries to talk her out of it. She begs Billie to help her and tell Lucas that they are going shopping the next morning. Billie doesn’t want to go along with it but finally gives in and makes Sami swear on the Salem phone book (lol) that she will not try to be a hero. Lucas comes back (he had to take a phone call from Victor) telling them he has to go over to his house. He worries about leaving Sami alone, but she says that Billie is right down the hall and she will be okay. After Billie leaves, Lucas tells Sami that Victor is on the warpath over Shawn and Belle taking Claire. They talk about it and both of them agree that Belle and Shawn did the right thing.

At the Cop Shop…
Kate is visiting EJ as she walks over and slaps him across the face, telling him he had better be glad she doesn’t have a gun. She tells him that because he fled the country, all her assets are frozen. He claims that the Salem PD was just trying to set him up. She asks him if he shot John and he (of course) denies it and says he cannot afford to be abandoned by her…she knows he couldn’t have done it. He asks her if this is all about who he REALLY is…a DiMera, saying he is NOT his father. Kate asks if he has witnesses who can prove he didn’t shoot John and he says yes, so she accuses him of paying people off. (He claims he was half way to Mexico when John was shot). He tells her that he will have his lawyers get Mythic back open for business but she says she can’t work with him…John was a friend and she cares about him. EJ tells her that she is his full time partner and part time lover…she can’t have it both ways…which will it be?

She begins to back-track, asking why he took off to Mexico. He explains that it is because the cops were dogging him and investigating him and that it culminated with them trying to set him up…and Sami was in on it. Kate wants to know just how Sami got involved…and that she has a theory of how things went down the night John was shot. She rambles on about Sami being named a hero, saving Lucas all by herself. She says she doesn’t believe it for a second but EJ plays innocent, claiming he didn’t help her. But Kate says EJ had to have help escaping and getting through the road blocks. EJ says she has quite the imagination and should be writing fantasy novels (lol). He tells her as uncomfortable as it is for her, she needs to get used to the fact that Sami is going to become her daughter-in-law. Kate refuses to believe that Sami acted alone and is sure that EJ helped her, but he stands by his story. He tells Kate that she has a decision to make or he will have Mythic Communications dissolved. He calls for the cop to come and get him. He says he was used to having her around and kisses her, saying he is going to miss her. FF on Kate…as the previews show…

Victor (to Lucas): I want you to find Claire and bring her home…(Lucas): I’m sorry, boss, but I can’t do that…

Belle (to Shawn): We left everything behind…(Shawn): So, do you think we made a mistake?...

Chelsea (to Nick): My mom had her boyfriend over…and I just want to know if you have any idea who it was…

EJ (to Sami): The reason you didn’t put up a fight is because you wanted it just as much as I did…

And the credits roll…

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Episode #10,491
Taped 12/18/06
Director - Herb Stein

EJ returns to Salem to taunt both Roman & Sami, while Chelsea shares her news with family & friends, and Steve manages to help Shawn & Belle flee the country.

Sami is crying, as she & Lucas sit in front of the roaring fire, with Lucas happy as a lark over the news that Sami is pregnant. He goes on and on about the baby, and how he will help, as Sami continues to shed tears she tries to attribute to “hormones”. Lucas talks of how they will tell the child, when it is older, about the night it was conceived, the miracle of Sami saving Lucas’s life, and how the child is also a miracle from that night. Sami doesn’t want praise or awards. Lucas leaves to get Sami something special to eat, since she is so nauseus (amazing how he gets around on that broken leg with only a cane). Now EJ calls Sami on her cell, and she realizes he is back in town. He has some of his slimy, innuendos to taunt her. She tells him she knows he shot John, and she has kept her word not to tell anyone she saw him. He mentions all the honors she is getting for her heroic rescue, and claims he kept his word and helped her with Lucas. She angrily tells him never to call her again, and abruptly hangs up. Lucas returns to a sobbing Sami, and tells her he realizes she doesn’t want to have this baby, not to worry, they will work it out. He presses Sami to tell him what is going on with her, it cannot be all hormones. She makes excuses, and Lucas gives her a huge pep talk.

Abby & Nick arrive at Chelsea’s invitation, but hesitate to sit down. Chelsea assures them she invited them as her guests (where did she get the money?) as she wants to ask for their forgiveness. She apologizes for all the mean things she has said to them, and then goes on about Shane Patton changing her. Abby is rather unbelieving, while Nick seems to listen with a rather surprised expression. Billie comes in, having been to an AA meeting, and wanting some of Caroline’s chili. Chelsea asks her to join them (great hat, Billie!). Nick gets very nervous, clumsy and knocks over the water glass. Chelsea now springs her news, bringing out a letter that says she has been accepted at Salem U. Billie is thrilled, until she hears Abby mention Shane Patton again, and does not like this internet friendship. She then lets Chelsea know she cannot afford the tuition, but Chelsea says not to worry. She has talked to financial aid office, and can get a scholarship because she had such good grades in high school. Abby is rather disbelieving of that, but Chelsea assures her that with the scholarship and a job, she will have no problems. She talks about splitting atoms and gene cells, and Nick is surprised. Chelsea claims she aced chemistry and physics. Billie is surprised she has a job, but Chelsea says not yet. Billie remembers all the community service work Chelsea did at the hospital, & asks Nick if he can get Chelsea a job in his lab. Nick says no way, but Chelsea hocks onto that right away and begs him to try and talk to his boss. Chelsea then tells her mom how she can have the apt. to herself, and not worry about having her secret boyfriend over. Billie gets upset, saying she has no secret boyfriend and gets up to leave. Nick gets very nervous and also leaves. Chelsea now talks to Abby about school, knowing she is only going part-time while she works for Max. She tells Abby that Max will let her work any hours, and she should consider enrolling full time, at least for one semester. She goes on about frat parties, football games (hey Chelsea, football is over til next fall..)and how much fun they could have. Nick follows Billie, telling her they have to talk.

Philip barges into Roman’s office to rant about the police not finding his daughter. Roman says all the roads are blocked, and they are doing all they can. They have words, as Philip tells him that Shawn just called him to say they were near the finish line. Roman tells Philip that he was getting ready to do the same thing with Claire, mentioning Brussels, Philip tries to brush it off, saying if he had to go on a business trip, naturally he would take his daughter, but Roman reminds him he was not allowed to leave the country either. Then Roman brings up the way Victor enticed Belle to the diner, in order for Claire to be taken, and then use it against her in court. They argue big time, and are really nose to nose, with Philip angrily threatening Roman. (This is not the cute Philip we used to know, lol). He leaves and in walks EJ Wells, now complete with beard. (Wonder if he is supposed to now be trying to resemble Stefano??). EJ claims that as soon as Steve told him the Salem police wanted to question him, he returned. Roman tells him he is going by the book, and proceeds to read him his Miranda rights. EJ denies shooting John, and taunts Roman about not having any witnesses, since both Lexie and Tek are missing. He enjoys showing off how obviously up to date he has been kept. Roman asks him why he came back, and EJ tells him to see old friends, especially Roman’s daughter, Sami, with whom he has become exceedingly close. This does not set well with Roman, who tells him what a good man John Black is, and how he was wired, but EJ managed to block the transmission, and Roman should have gone in right then. EJ replies that John broke into his safety deposit box, arranged for his apt. to be searched, and got exactly what he deserved. An angry Roman calls Officer Caesarus in to book EJ and take him to a cell.
Now Philip returns, telling Roman that Shawn & Belle are going to need money, and probably the only thing Belle has with her of value is her wedding ring. When she tries to sell it, alarms will go off all over. “So you reported it stolen, huh?”, sez Roman. He then tells Philip that if he & Victor are not happy with the Salem PD, perhaps they should hire their own police dept. LOL

Steve calls Kayla from a roadside phone to tell her they are nearly there, all is o.k. Belle & Shawn send love to their folks. Steve is anxious to get going, but Shawn is making excuses about getting coffee or something. Steve finally agrees to get some juice for Claire, and when he & Belle leave, Shawn calls Philip (glad he has enough change in his pocket for the pay phone, lol). He tells Philip they are nearly at the finish line, and he will not ever see Belle & Claire again. He hangs up. Later, they are back in the truck, with everyone sleeping, and Steve fiddling with the radio, trying to get some music other than elevator music. (Boy, all I ever get is country or rock when I travel, lol). He finally gets something with a beat….uh, oh. As he listens to the drums, he starts having another episode of being tied down, and having shock treatments. He starts yelling for it to stop, waking Shawn (hard to believe Belle & Claire did not hear a thing). Steve claims he was talking to a tailgater, who finally passed them. Shawn asks if he is all right. Sure. He tells Shawn they are just 20 miles from the border, and it won’t be long now. Now we hear sirens, as Steve says they have company. Belle urges him to stop, saying he is going too fast, and they have no car seat for Claire. Steve refuses to slow down, and in an absolutely unbelievable manner, Shawn climbs over Belle & Claire and takes the driver seat, while Steve goes into the back of the truck. And they did not slow down one iota. Mind you, it is winter, and there is lots of snow on that road.
The cops are yelling thru a bullhorn that they will shoot out the tires unless the truck pulls over. Steve raises the back door of the truck, and begins yelling (like when he has an “episode”, and starts throwing boxes out on the road. (it IS a delivery truck, after all) The cops evidently pull over, tho we never see them. Now Steve comes forward, telling Shawn & Belle it is just a short distance to the border, don’t stop for anything, then ditch the truck. He is going to jump out the back and divert their attention. He goes to the back and jumps out.
Shawn & Belle continue into Canada, and we now see them outside the truck, in the snow, talking of what they will do next. For some reason, Belle pulls off Claire’s hat, (it obviously is cold, so that was odd). Shawn picks up their bag, and they begin walking. And the previews show…..

KATE: Did you shoot John or not?
EJ: Kill a man in cold blood? I could not do that, you know that, don’t you?

SAMI: Tek & Lexie aren’t coming back
LUCAS: Why would you say that? (Roman looks on)
SAMI: Cuz they’re dead and EJ killed them

CONNOR: Give it up, Mom. You’re a Lockhart and you got a right to know
MIMI: Who is it?
CONNOR: It’s………..

CHELSEA…RATHER EMOTIONAL: Nick, I really like you


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Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007

EPISODE: 10490
DIRECTED BY: Albert Alarr
TAPE DATE: 12/18/06

Steve helps Belle & Shawn get away; Kayla and Marlena await news together; Sami’s day ends with tears.


Kayla makes tea for herself and Marlena, who’s worried about her daughter. We see Steve steps outside from the church to call Kayla and tell her everyone’s okay and they’re going to hit the road. He can’t use that phone once they leave, but promises to keep in touch. She tells Marlena and excuses herself to touch base with Stephanie. Marlena assures her she’s alright and snuggles up with John’s picture on the couch. Marlena falls asleep as Kayla updates Stephanie on Steve’s call. Kayla returns to find Marlena asleep and takes John’s picture from her and covers her with a throw. Marlena calls out for John in her sleep. In her dream she hears John calling out for her and steps out on the balcony looking for him. She’s lost in the curtains on the balcony and pulls them all away seeing his face in the distance. She finally reaches him, calling his name and wakes up calling out to him. Kayla rushes to her as Marlena says John’s trying to reach out to her. She tells Kayla about John’s whispering KILLER to her just before surgery as he looked up at Steve, thinking Steve might be in danger. Kayla tells her about what’s happened to Steve and the episodes he’s been having, knowing Stefano is behind them and worried about his missing years and what might have happened. Marlena offers to help Steve professionally and Kayla said she had suggested that. Marlena suggests hypnosis. She says the two of them will be there for Steve.

Belle comforts Claire as she and Shawn hear a vehicle approaching. It’s a delivery truck. Steve walks in asking if they have a box to pick up, then asks if they’re ready for a road trip as he spends a minute with Claire (GET OUT OF THERE!). Outside Philip walks up in the snow and finds Claire’s stuffed animal on the ground saying…’gotcha’. Steve steps outside to call Kayla (see above) and after hanging up can tell by imprints in the snow they’re not alone. Belle and Shawn get Claire ready to leave when Philip walks in. Belle asks Philip why he’s acting like this and they’ve always been friends. Philip is shocked at this from her and says he only cares for Claire now and deserves more then either of them can give her. Philip brags about having the court and his name on his side, asking what do they have. Belle says Claire and walks away. Shawn stands between her and Philip, so Philip proceeds to beat Shawn unconscious, shouting at him what he said to him at the hospital about who’s daughter Claire is. He moves toward Belle as we see her turn and Shawn slowly getting up in the back of the church (where’s Steve?) Ah ha…Steve shows up and womps Philip on the head, knocking him out. Belle’s worried about Philip, but Steve says he’ll have a bump on his head, but will be okay. They have to get out of there. Shawn’s hurting, holding his gut and wants a minute before leaving. Steve warns them they only have a couple of minutes, but Shawn asks Steve for his help. We return to them locking Philip in the same place Mimi and Max were held (how did they know about it?) as Philip calls out to be let out of there.

We find them all driving in the truck as Steve winces. Shawn asks Steve if he’s okay (sure is a bright moon or headlights coming their way to cast such a shadow on Steve’s head, LOL) They talk about Canada and Shawn hopes they don’t flag their passports when they enter the country. Steve has a different idea, to put them on a freighter (paying off a crew member to hide them). He asks where they want to go and Shawn says Montreal. Steve says it’ll be a couple thousand to pay off the crew member and Belle and Shawn look concerned and Steve realizes they didn’t bring a lot of money with them. He questions what they were thinking about running off without money (good question) and they realize they should have, but weren’t thinking straight. Once they get to Montreal they’ll be okay. Steve hopes so, but thinks they’re making a big mistake. He tells them Kayla was right and they’ll always be looking over their shoulder. He asks how they’re going to pay for medical needs, food, etc. (yeah, did you bring Claire’s antirejection meds?). Shawn knows he’s telling the truth, but asks he lay off. Steve agrees, just frustrated. Unfortunately Victor/Philip have both money and power. Steve orders them to get some sleep as they’ll need it once they get over the border into Canada. Shawn has his arm around Belle and they close their eyes, but Claire is babbling away, LOL, obviously not tired. The music cues up as the camera freezes on Steve’s face as it looks like he’s fighting off another episode.

Philip is screaming at the top of his lungs for help. A cop arrives pointing his gun and Philip calls out to him, tells him who he is, calling him an idiot. He orders the cop to call for help on his radio. He takes Claires’s stuffed animal as he quietly rants. He calls Victor and the officer pops in to tell him they got a lead about a delivery turck that was stolen nearby. Philip tells Victor.

Sami and Lucas kiss in front of the fire as her award lies on the table. She feels like she’s in a dream, but he assures her it’s true. He knows she’s changed and can trust her now. Sensing her being uncomfortable and holding something from him, he asks what it is. The subject changes to Belle, Shawn and Philip as they both worry about their siblings. Sami tells him she wasn’t involved and he knows it, but it still surprises her no one blames her for it. Sami questions Kate’s latest affirmation to be friends, but Lucas is as gullible as ever and does. We return to him shirtless and them smooching as she stops and asks him if he’s happy, still not believing people will accept her for herself. He reassures her how hungry he is for her no matter where she is or what she’s done. He loves her and saving his life just added to that love. He says “I love my baby” and she giggles, then rushes out of the room (to get sick). Sami returns in her robe as Lucas is on the phone with Roman, asking if they’ve heard anything from Lexie. She’s missing. He fills her in on what Roman told him how Lexie lied about witnessing EJ shooting John, it was really Tek, and their case against EJ will be blown to bits. Sami looks shocked at that news. She pulls him down on the couch asking him to tell her everything her dad said. He tells her about how Lexie told Abe the truth and she and Tek took off together. Sami’s worried that EJ arranged for Tek and Lexie to disappear. He wonders if maybe Lexie and Tek just took off together? Sami is scared that EJ arranged for them to disappear so they can’t testify against him and afraid she and Lucas are next on his list. He doesn’t understand why she’s worried about that and she rushes out of the room again to the bathroom. She comes out later and he’s worried about her, asking if she was sick (he couldn’t hear?). He offers to call a doctor for her, but she tells him no. He tells her it’s been a long night and they’re both exhausted. H e suggests they just go to bed and cuddle under the covers. We see her looking into the fire with tears in her eyes. She tells him no, there’s something she has to tell him first….she turns around, takes his hands in hers and looking him in the eyes says…I’m pregnant, then bursts into tears in his lap….as the previews roll….

NICK TO BILLIE: “I think we should talk about that night, don’t you?”

SHAWN to STEVE (in the truck with lights flashing behind them): “Pull over, we’re not going to make it.”
STEVE: “I’m not pulling over….”

ROMAN to EJ: “What are your reasons for coming back?”
EJ (sporting his beard): “Your daughter, for one. We’ve become very close.”

LUCAS TO SAMI: “You don’t want to have this baby do you, Honey it’s all right, we’ll find a way.”
SAMI breaks into tears.

As the credits roll..

Friday, January 19, 2007


Monday, January 22, 2007

Episode #: 10489
Tape Date: 12/15/06
Air Date: 01/22/07
Director: Phil Sogard

Summary: Max helps Shawn and Belle, as Philip comes after Mimi… Steve returns home to find Kayla upset with him…and Abe catches Lexie in a lie for the last time…This appears to be the last show (at least for a while) for Renee Jones, as well as Rasshan Orange. Best of luck to both of them from The Early Edition!

On the run…
Belle and Claire are waiting for Shawn to return (saying he went to get blankets). They are in (what looks like) the same abandoned church where Max and Mimi were held at Christmas. Shawn comes back and they turn on the radio to learn that there are police roadblocks up all over town and cops at the airport and bus station as they listen to reports about the kidnapping. Belle thinks they should go ahead and leave, but Shawn says they should wait on Max to get back. He promises he will not let anything happen and they will always be there for Claire, as they talk about her future.

Meanwhile, at Max’s Place…
He and Mimi are packing up bags of supplies for them (food, diapers, clothes and some money). He is going to take them the things as Mimi stays there to run interference in case the cops show up. With a kiss, he is on his way. After he leaves, Philip shows up demanding to know where his daughter is. He gives her a hard time for “snagging” another Brady, he demands to know where they are hiding. She tells him that she can’t help him but he tells her he SAW her and Max in the car and knows they are in on it. He warns her if she doesn’t help him, soon she will be in prison with her brother. She gives him a “reality check”, reminding him he isn’t Claire’s father and accuses him of doing all this out of revenge for Belle leaving him. He says he has tried to be the good guy and look what it got him…he lost his wife and his daughter…this time, he is going to take back what is his. He tells her that Victor always taught him if you want something…do whatever it takes to get it and that is the philosophy he is going to live by from now on. He says he didn’t start this war, but he is going to end it…and take no prisoners. Mimi tells him she is trough talking with him and only wants Shawn and Belle to get justice but he says it was HER lies that started all this in motion. If she had been truthful about Claire’s paternity maybe he and Belle could have worked things out and still be together. Mimi tells him that Belle NEVER loved him and it’s not her fault that he lost his family. He gets angry and says he is not letting her off the hook and walks over to the door and locks it. She gulps, asking if he is threatening her. He tells her to make this easy on herself. He takes her cell phone and punches Max’s number.

Shawn and Belle hear someone at the door and duck for cover, but Max comes in and calls for them, with their supplies. He tells them about the road blocks and is fearful that they won’t make it out of town. They thank him for his help, saying they will never forget it. Shawn thinks they may need some help and thinks maybe they could call Steve and Kayla. But Belle thinks they may tell Bo but Shawn thinks they may have to take the chance. Max’s phone rings and he recognizes the number and knows it’s Mimi, asking “what’s up?” as Philip demands to speak to Belle. Max hands her the phone and takes off, realizing that Mimi is in trouble. Philip demands she give Claire back but she says no. He says he still loves her but she tells him that she and Shawn love her too and they are going to be a family. Philip flies into a rage and slams the phone across the room, telling Mimi she has 2 minutes to tell him where they are. Meanwhile, Belle tells Shawn maybe he should make that call to Steve.

Philip grabs Mimi’s arm and twists it behind her back and ties her wrists together. He walks across the room as she has a look of terror on her face, asking “Oh my God…what are you going to do with that?” Later, Max comes bursting in and hears her whimpering. He finds her bound and gagged and stuffed into a trunk. He gets her out as she is blubbering that she told him where they were…God help her, but she did. She yells for him to call and warn them that Philip is on their way. Max swears he is going to kill Philip for what he did to her, but she begs him to stay with her as they start kissing.

At the Pub…
Bo and Kayla are talking about Shawn and Belle taking Claire. He fears that Victor will come after them with a vengeance. Then on the other hand that best-case scenario is (if they make it) that he will never see them again. He just wishes he could talk to them and make sure that they are okay. Steve comes in (wow, fast trip from Mexico) claiming that he is safe and sound (and boy is Kayla po’d at him). He tells them that he found EJ and shows them the wallet and “smell” phone (as he calls it) he lifted, saying that it had a lot of calls to Italy on it. He also shows them the travel visa he found in his wallet and says if he wants to replace it, he will have to return to the good ole US of A and they can nab him. Bo leaves to go see Abe as Steve asks Kayla if she is mad at him as she gives him ‘what for’ and he says he was only trying to protect her. He tells her that EJ knows all about his ‘episodes’ and even brought up Benji’s name. He reminds her that the episodes all started that night they had dinner with Benji and Sonya. He says that he was such a good kid…but is also a DiMera and says that even the good ones get their hands dirty. Kayla tries to convince him to let the police handle it but Steve says he needs to talk to Benji himself. She begs him to let her help but he says he needs to keep her safe. She is upset that he is keeping secrets from her and that it worries her that she can’t trust him. They talk about trust and honesty and he says he is only trying to get their life back. She begs him not to go it alone…they can work together. They are kissing when Shawn calls and tells him that he is with Belle and Claire and needs his help to get to Canada. Steve tells him he will call him right back. Kayla wants to help too and they agree that they should call Bo and let him know what is going on (which he does…see below). Later, Steve is on the phone with Shawn, who tells him they are at the old abandoned church. Steve tells Kayla to let him handle this on his own…he will be in and out…quick and easy…as he leaves.

At the Carver House…
Abe is going over some file with this HUGE magnifying glass (couldn’t’ help but LOL at it) as Lexie comes home. He is upset as he is looking at her cell phone bill and how it doesn’t jive with her police statement. He points out that at the time John got shot, she was on the phone with HIM. (And how do they know the EXACT time John got shot? That’s kind of silly). He warns her that EJ’s defense lawyer would tear her story apart on the stand. He wants the truth so she finally confesses and tells him that someone else saw the shooting. He presses her and she finally tells him it was Tek. She tries to explain what happened that night and swears that nothing was going on. She tells him that Tek witnessed the shooting and then came and told her about it. She says she was only trying to protect Abe and swears she did everything she could to discourage Tek. But Abe doesn’t want to hear anymore and asks her to leave. She cries and pleads with him but he wants her to get her things and get out. He says he can not and WILL NOT let her do this to them again…it’s over. Later, we see her lugging her bags down the stairs as she tells him she never wanted this to end, but she guesses she let him down too many times and is sorry for all the pain she caused him. As she opens the door, Bo is there asking what is going on. She tells him she has messed up and leaving to sort out her life. She leaves and is crying on the front stoop. Bo says he can come back later, but Abe tells him to come on in. Bo fills him in about Steve getting EJ’s wallet and cell phone, but Abe tells him it doesn’t matter and fills him in that it was Tek that witnessed the shooting, not Lexie. He says that neither of them are now viable witnesses…and EJ will walk away from it. Bo says it’s not over, Tek can still testify and they have circumstantial evidence. Bo’s phone rings…(it’s Steve, who fills him in about Shawn and how he is going to help him). Bo just nods and tells him to do whatever he has to and hangs up. Abe tells Bo it’s ironic…he stepped down as commissioner to spend time with his family and make his marriage stronger…now he has lost is job AND his marriage. Bo asks if he wants him to hang around but Abe tells him no…he just wants to be alone.

Later, we see Lexie in the car with Tek (she had called him). She tells him that Abe figured it all out and now she has lost him. He tells her the best thing she can do now is start fresh…forget about Abe and EJ and run off with him. She tells him he is crazy, she is NOT going to leave her son. She demands he pull over and let her out. Tek complains that he can’t see, the car behind them has their lights on bright…the look up and they are headed straight for another car. Lights flash in their eyes as he hits the brakes as they spin out of control with Lexie screaming…and the previews show…

Shawn (to Belle): Steve’s coming…(Philip): I don’t think so…your are not going anywhere…

Marlena (to Kayla): He is still trying to get a message to me…and I hate to say it, but it was about Steve, I believe…

Sami (to Lucas): What if EJ found out that Lexie and Tek saw him shoot John…and had them eliminated…and WE are the next on that list?...

Steve (to Shawn and Belle…looks like they are in a truck): Life on the road is not easy…especially with that old snake Kiriakis is the one on your tail…

And the credits roll…

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Friday, January 19, 2007

EPISODE: 10,488
DIRECTED BY: Albert Alarr
TAPE DATE: 12/15/06

Belle and Shawn get Claire; Steve chats with EJ; Sami finally gets her award.

Sami and Lucas are dressed up for the award ceremony and she tries to entice him to blow off going and stay home for another round in the bedroom. He convinces her otherwise by saying her dad worked so hard on getting this for her and besides, he carries a big gun. She laughs and they kiss when Will walks in and captures it on his cellphone camera. Lucas asks for a copy and pulls out his own cell camera to capture a picture of Will with Sami as Will’s vest reads “My mom is Sami Brady and yours isn’t”. His friends made it for him. Will is proud of her.

Steve is not only in Mexico City already (we won’t even ponder where he got a passport and what name is on it) but walks up to EJ in the bar. EJ knows who Steve is despite not looking at him while he enjoys a local female resident’s neck. Steve pulls the warrant for EJ’s arrest out of his pocket after ordering himself a tequila. EJ inquires about the rest of the posse, but Steve says he’s there by himself. EJ says for Steve to take it back to Abe and Roman and they’ll know where to file it. Steve suggests EJ turn himself in, but EJ knows the Salem PD have no jurisdiction in Mexico and knows how long it will take to extradite him. He walks off saying..Hasta La Vista, baby. Steve joins him at the table with another Tequila for both of them. EJ has the pretty Senorita on his lap as Steve explains he’s his new best friend as he points out John’s in a coma after EJ shot him and how he almost killed him and his wife with that poisonous gas. EJ points out they didn’t die though and his prayers are with John and his family, denying shooting him. He whispers in the girl’s ear and she goes to the bar. EJ says when Samantha was helping him escape he knew he’d have to get away from Salem and the keystone cops for a while. Steve says when he closes his eye, EJ sounds like British royalty, but he’s not. In fact, the eyewitness they have who saw EJ shoot John called him a low class coward. When EJ looks startled at that revelation, Steve says…”that’s right Squire Crumpets, the cops have a witness.” EJ tells him he won’t return to Salem as eyewitnesses are something you see in the “cinema”. The Salem PD tried to get Patrick Lockhart to help them and now John’s in a coma, he’s not returning. Steve grabs his arm and asks who helped him escape (uh, he told you earlier that Samantha did Steve..too much tequila?) EJ tells him to remove his hand from his arm and points out the local patrons don’t appreciate it (apparently the senorita got them on guard) as they all walk toward the two men. Steve says he’s not threatening him and EJ points out that’s good, as Patch has his own problems, citing his memories coming back to haunt him. Steve is surprised that EJ knows about this. He grabs him and demands to know more as EJ describes what’s happening to Steve exactly, calling him “Patch”. Steve demands to know if Stefano’s behind all this and EJ laughs as the other guys pull Steve off of him, saying Steve will know soon in a place where Angels fear to tread. The men protect EJ and Steve finally screams and tackles him. EJ tells the men to get him out of there and shouts for Steve to say hi to Benjy for him.

Later EJ tells the bartender to bring him the bill and even though he’s told it’s on the house, EJ still insists on the bill. He reaches for his wallet and finds both it and his cellphone missing. We see Steve unconscious in a courtyard, flat out on the patio. He comes to and reaches in his jacket pocket to find EJ’s phone and wallet, laughing.

Max and Mimi are in the front seat and Belle and Shawn in the back as Max goes over the plan to grab Claire from Philip after her doctor appointment to get her immunizations. Mimi’s a little nervous about it, being her first kidnapping she says. Shawn rationalizes it’s not a kidnapping as Claire belongs with them. Belle won’t do it until she says goodbye to John and rushes out of the car. She tells John what’s going on and now in tears, says goodbye…asking him to wake up so he can tell Mom what’s happening. She gets up to leave and Marlena is standing there, asking why she’s telling her father goodbye. Belle tells Marlena what they’re going to do and Marlena tries to talk her out of it. Belle explains Philip is getting Claire immunized to take her out of the country and it’s her last chance. Marlena says okay and they’ll help them. Hug, Kiss. Shawn walks in and learns Marlena knows and she tells him to take good care of her girls and Belle confirms she knows. He and Belle leave.

Later Shawn gets a call from Mimi saying that Philip and Claire just arrived. Shawn tells her to have Max keep the car running and after hanging up, tells Belle this is it as he slips into the mens room to hide. Philip rounds the corner carrying Claire, asking Belle why she’s there. She tells him to see her father as he’s not doing well. He’s sorry to hear that, saying John’s one of the best as little Claire says mommy (her real life mom must be off stage, too cute). He says Claire might be sick and she asks if she has a fever, then asks to hold her. He finally lets her and she coos to Claire, saying how she’s got her in her arms and calls SHAWN…who rushes from the mens room and tackles Philip yelling for Belle to run. He punches Philip’s newly transplanted face a few times. Philip puts up a pretty good attempt considering he’s been hospitalized for so long and only one leg, but Shawn rushes away saying Claire’s his daughter and to stay the hell away from her and runs to join Belle. He gets in the car waiting at the front door saying Philip’s right behind him and Philip dashes out the door as the car sits there (was Shawn fastening his seat belt first, LOL?) long enough for Philip to pound on the top of the car demanding they give her back (yeah, like THAT’S going to make them do it). Race car driver Max Brady floors it and away they zoom.

Chelsea whines to Kate about how Sami’s done all these bad things but still gets an award. Kate calls the brat ungrateful as she’s had two families who loved her. Kate tells her to face Bo and Hope have their own family and to get over it. Chelsea tells her to apologize and she doesn’t as Chelsea said believe it or not, she was lonely growing up. All she ever wanted was a large family to sit around and talk with and be with on holidays. Kate argues breeding dilutes the gene pool as they look at Sami laughing across the room as she talks to a couple of gals. Chelsea tells Kate she knows Kate really hates Sami and it’s tearing her up to see Sami get this award.

Bo and Hope worry about how Shawn is dealing with losing Claire. Kayla arrives and Bo is surprised she’s there. He explains he thought she would be with Steve. Kayla tells him that Steve left that morning for the assignment Bo gave him, but doesn’t understand why Bo would think she’d go along with him. Kayla gets justifiably angry to learn where Steve is and that Bo sent him to face a killer alone. He tells her about Steve freaking out at CPS and promised he wouldn’t tell if he saw a shrink. Steve “fumed and snorted”, but agreed to do so. He steps away to try and call Steve on his cell.

Roman walks in and loudly announces Salem’s Woman of the Year (which year?), and proud to say she’s his Sami and family walk in to applause. Sami looks a little embarrassed by it all. Chelsea talks to Sami privately, asking how after all she’s done in her life, she gets an award. Sami enlightens her that this family stands by their own, no matter how much you annoy them, they encourage you to do the right thing and show them you’ve got the right stuff. She encourages Chelsea to show them she does too. Chelsea thanks her for the pep talk and for helping her and Billie get the apartment down the hall.

Marlena walks in and Sami excuses herself to go hug her mom. After Sami asks how John’s doing, they hug and Marlena tells Sami how proud she is of her and suggests she go mingle. Sami agrees, saying they’ll catch up later. Kayla, Bo and Hope ask Marlena if she’s heard from Belle and she tells them yes and it’s too late to stop them now. Puzzled, they ask from what? She tells them and Bo tries to call Shawn, saying they have to stop them as Marlena refuses, saying they’re doing the right thing.

Kate tells Will that Sami couldn’t have saved Lucas by herself. Will tells Kate to stop trashing his mom or she’ll lose both him and his dad if she continues doing so.

Roman presents Sami with her award and she thanks him and everyone for giving her a second, third and fourth chance. She especially thanks Lucas for giving her the strength to do what she had to do to save his life. He also saved her life too because she doesn’t know how she’d live without him. He gets up and hugs her and Marlena does too. Marlena returns to talk to Bo and when he says Shawn and Belle are breaking the law, Marlena tells him that Philip h ad a passport in Claire’s name and was getting her inoculations. He and Victor were planning on taking Claire to Europe, they had no choice. Hope tells Bo they’re doing exactly what he would do in their place.

Kate bites the bullet and tells Sami that she saved her son’s life and wants to start fresh, extending her hand (with two nails painted and two not) to shake. Sami looks around and completes the handshake.

An angry Philip arrives at the pub screaming that Belle and Shawn kidnapped his daughter and anyone in the room who helped him is going to pay. Cue deer in the headlights expressions on the faces in the group as the previews roll….

STEVE (to Kayla and Bo).look what I found in the dude’s wallet. It’s his travel visa. If he wants to replace it, he’ll have to come back to the old US of A.

PHILIP to MIMI: Belle and Shawn started this war, but I’m finishing it and I’m not taking any prisoners.

BELLE to SHAWN (as she holds Claire): Do you really think that we’re never going to be safe?

LEXIE to TEK: What are you talking about?
TEK: Let’s go together, let’s run away.

As the credits roll…

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