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Thursday, September 1, 2005

Episode # 10135
Tape Date: 8/2/05
Director: Albert Alarr

Summary: Bo and Billie find Chelsea and Max, thanks to Frankie’s help...Frankie and Jack double-team Patrick, vowing to bring him down...Kate stalks Sami, but Sami gets the upper hand...or so she thinks...she falls into a trap set by Roman.

AT THE COP SHOP...Sami arrives to use Roman’s computer. As she sits down, Kate walks up, keeping an eye on her. She walks in and asks her what she is up to. Sami tells her she is planning her wedding and for her NOT to expect an invitation. In the hallway, Lucas wants to talk to Roman, formally asking him for Sami’s hand in marriage. Roman says that he must promise that he won’t break Sami’s heart again and goes on about how Lucas hurt her about not believing her before. Lucas promises that he will make Sami happy. Roman tells him if he swears, then he has his permission as well as his blessing for them to marry, thrilling Lucas, and they hug. Will walks up as Roman jokes about how much he has grown. Will tells them how he can’t wait for them to get married. Back in Roman’s office, Sami and Kate are going at it with Sami informing Kate that Roman gave her permission to use his what is SHE doing there? She also tells her that she KNOWS they are getting divorced. Kate says she knows that Sami is up to something, but Sami says if she did, she wouldn’t be playing this game of cat and mouse. Kate threatens to tell Roman and Lucas what she knows, but Sami says they won’t believe her and she cannot stop her and Lucas from getting married. Sami informs her that even Austin approves and is coming home for the wedding, shocking Kate. Kate says that Sami doesn’t deserve EITHER of her sons and she WILL stop this wedding...just as Roman and Lucas walk in. Kate rats on Sami for being on Roman’s computer, until he tells her that he gave Sami permission. Lucas stops Kate, telling her to just leave Sami alone as Roman backs up Sami as well. Kate tells Roman she wasn’t following Sami, that she came there to talk to him but he tells her that there is nothing to talk’s over...there is no future...there is nothing. As they all argue, Sami goes about her work on the computer, until Will walks up behind her and asks what’s all that stuff about Tony DiMera? Everyone whirls around as Sami covers and says that when Kate came in, she was leaving Roman a message about Tony and how frightened she is of him. Kate says that is because Tony is a time bomb just waiting to blow Sami up. Will asks Kate to just leave his mom alone. Lucas agrees and suggests that he, Sami and Will go out for lunch, so they all leave. After they leave, Kate tries to convince Roman that Sami is somehow in cahoots with Tony, but he doesn’t want to hear it. Kate insists that Sami has them all snowed. He tells her to leave, they are through and she storms out. Roman sits down at his computer and has a concerned look on his face, when one of his detectives comes in to get the details on Tony’s transfer to maximum security. Roman tells him that the info on his computer is bogus because he is sure that one of his operatives will try and hack into his computer. He tells him that it is all a set-up, the real info is on an encrypted disc. They will have Tony as well as nab whoever is trying to help him. In the hallway, a furious Kate says that Sami will NOT ruin Lucas’s life and storms off.

LUCAS, SAMI & WILL...are outside Alice’s and she sees a clown making balloon animals and recognizes him as Bart. She sends Lucas and Will to the car to get her cell phone and goes over to him. He hands her a balloon and asks if she has something for him. She tells him that she has the info he needs and informs him that Kate has been keeping an eye on her. She asks him if Tony told her anything. Bart says that he would never do that. Bart tells her that if the info she has is legit, she is off the hook, but if it isn’t, all bets are off. She says she has what he needs. Bart sees Lucas heading over and takes off. Sami tells Lucas that she was buying a balloon for it pops...making her jump.

AT THE DEVERAUX’S...Bo and Billie are there and find that Max is missing as well. Bo is worried sick they have left town. Frankie has an idea and tells them that he is Max’s business manager and can track them if he uses his credit cards. Everyone tries to calm Billie down, but she is past that. Jen is also concerned about how Hope is handling all this. Billie tells Jack how freaked out Chelsea was upon learning the news about her and Bo. Frankie returns and tells them that he has found them, Max used his credit card at the Highway Motel, a seedy joint (that someone notes rents rooms by the hour) so Bo and Billie take off there.

AT THE LOCKHART PLACE...Patrick is in the pool when Hope arrives looking for Bo (it’s morning and she hasn’t heard from him all night). Patrick assures her that they are still looking for Max and Chelsea. During this time, we see Bo call and leave Hope a message, apologizing for not calling. Hope is worried about what Chelsea may do as Patrick says she is only a kid. Hope comes back with "so was Lolita". Patrick defends Chelsea, afraid she will be the one who gets hurt. Patrick urges her to relax by taking a swim to relieve the stress and tells her to go inside and borrow one of Billie’s bathing suits. She reluctantly goes inside and a minute later returns. He asks where her suit is and she asks "who needs a swim suit?" and starts to undress before his eyes. Yes, Patrick is having a fantasy, then turns to splash water on his face. Hope returns in her swim suit (with her blouse over the top) just as Jack, Jen and Frankie arrive telling them that Frankie found Max and Chelsea and that Bo and Billie are on their way there now. Jen encourages Hope to join them, but she refuses, it’s Bo and Billie’s business, even though this is driving her nuts. Jen notes that she is handling it well and Hope points out that Jack is handling Frankie’s being around well too. Jack and Frankie rake Patrick over the coals, vowing to bring him down as Jen explains to Hope that she and Frankie are just friends. What they had was 20 years ago...she loves Jack and Jack only. She says that Frankie changed his plans because Caroline came home and he didn’t want to leave. But Hope thinks there is more to it. Hope is back to worrying about Bo and Billie...she has no doubts that Bo loves her, but she also knows that Billie still loves Bo. They talk about them finding their daughter and worry where it will all lead. Patrick tells Frankie and Jack they are wasting their time talking to him as they ask what he is hiding. Patrick says he could ask Frankie the same thing. Frankie gets a phone call and tells the person on the other end to give him everything he has on Patrick Lockhart. Hope tells Jen that Chelsea is a wild card and is afraid of what she will do to their family.

AT THE NO-TELL MOTEL...Max wakes Chelsea up and has a makeshift, crackers and some wild strawberries (yum). She tells him that she dreamed that Billie was her mother. He tells her it is true, upsetting her all over again. She begs him to help her run away where they will never find her. He tells her he can’t do that if Bo and Billie are really her parents. She starts kissing him (actually looks like she attacks him), saying this will drive them crazy. He stops her, telling her that there is plenty of time for that later and urges her to go take a shower. While she is in the shower, Bo and Billie arrive, demanding to know where she is. Bo takes one look at the bed and then attacks Max. Billie stops him as Max claims that they didn’t do anything...he slept on the floor. He tells them that Chelsea is confused and upset over the news. He tells Billie that he hates to tell her, but Chelsea wants nothing to do with her. Bo asks him to leave so they can talk to her privately so Max leaves. She comes out of the shower with a towel over her head, telling Max she got everything all hot and steamy for him and raises the towel to see Bo and Billie. She is furious and want nothing to do with them and rushes back into the bathroom. Bo looks at Billie and says "well, that went well". Freeze frame on Bo and a teary-eyed Billie as the previews show...

Lexie (while kissing Tek): I do want you...

Patrick (to Frankie): You just blew your cover Frankie. You are gonna lose your job...I hope it was worth it...

Hope: The more we know about Chelsea...I have a’s not going to be for the better...

Chelsea (to Billie): You are so are trying to use me to tear Bo and Hope apart...

and the credits roll...


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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Episode #10134
Tape date - 7/28/05
Director – Jim Baffico

Kate gets unsettling news from Roman, but gets closer to finding out Sami’s secret. Chelsea reacts badly to what she hears from Bo & Billie, while Sami tries to figure out how to deal with her dilemma.

KATE COMES STROLLING outside Alice’s, checks the ashtray on the table, finds a remnant of the photos Sami had burnt there. She wonders what Sami was up to & is determined to find out. Roman comes outside, tells Kate they have to talk, then informs her he has hired Mickey Horton to represent him, and he wants a divorce. Kate is a bit surprised, & thinks he is moving too fast. But Roman talks of her betrayal, and of what she did to Sami, after promising him she would look after her. He says they really weren’t married all that long, and then he was supposed to be dead. This gives Kate the perfect opportunity to throw up his sleeping with Marlena, getting her pregnant, etc. Roman says he is sorry, but that is completely different. He says Kate drugged Sami, set her up to be found in bed with Brandon, not only fired Sami from her job, she then sold his house, and did not give Sami any money from it, tho she could have used it. Kate claims Sami left town. Roman tells her she cost Sami her son, Lucas, her job, her life. And still she was not satisfied. Roman says it is just fortunate Sami did not do something really bad in return….& Kate pops up with “how do you know she didn’t? How do you know she did not do something really bad”? She mentions that when she saw Tony….and Roman is startled, wanting to know how she managed that. Kate blows that aside, and begins to tell what Tony said. Roman, however, stops her, saying Tony is a liar, and he would not believe a single word he said. He leaves.

Kate ponders just what Sami could have done. Now Victor comes out, saying he has some news about Sami. (WHY is he helping snaky Kate?). He does not know if Sami was working for Tony, but it looks like Tony may be blackmailing Sami. Kate gets her Cheshire cat smile at that. She then brings up how well Philip is doing, & how he & Belle are expecting a baby. She then mentions Billie & Bo finding their daughter, and tells him about Chelsea Benson. She talks of “your son and my daughter” and we now have a granddaughter. (Hmmm, wonder if Chelsea is going to get lucky and get to live in Vic’s mansion. LOLOL) Victor warns Kate that Bo is very happy with Hope, and that she had better not do anything to have Billie come between them. Kate, with a big smile, promises, and we see her fingers crossed behind her back.

INSIDE ALICE’S, Lucas, Sami & Will are having a little celebration, and want to toast the coming wedding. Lucas leaves to get some sodas, giving Will the chance to tell his mom to please not do anything to ruin their chance to be a family again. He tells her that if she lies to them again about anything, both he & his dad would never speak to her again. Cue flashback of Bart showing Sami the pictures of her being transformed into Stan. Lucas returns, and they all toast to a happy future. Sami thinks to herself that she only has to do one little thing more - help Tony escape – and all will be well. (Sami, Sami, Sami, oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive….you never learn, do you?) Sami leaves, claiming to have to take care of wedding plans. Will asks his dad if he trusts Sami, wonders if they should elope…….and Lucas assures him that the wedding will go on as planned. He promises. His cell phone rings, and he is surprised to hear from the person. He tells about the upcoming wedding and asks the person to come for it. (bet it is Austin!)

Meanwhile, Sami has found her dad. She tells him she overheard a bit of his conversation with Kate outside, and is sorry about the marriage breakup. Roman says let us not talk about Kate, so Sami tells him that Will came home from camp, so she & Lucas brought him out to celebrate a bit. She then goes on and on about all her wedding plans and invitations, etc. on the computer. Roman says….wait a second. I thought the internet was supposed to make it all easier. She replies that sure it does, but now Will needs the computer to get ready for school (huh?….get READY for the start of school?) & since it is his computer and she doesn’t have one, could she use Roman’s down at the police station. Roman has a fit….against the rules, etc. No way. Yada, Yada. But, he caves, and tells her o.k., but only if they are not busy. She asks him for his password, & he writes it down for her. Just then, Lucas & Will come up, with the news that Austin just called (I knew it!) and is coming in for the wedding. Of course, eavesdropping Kate hears this and gets her Cheshire cat smile back.

MAX & PATRICK are arguing out near the tent, with Max aying Patrick is just jealous of him. (Oh, brother). They are nearly coming to blows, when Chelsea comes along, delighted to learn they were fighting about her. She smugly asks Max to take her for a ride. In the car, she has told Max about Bo & Billie, and cries, asking Max to just hold her. She doesn’t want to go home, as she never wants to see Billie again. Max takes her to what looks like a motel, saying no one will find them there. He leads her into the room, blindfolded. (Puleeze, as she would not realize it was a motel as they drove up to it. ) She thinks it is all perfect, is glad he brought her there, and begins to kiss him.

EARLIER, CHELSEA SLAPS BILLIE, telling her not to ever say that she is her mother. Chelsea says her mother is dead. Bo explains that yes, he & Billie are Chelsea’s biological parents. Chelsea says NO. But he continues, telling of the DNA tests. Billie chimes in how they thought she was stillborn (she was, Billie, everyone knows that, except the writers) and only found out she was alive about a year ago. Chelsea call Billie a slut, saying she must have had an affair with Bo behind Hope’s back, then asks if she’s their illegitimate love child. (Interesting how none of them deny this, just exchange “looks”). Chelsea runs off (see above)

Patrick comes along, Bo bristles at him being there, telling him to get lost. Bo wants to go after Chelsea, but Hope tells Bo to let her go. Billie is crying, and worries that they have lost their daughter once again, then hugs Bo, as Hope looks on. Bo then leaves with Billie to find Chelsea, hugging Hope first, and giving her a kiss, as he says he has to go do this. Patrick & Hope talk about Bo & Billie, and trust. Over on the beach, Bo & Billie talk about Chelsea. He comforts Billie, saying he knows she will come around in time. He puts his arm around Billie, saying, Don’t worry, we’ll be a family. And the previews show….

Patrick to Hope: Thought you were going for a swim, Hope replies, I am. Patrick asks where is your swimsuit. Hope begins to unsnap her sweater, taking it off, as she says “who needs a swimsuit”.

Sami to Bart in clown suit and makeup: That’s it! No one finds out I was Stan.

Frankie to Billie & Bo, with Jack in the background: I got a way to track down Max, and Chelsea, too, if she’s with him.

Chelsea to Max: Run away with me, please. Take me someplace where Billie & Bo will never find me.


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Tuesday, August 30th

Episode #10133
Tape date – 7/27/05
Director – Herb Stein

Summary: Chelsea admits what happened and gets a surprise of her own; Sami and Bart chat; Chloe and John make a generous offer as Chloe has another panic attack, Philip walks into Alices; Kate asks Victor's help; and Marlena grows more comfortable with Alex at the house in the country.

John and Victor visit Brady and Chloe at the cottage with a surprise. Chloe and Victor welcome each other home. The surprise is to subsidize their wedding. Brady is overjoyed, but Chloe does her usual panic routine and runs to the bedroom saying she can’t do this. Victor apologizes for upsetting Chloe and Brady says it’s okay and goes to check on Chloe. She’s about to take the bandage off again and he warns her it could get infected. She suggests eloping and he agrees, but then she changes her mind again, wanting a church wedding at St. Lukes.

John checks his cellphone, admitting he was hoping for at least a courtesy call about Marlena’s progress. Victor (poor guy, now back in Salem is stuck in suits again), hopes John checked out Marlena’s doctor thoroughly and John said he came highly recommended from Harvard and over the internet. He’s having second thoughts now though. He tells Victor Alex North’s name and he says it sounds familiar. Kate calls Victor and offers to buy him a drink at Alice’s..she needs his advice (has he even seen Philip yet?) Victor excuses himself, not saying where he’s going and suggests John take action if he’s worried about Alex. John’s determined to see Marlena.

Marlena is getting domestic (nope, her memory isn’t back yet) and baking bread. Alex tastes it, kids it’s bad, but then tells her it’s good. Roman checks Marlena’s confidential file and her daughters said she was a lousy cook. Insulted, she tells him that bread she made was very good and he agrees, thinking maybe it was a dormant talent, LOL. He won’t let her see the file of memories as she requests because it would hinder her own memories. He tells her it’s his job to keep the line of communication open to her loved ones. She understands, but says there’s one person she doesn’t want to see, her husband. Alex says she can’t ignore John, he’s an important part of her regaining her memory. She can’t imagine her life was that great in Salem. She tells Alex she feels so at peace and fulfilled there at the cabin. She feels euphoric about what she’s accomplished. If she regains her memory she doesn’t know if she’ll be her true self again. Her cell rings, it’s John. She can’t talk to him and hands the phone to Alex. He says Marlena went out for a walk and that there’s a lot of static on the line. He hangs up and tells Marlena she’s got to call him back or he’ll be up there to see her. John doesn’t have good feelings about this and makes a call to his pilot to gas up the chopper and to pick him up in 20 minutes to go get his wife. Marlena calls and discourages his visit, saying it would hinder her progress. He says he understands and she thanks him, hanging up before he tells her he loves her. She tells Alex he was right, John was about to come visit. She doesn’t want him there and only wants Alex.

the new waitress (Mimi) and bartender (Shawn) are hard at work. Shawn admits to Mimi that he’s never done this before, but thinks he has everything under control. He sees Belle and Philip come in. Philip’s already walking on his new leg with canes (so soon?) He tells Mimi about his talk with Belle and how she was acting jealous after hearing what Sami told her she overheard at Alices. Mimi apologizes for that. He realizes today is the first day of the rest of his life and they agree to drink to that later. Belle tells Philip how great he’s doing after PT and on his new leg. He sees Kate and decides to go show her his new leg and looks back to see Belle glancing at Shawn and asks if she’s coming, which of course she does. Later Kate raves over Philip’s progress and he decides to go say hello to Shawn and Belle goes with him. Mimi and Belle have words and Philip orders an orange juice (realizing he needs to keep his balance) and informs Shawn he and Belle think he and Mimi would become more than friends. Belle joins them, whining about Mimi not believing she didn’t want Rex to overhear about the abortion (I’m with Mimi). Philip asks Shawn’s help to talk to Mimi for Belle. Shawn agrees.

Kate ponders Sami’s situation at a table as she nurses her drink. After her visit from Belle and Philip and her call to Victor above, Victor joins her. She asks if he still has contacts in the Dimera organization. She tells him Sami took Roman and Lucas from her and Victor knows Kate did that to herself and can’t believe she’s still after Sami. Later he offers to help her and goes to see Philip. Kate says Sami is going down.

Sami sees Bart approaching in a priest’s garb and says “Oh God” twice. He tells her that Tony is threatening to send pictures (we see ones of her being turned into Stan in them) to everyone she holds near and dear if she doesn’t use the talents she’s blessed with and get him out of jail. He says they need her to break into her father’s computer and when she said she can’t, asks if she’s ever tried.. following up with “my bad, of course you have”, LOL. She’s their only hope as their own experts couldn’t get through the Salem PD firewall for the codes they need (that’s a first). He asks what her final answer is. She tears up the pictures and he says they have enough to flood Salem in. He gives her the ripped up photos, tells her to keep the faith, bless you and get us what we need. Sami glances inside, sees the coast is clearn, then sits at an outside table and burns the ripped up photos with a candle on the table. She says no one can ever find out as Kate walks out the door and sees her.

We return to Bo launching himself at Patrick. Billie and Hope ask what really happened. Chelsea swallows her canary eating grin as Hope insists on the TRUTH this time. Chelsea explains about the cider spilling and Max going to get her sweatshirt. Patrick remembers her exact words and not saying that Max attacked her. He apologizes for jumping to conclusions. Hope insists Chelsea tell everyone the truth about what Patrick did (or didn’t) do. Chelsea admits what really happened and was nervous being alone out there. She explains Patrick didn’t do anything to her, she hugged him. Hope tells Chelsea she owes Patrick an apology and Chelsea mouthes off for her to mind her own business and the same with her husband. Surprised, Billie turns her around and Chelsea tells her to leave her alone too and runs off. Hope takes Bo into the bushes to talk and warns him about Chelsea being a master manipulator, working the two guys (Max and Patrick) against each other. She caught the smile on Chelsea’s face when Max and Patrick were being waged against each other for her. She warns Bo to be alert and be on guard. Chelsea runs to the dock and talks to her dead parents in tears, asking for Billie Reed to just go away and leave her alone. Chelsea tears into Billie about how she herself wants Patrick and is using her for getting Bo away from Hope. Bo joins them and Chelsea repeats it to him as Hope joins them..Chelsea calls Billie pathetic as Billie stands there crying. Billie tells Chelsea to stop alienating everyone who loves her. Chelsea doesn’t believe that, but Billie says the reason Bo and I care so much is that we’ve recently learned that you’re our daughter. Bo says the dna tests prove it. Billie says I’ve waited so long to meet you. Chelsea starts crying, saying it can’t be true, then slaps Billie hard in the face and says “you bitch!”. Billie and Bo are both taken back by that as Hope watches closely, stepping away from Bo. The camera freezes on Chelsea’s angry face

as the previews roll…

Victor to Kate: I have some news for you Kate, about Sami and Tony DiMera.

Roman to Sami: Maybe you can help me by answering a question. It’s about your involvement with Tony DiMera.

Patrick to Hope: “So, do you trust Bo and Billie?”

Bo to Billie: “We’ll be a family, it’ll be alright.”


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Monday, August 29, 2005

Summary: Chelsea sets Max up, but it is Patrick that takes the fall...Kate pressures Nicole for information, who in turn pressures Sami for help...Will returns from camp but Sami’s joy is cut short as she feels the heat...from Nicole as well as Bart.

IN SEARCH OF CHELSEA...Patrick heads down to the beach where Max and she are making out. He feels sorry for Chelsea and how she will react to finding out that Bo and Billie are her parents. He hears her squeal and takes off in that direction. Chelsea had yelled because she tells Max she thought she saw a spider and he spilled something on her. He offers to take her home but she doesn’t want to go. He tries to be a gentleman and tells her that this can wait until another time but she just wants him to go home and get her a sweat shirt and they can continue, so he obliges.

Meanwhile, Bo and Billie return to Patrick’s house after not finding Chelsea. They conclude that she and Max are somewhere but Bo is upset to learn that Patrick is looking for her as well. He worries that he is working for the DiMeras and may even want to kidnap her. They fear that Tony has something up his sleeve. Billie and Hope try to convince him that Patrick will bring her home if he finds her. Bo goes outside and pulls a copy of Georgia’s death certificate out of his wallet. He feels guilty that she had been alive and they didn’t know. Hope comes out and tries to comfort him, reminding that Chelsea had parents who raised her and loved her very much. Billie comes out as well, telling him that it wasn’t his fault. She says that she is still their daughter and needs them and they will love her. Hope reminds them that Chelsea is going to fight it, being that she doesn’t like any of them and they should be realistic and not get their hopes up too high. But Billie is determined that they WILL have a relationship with their daughter. Hope thinks that emotionally, she is fragile, but Billie is sure that she will come to love them. Bo says he is sure it won’t be easy though. Max shows up (to get her sweat shirt) and they demand to know where she is. He explains they were on a date. Bo then wants to know where Patrick is, but Max doesn’t have a clue. Bo and Billie tell him that they must talk to her now, so he says he will take them to her. Bo is afraid that Patrick is alone with her and worries what is going on as Hope tries to calm him down.

OUTSIDE ALICE’S BAR...Nicole is damning Victor for tossing her out as she is forced to use a pay phone to call Sami (as Kate is lurking in the shadows). She calls Sami and asks Sami what is going Kate wonders the same thing. Sami had been going over her wedding checklist when the call came in. Nicole is threatening to blow the whistle on her when Lucas comes in and asks her what is wrong...what has she done now? She hangs up on Nicole and scrambles for an answer, telling him that she used the Horton name at the hospital to expedite their blood tests. Lucas is okay with that and tells her, see? it’s not so bad to tell the truth. Back at the pay phone, Nicole curses Sami, Victor and everyone else as she digs in her purse for another an outstretched had offers one. Yup, it’s Kate, saying go on...take it. LOL as Nicole says "said the snake to Eve...go on take’s just an apple". Kate is demanding to know what Sami is up to but Nicole refuses to tell her anything. Kate pushes her for information but Nicole tells her to forget it. Kate reminds her she gave her cash and offers more. Kate tells her what Tony said about Sami being in disguise, but figures that was nothing. Nicole tells her to think major league disguise. She tells her that Sami was pretending to be someone else, and even she didn’t recognize her. Kate is still confused and Nicole tells her to remember the movie "Victor/Victoria" and the light bulb goes off over Kate’s head...that Sami was pretending to be a man. She wants more info, but Nicole tells her that she has said too much already. Kate wants Sami’s head on a platter and wants Nicole to help her. He offers her a new life, new job and money, but Nicole wants Brady, which Kate reminds her she has already lost. Before Nicole can give an answer, Kate gets a phone call. Nicole laments that she loves Brady too much to give up and is determine that Sami is going to help her.

AT SAMI’S APARTMENT...Sami and Lucas are kissing when Will walks in. Sami goes on and on about how thin he is and his hair (which is VERY long). They all hug and Sami is so happy to have her family back together. As Lucas goes down to get his thing, Sami talks about the wedding and he (jokingly) asks if he can bring a date, shocking Sami. He apologizes for they way he treated her, bringing her to tears. She tells him that the reception will be at Alice’s and he says okay, as long as he doesn’t have to square dance (lol). They talk about Lucas and Kate not speaking anymore and how she was behind it all. Will tells her that actually she was a hero (as Sami has flashbacks of Nicole threatening to expose her). Sami gets distant and tells Will she is just worried about all the details of the wedding. Lucas returns with Will’s things just as the phone rings (Nicole calling back) and he answers it. She tells him that she is the florist and Sami takes the call. Sami tries to cover, telling her she wants lilies. Nicole tells her that if she doesn’t help her, she will be delivering lilies to her FUNERAL (lol). They argue back and forth, threatening each other and Nicole says they will both end up in jail...she right next to her. Sami hangs up on her again and Nicole turns to find Kate standing right behind her. Kate repeats her offer to Sami, but she says no...she needs Sami. Nicole tells her she isn’t telling her any more, to put on her Nancy Drew cap and figure it out herself. Lucas and Will settle in to watch a ball game and Sami provides them with popcorn. She gets another call...this time it is Bart, telling her that Tony said she MUST pay the piper or she will lose everything she loves...her future husband, her mother, father and son. He says that no one in Salem will ever love her again.

BACK AT THE BEACH...Patrick finds Chelsea, who rushes to him and clings on. She leads Patrick to think that Max attacked her. She lies and tells him that things got out of control and she doesn’t know where Max went. Patrick is furious and wants to go after him, but she begs him to stay with her. She finally starts to confess and tells him that it was all a misunderstanding and that Max IS coming back. Patrick asks if she was trying to make him jealous and says he will take her home, Bo and Billie need to talk to her. But she doesn’t want to go talk to Billie. He tries to make her go and pulls on her arm and she is yelling NO and telling him to let go of her...just as Bo and company hear them. Bo goes rushing up and decks Patrick a couple of times and then looks over at the previews show...

Marlena (to Alex): I don’t know them...I don’t remember them...and I know it sounds harsh, but if I never see them again, I will be just fine...

Chloe (to Brady): I feel that there is just so much pressure...maybe we should just elope...

Sami (to Bart): Do you want me to betray the whole free world? (Bart, in a priest outfit): It’s either that or...(Sami): Lose everyone and everything I hold near and dear...yea, I know...

Chelsea (to Billie): You know, I used to feel sorry for I just think you are pathetic...

And the credits roll...

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Friday, August 26th

Episode #10131
Tape date – 7/28/05
Director – Jim Baffico

Summary: We’re popping all over Salem today, so bear with the bouncy ride below….at the hospital Belle has a talk with Sami and Shawn; Jack continues pushing Frankie and Jen together; Chelsea goes after Max while her biological parents try to find her.

AT THE HOSPITAL….Belle tries to convince Sami (and herself) that her marriage to Philip is solid, but Sami realizes she needs to have a good heart to heart with her sister. On the balcony she tries to open Belle’s eyes and prepare her for how motherhood will change her life. She wishes someone had clued her in, but wants to be there for Belle being Marlena isn’t. She tells Belle how much busier and tired she’ll be, but it’s wonderful…(being a new mom herself, I see Ali saying this more than Sami ;-). She knows Belle will be a good mom and Philip a great dad..but there are some things he can’t do. She warns Belle that it’s foolish to even think about getting back with Shawn now under the circumstances. Belle asks who said anything to her and Sami repeats what she heard at Alice’s between Mimi and Bonnie about Mimi and Shawn almost sleeping together and Bonnie’s squealing with delight about how Meems could finally have the man she’s always wanted now that Belle’s out of the way. Belle can’t understand how her best friend could do that to her, being after Shawn all this time. Belle rationalizes how much Mimi loved Rex. Sami says Rex left and if Mimi can’t have love, she’ll go for the money. Shawn will do well with Victor being his grandfather and Alice Horton as his grandmother..he’s better than a megaball. The nurse steps out to tell Sami that the lab is ready for her (wow, that lab sure works long hours!). Sami apologizes for upsetting Belle, but says she loves her and only wants what’s best for her and the baby. She was a product of a divorced parents and look what happened to her, it’s all John’s fault. Belle sighs and tells Sami that John loves her and raised her like his own. Sami doesn’t want to go there..just citing an example to Belle. Belle loves this baby and wants what’s best for him or her. Shawn walks out carrying a mug of coffee and Sami exits after saying hi to Shawn D. Shawn corrects her that it’s Shawn Douglas, LOL…and asks what that was about. Belle explodes at Shawn about how he almost slept with Mimi. Surprised at this..he tells her what really happened, but Belle tears into him about her best friend going after him. Shawn gives her a reality check that SHE is married to his best friend and pregnant and told him to move on with his life, not to wait for her, remember? He and Mimi didn’t do anything wrong and figures she’s jealous. Belle figures Mimi’s so mad at her she’s trying to get back at her by using him. Belle asks if he could ever love Mimi? Shawn argues about her wanting him to move on, right? A nurse tells Belle that her husband is asking for her, so she leaves, close to tears.

Sami steps inside and the nurse informs her there’s a call for her. Sami says hello, asking who it is. A voice warns her to do what Tony DiMera says or to kiss her life with Lucas in Salem goodbye. She asks what Tony wants of her and he says to help him escape from prison.

Billie opens the folder and, big surprise, yes…Chelsea is their daughter. Hope graciously congratulates them on finding their daughter, saying she’s happy for them. She excuses herself to go to St. Lukes and will give them time alone to talk about their next steps. Bo steps over thanks her, gives her a hug and kisses before she leaves. Bo asks Hope not to tell anyone about the dna test/results and she agrees. Billie sincerely thanks Hope for her sensitivity as Hope leaves. Bo tells Billie they should look for their daughter and tell her that they’re her parents, but Billie, in tears, doesn’t feel they should tell her. Love the expression on Bo’s face when she says that..matches mine, LOL! Crying, Billie says that Chelsea hates her guts and the timing is wrong. Bo feels Chelsea has a right to know. Billie fears that Chelsea will resent them for trying to take her parents place. He looks at the positive side..she does have parents and a big family (yeah, she’s about to have sex with her uncle right now..remember Max is Caroline’s adopted son). They talk more about their own childhood and he reflects lying awake at night pondering not being a Brady and Victor’s son instead. They decide they do have the experience to help Chelsea and anxious to find their daughter and tell her their news.

AT THE DANCE…Josh excuses himself to floss something out of his teeth and Caroline and Abby chat. Abby thanks her for chaperoning (way to go Abs!) and Caroline thanks her, saying she’s trying to keep busy and her mind off all that’s happened (and probably about the party welcoming her home that never happened!). Abby admits she never accepted her dad’s being gone for good and knows he isn’t going anywhere again.

We see Jack locking Jen and Frankie in the storage room, determined she’ll be with Frankie and not Patrick when he’s dead. Jack stands outside their closet door with a boom box playing a song that brings memories of old days back to them. She was dressed as a flapper. She turns around and sees something. Later we join them as she’s dressed with a flapper hat and boa and he in a black suit and white tie. Outside the door Jack rationalizes he’s doing the right thing. He hears someone coming and hides the boom box under a blanket on a couch next to the closet. Josh and Abby walk up and hear the music, figuring it’s playing just for them. They step aside and kiss as Jack sees them while hiding around the corner. Later we see him frustrated that he can’t eavesdrop through the door as his daughter and Josh kiss nearby. Caroline walks into the hall and they stop, saying they have to go. Caroline wonders where the music is coming from as Jack rushes around the corner scaring her.

Jen tells Frankie that they were meant to relive their past and it was nice having some time with him. She’s about to kiss him on the cheek as Caroline (and Jack) unlock the door to see that. (guess they didn’t hear Caroline and Jack talking in the hall?) Caroline recognizes the outfits Jen and Frankie are wearing, saying they wore them years ago and she donated them to the church and surprised they still had them. Jen said hers barely fit and Frankie said his did, but it was a little big in high school, LOL. Caroline grabs the cups she was looking for and leaves. Jen kisses Jack and asks about his business meeting. She tells him they have to talk and both admit seeing Abby kissing a boy earlier. She figures it was their music she heard outside the closet door. Jack tells them if he tries anything with his daughter, he’s a dead man, boy, kid, whatever. Frankie pipes up with if he doesn’t, he will and Jack said that’s what he likes to hear (little secret meaning between the two). Jen leaves and Jack reaffirms his wanting Frankie in Jen’s life. Caroline and Jen smile and talk about the memories seeing them in those outfits brought back.

THE SEARCH FOR CHELSEA...Chelsea calls Max (the race car driver, not the dog) and asks him to meet her at the beach in an hour. He’d give her what she wants if they met at his place (what, over Jen’s garage?) Patrick apologizes to Chelsea and they talk about his finding her in bed with Max. She tells him she’s 18 and it was in her bed. He corrects that it was his bed, his house and she asks if he’s kicking her out. No, he’s not, but asks what she sees in Max other than his being a famous race car driver (who never races, haha). She replies he gave her some affection and leaves to grab Abby away from Josh. She tells her Patrick may not be into her, but Max is and going to see him. Hope arrives and hugs Abby and Patrick tells her that he feels Chelsea is about to make a big mistake with Max and going to stop her. Hope says she’s going with him, grabs some food from the table (love it!) and eats it on the run out the door.

Patrick searches his house and realizes Chelsea was meeting Max somewhere else. Hope tells him that Bo and Billie have learned Georgia’s identity and they have a bigger problem now. She tells him everything, including how Chelsea is their daughter (so much for not telling anyone). Patrick says he was the one who suggested the possibility to Billie and Hope tells him the DNA test proved it was true. He decides to go find Chelsea and bring her home safely for when Billie gets there. He asks Hope to stay there and keep her there if she gets home. Hope knows Chelsea hates her and probably wouldn’t stay, but Patrick tells Hope she’s a great mom (yeah, we can see that…where the heck is poor Zack tonight?) and let instinct take over. She asks him to keep the DNA tests a secret and he agrees.

Bo and Billie arrive and Hope tells them about talking to Patrick at St. Lukes. She joined him to look for Chelsea (just saying Chelsea was upset, but not about meeting Max). Bo asks if Hope told Patrick about the DNA test and can tell by her expression she did. They explode, furious with her after they asked her not to tell anyone..especially someone working for DiMera. Hope stands up for Patrick and denies he’d want to kidnap her for DiMera’s..he opened up his house to her. Even Billie gets nervous, thinking how Tony likes irony and he’s in jail because of them. Hope suggests Jack and Jennifer’s house because of Max and Bo and Billie rush out to go there, as Hope stays at Patrick’s house to wait for her there. Hope knows that Patrick only wants what’s best for Chelsea.

Chelsea arrives at the Deveraux garage wondering why Max asked her to meet him there instead. He walks in, now cleaned up and they kiss after he tells her he cleaned up for her. He wants to take her somewhere special, blindfolds her and carries her out. They arrive in the woods somewhere and he unblindfolds her. Later we see a big white canvas tent and fire blazing nearby. She loves it and they kiss on the ground nearby next to the fire.

Bo and Billie arrive at the garage and find it empty (not seeing the note). Bo wants to find Chelsea before Patrick does..shuts off the garage light and they head out. Patrick arrives at J&J’s garage and finds a note (for Frankie?). He ponders what Max is up to and leaves. He walks up to their area in the woods and tells himself..okay Max, if you’ve laid a hand on Chelsea, you’ll live to regret it (at least he isn’t saying he’s a dead man) the previews roll….

Hope to Bo: I just think you should be careful in getting your hopes up Bo. She could fight you and she could fight hard.” The camera pans to Billie’s worried face…

Kate to Nicole: “I want to know everything that Sami is up to..and you’re going to tell me.”

Chelsea rushes into Patrick’s arms, “Patrick, don’t leave me. I need you here with me.”

Bart (the mystery voice) to Sami on the phone: It’s time to pay the piper. If you don’t, no one you love will ever love you again….

As the credits roll…

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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Sami causes trouble, Belle and Shawn are very uncomfortable, Bonnie sees a silver lining, Frankie and Jen get closer, Chelsea makes another plan, Billie and Hope go at it over Georgia…

Sami is sitting in a park talking to a picture of Lucas, trying to justify why she is thinking of helping Tony. She figures he will escape anyway, and by helping him, she will ensure her secret stays safe and the two of them can get married and make a family for their son.

At Alice’s: Bonnie is smoking a cigarette and having herself a pity party with her only friend (besides the cigarette) – Max . Max tells her to pull it together. Mickey was not her first, and won’t be her last. She says she is a survivor. Maybe she should go on that show to make a quick million – except she would have to eat a bug… There is a knock at the door. She tells Sami that they aren’t open yet, and Sami says she will take her business elsewhere. Bonnie lets her in to hear what she has to say. Belle wants a place for her reception and all the good places were booked in advance. Bonnie is “flattered” by Sami’s interest in “settling” for Alice’s, until Sami tells her that her parents are paying for it, and Bonnie can name her price. She starts to show Sami around and give her some ideas on how to redecorate, when Mimi comes rushing in, and disregarding her mother’s effort to tell her that there is someone else there, Mimi tells her that she came real close to sleeping with Shawn. Sami speaks up, horrifying Mimi and the two get into it about Mimi’s quick recovery from Rex leaving. Bonnie breaks them up and sends Sami to the banquet room, where she eavesdrops on their conversation. Bonnie encourages Mimi to go after Shawn and pushes her hard. She is sure that Sami is going to rush home and tell Rex, which Bonnie thinks a) won’t happen as they weren’t close and b) Rex made his choice, so she is free to move on. Mimi finally says enough is enough and tells her mom that she actually came looking for a job. Bonnie gives her a job as a waitress and calls Shawn (without Mimi knowing) to fill in as bartender until she can find a replacement for Rex. He accepts, knowing he will need the extra cash. Bonnie gushes to Max about the new bartender/boyfriend/soon to be fiancée..

At the loft, Belle is on the phone. Apparently the van that takes Phillip to his appointments broke down and no one else is available. He would rather skip the appointment and go back to bed, but she reminds him it is the fitting for his prosthesis. She wants to ask John for help, but Phillip suggests asking Mimi and Shawn instead as they’re closer. Shawn and Mimi are in the hall, as she is going to see her mother, but wants to make sure he has his keys so he doesn’t get locked out again. When Belle comes out, Mimi leaves and Belle tells Shawn that Philip needs his help. When he tells her that he is happy to help, she thanks him for understanding. He states that he may not be happy with her decision, but he has to accept it. When he tells Phillip they should go, Belle leaves to get her things and Phillip tells him to sit down. Phillip pushes Shawn to move on with Mimi. After all, they are friends and they are living together. They could end up like Phillip and Belle. They too started out as friends, and then he moved in and look where they are now. Shawn is very uncomfortable about this talk. He tells Phillip they should get the landlord to soundproof the lofts as they could hear everything. Phillip isn’t bothered by that, but Shawn sure is, as is Belle who is listening.

Once at the hospital, Phillip goes to get his new leg, and tells Belle to spend time with Shawn. She thanks him for his help under the circumstances, and he tells her that he would do anything for her. She says she isn’t so sure. When he questions that, she says if he cares about her so much, why is he spending so much time with Mimi. He tells her that he and Mimi are just friends, and his cell phone rings. He doesn’t recognize the number and since he shouldn’t have his phone in the hospital, he goes to use the payphone to return the call. Sami then waylays Belle and lectures her on getting over Shawn. She tells her little sister to ignore her heart (who can’t get over Shawn) and listen to her stomach. Her unborn baby wants to remind her that she is married to its daddy and she needs to accept that her life with Shawn is over. Belle is in tears, commenting that she can’t get over Shawn.

At the parish dance, Frankie and Jen are dancing. They remark on the old songs and the memories they bring of being young and in love. (As Jen says, yes they are that old!)
Jen finds it strange that Jack would sign them up to work and then just disappear. He hasn’t thought about work in months, just spending time with his family. This business meeting out of the blue seems strange to her. Frankie tells her that Jack has the future to look after. They discuss the fact that Frankie is now staying and how he wants to see Caroline now that she is home. Frankie wanted her to come to the party so that he could surprise her, but when he called, Shawn said she was napping. Jen wants to fix him up with some of her cute single friends, but Frankie, remembering Jack’s plea, turns her down. She gives him a hug and tells him he doesn’t know what he’s missing, and Caroline’s voice asking what he is doing startles him (she came up behind him). She wants to know why she didn’t rate a visit. He tells her about calling, but she tells him she got the message and was teasing him. She is happy to be home with her family and have her two youngest home to. Frankie promises her that they will be staying for a while. Caroline talks to Jen about Jack being happy to be home. Jen claims that she will never let Jack out of her sight again, and Caroline is sure she has nothing to worry about, that Jack won’t be going anywhere for a long time. Frankie looks worried.

Caroline reassures Frankie that she and Victor are just friends and asks if he has anyone special, when Patrick finds Jen. Frankie tells Caroline that he doesn’t like Patrick and him hanging around Jennifer so much. Caroline sends him for some cups for Sister Mary Margaret, and he high-tails it over to Jen and Patrick to ask Jen for them. Jen leaves with him and Chelsea is in the background watching him, and then she calls Max. Frankie and Jen are in the closet, but the light burns out and she trips right into him. Someone shuts and locks the door (looks like Jack’s arm?) with them inside, trapped in the dark

Also at the dance, Abby is standing off to the side, waiting for Josh, when Chelsea comes up. She set up what she hoping to accomplish and is now waiting for Patrick to arrive. When he finally does show up, he goes to Abby, but Chelsea is gone to the bathroom. He tells her he got her message about wanting to talk. She leads him to a quiet room, where she immediately pulls him into another kiss, which he rebuffs. She is hurt, but he tells her that he is her friend only and she should find a guy her own age. She blames Bo and his wife for turning him away from her, but she has another guy who can she have at any time that isn’t boring like the guys her age. Patrick tells her to stay away from Max Brady. He is a user and a charmer and will only hurt her.

Josh shows up for Abby, who was worried about being stood up. It turns out his skateboard lost a wheel. He gives her a small gift, a decoder ring from his favourite super hero. She asks him to dance. Chelsea finds Abby after the dance and asks how her date with Josh is going. It is going good, but Abby can tell that Chelsea’s plans for Patrick aren’t. Chelsea blames Bo and Hope for Patrick rebuffing her, but she has plans to use Max to drive him insane, and calls to set up an appointment with him for one hour later. Patrick comes to her.

At the hospital, Bo and Billie are shown into a lounge to wait for the DNA results and told to make themselves comfortable while waiting for Lexie. Billie is anxious, but Bo tells her to be patient. She talks about all the months of searching, flying all over the world and nearly getting killed, and their daughter was in Salem the whole time. Bo tells her not to get her hopes up, but it is going to be okay. He hugs her in comfort as Hope watches through the window in the door. She comes in and thanks Bo for leaving without telling to her – she wanted to here from him and not Chelsea and didn’t like how Chelsea told her, she didn’t like her attitude. Billie jumps on Hope saying she was probably reacting to Hope’s lousy attitude. Bo stands up for Hope, but Billie stills attacks Hope and defends Chelsea. Hope says Chelsea is out of control and needs help. She is only going to get worse if her deeper issues aren’t dealt with. She thinks there are issues that were present before she hit the hard times that Billie blames Chelsea’s problems on. She is a troubled teen. Billie stills sees it as Hope that is the problem, not Chelsea, who is just a good kid who needs patience and understanding. Hope thinks that Chelsea forced herself on Patrick – she is the kind of girl who will use sex to manipulate. Billie is riled up thinking that Hope is calling her daughter a slut. Hope actually caught the reference and asks what she just said. Bo explains that they are there waiting for DNA results because DiMera told Billie that Chelsea was their daughter. Hope immediately apologizes for possibly sounding harsh in her assessment, but Billie assures her that if Chelsea is her daughter, she will get all the patience and love and care that she needs and will not let her daughter make the same mistakes she did. A nurse brings the results (as Lexie got called to the ever present emergency) and Bo gives the folder to Billie to open. We get an, “Oh my God, I can’t believe this,” and worried looks on Bo and Hope’s faces, as the previews show:

Hope telling someone that Bo and Hope have found their daughter – they know who and where she is….

Billie and Bo discussing whether Chelsea should know that they are her parents….

Belle asking Shawn: “What if Mimi falls in love with you, what will you do then?”

Jen and Frankie in the closet – Jen is in some kind of showgirl costume

Scrambled voice to Sami on the phone: “You will do whatever Count DiMera asks you to do, or you can kiss your life as you know it in Salem goodbye.”


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Wednesday, August 24th


Episode #10129
Tape date – 7/25/05
Director – Albert Alarr

Summary: If one didn’t know better, one would almost think this was a repeat episode, as Chloe once more refuses to marry Brady, Jack once more conjures up reasons to play music from Jennifer’s & Frankie’s past, Chelsea once more rants about Billie, Kate once again rants about Sami, looking for dirt, while Tony once more manipulates everyone from the interrogation room. Lol.

Chloe just cannot resist all those mirrors in the place, and does her usual hand mirror pity party. Brady comes in, all excited about their upcoming nuptials, but Chloe once more does her mantra of “I can’t marry you, I look like a monster." Brady refuses to accept that, they talk of the RSVPs, why Sami got invited, etc. etc. They kiss, and off to the bed, where else? Later, Chloe talks of hoping the antibiotics work on the infection (oooh, looks like Dr. Travis has a miracle cure, and no surgery required, lol). Brady mentions that she is not to remove the bandage from her cheek, but of course, when alone, she does just that, and we see her hair covering her face as she seems to be sobbing. When Brady comes in she tells him the scar looks worse than before, all "red and inflamed.”. Brady does HIS usual reassurance (you have all seen and heard it many times already) and we see scarless Chloe thru his eyes. Yes, her waffling about marrying him is over for today, at least.

ABBY COMES INTO THE LOCKHART HOUSE calling for Chelsea, who comes out saying she is determined to get rid of Billie permanently. Abby tries to make her realize how Billie has looked after her since her mother died, mentioning the blood transfusion, and how Billie took her in. Chelsea replies that it was Patrick who took her in, that Billie then butted in, and she should be living there alone with Patrick. (WHERE is Bonnie & Connor?) Chelsea continues to rant about Billie, saying she could never take the place of her mother who loved her a lot. Meanwhile, Bo & Billie have gone to the hospital, found Lexie, told her about Tony’s claim in re: Chelsea being Georgia, and how they want a DNA test NOW. Lexie says they have all of their records, etc. so will have the lab get on it. Bo & Billie decide to wait for the results. Billie wonders how this is going to affect Bo’s life, and wonders why he has not yet called Hope to tell her this news. Color Bo looking guilty. Back at the Lockhart house, Abby mentions having a date that night, asks Chelsea to help her get ready. (always amazing when these gals cannot dress themselves, lol)

Meanwhile, Frankie enters a darkened hall, calls out for someone, as he turns on the light. Jen comes thru a door, wondering why he is there. Frankie says he got a message from Jack to come over to St. Lukes Parrish House. Jen got the same one. Cue the music, as “Stand By Me” begins to play. Both wonder who put that music on, as we see Jack in the next room, telling himself he has all their favorite music and before the night is over, it will be done. (This is about the saddest and lamest storyline….and if Days thinks this is a J&J love story, as claimed in a magazine interview, he had better think again.) Jack comes out, talking of the St. Luke’s annual Charity Dance, saying he volunteered them all to help set up, but he has a business meeting (hmmm, and him with no job, lol) so wants Frankie to stay and help Jennifer. She protests, saying Frankie is leaving, but Jack says no, he isn’t. Flashback to Jack begging Frankie not to leave. Frankie agrees, saying now that Caroline is back, he wants to spend some time with his family & friends, as he realized how much he missed them all. Jen tells Frankie she knows why he changed his mind and Jack should be ashamed of himself. Frankie protests, all protective of Jack, who continues to push Frankie onto Jen. Abby & Chelsea arrive, Jack gives them balloons to blow up, and everyone is putting up decorations. (Gee, wonder where Father Tim is.) Jen insists Frankie tell her how Jack twisted his arm to stay, but Frankie is mum. Now Jack puts on the song “On Bended Knee”, tells the girls how good Frankie & Jen were in the dance dept. and insists both show the girls their stuff. Jennifer and Frankie begin to dance.

AT THE CONVENTION HALL, formerly known as the interrogation room at the Salem P.D. Kate visits Tony, who already realizes she wants info on Sami. He tells her he does have info, but the price is his freedom. Kate is willing to make her deal with the devil, but doesn’t know how to manage that. Tony claims he will give her a hint, the price being the use of her cell phone. He makes a call.

Sami is at her laptop, reading the news of Tony’s capture and of being held for interrogation. (How come no one watches the TV news?Flashback here to the war zone, as Tony in his beret, talks of how Sami as Stan pushed drugs onto John, tortured Billie about her lost child, was responsible for Chloe’s botched operation, & led the Keystone warriors into a trap in the war zone.) Lucas comes in, tells her their wedding is off, scaring her, but turns out the invitations have no date on them. Sami checks her computer….and sure enough, there is no date. She fixes that, talking of having to resend them now. (I guess that is one way to save money when neither one has a job, just invite via e-mail. Emily Post would not approve, but then, Emily Post never had a computer, I bet. ) As they kiss, Sami gets the call from Tony, who urges her to come down to see him right away. She tells Lucas it was the wedding planner (there she goes, another lie, what happened to all that honesty from now on?) and she has to go check on the flowers. Lucas decides to go investigating Stan while she is gone.

Tony returns the phone to Kate, telling her she cannot redial, as he erased it already. She is sure he called Sami, but he does not divulge that. Only gives her the hint……that Sami is a Mistress of Disguises. Kate has no idea what that means, but Tony tells her to chew on it for a while. Kate leaves, & Tony chuckles at how his plans are going better than he ever thought they would.

Sami arrives at the Police Station in a black suit, white blouse, short haired black wig and glasses (hmm, she must have stopped at Disguises R Us, and they even have clothes to rent, I guess). She bumps into Kate, who doesn’t pay too much attention. She deepens her voice, demanding to see Count DiMera, as she is his attorney. The policeman asks her name, and she says she is going to have to get better press agent, she appears on Court TV, lol, and name is Barbara Couda. When she enters the room, Tony tells her that was very clever, and that she truly is a mistress of disguises.

Kate meanwhile, has conned her way into Roman’s office, just saying she wanted to leave her husband a message on his computer. Cop says O.K. Sheesh. She goes into Roman’s office, shuts door, and quickly gets onto computer looking for dirt on Sami. Lucas arrives outside, learns his mom is in the office, so goes in, and begins hollering at her. He berates her for trying to get into classified files, and funny scene ensues with him pulling her wheeled chair away, her rolling back, him pulling it away again, as he deletes the file or closes it down or something. Kate has a fit, but Lucas argues with her big time. All the cops are listening outside the door. Ha. Ha.
Tony has told Sami he will tell all about her being Stan unless she helps him escape. Sami protests that she has no way to do that. Lucas rants at Kate and then leaves. Tony tells Sami to follow his instructions exactly. Sami leaves, and once more bumps into Kate, who now recognizes her. She yells for Lucas to come back, several times, as she rants at Sami herself. Lucas returns and as Kate turns to show him Sami, Voila, she has vanished. Kate tries to explain that Sami was there, in disguise, but Lucas is tired of his mom’s accusations about Sami. Meanwhile, Sami is telling herself that was a close call, she would never be able to explain to Lucas what was going on. She tells herself she has no choice, she has to make a deal with the devil….but this is the last time. Camera freezes on her face, with flames erupting all around her……and the previews show…….

Philip: Belle & I are proof that friendship can lead to a lot more.Shawn: The only thing I’m interested in is moving on

Mimi to Bonnie: Shawn & I came this close to sleeping together.Sami’s voice: Meems, you don’t waste any time, do you?

Billie…yelling: Now you are calling my daughter a slut?A shocked Hope turns to an embarrassed Bo, saying: What did she say?

Frankie, trying a door handle: It’s lockedJen: Oh, my gosh, we’re trapped, to which Frankie replies: Yeah


Will Lucas and Sami get married THIS time? [1555 votes total]

Yes (834) 54%
No (721) 46%

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Tuesday, August 23rd

Episode #10,128
Tape date – 7/22/05
Director – Herb Stein

Summary: Billie and Bo meet at the pub and she tells him about Chelsea/Georgia, Kate finds a way to see Tony, Chelsea continues to be everyones thorn.

AT THE LOCKHART HOME…<br>Bo and Hope arrive just when Chelsea decided to kiss Patrick. Misunderstanding, Bo punches Patrick. Hope pulls Chelsea aside to ask what happened, pretty much knowing who came onto whom already, and Chelsea walks away. Bo stops Patrick from going after her and does so himself. Hope tells Patrick she has a pretty good idea what went on there and warns him that Chelsea could cause big problems for him if he isn’t careful. She gives him ice in a towel for his injured face. Hope said perhaps having Chelsea move in wasn’t a good idea, but Patrick reminds her that Billie lives there too. Neither had anywhere else to go and the house was empty. (hey, where are Bonnie, her younger son Connor that we never see, and Max the dog living now that Maggie and Mickey are remarried and in the Lake House?). They head back in the kitchen for more ice as Bo and Chelsea return to the pool area. He offers his ear or Hope or Billie’s if she needs a woman’s. Bo says Patrick WAS taking advantage of her and if her father were here, he would agree with him. Billie calls Bo on his cell and has something urgent to tell him (in person) and they agree to meet at the Brady Pub. He leaves and Chelsea tells herself that Billie has him jumping through hoops too.

Hope joins Chelsea and tells her she knows what happened with Patrick. She warns her if she flaunts her sexuality to the wrong guy, she could get hurt (hmm, guess we know what will probably happen down the road). Chelsea tells her what she told Bo..she can take care of herself. She’s tired of witches like her and Billie trying to run her life and tells Hope to go to Hell. Hope pretends to clean her ear, but Chelsea continues that Hope would be wise to keep an eye on her own husband. Does she even know where he is? (uh, yeah..why didn’t Bo yell to Hope at least that he had to take off..didn’t they arrive together?) She tells Hope that Bo took off to meet Billie. Hope remembers her discussion with Patrick in the kitchen. He told her they saved each others lives in the past and he’s thankful to her. He remembers her stripping down to her underwear when he was freezing and her crawling in the blanket with him to warm him…then he kissed her. He comes out of his memory and looks at her.

Chelsea compares herself to Billie that they both go after what they want and right now, she thinks Billie wants Bo.

Kate arrives to get more dirt on Sami as Billie walks out of her visit with Tony. Billie looks shell shocked and tells her mother she just learned something that if true, her life would never be the same. We return after Billie explains that Chelsea might be Georgia. Neither looks overjoyed, and Billie remembers how nothing’s been proven. Kate starts on about how now she and Bo can be with their daughter now as Billie rolls her eyes and states all she is going to deal with now is if Chelsea is her daughter. She mentions the rare blood marker coincidence after Chelsea’s accident. She hopes that Tony isn’t setting her up for another disappointment. She goes to call Bo and tell him what she’s learned as Kate mentally plans how to run her son’s life next and break up him and Sami. She tries to see Tony and the guard won’t let her. An ISA agent goes to get coffee and she introduces herself as Commander Brady’s wife. He still won’t let her see Tony. She mentions her daughter, Billie Reed, got to see him. He says SHE’S an ISA trained agent and was allowed to see him. He leaves and she calls someone for a favor (John?). She no sooner hangs up after being told her favor will be granted when the same ISA agent tells her he got a call from ISA headquarters. He doesn’t know what strings she pulled, but she’s been granted 10 minutes with their prisoner. She heads in to get dirt on Sami and info on Georgia.

Bo walks up and gives his mom a quick kiss and hug. She’s glad to be home, but his mind is on Billie’s emergency call. Caroline gives a little motherly advice to keep his distance from Billie (poor Caroline..has anyone had a nice welcome home party for her and Victor? Here she is, back slaving at the pub.). Billie and Bo sit at a booth and she flat out tells him that Tony said Chelsea is their daughter. Neither are overjoyed, LOL. He tells her about finding Patrick kissing Chelsea, which surprises her. She tells him about the Max/Chelsea scene she and Patrick walked in on when Bo responds that Billie’s making her out to sound like Lolita (ROFLMO!!). (for those younger readers, here’s a little blurb from about that movie)

Lolita (1962) was Stanley Kubrick's sixth film - a brilliant, sly adaptation of Vladimir Nabokov's celebrated yet controversially-infamous 1955 novel of a middle-aged man's unusual, doomed sexual passion/obsession for a precocious, seductive "nymphet" girl.

Billie knows his hatred of Patrick doesn’t help and he tells her he slapped Patrick a little in the face. Billie throws up her arms and moans..but Bo goes on that if Chelsea IS their daughter and Patrick lays one hand on her, he’s a dead man! Caroline walks up and drops a tray as Billie tells Bo that they have to find out if Chelsea is their daughter. He helps Caroline clean up the mess and Caroline expresses her concern about what his daughter could do to his marriage. He assures Ma that he and Hope talk about this a lot and she wants him to find his daughter. He just found out about Chelsea and plans to go tell Hope right now. Back at the table Billie tells Bo that she wants this news to be kept under wraps until they prove it. Bo knows Ma won’t tell any one.

OUT IN THE WOODS…Marlena and Alex are having a regular kiss fest on her bed. He finally stops and said they can’t do this. Still in a blissful blur, Marlena doesn’t understand, then realizes he’s her therapist and she was coming on to him. Embarrassed she runs out of the room. He finds her in the living room doing some major major crying (that Deidre does so well) and sobbing, berating herself for being a terrible person kissing him when married to someone else. She brings up being told how she had been pregnant with another mans baby and feels like a cheap whore. He calms her a little and sits her on the couch. He pulls out a file on her and tells her how she and her ex-husband were held captive and chained together for months. That’s how she got pregnant. In her past she was kidnapped and impregnated with a fertilized egg. She gave birth to twins, Rex and Cassie. She took care of them until they were cruelly taken from her. The Dimeras were responsible for all of this. This amnesia is a way of telling her system that she needs a rest. Everything is too painful to remember. She still doesn’t understand her attraction to him and asks if he works for Dimera. He shakes his head in denial and she apologizes. He thought distancing her from her past might help her heal. She continues crying saying she doesn’t know what she’d do without him and goes into his arms for a hug. She confesses something that’s embarrassing, about her dreams of kissing and making love to him. He justifies it as just transference and normal (yeah, but what about YOUR flashbacks of being with her? is that transference too?) He assures her she’s not being unfaithful by doing that. She admits not wanting to go back to Salem and loves it there, it’s so peaceful. She feels safe and happy with him there. All those people back home, she doesn’t care about seeing them again. She asks if that’s wrong. He shakes his head and says no and she rushes into his arms and thanks him. He tells himself that’s exactly what he’s counting on…and as the previews roll…

Chloe to Brady: “I’ve made up my mind. I can’t marry you looking like this.”

Abby to Chelsea: “Billie’s been like a mother to you ever since your parents died.”
Chelsea’s response: “That bitch could never be my mother!”

Jennifer to Frankie and Jack:“It’s wonderful that you’re going to be staying in town, but I have a pretty good idea what changed your mind….and you should be ashamed of yourself!”

Sami answers the phone (it’s Tony calling) “What do you want.”
Tony: “I need to see you.”
Lucas is standing next to Sami and asks who it is….

As the credits roll..


Friday, August 19, 2005


Monday, August 22nd

Episode #10,127
Tape date – 7/21/05
Director – Herb Stein

Summary: It’s a new day in Salem as Kate seeks out Nicole’s help in bringing down Sami...Billie get the information that she so desperately wants (from Tony)...Chelsea makes a play for Patrick...and Dr. Alex North continues to work his magic on Marlena.

AT SAMI’S...she is fretting and praying that things will finally work out for her as Lucas comes in asking her what is wrong. She hides her dress from him and recounts all the problems she has had getting down the aisle, making light of the situation. He is on his way to be measured for his tux and assures her that their lives will be perfect...once Stan is captured. After he leaves, Sami is back to fretting again, when Roman arrives. He too, asks her what is wrong. (Everyone can read her like a book, huh?) She tells him that she is just nervous but he assures her that everything will work out okay...UNLESS she has something to hide. He noticed how jumpy she was around Tony and asks her if there is anything she needs to tell him. She tells him that in the beginning, Tony tried to solicit her help (by promising her to get Roman and Marlena back together) but she refused to help him. She tells her dad that Tony will probably make up lies about her anyway. She learns that Tony hasn’t spilled his guts...yet and is a bit relieved. After Roman leaves, she goes back to worrying. She says that if anyone gets in her way, she may just have to kill them as she looks at a picture of her and Lucas.

While out, Lucas bumps into Nicole (literally) and gives her a hard time about Victor kicking her out. She makes a remark about Sami and he tells her that he is happy and they have a bright future. She lets him know that she knows something about Sami and asks him what it is worth for him to find out (as she has flashbacks of arguing with Sami). Lucas pretty much ignores her as she tells him that Sami will never change and that she thinks Kate may be right about her. Lucas leaves as Nicole whines that she needs a drink and ventures into the Brady Pub. Lucas returns home upset, saying he just talked to Billie and Tony hasn’t talked yet. Lucas is sure he will give them info on Stan eventually, but Sami changes the subject and starts kissing him as he whisks her up and carries a nervous Sami to the bedroom.

John is there having breakfast (Poor Caroline is already back working hard waiting on and bussing tables). Kate comes in as Caroline gives her a bit of a cold shoulder (LOL). She sits with John as they chit chat about Sami and Lucas (John is sure that Sami will screw things up), she also talks about missing Rex and whines about Roman pining for Marlena. They talk about Marlena and what she may remember. But John is sure she will recover and Kate says that Marlena is lucky to have him. He fears what she may remember exactly and that when she comes out of this, she may be a different person. Kate tells him that she doesn’t think that Roman has ever gotten over loving Marlena and thinks that perhaps he just “settled” for her. John assures her that she is a hell of a woman and asks what can he do to help. (LOL, how Caroline keeps her eyes on them from the background).

Nicole is at the bar enjoying a Bloody Mary as Kate spots her and gets renewed strength. As she makes a bee-line for her, Roman comes in and he and Kate get into it about her being there. At the bar, Nicole takes a jab at Caroline about Victor as she hands Caroline her check card (to pay for her drink and her takeout food). Caroline comes back, telling her it has been declined and rubs it in that Victor is no longer paying her way. Kate offers to pay for it as Nicole wonders what she wants in return...fearing she will regret it. They sit at a booth and Kate offers her the chance to put Sami’s head on a platter. Meanwhile John and Roman talk about Marlena, but Roman doesn’t really want to talk to him. They snipe back and forth at each other and Roman accuses John of just agreeing to Dr. North’s plan to get her away from him. John justifies his actions with the experimental therapy, but Roman makes it clear he doesn’t trust Dr. North. At the booth, Kate reminds Nicole of their last encounter and tries to get Nicole to spill her guts about what she has on Sami. She pulls out a wad of cash, which Nicole snatches. She informs Kate that she is sworn to secrecy about Sami, but she does know someone that can help her...the most evil man in town knows all about Sami. After Nicole takes her food and leaves, Kate figures out it is Tony. Caroline rushes over to John and Roman and has to break them up...telling them NO FIGHTING (LOL, always the mother). She tells them that whatever happens with Marlena will happen and there is no use fighting over it. They agree that she is right. Roman says that he thinks he is just on edge since his breakup with Kate. John says that they just have to trust Dr. North...they have no choice.

Billie goes to Chelsea’s room to wake her up as Chelsea swears there are no guys hiding under her covers, lol. Billie tries to smooth things over, but Chelsea wants no part of it and slams the door in Billie’s face. Billie and Patrick talk as he reminds her that Chelsea could actually be her daughter. Billie tells him that Mickey handled the Benson’s affairs and that he never said anything about her being adopted. But Patrick reminds her that they had matching blood types...with rare markers. Billie decides she needs to go see someone who can tell her for sure. After she leaves, Patrick is cleaning the pool when Chelsea comes out in her bikini and heavily flirts with him. She proceeds to slam Billie, asking if he loves her. She informs him that Billie is too old for him and he informs her that he and Billie are the same age (LOL). She asks him if it doesn’t bother him that Billie is ISA...considering his shady past. She thinks that SHE is better suited for him, considering that she doesn’t play by the rules either. She comes on strong with him and begins kissing he responds.

Billie goes to visit (surprise) Tony. (Note: What the HELL is she wearing?). Tony says he has been expecting her. She wants the truth from him and refuses to leave until she gets it. What is Georgia’s name? He finally says he will tell her, but it isn’t a name she wants to hear...her daughter’s name is Chelsea Benson (Gee, I am so glad they finally revealed that...I was on the edge of my seat ;-)

Marlena wakes up to find Alex in her room watching her, unsettling her a bit. He has her breakfast for her and she apologizes for her behavior the night before. He asks if she wants to talk about it as she has flashbacks of remembering him. She says she remembers she was in love...with him and remembers kissing him. She asks him if they have a past, but he talks about the transference of feelings, saying it is common. He encourages her to go with it. She asks if she is remembering being in love with John or Roman. He tells her it could be someone else. (Well, she was in love with Don once). Over breakfast, she notices the flowers and says she thinks they are her favorite as she sniffs them. He continues to try to get her to trust him and encourages her to take off her clothes...all of them. She is startled, but he explains she should take a long hot bath and leads her to the bathroom. While resting, she has a flashback of being in a tub with him. Outside the room, he says this is working out better than he had thought. After her bath, Alex tells her that she looks relaxed and asks if she remembered anything. She walks over and says I remember doing this...and kisses the previews show...

Chelsea (to Hope): If I were you, I would be more focused on my own husband...for all you know, Bo could be cheating on you right you even know where he is?...

Bo (to Billie): If it is true that Chelsea is our daughter and he touches her again...he’s a dead man...

Alex (to Marlena): You are NOT a terrible person. (Marlena, crying): What must you think of me?...I feel like a cheap whore!...

and the credits roll...

Thursday, August 18, 2005


Friday, August 19th

Episode #10,126
Tape date – 7/21/05
Director – Jim Baffico


Victor gives Nicole the boot, Chelsea and Max get a surprise interruption and Alex knows just how to get Marlena's memory back.

The show starts with Shawn and Mimi making out on the bed. She stops and they wonder what they were doing. She moans about losing the love of her life and her best friend all in the same day. Shawn says he’ll be always there for her and asks why she can’t stop talking about Belle. Mimi confesses about being really hung up on Shawn before she met Rex. She knows he never thought twice about her, but asks anyway. Shawn said she’s a beautiful girl, but it’s always been Belle. He can’t stop thinking about a future without Belle in it. He doesn’t know if he could ever love someone like that again. Mimi should realize that as he doesn’t want to lead her on. He can’t be that vulnerable again. She tells him how much she loved Rex and it hurt so much when he left. She doesn’t think she’ll get over him for a long time either. They agree it sucks, but happy they can be there for each other as friends. She goes up and hugs him saying she can’t lose anyone else in her life and thankful he’s there for her. Mimi rants on Belle’s marrying Philip again, someone she doesn’t love. Shawn stops her and says they both need to move on. They hear music and Philip and Belle’s lovemaking through the air vent. Mimi feels for Shawn about him having to hear that as Belle and Philip’s moaning gets louder.

Billie and Patrick open Chelsea’s bedroom door and Billie calls a halt to their lovemaking. Max tells them nothing happened (yet), but Chelsea yells at them to get out of her room and stay out of her life (hello mother, hello daughter) forever. The four argue as Max reminds them that he and Chelsea are both consenting adults. Chelsea tells Billie she doesn’t need a surrogate mom and knew this would happen (uh, find a job and make your own way then big mouth!) She tells Billie that Georgia was lucky to not have to grow up with her and hopes no one ruins her life like Billie’s trying to ruin hers. She asks Billie if she didn’t realize how humiliating what she just did was to her. Her mother would never have asked her to look after her if she knew how miserable she would make her life. She suggests Billie stop looking for Georgia so she won’t make her life just as miserable. Billie walks out and Patrick speaks up for Chelsea to stop it and orders Max to get dressed and get out. Max mouths off a little, but Patrick warns him that if he keeps it up he’ll take him out on a stretcher and goes after Billie.

Chelsea thinks she made Patrick jealous, but Max tells her that Patrick only wants Billie. Max picks up on the fact she’s using him to make Patrick jealous (yeah, she knew he’d fly to Europe and back in one evening, everyone in Salem does it, LOL!) Chelsea brings up Kate and Roman’s break up and how Bo and Hope will probably do so too as Billie keeps dragging Bo out of town to look for their daughter. Max clues Chelsea in that Billie has done nothing but try to help her. He remembers how wonderful Caroline was when the Brady’s took him and Frankie in. She’s determined to win this battle and walks up behind him, opening her robe as she leans into his back. She tells him she wants to have sex with him and for him to make love to her. He turns and they kiss. Later we find them falling back in bed again. He remembers what Frankie told him about being in love before having sex and wants to get to know her better first. Chelsea gets out of bed saying she just wanted sex from Max, but only wants to be in love with Patrick.

Patrick finds Billie filling up the pool with her tears. He says Chelsea was just embarrassed and to not take it seriously. Billie justifies all Chelsea’s gone through, but feels like Chelsea just stabbed a knife in her heart. She’s just a kid she’s helping out. Patrick knows something Chelsea said that makes sense. She’s trying to replace Georgia with her. Billie worries about if what Chelsea said was true. Is she responsible for ruining her daughter’s life? She cries in Patrick’s arms. Later he rationalizes there may be a good reason why she’s feeling this way and suggests she sit down. He remembers Tony’s statement about her daughter living in Salem and they’d recognize her name. He suggests to our super sleuth (who’s blood magically helped Georgia after the car accident..duh) that maybe Chelsea is Georgia.

To his loving grandson and not so loving wife. He’s anxious to give his wife what she so richly deserves. He mentions his evidence on her that she stole and Nicole said that was bogus stuff in his safe. Victor tells Brady about Jan’s involvement that night and how Jan tried to kill him in his tub while Nicole was handcuffed to Brady. Brady’s furious how she used him for an alibi and says that it’s definitely over between them. Victor grows impatient and turns to start strangling Nicole. Brady stops him saying she’s not worth going to prison for. Victor learns Jan’s in a coma and tells Nicole no matter, she’s not worth pressing charges against. Brady asks if she tried to kill Victor to be with him. Nicole said no, it’s because Victor’s evil and she wanted out of their marriage. Brady apologizes for sleeping with Nicole, not realizing he was alive. Victor calls Nicole a witch and isn’t upset at Brady over it. Victor knows Nicole had a master plan and won’t forgive her for going after his grandson. Brady advises Victor how Nicole was trying to transfer twenty million dollars to the Cayman Islands earlier. Nicole panics and Victor says it’s time she paid. Nicole figures she earned that money from all he’s put her through. Victor tells her to leave before he changes his mind and gets his gun. He throws her out with just the clothes on her back. She asks about the rest of her clothes and he tells her she can check the dumpster (they have one?) in the morning and salvage what she can find there. When she asks what she’ll do without any money, he gives the Rhett Butler response…”frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn”. Cue the “oh sh*t” look on Nicole’s face. Brady escorts Nicole outside as she begs Brady not to shun her too. He quietly says he doesn’t want anything more to do with her and to go. Sobbing, she does so. He returns inside and hugs Victor again, happy he’s home. Nicole watches from outside and vows to get Victor and everyone else!

Dr. North cooked a wonderful dinner for Marlena and pours them some wine. She raves about how wonderful everything looks (and tastes) and claims they’re all her favorite foods that she hasn’t had for years. She realizes some of her memory is back to realize that as he watches knowingly. He asks how much she remembers and she can’t remember anything about John or Roman, but it’s the food she remembers. He insists they stay on a first name basis and she asks how he knew about the soup (as we see another flashback of them eating together) and do they share something from the past? He admits looking into her history. She confesses feeling warm and happy there and admires his way of making her feel completely at ease. All she feels is anxious around her “family”. He touches her hand and notices it’s cold. He’s laid a fire knowing it gets chillier in the mountains, even in summer. With one match the fire starts (man, he’s good!) and turns on some soft jazz with his remote. He calls her doc (which she notes and he said he knows that’s what John and Roman call her) he toasts her and to her recovery as she has a flashback of them sipping wine together in the past. She tells him she remembers something and he takes her by the fire to warm up. He asks her to tell him what she remembers and she asks why she remembers him.

We return to them sitting on the floor near the fire as she ponders why all her memories involve him. From one shrink to another, he says it’s normal. She’s transferring her memories to him and not to fight having them. He tells her it’s time for bed and they’ll deal with the dishes in the morning. They blow out the candles at the same time and she flashes back to them kissing in bed. He asks what she remembers as goes upstairs crying as he watches solemnly as the previews roll...

Sami to herself: I swear, if he comes between me and Lucas, I’ll just have to kill him, that’s all. (is she talking about Stan or Tony? Rewound several times and couldn’t understand her, sorry…)

Billie to Tony: “You bastard. Tell me who she is!”

John to Kate: What if all she remembers is being in love with Roman?

Marlena to Alex: “I remember being in love with you.”

Alex’s response: You can start by taking off your clothes.
Marlena’s stunned response: “what?”


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