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Friday, December 1, 2006

Episode: 10,454
Directed by: Albert Alarr
Tape Date: 10/30/06

Realization Day in Salem as Lexie learns of Abe’s vision problems, John realizes Marlena is back stronger than ever; Steve finds Billie wants all or none and Kayla just wants the truth.

John visits Bo in jail and tells him he knows he didn’t beat up Patrick and about his trip to Italy. John asks Bo to cover for him with Marlena. John asks him to tell Marlena he’s not helping the cops. Bo replies on one condition, that you take me with you. John figures Bo’s got enough to deal with in Salem. Marlena visits Bo and knows John’s real reason to go to Europe after Bo tries to bluff her. Bo caves and says that John asked him to look out for her. Marlena glares at him and said if anything happened to John, she’s NEVER have forgiven Bo. She puts the shoe on the other foot asking if Hope was in trouble, she’d help him. Bo tells her the truth as to John’s trip to Italy and she rushes off.

Abe’s doing paper work in his office and the words blur on the page. Tek walks in and he asks if it’s Roman, but a surprised Tek replies no, he’s not as white and a few years younger, LOL. He whines about not having any luck getting another job in law enforcement and wants a referral from Abe. Tek reminds him that he worked hard and did a good job, despite their personal issues. Abe snarls, warning Tek that he’s lucky he didn’t throw his butt in jail. Tek pulls the old, I use to look up to you and we were friends card, asking for him to do the right thing and give him a recommendation. Abe says memorizing the handbook and good shooting skills does not make a good cop, what matters is in his heart and he slept with the commander’s wife. He’s responsible for his own actions and the result of them. Tek doesn’t give up easily and informs Abe that the State contacted him about how he feels Abe’s doing after the EJ Wells debacle. Abe knows they wouldn’t listen to an ex-cop with hard feelings. Tek said they would listen to him knowing he’s a good cop with good record who was let go for personal reasons. Abe finally agrees to write up a letter for him and says he’ll mail it when Tek tells him he’ll pick it up.

Lexie visits Abe and not happy when he tells her about Tek’s visit and the letter he’s going to write. Abe keeps rubbing his eyes and bumps into the desk. She joins him on the floor as he’s picking up papers that fell off and when she asks, he tells her about his eyes are getting worse. He’s nervous about giving the brass any more ammunition against him and if he took medical leave, would be the end of his career. He wants to wait until things calm down before getting his eyes checked out. He asks if she can help him out of there without bumping into things. She does him one better and says she’ll make sure he gets to and from his office every day. He tells her he loves her as they leave arm in arm.

Back to the cell block, Billie visits Bo and apologizes for the pictures Chelsea emailed. He isn’t worried about his situation, saying he always bounces back when the guard comes to take him to his arraignment. He tells Billie to wish him luck and she retorts he doesn’t need luck, he needs bail money (opening her purse)..saying she didn’t come down to see his pretty face (and she earns this money how??). He laughs as he’s walked away, saying thanks.

Kayla’s doing some yoga and Lexie arrives, saying it’s too soon. Kayla’s tired of lying around on the couch and worried about how it’s affecting Steve. She wisely suspects that Steve lied for her sake. Later the two share a yummy looking room service breakfast (which neither of them eats) as Kayla tells Lexie she knows Steve so well and can tell by his face he’s in pain and lying. Lexie asks if Kayla could really let him go. Lexie warns Kayla she needs to relax and Kayla agrees, saying she needs to get away on a little vacation…with Steve. Someplace they’ve been before to see if he does remember. Lexie thinks it’s too soon and insists on going with her if she does go. Kayla agrees, saying if Steve is lying, she’ll need a friend to lean on as well.

Steve returns and Kayla explains her cabin fever and Lexie approved a few days away. She wants to go to the mountains and him to go with her. She urges him to level with her. He can’t tell her and says they should go away. He offers to make the arrangements, but she has something special in mind and will make them. They hug. (don’t think Lexie can be in both places at the same time, do you?)

Billie towels her hair rushing to the front door as someone bangs on it…calling out for them to keep their shirt on. She opens it to find Steve, asking if he has to. She’s in a hurry to get to Salem PD after hearing Bo was arrested and takes a minute to clarify the picture Chelsea sent meant nothing and why she did it. Steve doesn’t care, he just wants her to know he still has feelings for her. They talk about how he lied to Kayla about getting his memory back. Billie warns Steve that if she can’t have all of him, she doesn’t want any of him. She dismisses him to return to Kayla and says he needs to be with her until she’s well enough to tell her the truth. She knows he’s hiding at her house as he feels safe, nothing to lose. (I expected to hear Helen Reddy singing I AM WOMAN in the background) as she blasts him with being tired of being #2 and she wants to be #1 in someone’s life and happy…it’s her turn!!! (atta girl Billie…). He agrees and says he just needed to see how she felt about him. He just wants to know if she still feels anything for him and he’ll take care of the rest. She admits to still having feelings for him and it’s killing her. He walks up behind her, saying he’s going to make this right and to trust him. She turns with tears in her eyes and says okay.

Marlena joins John on the Basic Black jet. He tries to get her to wait until he returns before they go on a trip together, but she wants to go DiMera hunting in Italy with him. He asks who told her, but she says she could tell on her own. He refers to her as a psychiatrist/psychic, LOL. She says they may not be married, but they’re of one mind and going together. She crosses her heart and said no sense into trying to talk her out of it. He sets ground rules…no jumping off the damn plane and not to do anything dangerous. She sits down to buckle up and says let’s head to Italy….as John sighs..

BO to BILLIE: Why can’t I keep it in my pants around you? She’s lost all faith in me.

HOPE TO PATRICK: I came to ask a favor. Please don’t press charges against Bo.

SAMI TO LUCAS: What if EJ wants the money back?
LUCAS: Forget about it, ok? I make enough money for the three of us. Call EJ back and tell him you quit.

KATE TO EJ: If you’re serious about bring Samantha Brady back into this company, it will be over my dead body.

As the credits roll…

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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Episode #: 10453
Tape Date: 10/27/06
Air Date: 11/30/06
Director: Herb Stein

Summary: EJ pleads with Sami to forgive him…Max and Mimi learn what happened to Philip…Bonnie cleans out Patrick yet again…Bo enlists Shawn’s aid to help with Hope, but she has had about all she can take. (I wasn't going to use this poster yet, but since this movie is mentioned in today's show, I couldn't resist).

At Sami’s…She and Lucas are packing Will up for his ski trip and as he takes the skis down to strap on the car, Sami continues with her checklist. Lucas wants to do something special with her tonight…maybe pizza and a movie. He suggests the movie “The Godfather” and she laughs about how he is obsessed with that movie. She puts her foot down and he says she can pick out whatever chick flick she wants. He says whatever they watch won’t matter, because it will just be a prelude to other entertainment. They start kissing and wind up on the sofa. She stops him, saying Will could walk in at any moment. Lucas complains as she resumes packing Will’s bag and tells him to go and help Will with the skis. Later, she heads out with the bag and runs into EJ in the hall…but she doesn’t want to talk to him.

He tells her about how the police have been harassing him for the past few days and that he is just paranoid. He apologizes for the way he treated her and asks her to forgive him. She confesses that the police asked her for help and says she regrets helping them and is glad that he was cleared but after the way he treated her in her apartment, she just isn’t comfortable around him. He whines that he thought if anyone, she would understand, considering how many times she has been betrayed by her friends and family. He says he never meant to hurt or frighten her and it will never happen again. He begs for her forgiveness and she says sure, ok, she forgives him. But he can see that she isn’t sincere. She finally says ok, she does forgive him but makes it clear that they will be nothing more than civil to each other. But he wants more than that and asks if they can at least be friends. About that time Lucas walks up asking what is going on and tells EJ to stay away from Sami. EJ says he was just trying to apologize and wants a clean slate. Lucas says sure…you can have a clean slate…then I will hit you with it (LOL) as he and Sami leave.

Earlier at a restaurant…EJ was reading the paper (the headline says “Salem PD Apologizes – EJ Wells Cleared of Criminal Charges”) as John walks in telling EJ that he will be ready for him the next time. EJ says he is in a good mood and John asks him if that is because Patrick Lockhart is in the hospital. EJ acts surprised and asks if Bo beat him up but John says he KNOWS that EJ did it. EJ scoffs at that, but John says that his arrogant behavior just convinced him of it…then John leaves.

At the Garage…Max and Mimi are making calls trying to locate Philip. Bonnie calls and tells Mimi about Patrick being beat up and tells her to get to the hospital. Mimi rushes out just as Abby comes in with lunch. Max asks Abby if she can help with the search for Philip and she asks just why is he doing this. Abby thinks he is going overboard with this and neglecting his work at the garage. She asks if he is doing all this because he has feelings for Mimi…because quite frankly, he barely even knew Philip. Max comes out with some kind of lame excuse about how since his accident…his fiascos with both Chelsea and Stefanie…he is searching for direction in his life. Max asks what Abby has against Mimi and she says nothing, other than she didn’t treat Shawn very well. But Max tells her not to worry. Abby says that he doesn’t have a clue that Mimi is falling for him. He seems shocked to hear this, but Abby says she can see it…even though Max says they are just friends. Abby says she just wants him to find someone who will love him. He asks her if she has any ideas of just who that would be.

At the Hospital…Hope is with Patrick as he whines and moans about Bo beating him up. He talks about what a good time they had when they went on their trip to New York and asks her to believe in him again and that he has never stopped loving her. Hope says she never intended to push him away but she has a history and relationship with Bo. Patrick says he needs to be able to count on him as well. The nurses come in to check on him as Bonnie goes through his pants pockets and finds the wad of blood money and makes a deposit to the First National Bra account. Shawn arrives and talks to Hope in the hall, informing her that Bo has been arrested. Shawn says he doesn’t believe that Bo touched Patrick but Hope is conflicted and doesn’t know who to believe. Mimi arrives as well as she speaks to Hope but all Shawn gets is an icy glare as she goes into Patrick’s room. The nurses finish with Patrick so Bonnie asks Mimi to stay with him while she runs some errands. After she is gone, Mimi asks him what happened and he tells her that Bo beat him up for no reason. But Mimi is skeptical and assumes he had it coming. Shawn gives Hope a note from Bo and she reads it as it talks about how he rescued her from her wedding to Larry and they got on his bike and they began the ride of a lifetime. He says she put her faith in him that day and today he is asking for that again…to believe in him…he never lay a hand on Patrick. He says that even though he is hot-headed…he isn’t stupid. Shawn asks her what she is going to do? Patrick claims that Bo ambushed him, but Mimi just doesn’t believe him, talking about how he has been slobbering all over Hope and has Shawn mixed up in something with EJ. She says she doesn’t believe his “I’m a victim” sob story. Hope tells Shawn that Bo will have to deal with this problem on his own, even though Shawn tells her he thinks Patrick is lying too. She says she can’t continue playing referee between them and can’t handle it…she is finished with Bo. Mimi continues to needle Patrick about his involvement with EJ, even though he contends that it is only racing business. He doesn’t want to talk about it anymore and asks her to get his pants for him. He goes through the pockets and realizes the money is gone. Max calls Mimi and tells her that he has found something about Philip and to get back to the garage. She is excited and says “ok, see ya…love ya” and hangs up and rushes back. Hope tells Shawn that she doesn’t know what she is going to do but she just can’t go through this again. He pleads Bo’s case, talking about how so many people have worked against him, setting him up (Kate, Chelsea) and through it all, he was innocent for all the things he was blamed for. He is sure that dad is innocent this time as well. Hope asks if he knows something and he tells her that if Patrick is involved with EJ Wells…then she had better watch her back. He asks her if she really believes that Bo is a lying, deceitful person…and admits that he gets mad at him as well. But he is a fair person…and why is she so willing to believe Patrick over him? He says she has heard Patrick’s side of the story…she owes that much to dad as well. In his room, Patrick is accusing the nurses of stealing his money when Bonnie comes back and tells them to leave. She tells him to calm down, she will ask around about it. Just trust her…she will find his money.

Back at the Garage…Abby happened to hear what Mimi said on the phone and tells Max, see?...I told you so. Mimi comes in and Max tells her that ‘Andrew Spivey’ aka Philip was sent to Afganistan and about the bombing. He tells her that he tracked him to a Veterans Hospital in Atlanta. Mimi begs him to go with her to check it out. But the tells her that he can’t go running around all over the country, it is getting expensive and he has work. She says she has to find the money somewhere to finance her tirp and she knows just where to get it.

At the Cop Shop…Bo is trying to convince Abe and Roman that he didn’t touch Patrick…even though he wanted to. Shawn arrives as Bo explains to him that he had been trying to reach Hope but she wouldn’t answer…he needs his help. (This is when Shawn went to the hospital). Later, Roman and Abe question Bo about what happened and he swears he never touched him. Abe tells him that he will be arraigned tomorrow and informs him that he is no longer suspended…he is FIRED as Bo stares in disbelief. John comes in as Abe is ranting that the entire PD is in trouble…this is SERIOUS. He reads off the charges against Bo as John says the beating has EJ Wells name all over it. Abe says he has heard enough about EJ Wells. Roman joins John as they try to convince Abe and he finally says that IF they can come up with proof that EJ beat Patrick, then they will talk. Bo wants them to just bring Patrick in and they will see that he is lying. Bon is furious that he can’t help prove his innocence and tells Abe that while they are dragging their feet on this investigation…someone else in his family could get hurt…and if that happens…it will be on HIS head.

Later, Hope shows up to see Bo and tells him that Shawn gave her the note. She is just so confused and nothing is clear to her anymore. She says she can’t continue…she just can’t be jerked around like this anymore. Bo asks her to trust that he is telling the truth. She says she just can’t take it…and that the adventure he talked about in his note is over…she can’t continue on this ride anymore. Abe takes Bo away as Roman tells her if she loves Bo at all…she will talk Patrick into dropping the charges. Otherwise, Shawn’s father will be in jail for a long time. He leaves as Hope cries…and the previews show…

Abe (to Lexie): All I have ever done is be a police officer…I can’t lose that…I WON’T…

Kayla (to Steve): You don’t want to go away with me?...(Steve): It’s not that…(Kayla): You can tell me anything…

Bo (to Billie): I didn’t lay a finger on that cry baby…(Billie): But you are still in a lot of trouble Bo…

Marlena (to John): I thought you had quite lying to me…(John): Who told you?...(Marlena): Nobody had to tell me…I know…

And the credits roll…


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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Episode #10452
Taped 10/27
Director Herb Stein

Bo is set up by Patrick to take the fall for EJ, Nick does Chelsea a favor, Willow encourages Shawn, who gets berated by EJ, while Kate fails her daughter, in order to plot with her granddaughter.


Hope is trying to call Bo, who is not answering his cell, when Billie arrives. Hope is not too happy to see her, but Billie wants to apologize for Chelsea sending the picture. Hope is sick of it, sick of Chelsea’s schemes. She is trying to work things out with Bo, and they are well on their way, in spite of her carrying Patrick’s baby. She had to chase Patrick out, and then Bo went after him. If anything happens to either one, Billie will be responsible. Billie tries to explain, but Hope will not have any of it, and asks Billie to leave. She does. Later, Bo comes home to an empty house. Hope has gone to see Shawn.


Kate sarcastically reads aloud from the newspaper how EJ Wells feeds the homeless. EJ shrugs, saying he threw a bit of money at the Salem Food Bank, insuring the homeless would have turkey and gravy. She realizes it was a publicity ploy, and was milking it for good public relations. EJ’s cell rings, he is not happy to see who it is, and leaves to take it in private. He answers, angry that Patrick is calling him, and hangs up on him.


Willow is snuggling up to Shawn, trying to convince him to buy the super expensive convertible which has a humungous down payment. Knock, Knock. It is EJ at the door, saying that if you want to keep making the bucks, my friend, you will have to improve your work ethic. He comes in, admiring the apt, furniture, and notes the convertible brochures. He tells Shawn that he has a great place, plenty of cash, a pretty thing to spend it on, and remarks that he gave Shawn all of this, but now he has fallen down on the job. Shawn replies that it is complicated, but EJ says no, it isn’t. Why have you not been taking calls from Patrick. Shawn tells him that Patrick calls at all hours, even middle of night, and hasn’t been paying him. Shawn had not heard from EJ, so figured something was wrong (yeah, right!). EJ gives him a wad of bills, to make up for his lack of payments. Shawn mentions having seen the TV, and was glad EJ was cleared of any wrongdoing. EJ tells him to try and convince his dad, but Shawn bad mouths Bo, saying his dad has been on the wrong side of everything of late. EJ leaves.

Later, another knock, knock. Willow again wants to hide, (thinking it might be Belle) but Shawn says no. This time it is Hope, looking for Bo. Shawn tells her he has not seen Bo, that they do not see eye to eye much. Hope gives Willow a “look”. Her cell rings, it is Patrick, saying he needs her, he thinks he is dying. (See below)


Patrick has been trying to call Shawn, who is not answering his phone. Bonnie comes out, and they have words about his stolen money. She claims he misplaced it, but he knows better. She denies taking it, saying she would never steal from her children. (yeah, right). Patrick tells her she would sell them all for the right price. She angrily tells him to get a 9 to 5 and he will get in the black again. She stalks out, running into Bo, tells him Patrick is inside. Bo barges in, with Patrick saying, hey, this isn’t your house. Bo tells him it isn’t his either, it belongs to his mommy. LOL. He (calmly, for Bo) tells Patrick to stay away from his wife, to call her if he is concerned about her pregnancy, and if Hope wants to talk to him, she will answer. If not, then leave a message like normal people. He goes on to say he will take Hope to Dr. appointments. Patrick reminds him that Hope is NOT carrying his baby, (low blow) but Bo replies that Hope is HIS wife. He tells Patrick that after the baby is born, they will arrange visitation for him, but that is it. Leave Hope alone. Bo leaves, and Patrick locks the door behind him. As he stands there, EJ’s voice is behind him, saying that locking the door will not fix the mess he has gotten himself into. EJ says he came in through a bedroom window, as no one should know they are in contact. He reams Patrick out for not paying Shawn, and is not sympathetic to Patrick’s claim of having his money stolen and being broke. Patrick needs a few thousand, which EJ gives him, but then angrily tells him that he has been handling things poorly, and could jeopardize the operation. And for that there is a price to pay. He backhands Patrick who falls to the floor. Later we see him, laying there, all bloodied, calling Hope. The money is scattered near him, and crumples it all up, stuffing it into his pocket. Later, Hope rushes in…..shocked at what she sees. Patrick murmurs “Bo, Bo did this”. Now Bonnie rushes in, sees Patrick, and babbles about Bo being outside when she left, and he must have done this. She calls 911 for an ambulance, and also wants the cops, as someone beat up her son.


Nick, Abby & Chelsea are having dinner at Chez Rouge. As usual, Chelsea is whining about not having a computer, can’t IM anyone, she has no way of knowing what is going on in the world, she might as well be living in a cave. Abby tells her to buy another, but alas, no money. Abby suggests getting a job…”Like I have time” replies Chelsea. Nick offers to let her borrow one of his, one that he bought and paid for from his salary. He has one at home he rarely uses, as he mostly uses the one at work. Chelsea is surprised, and agrees, as he offers to go get it NOW. (poor guy, cannot even finish his dinner). Now Abby scolds her for taking advantage of Nick. She accuses her of playing him. Chelsea denies it, but Abby warns her that Nick has a big crush on her. Oooh, news to Chelsea. When did this happen? Abby explains how intrigued Nick was at meeting her, how he has helped her out with the bartender at Dune, inviting her to the Brady Thanksgiving and now the computer. Chelsea is surprised, but delighted. Nick returns with the laptop, with Chelsea giving Nick another peck on the cheek, making him very happy. Chelsea leaves with the laptop, and Abby tries to make Nick realize what is going on., but he is too enthralled. He leaves.


Billie comes to see Kate, shows her the picture, telling her all that Chelsea did, and asks her to not be sympathetic to Chelsea. She says her daughter looks up to Kate, and asks her help in straightening her out. In walks Chelsea, bearing her borrowed laptop, bragging about how she got it. Billie scolds her a bit, then Kate wants to talk to Chelsea alone. Chelsea is all snotty about how she took the picture, and why she sent it to Hope, Patrick & the pirate. Kate seems at first to be going to give her a dressing down, but ends up telling Chelsea that she is gutsy and determined, and congratulates her on what she did. Bravissimo, she says, calling her a diamond in the rough. Now comes lecture on being sneaky, but appearing to be nice, staying focused on her goal, and the advice to start a blog, telling everyone how she feels….. and to treat her parents with kid gloves.


Patrick is on the bed, all cleaned up, with Bonnie telling him how they are going to sue the Brady’s, not to worry, she will take care of legal stuff, and has just been waiting for a chance like this. He weakly calls for Hope. Outside in the hall, Hope has called Bo, who has no idea what she is talking about. When she says she is at hospital with Patrick, he thinks for an appt., and tells her he TOLD her he would go with her. Miscommunication going on, of course, as Hope tells him not to pretend he does not know what she is talking about. Bonnie comes out for her..and she hangs up. Hope goes in to see Patrick, who tells her he has broken ribs, some internal bleeding, and says Bo has probably gone on the lam. Hope says she doubts it. He asks her to stay with him til the cat scan reports comes in, telling her she is all he has. (sure, no mom, sis, brother, etc. )

Billie comes home, sees the place in a shambles, then the blood on the floor. She calls Bo, telling him, then sees a note from Bonnie saying she took Patrick to the hospital. She realizes it must be Patrick’s blood.

Shawn has bought that convertible, and is out joyriding with Willow. She wants to go to Chez Rouge, as would like to be served, instead of serving others. Life is perfect, except for one thing. He decides to put the pedal to the metal. (And it is end of November in the Midwest…have not seen a single convertible with the top down. Shawn & Willow must be really warm blooded people, lol)

EJ comes into Kate’s office, looking a bit rumpled, tie askew, hair a bit messed. She comments about it. He takes off his tie, inviting her over to his place, but she says, why leave. We can stay here, as they begin to make out. (looks like that desk will get cleared off soon again, Ha. AND…..with Patrick as beat up as he is, why do EJ’s hands look so good? It would seem there would at least be some abrasions, etc. )

Chelsea is in her bedroom, prettying herself up, then sits cross legged on her lovely bed, and begins talking to her set up cell phone. She evidently is making a video blog, as she says her name is Chelsea, she is 19, this is her room, she lives with her mom and some other people not worth mentioning. She says she doesn’t get along with her mom, all people are hypocrites, and something about wearing steel toed boots to kick some butt. We see Nick avidly watching at work, as he eats his sandwich. (Now how the heck does he even KNOW she is doing this? Sigghhhh)

Bo is trying to get Billie to tell him what is going on. Knock, Knock. There is Officer Schulz to arrest a very puzzled Bo. He thinks it is a joke. No joke.

Shawn & Willow are having a fancy dinner at Chez Rouge, as she mentions she cannot believe she is eating escargot. Shawn informs her that is snails. LOL. He looks over the menu, noting the brains and sweetbreads, deciding he will just have a steak. Abby comes up, telling him there is a message for him from Bo, that he wants to see him. Shawn is ready to ignore it, but Abby says his father has been arrested, and needs him. And the previews roll…….

MAX: Don’t worry about me, Abby, I know what I’m doing, okay? Abby: If that’s true, then why do you seem to not have a clue that mimi is falling for you?

ABE, angrily, TO JOHN: We’re done talking about EJ Wells. It’s over. Now do I make myself clear. (Bo is in the background)

EJ TO SAMI: I’m not beyond forgiveness….am I?

HOPE TO BO: I can’t continue on this ride with you any longer. It’s over.


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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

EPISODE: 10,451
DIRECTED BY: Roger Inman
TAPE DATE: October 25, 2006

Chelsea’s picture of Bo and Billie creates tension to all involved at the Salem Inn, Reed Home and the Bradys while John’s recruited for some Italian sleuthing by Abe and Roman.

Marlena’s on the phone making wedding plans when Kate knocks at the door. She’s angry and looking for John to “wring his neck.” Kate tells Marlena about ransacking EJ’s apartment for John and now EJ knows. Marlena smiles, admitting knowing all of it. Kate said EJ told her he was innocent, but Marlena suggests that EJ might be lying (ya think?) Marlena asks how close Kate is with EJ and she says they’re more than partners, they’re friends. Marlena’s back on her game and realizes that Kate’s been sleeping with EJ. Kate refuses to spy on EJ again for John and Marlena points out that John’s off the case, he gave her his word, so not a problem.

John returns home and tells her he talked to Abe and Roman, saying the department closed the case on EJ. He says they wanted him to wash his hands of it and he is. He then says he has to go to Italy as one of their Basic Black branches there is under performing.

Abe, Roman and John stand (doesn’t anyone ever sit?) in front of the fire to discuss Celeste and her tarot card explanations. Roman reminds them that the death card was missing and put them on high alert. If EJ gets that card, they don’t know who will be the target. John takes off his coat and asks if they have any idea whose death is expected. Abe reminds him about the onyx ring Kate found in EJ’s room and Celeste confirmed that EJ is a Dimera and as such, determined to ruin the Brady’s. Roman says their investigation has to go undercover now and that’s where John comes in…being he’s a Dimera himself. John’s surprised by Abe’s change of direction, now wanting him to get involved. John guesses Abe wants him to go to Italy to investigate and is right. John tells them no, he can’t do that to his wife. They suggest he lie to Marlena about a business trip to Italy, but John worries that if he got killed in the process, how Marlena would feel. Roman reminds him what will happen if John doesn’t help. John reluctantly agrees and demands Abe swear that NO ONE knows about it..especially Marlena. The three tap fists in agreement and John keeps saying DAMN, LOL.

Bo returns home to find Hope crying over a note he sent saying he never wants to lose her again and that love is forever. They kiss and she dashes (holding her tummy) upstairs to get into something more provocative. In a little while Hope comes downstairs looking morose. She explains her laptop was open and she had an email..she almost deleted it, not recognizing the sender, but didn’t and shows him the picture of him and Billie (guess her laptop must be hooked up to a printer upstairs). The picture was date stamped and Bo says it was the day at the pub and Billie was there…Hope remembers. He calmly states nothing happened and that he and Billie realized they were just friends. She was upset over Steve and he over Hope. Billie calls and says she saw the picture and he asks if SHE is there and to keep her there..he’s on his way over. Bo leaves to see Chelsea and Patrick arrives. He walks in and tries to take advantage of the situation, but Hope tells him to stay out of her personal life with Bo. He grabs the picture asking if she’s going to take Bo back when he can’t keep his hands off Billie. He isn’t happy when Hope tells him that he shouldn’t think the picture opens a door for him again and he comes at her to change her mind when she backs into the vase with Bo’s flowers backing away from him. It crashes to the floor and breaks. He says it was an accident and she shouts for her to GO, GET OUT and he does so. She squats down and picks up a flower (she’s still wearing HEELS?)

Steve calls Billie to see if they’re still on for lunch. He’s found a place out in the country near a lake and says he’ll pick her up in an hour. Patrick arrives and shows Billie the picture of her and Bo sitting on the bed and when she asks who would do something like that, he glances at a guilty looking Chelsea. (c’mon ISA Billie, Chelsea SHOWED you that picture on her cellphone, didn’t she?) Chelsea snottily plays innocent, but then admits doing it. Patrick leaves after Chelsea admits sending it to Hope and the pirate (Steve) too. Billie lectures Chelsea that Bo might not forgive her so easily after this. The two argue about it and Chelsea is sure Billie wants to be with Bo. Billie looks the brat in the face and says nothing happened as they both know it’s over. Bo arrives after Billie just talked with Steve. He said he can’t come over as planned and when she tells him she needs to talk to him, he rushes off saying he has to go.

Outside Patrick calls Dr. Bader and reminds her to do the amnio herself and make sure that she confirms he’s the father, not Bo. He promises to send her the money after he gets an advance from his boss.

Bo arrives and when he hears Billie tells Chelsea…”are you happy now, you got what you wanted.” He tells Chelsea to STOP WHINING and to realize that she can’t break up him and Hope. He lectures her and then looks across the room and strolls over saying there IS something she is going to have to learn to live without, closes her laptop and THROWS it out the front door (ouch…just take it with you bud…don’t hurt a perfectly good laptop, LOL). She rants her whole life was on THAT computer…he asks why he should care the way she’s trying to destroy others lives. Bo takes off and Billie tells her that’s it..from now on they have zero tolerance for her. Chelsea takes her coat and leaves.

Chelsea runs into Grandma Kate out front and whines she’s a failure, not as good as Kate is. She whines more about how mad Bo is at her. Kate says she didn’t plan for the possibility of getting caught and next time needs a plan B. She has to look at her long term goal, a family who loves her. She has to reenergize and go after her goal.

Inside Billie is crying to Patrick. He tells her she deserves better if Chelsea scared Steve off.

Steve knocks on Kayla’s door and we find Lexie taking her blood pressure. Both ladies are thankful to have each other. Steve asks Kayla if she minds if he goes out for a while being she’s in such good hands and before Kayla can reply, Stephanie tells him no, that mom needs him. Kayla tells Stephanie that Steve was cooped up in the hospital too and needs some space too. Stephanie leaves after Steve says he doesn’t need to rush out. Kayla recalls a time when they were on the run and he had her hide out in a bathroom. He lit a match to start the fire sprinklers, then dashed and jumped into the tub with her when they went off. Back to present, she’s laughing asking if he remembered that, saying they were soaked. We know he doesn’t, but he just smiles and repeats they were soaked. She remembers how he got the soap and kidding about being they were wet…and back to present again says water always did that to them. Steve’s still looking glum and she suggests he go for that drive and it might help and he thinks so too. Stephanie walks out of the bedroom saying she was trying to open an internet account for Steve (he wishes her luck) and said a picture was waiting for him (he’s surprised as no one knew he even had email…yeah..pretty amazing indeed)….and wow, there was a picture of him and Billie. Kayla grows agitated and having trouble breathing over what the picture might do. Steve wants to go get more info on the picture, but he and Stephanie call Lexie. Next we see Lexie listening to Kayla’s heart and not sure if Kayla needs an ambulance. We return to Lexie giving Kayla a shot and recommending they don’t talk about distressing topics in front of Kayla until she’s stronger. Stephanie tells her mom that dad’s here and nothing else matters. Later she and Steve step 10 feet from Kayla and talk. Stephanie’s confident that he and her mom will be together forever now that he has his memory back.

Bo returns home to see Hope picking up the vase and flowers. She tells him that Patrick was there after seeing the picture and when she told him it was a mistake and he should leave, flowers went flying. Bo asks if Patrick got physical with her and he gets furious saying she’s pregnant and he did that? Bo storms out as Hope calls out to him…as the previews roll:

ABBY TO NICK: You do realize that she’s using you, right?
NICK: Chelsea will look at Nick Fallon and realize what she’s been missing out on.

KATE TO CHELSEA: You’ve got to smooth out those rough edges or you’re going to spend the rest of your life alone.

EJ TO PATRICK: You’ve been running around leaving a wake of chaos all around you. There’s a price to be paid for that Patrick…as he backhands him.

HOPE (on the phone) to BO: I don’t know you anymore Brady. You better find yourself a good attorney.
BO: Hope, what is go….as the credits roll….


Friday, November 24, 2006


Monday, November 27, 2006

Episode #: 10450
Tape Date: 10/25/06
Air Date: 11/27/06
Director: Phil Sogard

Summary: Mimi and Max find more info on the photograph…Willow works Shawn hard to keep him away from Belle…Victor calls in a specialist for Philip…Celeste gives the Salem PD a private Tarot card reading. (Way too much there to report it all…doing the best I can. It makes it difficult since I know absolutely NOTHING about Tarot cards).

Mimi and Max…track down the photographer and convince him to meet with them (they are supposedly going to give him a “TINA” award for his photo). Mimi finally admits it’s a lie (in fact, she explains that TINA means “There Is No Award”, lol). They tell him they are there for his help but he says forget it. He tells them to get lost…that is until Max offers a cash reward. They ask about the guy in the photo and he tells them that the Marine in the photo does have a prosthetic leg as well…and was skittish about being photographed…but his name was Andrew Spivey from Oklahoma. He has more photos and they go through them and find a better one and Mimi is sure that it is Philip. With the photo in hand, they leave.

At the Penthouse…Belle is there staring at the newspaper photo as Marlene comes in and asks her what’s wrong. She admits that she is worried about Philip and says if he gets killed it’s all her fault. Marlena reminds her that Philip is a grown man and responsible for his own actions. But Belle blames herself and says that she is taking all her frustrations out on Shawn…she wouldn’t even let him spend time with Claire on Thanksgiving. She says she has made a lot of bad decisions and seems to blame him for them. She says she the intention of doing what is best for Claire, but she was only fooling herself. She says that Claire misses Philip terribly and even notes that when she picks her up at Victors, all she keeps saying is “da-da” (Hmmm…wonder why that is?) Marlena tries to assure her that it’s not her fault and to stop being so hard on herself…children are resilient. But Belle’s mind is set that it is all her fault. She says she doesn’t even have a job and is living off her parents, even though she put so many demands on Shawn. Marlena tells her that her JOB is to be a mother to Claire. But Belle says she is depending on them and it’s wrong. But Marlena tells her that Claire can have both her parents in her life.

At Shawn’s Place…he and Willow have coffee as she tries to talk him into going back to bed…unless he wants her to hide in the closet…in case Belle comes by. But Shawn is sure that Belle wants nothing to do with him. He tells her that Belle wouldn’t even let him see Claire yesterday (Thanksgiving) and all he wants to do is be a good father to her. But Willow thinks there is more to it…and that he is still hung up on Belle, even though he denies it. Bo shows up unexpectedly as Willow prances around the room (it seems like to annoy Bo) and then goes to get dressed. Shawn tells Bo that he knows he doesn’t like Willow being there, so maybe he should call before coming over. Bo tells him that they were all disappointed that he didn’t come to dinner yesterday, but he says he had more important things to do than hang with the ‘Dysfunctional Brady Bunch’. Bo asks, like what?...hang with your hooker girlfriend? Shawn gets angry when Bo advises him to get rid of her and work things out with Belle. They argue over his job with EJ as well, before he drags Shawn down with him. Shawn has heard enough and tells Bo to leave. But before going, Bo tells him HE HAS BEEN WARNED! When Willow returns, she urges Shawn not to let Belle and his dad get him down. She urges him to spend his money on himself…go and buy that convertible and they will go on a road trip. (To me, it seems that she clearly has an agenda...there is more to Willow than meets the eye). But he gets a call from Belle asking if he wants to come over and see Claire. She says after that, they can talk. As he leaves, Willow warns him that Belle is just messing with his head, but he goes anyway.

Back at the Penthouse…Marlena tells Belle that she is proud of her for calling Shawn…they need to get along…they have a child together and that will never change. Belle says she screwed things up with Philip and doesn’t want to do the same with Shawn, he needs time with his daughter. She gets a call from Max and Mimi, telling her that they have info from the photographer and to meet them at the garage. She rushes off, not telling Marlena where she is going (says it’s better if Shawn doesn’t know). She tells her to let Shawn spend all the time he wants with Claire and rushes out. Shawn arrives and asks about Belle, but Marlena says she had to leave. He has a book of fairy tales for Claire, even though he says Belle doesn’t believe in them these days. Later, Marlena tells him that Belle feels bad because she feels so dependent on others and assures him that Belle does care about him still. She tells him that she is a mother…she can tell and that they have a very special relationship…and she thinks that someday they will find their way back to each other. But Shawn says he isn’t going to waste his time trying as he kisses Claire goodbye and leaves.

At the Garage…Belle meets with Mimi and Max and they fill her in on what they learned about ‘Andrew Spivey”. They are all sure now that it is Philip in the photos and Belle worries that he is going to get himself killed and it will all be her fault. Mimi says no, it’s her fault as well and suggests that they contact Victor for help. But Belle says no, she doesn’t trust him…this is something they have to do on their own. She leaves to go back to her mom’s and after she is gone, Max says that if she finds Philip and convinces him to come home, Shawn is not going to like it.

Belle goes back to the penthouse as Marlena asks where she went. She tells her what she learned from Max and Mimi and says that Philip has suffered enough…it is time for him to come home. Shawn returns to his apartment and informs Willow that Belle wasn’t there (which she is happy about). She tells him to stop letting Belle yank him around and tells him he should live for himself and starts listing all the things he should spend his money on…car, new clothes, etc. They start kissing and fall to the sofa.

At the Kiriakis Mansion…Dr. Weinstein arrives as Victor goes on and on about what a great doctor he is. He informs Victor that because of his research, he has very little time for surgery, especially if it is for vanity sake. Victor tells him this is his son and explains what has happened…that he is a Marine who lost his leg but was determined to serve and because of this, convinced his superiors to allow him to serve in Afganistan in military intelligence (no comment from me ;-). But his jeep was bombed and his face was disfigured…beyond recognition. Victor needs the doctor’s help and says that the only way to help him now is with a face transplant (sorry, that just sounds SO FUNNY). They go to see Philip as the doctor wants to examine him and begins to remove the bandages. Victor gets a call from the photographer, who informs him that he got a visit from Max Brady and Mimi Lockhart, asking questions. Victor says that no one can find out. The doctor removes the bandages and stares at Philip. Victor asks if he can help and he says he will try…but there are no guarantees…facial transplantation is still experimental and very expensive. Victor says that money is no object and whips out his check book. The doctor will put him on the transplant list, but Victor wants him at the top of the list and writes him a check “to help fund his research”. It must have been as substantial one, because the doctor says he will see what he can do to move him up the list. After he leaves, Victor goes back to Philip (back in Mummy mode now) and tells him that he promises he will get better…and they are going to take Claire away from Belle and Shawn…they don’t deserve her.

At the Carver House…Abe, Roman and Celeste meet, as she is clearly very edgy and frightened. She tells them she had a very disturbing dream about Alexandra and Theodore being in danger and is reluctant to help them. They finally convince her to help but she has one condition…they must promise to protect Lexie & Theo, whatever it takes. She takes the photos of the cards and notes that the vibrations are very strong…even though they are merely photos. She can only imagine the power that the actual cards have. After they assure her that they are in the same order they were in the envelopes, she starts to go through them. She lays out cards, telling them that they tell a story of calamaties, She turns over the “chariot”, noting that is EJ and it is a card of power and control. She says that he begins by destroying relationships…he isn’t finished and that there is more danger to come. They press her to be more specific, so she explains about the Tarot cards as she tries to explain what the cards represent, and how important it is what they are next to. She turns over another (don’t remember what she called it, perhaps the "Empress") and says it represents the loss of motherhood. They think it could represent Hope or even Belle or Mimi. (Celeste thinks it’s Belle). That card is accompanied by the “hanged man” which represents someone who has sacrificed and has experienced loss as well (Philip or Shawn?). Abe doesn’t think this is working, because it all sounds too general but she gets upset with him and says that she is even taking a risk by helping. Abe asks if EJ has threatened her. Later, Bo arrives and Celeste continues her reading. She lays out a series of cards and explains what they mean, saying that one represents Carrie & Lucas’s marriage and Austin’s proposal to Sami. But they were joined by the “3 of sands(?)” that represents heartbreak and loneliness. Then she turns over the “temperance” card, saying it stands for health and balance (which Abe says sounds good)…but Celeste says it is accompanied by the “5 pinnacles”, meaning illness and sacrifice (see?...this is way too deep for me, lol). They think that could be Steve and Kayla. Then she turns over the “tower” which means downfall and Abe suggests that represents John and Marlena’s plane going down. Since all these cards are pointing to things that have happened to them, they think that maybe someone was sending these cards to EJ as coded instructions of what to do. Celeste continues and says that there are many calamities to come…lies, betrayal, kidnapping, adultery, disappearances..many tears to be shed, but it is what the cards don’t tell her that frightens her the most. For, one card is missing…but she feels it is on its way and may already be here. It is the death card…and that is what the future holds. They think maybe that was Eve’s death, but she says no, it will be someone that they all care about. She gets very uncomfortable when they ask her who she thinks is sending EJ the cards. Roman says that Stefano is dead and Tony is in prison, who could it be. Abe asks her if EJ is a DiMera and she says he must be. They say they must stop him before it goes any further as Celeste stares off into space. (okay, she told them a lot, but I am sure there is a LOT she isn’t telling them). She tells them that she gave them this info, they can do what they wish with it, but to leave her out of it…she took a risk helping but she is finished and leaves. Abe tells Bo and Roman that this really doesn’t help them much…there is no way that the DA will bring a case against EJ based on an anonymous Tarot card reading. Bo says that leaves them with only one option. Bo says they have to call John…he is the only one who can help, after all he is a DiMera. They talk about how Marlena will be upset but they say they must put a stop to this before someone ends up dead. Freeze frame on the Tarot cards…as the previews show…

Kayla (looking at the photo): Who would have taken this and why would they have sent it to Steve?...(Steve): I’m going to find out…

Hope (to Bo, as she holds up the photo): Can you explain THIS? Bo gulps…

Marlena (to Kate): I know exactly what’s going on here…(Kate): What?...(Marlena): You are sleeping with EJ Wells aren’t you?...

John (to Roman and Abe): You have got to swear tome that NO ONE knows about this…especially Marlena…(Abe & Roman): Deal…(as the 3 of them bump fists)…and the credits roll…


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Friday, November 24th, 2006

EPISODE: 10,449
TAPE DATE: 10/23/06

THANK YOU to the new writing team for bringing holidays back to Salem. (Remember, this show is a day late in airing due to the preemption a week or two ago after the elections). Guess the Hortons’ aren’t celebrating this year as we find some of them at the pub with the Bradys, the Carvers celebrate and Celeste confirms who’s behind what’s going on; while Kate’s suite deals with female woes.

The Carvers count their blessings as they’re home with Theo on Thanksgiving morning. Abe sends Theo in to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in the other room before he explains the problems at the station due to the EJ Wells case to Lexie (he looks great in his orange sweater!). He tells Lexie he needs to talk to Celeste and about the tarot cards. Abe senses Celeste was too scared to reveal the cards meaning and Lexie agrees to talk to her mother about it. He leaves to help Roman hold down the fort at the station to give her time alone with Celeste. Celeste arrives and Lexie asks for her help explaining that Abe’s job is on the line. Celeste tells her no, just like she did to Abe, and goes to leave when Lexie brings Theo into it. Lexie urges Celeste to help. Celeste admits to Lexie she knows who she is and where she came from when Lexie knows the Dimeras are behind this. Abe overhears from the other side of the door. Abe walks in carrying his briefcase saying they have to talk. He tells her she can’t run away from the law or them. Celeste says the best way to be safe is keep their eyes closed and mouth shut. Celeste warns him to think about Lexie and Theo. Abe urges her to help fight back and she refuses. Theo walks out from the kitchen and Celeste picks him up, hating to leave. Lexie tells her to stay…they are family. Abe says family is the strongest power and Celeste agrees to stay.

Kate’s ticked that Lucas is spending the day with Sami and Will, while Billie looks at the positive side that Will is getting both his parents. Chelsea comes out of her room in a dress for dinner and Billie informs Kate that Bo invited Chelsea to spend Thanksgiving with the Bradys, but when Billie goes to call and thank Bo, Chelsea admits she was invited by Nick, not Bo. Billie can’t believe that Chelsea would crash the Brady’s party. Billie tells Chelsea her being there is wrong and it’s Bo and Hope’s first thanksgiving together since Zack died, but Chelsea feels she’s a Brady and it’s her right to be there. Nick arrives and while looking fine, blinking rapidly. When asked why, he tells Chelsea he got new contacts and literally trips when meeting Billie. Later, Kate and Billie eat dinner as Billie fills Kate in about Steve’s false memories and he still has feelings for her. Kate encourages Billie to take action on what she wants.

Abby and Maggie talk about Nick and Chelsea. Abby has Nick come out to show Aunt Maggie his new brown suit (and vest) before he dashes off to get Chelsea. Maggie congratulates Abby on a job well done.

Bo arrives first, bearing flowers for Ma. The pub is decorated to the max with a beautiful table set. Caroline credits Hope for the set up as next she and Stephanie arrive looking gorgeous. Stephanie is already counting her blessings for all she has to be thankful for. Bo worries that they might have caused more harm than good by supplying Steve with those memories, but Hope knows it saved Kayla’s life. She missed him the night before and he explains working on the EJ Wells case and didn’t want to push it by discussing the case when he got home. She grabs him and says she’ll push it, in bed with him later. She tells him Stephanie will be with her parents and she’s sure what she herself wants. He asks about “what’s his name” and she tells him that he’s out of her life forever. He kisses her and Frankie asks if that’s all he’s got (meaning the kiss) and to show more backbone. Bo obliges and pulls Hope into his arms and bends her down to kiss her when Chelsea and Nick arrive. She mutters softly to Nick that she’s glad he’s a doctor as she’s about to be sick. He tries to explain he’s not that kind of doctor, but she doesn’t care. She wishes Bo and Hope happy thanksgiving and although awkward, Bo hugs her and after she walks off with Nick, Hope assures Bo she’s ok. Nick advises Chelsea not to give reasons for people to hate her and when Abby offers them a donut (ROFLMAO, she’s taking over for Alice apparently), Chelsea refuses by saying she’d rather stab her eye out with a fork, while Nick accepts one. Chelsea takes Nick’s advice and thanks Ma and Pa for letting her stay. Caroline says she’s welcome and she and Pa walk away. Chelsea says “what a cow” and Abby explains why should she be nice to her, she’s always rude. Chelsea spits back they can’t all be little donut makers. Abby justifies that she’s grateful to be included as she misses her parents and little brother and walks away. Wise Nick tells Chelsea “way to win friends and influence enemies.” Chelsea says “they never give me a chance” and Nick tells her “THIS is your chance, don’t blow it.”

Max arrives with Mimi, explaining her family isn’t celebrating Thanksgiving this year (Mimi mumbles..or any year)…and Caroline greets her warmly with a hug saying she could never turn her away. Mimi apologizes to Bo and Hope for not telling them sooner that Claire was their granddaughter and Zack’s liver helped save her life..saying it might have helped…causing more of a damper on the festivities.

Bo and Max chat about the two surprises (Chelsea and Mimi). Max tells Bo that Mimi is just his friend as Bo warns him she’s also a Lockhart. Max approaches Nick saying he heard he’s the GO TO guy and asks for his help in getting the photographer who took the picture they think Philip was in to return their calls. Nick suggests lying as to who they are, saying they’re a big name publisher looking for war coverage photographers or something. Mimi said she’s off lying for a while and Max offers to do it for her, LOL. Chelsea takes a donut from Abby saying she had a bite of Nick’s and it was good. Abby accuses Chelsea’s influence is rubbing off on Nick and he says Chels (which she told him not to call her) taught him the end DOES justify the means.

Steve wheels Kayla in and everyone rushes to greet them, especially Stephanie who hugs Steve saying how happy they’re going to be as a family. Steve and Hope exchange morose glances at that.. Bo toasts Nick and thanks him for saving Kayla’s life. Nick appreciates that, but says he only provided the means, her family’s love was what saved her and quotes the Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry once said: Families are the compass that guide us through the inspiration to reach great heights and the comfort when we occasionally faulter.

He thanks them for letting him be a part of such a wonderful family being his parents are overseas this year and his first one away from them (being he’s Jessica HORTON’s son, it still surprises me he’s not celebrating with them). Chelsea goes to leave and he stops her. She cries she’s tried to be a part of this family for so long and he’s welcomed so quickly. He tells her she’s got to tell them how she feels and she goes to Hope and is happy Kayla’s okay and knows it’s her fault that Zack’s not there… when Steve interrupts, asking if he can talk to Hope (kinda rude IMO). Chelsea rushes out much to Nick’s dismay, but Abby stops him from going after her.

Steve and Hope chat about the situation outside the pub. She lets him know she doesn’t like being the go between and how much Kayla and Stephanie love him. He borrows her cell phone before she goes inside and calls Billie, asking to see her and explain the next morning. With Kate’s urging, she agrees. He says I MISS YOU and Stephanie had walked out to get him and over hears..asking who he misses. He lies and says her Uncle Jack, his brother.

They return inside and everyone is around the table. Frankie announces his move to Washington DC, but says he’ll keep in touch, Max toasts Frankie. (surprised Pop didn’t say grace) Everyone chats as Steve tells Hope that what he did was a temporary fix and it’s not forever.

Kayla tells them about a passage she read about how accepting people for who they are and being thankful for being there with them all. She feels truly blessed.

Kate and Billie chat and Billie says she’s not doing a replay of her and Bo. She wants something that will last forever. Kate encourages her and bets on Billie to be the winner who takes all. Chelsea returns ranting about how rude Hope was and the pirate took her away before she could finish talking to her. Although she said Steve was by Kayla’s side all evening, they tell her he took time to call and is going to see Billie the next day. Chelsea blasts Billie how she blew not getting back together with Bo when she was in bed with him and ruined their whole family being together. Kate tells Chelsea to leave the room until she can hold her tongue and she does so. When Kate complains about Chelsea going off every time she doesn’t get her own way, Billie reminds her SHE was the one who taught Chelsea to go after what she wants. Chelsea goes into her room and looking at the picture on her cell phone of Bo and Hope in bed, says all she has to do is send that picture to Hope and Steve and they’ll know her parents belong together. She hits the enter key on her laptop and sighs…as the previews roll…

BELLE TO MARLENA: I have hurt Philip as badly as I could and all I do is take my anger out on Shawn.

SHAWN TO WILLOW: I don’t think Belle’s going to be stopping by anymore. I don’t think she wants anything more to do with me.

VICTOR overhears MAX TO MIMI: So, we’ll start making the calls and searching the internet to see what happened to Andrew Spivey, aka Philip Kiriakis.

BO to ROMAN and ABE (with a flash of Celeste): We’ve got to crack this thing before someone we love ends up dead.

As the credits roll..

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO EVERYONE…we hope you and YOUR families have a wonderful holiday.

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Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006

Episode #10,448
Tape date-10/23
Director-Herb Stein

Rather hard to keep track of the show today, as we jump around from place to place quite frequently. Bo warns Shawn, EJ makes a threat, Abe seeks help from Celeste, Belle tries to get verification from her friends, Nick invites Chelsea, Frankie tells his parents his plans, Hope delivers a message, Kate admits to EJ, and the Salem PD caves to EJ. Did the best I could......


Belle brings the newspaper photo of the departing Marines, asking Max to take a look, and is that not Philip in the back row. Max disagrees, tho admits it looks a little like him. They argue back and forth. Later, Shawn & Mimi are there, and all are arguing about whether it is really Philip in the picture. Shawn claims Philip ran off, leaving Claire, and with no word, and now everyone is worried about him. He went to rescue Philip once, and will not do it again. Belle reminds him Philip is his best friend, they argue and both leave, continuing to argue outside. She asks him to have some compassion for Philip, as they leave. Mimi has been eavesdropping (when is she not??) and goes back into the garage to ask Max to help her try and find Philip. She thinks it is her fault he left, and perhaps they could track down the photographer who took the picture.


The mummy sits, as Victor comes in asking him why he is out of bed, and is he in pain. The man groans. Victor tells him not to worry, he will help him. Later, when the person is in bed, and looking at a picture of Claire, Victor says he is working on a plan to make his son’s dreams comes true. A nurse gives the man a pain shot and leaves the room. Victor promises to soon have him holding his little girl in his arms. (Hey, Victor, what about that baby that really IS Philip’s, that the surrogate is carrying??)


Nick is helping Mimi, Abby & Chelsea with the decorations for Thanksgiving, fall leaves on the tables, etc. Maggie brings an envelope to Nick, saying it just arrived. Nick opens it to find an invitation from Shawn, Sr. to join them for Thanksgiving Dinner at the Brady house. They are so thankful he helped save Kayla’s life. Chelsea did not know about this, so Abby fills her in. Now Chelsea’s nose is way out of joint, since she is a Brady and was not invited, while Nick is actually a Horton. She whines a bit, but Maggie gives her a pep talk. Nick tries to talk some common sense to her, telling her she is 19, should have a job, and apt, and be concentrating on getting her life together, not trying to get her parents together. Chelsea whines some more, about losing her adoptive parents in the car crash, and wanting a family. Nick apologizes to her. Abby tells her to give Nick a break, so Chelsea asks Nick how to go about getting an invite. He says he will bring her as his guest! Chelsea is horrified at “crashing my dad’s party on the arm of a geek”, but accepts and tells him not to dress like a loser. Nick jokingly asks if that means he cannot wear his turkey costume. LOL Chelsea leaves, and Abby scolds Nick for inviting Chelsea, when she was clearly not wanted there. He still is intrigued by Chelsea, tho, and asks Abby for help in “un-geeking” him, so Chelsea will think of him as “hot”.


Thankfully, Willow is no where in sight, as Shawn is on the phone with a car dealer, asking about the down payment and promising to come take it for a test drive. His father arrives. Bo tries to warn Shawn about EJ, and the investigation, telling him he should quit his job. They argue, as Shawn refuses to quit. Bo’s phone rings, he says “damn it” when he checks it, and has to leave. He again tries to warn Shawn, who refuses to listen.


Kate comes in to find EJ ready to go on TV live, to blast “the scoundrels” in the Salem P.D. who who besmirching his good name. Kate is indignant that he did not check with her first before arranging this. He is determined to save his reputation, and tells her to stick around. After his broadcast (see below) he asks her if she is the one who ransacked his apt. Kate is hesitant, but EJ goes on about her having been engaged to John at one time, but talks about them being business partners, and much more…….ahem……Kate is reluctant, but finally admits to it. EJ tells her she took his ring….which was a fraternity ring. She says that it was a DiMera ring, but he says, no, not unless they belonged to the same fraternity. (Wouldn’t the fraternity initials be on the ring? Maybe not). She tells him that Stefano DiMera was a part of her life long ago, and she does not want to relive any of it again. EJ plays on her emotions, and refers to them being “close”.


Shawn, Sr. arrives with a huge turkey under each arm, telling Caroline he wanted to be sure they did not run out of turkey. They are so happy they are going to be having such a big family get together this year. Billie arrives, then Hope who is meeting her. Hope has a message from Steve, but Billie does not want to hear it. Hope tells her anyway, informing her that Steve doesn’t really remember Kayla. Billie insists she heard the things he was telling Kayla, but Hope lets her know that tho Steve remembers a little bit, most of it was stuff she & Bo had written down for him. That he was encouraging Kayla with what she wanted to hear, and did save her life. Billie is insistent that he will get more memories back, and she does not want to get in the way when he remembers completely. Hope assures her that Steve still has feelings for her, urges her to talk to Steve and be his friend. Billie is reluctant, but says she will think about it, land leaves. Meanwhile, Frankie has come in, and tells Shawn & Caroline about the great job offer he has gotten in D.C. and that he is going to take it. They do not want him to leave, but understand. They talks about him perhaps meeting someone, etc. etc. He tells them he will tell everyone else at Thanksgiving dinner, as Caroline reminds him he always has a home with them.


Abe is showing Celeste the tarot cards, asking her to translate for him, as they are in Italian, and he wants to know what they mean. She has the cards laid out in front of her, but dances around giving Abe a direct answer, making various excuses as to what the cards might indicate. Roman calls Abe to come out and watch EJ on TV, accusing the Salem PD of harassment. His attorney is there, announcing a $40 million dollar lawsuit against the Salem PD, and 4 co-respondents: Commissioner Abe Carver, Commander Roman Brady, suspended police officer Bo Brady, and John Black. Now comes the furious assistant DA, wanting to see the file on EJ. She looks thru it, saying all this is circumstantial evidence, and heads are going to roll. Abe claims that is not all. She leaves. In walks EJ with his attorney, who announces they will play deal or no deal now. They will drop the law suit if the police drop their investigation, turn the case file over to them (huh?) and wants a public apology from Roman & Abe, admitting that EJ is not a suspect, and clearing his good name.

Abe goes back in his office, begging Celeste to give him SOMETHING. She spots EJ looking at them thru the window, and tells Abe, No, I cannot help you. Thus, Roman & Abe cave into EJ’s demands, and go onto live TV with their public apology.

Billie meets Chelsea later in a diner, telling her that Gramma Kate is having a catered turkey dinner at her suite and Chelsea should be there. Chelsea smirks, saying, she can’t come as her father invited her to the Brady Thanksgiving dinner, surprising Billie.

EJ escorts Celeste outside the police station, asking her what she told them. Nothing, she replies. Good, he says, keep your mouth shut. Remember, you’re a part of this family, too.

Kate arrives at the cop shop, angry at Roman for getting her into hot water with her business partner. The DA returns, threatening Abe & Roman again, if there is any more trouble. Freeze frame on the face of an angry Bo. And the previews roll……..

Billie, extending her hand: I’m Billie, I’m Chelsea’s mom…and you are…..

Nick, who trips and recovers: Never better

Hope: You should have talked to me about the investigation
Bo: I didn’t want to push it.
Hope: Then I’ll push it, back in my bed

Stephanie to Steve: We are gonna be so happy, you, me & mom. A family! She hugs her dad.

Celeste to Lexie: One family has caused all that pain – the DiMeras


There will be no new Early Edition on Wednesday 11/22, as Days of Our Lives is pre-empted on Thanksgiving Day. There will be a new edition on Thursday morning for Friday.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers. Have a wonderful day.

Monday, November 20, 2006


Tuesday, November 21st

EPISODE: 10,447
DIRECTED BY: Albert Alarr
TAPE DATE: 10/20/06

Lami fans will love this show as they admit their true feelings to each other, Hope has good news for Lexie, Tek hears YOU'RE FIRED..but not by the Donald; John and Bo get a new clue on EJ.

The show starts with a fully clothed Sami with her legs wrapped around Lucas going at it hot and heavy. She stops the action, saying she needs an answer. He asks what the question was. Lucas says he knows what he wants, her…and to make love all night long. Sami starts to let her emotions take over, even unzipping Lucas’ jeans..but pulls herself away saying they have to talk, and fully dressed. They both are caught up in the moment, but Sami says they have to get a few thingsto get straight now. Lucas says he is “straight” and it’s painful. Sami chuckles . Lucas starts to take her denim shirt off and says he wants her and she stands firm saying she needs to know his feelings for her. They finally talk and share they both have deep feelings for each other, not just sexual ones and want to make another go of it. They both call themselves the biggest idiot in Salem for what’s happened in the past. Lucas starts touching her waist under her shirt and saying how soft her skin is when she tells him she’s glad he understands they can’t have sex now..they have to let their relationship build. He’s disappointed in hearing that. (Sami and Lucas lovers have to watch this scene to get the full impact…) They agree they can’t cheapen their relationship with casual sex and he goes to take a cold shower as she collapses on the couch holding herself smiling).

We find Shawn gazing at Claire’s picture when Willow returns home from shopping. She found the ideal housewarming present for him….a baby monitor. She figures Belle will be totally impressed seeing Shawn has one to monitor Claire when she’s sleeping and it’ll also serve as an early warning detection device should she be in the bedroom and someone walks in. If so, she’ll scoot down the fire escape and be the “invisible woman”. Later she asks if she can take a shower and he says okay, tho she doesn’t need permission to do so. She no sooner goes into the bedroom and shuts the door when another woman bangs on his door…it’s Hope. She tells him how proud she is of him and about Bo’s moving back in. Zack’s gone, but they’re still a family. Now that he has Claire, that’s more important than anything. Cue Willow to exit the bathroom talking as she’s wrapped only in a towel and one wrapped on her head as well. She slips into the bedroom and closes the door. Hope asks him how he considers this being responsible? Shawn says Willow’s only there until she finds her own place. Hope knows that won’t be anytime soon being she has a nice place to crash and a nice guy to live with. She asks if Belle knows about this and he says no, asking her to keep it to herself. She thought he had grown up and knows Belle wouldn’t want their beautiful little girl hanging around a hooker. He tells her he’s paying child support and got a new job, doesn’t he get credit for that? She tells him your duty is to your baby and her mother. He replies..just like YOUR duty is to your baby and Patrick Lockhart? Then why are you having dad move in with you? You’re living with one man and having another man’s baby. You don’t sound so responsible yourself mom. How does it feel to have someone else judge you? I think you should clean up your own mess and stay the hell out of mine. Hope lifts her eyebrow, grabs her coat and purse and leaves.

Willow apologizes for causing a problem…but Shawn rants about how he’s tired of having to hide everything he does…Willow living there, Belle’s long list of rules, not being able to visit Max at the garage as his ex wife works there, not telling anyone what he does for EJ, etc. He just wants his life back. Willow asks why doesn’t he then? She asks what does he dream of but never talk about as people would give him crap about it? He says a convertible with 8 cylinder 10.3 liter engine with 19” mags. She tells him to go for it and before she leaves to go to work, promises to call before coming home to make sure it’s clear. He promises to get batteries for the baby monitor after she leaves. He pulls out a drawer with an envelope underneath taped to it…(he’s a bit smarter than Patrick with a box in his drawer, haha) to look at the pile of big bills he’s got in it. .

Bo, John and Frankie talk softly at a restaurant table over the papers Frankie had prepared for them to get into EJ’s safe deposit box. The bank is on the outskirts of town, so they shouldn’t be recognized, but beware of security cameras. John said the wires to them will be cut before they even enter. Frankie just wants the guy who tried to kill his sister caught!

Obviously needs an overhaul with tighter security. EJ Well strolls into Commissioner Abe Carvers office (any city with high rise penthouses with have more secure offices for their top brass) and empties a bag with the microphones and cameras he found in his apartment. Abe calmly points out there’s a procedure for complaints and to see the desk sergeant (he’s probably out getting more donuts). EJ flutters his long eyelashes at Commander Carver and EJ says he’s planning on suing their department. Abe flat out tells him the department doesn’t do that type of thing and EJ knows Bo isn’t above doing so anyway. EJ mentions John Black and after Abe states John’s not on the force, refers to him as a James Bond persona. Abe flicks EJ aside and turns to his computer, so EJ threatens to take the items to the DA. Abe merely smiles and says, “make my day…I’d pay to get you on the witness stand.” This does concern EJ and his face shows that. They challenge each other with who has more evidence than the other. Abe has EJ sit down and closes the door. He asks what he has on the DiMera family? EJ asks why he’d think he has anything to do with DiMeras, but Abe just smiles and tells EJ to go ahead to the DA to take him and the department to court…just be prepared to lose. An officer asks to speak privately with Abe, so Abe steps outside his office, leaving EJ alone. (uh, no…you ask EJ to leave) Naturally they step outside and EJ looks on Abe’s desk and finds the file about the safe deposit box . Apparently the cop told Abe about the call to Chez Rouge as that’s where we see him next. EJ probably took the file or is still there reading it, LOL.

Lexie tells a drunken Tek to leave, she’s got a restraining order against him. (For being drunk, he explains his feelings about not understanding her change of attitude about him well). She reminds him her job meant a lot to her too and she lost it as well. He babbles on and comes toward her and she slaps him. The bartender calls for a cop. We return as Lexie tells Tek to leave or she will. He puts his arms out to her to stop her and babbles on when Abe arrives and tells him to go home and sleep it off. Tek loudly says why, so he can return to the station that Abe owns? He tells him to fire him, kill him, whatever. Tek’s got everyone’s attention as he babbles on, saying he’s got some info about Commander Carver and his wife…when Abe finally punches Tek in the face and he falls to the floor. The bartender helps him up when Abe tells him to put Tek in a cab and send him home. He kneels next to Tek and says he got his wish, he’s fired and to come in and clean out his desk the next day. Tek leaves applauding the captain and his fine work (apparently not knowing what title Abe is now). Abe offers to take Lexie home, but she says she’s okay. He says he wants to go back to the station and start paperwork on getting rid of Mr. Tek Kramer. She asks him not to have Tek arrested, they’re both over him and let it be.

Hope joins Lexie (who was waiting for her) . Lexie tells Hope what happened earlier and how she hasn’t found a job within a 20 mile radius. The word is out that Lexie Carver is an unethical doctor and cheated on her husband. Hope has good news. She found her a job. She asks Lexie to take care of Kayla when she’s released. Lexie doesn’t think the Brady’s would agree to that, but Hope said they’re happy about it and Kayla’s released tomorrow.

Abe and John are watching a security guard drill into the safe deposit box and as it’s opened up, Bo tells “Mr. Avery” they have the box as he calmly lifts it out and places it on the table. (Bo is wearing a suit and the biggest yellow tie I’ve ever seen…and John is dressed to be older, grayer and wearing glasses). Just as they go to open it, the bank woman tells them there’s a problem with the paperwork. They exchange a glance. The woman noticed a missing signature on the death certificate. John points out all the irregularities and lack of procedures being followed in the bank on his way in and threatens (nicely of course) to tell the head office about them unless she lets them do their job without having to take an extra hour running around to get that overseen missing signature. The woman finally agrees and John asks for a place to look at the box and she points the room out to him. They open the box to find a stack of envelopes from Italy. John kids he would have liked a gun or a written confession, LOL…Bo suggested Stephano DiMera’s brain..and John adlibs “or another part of him”. Each has got an Italian Tarot Card in it. The two they open are a Jester (Bo thought it was a Joker, LOL) and a High Priestess. John holds the cards as Bo asks if they have the time to go through them all tonight (bank is open late?) or take them with them. (uh, no CAMERA on you secret agents?) They realize EJ went to a hell of a lot of trouble to hide them. John pulls out his camera (aha, good man) as Bo lays out the cards.

John and Bo sit with Frankie and tell him what they found. AMAZING…not only had they fled the safe deposit box examining room and returned to the cop shop, but the lab has already made copies of the pictures of the cards! They fill Abe and Frankie in that the writing is in Italian and Abe calls for a translator (uh…if they entered the box illegally, should Abe even be involved in ANY of this? John can afford to get a translator) Aha, Abe called his mother in law who reads tarot cards for help (hooray..welcome back Celeste!!!)

We see EJ being led into the safe deposit room by a teller and noticing the box missing. The teller goes to get the bank manager and says he can’t be EJ Wells, he’s dead. EJ rants and they lead him towards the room John and Bo were in. EJ pushes them aside and barrels in. All they find is the box with the stack of envelopes in it. EJ smoulders. He backs the manager out of the room as she tells him the cameras will have the video of the men who did this. He knows they’re smart enough to turn off the cameras first and closes the door on him and his box.
The credits roll…FRANKIE to Ma and Pop: I just hope I can find what the two of you h ave.
Pop: I do too son.

BO TO SHAWN: The authorities are closing in on Wells. I don’t want you to get caught in the crossfires. I think you should walk away.

BILLIE TO HOPE: So this has all been an act, a lie. How can he do this to Kayla?

CHELSEA to NICK: Try your best not to dress like a loser today, okay?
NICK: Oh, so I shouldn’t wear my turkey costume?

As the credits roll..

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Monday, November 20, 2006

EPISODE: 10,446
DIRECTED BY: Phil Sogard
TAPE DATE: 10/19/06

Sami and Lucas are drawn together; Salem's finest brainstorm; Kate's antenna picks up signals from Victor; and Belle and Willow both know how to yank Shawn's chain.

Sami single handedly painted Will's room to make it nicer when he stays with her. Will reminds her that it's only a few days a week, but she's hoping to prove she's a new and improved mom, one he can look up to (ironic as he's so much taller than her now that she's looking up to him). He asks if she's trying to get dad to move back too. Sami confirms she and Lucas are trying hard to be good parents to him and he's what pulls them together. Will knows his parents love each other, that's how they keep coming back to each other. He takes off, promising to call her later. Kiss kiss, I love yous are exchanged as he takes off for school as she reminds him he forgot his books.

There's a knock at the door and thinking it's Will, she opens the door asking what he forgot now. It's EJ saying he forgot the champagne, but being it's so early, they'll just move on as he pulls her into a kiss. Sami tries to get rid of him, but he closes the door and while stroking her cheek, asks why she was distracting him before. Someone was obviously searching his apartment and he asks if she was helping her Uncle Bo or John Black? Sami nervously tries to avoid looking at him and later backs up nervously, denying any knowledge of what he's talking about. He continues to try and unbutton her shirt while insisting she does know and demands an answer. Lucas approaches the door and overhears what's going on and slams open the door and tells EJ to get his hands off of her as EJ has Sami gripped in his hands.

Lucas tells EJ to leave and Sami tells him never to come back. EJ does so after calling Sami a tease and she showed her true colors. Sami breaks down in Lucas' arms and tells him about what she did for Uncle Bo, kissing EJ to save someone's life. He tells her he's proud of her. She's nervous about living down the hall from EJ now and Lucas has a plan (holding the paint can she using (man, mine is never that clean after just painting, haha) ) telling her not to be worried. He knocks on EJ's door and walks in after EJ says come in. EJ's sitting at his computer and Lucas points out he's showing his “true colors” and pours the rest of the paint over EJ's head, saying if he goes near Sami again, the next can of paint will be over his coffin and leaves (hmm..guessing that outburst was captured on John's hidden camera). He leaves and EJ slams his fist on his computer. Sami joins Lucas in the hall and looks at him with admiring eyes after hearing what he did. She points out he's got paint on his shoes and softly offers to help him clean them up as they go back to her apartment. EJ opens his door with paint dripping down his head.

Lucas is wrapping up a meeting with Victor and is given an extra task, to pick up a VIP, a doctor, at the airport next week. Lucas asks why the chauffeur can't do it, but Victor explains it needs the utmost secrecy and to be glad he's trusting him. He's picking up a Dr. Hubert Weinstein. Lucas asks for some time off the next week to take Sami and Will skiing and Victor approves, saying he'll be tied up with Dr. Weinstein anyway. (would have been more secret to have the chauffeur pick him up, don't ya think?)

Kate comes rushing in with a newspaper called the San Diego Standard, saying she's sure Philip's picture is in a group of other serviceman. Victor disses the idea that Philip rejoined the service. He's checked with the Pentagon and knows for sure. She wants him to check again as Victor calmly tells her to accept the idea that Philip's possibly gone for good. Kate is wise to Victor and figures he knows more about where Philip is. He denies knowing anything or lying to Philip's mother. Belle and Claire are visiting everyone today and pop by. Victor is delighted to have his great granddaughter visit. Kate is surprised Victor shows so much interest in her and after leaving, wisely puts two and two together (at least that's what her expression appears to be).

Belle tells Victor she misses Philip's friendship and hates the way things ended and worried about him. Victor assures her that his son is strong and will be okay wherever he is and things will be right for him soon. He thanks her for bringing Claire for a few hours (Claire seems more comfortable in his arms than anyone elses, too cute) as he helps her wave bye bye to mommy. Outside Belle finds Kate waiting for her. She shows the newspaper to Belle. Belle agrees it looks like Philip and Kate says Victor didn't think so and knows he knows more than he's saying. We see Victor opening the secret door and telling Philip he's got a surprise for him. Look who's come to visit her daddy. Poor Claire looks at this mummy and smiles..apparently knowing it's daddy, LOL.

Willow is flopping around in her bra and panties listening to the music as Belle and Claire arrive. The door's unlocked, so she walks in commenting on how the door is unlocked and the radio is on. Willow runs to the closet unseen.

Shawn delivers another message to EJ. The note says that BO KNOWS ABOUT EVE AND THE COPS ARE CLOSING IN.

Shawn returns home to find Belle and Claire waiting for him and turns off the radio as Claire cries a bit. Belle shows him the professional Christmas pictures proofs she had taken of Claire. She asks why he left the door unlocked and music on and he tries to bluff her by saying he rushed out to deliver something and must have forgotten. Belle knows better and wants to know what's going on. The subject is changed to the pictures she brought. He pulls out an assortment of toys for Claire he bought for her to play with. He also gives Belle a roll of cash towards child support. She doesn't want to accept it, saying it's too much, but he insists. Willow rolls her eyes in the closet. She questions what he's doing to make so much, but he shines her off, citing his engine invention. She and Claire leave and he closes the door behind them when Willow busts out of the closet (now in a black dress) demanding him to “tell that bitch to call the next time she decides to pop by.”

(Timing is a little off here as Claire and Belle are already at Victor's when Shawn responds to Willow's outburst.) She warns him that after Belle realizes he's a hypocrit, he'll be out of her and Claire's life forever. She tells him she can't stand it there anymore and is going back to the Y. She packs a few things, saying she'll be back for the rest when no one is around and heads for the door. Shawn stops her (LET HER GO!) saying he doesn't want her to go. She breaks down crying that she really wanted a place to go home to and he says he'll tell Belle to call first and promises what happened today, won't happen again. Willow says okay and goes back to the bedroom.

Bo thanks John for what he did to save Kayla. John tells him about the safe deposit box that Wells has. Abe doubts they'll get Judge Fitzpatrick to give them a warrant to open EJ's safe deposit box, so John proposes they do it without a warrant..adding his infamous little smirk. Abe refuses to break the law and “dismisses” Tek. Tek's not happy about that and takes off with Roman right behind him. John and Bo try to convince Abe to let them handle this on their own. Bo tries to get John to step aside, but John's got the Salem Brain this week and realizes Marlena hobbled right to Bo's front door when their plane landed and asked for his help. Bo doesn't lie and understands where Marlena's coming from..but John states he's going to do it with or without Bo. Tek comes right out and tells Abe to show some guts and fire him if that's what he wants. Abe returns to his office.

We find Tek knocking down drinks at the bar (Chez Rouge? Penthouse Grill?) and tells the bartender he's off duty. He sees Lexie walk in and sit at a table. He pays for his drink and asks Lexie if he can join her (very tipsy).

We find him freshly showered and in his suit as he cleans the paint off his desk items. He finds the camera on top of his desk (not hidden very well John!) in a pencil cup and holds it up warning whoever it is, they're going to be damn sorry!

When Abe returns to his office he overhears John say that until EJ Wells and Patrick Lockhart are in jail next to Tony, none of them are safe. Abe calmly says he agrees and asks to hear John's plan to get into EJ's safe deposit box. John tells Bo, Roman and Abe that he could pose as the executor of EJ's will and get into his safe deposit box. All he needs is a probated will and a valid death certificate. Abe asks if that means they have to kill EJ or wait for him to die, but Bo says as fun as that would be, he thinks this plan could work. Bo knows Frankie will help them. Abe's worried about Frankie could get disbarred if he got caught, but Bo knows that Frankie wants this to end and will help. Abe and Roman remind Bo and John if they get caught...and Bo and John finish that they're on their own and he and Abe knew nothing about it. They leave to find Frankie. Roman tells Abe “Well, let's hope it works” as Abe nods.

SHAWN TO HOPE: You're living with one man awhile you're having another man's baby. You need to clean up the mess in your own life and stay the hell out of mine.

SAMI (wrapped in a towel) to shirtless LUCAS: and what do you feel. Do you feel anything for me that doesn't involve the lower anatomy?

TEK TO ABE at the restaurant...FIRE me big man, fire me...
Abe punches Tek and he falls to the floor after stumbling over a table...

as the credits roll...

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