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Monday, October 2nd

Tape date 9/12/06
Director - Roy Steinberg


TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES here's a short version......Sandra may post a longer version later today.

Chelsea gives her mother what for about seeing her kissing Steve. They go back and forth about it, with Chelsea telling her mother she says one thing and does another. Billie tries to wiggle out it, telling Chelsea how Steve intends to ask Kayla for a divorce, but Chelsea is not buy it at all. Billie thinks something else is bothering Chelsea, perhaps she still wants her own parents to be together. Chelsea tells her she is not 9 years old, and this is not Parent Trap! LOL. She leaves to go to the hospital and pull a double shift on her community service in order to end it sooner.

At the hospital, Bo & Hope wait for word about Belle and the baby, with her taking a nap on Bo's shoulder. Kate comes barging in, waking Hope up, and they let her know what is going on. They wonder why she does not seem at all too surprised to learn that DNA tests were run on Claire & Shawn, and that Shawn is Claire's father. Philip is in with Belle, assuring her of his love for her and the baby she is carrying, etc. Oops, the heart monitor for the baby goes off, nurse comes in, then the doctor....and Belle is taken to a private room. They are going to have to run more tests, but the baby's heartbeat is erratic and must be monitored closely. While she is being transferred, Philip talks to Kate, telling her to back off (she had asked if Belle was going to lose the baby)and telling her to leave. Chelsea arrives as Bo & Hope are going up to see Belle. He stays to talk to her, while Hope goes up to visit Belle. Chelsea tells bo about seeing her mom with Steve Johnson. Hope & Belle have a nice conversation, talking about what Belle has to think about in re: her children. Hope tells Belle she, herself, is in somewhat of the same situation, carrying another man's child. Belle tells her everyone knows she and Bo belong together, etc. Hope tells Belle she perhaps should take her own advice.

Shawn hears more of the conversation between Mimi & Bonnie, and comes charging over.He lays into Mimi about not telling him, Bonnie tries her best to deflect and tells him to blame her (Bonnie), but Shawn will have none of that.He tells Bonnie to butt out.....and to please watch Claire while he & Mimi go back to their place, which they do.Mimi tries to explain how she has felt about Shawn & his feelings for Belle, especially when she caught them kissing the lst time Belle had cramps.Shawn will have none of it, tells her she knew before the marriage, he was there thru all her lies to Rex, and she learned nothing from it. He trusted her and she betrayed that trust. The marriage is over.....and he walks out. Mimi screams NO........

and the previews come on...... not remember them too well. Some girl says to Shawn, you think I am nice? as she leans in to kiss him.Bo tells Hope....I am not going to let you do this to yourself. Bonnie tells Mimi they can get Shawn back, but she yells that it was Bonnie's plan that has caused her to lose Shawn in the lst place.


Bo brings Hope coffee and comments on how exhausted she looks. He wants to take her home, but she wants to see Belle. It is her grandchild, after all. Hope still feels that Belle is Shawn’s true love and should have been her daughter-in-law. He compromises and tells her that she can rest on his shoulder. When she hesitates, he tells her to do it for her baby – their baby. Kate comes in and interrupts Hope’s nap and wakes her up demanding answers about Belle. Bo gets her up to speed, and when she tells them she is going in to see them, Bo tells her not to, Phillip and Belle need time alone to sort things out. The three of them see the nurse come rushing out and want to know what is happening. She tells them that the baby is in distress, but they will have to wait for the doctor for details. Hope is very concerned about what Belle has had to deal with. Kate tells her that she knew about Marlena, but nothing about Claire – and wants to know what they are talking about. They tell her about the DNA test and she wants to know if Phillip knows. Bo and Hope are very surprised that she isn’t. She tells them that she is just in shock. She wants to know about Phillip’s reaction.

Just as Bo and Hope decide to go find Belle, who should have a room by now, Chelsea arrives. Bo tells her about Belle. She is sorry, but wants to talk to Bo in private. Hope goes up to see Belle, and Bo stays to talk to Chelsea. She wants to know if they will work things out, especially if Hope hasn’t forgiven him yet. She thinks that if she hasn’t yet, she might never, and he should find someone else. He says, like Billie? She says that if he wants a chance with her, he needs to move quickly, before it’s too late. She tells him about seeing Billie kissing Steve. He says, again? She asks if it happened before, and he tells her about the Cheating Heart. She thinks that he and Billie would be perfect for each other. He tells her his life is with Hope, and that Billie knows that and is free to move on, although he is not happy that it appears to be with Steve. Chelsea is left scratching her head.

Phillip is concerned for Belle. Her blood pressure is stabilized, the baby is fine and she should be able to go home soon. He promises her that he will help her reduce her stress to keep them both happy. She thanks him for his support, and she apologizes for all they have been through over this baby and Claire. He promises to help her put the pieces back together and move on. He wants her to promise, too, but she can’t. They continue talking, and all of a sudden the monitor goes nuts. Belle panics when she realizes it is the baby’s heart monitor, and both call out for help. The nurse comes in to check and rushes out to get the doctor. The doctor thinks that Belle’s stress is causing the baby’s erratic heartbeat. She thinks that there could be something seriously wrong, physiologically. She can’t give them details until the test results come back. She leaves to find Belle a room, and he tries to comfort her and promises her he will do everything he can for both of them. The nurse comes back to take Belle to her room, and Phillip goes out to the waiting area, where Kate sees him and rushes over, all full of concern and with a big hug. He wants Kate to worry about Belle, as he is all right. Phillip wants her to admit that she wants Belle to lose the baby. He tells her that Belle is his wife, and he wants this baby for her. Belle is wheeled past, and he takes the time to reassure her. Kate wants to leave, but Phillip has more to say to her. He tells her that Belle cannot have any more stress. If she can’t be here to wish both Belle and the baby well, she needs to leave. Kate wonders – he did want her to abort that baby because it was Shawn’s. He says that was way back when, and his feelings have changed. He will raise this baby as his own. She doesn’t think that he should raise two children that belong to another man. As much as she loves Belle and thought she was the one for Phillip, she wants him to walk away and find a woman who will love him alone. That’s not Belle, and is never going to be. He wants to know how he is supposed to walk away from the best thing that’s ever happened to him? Kate assures him that Belle was not the best thing to happen to him, and it took her a long time, but she realizes that now. She rattles off his blessings, and wonders why he is living in a dingy little apartment with a woman that doesn’t even love him. There is a woman out there for him, and he needs to let Belle go back to Shawn and go find her.

Chelsea is waiting for Billie to get home. Billie returns Chelsea’s cell phone. Chelsea tells her that she did go back for it… and saw Billie, who was a little busy at the time. She tells her what she saw. Billie wants to know what the big deal was. Chelsea tells her how wrong it was, especially because it was out in the open. Chelsea wants details – are they involved? Billie tells her that it is none of her business, but proceeds to tell her anyway. Chelsea is very angry that Billie is getting involved with another married man. She asks how she is supposed to get her life straightened out and be a better person if she is watching Billie say one thing and do another. Chelsea still can’t believe that Billie is trying to steal her Aunt Kayla’s husband – even after all her lectures about the high road. Chelsea thinks that Billie is making the moves on him – but Billie says that Steve kissed her, and yes, she feels bad for Kayla, but it isn’t working out for them. Steve told her that he is asking for a divorce, and it has nothing to do with her. Chelsea thinks that Billie is trying to get in the middle. Billie continues to justify her actions, but Chelsea thinks she should butt out and let them figure it out for themselves. Billie is not buying Chelsea’s concern over the sanctity of marriage after what she did to Bo and Hope. She tells Billie that she is sorry for that, but it was different. She knows that they belong together, and has heard so from many people (Billie wants to know how she knows this, since she barely knows them). Billie doesn’t buy her sudden principles and wants to know what is really going on. Chelsea is still angry that Billie is a hypocrite. She made Chelsea’s life a living hell over Bo and Hope, and is now coming between a married couple. Billie thinks it is because that Chelsea wants Billie with Bo. Chelsea tells her that she isn’t nine, and it isn’t the Parent Trap. She is not plotting to get her parents back together. Billie still thinks she knows Chelsea better than anyone, even herself. She thinks she really wants her family back together. Chelsea doesn’t want to talk about it anymore, and leaves. Billie thought she was going out with friends, but Chelsea was going back to the hospital to work a double shift towards her community service.

Hope knocks and goes in to see Belle. They have a nice little chat. She tells Hope that she should be upset about the mistake, but she isn’t. Hope tells her to take the time to think about what she really wants, for herself and her children. She tells Hope that she thought about it, but she isn’t the only one married to someone else. Belle comments that Bo and Hope belong together and that nothing should be able to keep them apart. Hope thinks she should take her own advice.

Shawn continues to listen to Mimi and Bonnie over the monitor. Bonnie continues to try to calm Mimi down and make her keep quiet. She thinks it best that it came out when and how it did, and Mimi just needs to never let him know that she knew all along. He is very upset listening to them. Bonnie complains about Claire being coddled and how she is fine. She goes to leave for home to make dinner for Shawn, when he comes barging in and confronts her over what he heard on the monitor. Bonnie tries to run damage control and cover up, but he calls her on it and demands the truth. Both tell Bonnie to stop the lying, and Mimi tells her she can’t do it anymore. She tells Shawn that she did know that Claire was his. Shawn wants to know how she knew, so she tells him about the nurses’ conversation when Claire got her liver transplant, and how Bonnie looked into it and confirmed it. He is very angry that she knew for so long and didn’t tell him that he had a daughter. She confesses that she tried to tell him so many times, and she just couldn’t get up the courage to do it. Bonnie tries to take the blame for making her keep quiet, because Mimi did want to tell him. He does blame her, but Mimi is still responsible for making her own decisions. She chose to keep her mouth shut and keep lying. He takes the blame for trusting her after what she did to Rex. Bonnie still tries to stick up for Mimi –who never knew the truth for sure, and what about Shawn – who lied to Mimi about never sleeping with Belle. Shawn tells Bonnie it is between him and Mimi and asks her to stay with Claire, while he takes Mimi back to their own loft and continues to rip into her. He tells her that if she knew that long, then she knew before they got married and her marriage vows were lies. She claims otherwise, but he isn’t buying. She wants a chance to talk before he makes a rash decision. She tells him of her fears and panic. She tells him how convinced she was that he would leave her for Belle as soon as he found out about Claire. She tells him that she could always tell, despite his words, that he still loved her. He tells her that he wasn’t in love with Belle then, and isn’t now. He loved Mimi. She wants to know who is lying now. We see Bonnie listening, as Mimi continues to tell him how she felt about his feelings for Belle. She admits that neither of them should have gotten married, but she tried and hoped that he would love her. She continues to rip him for lying to her over and over again about loving her more than Belle. She wants him to forgive her because of what he has done to her, too. She admits her mistake, but thinks that they were both wrong. He tells her that he can understand why she would feel threatened, but he can’t understand how she was only concerned for herself and not anyone else. What about Claire? What about Phillip? She didn’t want this to happen to Phillip – he got the wife and the daughter. Shawn is still angry that she ripped apart four lives to suit herself. He can’t forgive her for that.

Shawn picks up the baby monitor slams it down and yells at her for betraying all of them. Now that everything is out in the open, she wants a chance to start over and make their marriage stronger. He tells her it is too late and storms out, slamming the door and she starts screaming, “NO!”


Sami: Would you stop it?
Lucas: He’s been after you ever since he got to Salem. You know that.


Bonnie: We are going to get Shawn back.
Mimi: It was one of your plans that got me in this mess in the first place, Mother!

Girl: you think I’m nice? (kisses Shawn)

Bo: I will not let you do this to yourself!
Hope: Oh! (cries as Bo hugs her).

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Friday, September 29, 2006

Episode # 10411; Tape Date: 8/25/06; Air Date: 9/29/06; Director: Roy B. Steinberg; Head Writer: James E. Reilly

Max and Stephanie steam and dine; Belle returns to the hospital (does she have her own room there yet?), Steve referees the Reed women over dinner, and Shawn finally learns the truth.

Max and Stephanie continue to simmer inside and out at the spa. Later they’re back at the garage eating tons of Chinese food as he flashes a fake rat to scare her. Max notices her chop stick skills are lacking and steps around her to show her how to hold and manipulate them. She tries to pick up a large clump of rice and drops it. Max catches it and feeds it to both of them. She doesn’t hide her feelings for him as she explains he’s different from other guys. She shares with him how worried she is about losing her dad again. The only way her dad could disappoint them was if he left them again. Max hugs her.

Kate reluctantly joins Billie and Chelsea for dinner at the Hudson Street Diner. Billie tells Chelsea that Kate once worked there as a waitress and is embarrassed she might be recognized. Once they’ve gone inside, Billie notices Steve is there and suggests they leave. Too late. He joins them and Chelsea asks if he’s not Stephanie Johnson’s father. He admits he is and asks if she’s a friend of hers. Chelsea tells him not really and Billie introduces him to her daughter and mother (whom he refers to as a smoking hot mama, LOL). Chelsea says the diner’s got the best burgers in town. Steve asks Billie where she’s been hiding as he hadn’t seen her while job hunting. Billie says she’s been home and she and Kate bicker about not taking Kate’s advice for anything. Steve tries to referee as Kate and Billie argue over what’s best for Chelsea. Chelsea finally excuses herself to start the fun part of her evening, to hang with her friends. Kate leaves as well, leaving Billie alone with Steve. Steve shares his devils food cake with Billie, who protests they can’t do this (see each other). He asks why, saying he took a shower and everything. She asks him to stop staring at her like she’s the only woman in the room and he can’t help it. She asks what if Kayla were here. He tells her he’d tell Kayla what he’s going to say to her the next time he sees her, that he wants a divorce. He assures her that she wasn’t the reason he’s breaking off with Kayla. He’s been through a lot of therapy, but he’s just not the Steve Johnson they knew and loved. She asks why her and he joins her on her side of the table saying she’s beautiful and they’re two people looking to connect. He pulls her into a kiss as Chelsea forgot something and walks back into the diner, seeing them kiss and leaves again.

Bo and Hope are with Belle when she has another cramp. Philip joins them and they all agree she needs to go to the hospital and get checked out. Bo rushes across the hall and knocks on Shawn and Mimi’s door, announcing it’s an emergency with Belle (nothing new there, LOL). Shawn stops mid kiss and grope and answers the door while Mimi’s still buttoning up as an embarrassed and apologetic Bo explains what’s going on. Shawn insists on going with them and Mimi agrees to watch Claire in everyone’s absence.

Mimi called Bonnie back to the other loft and tells her what’s going on. The two talk about the pro and cons of Belle losing the baby. Later we hear that Hope called Mimi with an update. Mama Bonnie suggests Mimi make her man a nice hot dinner and wear one of those hot outfits she gave her. Mimi moans, reminding her she’s watching Claire. Bonnie picks up the baby monitor and asks if it works across the hall. Mimi says it does, even without the monitor most of the time. They head across to the other loft with monitor in hand. We find Bonnie chopping veggies for Aphrodisiac Stew as Mimi changes into a sexier outfit. They hear Claire crying and go to check on her, forgetting the monitor on the counter.

Philip blames Shawn’s custody battle for being the cause of Belle’s stress/cramps. Shawn reminds Philip that his actions haven’t been any less stressful as Bo and Hope intercede. Shawn dogs Philip about knowing he wants Belle to abort his baby. Hospital security breaks up the two guys and Bo flashes his badge saying he’ll monitor the situation and warns Philip he doesn’t need to get arrested again. Shawn sees Belle’s doctor and her face looks grim. She reports Belle’s BP was a little high, but stabilizing. These cramps concern her more and she orders no stress for Belle. Both Philip and Shawn want to see her as Shawn cites it’s his baby and Philip that she’s his wife…so Hope helps remind them they need to do this for Belle. Philip lets Shawn go in first and says he’ll be in shortly.

Philip shares his concern about losing Claire to Hope and Bo.
Shawn tells Belle how connected he feels with this baby and she lets him touch her stomach and he feels the baby move. He lies his head on her stomach and talks to it, telling it to behave as she smiles, watching. He asks the baby to promise to do so and they both smile as they look at the sonogram picture. Shawn leaves to return home and watch Claire. He tells Belle not to worry about Marlena as John’s on the case and will find her soon.

Philip joins Belle and stays calm, telling her to worry about herself and the baby. He loves this baby too and his first priority is his family…which includes her, Claire and the new baby.

Mimi and Bonnie try to calm a crying Claire, who apparently is cutting a new tooth. Bonnie tells Mimi she’ll have Shawn’s full attention with the dinner and that dress (she’s now wearing a low cut black sequined dress). Shawn returns home to their loft and hears voices on the baby monitor that Bonnie forgot to take with them. Mimi tells her mother that Shawn will never forgive her if he finds out she knew Claire was his daughter and didn’t tell him….as Shawn hears and previews roll…

CHELSEA TO BILLIE: You say one thing and then do another. I saw you kiss Steve Johnson…

MIMI TO SHAWN: I love you and I made a mistake.
SHAWN: So did I, the biggest mistake of my life.

CHELSEA TO BO: If Hope can’t forgive you, then maybe you’re better off with somebody else. (cue a wise little smile from Bo)

BELLE to HOPE: When two people love each other, nothing should keep you apart.
HOPE: Maybe you should take your own advice.

As the credits roll..

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Thursday September 28, 2006

Episode # 10410
Tape Date: 8/24/06
Air Date: 9/28/06
Director: Phil Sogard
Head Writer: James E. Reilly

Summary: After a minor accident, Stephanie takes care of Max (take that how you will)…much to Chelsea’s jealous dismay…Philip is served with custody papers…Bo and Hope break the news about Marlena missing to Belle, to disastrous results. Brandon Beemer (the new Shawn Brady) makes his debut.

At the Hospital…Chelsea is there working (actually minding her own business for once) when she sees 2 giddy nurses. She asks them what’s going on and they go on about a celebrity being there. They tell her it’s Max Brady and that his girlfriend is with him. We learn that Stephanie beat him during time trials and when he got out of his car, he was so angry that he kicked the car, he broke his toe. He is really embarrassed about it and begs her not to tell anyone how it happened. The doctor releases him with some pain meds, assuring him he will be okay. Chelsea walks in and asks if he is okay, as he assures her he will be fine. She makes a couple wise cracks about him and Stephanie (the green-eyed monster rearing its head). She asks to speak to him alone so Stephanie leaves. She wants to tell him about being exonerated over the DNA result fiasco. But he doesn’t want to hear anymore from her and leaves.

At the Garage…the new Shawn Brady (Brandon Beemer) makes his debut crawling out from under the hood of Max’s car. Frankie shows up (Shawn had called him) and he notices the big dent in the car. Shawn tells him he will have to ask Max about it. Shawn tells him that he is going to need his help, so they go into the office and talk about Claire. He tells Frankie he wants to split custody with Philip/Belle and wants to be named as the legal father. Frankie warns him that Philip will fight it and it will be tough to pull off. He advises him to think it over…he and Philip are friends as well as family. But Shawn is sure that Philip won’t listen to him and wants Frankie to move forward, despite his cautions.

At Loft #1…Bonnie drops by to see Mimi…and beware…she is bearing gifts. She has shopping bags of lingerie, including a candy thong. (She even announces that she bought one of those for herself as well.) That is something that Mimi could have gone without knowing…us as well. As she sits and nibbles on the thong (EWWW) she tells her that all this stuff will keep Shawn’s mind off of Belle. Mimi tells her thanks, but she doesn’t need any of those things…she thinks that even though Shawn knows the truth about Claire, his feelings for her won’t change. Bonnie shows her a sexy maid’s costume and Mimi tells her to take it back. But Bonnie proceeds to tell her that one is from her own personal collection (as Mimi EWWW’s again). Bonnie has one more thing…and pulls out a brochure on a town home, urging her and Shawn to move (now that one I agree with). But Mimi says they can’t afford it. Bonnie reminds her that after Max wins the race (with Shawn’s invention) they will have lots of money. Bonnie tells her they need to get away from across the hall from Belle. Mimi assures her that she is making too big of a deal over Shawn and Belle.

At the Hudson Street Diner (or where ever Abe & Lexie were yesterday…it’s NOT the pub)…Bo and Hope meet. Bo tells her about Marlena missing and John going to look for her. Hope notices that Bo is in a strangely good mood (almost giddy) so he breaks the news to her…that they are grandparents…Claire IS Shawn’s daughter. He explains that the DNA report Chelsea left in Shawn’s room was accurate and that she was only trying to get the truth to Shawn. She can’t understand how it is possible and asks if Philip knows. Bo tells her yes and explains about Philip’s snatch and grab with Claire and being arrested. They talk about how he must be feeling…which leads to how they were raising JT and he wasn’t theirs. As they go to leave, they talk about Shawn having 2 children and how it seems like only yesterday they were taking baby Shawn and sailing around the world. Cue flashback of them boarding the boat to leave Salem (these flashbacks include Steve and Kayla as well). Hope smiles, asking HOW he ever talked her into that. She says she did it because she loved him and how happy they were. He says he thinks t hey can be that happy again.

At Loft #2…Victor is visiting with Philip and Belle (It seems he has been out of town for a while, they explain). He talks briefly about Chloe and Brady so I assume he was visiting them. They talk about the upcoming Salem Gran Prix and how they are sure Max will do well. This leads to Victor lecturing Philip about taking Max’s car and wrecking it. He also tells him he learned he was arrested and wants to know what that was about. Philip makes up a lie about that and says it won’t happen again. Upstairs, Claire cries, and Victor is anxious to go see her, so he volunteers to check on her. After he leaves, Belle asks why he lied to his dad and Philip says Victor doesn’t need to know the truth. Later, Victor is back downstairs with Claire (without the headband for once) as Philip takes her and ooh’s and ahh’s over her. A messenger shows up, handing Philip an envelope, telling him he has been served. After reading it, he is furious, telling them Shawn is trying to take her away. Philip explains to Victor that the DNA results found at the hospital were correct…as Victor concludes that is part of the reason that Philip was arrested (smart man). Victor says something about Claire being Shawn’s child as Philip snaps for him to NEVER say that again. Victor says he understands how he feels, and talks about not knowing that Bo was his son and missing out on his childhood. He says he can’t change things for Philip…including the pain he is in. But Philip wants him to help fight Shawn for custody but Victor says he can’t. Bo and Hope arrive and ask Philip how he is doing. Victor tells them the news about Shawn’s custody suit, shocking them. They apologize, but Philip says when all is said and done, Shawn will be the one that suffers. Hope reminds him that he isn’t the only one suffering here…all of them will. Victor agrees and says this situation will be with them for life…and that they are all family. Victor has to leave to go to an appointment, so Philip walks him out.

Back at Loft #1…Shawn arrives home and asks what is going on as he sees the pile of lingerie. He informs Mimi about the custody suit, something she nor Bonnie like the sounds of. He tries to smooth things over but Mimi is clearly upset. He tells them about his meeting with Frankie. Bonnie assures him that Mimi will stand by him, even though Mimi says she wished they had discussed it first. He goes off to work on the nursery. Mimi whines to Bonnie that Belle and Claire will always be coming between her and Shawn and it is something that she just can’t compete with. Shawn overheard her and asks Bonnie to leave. After she is gone, they talk how happy he is that Claire will be a part of his life, but apologizes for not considering Mimi’s feelings. Mimi thinks he is going to give her an ultimatum, and says she can love Claire as long as she still has him. He assures her she has nothing to be jealous of over him and Belle. But she says he and Belle will always be bonded. He tells her that they are bonded as well as she tells him to show her, they start kissing…undressing…and fall to the sofa.

Back at the Garage…Stephanie gets Max ice for his foot as they banter about the race. He says he has the cure for all their aches and pains and tells her to follow him. We next see them in the steam room at Titan, clad only in towels. Meanwhile, Chelsea drops by the garage to find no one there. As she is looking at the car, Frankie walks in, asking what she is doing there. He asks her where Max is and she tells him she doesn’t know…and goes on to explain about Max getting hurt and being at the hospital. Frankie asks how he hurt his foot and Chelsea says she didn’t ask…because Stephanie was hanging all over him. He asks her if she told Max about being cleared and she says she tried, but he wouldn’t listen. Frankie assures her that Max will forgive her, but she hopes it’s not too late. Meanwhile back in the steam room, things are really steaming up as Max is busy hitting on and kissing yet another of his nieces.

Back at Loft #2…Claire wakes up and Hope asks to hold her, noting that she has Shawn’s eyes. She takes her upstairs for her nap. Belle tells Bo that he is sorry about this mess they are in and she notes that he is stuck in the middle of it…between his son and his brother. Bo tells Belle that he has news for her and it’s not pleasant. After the break, Hope is back downstairs as Bo has told Belle about Marlena missing. She is upset and angry that she even went to New Jersey, noting that they need her there at home. Bo tells her that John has gone to search for her, sure that he will find her. Belle grabs her stomach and doubles over in pain, saying “something’s wrong”…as the previews show…

Mimi (to Bonnie): I don’t want anything to happen to Belle’s baby… (Bonnie): but if she were to lose it, that would be one less tie she has to Shawn…

Shawn (to Philip, in the hospital): You don’t want this baby…You wish it had never been conceived…and you wish like hell that it never had to be born. Philip explodes all over him, yelling SHUT UP and choking him as Bo tries to separate them…

Stephanie: It’s like something is pulling him away from me and my mom…

Billie (to Steve): What about Kayla?...(Steve): I would ask her for a divorce…

And the credits roll…

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Tape date – 8/24
Director – Albert Alarr

Will explains what happened to him, while Roman calls on John, & Lucas makes a surprising decision

Roman is on the phone with Jeffrey Taylor, as Carrie listens in. He learns Taylor is the Commisioner of Health & Human Affairs for the state of New Jersey. (in my state it is called Human Services……and I do not think the head man is a commissioner….lol, but o.k.!) He repeats that Marlena never showed up for their appointment. Roman later learns that Marlena was having coffee in the coffee shop at 7:a.m., then went up to her room. Bellhop reported she left her room around 8 a.m. No one has seen her since. He decides to call John.

At the Cop Shop, Tek and a female police officer are watching the Sami/Lucas plea for the safe return of Will, and are flabbergasted as they see Will walk in. Bo arrives in the room, Tek calls him over to see what is going on. Bo & Tek argue about Patrick. Tek tells Bo how Lockhart wants him to help clear him, but Bo says No, that the evidence has just piled up. Tek says Lockhart thinks he is being framed, and proclaims his innocence. Tek warns Bo that if Patrick is telling the truth, his family could still be in danger.

At Sami’s apt. it is bedlam, as Lucas & Sami are all over Will, hugging him, questions tumbling out one after the other, TV cameras in his face. A bewildered Will has no idea what is going on, why the TV cameras, and learns that his parents were making a plea to his kidnapper. He has no idea what they are talking about, as he confesses that the reason he did not show up in school was because he ran away.

At a restaurant (looks very much like the Hudson St. Diner to me…… is NOT the Pub) John is sitting at the counter as Abe, Lexie & Theo come in. The Carvers are having a family day, and are going to the Science Museum in Brookville. Lexie comments that Abe eats lunch here every day, so that is why they are there. Small talk about baseball cards (Theo collects them). John gets a call from Roman and leaves. A bit later, as the Carvers are enjoying their meal, Tek comes in, greets them, tells them about Will being back, then sits behind them. Theo has put money in the jukebox, and on comes the song that Lexie & Abe danced to on their lst anniversary. They hold hands and reminisce, then Abe leans over to kiss Lexie, Theo wants them to do it again, and they laugh and do so. When Lexie takes Theo to the bathroom, Tek takes the opportunity to confront Abe, warning him about hurting Lexie. The Carvers happily leave for their outing when Lexie & Theo return.

At Sami’s apt., Will is explaining that he ran away because he was embarrassed again by what Sami did at the wedding, that he knew how he would get teased at school AGAIN. Sami, Lucas & Will are all practically talking at once, Sami is apologizing and trying to explain. Will tells her that she always is leaving, that she ran away when pregnant with him, left them all when she was Stan. EJ stops the cameras, saying it is now private family discussion and they have enough for now, telling the TV crew to leave. Kate makes the observation that if Will ran away on his own, how did the person who called Sami know? They realize someone is keeping an eye on them, and Sami wants to call her dad, to “sweep” the apt. for bugs, etc. Bo arrives, and Sami babbles at him. He tells them that the cops know the call to Sami came from Lockhart’s house. (which still does not explain how the person knew Will was gone, in order to take advantage) He claims the vendetta is seemingly against him and his family, but Lucas/Sami do not buy that.

Later, with everyone gone, Will explains how he took his saved up birthday and allowance money, and hopped a bus to Chicago. Lucas & Sami are appalled. He says the lst day he went to a Cubs/Pirates game, and the next day he went to a White Sox/Cleveland Indians game. Ran out of money, missed his family, was hungry so came home. Sami evidently makes him a big plate of scrambled eggs, bacon and toast, which Will just is wolfing down. (just an observation here, and no offense intended, but young man, you just definitely need a haircut of some kind). Sami comments that he must be hungry if he is eating her cooking (good one, Sami!). She is surprised that he was not stopped by Chicago police for ditching school. Will admits he was stopped and interrogated (since when does a kid say “interrogated”? LOLOL). He nonchalantly tells his parents that he told the police he was a gifted student, graduated high school at age 14, and was going to the University of Chicago on a Biological Science scholarship. Color Lucas & Sami shocked, as Sami murmurs Will IS his mother’s son.

Sami talks to Will about how she ran away when she was expecting him, how scared she was, how she did not know what kind of mom she would be. She tells him she knows she made a lot of mistakes, but that she must have done things right, because he is a great kid, and apologizes for all her mistakes. Will talks about thinking he was going to have 2 families, with his dad married to Aunt Carrie…….and Lucas breaks the news that he and Carrie split up. Will freaks, but Sami tells him how Austin & Carrie never stopped loving each other, and realized they belonged together. Will knows he will now definitely be the butt of comments at school. Lucas tells Will he is not going to get off scot free, that he is grounding him indefinitely. Will pleads with his mom, who agrees with his dad. Lucas then says that he thinks think Will needs closer parenting controls, so he is going to move in with him and Sami. Now color a shocked Sami, who says the other bedroom was turned into an office, so there are only 2 bd.rms. Lucas just comments that he is sure they can work something out. (loving this! )

Carrie joins Austin, EJ & Kate, who are celebrating their ratings coup. All 3 are bragging to each other at how well their station is doing, and with the big race coming up, the rivalry between Max and Stephanie (oh, give me a break!) and they all toast each other. Later Carrie is alone with Austin, telling him about the advice her dad gave her to follow her heart. She also fills him in about Marlena. Meanwhile, Kate is still moaning to EJ about Sami & Lucas probably getting closer, and she cannot bear for Sami to get her claws back into Lucas. EJ offers to help “with that situaltion”.

Back at the cop shop, John has arrived, and Roman has filled him in on Marlena. Roman asks John if he can go to New Jersey, that he would go himself, but no jurisdiction (glad Days admitted this at last!) and has other cases needing his attention. Roman gets a call, and then tells John the New Jersey police found a bloodstain in Marlena’s room. Lab is running tests to see if it is hers. John decides to fly there on next available flight. Bo joins them, telling John how Patrick is proclaiming his innocence. Bo says that Patrick may have a “big Boss”……and that person could be Tony. John leaves to catch his flight. And the previews show……..

Hope to Bo: Shawn is gonna want to be involved in raising Claire, but I hope to God he takes into consideration what Philip will be going through.

Belle: Philip, what is it?
Philip: (as he waves a paper in his hand)It’s Shawn. He’s trying to take Claire away from us.

Mimi to Bonnie: Shawn knows that Claire is his daughter now. My life with him isn’t going to change.

Max to Stephanie (who is in a towel turban): Too bad we work in a profession where you have to wear a helmet.
Stephanie: Why? Closeup of Max kissing Stephanie.


Monday, September 25, 2006


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

EPISODE: 10,408
TAPE DATE: 8/23/06
DIRECTED BY: Albert Alarr
HEADWRITER: James E. Reilly

It’s a new day in Salem as Sami and Lucas plead for Will’s safe return; Austin joins Carrie at the pub as they talk about what to do now and Hope and Bo talk to Patrick at the Cop Shop.

Hope visits Patrick and he asks if she believes he’s innocent. She says she likes to believe people are innocent until proven guilty. She’s having their baby, but after reviewing the evidence, it’s hard not to believe he’s not guilty. He takes offense as Hope refers to him as a perp as he insists on being innocent. He says J&J’s source was wrong and reminds her how they slept together and made a baby. When she reminds him how she thought Bo was guilty and then found out he wasn’t, he says Bo’s the only one who could have set him up. She knows that Bo would never frame an innocent man for murder and if she had to believe one of them right now, she would believe Bo. Bo happened to arrive at that point and overhear and smiles. Patrick glances up, followed by Hope. He walks in saying she’s right, he’d never frame anyone. Bo saddles up a chair next to Patrick saying the evidence proves him wrong. The ballistics report showed the bullet that killed Eve was shot from his (Patrick’s) gun. Patrick said the gun wasn’t his. He also denied calling Sami on the day of her wedding. Bo doesn’t buy any of this and tells Patrick he’ll fry with all the evidence they had. Hope leaves and Bo threatens Patrick that he will get the truth out of him one way or the other.

Earlier, Bo asks Roman for another shot with Patrick, saying he wants to bring Will home. As Bo goes to leave, an officer brings the lab report in about the gun used to kill Eve. Bo asks if it showed it was Patrick’s gun and Roman hands him the report.

Later Carrie walks into Roman’s office, practically in tears, and our Commander isn’t fooled she’s not there for a social call, LOL. He asks what’s wrong and she tells him she’s made a mistake and doesn’t know what to do before going into his arms. He knows whatever it is isn’t as bad as she thinks. She tells him she and Austin have gotten back together and how Lucas found out. He remembers asking her the day of the wedding if she was sure about marrying Lucas and she said she was. She was worried about disappointing Lucas and knows how stupid that sounds now. She knows he deserves a better wife than her. When asked, Carrie admits loving Austin and wants to be with him, just feels bad for Lucas now. Roman knows it won’t be easy for Lucas, but he’ll rise above it. Roman tells Carrie both she and Lucas can come out better from all that happened and not to indulge in self pity. She reluctantly agrees he’s right and Roman tells her if she loves Austin that much, not to make the same mistake again. She laughs saying for a police commander h e makes a good psychiatrist. He suggests they call Marlena and do so. Instead of calling Marlena’s cell phone, he calls the contact number she left. The phone rings and Jeffrey Taylor answers and learns Marlena never showed up. Her contact had left four messages on her cell phone, but concerned too when she never responded (gee, maybe he should have called HER family then?)

Austin arrives at the pub and finds Carrie in a booth. They talk about how Lucas found them on the roof the night before. She calls herself a slut and Lucas is right that she should not consider herself the victim and he’s right. The important thing is finding Will. Austin assures her everything will be okay and for her to stop thinking negatively. They both need to find a place to live, a home and he tells her anyplace with her is a home to him. Carrie’s uncomfortable with Austin sitting close to her, saying Lucas may know what happened, but no one else does and she doesn’t want them finding out this way. They step outside as she tells him she doesn’t know who she is anymore. He reminds her that he was unfaithful to Sami too, so she’s not alone. Carrie wishes Marlena were there instead of on her NJ business trip. She decides to go see Roman at the station and he says he’ll go back to Sami’s for the press conference.

Lucas arrives and learns Austin left to go see Carrie. Lucas says finding Will is his priority now and moments later EJ, Kate and the crew from the TV Station to do the request for Will arrive. Sami thanks Kate and EJ coaches Sami and Lucas. His research shows parents talking with love and concern about their missing child works the best. Kate suggests she talk as well as Austin and Carrie to show family support, but Lucas tells her they aren’t part of his family anymore. When we return Lucas finishes telling Kate about finding Carrie and Austin on the roof. As the hair stylist fluffs Sami’s hair, Lucas tells his mother he’s tired of good girls and will take his chances with bad girls. Kate glances at Sami and tells him no way. Kate justifies her concern is parental just like theirs is for Will. She and Lucas are positioned on the couch and urged to show affection for each other for the audience to respond. Kate doesn’t like it.

Kate and EJ banter about Lucas’s ordeal. Sami’s so nervous about saying the wrong thing and Lucas gives her positive affirmations. Austin arrives and tears into EJ about why he’s there. EJ calmly states he’s in charge of the broadcast and if he doesn’t like it, leave. Kate joins them and also tells Austin his being there isn’t very sensitive to Lucas right now. Offended, Austin reminds them he’s family, when Lucas looks up commenting he didn’t know it was trash day. Sami asks him to be nice, saying focus on Will.

Sami and Lucas sit on the couch and the camera rolls as Lucas starts the talking, pleading for Will’s safe return. Lucas looks into the camera and asks if Will’s watching to know how much they love him, how his football team won their first game and it’s not too late for him to join them, he got an A on his math test and his friend is shocked and wants Will to help him study, etc. Lucas begs whoever took Will not to hurt him and if it’s money they want, let him know how much and he’ll get it, but his son is his life and the one person he can count on.

Sami talks about how Lucas and Will practiced his fast (er, curve) ball all summer. Sami apologizes for all the disappointments Will’s had in his life, saying most of them were her fault. Lucas puts his arm around Sami, saying that’s not so. She remembers how he was alert from the moment he was born and was born with an old soul. She still sees that look in his eye and it made it easier for her to treat him like a grown up. She tells him that he’s the most important person in their lives and whoever it is that has their son, take her if it’s her they’re angry with, not Will. He needs his family and to come home. We see the door to the apartment open and in walks Will, wearing a knit hat. He says hi to Uncle Austin, who shocked yells WILL. Sami and Lucas rush off the couch and hug their son as the previews roll..

Kate to EJ: I don’t think Sami ever got Lucas out of her system.
EJ: Maybe there’s something we can do about that.

Roman to Bo and John: The police found a blood stain in Marlena’s hotel room.

Lexie to Abe: I’ve missed you so much.
Abe stands up to kiss her and Tek walks up watching this.

Will: The reason I didn’t go back to school is…as he stares at everyone watching him....

As the credits roll…

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Monday, September 25, 2006

Episode # 10407
Tape Date: 8/23/06
Air Date: 9/25/06
Director: Herb Stein
Head Writer: James E. Reilly

Summary: Austin and Carrie are BUSTED, leaving Sami and Lucas both devastated…Abe continues to secretly investigate Lexie, which angers Tek…Bo gives Billie and Chelsea the news of the DNA tests…EJ agrees to not rat Chelsea out.

At the Cop Shop…Bo arrives as Abe tells him about the DNA results…and that he is a grandpa. He also fills him about Philip taking off with Claire and being arrested. Roman comes in and tells Abe it’s time to leave for his date with Lexie. Bo doesn’t think that Lexie is involved in any of this, but Abe says he needs to tie up all the loose ends. Tek walks in and overhears this, furious that Abe is just playing Lexie. Abe tells him it is none of his business but Tek thinks that Abe is doing this to her for personal reasons and just wants to pay her back for cheating. Abe tells him he is crossing a line and if he does so again, he will lose his badge. After Abe leaves, Roman pulls Tek off the Eve Michaels case. Tek protests, telling him that Patrick asked him to help prove his innocence.

At Dune…Chelsea and Billie are there as Lexie shows up to meet Abe. She joins them while she waits, telling them that she is excited that Abe may be giving her a second chance. Later Abe arrives as he and Lexie go to their own table. They small talk about Theo and work and Abe orders champagne. They toast their son as Lexie talks about how she can’t lose him and thanks him for giving her another chance. He tells her not to get her hopes up and she says she knows she has a lot of work to do to prove herself to him. But she knows she can trust him. She notices a change in him and asks what is wrong. He brushes it off, saying this is like a date and he is just nervous. She toasts to their future…whatever it holds.

Back at their table, Chelsea asks Billie what she wanted to talk about and she tells her about confessing at the hearing. Chelsea is upset but Billie tells her it was something she had to do. THEY were the reason for Bo and Hope’s breakup and she had to come clean. She tells Chelsea it took a long time for her to admit, but she has NO desire to get back together with Bo. This doesn’t sit well with Chelsea, who whines about her dad hating her. But Billie says that a big part of being a mother is to set a good example and she has been doing a lousy job of that. Chelsea says she HAD a mother (Mrs. Benson) and they loved each other. She says she was only a mistake for Billie and Bo and they never even knew she existed until recently. She says if Bo and Hope’s marriage couldn’t have been so great, or else it wouldn’t have taken months for them to talk and figure out the truth. She says the real issue here is that Hope can never forgive Bo for fathering her.

Bo shows up and wants to talk to Chelsea. He tells her that he is proud of her…and explains about the DNA test and that Shawn IS Claire’s father. Chelsea gets some satisfaction in being justified and Bo says he owes her an apology. She says no problem…she owes HIM probably a million of them. He tells Billie that Hope told him about the hearing and she says she can’t apologize enough, and hopes it’s not too late. He tells Chelsea he hopes it’s not too late for them either. She says she just wants him back in her life again and they hug. Bo gets a call from Roman and has to go back to the station. After he leaves, Chelsea is thrilled that her dad forgave her and Billie says she has a clean start…it’s all up to her what she does with it.

Back at the station, Roman tells Bo that he got a call about Patrick’s phone records and learned that he did make a call to Sami on the day that Will disappeared…around the same time that Sami got the threatening phone call. But what they can’t figure out is if it WAS Patrick, with him in custody…then where is Will? Tek wants to help out on the case, but Roman tells him to just stay out of it. Bo says he knows where to get the information…from Lockhart…and he intends to get it out of him.

At Sami’s apartment…she is still crying as she holds a picture of Will. EJ comes over and tells her that he saw Carrie headed up to the roof. She says she and Austin had BETTER NOT be up there comforting each other. She moans about how Austin loves Carrie…always has…always will. Everyone loves Carrie. She blames herself if they are together, remembering she told Austin that if he loved Carrie to go for it, but she knows that Lucas loves her as well and she doesn’t want to see him get hurt. She talks about how upset Lucas was when he learned that Carrie wasn’t pregnant…and now Will is missing. She says if Lucas loses Carrie as well, it will kill him. She says that he needs Carrie right now and she had better not let him down. EJ tells her that he just saw Lucas in the hall and he was headed up to the roof after Carrie. Sami worries what may be going on up there, so she takes off as well.

Up on the roof…Lucas comes barging out the door to find Austin and Carrie in a lip lock, yelling at Austin to get his hands off his wife. Carrie immediately starts apologizing, but Lucas is furious. He starts ranting at them as Carrie starts crying. Austin tries to explain, but Lucas starts on him. Carrie tries to tell him that they couldn’t help it and they were just pretending…it would eventually come out. She declares that she does love Lucas (just not as much as she loves Austin, I guess) but Lucas tells her to shut up, she doesn’t know the meaning of love. He says thank God for EJ…who told him she was up there or he would have never caught them. He says but he sees she didn’t need him at all…because she has her brother-in-law to kiss her and make her feel better. He calls Austin a bastard and they get in each others’ faces as Carrie has to jump in the middle and play referee. Lucas also blurts out that he and Carrie had just had sex and he asks her what was that?...pity sex? Well, Sami has walked up now and hears this, asking if it’s true. She yells at Carrie asking “how could you?” Lucas loves you and would do anything for you and you are nothing but a cheating whore. Sami says everyone thinks SHE is such a bad person…but just look at them. Austin tries to tell them that they didn’t want to tell anyone yet because of them being so upset about Will missing, but Sami rants at them about their lack of self-control and how she can’t understand how Carrie did this. Lucas asks Carrie why she even married him. Lucas asks Austin and Sami to leave so he can talk privately with Carrie so they do. Carrie says she doesn’t know what to say and he tells her there IS nothing to say…he wants her out of his life. He talks about when he and Sami were supposed to get married and he thought she had cheated with Brandon, but it wasn’t true. But he didn’t believe her and they broke up because of the mistrust. He admits that he has always had trust issues and now he has no trust in Carrie either. She is continuing to boo-hoo, and he tells her to just STOP crying and playing the victim…this is the second time she has done this…she left Austin for Mike…now she has left him for Austin. He can’t help but wonder how long it will be before she dumps Austin for someone else. He storms off telling her that she and Austin deserve each other. He goes to his apartment and stomps around like an angry bull, until we see him later put her suitcase in the hall and slam the door.

Sami and Austin…are back in her apartment as EJ apologizes for sending Lucas to the roof. Sami says he did them all a favor. Austin gets angry, pointing out that EJ is always inteferring and all of this is NONE OF HIS BUSINESS…so get out. Sami takes up for EJ, so Austin says HE’s leaving. But EJ leaves instead, telling them that getting Will back is what is most important right now. After he leaves, Sami rails at Austin for being so hateful to EJ…then she continues with what he and Carrie did to Lucas. She fears that Lucas is close to going over the edge and may start drinking again. And if he does, it’s all Austin’s fault. Austin says they didn’t plan this, it just happened. She lectures him again about self-control and accuses him of not being able to have Carrie in the beginning so he “settled” for her instead, because she is the “easy” one. She says she admired him and looked up to him…but now it looks like she never knew him at all. He pretty much admits that he settled for her as she calls herself the “wicked step-sister”. He tells her not to play the “poor me” game…for he knows that she and Lucas really love each other, why can’t they admit it. Carrie has admitted she made a mistake…he thinks they have all made mistakes. Austin decides he needs to go up and check on Carrie even as Sami tells him to stay out of it. On his way up, he sees the suitcase in the hall and goes on up to the roof anyway.

Back at Dune…EJ shows up to pick up some take out and joins Billie and Chelsea as he waits. He asks Chelsea how she is doing and she doesn’t know what he is talking about. She tells him she is doing fine as he says she must be feeling EX-static as she stares at him. Billie excuses herself as Chelsea remembers that he was the one that helped her…even though she doesn’t remember much of anything about that night. She asks him to keep it quiet and not say anything to her mom. He says he will make her a deal…only if she never tries that stuff again. She gladly agrees.

Back on the roof…Carrie is still balling her eyes out when Austin returns. She whines it’s all her fault, but he says it’s his too. He holds her as she asks how she can ever face Lucas or Sami again. She asks how could everything get so messed up as she cries.

Downstairs, Sami goes out into the hall and sees Carrie’s suitcase and goes to Lucas’s. He snaps at her but she says that she didn’t do anything wrong. She tells him that he can finally see that Austin and Carrie are NOT perfect and they are both better off without either of them. He agrees that she is right…and to hell with the both of them. Sami says that Lucas deserves better…someone who will love him completely. She tells him that true love isn’t easy to find, but she still has hope that she WILL find her soul mate. Lucas says he wouldn’t know his soul mate if she were 2 feet in front of him (just as he and Sami are face to face, lol). He turns away as she just sits and stares at him…and the previews show…

Patrick (to Hope): The truth is there is only one person who could have set me up to take the fall for all of this…and that is Bo…

Bo (to Roman) Was Lockhart’s gun the murder weapon?...Roman (as he hands him a file): see for yourself…

Austin (to Carrie): You’re acting like you are the only one to blame here…(Carrie): Because I married a man that I didn’t’ love…

Sami (with Lucas by her side, to Kate): We are willing to do whatever it takes to get our son back…so DEAL with it…

And the credits roll…

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Friday, September 22nd, 2006

EPISODE: 10,360
DIRECTED BY: Roger Inman
TAPE DATE: 8/19/06

HEAD WRITER: James E. Reilly

As the apartment dwellers try to deal with Will’s disappearance, the loft dwellers absorb the DNA test results and how they’ll affect them. (I really felt the characters anguish in tomorrow’s show…kudos to the actors!!)

Sami and Lucas are both frantic about Will. He admits it’s taking everything in him not to take a drink. Sami’s cried so much her freckles are popping out. Lucas hugs her and they agree they need to work together on this. EJ arrives and tells them the press conference the next morning has been arranged and they’re going to get it on the web and as much coverage as possible. EJ credits Kate and Austin for helping with setting it up. Lucas wonders where Carrie and Austin are as they’ve been gone all day hanging posters of Will up.

Lucas ties to call Carrie’s cell phone and gets her voice mail. EJ figures her battery probably went dead and Lucas doesn’t want to call Austin’s as he doesn’t want them to think he’s checking up on them. EJ tells Lucas about the 800# they have to put on the screen for people to call with news about Will as Sami tries to call Austin’s cell. Lucas is upset about it at first, but Sami tells him she’s worried with all that’s happened to her family and he agrees, something’s wrong. He leaves to go find them and tells Sami to stay by the phone. Sami tells EJ this is all her fault, saying it’s due to her blackmailing Lexie and everything else she did. She’ll never forgive herself if anything happens to Will.

We find Carrie and Austin having a glass of wine after hanging hundreds of posters. They both remember Will’s telling them they’re the next best thing to having his parents together. They worry about what Will’s going through and he tries to take her hand, but she pulls it back. She reminds him they agreed there’s no way they can be together right now. She has to be there for Lucas right now. She checks her phone and sees Lucas tried to call her, but she doesn’t have any reception in there and didn’t hear it ring. They go to leave after Carrie tells Austin for the 10th time they can’t be together now..and Lucas walks in (for a drink?) asking what the hell is going on here. They explain all the fliers they handed out and he apologizes for overacting. He tells Carrie she’s the best wife and Austin’s the best brother he could ask for.

Moments later Sami’s hugging Carrie, grateful she’s okay. Carrie explains about taking a break and apologizes for worrying her. Sami insists Lucas and Carrie go home and get some sleep, saying Austin offered to stay with her. Lucas doesn’t want to leave, but Sami insists. He thanks Austin for staying with Sami, saying he wouldn’t leave her if he hadn’t. Sami also thanks Austin for staying and he finds his razor is missing. He talks about going to get one and EJ offers him one of his extras and leaves to get it. Sami wonders what the big deal about a razor is. After EJ leaves, Sami admits to Austin about being nervous when he and Carrie were gone together, thinking they were talking about getting back together. She reminds him how she suggested he and Carrie get back together, but knows Lucas needs Carrie right now. Frustrated, Austin has to get out for some fresh air and pauses outside Lucas’s door, then heads to the stairway.

Belle is frantic as she meets John at the Cop Shop (with Mimi and Bonnie in her wake) and tells him about what happened with Philip, Claire and Shawn. She tells him about Shawn being Claire’s father as Roman hears too. Shocked, Roman remembers the DNA test Bo ordered. Belle mention she and Shawn don’t remember sleeping together and Bonnie pops up that Claire’s the spitting image of Philip (yeah, the dark hair’s a dead give away). Bonnie pipes up possession is 9/10’s of the law, saying she’d do what Philip did, but Roman disagrees.

Philip, holding Claire for dear life, arrives at the lab and demands Nakita show him the lab results (when will the hospital realize they need a more secure area after all the break ins they’ve had? Hint to new writers…create a new more secure lab!!). Nakita refuses and when Shawn walks in, whips his trusty stapler up to defend himself after his encounter with him in the hall with Mimi. Obviously that frightens Shawn (NOT) and he calmly asks Nakita to show Philip the test results, saying his father was the one who ordered the tests. Guess that reassures Nakita, LOL and he insists they look real quick and leave, not wanting to lose his job. Shawn watches Philip’s nervous demeanor as he holds and talks to Claire, trying to keep things under control. He shows Nakita the 99.9% test results that Shawn is the baby’s father. Philip throws the clipboard on the floor and Shawn tries to calm him down. Philip continues to hold Claire, insisting she’s his daughter. Two Salem PD officers (hip hip hooray) arrive and ask Philip to hand them the baby, assuring him they need to make sure she’s safe and once he’s told they’ll give her right back (not saying to whom), he hands her over..but the officer who takes her rushes out and the other grabs Philip and handcuffs him as Philip yells for his daughter.

Later they walk into the Investigations Office (?) of the Cop Shop with Philip and Roman asks what the charges are and Belle asks where Claire is (ouch). The officer says she’s with her father (double ouch) as Shawn walks in holding Claire. Everyone stares. The officer says he was arrested for disorderly conduct and threatening one of the lab techs. Later while Philip’s being booked, Roman assures Belle after he’s booked and arraigned he’ll be free to go. Shawn offers to take Claire home to feed her and put her to bed. Mimi and Bonnie both try to discourage him in doing that, but Shawn insists and Belle agrees. She thanks him for finding Philip and goes to give him her car keys, but he says he brought Philip’s car from the hospital. Mimi tells Belle they’ll take good care of her and leaves (Bonnie too, guess neither wanted to visit Patrick and say hi while they're in the building).

John joins Belle, saying he couldn’t reach Victor (finally someone tried to call him!) and Belle has a melt down on daddy’s shoulder when he mentions her predicament. Roman offers to give them some privacy, but Belle tells him it’s okay. She voices out loud having two children with Shawn now. John asks her how she sees this playing out in the end. She knows Philip loves Claire. John knows what it’s like to know the children you raise aren’t your own (as Roman agrees) a.nice nod to their own history in Salem. John says you know you love them all the same. Roman says like Eric, Sami and Carrie, that Claire will end up with two fathers that love her very much. He and Roman explain from first hand knowledge how children have two fathers and adapt. Belle mentions how she was responsible for part of that that. John asks Belle to be honest with herself. She pictures her and Shawn sitting together on the couch trying to come up with a name for their baby. If it’s a girl she suggests Alison and the baby kicks. She says she’d be named after Shawn’s Gran (aw) and he talks about his three girls. John watches her face and asks Isabella what she’s thinking. She says it’s all so complicated.

Shawn nicely refuses to let Mimi or Bonnie help with Claire. Mimi confides in Bonnie she knew this would happen if he ever found out and it’s the beginning of their end. Bonnie’s disgusted by the orange turkey baby food, LOL..saying she never fed her kids that disgusting stuff. Mimi remembers all the tv dinners and mac and cheese and knows that’s why she was a blimp. Later Shawn is feeding applesauce to Claire as Mimi and Bonnie watch and smile. Of course the loft door is open a foot as Philip and Belle return (why is he still wearing his dog tags?). She asks him not to make a scene, if not for her, for Claire. He vows Claire is his daughter and has his name and there’s nothing Shawn can do about it.


Carrie tries to reassure Lucas that Will will be found. He thanks her for her support and needs her right now. He pulls her down on the bed. Moments later Carrie walks out of the apartment in tears, rebuttoning her top and also heads for the stairway. EJ sees her do so and razor in hand, knocks on Lucas’ door..

Carrie walks onto t he roof and sees Austin punching the boxing bag hung up there. He turns and sees her and a long meaningful stare is exchanged before the two rush into each others arms kissing. Lucas walks out onto the roof and sees them…and the previews roll…

LEXIE TO ABE (out to dinner): There’s one thing I know, that I can always trust you.

(Billie’s there too): I don’t hate you.
CHELSEA: I’m just really glad to have you back in my life.

SAMI TO EJ: I know exactly how Lucas feels right now. Lucas needs Carrie and she better not let him down.

LUCAS rants to Carrie and Austin: You obviously don’t need me as you have your brother in law to kiss and make you feel better….

As the credits roll

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Episode # 10405
Tape Date: Various
Air Date: 9/22/06
Director: Albert Alarr
Head Writer: James E. Reilly

Summary: Shawn gives Belle and Philip the news about Claire, which does NOT go over well with Philip…But most of tomorrow’s show is about Jack and Jen’s departure. The Early Edition joins in wishing the best of luck to Missy Reeves and Matt Ashford…Thanks for all the laughs, tears and memories over the years! We will miss you.

At the Deveraux Place…Jack, Jen and Abby are rushing around packing when Jo and Vern arrive and she starts giving him a fit for leaving. Steve also arrives as well and Jo starts hugging all over him (LOL). Jen and Jo go upstairs to get Jack Jr. as Steve gives Jack a gift he got for him…a pipe. Jack thanks him for being there for him when he needed him.

At the Pub…Bo and Kayla sit together talking about Jack and Jen leaving and how they feel sorry for Frankie. They chit chat about the situation between Bo and Hope as well as what is going on (or rather NOT going on) between Steve and Kayla. They both offer support and encouragement for the other. Kayla talks about how bad she feels for Hope, finding out that Patrick could be a murderer and she is carrying his child. Bo is sure that he is guilty. Kayla tells him it is time he make his move on Hope. He tells her that he has proved that he didn’t steal the evidence, but he’s not sure it will make a difference now. He says she has lost her trust in him and he isn’t sure she will get it back. She tells him that she isn’t going to Jack and Jen’s party, and has lots of excuses. But Bo works on her and she finally agrees to go with him. He urges her to go after what she wants…including Steve…and fight for him…just as he is going to fight for Hope.

Farewell, Jack and Jennifer. At Alice’s Hope and Maggie are decorating for the goodbye party, with a huge banner reading “Goodbye Jack and Jennifer…We Love You”. They talk about Jack and Jen’s new adventure as Maggie notices that Hope is a little sad…she hates saying goodbye. They talk further as Hope worries about Patrick being a murderer and all the evidence mounting against him. She wants to trust Bo, but not sure she can. Maggie tells her that miracles are possible…just look at Jack and Jen. The gang from the Deveraux’s arrive at Alice’s (as we learn that Lucas hates he can’t be there, but they are searching for Will). Jennifer is starting to have second thoughts about it all when they talk about leaving Abby behind. But she thanks Maggie for offering to take care of her. Jo starts boo-hooing again and clinging to Jack for dear life. Jen and Hope talk as Jen apologizes for their investigation leading to Patrick and they agree that things don’t look good for him. Jen assures Hope that things are going to work out for her…just look at her and Jack. They hug as Hope says she is ready to move on with her life and will come to visit. Jen laughs and adds that as long as she brings Bo with her. Abby is chomping on one of Alice’s donuts and comments that Jen’s never turned out like Alice’s. Alice says that only grandmothers can back them like that (lol) as Jen continues to encourage Hope. Jo badgers Jack about coming to visit them 4 or 5 times a year as Maggie brings out the presents and starts crying. Jen has to remind her that this is a HAPPY occasion. Then proceeds to thank Maggie for being a part of her life and talks about how beautiful she is, inside and out and starts Maggie crying again. They open gifts (the one from Hope is international calling cards for them as well as Abby). Kayla and Bo arrive as Steve goes to the door and Kayla gets a bit of an icy reception from him. Now Jack and Jen have on trench coats (must have been a gift from someone, don’t know) as Hope takes pictures. Bo talks with Alice, who says (loud enough for Hope to hear) that it is so nice that he is there. He sits with her as she thanks him for finding Jack and Jen…as Jen thanks him as well. Kayla explains that Stephanie couldn’t be there (she has a race in St. Louis) but sent a gift. It’s a book called “An American’s Survival Guide to Driving in England”…as Jen says it’s for Jack and hands it to him. Jack talks about how many times he has “died” and says next time, it will be for real…but it will be a long time from now, because he promised to dance at Abby’s wedding. Jack goes on to say he didn’t know a lot about family until he met all of them. He feels like he is the luckiest man on earth. He says he never believed in fate or destiny before but this has all changed him. He says that fate brought him and Steve together…and brought him and Jen back together. And that fate has given them a new life. He tells Steve that now it’s his turn…go to Kayla…don’t walk away…he will live to regret it. As Kayla and Steve talk she asks him if he doesn’t believe in happy endings and he says that Jack and Jen got theirs. Jen and Hope talk again as Jen encourages her to go back to Bo. He comes over as Jen gives them time alone. He offers Hope a ring but she says she needs more time. He tells her to look in her heart and she will see all she needs to know. Jack notes that they need to hurry to catch their plane so it’s time for goodbyes. Jen hugs Hope one last time as they talk about all they have been through together and good times they have shared. Both of them are in tears as they tell each other they love each other and they are best friends. Jack asks Abby if he can have a practice dance and takes her to another room. She points out that there is no music, so he begins to hum and they dance. He tells her he is so proud of her and she knew that he and Jen belonged together even before they did. He tells her that she is going to do amazing things with her life (as the song Always is playing in the background). Jen goes to say her toughest goodbye…to Alice. She tells her “gram” goodbye as Alice wipes away the tears. Jen apologizes for all the trouble she gave her when she first came to live with them. She goes on to tell Alice that she is the heart of this family. All of the love between them…all the connections…it’s all comes from her. Alice tells her that someday, he grandchildren…and great grandchildren…will make her feel the same way she does right now. It’s all God’s gift to them. Tears are flowing freely as Alice tells her that she will always be with her. Jack announces that they have to go to catch the plane, so everyone walks them out. Except for Alice, who sits alone in her chair and says “goodbye my darling…until we meet again” as she looks over at a picture of Tom and gently caresses it.

At the Lofts…Shawn is still in shock over the news as Mimi was hoping it was all just a bad dream. But Shawn can’t wait to tell Belle and Philip the truth. Belle, Philip and Claire return home (I think from the fair) as Philip is cooing over Claire. He feeds her as he talks about what fun they had and talks about wanting to have a family portrait done. She asks if he resents the baby she is carrying. Across the hall, Shawn sees Philip’s car is back and says it is time to go tell them the news and Mimi decides to go with him. Philip tells Belle that he is not thrilled about the baby…he would rather it be his. But he promises to love the baby as much as he does Claire. Shawn and Mimi arrive as Shawn walks in…staring at Claire the entire time…as Belle asks him what is wrong. He starts explaining about the DNA test and tells them that the report that Chelsea left in his hospital room was correct…he IS Claire’s father. Belle asks if he is sure and he says they did the test twice and explains that they must have had sex the night of the fire. She almost faints but says she is okay. Philip clings to Claire, cuddling and talking to her. He puts her down, promising to always be there for her. He turns to Shawn and tells him that he doesn’t believe him and will find out for himself. Shawn says he can talk to the lab a hundred times but the results will be the same…Claire is HIS daughter. Shawn says he is sorry, but Philip goes off on him telling him to take his apology and go to hell. Claire starts crying as Shawn moves toward her but Philip barks for him not to touch her. Belle has to step in between them, but Philip tells him not to touch his baby and shoves Shawn across the room. Philip grabs Claire and darts out the door as Shawn chases after him. Belle is screaming for him…as the previews show…

Mimi (to Bonnie): He knows that Claire is his and there’s no going back…(Bonnie): At least he doesn’t know the rest of it…(Mimi): If he did, he would hate me…forever…

Philip (to Belle): Bottom line is, Claire’s my baby and there’s nothing he can do about it…

EJ (to Sami): Don’t do this Samantha…(Sami): If anything happens to them I will never forgive myself…

Austin and Carrie are kissing hot and heavy on the roof as Lucas walks through the door and sees them…

And the credits roll…

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Episode #10,404
Taped 8/17
Director – Albert Alarr

Lexie delivers good news to the Deveraux family, while his family visits Patrick, who gains an ally to prove his innocence, and Jack gets an exciting offer.

AT THE COP SHOP, Abe tells Frankie how Jack was unconscious at the time of rescue, and was airlifted to University Hospital. Frankie leaves immediately. In comes an irate Bonnie, Mimi and Shawn, harassing Abe about the wrongful arrest of Patrick. Tek goes to see Patrick, telling him his arraignment has been pushed up. Patrick claims innocence and badgers Tek to help him out. Patrick tells him he was the one who gave him the clue about the Italian shoes, and certainly would not have done so if he owned them. Abe is trying to calm the others down, who claim Patrick was framed. Abe tells them of all the evidence in the closet, with Shawn noting that the first thing he would do if guilty would be to hide all the incriminating evidence in his closet in his house. Patrick is telling Tek that the evidence is bogus, that he has been a good guy, wanting to be a good father to his baby, and turn his life around. He convinces Tek to look around and see what he can find out. He leaves, and now Bonnie & Mimi visit Patrick, telling him how Shawn thinks perhaps Bo might not have been on the up and up when it comes to Patrick. He asks about Hope, saying she was going to come visit him, but has not shown up. Bonnie flies off the handle and starts to rush out to give a piece of her mind…..but both Patrick & Mimi tell her to not interfere in their lives (hmmm, just like Kate) with Patrick telling her he does not need her to fight his battles, and to stay out of it. Meanwhile, Abe is telling Shawn that the DNA results are ready, and are being sent over by messenger.

AT THE HOSPITAL, the medics bring Jack in, with Lexie questioning a frantic Jennifer. She asks a barrage of questions as to why Jack would pass out, then goes to check on Jack. Jen paces the hospital corridor, as Abby arrives and they hug. She tells Abby the whole story, of how they were following a lead in the Eve Michaels murder, got double crossed, kidnapped, the mountain woman, the cave, the whole shebang. Abby is thrilled to learn her parents were together and working on a story. Lexie comes in with her “voice of doom” look, saying she has news. Break for commercial. NOW, Lexie says Jack is awake, that he was suffering from hypoglycemia and when was last time he had eaten. She also said he was suffering from hyperthermia. The combination of not eating and being cold in the cave with his weak condition from having been so sick were why he passed out, but he is fine. Jen & Abby go into see Jack, happy is awake and alert. Now Lexie delivers the extremely good news. The hospital in DC faxed the results of his tests, and Jack is definitely in remission. She is discharging Jack, to lead a long and happy life. Frankie arrives, and they all thank him. Jack is standing with one arm around Jen and the other around Abby…….very apparently the happy family unit. Jack tells him that he is in remission, and thanks him again. Abby apologizes to Frankie for the way she acted like a brat towards him, thanks him, and asks him to forgive her, and can they start over as friends. Jack asks Abby to wheel him out, which she does, but not before Frankie insists on a goodbye hug. As Abby wheels Jack out, he raises his hand, saying Jack Deveraux is leaving the building………yahoo! Jen starts to say something to Frankie, but he tells her he already knows…….she is going back to Jack. Jen tells him she loved him, and wanted to marry him, but Frankie replies that he completely understands. She tells him there is a gal out there for him, but he says the gal would not be Jen. She replies that whoever she is, she will be able to give Frankie her whole heart, which Jennifer cannot. Both are in tears as they say good-bye, and hug. She leaves, as Frankie turns away, alone and still in tears.

He bumps into Lexie on the way out, and they talk. He tells her he is going to give them all some time together, and then will go get his things, and leave. Where to, sez Lexie. I don’t know, will spin a glove, blow on his finger, point and go wherever. Lexie thinks he is lucky to be independent. She says her life is so complicated, with her mom, her job, her son. Frankie remarks she did not mention Abe, but Lexie says that tho he has said he wants to try and mend things with her, his heart does not seem to be in it.

At the Deveraux house, Jack is excited to be back home. He suggests champagne, then changes it to ice cream sodas to celebrate. He answers the phone, and it is Harold. Jack seems surprised and startled, tells Harold he has to talk to Jen and Abby first and will let him know. He is a bit shocked as he tells Jennifer that Harold has offered him the job of London Bureau Chief. Jen tells him that is a plum job, and Jack says yes…….for both of us. Now he surprises Jen with the news that Harold wants Jennifer to be the Chief European correspondent. She is shocked. They talk of how this had always been their dream, as Abby correctly adds “before you had kids”. They mention previous adventures in Europe, how Jen & Abby nearly got themselves killed in Ireland, how both Jack & Jen almost got massacred at Greta’s coronation (nice nod to past history!) and then they mention Ubilam, and agree not to talk about that. (so o.k., I have no idea what that meant, but the word IS Malibu spelled backwards…….lol) Abby urges they accept, but they do not want to leave her, being as she will be going to college. She insists she can live in a dorm, or stay with Aunt Maggie, or Great-Gran. Jack & Jen realize their daughter really is growing up. They debate a bit, and finally decide they WILL go to Merry Ol England……and God Save the Queen!

Back at the jail, Abe comes in to tell Bonnie & Mimi their time is up. Bonnie feels they barely got there, but Abe tells Mimi that perhaps she should be with her husband when he gets the DNA results. Bonnie is floored, as is Mimi. Shawn is on the phone with his mom, as the messenger arrives, and he watches a cop sign for the envelope. He hangs up on his mom, promising to call her back. Abe comes in with Bonnie & Mimi, and the officer hands the envelope to Abe, who gives it to Shawn. Mimi suggests he wait til they get home, but Shawn wants to open it now. He is anxious for Chelsea to be put away. He opens the report, is puzzled by all the numbers, which mean nothing to him. He goes to the last page, and is absolutely stunned, as he looks up at everyone, saying “I’m Claire’s father”. And the previews roll………

Bo & Kayla, sitting in a booth at the pub. Bo: Go after Steve, fight for him the way I am fighting for Hope.
Kayla: Cuz we’re Bradys, and Mom says the Bradys don’t give up, right?

Hope, who is hugging Jen: Cause I’m really ready to move on with my life.
Jen: Good, and bring Bo with you.

Jack, tenderly, as he hugs Abby: That’s not the greatest thing I ever did. You are!

Shawn, as Philip (holding Claire) and Belle listen: The report that showed up in my hospital room was correct. I am Claire’s father. Freeze frame on Philip’s face.

And the credits roll.


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Tuesday, September 19th

Episode: 10,398
Directed by: Phil Sogard
Tape Date: 8/11/06
Headwriter: James E. Reilly

Good show tomorrow as Bo and Hope have a good talk; Jennifer and Jack talk about their future and Bonnie and Mimi make one last ditch effort to change the DNA test results.

Shawn strolls the pier wearing his suit and calls the cop shop to check to see if his DNA test results are back. Bo picks up the phone and tells him how they arrested Patrick for killing Eve and thought Shawn might want to be with Mimi when she finds out. Shawn asks if they have concrete proof, knowing that Bo isn’t objective regarding Patrick. Bo tells him they found evidence at Patrick’s house and Hope is with him now in his office. Shawn snips back that Bo should be happy with the outcome and has to find Mimi as she’ll need him when she hears this.

Bonnie the candy striper lectures Mimi on how she should take action to make sure Shawn’s and Claire’s DNA tests don’t match. She herds Mimi and the rolling book cart onto the hospital elevator as Mimi looks worn out after their conversation. Bonnie tells Mimi to make nice with Mr. Lab Technician while she sneaks into the lab. Mimi taps on the lab window and taunts the male lab tech to the door. Nakita, the tall, long haired Russian male tech sees her and combs his hair a tad before answering the door. Mimi looks adorable and uses her female charms and fake southern accent asking the tech about his name and saying she wants to become a lab tech too, etc., while Bonnie slithers into the lab (you would think by now that Salem U’s hospital would have SECURITY around it, wouldn’t you and more than one little room with so big a hospital, haha)

Shawn arrives and is told Bonnie and Mimi got on the elevator a little while ago. He goes to find them. Nakita is totally encouraged by Mimi in the hallway and asks her out to dinner the next night. He goes to put his hand on her shoulder when Shawn grabs his arm and asks what does he think he’s doing with his wife. Bonnie hears this and practically falls off the chair in the lab. Shawn shoves Nakita and tells him that ring on her finger means she’s married in this country and not available. He puts his arm around Mimi’s shoulder and walks her away as a confused Nakita returns to his lab. We see Bonnie scrunched up under the desk as Nakita sits down and tells someone on the phone about the Claire Kiriakis lab test, saying he had accidental, correcting himself interpersonal..sigh…apologizes and says he’s speeding up the test while hanging up. Later we hear Nakita telling someone on the phone about this sexy woman as Bonnie tries to curtail a sneeze under the desk. Her cell phone rings (oops) and Nakita hears it and looks under the desk. He pulls Bonnie out and throws her out of the lab..zipping his lip and saying he won’t tell anyone (my husband is in the background saying “how cheesy”, LOL)

Upstairs Mimi tells Shawn she’s looking for “Bon Bon” and he mentions a nurse saw her with her mom. Mimi says she was called to be with a patient, confusing Shawn as he knows Bonnie’s just a candystriper. Giving up finally, he tells her about Patrick being arrested. Mimi asks if Bo might have set Patrick up. Shawn calmly tells her that she might be right.

In the hallway Bonnie answers her cell. It’s Mimi. She tells her she only had time to do a few keystrokes before he returned (looks like Bonnie knew her way around a computer when she did get on it)…Mimi’s on the hospital phone…calling Bonnie on her CELL PHONE..cough cough….and tells her about Patrick.

Bo holds the baggie holding the cd after the lab checked it out (wow they’re fast!) and tells her the lab reported only finding Patrick and Eve’s prints on it. Bo asks if she still believes that he stole it to keep Chelsea out of jail? He goes to put the disk in the portable DVD player as Hope mentions Roman found a cd in Eve’s apartment as well. Bo plays the cd and although it’s grainy (we don’t see it), they can tell it’s the video in question. Hope apologizes for misjudging Bo. He tells Fancy Face he’s sorry too, about everything, but especially for letting Chelsea drive that night. He thinks about Zack all the time, remembering making his special pancakes, telling stories about super heroes, etc. Zack’s favorite story was wanting to sail around the world with them like they did with his big brother Shawn. Hope tells him how wrong she’s been and about what Billie said in court earlier. Bo is shocked as she tells him how she saw him in bed with Billie that time at the motel (which is news to him obviously) and that’s when she left Salem. Angry, he realizes Billie was as responsible as Chelsea for her leaving and she had lots of time to come clean about. He tells her that he has never stopped loving her and she (with tears in her eyes) says she has never stopped loving him either. He asks why they’re apart then. She has a little pain in her abdomen and he has her sit down. She tells him it’s gone now and Bo, on bended knee…tells her that he knows Zack started his life as part of her and his loss brought her down. He knows as much as it hurts for him to be gone, inside they don’t want to let go of the painand anger because if they do, they’ll know their little boy will be gone forever. He’d do anything to make his dream come true to bring their little boy back to her arms. In tears, Hope knows that. What they’re doing, being apart, makes things worse and they’ve got to find a way to remember their son and the joy he gave, other than fighting. Their memories of Zack are wrapped up in negative feelings and (now in tears himself), says they’ve got remember him with joy and honor..together.

He tells her he’d do anything to get back together with her, including therapy and raising another man’s child. She’s his wife and he’d do anything to prove how much he loves her..just asks her to come back to him. She’s not ready yet, but strokes his face saying she needs time to think. Discouraged, he tells her she knows how to find him when she wants to and leaves the office.

Hope goes to Zack’s grave and bends over it talking to him. She asks Zack what she’s suppose to do now. She asks him why she can’t forgive his father. She knows he didn’t steal the disk and didn’t do a lot of the things that Mommy was so angry about before. It should make a difference, right? Your dad gave his daughter the keys to his car. Crying she says his father is just as guilty and she asks God what she’s suppose to do. She lies her head on the headstone.

Later, while Hope’s at the cemetery, we see Bo with his shirt pulled out of his pants as he sits at the pier looking at a picture of him and Hope with Zack. Wiping a tear from his eye he looks up.

Jack admits remembering the first time they made love in the cave and other fond memories about when he was Santa Claus, not being able to keep his paws off Mrs. Claus. Jennifer tells him she never wants to be away from his side ever again as they kiss and the picture fades to the fire. Later we rejoin them as Jack said it was better than ever (Jennifer’s still dressed) and asks how it was for her. She responds positive too, but he asks what about her other husband. A solemn Jennifer ponders her response and tells him she feels so guilty as Frankie’s the sweetest man she’s ever known. He jokes about Frankie being perfect, but she tells him she knows that Jack is perfect for her. She thanks Jack for tonight and said she finally feels like herself again. Kissing her, he tells her she’s welcome. He says he would grab her and their kids and hug her til the end if need be. Jennifer tells him they’ll never be torn apart again and fate won’t allow it. All of a sudden Jack passes out and falls into Jennifer’s lap as she calls to him. She feels his weak pulse and yells at him that she’ll never forgive him if he dies now. She hears a helicopter and runs outside to wave at the spotlight. It zigs back and forth to find her and locks in on her. Later the paramedics have a stretcher and examine Jack…as Jennifer urges them to hurry as the camera freezes on her face..


Patrick (in a cell) tells Tek he had nothing to do with that woman’s death and needs him help to prove it.

Jennifer and Frankie are both in tears as they tell each other GOODBYE

Lexie tells Jennifer to stay calm and she’ll check Jack out. Jennifer yells back asking Lexie not to let her die.

Bonnie and Abe stand next to Mimi as she asks Shawn what the test results say. Shawn says “I’m Claire’s father.”…

As the credits roll..

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