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Episode # 10199
Tape Date: 10/28/05
Air Date: 12/1/05
Director: Roger Inman

Summary: Sami and Lucas both make strategic moves…Jack’s car is retrieved from the river…Philip worries over Claire, as Kate worries over him.

At the Hospital…
Philip watches over Claire, telling her she will be fine and to keep fighting (as Kate listens from nearby). Kate thinks that Belle is lying and that Shawn must be the father. Philip asks if she is okay and she says she just worried about the baby. She tells him she is worried about his and Belle’s health too. Philip tells her that Belle is with Shawn right now, which Kate doesn’t like. He says that Shawn and Mimi are helping him take care of Belle. His leg is hurting him as he has been standing too long so Kate tries to get him to rest as well. Lexie comes by as Kate talks to her, babbling about Philip losing his baby. Lexie assures her that Claire will be okay, but Kate says if he lost her she doesn’t know how he would handle it. Lexie talks about when she lost her baby and how it almost destroyed her and Abe. Lexie tries to assure her that Claire will be fine and so will Philip and Belle. Kate asks her about the test results and Lexie says she will let them know. Lexie urges her to go home and get some rest, but Kate refuses to leave. After Lexie leaves, Kate goes back to Philip as he watches over the baby. He says he thinks she has his eyes and asks Kate if Claire looks like he did as a baby. She tells him that when she looks at her she sees Philip…she is his daughter…no doubt about it. Philip talks about how becoming a dad has changed him and it is all he ever dreamed of. Kate tries to get him to go eat and get some rest, but he won’t leave the baby’s side. He asks why is this happening as Kate tries to assure him all will be okay but he tells her that she isn’t God and she can’t guarantee that Claire will be okay. But she thinks to herself she will do whatever she has to in protecting her children.

At Austin, Inc…
Austin has left Sami and Nicole alone and they are at each others’ throats. It seems that Austin has gone to meet with Mickey and they are going after the highstyle account. Sami says that Nicole is only after Austin and everyone knows it. Nicole denies it, saying she is only working after this account. Nicole accuses Sami of being jealous as Nicole has a couple long flashbacks (first of Austin leaving town and then one about his return). She finally admits to it, but says that Sami is after him as well. Now it’s time for Sami to have a flashback of her own. Sami says that Nicole has almost ruined Austin’s business but Nicole says they must acquire this company to survive. She tells Sami that she overheard Lucas and Victor and that they are going after it as well. But Sami still thinks it is a mistake, even though Nicole says this is their only chance to make it…if this fails, they may be ruined. Sami has had enough and says she is going to talk to Lucas about Will and leaves. Nicole is sure that Sami is wrong and she plans to steal this account right out from under Lucas’s nose.

At Lucas’s Apartment…
He is working on his information on highstyle. He has Eugenia on the phone working as well as they try to get ready for his meeting. Later, he thanks her for her work and says now all he needs is Victor’s okay. Sami comes over wanting to talk about Will’s grades. Lucas hides his work and lets her in as they argue for a while over Will’s grades and the parent-teacher conference tomorrow. Lucas says that Will is only distracted…because of Sami. She complains about Nicole being in her apartment and how she can’t stand her. Lucas tells her that he is doing this for Will and berates her for getting involved in Austin’s business. They start arguing again and Lucas accuses her of wanting Austin and says that Austin only gave her a job because he felt sorry for her. He asks Sami if she ever really loved him (Lucas). Sami has had enough and tells him she is ready to leave. Lucas tells her she made her choice and now she is stuck with Nicole. She goes on about how she can’t stand her and talks about how she is ruining Austin’s company and blurts out the information about highstyle. She realizes what she did and begs him not to tell she spilled the beans. He tells her she should talk Austin out of it. He tells her he has work to do and rushes her out. Once in the hall, Sami smiles, happy with herself, sure that Lucas will now go after highstyle and in the process, make Nicole look like a fool. After she leaves, Lucas is on the phone with Victor, telling him about how Sami can’t keep her big mouth shut. He wants to be sure to set up a meeting before Austin, so Victor offers the jet. Back at the other apartment, Nicole has finished the proposal for takeover as Sami continues to tell her they are making a mistake. Nicole gives Sami a hard time about her 2 ex’s (Austin and Brandon) working/living in the same place, saying the landlord should give her some kind of discount. Sami keeps telling her she is going to fail and end up on her ass and take turns calling each other “loser”. Sami says she KNOWS Nicole is going to lose as Nicole asks WHAT has she done this time as Sami plays innocent. She says if Austin listens to her, he will fail…they are taking unnecessary risks. They continue to argue as Nicole justifies this move. Sami says when they fail, Austin will realize what a mistake he has made. Nicole says this is a can’t miss deal.

Then we see Lucas arriving at the highstyle offices (what a fast jet, lol). He walks in and gasps “Oh my God…it’s YOU!” (but we don’t see…but I think everyone knows who it is).

Search for Jack…
Jennifer refuses to believe that Jack is gone. Bo tells her and Abby about the search but they won’t believe he is dead. Bo never saw his body and assures her they are doing all they can. Bo gets a call from the scene…they have yet to find him…but Jen is sure he is alive. Bo needs to return and Jen is determined to go along. They all arrive at the bridge as Jen calls for him with Hope holding her back. Frankie tries to calm her down but both she and Abby are hysterical. Bo and Hope watch as they say she can’t accept what is right in front of her. Hope talks about how lucky they (Bo & Hope) are and about how she will never take him or her family for granted. A firemean tells Bo they are ready to pull the car up and Bo wishes Jen wasn’t there. They get the car up on the bridge as Bo opens the door but Jack isn’t inside. Jen starts yelling where is he…where is my husband? She cries as Hope holds her…And the previews show…

Philip (to Claire): I don’t know what I am going to do if anything happens to you (shots of Mimi, Kate and Victor). I know one thing…I’m not going to want to live anymore…

Nicole (to Sami) I am a business woman…you are a wannabe…You are lucky Austin’s giving you a chance…

Jen: Unless you show me his lifeless body, my husband is still alive…do you hear me…All of you!

Hope (to Bo): God has a plan…Jack had a plan…Brady, if you know something you had better tell me now.

And the credits roll…

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Episode #10,198
Tape date – 10/24
Director – Phil Sogard

The rescue team continues the search for Jack, while others maintain the vigil at the hospital, and Jennifer keeps an upbeat attitude at home, while waiting for her husband.

MIMI & SHAWN are in the shower, and the water coming out of the shower head isn’t the only thing hot and steamy. They kiss passionately (wish Mimi would ditch the black nail polish, ugh), and then later, we see them cuddling in bed, telling each other how much they enjoy being with each other. Shawn suggests Mimi move all her stuff from her room into his……and that they can use her room for something else……like a game room. Belle calls, asking Mimi to bring a change of clothes for her and Philip to the hospital. Mimi says they will be right over.

KATE is murmuring to herself that Shawn must be Claire’s father, and how could Belle do this to Philip, just as he comes up, just hearing the last part, and saying I don’t need this right now. Philip defends Belle, saying Claire being ill is not Belle’s fault. They argue, & he mentions Shawn & Mimi babysitting, which causes Kate to go off on how dirty a mechanic gets, practically accusing Shawn of causing Claire to get sick. Philip defends both Shawn & Mimi. Later, they are talking again, & Philip mentions how Belle & Shawn never slept together, & their vow of purity. Of course, Kate’s ears perk up at that, as Philip admits that he was the lst man Belle was ever with. Kate is taken aback, but covers by saying that it is refreshing to learn a young girl would stay a virgin, and would want to wait until her wedding night. Philip leaves. Kate realizes that Shawn could not be Claire’s father…unless Belle lied to Philip. She walks away, and of course, straight to the computer room, (where no one sees her going in, door is unlocked, so much for anyone’s records being confidential). She now looks up Shawn’s records, commenting they must have typed his blood when he had his motorcycle accident. As they come up, she says, Oh, my God, it can’t be. Philip doesn’t have the right blood type to be Claire’s father, but Shawn does, so Belle lied, and Shawn IS the baby’s father.

BELLE WALKS IN ON HER PARENTS, hearing Marlena & John talk about their breakup. She lays into them both, saying she just cannot deal with one more thing. Marlena talks to her alone, telling her about being married to Dr. North before she ever came to Salem. She explains about her hysterical amnesia, and tells Belle that she was never divorced therefore, her marriage to John was never legal. (Please tell me why they keep talking about Roman & John as husbands, but never once mention Don Craig! He was Marlena’s very first husband in Salem, and they did have a child together, tho the child died of SIDS) Marlena tries to compare her and Alex/John to Belle with Shawn/Philip. Belle says there is nothing similar in the situation, but Marlena reminds her that during her labor she called out Shawn’s name, not Philip’s. Belle assures her she loves Philip, more every day. Belle is very angry, and leaves. She goes to the nurse’s station, demanding to know what is going on, that tons of tests have been done, etc. She talks to Philip, both deciding to stay the night, and she calls Mimi (see above), wanting her to bring Claire’s stuffed bunny, too. When Shawn & Mimi arrive, Belle goes for coffee, with Shawn going with her, while Philip talks to Mimi. She admits to Philip how “close” she & Shawn got after they went home from the dinner party at Philip’s, in fact they got very close. Philip is happy to hear that, looking over at Shawn who is comforting an upset Belle. Kate watches, saying Oh, No.

Meanwhile, Alex has called the airport, wanting a one way ticket to anywhere, just out of Salem, as soon as the ice storm is over, and the planes can once again take off. John is relieved, as he overhears the phone conversation. But Alex goes to say good-bye to Marlena, telling her he respects her choice, how much he loves her, etc. etc. Marlena tells him not to go, she wants him to stay, as she has chosen him. They hug, as he talks of how, now, the plans they made for their future can come true. ( Sure, 30 years ago, huh? Anyone else wonder about that child Alex said they had, that is now "gone"? Days sure ignores many things, doesn't it?). John listens, and with a tear running down his cheek, says something to the effect….not if I can help it.

AT THE DEVERAUX HOME, Abby rushes to the door, to find Chelsea. She is getting hysterical about her father not being home, and if something happened to him, and how she did not get a chance to say good-bye. Chelsea tries to reassure her. Jennifer is pestering Frankie for the truth, to tell her if he knows anything, but he just says he looked all over and could not find Jack. Jennifer babbles, truly babbles, about how crazy and impulsive Jack is, how he is just out hunting flowers, and trying to find something else to make her happy, looking for something romantic, etc. She talks everyone into putting up the decorations for the party tomorrow, being very upbeat.

Meanwhile, under the water, Bo is unable to get his foot loose, and eventually loses his oxygen. Up on the bridge Hope is getting very nervous, as is Billie. Patrick suits up, and goes down to find Bo. He does, and shares his oxygen with Bo, bringing him to, and then together they free Bo’s foot. Bo insists on doing something before he goes up. They finally surface, much to Hope’s relief, with Patrick saying Bo nearly killed them both. Bo says he spotted Jack’s license plate, and had to retrieve it. He claims the current is too strong to try and get to the car, and even if Jack got out, the current would have swept him away.

Back at Jen’s, the decorations are nearly all up, they hear a car, and Jen rushes to the door. There stand Bo, Hope, Billie, & Patrick, none of them saying a word. Jennifer babbles again, just talking so fast, and then asking why none of them are saying anything. All are inside the house now, looking very solemn. Hope goes to Jen, as Bo says, we have some bad news. Jennifer begins to cry, as Hope holds her, and Jen is saying, No, No, Please don’t tell me this, I don’t want to know. (very emotional scene). And the previews then show……

Jennifer, who is on the bridge looking down and crying: I don’t believe it, I believe he’s coming home Hope turns to Bo saying: she can’t accept what’s right in front of her. Bo: that Jack is gone.

Philip: I wish she looked like her mother Kate: That’s your daughter, no doubt about that

Sami: Your takeover scheme is going to go down. I guarantee it. Nicole: What the hell did you do this time?

Lucas: (as a shot of Carrie flashes first) Oh, my gosh, it’s you.



DOOL 40th Anniversary

Enjoy the walk down memory lane .... (to read EE for 11/29/05, click on the 11/27 link in the left hand column and scroll down)

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Episode # 10197; Tape Date: 10/27/05; Air Date: 11/29/05; Director: Albert Alarr

While Jack's search party, Bo and Hope continue their search for Jack at the bridge, Jennifer and Abby worry at home; While Alex feels he's lost Marlena and plans to leave town, Marlena tells John she's decided to stay with Alex; Austin Reed and Co. plan their next move while Victor congratulates Lucas.

Austin Reed and Co. are stressed after they found out they can't get out of the lease on Brandon's apartment. He suggests they might want to look for other jobs, but they refuse. Austin berates himself for blowing Business 101, not to extend yourself. Sami blames Nicole for it. Austin asks Nicole to leave him and Sami alone, then tells Sami she's out of line.
Victor pops over to Lucas' apartment to congratulate him on his victory. Nicole walks in, telling them they were patting themselves on the back so hard they couldn't hear her knock on the open door. She and Lucas exchange words about his method of getting the account back as Victor listens, but approves of how Lucas did it, saying it's business. They give her a glass of champagne to help them toast their victory and she throws it at Lucas and storms out, promising to help Austin put them in their place. Lucas fills Victor in on another company he's got his eye on (High Style). Victor's pleased with the prospectus and Lucas promises to work up a deal by morning. Victor warns Lucas that Sami is his Achille's heel and even if they don't reunite, they're bonded by Will for life. Can Lucas separate his feelings for Sami with business needs? He reminds Victor about how he was married to his mother and in the same position. That's different Victor says. (ironic how they were BOTH married to Nicole and that's not mentioned, LOL)

Nicole's eavesdropping outside and mutters she had been eyeing High Style too and has to work fast to prove to Austin she can do the job. She returns to their apartment hearing
Sami continue to belittle her to Austin until Nicole walks in..saying she has exactly what they need to get back in the game. She fills them in on how Titan is going after High Style too and if they offer them cash (WHAT cash?) they can probably land the account. Sami warns Austin not to listen to Nicole again. He tells Nicole to work up a proposal while he tries to renegotiate their loan.

Philip comforts Belle as she tells him how much she loves her daughter and hates herself for ignoring Claire. Philip suggests they go to the chapel to pray, but Belle refuses to leave her daughter again. He agrees, saying God will hear their prayers whereever they are and she hugs him. Later we find them bending over Claire's hospital bed, glad she's sleeping so soundly. Belle thanks Philip for being so wonderful. She steps out to go tell her mom about what's going on.
Kate walks up and sees them talking and to herself, comments how the hospital records prove there's no way that Philip is Claire's father..and he has no idea.

Alex walks up asking if she's heard the bad news. Kate is so happy Philip and Belle are together and Alex is happy to see a couple together that deserves to be, thinking he's lost Marlena to John. He steps away to make a one way airline reservation out of Salem for himself. Kate's more worried about Claire's paternity than what John may need from her. She does the Salem Mumble about how Shawn might be Claire's father as Philip walks up and calls out to her.
Marlena tells John that although she has memories of him, she has deeper memories of Alex and will stay with Alex, her first love. John's not happy, obviously, and tries to rein in his anger to try and explain how she would be turning her back on all their children as well if she doesn't stay with him. John says the Marlena he knows would never turn her back on her family. She resents the implication and isn't turning her back on her children. She has deep feelings for Alex and only wants time alone with him to let them grow. It's her decision whether John likes it or not! She remembers seeing him and Kate on the couch with her telescope when she tells him she doesn't think they belong together. John asks her to take more time to make her decision. They both grow more agitated as she insists they're done. Belle walks up and hears that, crying out no, tell her this isn't happening.

Jennifer and Abby pace by the front door awaiting news of Jack. Billie, Patrick and Frankie are all out looking for him. Abby suggests Jen call the hospital. She does and a busy nurse looks up his name in the computer and reports he hasn't been treated there tonight. Abby shows Jen her present for Jack. She ordered it from a catalog and it came last week. It looks like a locket/watch case? and she opens it up to show her the picture of her and Jen in it (how about the baby?). Later the doorbell rings and Jennifer says that's Jack (does he ring the bell to his own house often?) She rushes to the door and it's Frankie, looking grim. Jennifer asks what he found out.

Bo and Hope are excited about the website for Gran when they both get calls. Hope's from Frankie about the accident at the bridge and Bo gets the official heads up. They grab their coats and head out (Zack at the pub?)

Small town as Billie, Patrick and Frankie gather at the bridge. Frankie speculates it could be Jack's car that went off the bridge and he could be dead. Bo and Hope arrive and Frankie tells Bo that the car paint on the missing bridge panel matches the color of Jack's car. Bo refuses Patrick's help, saying professionals will take over. Frankie worries that it wasn't an “accident” and Billie is sure she convinced Jack not to commit suicide. Patrick joins Hope as she remembers when Jennifer's car went off the bridge. Jack saved her, but her son was in the back seat at the time. She tells him how Stefano switched Zack and JT at birth and how JT was thrown from the car. She breaks down saying giving up JT was the hardest thing she's ever had to do. Bo and an officer join them and report a traffic camera saw a car skidding near the scene and plates were Jack's. Bo orders divers down to investigate. They all suggest Frankie go back to the house to be with Jennifer. She'll need him if they find it's Jack. They learn the divers are at a lake where a couple skaters fell in and won't be available for a while. Bo decides to suit up and go in himself.

Later Bo's suited up (looking mighty fine in it too, wink wink) as Hope worries about him. Patrick offers to help again and although Bo's reluctant to let him, Hope assures him that Patrick is trustworthy and he asks Patrick to monitor his equipment. Patrick sees Billie nervous and asks if she still loves Bo. She tells him it's not what he thinks...she knows he loves Hope. They just found their daughter though and building a relationship with her. Hope prays that Bo finds Jack and that they both come back alive. Later the three stand vigil over where Bo is diving and have bad vibes about the situation. We see Bo examining the wreckage and his foot is stuck. He struggles to get it loose as the previews roll....

Kate: “which means that Belle lied. Shawn must be the baby's father.”

Shawn and Mimi are cuddled up in bed.
Mimi: “You're the only one I want to be with.”
Shawn: “You're the only one I want to be with.”

Marlena to Alex: “I don't want a divorce. I don't want you to go.”

Hope and Billie worry about the icy water below and if either Jack or Bo will survive we see Bo apparently unconscious ...and the credits roll...


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Episode # 10196; Tape Date: 10/26/05; Air Date: 11/28/05; Director: Phil Sogard

Summary: Shawn and Mimi discuss what happened…Kate makes a startling discovery…Marlena makes her choice…Alex plans to leave town…Jen, Frankie and Abby become more and more concerned for Jack (as he fights for life).

At the Loft…Shawn and Mimi are still in bed as she asks if he is ready for more. He goes to get water as she picks up a magazine and picture of him and Belle falls out. She stares at it as he returns and tries to explain. He says that he knows there is no future for him and Belle. But Mimi isn’t so sure and tells him she has a confession. She tells him about visiting with Belle and telling her about their date and Belle’s reaction. She says even though Belle gave her blessing, she still isn’t so sure that Belle was being honest and that she still has feelings for Shawn. She asks him point-blank if he is still in love with Belle too. He tells her that a part of him will always love Belle but both of them are ready to move on. She apologizes for being so blunt and babbles on and on about how she has always had a crush on him. She continues until she embarrasses herself and explains she is just afraid of getting hurt again. He stops her and tells her he was ready to answer her first question. He says he has something to tell her and she says if he is going to say he loves her, then don’t. She says she hopes he tells her that he loves her…someday…just not tonight. Shawn is confused and Mimi tells him to let her explain, but he laughs and tells her not to as he stops her and kisses her.

At the Hospital…Lexie explains to Philip and Belle that Claire is doing better…she is on oxygen and her temperature has dropped. They are waiting for test results and they also did a spinal tap, this news upsetting Belle. She promises to keep them informed as they prepare to go into see her. Lexie and John talk as he is worried about Marlena. Lexie apologizes for ever recommending Alex as John gives her the condensed version of what is going on with Alex, shocking her. He tells her that Marlena wants a future with Alex…but he is not going to give up on her.

Meanwhile, Kate wonders if what she found out is true. Philip and Belle walk up as she shoves the papers in her purse. They give her an update on Claire and Kate assures them that she will be okay, telling Belle that worrying about your children is a part of motherhood. Belle goes on in to see the baby as Philip tells Kate how much they love Claire and how he loves Belle and don’t know what he would do without them and then leaves. John joins Kate and they talk about how Philip and Belle need each other right now. He moans about how he and Marlena are not together and how they should be for the kids. Kate excuses herself and goes to an empty office and prays that she is wrong…she says if this is true, it will destroy them. She sits down at a computer (the user didn’t log off) and types in some data. Then she says Oh God…Oh God no. Later she is looking for a doctor and talks to a med student in the hallway and starts asking him questions about blood types. She doesn’t really understand his explanation (lol, neither do I) so she just asks him if the father is an O positive and the mother is an A negative, could the child be AB negative. He asks her why she wants to know and she lies, saying she has a bet with a friend. He says the scenario she described is impossible as she becomes very upset. After he leaves, she says “so Belle’s baby isn’t Philip’s.”

Marlena tells Alex that she has made her decision and is sorry that someone will be hurt. He encourages her to go tell John. She goes over and tells him that she has something to tell him as he fears the worst. Meanwhile, Lexie and Alex talk and he apologizes to her for blackmailing her about Tek. She is angry with him but he says he had to stop her from digging into his past, he was only trying to protect Marlena. He tells her that most of Marlena’s past is still lost and he now fears that he has lost her. An angry Lexie tells him he has not lost her…he never had her in the first place. But he goes on to explain his and Marlena’s history but Lexie says she doesn’t believe him. He tells her that he never came forward before because he didn’t want to disrupt her life, but Lexie is the one who brought him there and he felt the time was right. Alex says he knows that Lexie was suspicious of his methods but he had to use every tool he had…and he thought it was working, but he now feels that she has chosen John. He says he will be leaving Salem soon. She asks if he is giving up and he says he must respect Marlena’s decision. But before he leaves, he wants to offer Lexie some advice…she needs to resolve her feelings concerning Abe and Tek. Lexie says she made a mistake…she loves her husband and there is no question who she wants to be with. Alex says that he loves Marlena, but sometimes things just don’t work out the way you want. He apologizes again and tells her that he was blinded by his love and concern for Marlena.

Marlena tells John that she has made a decision but before she can tell him, Philip and Belle return. Belle is upset and Marlena tries to offer her comfort, telling her that being there for Claire is the best thing she can do for her now. Belle and Philip go into see Clair and talk to her by her side, saying how much they love her and will always be there for her. After they are gone, John asks Marlena what her choice is and she tells him that she has chosen to be with Alex. John is shocked but she says he is her husband. John becomes angry and says that they belong together and pleads with her to reconsider. He says if she walks away, she may as well rip out his heart and take her soul with her. He begs her to reconsider as she tears up. She says she is sorry but she can’t be with him, she has to choose the person she first pledged to spend her life with and that is Alex.

At the Deveraux Place…Jen and Frankie worry about Jack as she blames herself for his going out. Frankie tries to assure her that Jack will be okay. Someone is at the door and Jen rushes over, thinking it is Jack, but it is Abby. Jen is upset to learn that Chelsea drove her home, but Abby says the roads are better now. Abby is upset to learn that her dad went out during the storm. Frankie tells her that Jack called and was on his way home and he is sure he will be there shortly. Jen tries to change the mood and suggests they decorate for the party. Abby wants her mom to call Jack, but she explains the cell service is bad. As they ponder what to do, Frankie volunteers to go and look for him…against Jen’s better judgement. He goes anyway and after he is gone, she is worrying because now she can’t reach him either. Meanwhile, we see Jack in the car several times as the water is rising. He comes to and is sure that God is punishing him for attempting suicide. The water continues to rise as does his panic level. Frankie arrives at the bridge and sees that a car has gone over the edge. When Jack is almost underwater, he prays to make it…just to be with his family…as he has a fantasy of spending Thanksgiving with them. Then we see him pass out and slide underwater…as the previews show…

Bo: Let’s get the wet suits out…I’m going in (as Hope looks on)…

Jennifer (frantic): Frankie…WHERE is he?

Sami (to Austin): Getting involved with Nicole could be disaster. (Nicole): You’re wrong Sami…I have just what we need to get back into the game…

Marlena (to John): You and I are done (as Belle walks up)…Belle: NO…tell me this isn’t happening…

And the credits roll…

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Friday, November 25, 2005

Episode # 10195
Tape Date: 10/21/05
Air Date: 11/25/05
Director: Herb Stein

Summary: With the ice storm a backdrop, several couples (Mickey and Maggie, Doug and Julie, Bo and Hope) reminisce of the past. Okay, for a 40th Anniversary show…this was somewhat disappointing for me. I was expecting a show filled with memorable flashbacks with lots of warm fuzzies…but instead, it is the current storylines, sprinkled with a few short clips thrown in here and there. Quite a letdown for a show with such a rich history to draw upon. (But then, that’s just my opinion.)

At the Loft…Mimi and Shawn are in bed making out and he asks her if she is sure and she says yes. They make love to “You and Me (and All of the People)” by Lifehouse. Afterwards, Mimi is a bit giddy, saying it’s weird and talks about how she always had a crush on him and how she begged him to take her to the Last Blast. He admits that he had a bit of a crush on her as well. But she knew he was in love with Belle. He calls her beautiful and reminds her he kissed her BEFORE he kissed Belle (insert flashback of them kissing in Paris). She asks him if he could trade places with Philip, would he? He says he wouldn’t change places with anyone right now…he is enjoying where he is and who he is with.

At the Deveraux Place…Jennifer is worried about Jack, she can’t reach him on his cell phone. She calls Mickey and Maggie, but they haven’t seen him either, but Maggie assures her he will be fine. Frankie tries to calm her down with a little Salem Tea. He tries to get her to talk about something else, so she tells him about the family tree website they are putting together. She pulls out a photo of them and talks about what a big part of her life he has been. )Insert flashbacks of them younger with him undressing her and them kissing.) She then takes out a picture of her and Jack and we get flashbacks of them arguing at the paper…saying it was NOT love at first sight. She says she had no idea she would ever fall in love with him, then we get flashbacks of her seducing him and him resisting. She talks about how he could make her happy and angry at the same time and we get short flashbacks of both of their weddings. She says she doesn’t know what she will do without him and cries on Frankie’s shoulder. Later, she is trying to call him again, begging him to pick up…as we see flowers under water.

In their car…Doug and Julie are on their way to Mickey and Maggie’s house and get caught in the ice storm. Doug thinks they should turn around and go back home, the weather is too bad. The road is closed ahead and a cop informs them that they are de-icing the road for them to just sit tight. Doug thinks it is kind of romantic and he turns on the radio and the song “Till There was You” is playing and we get a flashback of him singing it at their wedding. It goes off and then “When a Man Loves a Woman” comes on. Julie laughs and says this must be Horton Radio…she told Lucas to sing that to Sami when he proposed. They talk about Sami and Lucas and Julie is sure that they belong together, despite all their troubles. We get flashbacks of them first meeting as well as Austin and Carrie’s wedding (when Sami fainted). Julie says poor Sami…she messes up every good thing in her life. For all of their arguing…sometimes Lucas and Sami remind her of her and Doug. Doug says but THEY are together…Sami and Lucas should be so lucky. Later they learn the road is open, but Julie is happy just resting against him. She asks if they are going home or to Mickey’s. Doug says he has a more important question…are they going to include Marlena and John in Alice’s website. (Why would they?...neither of them are relatives of Alice, so why would they be on her family tree?) Julie says that even though Marlena can’t remember her past…they can’t forget HER. Doug agrees…she is UNFORGETTABLE. Then we get a flashback of John and Marlena kissing. Julie says what a love story…it’s a love that will not die (then we get a brief flashback of the pier reunion). They agree that they belong together. But Julie says now there is another woman after John. Doug nods and says “Dear Kate”…

Cut to the hospital…as Kate asks John how his back is. He says fine, but it is his heart that needs help. He goes to check on the baby as she snoops through medical folders and sees something shocking, saying “Oh my GOD…this can’t be true”. She copies the papers, saying she must protect her family any way she can. Marlena worries about Claire as well as Belle as Alex tries to take her home, but she refuses to leave. She tells him that she now knows who she wants to spend her life with. Lexie tells Philip and Belle she wishes she had better news as Belle cries and asks if Claire is going to die, as Philip holds her.

At Mickey and Maggie’s…she hopes that Doug and Julie decided to stay home. After Jen calls looking for Jack, Mickey is sure that he is okay, probably just the weather. He is sure that if he can…he WILL get to Jen as soon as possible. He talks about how Tom and Jack didn’t see eye to eye, but he KNEW that Jack loved her and that was enough. Flashback here of Tom and Jack talking about Jen. Maggie agrees, but talks about how Alice was CRAZY over Jack. She talks about how Alice always gave her wise advice…even recently…concerning their marriage. They talk about all the storms they have weathered and sure there are more ahead and just hope they last like Tom and Alice. (Insert flashback of Tom and Alice at Christmas). Maggie says there was NEVER a more loving couple. She takes out her photo album and hourglass (doesn’t everyone have one of those sitting around?, LOL) They look at pictures as we get a montage of the ornament hangings through the years with Tom’s voice over explaining why they do this. Maggie weeps as Mickey holds her. Later, Doug and Julie finally arrive safely. Julie and Maggie sit down with boxes of photos as Maggie says there is 40 years worth. Julie hopes that this won’t depress or upset Alice…after all, it is 40 years GONE. Maggie assures her that the years are not gone…and NOT forgotten…each moment is in all of their hearts as they look at a photo of Tom and Alice…and cut to the hourglass.

At the Brady House…Hope is on the sofa with the laptop working on her Christmas project for Alice when Bo comes in. (He had been out looking for Chelsea and informs her that she and Abby are at Bonnie’s). She is a little po’d because he missed Zack’s Thanksgiving play. He forgot and feels bad and says it is tough being dad to 3 kids. Hope just wants him to be there for their boys too. Bo talks about Shawn’s birth as well as Zack’s (as we get brief flashbacks of each). He asks about her project as she gives him an update on She just hopes that Gran will like it. She shows him pictures that she has scanned and there are flashbacks of them on the Fancy Face(s). They look at a picture of Shawn and Belle from the Last Blast and talk about how they thought they would end up together. Hope is sure that Belle married the wrong guy and Bo agrees. But Bo says if Mimi makes him happy, that is all that is important. She talks about how they learn from their mistakes as Bo chuckles, remembering how THEY didn’t. Flashback here of Bo and Hope in bed (when they were younger), and Doug interrupting. Bo laughs, saying he is glad Doug didn’t have a weapon that night, OR he would have lost something important. There are flashbacks of their weddings as Hope says that both Doug and Tom knew that Bo was the only man she could love and they kiss. Bo says that Ms. H is going to love this gift. He says she forgot to include there vows…cue another flashback of their wedding (with the silver link vows) and back to them kissing as the storm rages on outside.

The last segment of the show is Kristian Alfonso (out of character) addressing viewers, saying “I am Kristian Alfonso…on behalf of all of us here in Salem, in front of the cameras and behind the scenes, we are happy you could be here with us today to share some of the magical memories of the first 40 years of Days of Our Lives….” She then invites everyone to log on to the website for more…as the previews show…

Marlena (to John): I have something to tell you that is very important…(John): Is it good news or not?...

Kate: Please God…let me be wrong…because if it’s true…it will destroy them…

Shawn (to Mimi): There is something I want to say. (Mimi): If you are going to tell me you love me…don’t…

Jen (to Abby): Now I can’t reach Frankie either…

Frankie (on the bridge): Someone went off the bridge…(and as he looks over the edge): Oh GOD no!!...

And the credits roll…

Tuesday, November 22, 2005



Days of Our Lives will not be seen on Thursday, Nov. 24th, so there will be no Early Edition on Wednesday, November 23rd. Days will be seen again on Friday, Nov. 25th, when the show will be celebrating their 40th anniversary. So the Early Edition should appear next on Thanksgiving.

Episode #10,194
Tape date 10/20
Director Albert Alarr

This episode proves once again why we should all be thankful we do not live in Salem, as for the 3rd year in a row, gloom, despair and misery descend on it’s residents on a holiday. Claire is rushed to the hospital, Marlena is convinced she sees John & Kate having sex, while Jack’s good intentions end in tragedy. It is too sad that Days continues for the 3rd year in a row, to make Thanksgiving a day the Salem residents have no reason to celebrate.

SHAWN & MIMI are hot & heavy on his bed. He decided to set up a mood, and lights some candles around the room. They talk a bit, then his mom calls, inviting him to Jack & Jennifer’s tomorrow. He agrees to come and bring Mimi. As he & Mimi begin to kiss, his computer beeps that an IM message is coming in. Ah, tis Gran, worried that he might be out in the storm. He reassures her, but by the time he gets back to Mimi, they agree the mood has been broken. Shawn remembers something he bought Mimi, and goes into the other room, bringing back some flowers. She is touched. He puts on some slow music, very romantic, and she puts a very open weave, dark blue scarf over the lamp, (uh, oh, Mimi, that is not smart) wanting muted light so she could still see him. They begin kissing again, but her shirt gets stuck in his zipper or something like that

KATE CONTINUES TO GIVE JOHN the very weird back massage, for which he is thankful. Being she is straddling him, it looks very much like something else to Marlena who is looking through her spyglass. She is puzzled by what she sees, being as John has repeatedly told her how much he loves her, etc. Alex makes excuses, saying John probably realizes Marlena belongs with Alex, etc. etc. Meanwhile, John is greatful, as Kate has helped him, but she is getting turned on. He isn’t, and makes it clear he will not go there.

Meanwhile, Belle & Philip are making out on the sofa, when Claire begins to cry. Belle goes to check, calls Philip over, as Claire is burning up. They will take her to the hospital, so Philip calls his mom, asking her to alert Lexie. Belle calls Marlena, who says she will be right there. Alex offers to drive Marlena, inasmuch as the roads are so bad. Belle & Philip rush into the hospital, Lexie is waiting, and Claire is taken to the infamous, Cubicle #1 (wonder if there is another cubicle? Lol) Marlena, Alex, then John & Kate all arrive (hmmm, no one calls Victor???) Belle cries to her mom, who offers her shoulder, and words of comfort. Lexie comes out, with the news the baby is very ill, they are giving her a sponge bath to try and bring down her fever. Everyone worries, and Belle is very upset. Lexie leaves, and little conversations go on between everyone. Lexie returns, saying that Claire has an infection, but they have not determined what kind (you know, one of those unnamed Salem things that are, at times, life threatening, like Jack’s.) She says they are giving her broad spectrum anti-biotics via intravenous, in order to “flush out her system”. She leaves, Belle breaks down, Philip tries to comfort her. John & Kate talk about their kids, and how good Philip is for Belle. He hugs Kate as Marlena watches. Belle is crying, and tells a shocked Philip that if anything happens to Claire, their life together is over. She quickly apologizes, saying she did not mean that. Alex decides to go see if he can find anything out, and Kate says she is going for coffee, leaving John & Marlena alone. They talk, but Marlena remembers seeing Kate & John thru her spyglass. She questions him about always telling the truth, and he says yes he does. She asks about loving her, etc. and he says yes. She asks about loving Kate. He replies, yes, but only as a friend. She asks if there is anything else. He says, no…and she says, I guess that is it.

JENNIFER IS RUMMAGING through a cupboard, getting out silver trays, etc. for the big dinner. She is happy to be having the big Thanksgiving dinner at their home, (which he calls his last supper, and gets scolded by Jen) He tells her “I love you, Miss Horton, always have, always will, ALWAYS”, as they embrace. Jack is worried it might be too much for her, but she assures him it isn’t as she is doing the turkey, Aunt Maggie is bringing all the side dishes from the restaurant, Doug & Julie are bringing the decorations and place cards, while Gran is bringing all the pies. Jacks asks, Apple, pumpkin? And Jen assures him yes, plus sweet potato pie just for him, and pecan for Abbie. She bemoans being unable to find the cornucopia, but, no matter, since she doesn’t have the vegetables for it, or the flowers as usually the florist took care of that, and she forgot to call him, and is now too late. She does so want everything to be just perfect. She goes to check on the baby, and Jack worries he is not able to help in some way. He gets a bright idea, makes a phone call, and when Jennifer returns, Jack is gone. She looks around, then outside, realizing the car is gone, and cannot imagine where Jack could have gone in this bad storm.

We see Jack in the car, on his way to get flowers for Jennifer, determined Jennifer should have everything perfect. The car skids a bit, and we can see the weather is terrible. Meanwhile, Jen has found a cornucopia in the attic, and as she smiles, she remembers another Thankgiving, with it on the table, Jack teasing her about all the veggies, etc. (Wow, am glad Salemites have had some nice Thanksgivings in the past, it seems) The phone rings, it is Jack. He says he is in Ogden, got the flowers and vegetables for the big dinner, but the cornucopia is proving a bit difficult. Jen assures him she has found one, and urges him to just come home. Music on radio has Jack asking her if she hears it….their song….and we flash back to them dancing at their wedding to this song. (Lyrics begin, “You can say you love me”). They both say how much they love each other.

Eventually, Mimi manages to get the zipper and shirt apart, they kiss, smell something burning, and realize it is the scarf over the lamp (stupid thing to have done). Shawn stomps it out, and both agree this was just not meant to be tonight. They agree to to sleep in their respective rooms, but at the doorway, they once again begin to kiss, and fall onto Shawn’s bed, hot and heavy again.

Meddlesome Kate gets impatient, walks over to the nurses’ station, begins pawing thru the folders, but picks up a blue on on the counter. She opens it, saying, no, no, that can’t be. John pulls the Belle card to Marlena, telling her that it would probably help Belle now if she knew her parents were back together.

Philip comforts Belle. Lexie comes out, (and as usual, the voice of doom) saying to the worried group, “I wish I had better news” .

As Jen worries at home, Jack is driving the icy road, telling himself he feels like Ichobod Crane (from the story “The Headless Horseman”), and once he gets across the bridge, he’ll be all right. Suddenly, the car skids wildly, Jack tries to correct the skid, and we hear him screaming as the car crashes through the bridge.

And the previews show..

Hope: I”ll always believe in my heart of hearts that she married the wrong guy.
Bo: Me, too.

Belle: She’s gonna die, isn’t she? Mimi to Shawn(Apparently this is part of their “afterglow”: If you could trade places with Philip right now, would you?

Jennifer, in tears: How do I go on without Jack? Frankie holds her.

Marlena to Alex: I know who I want to spend the rest of my life with.



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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sami's evening goes from bad to worse as she learns about Titan's getting the Clear Visage account; Marlena has a panic attack memory; Kate continues to help John both mentally and physically. Today's lesson: If you don't want to be seen at night, no matter what floor you're on, CLOSE YOUR CURTAINS!! Tomorrow looks like a busy one!!

AT THE LOFTS....they continue where I left off on Thursday....Philip opening the door to finding Shawn and Mimi kissing. Belle steps aside and tells herself that Shawn's not hers any more. Shawn thanks them for the invitation as they didn't want to go out in the storm and saved them another night of burnt tv dinners. Belle and Philip go to get things ready as Mimi tells Shawn that earlier Belle gave her blessings to their relationship. Ten feet away Philip stops Belle from tossing the salad to “talk” to him. She is angry because he didn't tell her about his leg pain. He apologizes, kiss, kiss, love ya, back to dinner. He spots Shawn and Mimi laughing next to each other on the couch and calls them to dinner. First he finds the picture of Belle and Shawn in the garbage and asks what it's doing there. (well, DUH want it out? LOL) She says it fell in there by mistake. She looks at it and it morphs into a picture of her and Shawn while she's holding their baby. She puts it into a grocery bag and onto the floor. After they've had their dinner, Belle gets up to check on Claire and Shawn says they should get going as he has a hard time getting out of bed in the morning. Mimi offers to help with the dishes, but Philip said they've got it covered. Mimi and Shawn kiss their way across the hall and practically fall into their own loft. Philip walks up behind a morose Belle and starts kissing her neck. Across the hall, Shawn picks up Mimi and carries her to his bed.

SAMI returns home from the market with with bags of supplies to make home made soup for Will (he's sick) (if that's all soup supplies, she should make enough for an army). Austin was concerned where she was due to the storm outside, but Nicole's only annoyed by the interruption Sami's caused. She suggests Sami make the soup at Lucas' apt. and Austin only agrees so that she can be closer to Will. Sami, who's struggling with her bags, rants about this being her apartment and SHE was the one who got the account..but heads for the door. Austin opens and closes it for her and tells Nicole she's out of line when she calls Sami a dramatic little bitch. Nicole tells Austin that Scrappy Do will never pull off what she did tonight (getting the account) again. Austin isn't so sure about that and knows there's a side to Sami others don't see. That's what he loves about her. We return to Nicole telling Austin that if Sami loves Lucas and vice versa, she wishes them happiness. Austin asks if she means that and she says she does. They both admit wanting that type of love and he says he wants lots of kids. Nicole breaks down and he insists on knowing what's bothering her. She tells him she can't have kids. She tells him how a hit man was hired to kill Victor and she got hit instead. Because of that she can't have kids. She had a crappy childhood and thought she'd make such a great mom (oh yeah, right). She would only adopt if she had a partner, someone like him, to help her.

Sami drops the bags in the hallway and Lucas steps out of his apartment and asks if she needs some help. He wonders why she went out in the storm and she tells him to get the ingredients for Grandma Caroline's chicken soup. They start bickering about Clear Visage and he gets info from her that Austin got loans due to the new account (that was quick!) Lucas smirks that papers haven't even been signed to finalize the deal and what would happen if it didn't go through? Inside his apartment she tells him about having problems with Nicole and how Austin leased Brandon's old loft for their office space. Lucas sounds a little worried, saying he thinks she's falling for Austin again. She denies anything romantic going on with her and Austin, they just work together. Lucas refuses to believe that and accuses her of doing whatever it took to get Austin back in town, including a wedding. She reminds him she found him with another woman. They argue about who gave up on the other first and he goes to bed (don't even see Will). She can't find her recipe for the soup and goes to his computer to look for another one. She finds Sophie's email telling Lucas that she's glad they talked Lulu into getting Hans to change his mind about signing with Austin. Lucas walks back in and Sami asks how he could do that to them! She rushes across the hall to tell Austin (with Lucas in her wake as she of course doesn't shut the door). Austin goes to the desk and looks at some papers saying they're ruined. Nicole tells Lucas he's a dead man.

AT KATE'S SUITE...apparently they tried to go to bed earlier than the rest of Salem above as they rendevous in the living room for a drink. Her in robe, him too, except wearing his jeans. He wonders if Alex has talked his way into Marlena's bed and picks up his binoculars to see (ISA repossess his super duper telescope and bugs?). Kate stops him, saying it would be a big mistake. She reminds him that Alex IS Marlena's husband. Kate reminds John he himself researched the validity of the marriage certicate and found it legit (okay, now have him research the other details Alex mentioned). She mentionsher own painful moments and she says it wasn't from Roman, but because of losing him. John feels bad and says he'll always care a great deal for her. She compares their relationship to Marlena's, knowing John will be hurt. John struggles to put on his socks to go over to the penthouse and grimaces in pain. He can't walk and doesn't want her calling Lexie. She offers to massage where it hurts and helps him lie down on the couch (on his back). She asks where it hurts and he says everywhere. She kneels ON TOP OF HIS MID SECTION as she massages his shoulder (hello...the man's in pain already, I wouldn't be kneeling on him, LOL!!) Instant relief as she massages his shoulder.

AT THE PENTHOUSE...Marlena and Alex chat. She wants to know more about their relationship. He tells her how he thought the sun rose and set around her from the first day he met her. Their engagement was the best day of his life, until their wedding day. (flashback scenes of them undressing each other that night) We return from the flashback with Marlena dreamy eyed, remembering. She could SEE how much in love they were, she just can “feel” it. He assures her it's normal to remember in bits and pieces. He figures she's feeling a little guilty because she can't remember her past with John. She agrees. He has a surprise for her to commemorate this ocassion. She flips through the scrapbook of pictures of her and John while he goes to fetch it. Alex returns with a box holding a pearl necklace inside. He asks to help her put it on and she agrees. While he's doing so, she remembers someone trying to strangle her while she's wearing them, the necklace breaks and pearls spill all over. Marlena has a major panic attempt to get away. She won't let him near her as he asks what's wrong with her. He begs her to let him help her, saying he's not the enemy. He walks her over to the couch as she grabs her neck, crying. She tells him about the hand putting pearls around her neck and then she couldn't breathe. Close to hysterics, she cries in his arms after he convinces her he's not the enemy, saying how scared she was. He realizes putting the pearls around her neck brought out something from her subconscious (gee, even I figured THAT out. Didn't he keep tabs on all that's happened to Marlena since they were apart? For example the Salem Stranger case?) After she's calmed down, he tells her the pearls belonged to someone in his family and agrees, she was very special...saying it was her. He gave them to her just before they got married. The window blows open just after she was going to try and put the pearls on again by herself. Alex closes it and takes his own trust telescope out. He sees the antenna on top of Titan about ready to blow over. He then looks towards Kate's room and clearly sees her (now just in gown, no robe) crouching over John as she massages his shoulders. He's moaning from it, but via telescope it looks like they're making love. Alex comments on something he saw, but says Marlena doesn't want to see it. Of course that sparks her curiousity, so she takes the telescope and he shows her where to look. Boing....she looks across town right into Kate's open curtains (amazing!!!) and sees what he the screen splits to what she's seeing and her solemn the previews roll....

Belle to Philip: This is my worst nightmare and I don't understand how you can be so calm.”
Philip: “Because both of us can't fall apart.”
Belle: “If anything happens to our daughter, our life together is over.”

In the hospital waiting room as Marlena and Alex watch....
John to Kate: “we're not going to lose our granddaughter.”

Mimi and Shawn are in bed and she asks him “Do you smell something burning?”

We see Jack (driving?) and screaming. It looks like he's near a bridge (hard to tell)...

as the credits roll..

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Monday, November 21, 2005

Episode # 10192
Tape Date: 10/18/05
Air Date: 11/21/05
Director: Phil Sogard

Summary: Jacks plans go awry, thanks to Billie…Frankie and Jennifer reminisce…Sami catches Lucas red-handed…Nicole presses Austin to find out who his “mystery woman” is…Marlena decides she needs to spend time with Alex, much to John’s dismay.

At the Deveraux place…Jack lies “dead” on the floor as Billie uses CPR to try to revive him, crying for him to come back. He looks around as he is all dressed in white and says “I did it…I killed myself” and wonders if he is in Heaven. Suddenly, everything around him turns red. He hears Billie calling his name and looks up at her, asking if she is an angel. He tells her he thought he was in hell as an angry Billie tells him that she is going to make him regret what he tried. Later, we learn that Billie has given him serum of epicac (sp?) and made he throw up the pills as he bemoans his failure. She lectures him that suicide is wrong and begs him not to do this to his family. He doesn’t want to hear it, but she tries to persuade him that his family loves him and will cherish every minute with him and begs him to stop torturing himself.

Meanwhile…Jen and Frankie are out searching for Abby and Chelsea and get trapped in the ice storm. As they sit in the car, she tries to call home to Billie and Jack but her phone battery is dead. They decide to wait until someone comes along to help them. Frankie turns on the radio (must be the oldies station) and the song “Love, Look What You’ve Done to Me” (I think by Boz Scaggs…not sure, that is an old one). They laugh about how they danced and about old times. They talk about a teacher of theirs from high school (I think Ms. Collette?) and how she was a young widow (her husband was killed in the war) and how she lived such a lonely life because she never moved on. Jennifer wonders if that is what will happen to her and begins to cry. Frankie tells her that he saw Ms. Collette a few years ago in New York…she was on her honeymoon. It seems that she married the coach at school…and come to find out, he was her FIRST love…before she had married they had gone to their prom together. Jen has flashbacks of dancing (to “Stand by Me”) with Frankie at her prom. He tells her that their teacher did fall in love again…even if it took 30 years. But Jen says nothing would ever happen like that for her. As ice forms on their windshield, she tells Frankie that she has loved Jack for so long, she would never expect to find that kind of love again. But he assures her that she will be able to move on with her life. He tells her that Ms. Collette’s husband gave him a bit of advice when they talked…never give up. Jen asks him what he meant by that, but Frankie says he can’t remember (they must have been talking about Jen). Jen says that situation was different, but he was right about one thing…she will never give up on Jack…she prays for a miracle every day. A salt truck comes by and they decide to follow it and head home.

Meanwhile back at the house, Jack has an attack and says he can’t take it and just wants to die, he doesn’t want his family to see him like this. As he struggles for breath, he begs Billie not to tell Jennifer what happened earlier. She finally gives in, but only for Jennifer’s sake, it would be too painful for her to find out. He has another attack and drops the pill bottle, just as Frankie and Jen come in. Jen rushes to Jack as Billie tries to hide the epicac and the pill bottle, but Frankie sees her. He pulls her aside and asks her what is going on and she tells him. They are both glad that she was there as they watch Jen cuddling Jack on the sofa.

At Lucas’s Apartment…Lucas and Sophie come in, planning on spending the night together (Will is staying with a friend). They congratulate each other on what happened earlier and talk about how Austin is going to react. They fall to the sofa kissing. Lucas is thanking her for her help as the clothes begin to fly.

Across the hall, Austin & Company is also celebrating. Nicole thinks they should start packing their things to move into the new place even though Sami still thinks it is a bad idea and that they are over-extending. But Austin is sure that they are on their way to success. Sami sees she is out-numbered so she wanders into the hall where she finds Will coughing and hacking. Nicole tells Austin of a company that is ripe for a takeover and they talk about securing a loan. Austin thinks it is going to be tough competing with Titan, but this first account is a great first step. He tells her that they are taking a huge risk, but she says that they have to take risks if they want to go for the gold ring. He corrects her, saying it is the BRASS ring…unless she is talking about a wedding band. In the hall, Will explains that he is sick and wanted to come home and sleep in his own bed as she feels his forehead and says he is burning up. He doesn’t want her to baby him, but he finally gives her the key and she opens the door and walks right in on Lucas and Sophie and squeals. Sami retreats quickly (keeping Will from seeing what was going on). Lucas charges out into the hall demanding to know what Sami is doing there, but she counters asking what was HE doing. Austin and Nicole hear the commotion and come over as well as Sami is raising hell at Lucas. Will tells them all that it’s okay as Sami opens the door and with her eyes closed, tells Sophie her son is sick and going to bed. Will goes in and they hear him say “Wow, Sophie…you are HOT!” almost giving Sami a heart attack. He yells back that he is just kidding, she isn’t even in the room. Nicole and Austin laugh it off and go back to work as Sami stays behind, saying she wants to make sure Will is okay. She instructs Lucas he should tell Sophie to get lost.

Back in Sami’s apartment, Austin and Nicole go back to work as Austin talks about he has missed Will and how he has grown. Nicole starts about how Sami lied to Austin about Will being his son and she doesn’t understand how Austin can stand her. Austin chuckles about how Nicole is still trying to fish around and find out who the woman is that he came back to town for. She wants to know who it is NOW, but he avoids her questions. He does tell her that the woman is patient, not pushy and doesn’t put her agenda above others. Nicole snorts that leaves Sami out. But he will not tell her who it is. Nicole tells him that she wishes Sami and Lucas would make up and get back together and that they would be better off if Sami switched teams and worked for the enemy…then the future would be theirs. Then she clatters on about what success they would be and that SHE had better be the one he came back for as Austin just smiles.

Back in Lucas’s apartment, Sophie is now dressed and has decided to leave. After she is gone, Sami takes Will’s temperature and it’s 102, telling him he needs soup and to get to bed, even though he doesn’t want her babying him. She sends him to bed and give Lucas instructions. She picks up a folder and starts reading as Lucas tries to stop her. He takes it away, telling her it is none of her business. She swears she wasn’t snooping, but he tells her that wants her and everyone else to be surprised.

At the Penthouse…the ‘Marlena-Amnesia-Marathon’ continues. She wants John and Kate to leave so she can talk to Alex privately. John pulls Alex aside and lets him know that he doesn’t believe his story for a minute. Kate tells Marlena she needs to make a decision and not to keep the two man hanging on like this (WHY does she need to make a decision this very minute?) Marlena agrees with her. Alex tells John that he has wasted too many years to be with Marlena but John thinks this whole story is bull. Alex says it is no more far-fetched than anything else that has ever happened to Marlena (ain’t that the truth?!!) They bicker back and forth and John tells him that he will not succeed. Marlena asks Kate if she believes Alex’s story and she says he sounded convincing. Kate warns her that if she chooses Alex, John will be heartbroken, but Marlena thinks that if she ends up with Alex, John could find happiness with Kate. John tells them that because of the storm, he and Kate aren’t leaving. Alex tells John that he should accept that Marlena’s future is with HIM. But John warns Alex that if he finds out that all of this is a hoax, he is going to take that talisman and that special music and shove it all down his throat. (LOL, I was expecting another place myself) Alex tells him that there is no need for violence, he has shown them the proof and that Marlena will be true to her first love…HIM. John begs Marlena to reconsider before making the biggest mistake of her life. She says she needs to remember her past from the beginning…all of it to get her memory back. John says he will be there for her. Kate tells Alex if he is playing games with Marlena, God help him. But Alex swears he is trying to help her. He accuses Kate of not being honest herself…she wants to be with John. Marlena tells John that she needs to be honest with him…she doesn’t feel the deep love for him…but she remember she deep feeling of love she has for Alex. Freeze frame on Alex…as the previews show…

Nicole (to Austin): If it were anyone but Sami… (Austin): There is a side of Sami that a lot of people don’t see…but it is what I love about her…

Sami: WHAT?...Lucas: You are falling for Austin again…

The next two previews are weird…and I don’t know what to make of them, but…

Marlena is freaking out and screaming (as if she just saw a snake or something) as Alex watches…

John is doubled over in pain and tells Kate not to touch him as Kate asks “what?”…

And the credits roll…

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Friday, November 18th

AT THE LOFTS….Mimi gets home and lights some candles for her and Shawn’s romantic evening together. She gets a taste of married life, LOL, as Shawn comes home and tells her about his busy day at the garage and when she leans forward for a kiss, doesn’t want to get her nice coat dirty and heads to the shower. She blows out a couple candles. Later she drinks some wine, toasting their romantic night as he peeks out through the door asking for a clean towel from the kitchen. She decides to deliver it herself. He pulls her into the shower saying it’s the best place to be on a cold night. She doesn’t know, but he says he does and pulls her in, clothes and all, and they start kissing. Turns out she’s just fantasizing that, but Shawn does open the door asking for a towel.

Across the hall, Philip’s making Risoto (pasta dish Belle loved at Chez Rouge) for dinner and Belle laughs (nice to hear) and offers to help him. He gets a painful cramp in his leg. She learns it’s normal and he’s been having them on and off over the past weeks and not telling her. She feels bad and says he deserves so much more as they hug. He shows her a bottle of sparkling cider to have (mindful she can’t have alcohol) and wants some for himself instead of wine. She finds a picture of her and Shawn in the glass cupboard (real good hiding place, LOL!) as Philip pours the cider and toasts to them and their future. Later they laugh as he made too much and says the seafood will go bad if they can’t eat it all now. He suggests inviting Shawn and Mimi to dinner and she agrees. Across the hall, Mimi hands Shawn his towel and he heads back into the bathroom (alone). She goes into her room and he hears a knock on the door. With the towel wrapped around his lower half, he answers it and it’s Belle to invite them for dinner. Mimi comes out of her room with her glass of wine and Belle invites them. He thinks it’s a good idea with the ice storm approaching and she (not so agreeable) goes along with it. Alone she asks God to help her get through this. On their way across the hallway, Shawn apologizes to Mimi and promises to make it up to her. They kiss and accidentally ring the doorbell while kissing. Philip opens it and finds them kissing and gives Belle the thumbs up signal.

AT THE PENTHOUSE, Marlena tells John she’s still Alex’s wife and her marriages to Roman and him are invalid. John asks Alex why he didn’t return to Marlena after his special ops mission years ago. Alex repeats how she had moved on and why he focused on specializing in her type of problem. He admits using hypnosis and other methods simply to get her to retrieve her memory of them and sequenced properly so she can have her whole life back, not in bits and pieces over the years. He also wanted to make sure this information wouldn’t cause her more harm than good. John smirks saying he’s full of it. When John asks, Alex says he doesn’t know the DiMeras and only knows Lexie as she referred him to John per his request for help. All he does know is his love for Marlena and feels deep down in her subconscious she does know it. Marlena tears up as Alex takes her hand and reminds her about her earlier flashes of her earlier life with all three of them. She says it was confusing. He warns her the time is coming where she’ll have to decide which of them she will want to stay with. Marlena asks John for some time alone with Alex. He’s not crazy about the idea, but she insists. Kate takes John out on the terrace. John holds Kate’s shoulders, saying Alex has manipulated Marlena and filled her head with lies. Kate is more realistic and warns John it may be true. She stops him from going in, saying he might do more damage than good to his own cause.

Marlena admits her doubts to Alex and he knows something that will help convince he leans down and kisses her. She likes it and catches herself as she leans in for more…then panics a little. He embraces her and says he’s her husband and there for her. He knows that’s why she returned the kiss with such passion. She admits how natural it did feel. He begs for her to give him the chance to prove he’s the only man she’s ever loved. Marlena asks to speak with John alone when he and Kate return. Privately Kate asks Alex if that was the truth and he says yes. She feels for him, saying he waited too long to come back as those in between years may hurt him. He suggests John might be available for her. Marlena tells John she wants him to leave as she owes Alex the chance to help her and when asks why she owes Alex anything, she says that he’s her husband.

AT THE DEVERAUX’S….Billie finds Frankie outside wondering what he’s doing sitting out when an ice storm is coming. She’s worried about Chelsea who’s not home nor answering her cellphone. She asks to hang out with Frankie while waiting. She sits down and comments on how cold it is, so he pours her something hot to help. She knows he’s thinking about Jack and Jennifer. She admits Jack told her a long time ago about his fatal illness and his plan to have Frankie in the wings to help Jen after he’s gone. Billie figures Jack’s focus on Jennifer helps divert his thoughts about what’s happening to him. Frankie respects Jen too much to force himself on her, it’ll be her decision. Frankie says Jennifer is not Jack’s property, she’s his wife and it’s up to her what she’ll do afterward. He’ll be there, but he will not take advantage of her vulnerability.

Inside Jen’s asleep and Jack’s sitting up in bed watching her. He puts the pills down and accidentally awakens her. She asks him to hold her and rolls over for him to spoon with her. He does so and starts gasping for breath. They roll over and she lies her head on his chest saying he’s not going anywhere. She admits trying to stay strong for the kids, but breaks down fearing she can’t help but worry if this would be their last conversation, etc. He tells her how he loves her and starts kissing her. Later Jen’s asleep again and Jack reaches for the bottle of pills. She wakes up as he starts to open the bottle, asking what he’s doing. He says just taking his medication and she asks if he’s in pain. He tells her not when he’s with her. She urges him to be optimistic and to hang on for a cure. She heads down to get cranberry juice for him to take with the pills as the book said it balances out the pH. . Holding the palmful of pills, he says he’s doing this for her

Jen finds Billie and Frankie out front and pulls them in. Jen hears about Chelsea and calls Abby, worried about her too. She leaves a message on Abby’s phone to call her. They all fight as to who should go find the girls and Jack finally relents to stay home and asks Billie to stay with him while Frankie and Jen go look for the girls. Jack asks Billie to take Jennifer out to lunch once a week so she won’t hide out in the house after he’s gone. Jack tells Frankie how Jen loves flowers, especially hydrangeas. She also loves Halloween and candy. Jen walks in hearing him talking about next year and rushes into his arms glad that he’s thinking optimistically. He stops her from leaving and kisses her, saying he loves her. She says the same and for him to go back to bed, she’ll be right back and heads out. Jack gasps a little, saying he didn’t get to say goodbye to Abigail. He gasps more saying he said goodbye to his son, Vern and Jo, but asks her not to let Abigail feel guilty for not being home tonight. He collapses after telling Billie he took all his pills. Billie cries out to him to come back, please come back and rocks him as his eyes roll back into his head…..


Jennifer (sniffing) to Frankie (in the car): “I can’t believe I’m talking about my husband like he’s already gone..”

Nicole to Austin: “I’m going for the gold ring.”
Austin: “You mean BRASS ring, unless you’re talking about a wedding gown.”

Lucas to Sami: “You have no business touching that.” (a paper)
Sami looks at the paper, that stares at him.

Marlena to John while looking at Alex: “I remember the deep feeling of love for him.”

As the previews roll…

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