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Episode # 10284; Tape Date: 3/4/06; Air Date: 4/2/06; Director: Albert Alarr
(Cheryl's picture site seemed to be down...The ones added are courtesy of Bev's Marlena Day Ahead Pictures).

Summary: John is determined to stop Marlena’s wedding to Alex, but his friends and family intervene…Frankie takes Jen away for the weekend…and just when you think Chelsea couldn’t get any worse, she stoops to a NEW LOW! In case you didn’t know already….this girl is pure evil.

At the Deveraux house…Frankie and Jen arrive, talking and worrying about Bo and Hope. Frankie thinks that Jen needs a vacation to get away from all this and he suggests Green Mountain. He says she needs to relax and have some fun but she isn’t so sure about it, she things it is a big step. Maggie arrives, suitcase in hand, to stay with Abby and Jack Jr. (Frankie had already called her). He goes upstairs as Maggie tries to tell her that getting away will do her good, but Jen thinks it is moving too fast. She admits to having feelings for Frankie, but she feels like everyone is pushing them together. Maggie says everyone just wants her to be happy. But Jen says she is afraid of “happy”…she was happy with Jack and has ended up mourning him 3 times. Maggie reminds her she is a single woman and deserves to have a good time. Maggie also reminds her of what Alice always says “Life doesn’t wait for you to live it”. Jen finally gives in and decides to go. Maggie tells them to have a good time and not to worry about a thing as they leave.

Later, Frankie and Jen are at Green Mountain Lodge in the bar/restaurant and he asks her to dance. She is still uneasy and he notices she is tense and asks if she is okay. He knows she doesn’t really want to be there. They go back to the table as she thinks she needs to tell him they are moving too fast. He goes over to a waitress and returns with a rose.

Chelsea (aka spawn of Satan)…is having flashbacks of talking with Frankie about her case and says she won’t be going to jail as long as Bo and Hope are apart. She sends something to Hope on the computer, saying Hope won’t know what hit her. She is sure that her plan will work and she won’t go to jail as long as Bo is on her side. She says she will do what she has to…and if Hope gets hurt…well, that’s too bad. She notices that Bo didn’t log out of his email account earlier and gets an idea. She decides to leave it open, in case Hope replies.

Meanwhile, Hope is checking her email and it is an article from the Salem Chronicle about Shawn & Mimi’s wedding. She gets upset when she sees pictures from the ceremony (one showing Billie & Chelsea, and captioned as “uninvited guests”). She reads the article about how the wedding stopped and Shawn tossed them out. She is upset with Shawn for not telling her about the wedding, but realizes he did that to protect her feelings. She reads the article and gets more upset to learn that Bo comforted Chelsea. She can’t read any more, so Patrick reads it to her. (Man, this sure is a detailed article about a wedding!, LOL). The article goes on to talk about Bo and Hope’s separation because of Chelsea. She goes back to read and sees a picture of Bo hugging Chelsea. She asks what the HELL is wrong with Bo?...taking up for Chelsea. Hope says it is now clear that he prefers being with Chelsea and Billie over her and Shawn. Patrick tries to assure her that Bo loves her but she says this is only proof that he has turned his back on her. She says it’s over…she wants a divorce. Patrick can’t believe she would say that, saying she needs to talk to Bo. But she says she doesn’t want to talk to him…she has made up her mind. Patrick reminds her that she and Bo have been in love since they were kids and urges her to think about it as Hope has a long series of flashbacks of them together. (Lots of good memories here…the kissing booth, her rescue from the Welch wedding, riding the motorcycle, their wedding, the boat, etc. The music montage is set to the song, “I Can’t Live Without Your Love”). After this, Patrick tells her not to make a huge mistake…don’t give up on Bo. He tries to get her to call him, but before she does…an email comes in. Apparently, Hope had emailed Bo that she wanted a divorce, because the reply is from Chelsea…she was thrilled to see that Hope replied to her and she decides to respond back. in the email (as Bo) she tells her that there is no way they can stay together. She also puts that he loves Chelsea and if that means that they (Bo and Hope) have no future, then so be it. He won’t contest the divorce…he will be there for Chelsea and Billie. What they had is over and it is best they go their separate ways. She hits “send” and smiles an evil grin a she says “read it and weep Hope”. On the other end, Hope reads the mail and is shocked she begins to cry and tells Patrick that Bo has agreed to the divorce. He tries to comfort her as she cries…it’s over…it’s over. Chelsea gloats over her victory and says it is working perfectly…all she has to do now is cover her tracks…as Hope cries uncontrollably.

At the Church…Marlena proceeds down the aisle as Belle pouts at the altar. Marlena asks Alex if he is okay and he says it will be as soon as she says “I do”. The service starts (funny to hear how Father Jansen calls her Marlena Evans-North). Alex has a flashback of overhearing Marlena tell Kate that John is her true love and him giving her the injection. Roman tells Abe that he is sure that John is nearby. Shawn looks up and sees a shadow in the grate, so he and Roman go rushing up there. Abe sends Tek to the confessional with his gun to cover John. Upstairs, John aims at Alex as Tek has his gun on John. Roman instructs Tek to hold his fire and not shoot unless necessary. Shawn and Roman arrive upstairs but the door is locked where John is. John has Alex in his line of fire, but he and Marlena move to light a candle. Belle is praying her mom won’t go through with it. Father Jansen asks if there are any objections as Marlena turns and stares at a distraught Belle. Mimi has a flashback of Belle stopping her wedding, wondering if Belle will do it again, LOL. Belle doesn’t utter a sound, so the wedding resumes. Roman is yelling at John through the door, trying to stop him, but John ignores him, determined to kill Alex…as Roman and Shawn try to break down the door. The vows are underway (as Mimi notes that Marlena sounds like a zombie). Marlena has flashbacks of her vows with John and stops. Alex opens his hand and she looks down to see the necklace (that he was using at one time to hypnotize her) and she resumes. Roman radios Abe, telling him that they have found John, but can’t stop him and they tell Tek to hold his fire. Through the door, Roman tries to stop John, telling him that if he shoots, so will Tek. John says that doesn’t matter, if he kills Alex he will get the death penalty anyway. Shawn radios Belle (I guess she is wearing an earpiece as well) and tells her where John is. She looks up and sees the gun. She says she has to stop this, just as John is ready to pull the trigger. She steps over in front of Alex (between him and John and just stares up toward the grate). Shawn rushes into the chapel and sees what she has done and tries to get her to move, but she won’t. John is begging for Belle to move, but she won’t budge…as the ceremony proceeds. Roman and Abe burst in to the room as Abe talks John down. He finally puts the gun down and begins to sob.

Alex and Marlena are now married and the ceremony is over as Shawn rushes over to Belle. She is saying she can’t believe they are married and Shawn tells her to accept it…sometimes the wrong people end up together. He hugs her…as Mimi watches.. Roman and Abe now have John down in the vestibule area as Marlena and Alex pass by. Smarmy Alex goads John, telling him they are married and there won’t be a reception…he is too anxious to get to his wedding night and they leave. John goes after him, but Abe and Roman restrain him…as the previews show…

Frankie (to Jen): I really want this evening to be special for you… (Jen): I can’t do this…

Hope (to Patrick): I think Zack’s death gave Bo the excuse he was looking for to get out of our marriage…

Billie (to Bo): What you just wrote to her was beautiful and there’s not a woman in the world who wouldn’t read those words and not come running straight back to you…

Chelsea (showing Kate her computer): Bo’s reply to Hope…it’s a good thing it came to my computer first, huh?...

And the credits roll…

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Episode: 10,283
Directed by Herb Stein
Tape Date: 3/8/06

Jennifer visits Bo; Patrick tries to talk Hope into returning home; Chelsea is Chelsea; Alex and Marlena's wedding starts with guns everywhere.

Jennifer finds Bo planting some of Hope’s favorite flowers in their backyard. Once that’s done, he plans on painting the master bedroom with the color Hope found a while back (is he on leave from the force?). He’s trying to make Hope’s homecoming as welcome as possible. Jennifer suggests that Bo take charge if he wants Hope home and reminds him of other times he’s taken charge, but he says this time she needs to come home on her own. If he can’t forgive himself for what happened, how can he expect Hope to? He explains he wants Hope home when she’s ready to be home and knows Zack would have wanted her to forgive Chelsea for what happened. Jennifer point blank tells Bo that Chelsea knows how to get her way. He says that’s harsh, but Jennifer says maybe prison is what Chelsea needs right now. Bo sort of agrees, but doesn’t want to lose another child right now. Jennifer says if it’s a fair sentence it might be the best thing for her. Jennifer asks if Chelsea wants to be part of a family with him and Hope or him and Billie?

Hope’s back is still sore and Patrick recommends she return to Salem to see a doctor and get some physical therapy. He tells her she needs to try. She thanks him for all he’s done and letting her stay there. He tells her how torn Bo must feel right now after all that’s happened and they had promised to be together forever. Hope sees a couple kissing nearby and we see that couple morph into her and Bo kissing. She admits loving Bo, but says it’s a trust issue now. They talk about if Billie and Chelsea are with Bo all the time (she tells him how Chelsea answered the phone when she called). Patrick knows how Chelsea can be.

The EVIL Teen
Frankie tells Chelsea and Billie he can’t guarantee that he’ll keep her out of jail. The evil teen demands he must. Frankie says she needs to convince everyone how remorseful she is about the accident. Chelsea has those that will testify on her behalf, but says she needs to make sure Hope doesn’t return before the trial. Billie rolls her eyes as Frankie looks at her. They aren’t sure how Bo’s testimony will go being he’s torn between his wife and daughter. Frankie leaves and orders Chelsea to stay out of trouble. She says she’ll try. Billie tells Chelsea she knows what Chelsea’s thinking (calling her little missy, LOL) and warns her not to think about doing anything to come between Bo and Hope. Chelsea promises not to interfere and says she’s learned her lesson. Billie says she’s heard that before! Chelsea asks to check her email and tells Billie she’ll have to earn Billie’s trust back. Alone Chelsea says there’s no way she’s letting that witch Hope send her to prison. She has to keep her away from her dad and knows how to do it. She sends an email and Hope just happens to walk past the laptop. They hear an email came in and Patrick suggests Hope look at it. She says Bo’s emailed her a couple of times a day and when she does look at it, says Oh my God, I don’t believe this.

Frankie pops in after (literally) just leaving Billie and Chelsea..he saw Jen’s car in the driveway. He’s not giving up, but says it won’t be easy to keep Chelsea out of jail. Jennifer tells Bo that Frankie’s a good man and won’t give up.

Marlena calmly assures Kate she’s going to be happily married to Alex. Kate disagrees. Outside the room Alex tries to keep Belle from seeing her mother before the ceremony, saying Marlena doesn’t have time to talk to her. Belle reminds Alex she’s not only her daughter, but her matron of honor and knocks on the bridesroom door. Marlena knows Belle will try to talk her out of marrying Alex (she tells Kate), and asks Alex to escort Belle to the chapel. He happily agrees and does so.

We see John dressed as a nun pushing carts around as no one (including Tek) takes time to look at the nuns face. In fact, he even asks her back if she’s seen John Black around. Sister John shakes his head no and scurries out of the room. Newlyweds Shawn and Mimi don’t understand what’s going on as Salem PD’s top 3 cops say they can’t stop Alex from marrying Marlena. Tek (Salem’s finest marksman) has orders to kill John if need be. (where are Philip, Claire, Sami?) John finds a quiet place and removes his headgear and makeup. Later he is in mercenary gear and priming his rifle. He puts the rifle through the elevated grate looking down upon the chapel and satisfied with his location. He remembers when Marlena visited him at the jail and told him no more appeals would be granted. She cursed him for what he had done, but he knew she’d understand and appreciate why he did it one day. He knows she’ll understand this time too. Later he sees some flowers near where Alex will be standing and to just to make sure his rifle works, shoots into them. Mimi heard the whoosh of the bullet passing by and wondered what it was.

Marlena has some memories of her and John in the shower together and feeding each other marshmallows. She then remembers telling Alex how safe she feels with him. Alex stands outside the door waiting for reassurances that she loves him and will join him soon as Kate watches Marlena’s uncertainty. She says Alex did do something to you, didn’t he. Marlena agrees. She claims Alex taught her the true meaning of love. She denies that Alex has manipulated her and she loves him. She can’t live in the past and maybe Kate can find happiness with John. She asks Kate for some time alone to collect her thoughts and Kate leaves. She remembers marrying John and what she told him about the ring symbolizing their never ending love.

In the chapel Mimi assures Belle they’ll find John before anything happens. She’s sorry things didn’t go the way Belle wanted, but life happens like that sometimes. Belle apologizes for interrupting her and Shawn’s honeymoon (still picturing Belle in a boat like in Phantom of the Opera steering towards the Horton Cabin to get Shawn’s help, LOL) . Mimi asks, as do we, why Belle didn’t get her own husband’s help, Belle says she was on autopilot and needed Shawn to help her. (isn’t Philip wondering where his wife is?) Mimi reminds Belle that her husband Philip is a trained Marine and much more qualified (as are the Salem PD) than Shawn is. Mimi clarifies this is just one night interrupted and she and Shawn have the rest of their lives together.

The wedding march begins and Belle’s at the altar already as just Marlena walks down the aisle to Alex. We see Shawn in his leather jacket (didn’t even dress for the wedding?) as he spots the rifle waving through the grate above. He points it out to Salem’s Top 3 who are too busy talking instead of observing. Roman and Shawn scurry to try and stop John while Abe tells Tek there’s a rifle in the confessional and not to shoot John unless he’s sure John’s going to shoot. Abe prays John can be stopped before it’s too late. We see Tek waving the gun outside the confessional curtains as John’s trigger finger get itchy as the previews roll….

Chelsea looks at her computer, happy to have front row seats after Hope goes ballistic.

HOPE looks at her computer and tells Patrick she wants a divorce.

FRANKIE TO JENNIFER: I want to take you to Green Mountain Lodge and show you a good time.

SHAWN TO BELLE: Sometimes the wrong people end up together.

JOHN to himself: Forgive me for what I’m about to do, but it’s the only way I can get him away from her.

As the credits roll..

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Thursday March 30, 2006

Episode # 10282; Tape Date: 3/9/06; Air Date: 3/30/06; Director: Jim Baffico

Summary: On her wedding day, Marlena makes a startling admission to Kate, which she later recants…Lucas pops the question to Carrie and doesn’t quite get the reply he is expecting…Belle runs to Shawn for help…John is bound and determined to take Alex down…Celeste intervenes between Lexie and Tek.

Celeste is at home (I think) playing with her Tarot cards, saying that the spirit world is restless and she must do something.

At the Horton cabin... Belle bursts in on Shawn and Mimi’s honeymoon, telling them that someone is going to die today if they don’t do something. She remembers overhearing Kate and John talking and tells them that he is planning to kill Alex. Shawn tries to calm her down (as Mimi is clearly, and understandably, annoyed). He asks what is going on as Belle explains and begs him to help her find her dad. He gives in, as Mimi decides to go as well. Shawn apologizes to Mimi for this, but Mimi asks why Belle didn’t turn to her OWN husband as they head out to the church.

In the church…Lucas asks Carrie to marry him and she is speechless. Austin and Sami are witness to all this as Carrie tells Lucas she can’t and rushes out of the church. Lucas is determined to chase after her as Austin and Sami stop him. But he is determined to go after her, lashing out at Sami in the process and storms off. Sami is upset at the things Lucas said, but swears to Austin she is okay. She admits she thought that Carrie would choose Austin. Lucas finds Carrie outside and apologizes for rushing her. She says she does want a relationship with him, but wants to take it slow. They talk about Sami being in their lives and Carrie asks him if he is SURE he is over Sami. He swears he is and then jokes around about his proposal. He promises to take it slow. Carrie asks for some time alone so Lucas goes back inside. She turns around to find Austin there. Lucas goes in and runs into Sami. She asks him how it went, but he is vague. She wants to know if Carrie accepted, but he really doesn’t want to talk about it with Sami and leaves as she follows right on his heels. He tells Sami that he knows he and Carrie will end up together, but there is no hope for her and Austin…Sami will end up alone. She points out to him that if Carrie had chosen Austin, then Lucas would be wanting to get back together with HER. Lucas denies this, saying he has always loved Carrie. Sami says that Carrie doesn’t love him…he is her second choice…Austin is the one she loves. Lucas hits right back, saying that Austin isn’t interested in Sami either. Carrie tells Austin she feels bad about the way she just treated Lucas, but she really doesn’t want to talk about that with Austin. So Austin changes the subject and starts talking about the weather, LOL. He ends with telling her that he just wants her happy. She thanks him and hugs him. Inside, Lucas apologizes to Sami for making her cry, but he says that is just their dynamic…they always end up arguing. Lucas says they just weren’t meant to be together and she should get used to it. Even though they (and Will) will always be a family. Lucas promises going forward to be civil around Sami (for Will’s sake). She goes to leave and he tells her he wishes her luck with Austin as she just looks at him.

Kate asks Marlena if she remembers her life with John (as she has flashbacks of their wedding). A confused Marlena says she is marrying Alex, but her heart is with John…he is her true love (as Alex is listening at the door holding a syringe, saying he is sorry to hear that). She tells Kate the feelings she is having is like déjà vu. Alex continues to listen at the door, wanting John to make a move on him, then he can be put away for good. Kate thinks she should go get Lexie and have her take a look at Marlena. On the way to find Lexie, Kate says if this is true (Marlena remembering) then she (Kate) doesn’t stand a chance with John.

Lexie arrives at the church…to be greeted by Tek. She asks if they have found John yet and he tells her no. He tells her to be careful…she is his life. She thanks him for his concern, but she is worried about John and Marlena right now. She wishes she could help them, but Alex is blackmailing her. Tek asks how Alex knows about them and she explains. He is furious, but she begs him not to do anything. Kate comes up, telling her about Marlena and Lexie goes with her to help. After Lexie leaves, walks up, calling Tek a bastard and slaps him across the face. He blasts her for her interference, citing that Celeste was never a mother to Lexie, she didn’t even raise her…why the concern now? She pleads for him to leave Lexie alone, saying she will not allow him to ruin her daughter’s life. He says that Lexie is a grown woman, and doesn’t need Celeste’s protection. He says he is good for Lexie, but Celeste wants him to stay away from her…OR she will make sure Lexie learns the truth about him. He refuses to stay away. After he leaves, Celeste frets over Lexie, saying it is up to her to get Lexie and Abe back together and vows to stop Tek.

Meanwhile, Roman and Abe warn Alex and try to get him to call off the wedding, realizing that John wants him dead. Roman gives the order to not let John near the church. After Alex leaves, Roman and Abe think that Alex is just wanting John to make an attempt on his life as Abe points out that Alex has been goading him for quite a while. Later, Roman tells Abe they have looked everywhere, but can’t find John or Alex. Alex is in with Marlena now, giving her an injection, telling her to close her eyes and when he counts to 3, she won’t remember he was with her…and will only remember that she loves him and is going to marry him. As Kate and Lexie rush to her aid, Lexie gushes about how happy she is that Marlena is remembering her past with John. She notices the pain on Kate’s face and apologizes. Kate talks about how close she and John have become and how she now has mixed emotions about Marlena’s recovery. They go in to see Marlena and Kate urges Marlena to tell Lexie what she told her. Marlena denies it all, saying she does NOT love John at all and acts as if Kate is nuts. Alex is hiding and listening as Marlena tells them she loves Alex. Kate says that just a few minutes ago, she saw sparks of the “old” Marlena, but now she is different…what happened? They both think that there is something wrong there. Lexie wants to talk to Marlena, so Kate leaves. Marlena tells Lexie that she doesn’t know why Kate said that. Lexie insists that something is wrong (as she has flashbacks of seeing Alex hypnotize Marlena). She realizes that John was right all along…Alex has been brainwashing her…but she can’t do anything to help them now. Mimi, Shawn and Belle arrive as Kate sees them, asking Mimi what the HELL is going on. She berates Mimi for letting Belle interrupt their honeymoon. She tells her that if she doesn’t keep Belle away from Shawn, she will regret it. Belle and Shawn try to get Roman’s help to find John, but he tells them to leave. Alex shows up as Abe asks where he has been and Alex tells him to leave him alone. Abe gets a call from the commissioner and he wants to talk to Roman privately. As Abe and Roman talk, Belle apologizes to Shawn and thanks him for his help, as he hugs her (with Mimi watching). Abe tells Roman that it’s bad news…John is in trouble. Shawn tells Belle this is not fair to Mimi or Philip…he can’t continue to do this, as he goes to Mimi. Lexie tells Kate that Marlena wouldn’t admit to what she said as they wonder what kind of hold Alex has on her. Abe tells Roman that he was told if John shows up at the church, they have orders to take him out.

In the woods…John is playing with his gun, vowing to kill Alex. He thinks that Abe and Roman are going to make it almost impossible to get to him. He has a blue print of the church and realizes that there are catacombs beneath it (oh brother). He searches for the perfect way to get inside. Later he says he has his plan and packs up his stuff and heads out for the church, vowing to protect Marlena. He arrives at the church and says he won’t let Alex hurt Marlena…he’s going in…as the previews show…

Bo (to Jennifer): My wife wants to give up on our marriage…if I can’t forgive myself, how can I expect her to forgive me?...

Hope (to Patrick): If Bo hadn’t been so taken in by Chelsea’s manipulations…my baby would still be here…

Marlena (to Alex): Everything allright?...(Alex): It will be as soon as you say I do…

John (watching Alex through his gun scope): As soon as North says I do…he is a dead man…

And the credits roll…

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Episode #10,281
Tape date-3/6
Director Albert Alarr

A new day has dawned in Salem, as everyone gets ready for the renewal of vows between Alex & Marlena, tho John’s plans are quite different from the others’. Marlena continues to have memories of her life with John.

LUCAS MAKES BREAKFAST for Carrie, happy she made her decision. She goes for the paper, just as Austin opens his own door. (how convenient, huh?) He wonders why she chose Lucas when she still has strong feelings for him. Carrie remembers Lexie’s words of doom about having children with Austin, and the genetic marker.

AT THE PENTHOUSE, Marlena looks at a picture of her and John, as Belle arrives. Marlena wants Belle to be matron of honor, but Belle refuses, she does not want her mom to renew vows with Alex, who is eavesdropping, of course. He tells himself he will not allow Belle, or anyone else, to stop the wedding. The clock chimes, and Belle can tell Marlena has remembered something, insisting she remembers Dad giving her the clock on their anniversary. Marlena has had a memory, but denies it. Belle takes the clock and puts it in her bag. Alex spots her doing this, (the door is conveniently still open a bit) and realizes he has to do something about it.

ACROSS THE STREET, John, who is shirtless for some reason, (but after all, this is Days, isn’t it?) aims his scoped rifle across the street towards Marlena’s windows. Kate comes in, asking if he is going to stop the wedding, and he tells her Marlena can’t marry a dead man. He tells her she is the only person he trusts, he has drawn up papers giving her full powers to run his company, and his children’s trusts. She wants to call Roman, but he stops her, packs up his rifle in the suitcase and leaves.

AT THE CHURCH, Abe, Roman & Tek have secured the premises, making sure John is not around. Lexie arrives, and Abe asks her to check on Marlena. Lexie recalls Alex telling her she is no longer needed as Marlena’s doctor, and threatening to reveal her affair with Tek. John arrives, no gun, and tells them he came to go to confession, which he does. John tells Father Jansen he is seeking forgiveness for murder, which he has not done yet. Father Jansen tries to talk him out of his plans. Kate arrives, and tells Roman she does not know anything of John’s plans. John comes out, Roman tells him to behave, and John leaves. Tek comes back, with the news he lost John. The ever eavesdropping Alex hears this, goes outside, questioning a cop who has not seen John either. Meanwhile, John is in the wooded area, aiming his rifle. We see Alex in the scope. John fires. But in a few seconds we see Alex going back into the church. Back to John now, who again fires (there is a silencer on the rifle) and hits a watermelon. LOLOL, as he goes over, and picks up a piece of the shattered melon, eating it, as he brags of not having lost his touch. (Watermelon in March….hmmm, I live in the Midwest, [where Salem is located] & will have to check the supermarket, as have not noticed them being in “season” here. LOL)

Back inside, the guests have begun to arrive, Lucas with Carrie, Sami with Austin. Lexie grabs Sami for a little chat. Sami tells Lexie that Carrie made her choice, she could have told Austin everything, and didn’t. They could have adopted, etc. but no, Miss Perfect could not do that (you tell her, Sami). Lexie tells her that just because Carrie did not choose Austin, it does NOT mean he will want Sami instead. She leaves, and Sami tells herself nothing stops Sami Brady from getting what she wants. (oh, yeah, then why is Lucas with Carrie?).

Inside the Bride’s room, Belle talks with her mother. She has some gifts for her, giving her a black rosary that Marlena had given to John when they married. That is the something old. She then presents a locket with Claire’s name & birthdate engraved on it, so Marlena will remember her when she is gone on her extended honeymoon. Her something borrowed are the pearls that Marlena had insisted be given to Belle on her wedding day (I think those were first promised to Sami), and finally a blue ribbon. Belle says it was one she had wound around her basket when she was flower girl at her parent’s wedding years ago and she wants Marlena to put it around her bouquet today. (Remember, Marlena, you left on your honeymoon with John, Belle was 4 years old, and returned 2 weeks later to a daughter who was nearly 16!) The clock chimes and again, we can tell Marlena remembering something. Outside, the snooping Alex says he has to put a stop to this. Just then the florist delivery boy arrives. Alex pays him to “accidentally” knock the clock over, breaking it, which he does. Belle is heartsick over this.

AT THE HORTON CABIN, Shawn gets a fire going in the fireplace, and then spots a wedding gift on the table. The card is from Great-grandma Alice, and inside they find what is evidently a healthy check to "start them out", plus the old family scrapbook, in which are listed all the family events. Shawn begins to look through it, stopping at where the birth of Zack is recorded. He says he should probably enter the date of his death. Both Mimi & Shawn are rather sad at this, and Mimi suggests he enter Claire's name. Shawn protests that she is neither a Horton or a Brady, but Mimi says that yes, she is. She is your god-daughter, and a part of Zack lives on. Shawn agrees and adds Claire's name (convenient, huh?) Shawn picks Mimi up, carries to the bed, and they "continue" their honeymoon. A bit later, kissing under the covers, the door opens, Belle barges in. Cue shocked looks on both their faces (and ours, too - did Belle ever hear of knocking?) She says to Shawn that she needs him.

BACK IN THE CHURCH, Austin & Sami chat a bit in their pew, while Lucas & Carrie do the same in theirs. Suddenly, Lucas tells Carrie he went out that morning to get her something, reaches in his pocket, brings out a ring box, opens it, and asks Carrie to do him the honor of becoming his wife. Carrie is speechless. Across the aisle, Austin is not a happy camper, and Sami is almost in tears.

In the bride’s room where Marlena holds the pearls, and fingers her wedding dress, remembering John. Later, she is in her wedding dress, holding her bouquet, and says, I can’t renew wedding vows with Alex, I love John. Kate is just coming in, and asks if she heard right. Is it true, you remembered your past with John. Marlena replies, Oh, what am I going to do, as she turns around and sees both herself and Kate in the mirror. And the previews show….

Lucas, shouting at Sami: Austin is in love with the good sister, and we both know who that is

Austin to Carrie: I really do want you to be happy.
Carrie: Thank you, as she hugs him.

Kate to Marlena: Tell Lexie what you told me, that you remember being in love with John
Marlena: I don’t love John at all, I’m in love with Alex

John: I pledged my love to you, Doc. Alex North will never hurt you again.


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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

EPISODE: 10,280
DIRECTED BY: Phil Sogard
TAPE DATE: 3/3/06

The evening winds down as the newlyweds return to their loft and Belle has her own pity party, Abe warns John not to take drastic action as Alex is confident his plan will work; Carrie makes her choice.

Belle watches as Philip tells Claire that she and her mommy were the prettiest two ladies at the wedding. Philip asks Belle why she’s crying again. He understands because she’s realized that she’s lost Shawn for good tonight. He asks her if Belle would rather be with Shawn. He knows if he lost her he couldn’t get over it and says he and her are the real deal, not a childhood fantasy. She thanks him for understanding and tells him she loves him and they kiss. Philip takes Claire up to bed and Belle wants to call and check on her mom before coming to bed herself. She steps into the hall and finds a white rose from the wedding and smells it. She goes up on the roof with the rose and her cellphone and sees her and Shawn’s initials carved on the wall. She remembers Shawn telling her how much he loved her. She then remembers him telling her that he and Mimi are getting married and how much it hurt when she and Philip got married. Remembering when Shawn told her that Claire is not his daughter and she belongs with Philip and their daughter. She has to let him (Shawn) go and they’re finished.

Shawn carries his bride over the threshold to their loft (can’t even swing a night at the Salem Inn?) and both are happy and in love. She stops him as things progress. He says they’re married, it’s okay, LOL, but she can’t do this in his grandmother’s wedding dress. She sends him for champagne and remembers telling Shawn about her lies to Rex and wishing she had told Shawn the truth. He overhears her and asks about what. She explains seeing the old love letters with Rex and feared she and Shawn might fall apart too. He doesn’t think what she is worried about could be all that bad, but she thinks it could. She has to tell him now, she can’t put it off. He tells her the world won’t come to an end if it waits. He offers to help her out of her beautiful dress, but she says she can handle it. He pours them some champagne and YOU AND ME by Litehouse plays as they fall to the bed..


A replay of Lucas and Sami talking when Carrie and Austin arrive. Austin kisses Carrie. Sami says they’re both losers and felt sure things would go their way. Sami asks Lucas what he was going to say about them before Austin and Carrie came in, but before he can reply, Carrie interrupts, asking to speak with Lucas. Austin confirms to Sami that Carrie made her choice. Fresh from her hospital gown to evening dress, Carrie thanks Lucas for all the support he’s given her. Lucas tells her from what he’s observed, it’s pretty obvious who she’s chosen. Sami doesn’t understand why Carrie’s dragging everything out and it’s obvious she chose him. Chugging his drink, Austin tells Sami that Carrie didn’t choose him, she chose Lucas. Carrie tells Lucas that at the same time as well (oh paleez..this is so pathetic…) Lucas is shocked that Carrie wants to be with him and not Austin. Flashback of Lexie’s telling her about the genetic marker problem with Austin. She chose him (Lucas) because she thought they could have a future and family together. He asks her if she is still in love with his brother. She doesn’t answer, just says Austin is her past and he’s her future. She’s anxious to start a family, but at the right time and with the right person. (sounds more like a stud farm then a romantic relationship!) She asks if he’s sure he wants another kid, with her, at this point? (so romantic) Later he tells her that’s exactly what he wants and Carrie asks if he’s really over Sami. He looks across the room at Sami and says to Carrie that she’s the one he’s always dreamed of being with and really wants it to work. She says she does too.

Austin asks Sami if she thought his little brother was going to take her back. After another drink Austin says he’s going to focus on his business and assures her he’s fine and Carrie’s gone. Sami asks what about her. After chugging another drink he says he’s going home to get some work done. She suggests he take a cab (why not go home with him?) He tells her not to give up and there’s someone out there for her and she should go find him. Watching Lucas and Carrie dancing, she says she’s lost Lucas for good and determined to get Austin.

AT JOHN’S (AND KATE’S) ROOM AT THE INN…(he’s so rich and still living in her suite?)
Abe walks in and overhears John saying he’d blow off Alex’s head before he’d let him have Marlena. Abe says he’s under arrest if that’s the case (is he officially on the force now?) He warns John that Marlena wouldn’t approve of cold blooded murder for any reason. John says Marlena knows it won’t be the first time he’s killed, but Abe says she also knows he was under Stefano’s control at the time too. Abe’s cell rings and he leaves.

Lexie checks Marlena out at home in her bed. She wants to stay to monitor Marlena, but Alex refuses. He tells her and the rest of Salem to stay out of their lives. Arguing outside her door, Marlena finally awakens and joins them. Alex tells her there’s nothing for her to worry about and Marlena tells Lexie she’s getting married tomorrow and it’ll be a quiet ceremony. Alex puts her back to bed as Lexie watches from the door. Outside in the hall, he orders Lexie out and tells her that her services are no longer needed. He threatens to physically eject her. He vows to tell Abe her nasty little secret about her cheating on him and stops her from slapping him as well. Alex sits on Marlena’s bed and watches her sleep. He tells her not to worry. They are going to get married and he’s taking her far from Salem and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop him. We next see John assembling his rifle with mega scopes on it…

Lexie and Abe are outside John’s room as she explains she couldn’t tell John anything helpful, only that the marriage/vow renewal is going to happen the next day. His cell rings (busy guy again) and Lexie feels bad that because of her affair with Tek, it’s damaging so many relationships..Marlena and John, Carrie and Austin’s and even hers and Abe’s.

as the previews roll….

KATE TO JOHN (who’s holding the rifle): What are you going to do John. Are you going to shoot him?
JOHN: You can’t very well marry a dead man.

BELLE TO MARLENA: What is it? You remember something, don’t you?

LEXIE TO SAMI: Just because Carrie doesn’t want him, it doesn’t mean he’s going to settle for you.

MIMI TO SHAWN: You should enter Claire’s name in the book.
SHAWN: I don’t know if I should, she’s not a Horton or a Brady.
MIMI: Yes, she is.

And the credits roll..

Friday, March 24, 2006


Monday, March 27, 2006

Episode #10,279
Tape date - 3/2
Director - Herb Stein

Lots of confessions and tears today. Also lots of little snippets of conversation here and there. Good show, though.

AT HOME, Billie tells Bo to go to the reception and she will take care of Chelsea. He says that he won’t be welcome, that he has already been seen as picking Chelsea over his family again. She whines that if he doesn’t want her to be part of the family, she can arrange for that to happen (Please, oh please!). Billie turns on her and lectures her on her responsibility for her actions. The Brat keeps on whining that everything that goes wrong is her fault. She was trying to do the right thing and be there for Shawn, she didn’t think that everyone would treat her like a monster for wanting to reach out to her family. Bo tells her that maybe she has good intentions, but is she listening to anything they have said? She complains that no matter how hard she tries, she always screws things up. All anyone can think about is how she should pay; well, she is paying, by being the outcast. Billie follows Chelsea to her room, where she pretends to be crying. Billie tells her to stop. She tells her that something Chelsea said is stuck in her head (“If you won’t fight for you or the man you love, I will fight for both of us.”) Billie knows exactly why she showed up – she knew exactly what she was doing – purposely driving a wedge between Bo and Shawn and, ultimately, Hope. Billie calls her a world-class schemer. She knows that she wants Bo on her side, but she is doing it the wrong way. Thanks to her, Bo and Hope didn’t get to see their son get married. Chelsea blames Hope and claims she didn’t know that Bo would miss the wedding because she showed up. She refuses to accept responsibility. She tells Billie that if she can’t support her to get out and leave her alone. Billie returns to the living room to find Bo on Chelsea’s computer. (He had checked his messages and found none. His pda battery was dead, so he was using Chelsea’s computer to check his email.) He found her diary and makes Billie read it. (You hear Chelsea’s voice while Billie reads it.) Billie knew she was hurting, but didn’t realize how much. She thinks that Chelsea is acting out in an effort to protect herself from getting hurt. Bo insists they have to do what they can to help her and wishes they knew more about her childhood. They end up reading it together when Chelsea comes out and confronts them for invading her privacy. Bo apologizes, but is glad they did read it. He goes to give her a hug.


Shawn and Mimi are dancing as Belle looks on with tears in her eyes. Shawn/Caroline, Mickey/Maggie dance by. Bonnie drinks to Mimi’s nice little nest egg. Victor and Kate argue over whether the truth should be told.

Shawn asks Mimi why she is so quiet – she is soaking it all in. Phillip interrupts their kiss with his best man toast – to his nephew, the groom and his beautiful bride. Belle gives Claire to Phillip and takes off crying. Shawn goes to go after her, but Phillip thinks as her husband he should go. Shawn says she is having a difficult time with the wedding and he is probably the only one who can help her. Philip wants to know if there is something going on between them that he should know about. Shawn convinces Phillip that Belle must have felt bad for stopping the wedding over Chelsea and Bo leaving. Mimi tells him that Belle does take things like personally and gets upset easily if she thinks she hurt someone. Both Phillip and Mimi let him go to deal with her. When Shawn leaves, Phillip asks Mimi what he doesn’t know about the two of them. Mimi insists that there is nothing to worry about. Phillip confesses that he was so sure that she was going to tell the whole church she was still in love with Shawn – and Mimi confesses she did, too. He also confesses that he does his best everyday not to worry about her feelings for Shawn. They are married and now Shawn is married to her – which Phillip believes he wouldn’t have done if he still loved Belle. Neither would have believed that they would have married who they did. Mimi is going to not worry anymore, and neither should he.

Shawn finds Belle and tells her not to do this to herself. She promised to be Matron of Honour to support Mimi and if they are to remain friends, she can’t keep doing this. She cries that she should have stopped the wedding to tell Mimi and Phillip and everyone that she still loves him. She gets him to admit that he still loves her, too. When asked why he married Mimi, then, he tells her that he didn’t stop the wedding because it would have been wrong. There is part of him that will always love her, but it is the past, a dream without a future. She is married, and now so is he. Phillip and Mimi, Claire and the kids he and Mimi will adopt are now their future. She knows that’s true, and she does love Phillip, and he tells her to start being happy with him. She asks for one last dance to say goodbye to the past. (Very nice song playing – sounds like ‘ N Sync?) They declare that they love each other and he tells her to be happy. He kisses her forehead and says goodbye. She walks off first and he stops to think, with tears in his eyes now. Belle and Shawn return to their spouses and claim that everything is fine now.

Bonnie takes them over to cut the cake. Mimi takes a piece and smears his face, to catcalls. Shawn tells his grandson that it doesn’t mean he can’t still be a gentleman, but cheers him the loudest when he does the same to her.

Shawn replies to Phillip’s question that the plan for tonight is just the loft – the honeymoon starts tomorrow. He gushes over the extravagant honeymoon Kate is providing in exchange for just some words and pictures for the magazine. Phillip tells him to enjoy it and take care of his wife – he deserves it.

Belle asks Mimi their honeymoon plans and learns that they are leaving in a couple of days, but are going to the Horton cabin in the morning. Mimi promises to make Shawn happy – Belle tells her if she doesn’t, she will have to answer to her, which causes a weird look on Mimi’s face (as it would mine!)

Bonnie takes Mimi aside to talk about throwing the bouquet, and tells her to remember how much her mom helped her. Shawn takes her and they run the confetti gauntlet.

AUSTIN AND LUCAS are at the reception, worried that they had left Carrie. Lucas seems to be in a hurry for her decision, and Austin is wondering why they are rushing her. Both are sure that the other is going to lose. (An interesting tidbit does come out, though: Nicole has been relocated to LA to run High Style.) Lucas baits Austin over losing his women (and how many they have shared). He didn’t want Nicole, he is going to lose Carrie, so now he is stuck with Sami. Austin’s cell rings and it is Carrie, who asks him to come back because she has something to tell him. Lucas wants to know if he is to come, too, but Austin tells him no and gets a bit nasty with him as he leaves.

Lucas is staring at a wine bottle when the bartender asks what he can get him. Maggie comes up and Lucas orders a club soda. Maggie becomes sponsor and talks to Lucas (we don’t see more than the first little bit – where she asks how he is feeling). Kate finds Lucas, and knows that being there is rough on him. She admits she ruined his wedding, but she saved his life. She asks about Austin, and Lucas tells her that he went to Carrie. She is honest that she is happy for Austin, but worried about him.

Bonnie wants to know why Belle ran off so upset and why Shawn went after her, but Kate isn’t worried, because Shawn is now married to Mimi and won’t break his sacred vows. Bonnie isn’t so sure as it didn't stop others before. Kate walks off, only to be stopped by Victor. She says don’t tell, and Caroline says don’t tell him what? Kate covers with a cockamamie story about Austin and his business, and Victor going after him. Caroline is sure there is room for all three business. Kate turns around and tells him he shouldn’t cause trouble when it isn’t necessary.

Mickey comes over and talks to Bonnie. She tells him that she really did love him. He says thank you, which upsets her. He did love her in a different sort of way. She kisses him and asks him for one more dance for old time’s sake. He agrees to. Maggie looks on. Bonnie notices that Belle and Shawn were outside and came back in separately. Maggie cuts in, but offers her wishes for happiness for Mimi. Bonnie says that it is hard to stay mad at the Hortons (isn’t it, though?)

Victor asks Caroline to dance. Victor really needs to know the truth – if she had to do it again, would she still keep the secret. She reminds him that when Bo was born, he took off to Europe to make his fortune. She didn’t approve of his business tactics and didn’t want her son growing up in his world. So, yes she would do the same to protect Bo and her marriage and her family. Victor walks past and tells Kate that she made a big mistake – now when the truth comes out, and it will, two marriages will be destroyed. She is certain that the secret is not going to get out. Mimi is past the point of no return and won’t say a word. Belle doesn’t even know she slept with Shawn, so there is no reason for anyone to be suspicious. What good would destroying two marriages and ruining their son’s life do?

STILL IN THE HOSPITAL HALLWAY, Sami comes up behind Carrie as she hangs up, concerned about her walking around so soon, but Carrie is officially discharged. She does admit that seeing the baby die upset her. Sami offers to take her home, but Carrie tells her about asking Austin to come. Austin rushes in and wants to make sure she is fine. Carrie sends Sami off now that Austin is there so they can talk. Austin goes on about how he knew she still loved him. She tells him there is more to it, but admits she loves him with all her heart. He kisses her. Carrie claims that everything is happening too fast. Austin tells her how he and Lucas felt like puppets on strings. Austin wants to discuss what went wrong and figure out how to fix it so that they can be together. Nothing else matters. He invites her to go the reception, if she is feeling up to it. He takes her home to change.

Sami arrives at the reception and goes straight to the bar to order champagne, only to be confronted by Kate. Kate wonders why she is here – no one wants her here, they didn’t even want her at her at her own wedding. She really rubs it in about Carrie choosing Austin, so Sami has no one. (What a vindictive witch! No wonder Sami has esteem issues!) Kate keeps on Sami. Sami tells her how much she loved Lucas and how Kate ruined everything. They bicker back and forth while Lucas listens. After Kate leaves her, Lucas confronts Sami and asks if she really meant what she said. She says she did, but he made his decision. As he goes to respond, she turns around and they see Austin and Carrie sharing champagne. She toasts them – here’s to us Lucas, losers to the end!

Lucas looks downtrodden, and Sami looks genuinely heartbroken, as an inset of Austin and Carrie appears beside her head and the previews roll in….

Shawn: Whatever it is, it can’t be that bad.
It is.

Phillip (holding Claire) to Belle: Would you rather be with him?

Alex: Wouldn’t it be a shame if , say, it came out that you were cheating with that young, cocky detective?
You son of a…

John, while preparing a scope rifle: Say good bye to Marlena, Alex; it’s time to die.

He fires out the credits to some real heart-pumping music.


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Friday, March 24, 2006

Episode: 10,278
Directed by: Jim Baffico
Tape Date: 3/1/06

Mimi and Shawn are pronounced husband and wife, Carrie is distraught over Lexie's latest prognosis; John and Alex continue butting heads.


Jennifer comments how lovely Mimi looks in Caroline’s gown. Jen remembers (flashback time) saying her vows to Jack at their first wedding.

Bonnie swigs from her flask as they wait for the wedding to continue. Kate suggests Bonnie wait and pray with the others, but that’s not Bonnie’s strong suit. Father Jansen continues the wedding informally as everyone stands around them. Belle holds Claire and Mimi and Shawn smile into each other’s faces as Father Jansen explains the vows are for life Holding hands, Mimi and Shawn say they’re ready to commit before God, then each light a candle. He asks them to hold right hands and Frankie asks Jen for hers as she remembers (more flashbacks) of when she gave her ring to Jack, telling him of her love for him. She then pictures herself being married by Father Jansen to Frankie. She wonders if Jack would approve and the church fills up with Jack’s. They all speak and she asks for just one to speak and one in the back does. She asks if her being with Frankie is truly what he wanted. She asks if he wanted her to really love another man and he knows she loved Frankie before him and has always had him in her heart. He needs to give her a sign if this is what he really wants. Back to present, Frankie watches as her face shows the conflict she’s feeling. Jen pictures Frankie saying to her in his vows as he mentions Jack and promises to love her and the children as much as Jack did. She takes Frankie’s hand and they exchange smiles. Mimi is asked to give her vows to Shawn and we see her quaking in nerves and excitement. She says I DO. Shawn is next and we can see Belle’s tearful eyes next as Shawn says I DO as well. They exchange rings, never looking anywhere but each other’s eyes. They are pronounced husband and wife as Belle has tears roll down her face watching. They’re introduced as Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Douglas Brady and kiss as the wedding march begins and Belle weeps on the altar.

Belle wants to take Claire home for a nap, but Philip refuses to leave and goes to get both Claire and Belle a bottle. Caroline stops to talk and was worried about her stopping the wedding. Belle is going to make the best of her situation and Kate’s talk about a broken home convinced her to stay with Philip. Victor overhears and talks with Kate, not happy with her interfering. Shawn and Mimi arrive and are announced by Maggie. Shawn sweeps Mimi into a lean-over kiss and Caroline taps on his shoulder asking just where he thinks he is, a wedding? LOL. He asks about his grandfather and she tells him that Shawn and Roman are in the office setting up a conference call to his aunts and other family members that couldn’t make it (how about his mother too?) Bonnie asks Mimi if she doesn’t think the decorations should be embellished, but Mimi said they look lovely and for Bonnie to relax and have fun. Uncle Mickey drove Alice home as she was so exhausted she couldn’t sleep the night before. (Nice they explain the absences at least.) Bonnie toasts her daughter and Mimi still feels guilty. Caroline tells Shawn to hurry to the conference room, but he stops to thank Belle for bringing Claire to the wedding. He hopes he and Mimi are as happy as she and Philip. Philip joins them and agrees. Maggie sets up Mimi with her bouquet tossing. Maggie calls for Kate, Jennifer and Bonnie to be in the area in question. (is Abby there?) Jennifer doesn’t try to catch it, but it falls into her hands anyway. She and Frankie exchange grins. She asks if he thinks this is a sign from Jack and he agrees. Belle tells Claire she’s staying with Philip for her.

Shawn comments on Mimi’s being so quiet. Philip (who’s undone his tie and left it hanging) does his duty as best man for the toast, but says it’s the best “family” that’s going to give the toast instead as Belle stands next to him. He mentions they’re best friends and the Godparents to Claire. They wish him a lifetime of happiness and joy. Belle rushes from the room in tears asking Philip to take care of Claire. Shawn and Philip both watch her leave.

Sami tells Carrie to live happily ever after with Austin and have that family they both want so desperately. Carrie remembers Lexie telling her about the test showing she and Austin share genetic markers and any children they had together could be threatened. Sami reiterates her approval of Carrie being with Austin and Carrie rushes from Lexie’s office in tears as Lexie arrives. Sami congratulates Lexie on the good job. Lexie feels bad about lying to Carrie as Sami asks how that’s any worse than when she switched her paternity test results or Bo and Hope’s. At least this one is for a good cause, to keep her husband and son. Lexie warns Sami that it’s not going to work. Carrie tearfully follows a couple with their new baby being wheeled from the hospital, saying how grateful they are for their blessing given them.

Elsewhere, John finds an unconscious Marlena and calls for a nurse. Lexie (of course) and a nurse rush in and kick John out so that they can work. John rushes Alex outside the room, asking what he did to her. Lexie threatens to have John removed from the hospital and says Marlena’s awake and conscious, vitals normal. She refuses to let John be with her and says Marlena needs rest. Abe follows Lexie, concerned about her (as well he should…it’s hard for one doctor to take care of a hospital full of patients!!) She explains it’s been a busy shift and asks for his help with Alex/John.

John and Alex continue their verbal warfare as Alex remembers what Marlena had told him. They’re given approval to see Marlena and the three of them rush in and John asks Marlena if she remembers. She denies remembering anything other than being Alex’s wife as we see a replay of Alex injecting her with something that will either erase her memory or kill her. He’d be okay with either result. (seems she’d forget being married to Alex as well?) Alex admits being concerned and says after he and Marlena are on their honeymoon, she’ll be away from all this stress and recuperate faster. Marlena tries to calm an irate John by saying she trusts Alex, not him. John knows that Marlena’s wedding day will also be Marlena’s funeral.

Carrie continues to loiter in the hallway as the new parents leave and Lexie rushes in telling a nurse (now she’s in charge of ER, LOL) that a young child with a genetic disorder is being rushed in with respiratory arrest. She reminds the parents she’ll do everything she can, but because of his genetic problem, no guarantees (how convenient). Carrie feels for the parents. Sami tears up too, but says God must have a plan. Lexie returns and tells the parents there is no hope and they can be with him. Carrie rushes out and Sami, sincerely feeling for the parents, wonders if God’s plan and hers are the same and walks out. She easily breaks into the records room, leaving the door open in the true Salem fashion. Of course Lexie walks in and sees what Sami’s doing (she’s fast..already on the record she wants!) Back to the waiting room and Carrie’s back with her purse (oh come on..) as Lexie feels for Carrie having to see what’s going on. She tells Sami she’s going to Hell for this, but Sami says she’ll enjoy a piece of Heaven with Austin first. Carrie reaches into her purse for Kleenex. (why isn’t she discharged so she can leave?) Sami warns Lexie to keep her mouth shut. Carrie calls Austin on the hospital phone. She asks him to come to the hospital as what she has to say will affect the rest of their lives. Lexie warns Sami that her plan backfired.

is outside and tells SHAWN that she still loves him and she knows he loves her too.

BILLIE TO CHELSEA (with Bo standing there): You are responsible.
CHELSEA: Everything bad that happens to this family is all my fault.

AUSTIN TO CARRIE: You still love me?
CARRIE: With all my heart.
SAMI TO A SHOCKED LUCAS: Here’s to us Lucas. Losers to the very end.

As the credits roll..

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Thursday, March 23, 2006

Summary: Frankie and Jen have a heart-to-heart talk, Sami is up to her old tricks, Chelsea is playing a very mean game, and the wedding ceremony is on intermission....

IN JEN'S BEDROOM, Frankie wants to know what is wrong with Jennifer. She tells him to go away, and he walks in anyway. He refuses to leave until he knows why she is upset. Jen admits that she went to get her purse and found her wedding dress. It reminded her of her second wedding day – when Abby helped her with her vows. It was special to Jack and to Abby, and now, neither of her kids will have their father. She is upset that she is spending time with Frankie when she should be mourning the death of her husband. Frankie tells her she owes it to herself and her kids to move on with her life. Going to the wedding really hits home, though. She tells him that marriage is a closeness that no one can match. She talks about how close they were, and how lucky. The memories that were just for her and Jack, and now they are just for her. She tells him not to tell her that Jack is dead and she needs to move on. Her kids are enough for her. Frankie reminds her that Jack wanted him to take care of her. She doesn’t care. The time she is spending with him is a betrayal to Jack. He thinks maybe he should leave. She doesn’t want him to leave, but she is confused. She is starting to feel things that are terrifying and confusing. He admits he isn’t starting to feel things, he always felt them. Jen claims to be going crazy and then rambles on about always changing her mind and confusing him. Frankie interrupts to tell her that his feelings haven’t grown, because there is no way they could. What he felt in high school was real. He never married, because at seventeen, she was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, and she still is the only one. He was lucky to have her friendship and Jack’s, but does she have any room in her heart for him? Jen wishes there was a timetable so she could tell him when she would be ready, if ever. She admits there is a possibility, partly because it is what Jack wanted, and partly for herself. She wants him to stay, but she can’t make any promises. He offers her as much time as she needs, and he will be there. She asks him to help her put the box away. She says it is going to be okay.

AT THE HOSPITAL, Sami tells Lexie to make sure Carrie doesn’t choose Austin or she can say goodbye to happy life with Abe and Theo. Lexie calls her on the blackmail, but Sami tells her she is having an affair, so she should get off her high moral horse.

Austin pushes Carrie for an answer. She should have known all along…and probably did. They want her answer. Carrie admits it is cliché, but she does care for both of them. They are all going to be family anyway. They both say they can live with her decision. Lexie interrupts saying she has some discharge instructions for Carrie, and it can’t wait because she is busy. Sami asks who won the Carrie lottery. They want to know how she knew what they were talking about. Lexie gives her last minute discharge care instructions. Austin comments on how Sami is always in the right place to hear things people want kept private. She claims she wasn’t eavesdropping, Lexie told her that Carrie had a decision to make and she could figure it out. Sami goes on about how it is like a reality show (she alludes to the Bachelor). She tells them that, if it is a contest, she knows who she is rooting for. Lucas wants to know who. Sami hopes Carrie chooses Austin because they really love each other. Lucas has her number – she only wants Austin because she can’t have Lucas, so why is she so happy about Carrie choosing him? Sami claims she has plenty of time to meet the right guy – she doesn’t need Lucas or his brother, who aren't the only two guys in the world, by the way (really?). However, Carrie’s clock is ticking, so she is falling back on her old reliables. She loves Austin. Sami congratulates him, but Lucas starts on Sami about how she never gives up and how she has set her sights on Austin. He is skeptical that she is giving up on Austin so easy. Austin tells Lucas she is being too hard on her. He admits he knows she was making a play, but they will still be friends. Austin tells her that he is grateful for her support, which makes her beam. Lucas thinks to himself that if Sami is ok with Carrie and Austin, then she must be planning something.

Lexie asks what she was going to tell the guys. Carrie confides in her how she feels and how hard it is. She tells her that she made a decision. Lexie wants to tell her something about her decision. She tells Carrie that choosing Austin is a mistake she can’t afford to make. Supposedly, when Carrie's problems came to light and she was talking about wanting a baby, Lexie did a workup and some genetic testing. Austin and Carrie share a genetic marker that could be problematic. A child that the two of them produce may have a severe problem that may be life-threatening. Carrie wants to know how, when and why she tested Austin (ooooh…. Salem Brain makes an appearance!). Lexie says he was tested when he was getting ready to marry Sami. Carrie wants to know how Austin could be affected and not Lucas, since they are brothers. Lexie claims they have different fathers – she is very vague and you see is struggling to come up with answers. She does warn Carrie that Austin is the last man she should consider having a child with.

ROMAN STOPS JOHN and wonders why he didn’t tell him about the accident. John fills him in on his theories. Roman is more concerned about how Marlena is. John is glad Roman is back in town to help keep her safe (first we heard he was out of town, but at least know we know why he was MIA). Roman asks if John is sure North tried to kill her. John is positive. Roman wants to make sure it is not a personal vendetta to get Marlena back. Is he sure Alex is evil, or is John jealous and angry? John tells Roman he has seen the man in action, and he is a killer. Roman wants to make sure John doesn’t go off half-cocked and get himself thrown back in prison. John tells Roman that he came back to town for Shawn’s wedding, so he should go there. They make plans to check in with each other before the reception. A nurse comes up and asks John if he got her message that Marlena wanted him. He is upset that she was awake and alone, and goes off calling for her as we hear a buzzer.

MARLENA TELLS ALEX that she remembers everything. He is sorry to hear that. He stole her past and tried to take her future – John was right about him. Alex thinks John is angry. Marlena says John knows he is dangerous because he loves her. Alex insists that they are still married. He takes her hand and squeezes it. She cries that he is hurting her. Alex asks if she is feeling empowered now. She has her memory back and is going to divorce him. He tells her that he will not allow her to do that. He asks if she remembers the price for disobedience. We see her being shut inside a small dark room (?)(she is looking up, so somewhere underground, maybe?), battered and scared. She thought Lois was insane, but he made her that way and killed her, and made it look like suicide, didn’t he? If she tries to scream, it will be the last sound she ever makes. Marlena tells Alex that maybe her memories weren’t real. John has been filling her head with ideas, and she should have known they weren’t true. Alex tells her she isn’t the only psychiatrist in the room; he knows she is lying. Now that she has her memory back, she is going to have to die, and he covers her mouth as she struggles.


OUTSIDE, Billie flashes to Chelsea saying she will fight for both of them. She cares for Bo, but Hope is his wife and should be with him at his son’s wedding.

INSIDE, Belle stops the wedding. Victor wonders if Belle found out about Claire and Shawn. Phillip asks her what is going on. Mimi can’t believe she waited till now – she must have really wanted to humiliate her. Shawn says he knows why she stopped the ceremony. He turns around and asks, “What are you doing here? No one invited you.” We then see Chelsea at the back of the church. Belle admits to Phillip that she stopped the wedding because she saw Chelsea come in and knows Shawn wouldn’t want her there. Shawn verbally attacks Chelsea. He reminds her that he doesn’t have a family anymore - Zack is gone and his parents are split up and it’s all because of her. She claims that, as his sister, she wanted to wish him well. He insists it is too late. Bo and Billie walk up and Billie asks what she is doing there. Kate whispers to Bonnie, who leaves. Chelsea tells Shawn she brought a gift, and didn’t think anyone would see her. Shawn points out that Belle saw her and she is not welcome there. Bo tells her she made a mistake coming. Shawn asks if Bo can throw her out – will he do that for him and Zack and his mom? Bo can’t throw her out, but he will take her out. Shawn tells Bo that it will hurt him if he leaves, but Bo leaves anyway. Shawn apologizes to the audience. He thanks Belle for knowing he didn’t want her there. Mimi admits she thought Belle stopped the wedding to keep her from marrying Shawn. Belle tells her that since the wedding is already stopped, maybe she should tell what she really wants. Father Jansen tells them that they will continue shortly, so they mingle and talk. Kate wants to know why Belle said anything about Chelsea. Belle says she knows that Chelsea is her grand-daughter, but she didn’t want any trouble. Kate lays on another guilt trip about how good she is for Phillip and Claire. After all, Phillip is the only one of her children that got the support and love he needed, and look what became of the others (namely Billie and Chelsea). Bonnie brings Claire into see Belle and, when Belle asks why, tells her that is a special moment for her parents and god-parents and she will love looking back on the photos later. Belle takes Claire and looks very disappointed.

BACK OUTSIDE, Bo rails on Chelsea. He wants to go back in and be there for his son, but he can’t trust her to do the right thing. Billie tells him he is being too nice, so she lights into her. She says that Chelsea crashed the wedding for one reason only – she just can’t stand not being the center of anyone’s attention, especially her father’s. Chelsea whines that she is being left out – she is not allowed to partake in anything important in her family, so fine. They don’t really want her, and they may just get what they wish for. Bo thinks that Chelsea didn’t mean to hurt Shawn, and tells her that coming to the church was a mistake, but he will try to find a neutral place where Shawn and Chelsea can get together and talk without causing any trouble. Bo goes to get the car, and Billie goes off on Chelsea. Billie knows that Chelsea is trying to drive a wedge between Bo and every member of his family. She admits that she will do anything to keep from spending her best years rotting in a jail cell, no matter who gets hurt. (Tell her some more, Billie – she isn’t listening yet! But then, you are "talking the talk" pretty good, but what about the "walking the talk" part?)

BACK INSIDE, Shawn and Mimi still want to be married and are ready to get the ceremony going again, so that they can be husband and wife. Shawn calls everyone back to order. He is grateful for the break, because now his god-daughter can be there. He makes a speech about losing Zack and what he learned about the value of children. He calls Father Jansen back up, who picks up where he left off with, “Speak now…or forever hold your piece…

Freeze on Belle and Claire, and off to the previews:

Lexie: Carrie could still choose Austin, even with all your lies and schemes.
Sami: I am not going to let that happen!

Alex: What’s going on? Is Marlena all right?
John: You ought to know, you son of a *****, you did it! John launches himself at Alex and Abe grabs him.

Kate to Victor: Your choice is to make sure that Phillip never finds out that Claire is not his daughter.

Father Jansen (We see Shawn and Mimi smiling at each other, but hear his voice): When God joins a man and a woman in holy matrimony, it’s for life, and no one shall come between them. (Flash to Belle holding Claire).

And off to the credits....


Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Episode #10,276
Tape date – 2/24
Director – Phil Sogard

The wedding continues, as Jennifer evidently is not getting to the church on time, while Carrie continues to drag her feet naming her choice, Sami continues to badger Lexie, & Marlena continues to have her memory dreams.

JENNIFER COMES DOWNSTAIRS, all ready to go to the church, with Frankie thinking she looks amazing. Jennifer mentions the other night at Chez Rouge, saying they have been dancing around what happened there, and she really wants to take things very slow. Frankie gifts her with a wrist corsage, a replica of one he gave her when they were in high school. (oh, c’mon, give us all a break here) Jen laughs, as she doesn’t think anyone wears these any more, but puts it on anyway. She goes upstairs for her purse, can’t find it, throws open the closet doors, gasps “O, God”. Frankie comes up, hears her crying, knocks on door, asking to come in. Jennifer tells him no, go away, she doesn’t want to see him, as she holds onto a big box and bows her head over it, crying.

AT THE HOSPITAL, Lexie cannot believe Sami is asking her to play God with Carrie’s life. Sami again threatens to tell Abe, telling Lexie she has a husband who loves her, forgave her for her previous affair, a wonderful son, & yet she is cheating on him again. Lexie tells Sami she knows nothing of what is going on with her. Sami wants Lexie to make sure Carrie doesn’t have EITHER of the guys. Lexie tells her she only wants Austin to spite Lucas and her sister. Sami denies it, but says she knows Lucas will never forgive her, but Austin would. So her only chance to be happy is with him. (yawwwnnn, we all have heard this repeatedly)

Carrie continues to drag her feet in telling Austin & Lucas her decision. She tells them how she had a fantasy (cue us seeing it) about being "home", waking up to smell of breakfast. Now the eternally shirtless and towel draped Austin comes in, and climbs into bed with her. The both guys keep asking her to tell them her choice....Carrie just continues to give those "soap opera pauses" with look to match.

John & Abe talk about nailing Alex, and trying to prevent him from harming Marlena. They know it would be very dangerous if Marlena got her memory back while alone with Alex. In her room, Alex hovers over Marlena’s bed, listening to her murmuring in her sleep, remembering Alex’s abuse, saying aloud she knows who Alex North is. Marlena dreams of when Lexie first introduced her to Alex, and how he looked so familiar, plus various conversations, including the promise to renew their vows. She murmurs how she loves John, not Alex, then wakes up, startled, calling for the nurse, who comes in (Alex is hiding). She tells the nurse to tell John Black to come in there immediately. The nurse goes out, and Alex returns to Marlena’s bedside. Her eyes flutter open, she sees him, & says she doesn’t love him, she loves John. Alex replies, What a pity for you, my dear.

Outside, near the nurses’ station, John leaves just as the nurse comes out, looking for him. Her shift is over, so she writes a note to John, telling him Marlena wants to see him immediately. As she closes a medical folder and pick it up, the note is swept to the floor. (Naturally! What other lame way could it be for John to not get the note? She could have just TOLD the other nurse)

AT ST. LUKES, we see Mimi continuing her walk down the aisle with her beaming mother. (Bonnie has the most beautiful smile) Finally, Father Jansen begins the ceremony. In the church pew, Kate sits next to Bonnie……(Bonnie is mother of the bride. Just WHAT relationship is Kate to the bride that she gets the honor of sitting there?) and remembers what she did to try and send Belle on a guilt trip before she might try to stop the wedding. Flashback to a teary eye Kate going into a room where Belle is holding Claire, while Kate sniffles. She sheds a few crocodile tears as she moans about how Billie is blaming herself for Chelsea’s troubles, and not being there for her growing up. (Puleeze, Chelsea HAD good parents). Kate then berates herself, saying how she herself abandoned Billie when she was little, who was then left to be raised by a rotten father. She goes on and on about not being there for her daughter, then pours it on how that will never happen to Claire, as she will always have her mother, who loves her and her husband so much, and therefore Claire will always be safe, yada, yada, yada. Back up on the altar, Belle tells herself she knows what Kate was trying to do, but she has to stop this wedding. Shawn steps forward to thank everyone for coming, even though there are some who cannot be there. We see Caroline next to Bo, Victor, Maggie among the guests.

Before Father Jansen can continue, Mimi says her few words, also thanking everyone for coming, and celebrating this special day, especially, her good friend Belle. Kate murmurs to Bonnie that was a good touch, Mimi is learning. Father Jansen calls Maggie up to do the first reading, from the book of Genesis. (it has to do with the creation of a woman for Adam). We now see that Mickey is with Maggie. Glad to know he is there. Philip is to do the 2nd reading, and asks Belle to stand with him, as she has a few words, too. He finishes his reading, and Belle reads from a paper a poem entitled “What is Love”. Now we see more of the guests. Bo is sitting next to a beautiful Alice, while Shawn is now sitting next to Caroline. Bo & Alice talk a bit about marriage, Hope not being there, with Alice giving a bit of her words of wisdom. Behind them, Mickey tells Maggie he loves her, and she tells him she loves him, too. Father Jansen now asks the proverbial, “If there is anyone here who knows why these two should not be joined together……..”. Kate & Bonnie lean forward expectantly. There is silence. Father Jansen begins the final vows, asking Shawn if he will take Miriam….when suddenly Belle yells “Stop”. And the previews show…..

Frankie to Jen: Do you have room in your heart for me?

Sami: I can’t believe you both are letting her jerk you along like this. But since this is a contest, I know who I’m rooting for.

Alex: And now you have your memory back, I’m afraid you are gonna have to die….as he puts his hand over her mouth

Shawn: I know why Belle stopped the ceremony


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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Episode: 10,275
Directed by: Jim Baffico
Tape Date: 2/25/-6

Hope calls Bo; pre-wedding jitters and discussions at the church and the evil teen strikes again!

Sami lets Lexie know that she saw her and Tek in the park and just now outside the door. She asks if she’s dumping Abe for her new young stud. Lexie accuses Sami of making a big deal over what she saw, saying Abe knows she and Tek are friends. Sami states that Abe’s a cop and Lexie has cheated on him before. She stands to lose everything if Abe starts an investigation, saying she’d lose custody of Theo in divorce court (who? How old is he now? Probably in grade school, haha) Sami admits if she had a choice, she’s have a life with Lucas and their son, but that can’t happen and she’ll settle with Austin. Sami rants about her sister has two gorgeous men chasing after her and she’d love to have that happen. If Lexie wants her marriage to stay safe, she better help her get Austin. Lexie tells her she’s out of her mind and can’t do that. Sami vows to call Abe and have a little heart to heart with him.

IN THE HOSPITAL CORRIDOR…Carrie tells Austin and Lucas that she’s made her decision, but Lucas tries to stop her from saying more. He asks that they both have time to talk with her before she makes her decision. She agrees. They flip and Austin goes first as he puts his arm around the patient and helps her to her room to rest while they talk. Privately Lucas says if Austin wants to marry a Brady, it’ll have to be Sami Brady and wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

We find Austin talking with Carrie as she laughs til it hurts, remembering a good time they had together. He tells her sincerely how much he loves her, more than anything in life. He’s never felt more complete than when he’s with her. Nothing can ever come between them. He doesn’t believe in coincidences and that’s why she and Mike didn’t last. They belong together. She smiles in response. Lucas interrupts for his turn and Austin tells her he has and always will love her, and leaves. She wipes tears from her eyes as Lucas tells her he’s tired of being stepped on and used and won’t let that happen any more. She understands and agrees. He tells her that he loves her and would never hurt her. He knows what she had with Austin was powerful and they thought it would last forever, but it didn’t. He asks when Austin put her first like he did with Sami. She deserves something better. What they have is better and it’s based on honesty and trust. If she chooses him he’ll guarantee she’ll never regret it.

Later Austin and Lucas flank Carrie’s bed as she tosses her stuffed bear. She mentions Sami and says her decision has nothing to do with Sami.

Billie arrives and finds Bo dressing hurriedly for the wedding and can’t find his cufflinks. She smells something burning and he rushes to the kitchen saying it’s the oatmeal pot. He returns saying the pots history and she asks what is an oatmeal pot. He tells her Hope wanted one as Zack loved his oatmeal, but it was too expensive, so he got it for her for their last anniversary. Now it’s trashed. Billie can’t believe that Hope is missing her son’s wedding and Bo says that Shawn didn’t tell Hope he moved it up, knowing she needed to get away for a while. (being Bonnie was given a clean bill of health, why are they rushing into it then?) He wishes there was a way to get hold of Hope and Billie figures maybe there is. She mentions the mental connection he and both have had in the past. He comments that was when they were in danger, but she says their marriage is now and it might work. Encouraging him to do whatever he can to reach Hope and make their marriage work, Chelsea overhears from outside the door and says Damn it Billie. What are you doing, trying to send me to prison?

We return to Bo pleading Fancy Face to know that their son is getting married today and he needs her. Chelsea busts in saying they have to work on her defense. Bo rushes to get ready and Billie tells him they’ll stay and pick up after him. After Bo leaves Billie tears into Chelsea.

ON MORGAN ISLAND…Patrick serves a freshly caught cooked fish to a distracted Hope. He encourages her to call Bo. Hope is still angry how Bo lied to her after giving Chelsea the keys to his car. She’s grateful Patrick found out the truth and told her. He reminds her how she defended Shawn after he rode his motorcycle through the church window. She says that was different, no one was killed. Patrick reminds her that someone could have been, they were just lucky. If she wants to keep her marriage, she needs to try and work things out with Bo. He gives her the phone and asks her to call him (we all know she’ll call home) and of course she does and Chelsea answers. Hope asks who it is and Chelsea says “Chelsea BRADY” (when did they change her last name?), who’s this? Hope asks what she’s doing there and she says it’s my dad’s house too. She asks where Billie is and Chelsea says she’s out with my dad, doing everything they can to help with my defense. Billie walks in and realizes Chelsea is talking to Hope, but Hope hangs up before Billie can do anything about it. Chelsea gives a cold stare at her mother. She says if Billie can’t fight for her and the man she loves, she’s fighting for both of them.

Hope breaks down telling Patrick what Chelsea said. If there’s any truth in what she said, how can she and Bo have a future?

Shawn and Philip arrive in their tuxes and sunglasses. Shawn’s worried if Mimi’s there yet and Philip tries to calm him saying that seeing Mimi coming down the aisle will be one of the best moments in his life. Shawn remembers one of Belle’s pleading sessions asking him not to marry Mimi. Shawn tells Philip there’s something he has to tell him. He asks what Belle’s told Philip and learns nothing. Philip checks for the rings and realizes he left them in the car and dashes out for them.

At the altar….Bonnie’s rearranging Calliope’s decorations, much to Kate’s dismay. Kate comments on the gown Bonnie’s wearing, saying it’s not a Basic Black design. Bonnie tells her the BB line was too boring and she had better be in the wedding pictures..and Belle, the matron of dishonor, NOT (oh yeah, right). Kate says she’s got her daughter in law occupied. Kate says a little guilt trip probably wasn’t good enough as they both worry.

In the bride’s room….Belle asks Mimi if she’s absolutely sure about marrying Shawn. Mimi tells Belle how lucky she was to marry such a wonderful guy like Philip and have his children. Belle listens patiently, then tells Mimi she can’t let her do this. Before she says any more, Bonnie and Kate interrupt saying Bonnie has last minute words for her daughter. Belle leaves, but Kate stays as they both warn Mimi that Belle’s a timebomb about ready to explode. They feel Belle should leave, but Mimi reminds them that she’s her matron of honor and best friend.

Caroline arrives with Mimi’s gown and Belle continues her mantra of stopping the wedding. Even Caroline is getting tired of it and tells Belle she made her choice and married Philip. Belle rants the lengths Shawn went to for trying to stop her marrying Philip. When the question is asked who has cause for these two not to wed, SHE will speak up. Caroline says that Shawn loves Mimi or he wouldn’t be marrying her. Caroline suggests Belle tell Philip first before he finds out publicly about Belle’s true feelings, she owes that to him. Disgusted, Caroline leaves after telling Belle to think of her little girl.

Bonnie wants to dress up Mimi’s gown, but Mimi insists on keeping it just the way it is. We learn Bonnie’s walking Mimi down the aisle. Bonnie gives Mimi a family garter that her great grandmother wore, a new hanky with Elvis’ picture on it (that she wants back after the wedding) and a big blue breath mint for when she and Shawn have their first kiss. Mimi says this is all wrong and her guilting Belle speech made her feel more guilty. She knows she’ll always be looking over her shoulder wondering if she did the right thing and starting her marriage with a lie. Bonnie tells her daughter that lies are the price every woman has to make to make her marriage work.

Father Tim asks Shawn to discuss the vows and Belle finds Philip alone, asking to talk with him. She tells Philip she loves him, but before she can say anything else, Kate arrives and pulls her away, saying they can’t wait. Shawn returns saying he and Mimi both felt the “obey” part of the vows should be removed. Bo arrives and hugs his son. He hopes Shawn and Mimi have a lifetime of love and advises him to grab that love and hold onto it.

The procession begins and Caroline walks down the aisle to sit by Bo (what, Pop Shawn isn’t there either? Or Roman (just where IS he?) And this is a Basic Black photo shoot, right? Where are the photographers? Belle walks down the aisle. Bonnie and Kate talk as Bonnie’s nervous if the wedding will finish. Mimi walks out in her gown and Bonnie starts crying, saying how breathtaking she is. She tells Mimi she loves her and lowers her veil and says let’s go show those Bradys how lucky they are to marry into our Lockhart family. Shawn smiles at Mimi and she smiles radiantly back. Shawn glances at Belle and Bonnie walks Mimi down the aisle. Belle watches nervously….as the previews roll…

Philip says “My wife asked if she could join me up here as she has a few special words of her own….Belle.”

Lexie to Sami: “What if the man you want doesn’t want you Sami? What will you do then?”

Frankie (outside the door) to Jennifer: “Jen, can I come in?”
Jennifer: “No, I don’t want to see you.”

Marlena (in her hospital bed) to Alex: I don’t love you.
Alex: "What a pity my dear, for you."

as the credits roll to "Alias" type heartpounding music....

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