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Monday, July 3, 2006

Episode # 10349
Tape Date: 6/6/06
Air Date: 7/3/06
Director: Albert Alarr

Summary: Ho hum…this one is pretty much a snoozer. Austin and Carrie banter on the roof as he wants the truth from her…Sami and Lucas also spend time together…Bonnie urges her children to go for the gold…Hope is ready to take the ultrasound, but there is a problem…Shawn is upset to learn his mother is pregnant…and the “gloved one” is lurking around the hospital. (NOTE: don't analyze this picture of the "gloved one"...this is NOT from the's just a picture of a gloved hand I found in Google, lol).

At the Hospital…Shawn and Philip return from their “contributions” as we see again the gloved one make the switch and the clenched fist of victory. Shawn assures Mimi that it will work this time, even though she is skeptical. The gloved hand opens the door as someone watches the four of them. Philip stares in that direction and seems troubled…telling Belle that there may be a problem. She asks him what as he tells her that because of his low sperm count, it may not work for them. But Belle thinks they should remain positive…it worked once, it will happen again. Mimi watches them hug and thinks to herself that the first time, it was Shawn that got her pregnant. Shawn suggests that he and Mimi go to the nursery to check out the babies but Mimi starts whining again about not getting pregnant and losing him. He assures her that everything will be fine.

Elsewhere, Billie thinks it would be a good idea for Patrick to stay away from the hospital…if Bo finds him hanging around, he will go ballistic…AGAIN. Patrick thinks he may be the father (as an excited Bonnie listens). Billie thinks he sounds like he WANTS to be the father. Bonnie comes over congratulating him but he makes her stop. Patrick says they don’t know…Bo could be the father. Shawn and Mimi walk up and Shawn overhears this, saying Oh my God…my mom is pregnant? He wants answers and Patrick tells him that they don’t know if it is him or Bo that is the father…they are going to run some tests, making Shawn furious, blaming Bo for everything. Mimi thinks they should stay out of it, but Shawn is about to blow a gasket, saying he doesn’t want his dad to use this to manipulate his mom into taking him back. (LOL as you can see Bonnie in the background taking hits on her flask). Shawn rushes off to see Hope as Mimi wants to go after him, but Patrick stops her. Billie leans over to Bonnie, saying “this is NOT good”. Bonnie replies “it all depends on where you are sitting” Bonnie tells Patrick that he and Mimi both need to play their cards right and they can hit the Horton jackpot as both of them roll their eyes.

Hope and Bo talk about who’s the daddy as Bo is SURE it is his and says he can prove it. He explains that he thinks it is a sign that they are to get back together…this is a gift to them from Zack (rolling eyes here). Hope, however is more realistic (…as well as skeptical) and says that even IF the baby is his, that doesn’t mean they can magically work things out. She thinks that from his reaction, she isn’t so sure he could ever forgive her for sleeping with Patrick…just as she is having a problem forgiving him for all he has done. And she says it isn’t just Billie. She talks about how Chelsea turned their lives upside down. She asks if Patrick turns out to be the father, how will Bo deal with that? She tells him that whatever happens…he is not to do anything he will regret. But Bo is still convinced that it is his baby…sure that it is a sign that they are to get back together. Shawn walks up to hear this and says “the HELL you are…you are going to stay out of my mom’s life”. He starts ranting about Bo manipulating Hope and Bo says that Shawn doesn’t have any say in it. Shawn says that Bo doesn’t deserve forgiveness. Hope asks Bo to leave so she can talk to Shawn alone. Outside the room, Billie asks Bo if he is okay and he says no…Shawn would rather have that LOSER be the father. Billie says he is just angry and Bo says that Shawn doesn’t KNOW angry as he fumes. Meanwhile, Patrick is chastising Bonnie for trying to scheme, saying this is not about the money. But Bonnie asks if Patrick and Mimi have not learned ANYTHING from her? Mimi says yes, for all of Bonnie’s scheming…she still has nothing. Patrick paces the floor as Mimi tells Bonnie she still feels like she is going to lose Shawn because of her lying. But Bonnie says once she has his baby, she will have a hold on Shawn…a stronger one that Belle ever hoped to have. Patrick is having doubts now, not sure he could be the father…after all, he explains, they were only together once. Bonnie informs him that the Lockhart men are known for being “one shot wonders” (ROFL). Mimi just hopes that Shawn can handle the truth. Billie tells Bo that he can’t blame himself for everything. But Bo says that everytime he and Hope make some progress and working their way back to each other, it all turns to crap. He lost Zack and Shawn…and if this baby is Patrick’s, he will lose Hope as well. Billie urges him to be positive. She tells him she wants him to be happy and knows that will only happen if he is with Hope…she knows he loves her. Shawn and Hope talk as she asks him to find a way to make peace with his dad. The nurse comes in and tells Hope that they need to talk…there is a problem. Bo and Patrick come barging in as well. The nurse informs them that their ultrasound equipment is broken and that with the upcoming holiday, they won’t be able to do get it fixed. They will have to reschedule the test after the 4th. In the lobby, Bonnie sits with Billie and tells her that she is SURE that Patrick is the father. Billie says that isn’t what she wants. Confused, Bonnie points out that if that is what happens, that leaves Bo for Billie to go after. Billie says she doesn’t want it to work out that way. But Bonnie urges her that if she gets the chance, she should go for it. Inside, Hope is upset and they promise to call her to reschedule. She asks Patrick to walk her to her car, upsetting Bo. After they leave, Shawn tells his dad that it looks like Hope has made her choice. Billie comes in and Bo says that he loves Hope and he KNOWS that baby is his. Billie asks what if it isn’t. Bo says whatever happens…Hope is NOT going to end up with Lockhart. Billie asks what is he planning to do and Bo says whatever it takes to get rid of that son of a bitch.

Back with Philip and Belle, Dr. James comes in and Belle asks if there is any news. He tells them that he is confident it will be successful which thrills them. He goes to the lab and the tech informs him that he is ready to fertilize the eggs. He warns him to keep them straight (Brady with Brady…Kiriakis with Kirakis). He doesn’t want any screw ups…or it will hurt his research funding. The tech assures him he will make no mistakes. The “gloved one” is watching from behind the curtain…as we see a flashback of the switch…again (oh thanks…I had almost forgotten about that ;-) Philip asks Belle if she is ready to be a mother again and they talk about wanting to have a big family and Philip is ready to go celebrate. Belle just hopes that Shawn and Mimi will be celebrating as well. As they hug, Mimi watches and thinks to herself…that Shawn is already a father…to Claire…just no one knows.

At Sami’s Apartment…She is flipping through bridal magazines picking out things as she has a fantasy of marrying Austin. Oops…during her fantasy, Austin morphs into Lucas. Lucas comes in carrying his bags and tells her that he is moving in. She asks if he has changed his mind about marrying Carrie and he says no, he was just joking. He says that they are getting married TOMORROW and he just didn’t think he should stay there, so Austin invited him to stay at Sami’s. (well, that sure was nice of Austin…considering it is SAMI’S apartment!) He is going to bunk with Will. He notices Sami is acting a little strange (how can you tell?) and asks her what’s wrong. She denies it, but he says he can tell that something is going on. She doesn’t want to talk about it. He asks her if she doesn’t want him to marry Carrie and she says he has never cared about what she thinks. She tells him that he is marrying Carrie…and she is marrying Austin and she is happy for all of them. He sits down with her and she asks…just out of curiosity…if Austin and Carrie hadn’t come back into their lives, would he & she (Sami and Lucas) have gotten married? He says that he loves Carrie and can’t think about what might have been…he and Carrie are in love and will be happy. He belongs with Carrie and she belongs with Austin. That is the way it should be. He tells her they all have a chance to be happy and warns her not to ruin it. As he puts his things in Will’s room, she thinks to herself that she has already done something terrible. Sami calls and leaves Lexie an urgent message to call her. Lucas hears the end of the call and asks who she was calling and she lies and says her hairdresser…she wants to look nice for his and Carrie’s wedding. Lucas tells her she shouldn’t worry about her hair…she and Austin have a great future…IF she wants it. She says of course she does and he says well, it is all up to her. After he leaves, she says it is NOT up to her…it is up to Lexie and she won’t let that BITCH ruin it all for her.

On the roof…Carrie is trying to convince herself that she loves Lucas as she has a fantasy of their wedding. In her fantasy, Lucas morphs into Austin. She wonders aloud if she is making a mistake…does she REALLY love Lucas…just as Austin walks up and overhears. He asks her if she is having second thoughts. He admits that he still loves her but has accepted her decision. He asks if she weren’t pregnant, would she still be marrying Lucas? He doesn’t think she is sure she loves Lucas, even though she swears she does. She says they can’t play the “what if” game and that it is time for both of them to move on…she with Lucas and he with Sami. He says he just wants her to be happy…as she does her best to convince him that she is. She says that she and Lucas are committed to each other. He takes her hand and says that her ring is NOT a wedding ring and if she isn’t sure, it is best to admit it now than later. She asks if he is telling her NOT to marry Lucas? And he says he isn’t asking her to do anything, but he knows she has doubts. She tells him she is marrying Lucas…end of discussion, but Austin won’t give up, reminding her that he BEGGED her to choose him. He tells her that she was the great love of his life and is sure that she felt the same way…once. Insert a long assortment of flashbacks of Austin and Carrie here…kissing, dancing, up on the roof, etc. She begins crying, telling him she will never forget him either, but they can’t go back. Austin tells her that he still loves her, but he turned to Sami because Carrie chose Lucas. Yes, he DOES love Sami…but it’s not the same way he loves Carrie. He tells her it’s not too late, but once she walks down the aisle and takes those vows, it’s for life. He says if she isn’t sure about what she is doing, she owes it to all of them to be honest. Crying now, she tells him it doesn’t matter…they can NEVER be together (as she has flashbacks of Lexie giving her the news…and her devastation). Austin doesn’t understand and wants to know what she means…she OWES him the truth. Freeze frame on Carrie with small insets of Austin and Lucas…as the previews show…

Kate (to Sami and Lexie): So…the two of you ARE hiding something…

Kayla: Steve! remember! (as she hugs him and he stares straight ahead)…

Max (to Chelsea): What the HELL is your problem? (Chelsea): I am young and I want to have some fun. (Max): Well, you can have all the fun you want from now on…

Frankie (to Jen): I’d do anything for you and your family…(Jen): I don’t know what I’d do with out you (as they hug…and Jack watches)…

As the credits roll…

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Friday, June 30th

Episode: 10348,
Directed by Roy Steinberg
Tape Date: 6/5/06

A slow day in Salem as our Salemites flock to the pub for Caroline’s chocolate chip pancakes (YUM!!!) after discussing what happened the night before at home and Steve asks Kayla for more information about his past.


Bonnie arrives and Shawn tells her that Mimi asked him for a divorce and threw her rings at him. Bonnie pounds on the bedroom door, demanding that Mimi open it. Belle and Philip knock on the door to the loft. They’re going to the pub for breakfast and want to see if Shawn and Mimi want to join them (are they joined at the hip or something…and who’s with Claire now…for a couple to want another baby so badly you would think they’d take her to breakfast with them (I posted an old picture of Claire so she's included somewhere, ha!!!) Bonnie is irate when she sees that Mimi has started packing and tells her to stop. Mimi tells Bonnie about what Shawn said to Bo about losing the love of his life. She deserves to be unhappy after not telling Shawn the truth about his being Claire’s daddy. Bonnie tells her the only way she’ll lose Shawn to Belle is if she hands him to her on a silver platter. Belle decides to talk with Mimi since Shawn doesn’t appear to be making any headway and especially after hearing that Bonnie’s in there with her now. As soon as she leaves, Shawn knows Philip’s angry and he doesn’t disappoint him as he warns him to stay away from Belle. Belle asks to come in and talk and when Belle sees clothes in a suitcase, Bonnie tells her Mimi is packing away some of her winter clothes. Bonnie tells Belle that Mimi is tired and needs some sleep. She has to take care of herself if she’s to be a mother soon. Belle and Bonnie leave.

During the minute or two Belle was in the bedroom, Shawn and Philip argue. Shawn agrees that yes, he and Belle have a past..but she’s married to him now and they have one child and trying for another. Shawn asks what Mimi meant the night before and Bonnie blames it on the hormones she’s been injected with. He forgot about that and accepts that explanation. Mimi walks out calmly and apologizes. She tells Bonnie she’s tired, tired of lying. Mimi apologizes for all the screaming she did last night and he does for what she heard him say to his dad. He gets down on his knee and tells her he loves her and asks her to be his wife. She agrees and he asks for the ring. Bonnie rushes for them as he puts them back on Mimi’s finger. He stands up and kisses her. Belle’s phone’s the hospital. She tells Philip that they have to make a stop on the way to breakfast. Mimi also gets a call too and she looks disappointed, but then smiles as she tells them the egg they harvested was a “keeper” (she uses her two fingers on each hand to emphasize the word).

Sami is making breakfast burritos from scratch and everyone’s in a good mood. Will runs out and tackles Austin and Lucas walks in carrying the paper, drawn by the great smells coming from the kitchen. He thinks she ordered takeout and when he is told she cooked, not as anxious, LOL. Sami tells him he accepted her breakfast invite, so don’t insult the chef. Sami and Austin kiss as Lucas starts in with his mantra about thinking Sami was up to something. He can’t believe all the surprises she’s throwing him lately. He watches them kiss again and says how he’s also happier than he’s ever been, marrying the woman of his dreams, Carrie.

Sami squeezed about 2 tblspns each of fresh orange juice for the guys and Will is reluctant to drink it..but does so. Will heads off for the shower and Austin to make some phone calls, so Lucas takes the opportunity to apologize to Sami for blaming her without knowing the facts. We find them sitting on the couch having an old fashioned Lucas and Sami chat as Will walks out swatting the smoke..Sami forgot about the burrito casserole in the oven and it’s burnt. Poor Sami…she wants to cook like Martha Stewart so badly! Lucas turns off the smoke detector (LOL) and they assure her they’ve called the pub and Caroline is expecting them. Sami only wanted to impress them and they joke about the juice being so good. Will says every drop of it (being there was only a few). She sends them on to the pub ahead of her as she has to get ready (she looks fine to me in her pink tshirt and white pants). She decides to call someone.

Carrie arrives at the pub to meet with Roman and Caroline about her wedding. Caroline informs her that her favorite pancakes are being served. Kate is also there and Carrie assures them all she’s happy about the wedding and baby. Lexie arrives and Caroline asks if Abe will be joining her (someone fill her in). Lexie says no and asks to speak with Roman alone for a few minutes. He steps outside with her as she asks him to help smooth things over with Abe for her. Inside Kate knows there’s more to what’s happening with Lexie than she knows and would love to know what it is.

Kayla and Steve are having breakfast there too. She thanks him for joining her and he’s glad she asked and wants to talk with her. He said their kiss was sweet, but it didn’t bring any memories back. He’s afraid it’s been too long for him to get any of his past memories back. He asks her to tell him some more about their past. He suggests something about Stephanie. She tells him Stephanie has heard about Steve all her life, but was just a baby when he died. She’s independent and strong minded. He figures they fight then, but she says no. She shows him pictures of his daughter and he says she’s a beautiful girl. She laughs, saying not to say that to Stephanie…she’s a “woman”. She hates Stephanie’s career and knows he will too. We return after she told him what Stephanie does (we don’t hear) and says Stephanie is strong minded and he says like her papa. Awww. She’s tried to call Stephanie, but is unable to reach her and getting concerned.

At an other table, Frankie thanks Max for getting him out of the house for breakfast. Max tries to cheer Frankie up by reminding him that Jack had been declared legally dead and is on the way to that now. Frankie understands what Jack was trying to avoid by the way Jennifer is handling his return. Max tells Frankie how exciting Chelsea is as she knows what she wants and goes for it.

Abby and Chelsea arrive and sit at their own table. Abby asks Chelsea what she’s going to tell Max about being exclusive as she sees Max leave the pub. Chelsea looks for coffee, but tells Abby she’s going to tell Max NO (lucky him!). She likes him, but doesn’t want to be exclusive with him. Chelsea tells Abby men like it when you are hard to get. Abby doesn’t understand the game playing. Max returns with a bunch of beautiful flowers for Chelsea, who accepts them with barely a smile and sets them down. Abby excuses herself to let them talk and Chelsea wastes no time saying she wants to see others as well as Max. Surprised and embarrassed, he says he has to do something and leaves. Abby can’t believe Chelsea and warns her that when other gals know he’s back on the market, will grab him up (yup, big shot NASCAR drivers really love those high school girls..or did they graduate?)

Lexie asks Roman to talk with Abe as he needs to talk with someone about what’s going on (yeah, Marlena and John aren’t around to help him). She hugs him in appreciation when he agrees to. Kate walks out and asks Roman if he can tear himself away as his daughter is about ready to leave. Roman heads inside and Lexie excuses herself for something when her cell phone rings. Nosy Kate sees it’s Sami and answers with a voice mail recording prompt for Dr. Carver and Sami leaves a message to Lexie asking why she didn’t say anything about what she did last night.

Later, Sami arrived at the pub in a dress and just finished a brief discussion with her Aunt Kayla, happy to see her. Kate observes Sami asking Lexie if she got the call. Lexie starts to look for a message, but tells Sami to leave it alone and be happy she’s getting off scott free. She leaves the pub.

Outside, Carrie tells Roman she’s happy to be home and for him to be walking her down the aisle. She asks if he’s okay about her being pregnant and he said as long as Lucas is going to marry her it’s okay, otherwise he’d get out his shotgun. We see the gloved hand person hiding in a box on the pier overhearing this as they walk by (so, it’s NOT ROMAN either) Carrie tells Roman the florist found her flowers, so all she has to do is show up at the church with her father on her arm.

Lucas tells Austin he’ll cut Sami some slack.

Well, onto step two of the baby making process. Shawn and Philip are asked to follow the nurse for their own harvesting procedure. (are they sharing a room for this like Belle and Mimi did too, haha) Mimi tells Shawn to think of her while gone, LOL. She tells Belle, Step 2: sperm samples and Step 3: fertilizing the eggs…they’re only two steps away from getting pregnant ( hopefully THIS time she’ll not be off shopping as soon as she leaves the hospital). The guys return as they all laugh about what just happened as Shawn tells Mimi he was thinking about her.

Inside the lab we see the LEFT hand of the gloved person swap the lids on Mimi and Belle’s eggs containers. After it’s done, the gloved person clenches their LEFT hand in triumph….(hmmmm, so are we looking for a leftie???)

As the previews roll…

AUSTIN TO CARRIE: Tell me the truth. You owe me THAT much.
CARRIE (in tears): You’re right, I do.

LUCAS (with suit bag over his shoulder and walking into Sami’s apartment): I’m moving in.
SAMI: What do you mean? Did you change your mind about marrying Carrie?

SHAWN to BO (and Hope in the exam room at the hospital): After what you did to us, you were going to stay out of mom’s life.

MIMI to herself as she watches Belle hugging Philip): Shawn already has a baby, Claire, just none of you know it.

As the credits roll.

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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Episode # 10347, Tape Date: 6/2; Air Date: 6/29; Director: Albert Alarr

Summary: Jack suffers through his pain with Jennifer by his side…Kayla takes Steve (and the viewers) on a trip down memory lane about their past…Shawn tries to convince Mimi she is the one he loves…Sami confesses to everyone (well, sort of) as Lexie backs her up.

Kayla meets Steve…outside the pub as he tells her that Jack has decided to stay in Salem to die. She thinks it is good that he wants to be near his family. She wants to take him somewhere and show him something. They end up down at the docks and (we don’t see it, but) she has shown him a yacht, hoping to jog his memory about their wedding. But it didn’t help. But he does want to know more as she explains about how she lost her hearing and about their wedding (as we see flashbacks of their vows). He says if he can’t remember that, then it is hopeless. But she assures him she isn’t giving up and wants to take him somewhere else. They end up at the jail as she shows him a cell and tells him this is where she almost gave birth. She tells him about how they were to marry and his wife showed up and how later, she was arrested for her murder. (Flashbacks of her being photographed and booked). She tells him how she went into labor the day of her trial and how they almost didn’t make it to the hospital (flashbacks of her giving birth). He agrees with her about how all of it sounds so crazy and asks what happened next. She explains that she was eventually exonerated…well, after a prison break, fleeing the country and Stephanie being kidnapped…you know, stuff like that. (LOL). She tells him she wouldn’t blame him if he took off running. He asks if she is pulling his leg and she laughs. She says she can’t promise their life would be that exciting again, but she does want that love back. She says she isn’t trying to pressure him, but he feels bad that he can’t remember any of it. We then have flashbacks of his emotional ‘death’ scene and him flat-lining. She says that was the worst day of her life and when he was buried, a part of her was as well. And now, it is a miracle that he is standing there. She tells him that he is the only man she has ever loved or ever will. They go back to the pub and she asks if he wants to come in for a drink. He thanks her, but thinks he should get back to Jack…he is such a baby about taking his medicine. She says maybe they can continue their trip down memory lane and he says he is sorry that so far, it has just been a one way street. She kisses him as he has flashes of memory, kissing her before. He gets a strange look and she asks what is it?...does he remember something?

At the Deveraux House…Jack is in bed with Jen by his side. Frankie comes in to check on them and says he is glad Jack decided to stay. Jen talks about how she lost Jack so many times before, but she knows this time it is forever. She talks about how unfair it is for him to die and Frankie tells her that even after he is gone, he will always be there…in her heart. Jake wakes up and tells her that as long as Frankie is there for her, he knows she will be okay. He just wishes they didn’t have to watch him die…but he plans on being there until the bitter end. Jen hugs him as he tells Frankie that he is not to go anywhere either. He starts writhing in pain, sending Jen scrambling for his meds. She gives him pain meds and begs him to look at her and stay with her…she can’t lose him yet as he moans and groans in pain. Frankie tells her to give him more (he is taking morphine) but she is afraid she will kill him. He promises he won’t die…as long as she is by his side. Later, he is finally resting comfortably as Frankie urges her to go get some rest as well. She says she can’t but he says she needs to rest…for Jack’s sake. She finally promises that she will. As Frankie goes to leave, she tells him she loves him. She goes over and lies next to Jack as she has a long string of flashbacks set to music. She falls asleep as he slowly puts his hand atop hers.

At the Lofts…Mimi goes storming in and babbling about how Shawn never wanted her at all…he just “settled” for her because he couldn’t have Belle. She asks if he still loves Belle and he says a part of him always will. She rushes to the bedroom and slams the door. She lies on the bed crying, looking at their wedding picture. Philip and Belle arrive in the hall as they talk about Mimi being so upset about what Shawn said. He thinks that Belle still loves Shawn as well and asks what will she do when he comes crawling back to her. Belle explains that yes, Shawn was her first love, but now she loves Philip…he is her husband and the father of her child and they kiss. Shawn comes into the hall and wants to talk to Belle so Philip reluctantly goes inside. He tells her about Mimi wanting and divorce and he wants her to go and talk to Mimi, but she refuses, saying it’s not her place. He apologizes for what he said earlier about losing her and says he doesn’t want to go through that again. He doesn’t want to lose Mimi as well. She encourages to go talk to Mimi (as Philip listens). After Shawn leaves, Philip comes out asking if everything is okay. He tells her he overheard and apologizes for doubting her. He hugs her, saying he loves her so much. She hugs him back and with tears in her eyes, says she loves him as well. Shawn goes back inside and bangs on the bedroom door, begging Mimi to come out. She finally comes out, saying they need to talk about their future. He apologizes for what he said, saying he didn’t mean it…he used to love Belle, but it is Mimi he loves now and thanks God for her in his life. He says that after watching what his parents are going through, she is the only person he trusts and how he loves her. She yells NO…she doesn’t deserve his trust…she is a fraud…and starts sobbing. She cries that she is a monster…he can’t help…it is too late for them…and their marriage…then she storms back into the bedroom. Across the hall, Belle is now changed into her night gown as Philip returns from taking the sitter home. She tells him that Claire is asleep and it is time for them to get to bed as well…however, she doesn’t think they will be doing much sleeping. (hubba-hubba).

At Sami’s Place…Lexie proceeds with her expose of Sami, urging Sami to tell the truth. Everyone wants the truth as Sami is sweating bullets. Then we see the scene from a different perspective…the someone with the gloved hand is watching through the window. Kate thinks that since blackmail is a crime, they should call the police, but Austin quiets her down. Sami says that Lexie ruined her own marriage and that she isn’t going to take the blame for that. The gloved hand pulls out a cell phone and dials a number. Lexie starts to tell all when her phone rings and she steps out into the hall, telling them it may be a patient. While she is gone, Sami gets a chance to tell HER version of the truth. She explains that yes, she WAS threatening Lexie, but only because of her affair with Tek. She wanted Lexie to be faithful to Abe and not hurt him. They want to know HOW she knew about it and she says she practically saw them doing it in the park. She says she confronted Lexie and threatened her. But, she swears she did NOT tell Abe about it…that isn’t want she wanted. In the hall, Lexie answers the phone and asks who it is. With a shocked look on her face, she says OH MY GOD! (Well, I guess the “gloved hand” is NOT Kate). Inside, Sami swears she did NOT out Lexie. Lucas jumps in, not believing her. Austin says he wants to believe her as Kate chimes in, damning Sami and saying IF Sami has changed, it is probably for the worst. Lexie asks the caller how they know where she is and she says NO, she can’t do it…it’s not right. She listens and finally says she guesses she has no choice and goes back inside. Kate demands the truth from Lexie about what Sami has told them. Lexie says she is right…for once in her life, Sami is telling the truth (as Sami stands there in shock). Kate thinks she has snowed everyone again, but Austin says this may have not been her brightest move, but she was only trying to protect Abe. Both Will and Carrie are proud of her for trying to protect Abe as well. Even Lucas apologizes, saying maybe he was wrong about her. Austin asks her if she still wants to elope, but she says no, she wants the biggest wedding ever in Salem…and they will send the bill to Kate. As Lexie is getting on the elevator, she asks “This cannot be happening…who are you…why wont’ you let me tell?” The gloved hand is at Sami’s door. Freeze frame on Sami & Austin…as the previews show…

Bonnie (to Mimi): Belle is just waiting for you to lose your nerve and you are not gonna give her the satisfaction. (Mimi): Mom, it is over. I have finally lost him…

Shawn (to Philip): What's your problem? (Phillip): Stay away from Belle…

Lucas (to Sami): I don't know if you'll ever forgive me for blaming you without knowing all the facts…

Patch (to Kayla): Why don't you tell me more about the past?...Talk to me about Stephanie….

And the credits roll…

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WEDNESDAY, June 28, 2006

Episode #10,346, Taped 6/1, Director-Phil Sogard

The pace on Days has once more slowed to a crawl, as nearly half the show is set in Sami’s apt. where absolutely nothing happens. Elsewhere, Jack is determined to return to the hospice, while Hope gets startling news at the hospital.


Jack comes downstairs, telling everyone this has been a big mistake, and he is going back to the hospice. Everyone protests, but Jack is adamant. Frankie tells him he is not going to let him walk out on his family again. Jack protests, telling Jennifer that if he knew this was her wedding, he never, never would have come back. He talks of how he intended to stay away, but then he found Steve, and he just had to bring him back. He did so, now his job is done. Kayla is thankful for that, but everyone scolds him for wanting to leave again. Frankie reads him a riot act, while Jen really reams him out. Patch & Kayla leave to give them all some privacy. Abby mouths off, telling her dad that Frankie is just a replacement, husband #2, & he should stay. Frankie goes to leave, but Jack stops him, and both Jack & Jennifer admonish Abby for talking that way. Jack explains how he chose Frankie, how he wants Jennifer to be happy, and that Frankie has done that for her. Abby offers to take Jack back up to bed.

Outside, Steve tells Kayla that he will have to leave with Jack. She pleads with him, but he says no, he wishes he could remember, but he can’t and she is not his wife anymore. He notes that his headstone says he was dead, and that she had made a life for herself, gone to medical school, and did fine without him. She assures him she never stopped loving him, always has, always will. She tells him how he hated to tie himself down to anything, but that he did with her. And he is still that kind of person, who would want to fight to find out what happened.


We once again see the doctor telling Hope her symptoms of late are common in a pregnancy. Hope is startled, Bo is thrilled, while Patrick looks askance. Hope remembers having sex with both Bo & Patrick, & is in quandary. Patrick goes out in the hall, as Billie arrives, telling her about Hope. Billie realizes he could be the father, and gets that “look” on her face. Back in the room, Hope makes Bo realize that he might not be the father, that she was with Patrick, too, and it had been a while since she & Bo had been together. So the baby could be Patrick’s. (One wonders why the men in Salem just have never heard of condoms, doesn’t it?) Bo, being Bo, naturally has to punch Patrick out as he comes back into the room. Billie separates them, with Hope yelling at them both to stop. Bo & Billie go out in hall, where they argue. Bo comments that if that baby is Patrick’s his marriage to Hope could be over. Light bulb time for Billie, as she tells herself this would be her chance to get him, and then tells herself to stop thinking like that. Bo realizes that Hope was recently with Patrick, and her symptoms had started recently, but Billie reminds him that Hope did not realize for months that she was pregnant with Zack. (true, Hope was locked in the turret with Stefano at the time). Inside the room, Patrick is saying nearly the same thing to Hope, and she realizes she has to get answers. She pages the doctor, as she has to find out how far along she is. The doctor is unable to tell her this….as she has always had irregular menstral cycle, and has been spotting for the past several months. And without a last period to go by, it is impossible to tell without more tests. (And none of the women in Salem ever heard of the birth control pill, or even the morning after pill, amazing, huh?) The doctor tells Hope she is going to have to see an OB-GYN, (oh, thank heavens, that cannot be Lexie, can it? LOL ) but that she will schedule an ultra sound.

SAMI’S APT (yawnnnnnnn)

Carrie & Lucas are leaving as Lexie comes in, stopping them as she says they will want to hear what she has to say. Most people would have spit it out right there and then, but nooooo. Sami tries to deflect attention away from herself to no avail. Now, in comes Will, with an “awww, mom, what have you done now?”, followed, of course, by a smirking Kate (who else?) who wants to know, too. Sami tries to talk to Will alone, but he tells Lucas he wants to move back in with him again. Kate is pressuring Lexie to tell her what it is, and Lexie assures her that Sami’s life, as she knows it, is over. Austin & Carrie sit at a table, whispering about what it could be. Yes, folks, everyone will be rolling eyes, and yelling at the TV to just say it, already. Nope, Lucas & Sami now are arguing, as he begs her to tell what she did. They talk a bit of their lives over the years, with Sami reminding him how he always was mooning after Carrie. She talks of seeing her mother sleeping with another man & how it affected her. Austin begs her to tell what she did herself. Now Lexie is talking to Carrie, asking is she is happy with Lucas, and if things were different, would she prefer to with Austin. Carrie gives one of those non-committal answers we all have heard before and hate. Oh, Austin was the past, I have moved on with Lucas, and now am carrying his child. (But unconfirmed by a doctor, Carrie!). Now Will talks with Kate about his mom. Sami finally decides, at Lucas’s urging, that she is going to tell what she did herself. She is asking Austin to try and understand. Austin tells her that he loves her, but until she tells what it is, he is not going to promise anything. Ooops, she has an eyelash in her eye, and has to run off to the bedroom. Now Sami talks to her alter ego in the mirror, at a loss as to what to do. She imagines going out and hitting Lexie over the head with a frying pan as she is about to spill the beans, saying, oops, it was an accident. She finally comes out, ready to tell on herself, but begins to stall again, asking Will to go to his Dad’s apt. as this may get ugly. He refuses, and Lexie finally blurts out that “Sami has been blackmailing me”.

Freeze frame on pics of Sami & Lexie……as the previews show……..

Jennifer bending over a dying Jack, holding on, as he is perspiring and in obvious pain: You can’t leave us yet. You hear me…..not yet!

Mimi shouting at Shawn: Stop it, you don’t know what you’re saying. You can’t trust me. I’m a fraud.

Kayla to Steve: What is it? Do you remember something?

Sami to Lexie: You can call it blackmail if you want, Lexie, but you are the one who ruined your marriage. I’m not going to take the blame for it.


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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Episode: 10345 Directed by: Herb Stein Tape Date: 5/26

Jack sees JJ, Steve tells Kayla what happened years ago; Hope gets some surprising news; Shawn and Bo argue and Mimi’s worst fear is confirmed, Austin stands behind Sami…but she’s about to be exposed…

We join Jack and Abby talking as he has her in his arms while lying on the bed. He apologizes for all he’s put her and his family through. As he grimaces in pain, she rushes out the door for something that will help.

Downstairs, Kayla tells Steve she’ll tell him whatever he wants to know about his life, family, them. He wants to hear, but doesn’t know where to start about him. She does…she wants to know what happened the day he died! GOOD QUESTION! He has a flashback of a messy room and asks if she really wants to know. She says yes. He says it comes back in brief flashes and he woke up in a dirty motel room. He was dizzy, disoriented and it was like a hangover..but worse. We see him drink melted water from the ice bucket in the motel room. (He’s in a white long sleeved t-shirt and short sleeved grey t-shirt over that…guess he wasn’t buried in that?) He didn’t remember who he was or where he was..but knew he’d been through something pretty rough and was damn lucky to be alive. She asks what he did. He says he looked around the room and found a wallet with $500 in it and a photo ID saying his name was Nick Stockton. No other memories or anything that looked familiar. He went to the address on the ID and it was a run down part of Cincinnati. (so apparently Cincinnati is just a few hours drive from Salem USA ;-) It made the motel room look upscale. Someone ambushed him. He woke up in a hospital room with some blue coats (cops) telling him a neighbor saw him unconscious and he had a nasty gash on his forehead. He didn’t have any idea who he was or why he only had one eye. Kayla can’t imagine how that felt. He said the hospital people were wonderful and he volunteered there to thank them. He eventually went to work there, got a place to live and has been there ever since.

Outside Frankie asks Jennifer what all this means for them after Jennifer tells him Jack came home to say goodbye before he died. She realizes how she unintentionally has ignored him (Frankie) since Jack’s return and he completely understands. She doesn’t and said Jack encouraged him to pursue her and they stood up and were married earlier today. She is his wife. Frankie loves her so much and is so grateful she feels that way and pulls her into a kiss. (I will truly miss Missy Reeves stellar performances when she leaves the show next month!!) She tells Frankie these next few weeks are going to be hard on everyone as they both know she needs to be with Jack. He’s wonderful and understanding as he tells her he’ll be there if she needs anything.

Meanwhile, Abby brings JJ in to see his daddy. Jack holds his son and tells him how this is like a dream come true. We return to Abby determined to search the web about his disease and find a cure. She’ll accept it if she can’t find one, but wants to spend as much time as she can with him. Abby takes JJ to bed and Jack gets up to get some fresh air. He looks out and takes a deep breath and sees Frankie holding Jennifer outside. He shuts the window and returns to the bed.

Lucas is positive Sami did something wrong, something she isn’t proud of…he knows her. When Austin figures out what it is, he’ll “kick her to the curb for good”. Sami walks away. Lucas tells Austin about Sami’s closet full of wedding gowns, each with their own story (LOL…what’s up with keeping all those..closet space has got to be a premium in an apartment especially!) Lucas doesn’t know WHAT Sami’s done, but knows it has to be something that Austin will object to. Austin stands behind Sami, figuratively and literally. Lucas calls Lexie and asks her to come over to Sami’s apartment …there’s something he’d like her to clear up. We return to find out that Lucas only left a message for Lexie on her machine. Sami remembers her showdown with Lexie at the church threatening to expose her for her part in telling Carrie she and Austin couldn’t have a healthy baby. Sami thanks Austin for trusting her. Lucas picked up that Sami knew about Lexie and Tek’s affair and used it to her advantage. Austin has enough and asks Lucas to leave. Carrie takes Lucas by the hand and leads him to the door. Lucas said Austin is a good guy and might forgive her if she admits what she did wrong. He asks her to fess up as to what Lexie has on her.

A repeat of Hope telling Patrick they have to talk about their future. He says it sounds serious and she agrees, but Shawn and company arrive before she can say anymore. Bo follows them in and Shawn tells him it’s all HIS fault. They take their arguing outside Hope’s room and the rest of the lofters follow..leaving Hope and Patrick to talk. He tells her about Bo’s earlier discussion saying she and Bo were reuniting.

Bo and Shawn go into a room and Bo rolls up his sleeves as he tells the nipping Shawn (figuratively) that after he’s been married more than a few weeks he’ll understand that marriages have their ups and downs (guess hanging around getting your eggs harvested isn’t a newlywed tradition?) Bo explains how Hope wasn’t strong enough to hear the truth after Zack died and needed him…so he didn’t tell her. Shawn rants on with the whole chain of events that Bo agrees were wrong, but wasn’t his idea (Billie taking the blame, etc.). The lofters sit outside the room listening uncomfortably. The missing video is mentioned and Bo denies having taken it and determined to find it. Bo’s grateful that Shawn’s so supportive of his mom, but reminds him that he also lost a son and may lose the woman he’s loved all his life. He might try to understand that. Shawn shouts he knows exactly what losing the love of your life is like and Bo needs to move on just like he did. We see Mimi rush off the bench outside the room after hearing that and Philip stops Belle from following her..saying she’s probably the last person Mimi wants with her now. Philip turns and says to himself…”you bastard, you’re still in love with my wife.”
A crying Mimi goes down the stairs of the hospital. Philip asks Belle if she knew that Shawn was still in love with her. Belle tries to assure him it was past tense..but Philip’s got custody of the Salem brain today and knows Shawn said he lost the love of his life.

We return to Shawn still nipping at Bo and telling him Patrick’s been there for Hope since Bo went AWOL, choosing Billie and Chelsea over his wife. Bo admits not being perfect and trying to be there for him and his mom. He loved Zack and he too has been out of his mind in grief. Chelsea is his daughter and he loves his family. Shawn says some more than others…Bo agrees and said Hope, he and Shawn were what he wanted and had..but Chelsea has a lot of time to be made up for. Shawn cites how Bo wanted him to pay the price for breaking the law (when he ran h is motorcycle through the church window). He knew his dad was right for that…but now he just wants to protect Chelsea. His actions toward Hope speak very loudly. Bo said he doesn’t understand the horrible position he was put in as his daughter killed his son and he needed to help his wife as well. Bo doesn’t know how else to explain, and Shawn agrees they’ve said all they can say and leave it at that. Bo disagrees, saying he can’t lose his wife and son. Shawn leaves and says he has to find Mimi. Philip and Belle point the way and Philip tells Belle that Mimi will leave Shawn and Shawn will come back to Belle, wanting her back. What will she do then?

Shawn finds Mimi in a corridor and asks her what’s wrong. She tells him…”you want Belle, you can have her. I want a divorce.”

Patrick is remembering a sensual scene of him and Hope making love on the island while Hope’s busy talking with a nurse. She asks what he was thinking about and he admits he was thinking about the night they spent together and wonders if it meant anything to her.

Bo returns to hear Hope tells Patrick that night was special to her too…(not knowing Bo was walking up at the time, but Patrick did). Another doctor walks in and said Lexie was called away on an emergency (LOL, yeah…to Sami’s apartment) and has Hope’s test results. Seeing the two men there, she asks if now is a good time, and Hope says yes. The doctor assures her nothing is wrong with her and that the symptoms she had are normal with pregnancy. Oops…cue surprised faces at that news…

We return to the Deveraux home as Jack descends the stairs in the outfit he arrived in. Everyone asks where he’s going and he said back to the hospice to die. Steve holds up the car keys (I think relieved to get out of there) as everyone there says NO.

Lexie arrives at Sami’s apartment and stops Carrie and Lucas from leaving. She says they’ll all want to hear what she has to say…as Sami looks away.

as the previews roll…

JACK: “What kind of man would I be to stick around?”
FRANKIE: “What kind of man would you be if you don’t?”

STEVE TO KAYLA: “You’re not my wife, not anymore.”

LEXIE (Kate’s there now too): “Do you want to tell everyone what you did, or shall I?”

HOPE (almost in tears) TO BO: “What if this baby isn’t yours?”
BO: “Then Lockhart’s a dead man”…as he hears Patrick walking in and turns and punches him. Patrick stumbles and falls and Billie rushes in telling Bo no and Hope yells STOP IT!.

As the credits roll…

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Monday, June 26, 2006

Episode # 10344
Tape Date: 5/26/06
Air Date: 6/26/06
Director: Jim Baffico

Summary: I am sorry, I don’t know what the problem was, but my reception was really bad…and I almost lost all audio near the end. But I think I got the general gist of everything…Jack is taken back home…Bo rushes Hope to the hospital…Sami tries to hurry-up her wedding to Austin.

At the Hospital…Bo rushes Hope to the ER (she is out cold). She finally comes to as Bo explains what happened. Patrick shows up as well and Bo isn’t too thrilled to see him there. Lexie asks them to leave as Hope explains to her that she is dizzy. Lexie tells her it could be a number of things and they don’t know for sure yet. In the waiting area, Bo tells Patrick to get the hell out of Hope’s life. Hope talks to Lexie about her marriage and wonders how it could all fall apart (as Lexie has pangs of guilt as well). Bo informs Patrick that he and Hope are on their way to working things out and for him to get lost. Hope can tell that Lexie is upset and asks what is wrong. She finally tells Hope about her affair with Tek and Abe finding out. She swears she loves Abe but she betrayed him and doesn’t blame him for not forgiving her. But, she tells Hope she has the CHOICE to save her marriage. Hope says it isn’t that simple after all that has happened. However, on the other hand, she just can’t stop loving someone that she has loved for over 20 years. Patrick tells Bo he knows nothing about a reconciliation, as Bo tells him his info is just out of date. He tells him that he and Hope have loved each other for over 20 years and they have been through a lot, then tells him to go get a life. Lexie tries to talk Hope into forgiving Bo, she only wishes that Abe could forgive her as well. Hope tells her that they have talked, and she WANTS to forgive him and rush back into his arms, but Zack comes to mind and she is reminded of all the things Bo has done. They talk about Patrick as Hope explains he was there for her when no one else was. Lexie adds, like Tek was there for HER. She asks Hope if she loves Patrick. Patrick assures Bo that if he and Hope are trying to work things out, then he will stay out of the way. While Bo is on the phone, Lexie goes and gets Patrick to talk to Hope. She tells him they need to talk…about their future…as Bo overhears.

Austin, Sami, Lucas & Carrie…return to Sami’s apartment, seemingly bummed because there was no reception and they didn’t get to eat. (LOL). They think they should order pizza. Austin can tell that something is bugging Sami and everyone wonders what is wrong. She tries to explain that it is just all that happened at the wedding. They ask how she learned of Abe and Lexie’s problems and she says Lexie told her after the wedding. She tells them she thinks that all Salem weddings are jinxed and suggests that they just all elope. Carrie says no way and Lucas sides with Carrie. Sami tries to convince Austin to elope with her and points out that all of them have been to the altar too many times. She wants to marry Austin ASAP and begs him to go along with it. He tells her he loves her but wants to have a real wedding in a real church not some Brittney Spears special complete with an Elvis impersonator. Sami says maybe Lucas is right…every wedding she is involved with becomes a disaster. Austin tries to assure her that isn’t true. He offers to hire a wedding planner so she won’t have to be dealing with all that…he just wants to give her the wedding of her dreams. But Sami wants to get hitched immediately…as Lucas wants to know what’s the rush.

The Deveraux Party…arrives at the house. Jo and Abby want him to go to the hospital, but he refuses. Steve, Jennifer and Abby help him upstairs as Jo pulls Kayla aside, telling her how sorry she is for her. Kayla wants to know more but isn’t going to push him. She feels sorry for Jen and they wonder how she can move on. They take Jack into the bedroom to find it decorated for Jen & Frankie. Jack wants to see Jack Jr. (and I think Jen explains he is with a sitter, but will go get him later). Jen feels bad because she has nothing for Jack to wear and Jack says Abby may have something of his. After Jen leaves, Steve tells him he would let him borrow his “jammies” but he doesn’t wear any (LOL). Downstairs, Max and Frankie have a drink as Max asks what will happen between him and Jen now. Jen returns to Jack as Abby and Steve go downstairs to get him something to drink. Alone now, Jack and Jen have a talk (from what I could hear of it…it is a tear-jerker). They talk about when they bought that mattress and trying to get it upstairs. She talks about how she missed him and cried so many times on that bed, soaking her pillow with tears. Downstairs, Jo calls Vern to give him the news. Abby and Steve come down as Frankie asks if her mom is okay. Abby informs him that her MOTHER is upstairs, alone, in the bedroom with her FATHER (ouch). Max urges Frankie to go up there, but he won’t go, saying they need time alone. He says they will talk when she is ready. Jack and Jen talk about who is at fault, with him saying he did what he thought was best for everyone. But she isn’t buying it. He says he made a mistake by coming back, but she says no, his mistake was leaving in the first place. She asks what are they supposed to do now and he says to just let him die. Downstairs, Steve stops and stares at Kayla, which prompts her to ask if he remembers anything. He says no, but she is just so pretty…if he WAS married to her, he was a lucky man. Jo slips out of the room to let them talk and he tells Kayla that he had given up searching for his past years ago and had accepted that he would never know the truth. She tells him that any questions he has, she will answer, all he has to do is ask. But she has one for him as well…WHAT exactly happened to him the day he supposedly died? Jack tries to explain to Jen that he didn’t want her and Abby to see him suffer…he wanted them to remember the Jack Deveraux that they loved. She says he IS the Jack Deveraux she loves and he always will be as they hug. He talks about being afraid to die but she tries to assure him that someday, they will be together forever. He asks about Frankie, and she explains that she does love him, but it’s different. Jack says he didn’t WANT to leave them, he just felt he had no choice. He tells her that Frankie is a good man and she needs him…and wants her to love him and raise his family in a house of love. She leaves to let him rest. Later Abby comes back with a book that he used to read to her. She swears that they will be there for him.

Jen (now changed out of her wedding dress) finds Frankie out back as they talk about Jack. She apologizes for what happened, but he stops her, telling her he is happy that both Jack and Steve are live…even though their timing was off. He asks her what does all this mean for us…as we see a split screen of Jen, Jack and Frankie’s faces as the previews show…

Lexie (to Sami, in front of Austin, Lucas and Carrie): I’ve been waiting a long time for this…you’ll want ot hear what I have to say…

Bo (to Shawn): I’m going through hell right now…You might try to understand that. (Shawn): I know exactly how it feels to lose the love of your life…believe me, I know how that feels (cut to Mimi)…

Frankie (to Jen): If you need anything…I am here…you know that, right? (as Jack listens from the bedroom window)…

And the credits roll…

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Friday, June 23, 2006

Episode: 10,343
Directed by: Albert Alarr
Tape Date: 5/30

Loved this show, it's one you don't want to miss!! Most of the show is the reunions with Steve and Jack and their friends and family and Lexie and Sami's mini showdown and minor scenes of the egg harvesting (thankfully)

The loft dwellers arrive at the hospital for their urgent egg harvesting (give me a break). All are hoping their eggs will be harvested. Philip wants another baby just like Claire and Mimi comments without thinking that the last thing she needs is to have Shawn have another baby with another woman again. Of course she rationalizes she meant a surrogate like Holly and he believes her. They meet this vunder doctor as both Mimi and Belle go into meet with him (together?) Shawn and Philip chat while they wait (yawn). Philip feels bad he can’t get Belle pregnant (and they’ve been trying how long now?) Shawn laughs it would be funny if Belle and him were the only ones of the 4 who could have babies. Shawn has to calm Philip down after Philip reminds him Belle and he already have a daughter.

The girls sit in adjoining beds, talking about their harvesting experience. Belle tries to remain positive and Mimi calls her Little Miss Sunshine, which she hadn’t since jr. high. Belle reminds Mimi her life hasn’t always been that way and reminds her about Philip’s leg, Claire’s almost dying, etc.

The guys rush in when they see the doctor going in to see their wives and the doctor tells them they harvested many eggs from Belle and only one from Mimi. Mimi’s discouraged and even more so as the doctor said they have to test to make sure the egg is even viable. Shawn comforts Mimi as she wished she was lucky like Belle.

Austin and Lucas talk. Lucas feels for Jennifer and hopes Carrie isn’t worried about his seeing her wedding gown. He asks Austin what made him change his mind about Sami. Austin is determined to have a wife and family and will have that with Sami. Lucas isn’t as convinced and hopes this doesn’t blow up at the altar…again. Austin comments to Lucas he’s marrying Carrie and having a family…why is he so worried about him? Lucas just is worried that Sami’s not the woman for Austin and has Austin seen the way Sami looks at EJ? Lucas asks Austin if Carrie had chosen to marry him, would Austin even think about marrying Sami? Austin admits if Carrie had chosen him that they’d be engaged and she’d be pregnant with his baby. Sami overhears. Lucas is happy Carrie chose him, but is sorry that Austin got caught up in Sami’s web again. He leaves to be with Carrie. Sami shuts the church door and breaks down. She looks inside and sees a sad Austin sitting there.

Earlier, Lexie cornered Sami outside the church and threatens her. Sami denies leaving the note, but Lexie doesn’t believe her and threatens to expose her and promises Sami will lose her bright future with Austin. Sami reminds Lexie SHE’S the one who broke her marriage vows, not her. She had as much to lose and didn’t do it. Lexie is so full of revenge she doesn’t care…she’s free to expose what Sami had her do to Carrie (Sami should warn her that she’d probably risk losing her doctor’s license next for deliberately lying to a patient). Sami blatantly tells Lexie she’ll make sure she doesn’t tell anyone. Lexie isn’t worried and enjoys verbally tormenting Sami, continuing to threaten her. Sami tells Lexie she’s a doctor and suppose to have compassion. Lexie says she does, for everyone but her. She’s going to tell Austin what she’s done and no one will forgive her. She heads towards the church , but Frankie rushes up to Lexie, saying Jack needs her (see below) Lexie stares at Sami, but rushes to Jack.

Inside the church, Jennifer and Jack continue their talk as Jennifer tells him she doesn’t want him dying alone. A replay of him telling them about Steve, especially Jo. She cries in his arms after learning both her sons came back to her. They wonder where Steve is. They wonder if he found Kayla outside. Chelsea tells Abby (and Max) about the supposedly crank call that morning from Jack. Abby can’t believe she didn’t tell her about it.

IN THE CEMETARY, Kayla and Steve chat and a replay of her laying a big kiss on him. Steve isn’t protesting, in fact he’s rubbing her back and neck while they kiss (hubba hubba!!!!) He says the kiss was good, and he “went with it”, but it didn’t bring back his memory. He said it was a beautiful kiss and doesn’t know how any man could forget her. If it was him, he knows how much he must have hurt her over all these years. He can’t give her false hope….and apologizes (cancel those plane tickets to Africa Kayla!) He tells her that he’s Nick Stockton, a hospice orderly and gets by (barely), but he’s not the man she thinks he is. The church group rushes out and Jo rushes up to her son..oh man..have the Kleenex ready! She hugs him and realizes he does have amnesia when he assumes who she is. He recognizes Jennifer and Abby from Jack’s locket and apologizes for breaking up her wedding. He sees Frankie in a tux and figures he must be the groom, calling him Frank. Frankie’s surprised that he knew who he is, but Steve explains Jack’s telling him how he wanted Jennifer and Frankie to be together after he’s “gone”. Frank introduces Max and says Steve was responsible for him and Max getting a family with the Bradys. Kayla introduces Steve to Ma and Pa. Frankie tells Steve he use to call him Franklin and Max, Maxwell. Bo walks up saying Steve had a penchant for long names and use to call him Beauregard (oh, I love it when they don’t remake history…I can remember Steve calling all of them that, like Jack as Jackson!!..thank you writers!!) He says he’s Kay’s brother and tells Steve how they met in the Merchant Marines and were best friends.

Hope touches Steve as she introduces herself. She says they all love and care for him and he will feel that love even though he doesn’t remember it right now. Steve laughs saying like she knows what he’s going through. She smiles and says she did and she did find her way back to the man she loved and it wasn’t was almost like destiny..almost. Jen hugs her from behind and Steve sits next to Jack saying softly…”man, this is one wacked out berg you live in here…” (so Steve!) Jack welcomes him home and Jo sits next to Steve on the bench. She doesn’t know how much Jack told him, but she gave him up as a baby to have a better life and they were reunited when he was an adult. God brought him back to her twice now and she’s not going to lose him again. She hugs him as Nick looks uncomfortable, but doesn’t fight her (awww)

Jennifer finds Kayla, who is freaking about what all Steve was doing all these years, like when she was in medical school. Jennifer suggests she ask him. She tells Kayla that Steve doesn’t love anyone else and she’s the great love of Steve’s life, like she is of Jack’s..and feels so bad how they’ve hurt Frankie.

Jack privately apologizes to Frankie for ruining their wedding day. Frankie says every day is precious and not to worry about it. Jack hopes this little detour doesn’t change Frankie’s mind about marrying Jen. Jack winces in pain and Frankie holds him, asking what’s wrong. Jack doesn’t want his family to see him this way.

Hope sits on the bench and Bo kneels in front of her with a red rose. He reminds her it was like the one in her wedding bouquet. He tells her it was touching what she told Steve and asks if she believes it was destiny that brought them back together? She tells him she believed it then and Bo said it was their love that brought her back to him and gave them Shawn and Zack. She has a flashback of her saying her vows to Bo in London (LOL at his hair and beard then) and citing the poem to him, saying how young she was when she met him and angry he called her little one. (her voice is so different back then) and how standing there in front of everyone she gives herself to him for all eternity and proud to be his wife. Another flashback of a different time when he cited his vows to her (Maison Blanche?) He asks Fancy Face for another chance so he can spend the rest of his life giving her all his love.

Lexie arrives and wants to take Jack to the hospital for some tests. Jack refuses and says no more hospitals….he just wants to go home …. If that’s all right. Jennifer says of course it is and Abby just wants him to get better and she believes in miracles. Jack hugs Jennifer and Abby saying this is a miracle right here. Steve wants to go with them, that’s why he’s there. He puts Jack’s arm around him and Kayla wants to go too, but Steve tells her no, they’ve got it…and he’ll see her around. Kayla and Frankie sit rejected on the bench and Kayla says no one has a happy ending.

Hope smells the rose Bo gave her and says they’re so delicate but survive storms, don’t they? He gets closer, her eyes get glazed over and she passes out in his arms…dropping the rose to the ground as it stays red while everything else goes to black and white…


SAMI TO AUSTIN: “I know what I want..and I want to marry you. Please say yes.”

STEVE TO KAYLA: “Now that I’m here, all those questions are coming back and I need answers.”

FRANKIE TO JENNIFER: “I gotta ask. What does this mean…for us?”

HOPE (lying in bed): “We need to talk, about our future”.
PATRICK: “That does sound serious”
…as Bo watches from the sidelines….

As the credits roll…

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Episode: 10,342

Summary: Linda was right, for those that read the spoilers at Salem Place. The short scenes between Jack and his family and Steve and Kayla are very emotional. Have tissues handy! The rest of the show is the Loft group and the apartment group. Sami is worried about the damage Lexie could cause, and Mimi is worried about losing Shawn.

(Picture above is when the guests were asked if anyone objects to this marriage to speak now or forever hold their peace...loved it!!)

AT LOFT #1, Belle, Claire and Shawn are running late. They are not planning to go to the wedding, but figure Jen and Frankie won’t be upset as long as they make it to the reception. Claire gets fussy (she’s teething). Shawn is able to calm her down, which impresses Belle. Belle is really impressed with how he got Claire to go to sleep. She is convinced that he would make a great dad – someday. She talks to him about family. She tells him that she wishes she and Phillip had a chance to solidify their marriage before they had a baby. She doesn’t want him to rush into it. He is sure that they are ready. They want to bring a new life into the world. Just like her and Phillip and his parents used to be, they are committed and ready. He wonders if Mimi and Phillip are ready yet – or they won’t make it to the reception either. Belle reassures Shawn that things between her and Phillip are strong and ready for another baby. Shawn tells her that he and Mimi are ready to, and can’t wait.

MEANWHILE, AT LOFT #2: Mimi whines to Phillip, that as long as she is unable to have a baby, Shawn will leave her, and as soon as he is single, Belle will leave him and it will all be her fault. Phillip promises her he will not allow it to happen. Mimi keeps on with her pity party. She is still convinced that Shawn would leave her for being unable to give him a child of his own, and that the moment he is single, Belle would run. Phillip is convinced that Belle would never leave him and Shawn would never leave her, no matter what happens. He calls someone to convince Mimi that it would never happen. Phillip was talking to a research doctor who is willing to look at Mimi’s chart and help her out. He has another procedure that may work better for her. Mimi is happy about the prospect of having her own child after all, and maybe this doctor can help Philip and Belle, too. Phillip thinks it might be possible, too. Maybe Claire could have a little brother or sister after all. Mimi thinks he has a problem. Mimi tells him that even though this doctor may be able to harvest more eggs than the old one did, she still probably won’t be able to carry to term, which means she still needs a surrogate. After the disaster of the other one, she may not be able to find one. Turns out, Phillip is ahead of her there, too. He got the Kiriakis Foundation working on it and found her the perfect candidate – totally screened and waiting for contact.

Phillip and Mimi come back (to loft #1) as Belle apologizes for taking so long. Phillip says its okay, as they aren’t going to the reception anyway, they are going to the hospital. Mimi is excited about both couples getting babies soon.

BACK AT THE CHURCH: Everyone is cheering as Jen and Frankie are pronounced married. She hugs Frankie, and looks back to see Jack in the doorway. In stunned disbelief they stand there staring. Abby rushes over and hugs him, vowing that she always knew he was alive and that mom shouldn’t have married Frankie, but remained faithful. Jen asks what is going on, as the crowd turns to stare at Jack and at each other. He walks up the aisle and starts to apologize since he had no idea that it was their wedding, as he came to light a candle and say a prayer. He addresses her and she passes out in Frankie’s arms. Jack remembers being pulled from the car by a fishing boat, who joked about him being the catch of the day, but Jen says that all the boats denied it. Jen wanted to know why he didn’t call her. He told her that he was at the house at Christmas to check on her, which infuriates her.
Jen can’t believe he can still be dying, or he wouldn’t have come back just to say goodbye. Jo feels the same way. Jack is positive he shouldn’t have come back, and he wants to leave again. They want him to stay, but he can’t do that to them. He is glad that they got married and have each other when he finally dies. He is worried that he came in and interrupted too soon. Jen reassures him that they said, “I do,” but Frankie reminds him that by being alive, he has made the marriage null and void. Jack is bothered by that, “I guess I always did have lousy timing.” Abby keeps telling Jack about telling her mom that she should have waited for Jack, that they belong together, but Jack tells her that they don’t belong together, not anymore, as Jen turns and puts a hand on Frankie’s shoulder. Jack corrects Abby. He wants Jen and Abby to be a family with Frankie. He is still dying, and only has a couple days left. He came back to say good-bye. Jen tells him that she still loves him and he is not going to die alone. He will be there with them, not with strangers. Jack tells them that he didn’t come back by choice, but with someone else. He apologizes to Jo for not telling her before now, but he came back with Steve, his brother. Jen reminds him that Steve is dead, but Jack tells them all that he is alive and well and right outside. (Frankie looks like he is in shock this whole time – he doesn’t say much, and doesn’t look like he is believing most of it).

Carrie mentions giving them some privacy, so they get up to leave (of course, everyone else stays). Lexie follows them out, vowing to make Sami pay for telling Abe about her and Tek (she is well behind them and talking to herself). Sami is upset that the limo is gone, and Lucas explains that he sent Gran and Maggie home first. Sami doesn’t understand why they couldn’t all go. They all want to know why Sami is so upset. She breaks the news about Lexie and Abe’s marriage, and him finding her with Tek. Lucas wants to know why she cares so much about their marriage. She is concerned for Abe and Theo. Abe is like family, and Lexie is a DiMera – sister to Tony and daughter to Stephano. She has cheated, been caught and forgiven once, who knows what she is capable of lying about now? She can’t be trusted for anything anymore. Austin thinks he knows what is going on. Austin is sure that Lucas’ threat that something bad would happen if she showed up, was bothering her, but it wasn’t her doing. She should be totally able to identify with Jennifer – as she’s been in her shoes. Theo’s situation is upsetting her, because she was his age when she lost her parents. Lucas tries to butt in, but Austin turns and tells him to shut up and goes on about how Sami is probably feeling. Sami is grateful that he understands, as she wasn’t even sure she did.

Carrie and Austin have separated from Lucas and Sami. Carrie is glad that Austin and Sami’s relationship is working out. He is good for her. Austin thinks that Sami is good for him, too. Carrie confesses that she feels rushed with Lucas and doesn’t Austin and Sami to feel the same. Carrie wants to know if he loves Sami. Austin does love her, but Carrie interjects but she isn’t the love of your life. Austin reminds her that she is the love of his life, but she chose Lucas and he has to accept that. Yes, he does love Sami, but in a different way and his future is with her, and Carrie’s with Lucas.

Lucas wants to know if Austin was right about why Sami was upset, maybe she is really worried about her own wedding. She is adamant that she and Austin are going to live happily ever after and there is nothing that Lucas or anyone else can do to stop her. Lucas isn’t so sure. Lucas thinks she is acting defensive because she is desperate. She is up to something and afraid to lose everything. Sami thinks about all their lives being destroyed if she can’t keep Lexie’s big mouth shut.

TEK goes to check on Lexie, and she scolds him for following her. Lexie can’t wait to expose Sami. Tek wants to know what she is waiting for. She knows it’s coming, so why not now? He wants to see it. Abe catches them and is angry. Abe and Tek face off. Maybe Abe can’t fire him for making his wife his whore, but he better watch his steps carefully. All it will take is one small mistake (punching out five minutes early, leaving a coffee cup in his car, etc.), and he will have his badge. If he touches his wife one more time, he is a dead man. Abe sends Tek away and tells him to stay away from both him and Lexie. He leaves and Abe goes back to confronting Lexie. Lexie says that Sami Brady is going to pay for this, but he says Sami didn’t jump into bed with Tek, she did. She will be hearing from his lawyer.

BO WANTS TO TALK to Hope, as the wedding is obviously over. She thinks it can wait as Frankie and Jen will need them. They leave, as Chelsea mutters under breath to hurry up and get divorced already. Max comments on the situation and how much it would hurt Frankie. Chelsea is happy for Abby, but still bothered. Bo asks Hope again for time together. She wants to be there for Jen and for Jack, which he understands, but asks for time for them, too.

Chelsea and Max discuss the situation. Frankie knew that Jack was Jen’s one true love, but she is going to lose him again. He turns it back on her and asks about them – has she given any thought to where their own relationship stands?

KAYLA FREAKS OUT OVER STEVE. (She is in or near tears the entire episode. Very moving!!!) She held him in her arms, picked out his casket and buried him (she even points to his grave). He didn’t want to scare her, but he doesn’t know any of that. He mentions that she looks just like the photo – which prompts her to ask: Doesn’t he remember her? How could he not know her? They had a life and a baby together. He apologizes for not remembering her or Stephanie (Kayla tells him her name, how she was named after him and was his life). She was a baby who adored him, but now she is all grown up and he missed her entire life. He thinks it is impossible and a mistake, he can’t be that guy. His name is Nick Stockton and he had a life and a job at a hospice a couple of hours drive away. A couple days ago a patient swore he recognized him and it blew him away. He was talked into a DNA test that proved he was this Steve Johnson and the patient’s brother. Kayla is almost as blown away by the fact that Jack is also alive and came back to Salem, too. Steve tells her about how Jack is still sick and how he and the doctor tried to talk to him, but he was sure of what he wanted. He only came home because of Steve and wanting him to reconnect with the family. He tells her that he wasn’t expecting her, but he still doesn’t know her, or anyone else in Salem. Jack told him about the Brady family and Kayla, and showed him a picture, and she was pretty, but he doesn’t know her. She tells him about her feelings after he died – that she loved him so much, that she could never move on after losing him. She is upset for Jennifer, finding Jack and losing him again. She runs and grabs Steve and tells him that she is not going to lose him again. He puts her back and apologizes, sorry it isn’t going to work. Kayla shows him a whole bunch of pictures of them together, to try to jog his memory. A few days ago he was happy with who he was, but now he suddenly has a wife and a kid and a dying brother. It’s a lot to adjust to, and he is not sure if he wants to. He doesn’t want to hurt her, she has been through a lot already, but what if he never remembers? What if his old life is one he doesn’t want? How does he know if it’s the life he wants or not, if he doesn’t remember it? He doesn’t think it will be easy to remember. Jack tried by telling him stories and showing him pictures. She is sure he didn’t try this – and pulls him into the biggest kiss ever (WHOA!! – Swooning, then doing happy dance!!!!!)

In come the previews:

Steve: I don’t want to give you false hope that things are ever going to be the way they used to be.

Austin to Lucas: If Carrie chose me, boom, I would ask her to marry me and then she would be pregnant with my baby right now. (as Sami’s head comes peeking around the door).

Mimi: Why can’t I be lucky like Belle? (both girls are in hospital gowns).

Bo: Fancy Face? (They are outside and she passes out into his arms)

Off to the credits….


Tuesday, June 20, 2006




Episode #10,341 . Tape date – 5/24 , Director Herb Stein

You are all invited to the wedding of Jennifer Rose Horton Deveraux & Francois Henri Von Leurschner Brady, as St. Luke’s is location of nearly all the scenes today. The wedding is the background as we see how it affects various Salemites. A well-acted episode, kudos to the cast!

LUCAS, CARRIE & AUSTIN are yelling for Sami & Will to get a move on or they are going to be late for the wedding. Will comes out needing an adjustment to his tie. Sami fixes it, as Will asks her if she is sure she wants to go to the wedding, with her bad karma, something is bound to go wrong. Sami assures him Jennifer & Frankie will have a beautiful wedding, while Lucas is saying the same thing about Sami to Austin & Carrie, but Austin tells him to put a lid on it. Will’s comments have Sami imagining her getting married to Austin, and just as they are about to be pronounced man & wife, Lexie bursts in, ranting about Sami blackmailing her into telling Carrie she & Austin would have a child with birth defects……and then Sami imagines Austin, Carrie & Lucas all yelling at her, and Will telling her her never wants to see or speak to her. She shakes herself out of her daydream.

AT THE CHURCH, Abe looks across the aisle at Lexie, who remembers Abe bursting in on her & Tek in the motel, & vows Sami is going to pay. Tek enters and sits behind her (how obvious can he get). Max tries to calm down a nervous Frankie, Caroline assures Shawn she is too happy to cry, while Kayla reassures Bo that all will be well for him & Hope. Chelsea whines about the A/C breaking down & it is too hot, while Jo tries to cheer up the very obviously discontented Abby, & Maggie tells Alice she hopes Abby doesn’t make a scene. The music begins, and Hope comes down the aisle, goes to stand at the altar as Bo beams at her, and she remembers her wedding to Bo, while Kayla is also remembering her wedding to Steve. The wedding march begins, and Jen comes down the aisle, stops & kisses Alice (THAT is a very touching moment, just wonderful it was included). As Jen & Frankie stand together, and the priest begins to recite the ceremony, Kayla has flashes of memories of her & Patch – making love, holding baby Stephanie, having a picnic – and it overwhelms her. She whispers to Caroline she has to step out as it is too hot. Abby watches her mother and is very unhappy.

OUTSIDE, we have a replay of Jack & Steve arriving at the church, Jack asking Steve if he remembers getting married there. Steve says nothing looks familiar to him. Now Jack is nervous about seeing his family again, realizing after talking to Chelsea, what a shock it will be for everyone. He wants to go light a candle, say a prayer, and Steve says that can’t hurt.

Kayla sits inside, alone, commenting on how much she still misses Steve, then hears a creaking noise. It is Roman. They hug, but within a minute or two, Kayla is talking about Steve and begins to cry, then runs outside. Lexie has gone outside for a minute, followed by Tek, telling him she is sure it was Sami and she is going to blow the whistle. Jack has brought Steve into the garden, telling him this is where he & Kayla exchanged vows, then mentions it is also where his funeral was held. Jack FINALLY wonders what happened back then, since Patch is very much still alive. Steve says he would like to know, too (YES, guys, get to work together and solve that mystery for us! LOL Can’t wait!) Jack wants to go inside, but Steve realizes a wedding is in progress. Jack goes up to the door, seeing the flowers, Jen’s favorite flowers, then gets weak, and begins perspiring. Patch comes up, getting the overwhelmed Jack to sit down. Steven wanders off. We see Kayla at Steve’s grave, murmuring how she still misses him. She finds Zack’s headstone, and wonders why those we love so much are taken from us. Steve finds his headstone, and aloud wonders about Steven Earl Johnson. Jack begins to look in the church window, and suddenly faints. Just then the apartment dwellers arrive with Will, all rushing inside, not noticing Jack on the ground. Tek grabs Sami, letting her know that she is going to pay for blackmailing Lexie. Sami claims she has done nothing, that Abe doesn’t know, but Tek tells her that indeed he does. Sami is shocked, and Tek warns her that it is over, as Lexie is going to tell everyone what she did.

BACK INSIDE, Hope & Bo are constantly exchanging rather loving looks, Abe tells Roman he & Lexie are splitting up, and how he caught her cheating again. Roman seems surprised, but wonders if it cannot be patched up. Abe assures him Lexie is incapable of fidelity and it is over. The ceremony is going on all this time, and little conversations are had here and there. Austin wonders where Sami is. Frankie & Jennifer each make individual speeches to each other, with Frankie talking of how long he has loved her, will always love her, how sorry for the circumstances that made it possible for him to realize his dream, etc. Jennifer talks of how Jack gave his blessing for them, of her late grandfather and what he taught her, and then thanks her grandmother, who is responsible for her being the woman she is today. Everyone claps, except for Abby, who sits with arms folded, looking rather dour. The looks between Bo & Hope have Bo thinking to himself that they ARE going to get back together. Finally Frankie & Jen exchange vows (this is where the priest calls him Francois Henri, they exchange rings, and are finally pronounced Mr. & Mrs. Francois Von Leuschner Brady (I thought the actor was promised that name would never come up??) Lexie is begging Abe to forgive her, but Abe just looks ahead, ignoring her. He finally tells her he will never forgive her, it is over. Music starts up.

Outside, Patch is standing at his headstone. Kayla, on the bench, asks aloud where Steve is, then imagines Steve being there, saying quietly I’m still here, here in your heart. Suddenly she hears a voice saying “I’m still here”, & she jumps up, looking around. She thinks she must be hearing things, and now imagines marrying Steve in this garden. Jack, laying on the grass, is remembering marrying Jennifer. He hears music, one of Jen’s favorites (Canon in D Major) and jumps up, going to the church door.

Kayla is crying, and Patch comes up behind her, asking if he “can help you, miss”. Kayla is startled, knowing the voice is so familiar. (Be still my heart here, folks). She turns, sees him, says “Steve”, and faints, with Steve catching her, and getting her to the bench. He touches her face, and says “Kayla”. (oh, man, I get goose bumps just typing this) Back inside, Jack has opened the church door, and sees Jennifer & Frankie up on the altar. He begins to walk towards them. They have just been pronounced man & wife, and Jennifer is hugging Frankie, and over his shoulder, sees Jack. She says his name aloud, as Jack begins to walk up the aisle. Frankie turns around. Close up of the shocked look on Jennifer’s face, freeze frame……..and the previews show……..

Belle to Shawn: When two people love each other, nothing can come between them , & nothing can keep them apart in the end.

Hope to Bo: Your brother is going to need you, & Jen is going to need me. We can’t leave, not now.

Chelsea, with Max standing behind her, says petulantly: why don’t you two just shut up & get divorced

Kayla, hugging Steve: I’m not gonna let you go

Steve: This is not gonna work - camera now on a sobbing Kayla, hand over her mouth, saying “NO”

Jack: well I guess I did always have lousy timing (to Jen & Frankie)


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