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Episode #10,242
Tape date-1/13
Director-Herb Stein

Claire comes home from the hospital, as seemingly, all the rest of Salem gathers at the courthouse, all trying to get someone to tell the truth to Hope.

BELLE PICKS UP CLAIRE, happy that she is going to be taking her home today. Shawn & Mimi come in, with Shawn holding Claire for a bit. Mimi notes how good he is with babies, and will make a great dad. Belle says Philip has gone to the arraignment, so she was hoping they would help her take Claire home. Bonnie looks in, telling herself that Shawn can never know he is Claire’s father. (Guess with Kate not there, someone else has to pick up the slack, talking to themselves about Shawn being the daddy)

Outside the door, John, Marlena & Alex arrive, with John commenting what a happy day for them as grandparents. He reminds Marlena that the two of them are grandparents, and Alex has nothing to do with this and should not be there. Marlena lets him know that she & Alex will be renewing their wedding vows, and once they do that, he will be Claire’s step-grandfather. Alex says he has some work to do, and will see her later and leaves. John & Marlena enter the room, but John soon leaves, saying he has to check on something. Shawn & Mimi go outside in the hall, while Marlena helps Belle pack up, as she tells Belle that she & Alex will be renewing their vows, that she hopes Belle will be there with them, and be happy for her mother. Belle is not a happy camper. Out in the hall, Shawn & Mimi talk about their wedding, and agree they should wait a while. His family has to have time to grieve and heal. Bonnie, naturally, listens to every word and she is not happy about this.

Meanwhile, Alex is with a disappointed Lois, who complains about being locked away in an institution AGAIN. Alex tries to reassure her, saying it will not be for long. In comes John, wondering what the heck Alex is doing there. Alex pulls out the old “She was my patient, and I am a psychiatrist, and am trying to help her” baloney. John isn’t buying it, and leaves. Lois comments that John is a very determined man, but Alex says John is smart, but he is smarter, and by the time John gets wise to him, it will be too late. Alex attempts to comfort a very suspicious Lois, who doesn’t like the way things are going. He tells her to follow his plan, and she will be getting everything she deserves. (THAT doesn’t sound good for Lois, lol)

BELLE COMES HOME with Claire, helped by her mom, with Shawn & Mimi bringing in some groceries. As they put them away in the kitchen, Belle says something to her mom, about being happy to have Claire home with her & Shawn. Marlena is surprised, & Belle covers, just saying he has been a huge support to her & Phil. Marlena reminds her of how she called out Shawn’s name, when she was in labor (hmmm, I thought Marlena lost all her memories) Belle tells her how Shawn was there thru all of Claire’s illness, and then about the dream. (Amazing that Shawn & Mimi do not hear this, as they are just a few feet away). She tells her mother what Zack said, and that both she & Shawn had the same dream. Ring, Ring, the doorbell. Mimi opens the door, to find Bonnie standing there with arms full of grocery bags. She talks about celebrating Claire’s return home (boy, just as pushy as Kate, I swear), but Mimi says Philip is not there, and it is rather inappropriate just now. Nothing deters Bonnie to mentions that then they could celebrate Mimi & Shawn’s engagement. Mimi tries to shut her mother up. John arrives, telling Marlena about finding Alex with Lois, but Marlena defends him. Bonnie hears Mimi & Shawn discussing having kids, with him asking Mimi if their lst son could be named after Zack. They are still talking of waiting for a while before getting married. Bonnie pulls Mimi out in the hall, and tells her she has to get married right away, or she won’t be getting married at all. Mimi doesn’t understand, so pushy Bonnie blurts out that Shawn is really the father of Claire. Mimi is shocked.

AT THE COURTHOUSE, Frankie argues with Billie about her determination to protect Chelsea. Billie insists Chelsea is just a kid, but Frankie reminds her that Chelsea is 18, and an adult. Billie wants no attorney, insists she is going to plead guilty and that is the end of it. She makes Frankie promise to keep her confidence.

In the hall, Patrick is confronting Chelsea, telling her he knows she is the one who was driving the car and hit Zack, and that he has proof. Chelsea whines (BTW, bandage is now gone) that Patrick doesn’t care about her.

In the courtroom, Caroline urges Bo to tell Hope the truth. She walks in, overhearing and demands to know what they are talking about. Caroline leaves. Bo stands mute. He wants her to leave, but she insists on staying there to see Billie get what she deserves. An officer of the court comes in putting something on the table. As Bo is about to begin to tell Hope, she spots the item on the table, and gets all upset. It is a plastic bag containing the clothes Zack was wearing. Hope picks it up, crying. Bo tells her that is why she should not be there. He goes to get her some water and runs into Caroline. She insists he return and tell Hope the truth. He goes back in, but before he can say anything, Hope faints. He gets her to a bench, and she comes to, insisting she is all right. Hope leaves, and Caroline scolds Bo, telling him Hope should hear it from him, before she hears it from someone else.

Patrick & Chelsea are arguing in the hall. Inside the room, Frankie is still arguing with Billie. She hears the voices and comes out in the hall, and rants at Patrick, ordering him to keep quiet. Caroline has run into Frankie and both admit they know the truth, and know it is going to eventually come out. Patrick argues with Billie, but she will not budge, and warns Patrick to keep quiet. Hope comes around the corner, asking Patrick what he is doing there. Patrick looks at Billie, telling her she has to stop lying. Hope asks, “Lying about what”. Silence, as Billie looks at Bo, then Patrick, while Chelsea looks at Billie. Bo steps alongside Hope as she demands to know what is going on here. The camera freezes on her face, as black & white pictures of Billie, Chelsea & Bo appear on the left side of the screen. And the previews show………

Chelsea to Max: You have to take me somewhere far away from here, where they are never gonna find me. Please say you’ll help me.

Mimi: I knew this was too good to be true Bonnie: What are you talking about? Mimi: There’s no way I can marry Shawn now

Sami: She said you were two completely different people now, and that it is over between you. Austin: I’m not giving up, no matter what she says

Lucas to Carrie: Austin Reed & Co. Our lst order of business will be to crush them. (this sounds like perhaps Carrie is now working for Titan??)


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Tuesday, January 31st

Episode: 10,241
Directed by: Phil Sogard
Tape Date: 1/12/06

Friends and family gather at the courthouse (better picture will be posted tomorrow) for Billie's arraignment while Patrick and Frankie win the Early Edition Award for sharing the Salem Brain today.

THE SALEM COURTHOUSE is HUGE ..as our Salemites gather to lend their support to Bo & Hope/Billie at the arraignment. Sami, Carrie and Lucas arrive together. Sami hopes they throw away the key on Billie and Carrie suggests a little more discretion be used being Lucas is Billie’s brother. Sami doesn’t cave, but says if the same thing were to happen to Will she knows that’s the way she’d feel. Carrie goes to offer Bo and Hope her sympathies as Lucas and Sami discuss the takeover and Carrie and Austin’s break up. He warns her that she has a snowball’s chance in Hell of getting Austin back as Austin’s in love with Carrie and won’t be looking for anyone else. He’ll never love her (Sami) as much as he loves Carrie. Carrie suggests Sami offer her condolences to Bo and Hope, but Sami tells her that too much has happened while Carrie was gone and they wouldn’t want anything from her. Carrie tells Sami that she and Austin are two different people now and asks if it’s really over with her and Lucas. Carrie knows her sister well and despite Sami saying she is, Carrie can tell by Sami’s facial reaction (tensing her lips) that she’s not. Sami admits still wanting Lucas, but knows he left her at the altar and doesn’t want anything to do with her…just like Carrie would never want Austin back either. Carrie admits Austin has been a disappointment and after what she and her employees lost, she can’t look at him in the same way again. Sami suggests Carrie move on with her life. Sami mentions how supportive Austin has been and asks Carrie if she’d be okay if a future with Austin was still a possibility for her.

CAROLINE JOINS CHELSEA in the courtroom. Caroline tells Chelsea that Max talked to her, which puts Chelsea on guard. We find he only told her how much Chelsea loved Zack. Caroline clues Chelsea in that Billie’s past might be used against her and she might go to prison. Chelsea knew Billie’s past wasn’t perfect, but didn’t know there was anything that could be held against her. Caroline puts the fear in her Billie might even receive the maximum sentence, but doesn’t want her to worry about it. Chelsea tells Caroline she’s upset because she’s worried about her mom and Caroline hugs her granddaughter and goes to comfort Bo and Hope.

HOPE TELLS BO that she hopes Chelsea learns from this and will watch her speed when she drives again. Carrie arrives and hugs Bo and asks what she can do for them. They both are happy to see her back in Salem. Hope just wants to see Billie go to jail for killing their son. She thanks Carrie for being there and lets her know they’re there for her too. Carrie regrets not getting to know her little cousin. Later Bo comforts Hope and suggests getting them some coffee before the arraignment (just what they need to keep those nerves calm..how about some Salem Tea instead?) Hope’s cell phone goes off with Zack’s voice programmed into it to pick him up from school. Bo takes it, silences it and hugs her. Caroline joins them and they tell him about hearing Zack’s voice and Hope didn’t even know he had recorded it. Hope excuses herself and Bo pulls his ma into a private room and tells her the truth about Chelsea driving and his giving his permission for her to drive. He takes the blame for Zack’s death.

KATE AND AUSTIN talk with Billie in the visitors room at the courthouse. She feels confident her confession will take care of it, but Frankie walks in saying that’s not necessarily true. Billie stands firm she doesn’t want a lawyer and insists on doing things her way. Kate firmly tells her daughter she won’t say anything, but insists that Frankie represent her. She leaves and Frankie puts his crutches down wanting to talk before they go in to the arraignment. Later Austin asks Billie to listen to Frankie and leaves. Frankie asks why she’s lying and she tells him he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Frankie corrects her saying HE did his homework and with one phone call learned she was on a Titan jet arriving at Salem International Airport when Zack was hit…(AHA..I KNEW IT…check back to January 17th EE and I predicted that!!) He knows the car picked her up and dropped her off at the Lockharts. He asks what’s going on. He prepares to go tell the judge what he knows, but she begs him not to and accidentally blurts out that no one can find out that Chelsea was driving the car…oops. She remembers (flashback time) about the discussion with Chelsea and Bo at the hospital when she learns that Chelsea was driving and that Max knows what happened. She tells Frankie she’s doing this for both Chelsea AND Bo. He’s surprised to learn Bo knows and letting her do this, but she tells him Bo has begged her not to. She tells Frankie how she knows what would happen if the truth came out.

KATE AND LUCAS chat outside and he tells her that he’s there for both Billie AND his cousin Hope. He agrees it doesn’t make sense that Billie would drive away from the scene. She tells him that Austin is there and in with Billie now. Lucas fills her in about Austin buying up Carrie’s company. Kate’s surprised and he says Nicole was trigger happy and didn’t do her homework. Lucas tells Kate how devastated Carrie is about this. He reports that Carrie now only thinks Austin is a cold blooded heartless bastard. Kate wants to go talk with Carrie, but Lucas tells her to stay the hell out of it. . She blurts out of course she wants to protect Billie just like she protected Philip. He asks what she means and she changes the subject to Carrie. She’s on to Lucas having some involvement in Austin and Carrie’s dilemma. She asks if he’s going to be conveniently nearby to pick up the pieces of Carrie’s broken heart, but before Lucas can answer, Austin walks up and says…”over my dead body”..a popular Salem saying. The brothers are both sure they’ll get Carrie and Lucas warns Austin that Titan will take over his company just like he took over Carrie’s and he will get Carrie. After Lucas goes back inside, Austin warns Kate that if he finds out that Lucas had anything to do with keeping Carrie and him apart, he’s a dead man..even if he is his brother. (maybe Austin Reed, Inc. should invest in a mortuary the way he keeps promising dead people! and I’m not sure how Kate finds time for Basic Black with all the problems her kids and grandkids have-for now she has another problem to control.

CHELSEA CALLS ABBY and worries she’s going to jail (ya think?). Caroline tells Bo that this has gone to far and the truth needs to come out. Bo agrees that Hope needs to know the truth and Hope walks in hearing that, asking what he means.

AT THE ACCIDENT SCENE, PATRICK remembers (cue the replay tape) Billie asking him to let her handle things her own way at the cop shop and tells himself he can’t let that happen. He’s doing his own investigation (all those CSI shows do come in handy, ha!) with who was really driving the car. He spots a security camera near the accident scene (in a residential neighborhood..big brother IS watching, LOL) Later he goes into a convenience store and the male clerk is obviously smitten with Patrick. Patrick asks about seeing the tape from the camera (they keep the tape for that long?) as the clerk asks if he’s a cop or private dick, citing his favorite characters like Mike Hammer, Marlowe, etc.. that were..with Shaft being his favorite, LOL. He asks “handsome” what’s in it for him if he lets him see the tapes (being Salem’s finest lurked around the hospital until Billie confessed, I guess they didn’t need to investigate any further). Patrick whips out his wallet (just how is he filling it with green stuff nowadays?) and offers to make it worth the clerks while, but the clerk only wants Patrick’s number and a martini with him at Alice’s later. Patrick agrees, writes down his number and the clerk informs him he’s off in a couple hours. He goes off to get the tape for Patrick. He pops the tape into the vcr and flirts some more with him, but has to leave to help penny man, a customer who always brings pennies and who had dropped them on the floor. He hands the remote to Patrick to look on his own. At the end of the show Patrick has a close up picture of Chelsea behind the wheel and the clerk joins him, recognizing her saying she comes in all the time to buy sodas and Teen People magazine. She’s got an attitude, but not a criminal type. The door bell beckons another customer and disappointed, he dashes off. Patrick looks at the freeze frame of Chelsea driving (with date of 1/1/06 and time of 1:03 A.M. on the tape as well) and says…”so that’s why Billie’s doing it. To protect Chelsea.” with both his face and Billie’s on the screen…As the previews roll…

ALEX TO LOIS: “We are both going to get exactly what we want.”
Lois takes a deep breath.
JOHN walks in and asks Alex just “what the hell are you doing in here”?

MARLENA TO BELLE: “that’s the person with whom I belong..not your dad.”

MIMI AND BONNIE are arguing and BONNIE says: “this is not about fortune telling, it’s about Claire .”MIMI: “Claire?”
BONNIE: “She’s Shawn’s daughter, Mimi.”
Cue shocked expression on Mimi’s face.

PATRICK TO BILLIE in the courtroom: “I know what’s going on Billie.”
HOPE walks in and says “Damn it, is someone going to tell me what’s going on here?”

PS: If anyone recognizes the building used for the courthouse, please e-mail me. Thanks.

And the credits roll….

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Monday, January 30, 2006

Episode # 10240; Tape Date: 1/11/06; Air Date: 1/30/06; Director: Roger Inman

Summary: Bonnie puts 2 & 2 together and puts the squeeze on Kate…Marlena tries to convince John to let her go, but he continues to hold on tight…Mimi tells Belle some of her wedding plans…Shawn asks Philip to be his best man…Alex and Lois discuss their plans to ruin Marlena’s life.

In the Hospital Nursery…Shawn, Philip, Belle and Mimi are still with Claire. Philip is anxious to take her home and goes on and on about her. He realizes that maybe considering what Shawn lost for her to be well, they shouldn’t be so happy. But Belle says that Zack would be happy too, he saved her life. They gather around the crib as Philip tells Claire how fortunate she is and how no one will ever take her away. Belle and Mimi go to get coffee as Philip tells Shawn that he will never forget what they did for them. Shawn says he loves Claire and would do anything for her. Belle and Mimi talk and Belle thanks them for being there for them, especially Shawn, considering all he has been through. Mimi thinks that perhaps this was therapy for Shawn. He feels like Claire is almost like his own daughter. Belle smiles and says she is. Mimi asks what she meant by that and Belle clarifies and says that he just feels that way about children…he gets so attached to them. Belle says that if anything were to happen to her and Philip, they would want him and Mimi to raise Claire. Belle asks Mimi if she has thought any about her wedding plans. They talk about Kate’s offer and Mimi says she isn’t even so sure that there will be a wedding. In the other room Philip asks Shawn if he is having second thoughts about marrying Mimi. Shawn says that he does want to marry her, but just not sure the timing is right. Philip pushes him to accept Kate’s offer and describes what the honeymoon would be like. Shawn asks Philip if he would be his best man. Mimi also tells Belle that the timing isn’t right for a wedding and she really doesn’t want to elope, as Kate suggested. She wants to get married in Salem surrounded by family and friends. Belle tells her it should be the way she wants it and not to settle. She says she will help her plan everything and even design her dress for her. But Mimi says the dress she wants to wear already exists…she wants to get married in Caroline Brady’s dress…hitting a nerve with Belle. She finally says she doesn’t mind as Mimi says she will talk with Shawn and then they will set the date. Mimi says in the wedding of her dreams, she would want Belle to be the maid of honor. Belle says she would love to be and they hug. Philip tells Shawn of course he would be his best man and the do their handshake. Claire cries and Philip rushes over and picks her up as she is fussy. He hands her to Shawn and she immediately hushes up (cute as she sneezes several times). Shawn talks about how he loves her and Philip is impressed at how good he is with children. He tells him he will be a great dad someday.

In the Cafeteria…Bonnie tracks Kate down (saying she snuck away from her). Bonnie tells her she knows that Shawn is Claire’s father. Kate plays dumb, but Bonnie is sure. Kate sits back down and tries to reason with her, saying it isn’t true. Bonnie says Philip may be clueless but they both know the truth. She tells her that Mimi was suspicious after Kate’s offer…but she has put 2 & 2 together. Kate asks her if Mimi knows and Bonnie says no. Bonnie asks Kate if she just has her suspicions or is she sure. Kate says she knows for sure. They say that both of them want their children happy and decide maybe they should work together. Bonnie has done her detective work…counted backward and looked into the fire where Shawn and Belle were rescued. She said she checked the reports and learned that they were pulled from the barn, barely alive and ‘naked as 2 jaybirds’. Kate is impressed and they decide that both of them should keep their mouths shut. Kate says they have a deal and sticks out her hand to shake on it. Bonnie says she is skipping a step…Kate is rich…if she wants to seal the deal…there is a price. Kate says she should have known that Bonnie would try to blackmail her. Bonny says that she and Mimi will accept all of Kate’s offers…so far…but she wants more….such as a truck load of makeup, all of Basic Black’s business for Alice’s, new designer clothes, oh and this…as she slips Kate a piece of paper. Kate looks at it and tells her okay, but if the truth slips out…it could mean an early grave for Bonnie. Bonnie says that as long as Mimi is happy, her lips are sealed. Kate leaves and Bonnie spikes her coffee and takes a deep breath. She says she is going to grab that brass ring again.

John takes Marlena to her office…to try and jog her memory. She starts her “Alex is my husband” mantra and tells him to accept it and move on. He talks about family, Izzy and Clarie in particular. She says she doesn’t remember raising Belle, but they must have done something right from the way she turned out. John says she can’t abandon them now. He thinks she should see another doctor…someone who actually WANTS to cure her. She becomes upset with him and they begin to argue. She says they have both made choices and asks just what he wants from her. He says that Belle needs her family, but Marlena says so does Sami…but they are both grown women…everyone has moved on…so should he. She thinks that John is just using the situation to his advantage, but he yells at her that he took vows and they meant something to him. She says she has no intentions of reconciling with him. She loves Alex now and is going to check on him. John grabs her by the arm and begs her to just look around her office again. She says she has no memories of life with him. She has made her choice…she has strong feelings for Alex…and he has risked his life to save her. She asks John if HE has ever done that. He says, yes…a time or two. Well, I don’t remember she says. (poor John) She says that Alex saved her from Lois up on that roof. But John says he just doesn’t believe that. She goes to leave and he says he will never let her go. He talks about his suspicions of Alex and she tells him that she just doesn’t have feelings for him. John thinks that Alex has done something to her to make her forget but she tells him to just let her go.

Kate arrives outside Marlena’s office and listens as Marlena tells John she doesn’t remember being happy and loved by him. He says he cannot stop loving her but Marlena says he will just have to. She tells him that he has feelings for Kate and she IS a lovely woman. John admits he has feelings for her, but he does not love her…and never will…like he loves Marlena. Hearing this, Kate leaves in tears. Marlena says she and Alex deserve to be happy and he must let her go. With that she leaves. Sitting alone, John says he can’t let go…he loves her…as it fades to their wedding photo.

In the Psych Ward…Alex and Lois are kissing as she says this is crazy. He says it’s wonderful crazy and he missed her as much as she missed him. She rubs all over him but he tells her to be careful…they may be watched. She talks about all she has done for him, playing the demented psycho. They laugh about him pretending to be in love with Marlena.

Lois talks about his hatred for Marlena, but he says he doesn’t hate her….he feels sorry for her. Lois talks about what he did to Marlena years ago and calls her a romantic fool. She says that Alex brought about her first bout of hysterical amnesia and he says he just wishes he had finished the job back then. She talks about how they have to be careful and proceed cautiously. He asks her what she has done and she says nothing. He warns her not to mess things up and she tells him to just be careful of John Black…he is smarter than he looks. Lois hugs him and asks when is he going to get her out of there. He tells her he has business to take care of first…but not to worry…he holds Marlena’s fate in his hands and there is nothing John Black can do to save her now. Lois asks about the plan and he tells her that Marlena will continue to rebuff John. He talks about the seed Lois planted about Kate and how Kate actually really loves John. He says that eventually John will want a woman and since he can’t have Marlena, he will turn to Kate. He says that everything is going according to plan. He says that John has always been right about him, but no one will ever believe him now. Lois ask swhat if Marlena regains her memory and remembers her life with John. Alex says it doesn’t matter, because by the time she remembers…it will be too late for anyone to save her…as the previews show…

Carrie (to Sami): What about you and Lucas? (Sami): What about us? (Carrie): Is it really over between the two of you?...

Lucas (to Austin): You can raid as many companies as you want to…but when the time is right, Titan will destroy you just like you did Carrie’s company…

Billie (to Frankie): I am begging you…no one can know that Chelsea killed Zack (she let it slip out)…Shocked look from Frankie…

Bo: I have to tell Hope the truth…(as Hope walks up behind him and asks): The truth about what? (as he turns around)…

And the credits roll…

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Friday, January 27th

Episode: 10,239
Directed by: Albert Alarr

Tape Date: 1/10/06

At the hospital, everyone rejoices as Claire's vitals are back to normal; Bonnie has possession of the Salem Brain and onto Kate's motives; Alex and Lois chat..while at the Cop Shop Bo is still torn about what to do.

AT THE HOSPITAL...Marlena and Alex return to the hospital to see how Belle and Claire are. He’s concerned after what happened the night before that it might be too soon, but she says she won’t turn her back on her family. He asks if that includes John…who we also see strolling down the halls…with Kate. She softly reassures him that John will always be a part of her life, but he’s (Alex) the man she’ll spend the rest of her life with. The two couples run into each other outside Pediatric ICU and learn that Claire is off life support and there’s no limit to visitors (didn’t seem to be one before anyway, LOL). Marlena and Alex coo about how much she appreciates him coming back to the hospital with her and she’ll make the visit short and take him home for some TLC. Alex offers to wait outside to avoid any more tension and will go sit and wait for her. Kate suggests she’ll go thin out Claire’s visitors and suggests John and Marlena wait outside while she does so. John starts up about the Lois Banks situation while Marlena pours coffee. He says he’s her husband and she tells him, no, he’s not.

John wants to talk with crazy Lois, but Kate tries to talk him out of it. Lois looks at him through the window and yells she knows why he’s there and what he wants. She tells Kate she knew she was a hooker and was a great help to John to make his dividends rise, LOL. John agrees, she’s crazy. She does manage to stir up John by saying Alex is the real danger to Marlena and will do anything to get what he wants. He knows she’ll try to use his distrust of Alex and she says BINGO. Lois has Kate’s number, knowing if Alex is out of the picture, John’s hers. Lois babbles how Marlena loves Alex and Kate loves John…she should have gotten rid of Marlena years ago..then bursts in maniacal laughter. They leave and Lois instantly sobers, telling herself that worked like a charm.

Mimi, Shawn, Belle and Philip watch as a nurse checks Claire over, Bonnie walks in. The nurse turns off the monitor and Bonnie says “Sweet Jesus, after everything this baby has been through, don’t tell me she didn’t make it.” No, just the opposite. Claire doesn’t need it anymore. Bonnie is thrilled, gives a huge gift basket to Philip (which she’s nibbling from or handing out from for most of the show, haha) and tells Shawn how wonderful Zack was a match, which he admits gives him comfort. Bonnie blows it by saying..if it hadn’t, there would have been two dead babies. Cue look from Philip and Belle and Mimi saying “Momma!”. Bonnie tries to cover and passes out the treats from the basket saying they have a lot to celebrate..Claire’s health and Shawn and Mimi’s engagement. The nurse tells them that Claire’s vitals are perfect and when Belle asks if she can hold her, the nurse says as much as she wants. Bonnie gives the nurse a biscotti for that great news (yum). As Belle and Philip tell their beautiful daughter (yes, we get to SEE her today!!) that she’s going to be spoiled rotten after all she’s gone through. Bonnie asks Mimi and Shawn if they have any wedding plans yet..which kind of throws some cold water on Belle’s happiness. Belle says they can’t elope as she knows how much a big wedding means to Mimi. Mimi only cares that they’re married by a priest. John walks in and learns the good news about Claire and tells Shawn how sorry he is about Zack and for Shawn to know that part of him is still with them, in Claire. Zack’s a hero and his parents are too for agreeing to the transplant. Shawn’s thankful his brother was a match as Bonnie and Kate’s expressions say and we know why. Belle asks Marlena if she wants to hold her granddaughter and she gasps and happily accepts (poor Philip hasn’t even held her, LOL). Marlena steps away cooing to Claire as John watches. Belle and John talk quietly about Marlena, then join her as he tells Belle how they rushed her to the hospital when she was a baby and how Marlena didn’t leave her side. Marlena tells them she remembers when that happened, which thrills both of them. John pushes how she’s his wife and calls her doc causing Marlena to bristle and tell him not to do that.

Alex takes the opportunity to visit Lois. He shows the guard standing in front of Lois’s door (which is right off the main hall..isn’t psych ward usually behind locked door as well?) his doctor ID and says Dr. Carver wanted him to do a preliminary interview. No problem, the guard lets him in and says for him to knock when he’s done. Lois fluffs her hair and happy to see him. He asks Lois if she knows how Marlena almost got killed. She tells him she’d do anything for him and he knows it. He asks her what she plans on telling people. She says nothing and asks if he's there for anything else. He tells her he's also there for this and pulls her into his arms and gives her a big kiss.

Patrick talks to the rookies, who are anxious to leave and call it case closed now that Billie confessed. A replay of Hope hugging Chelsea and Bo saying she’s his daughter and Hope’s his wife. She needs to know exactly how she’s involved in this! Hope tells him Shawn and Chelsea come before her and Chelsea uses the opportunity and asks to speak with him alone. Bo agrees and Patrick joins Hope. She asks if he’s there to see his girlfriend. He tells her no, he just wanted to tell her how sorry he is and how special Zack was. Later she asks Patrick to be there for Chelsea. The poor girl lost her parents to drunk drivers, now her mother hit and killed her little brother. Thank goodness she still has her father. Patrick comments that she’s holding a lot of anger. She says that’s what’s holding her together. He tells her Shawn and Bo are the focus for her to continue on and to stop dwelling on what happened in the past. She refuses to go forward until the one who’s responsible is punished. She excuses herself and he tells himself he wants the responsible person punished, but knows it wasn’t Billie.

Chelsea balls, continuing to plead with Bo to keep his mouth shut. Bo says no, he’ll get her the best lawyers, etc., but Hope needs to know the truth. Chelsea whines about how they’d go easier on Billie, but Bo knows better. He says if Chelsea had called 911 when she hit Zack it would have been an accident, but now it’s hit and run. Chelsea reminds him how Hope will hate him for signing her temporary license (she burned it, it’s his word against hers, LOL) and she and Billie will hate him also if he turns her in. Bo is torn. He says he’ll hire Mickey and Frankie to represent her, but she scoffs that it’s Hope’s Uncle and his brother. He says being she’d being represented by members of Zack’s family is a strong statement. Bo says he took an oath to uphold the law and vowed to never lie to his wife. These lies are going to stop, right now! Bo says he will fess up for signing her license and letting her use the truck. Chelsea reminds him (and us for the umpteenth time) that he’ll lose his daughter and his wife if he does this.

Kate takes the opportunity to ask Mimi if she wants to talk wedding plans and Bonnie overhears and anxious to join the conversation as they all slip out the door. Bonnie listens as Kate tells them about how Basic Black will pay for the wedding and honeymoon and do a story on it for their magazine. She shows pictures of gowns for both bride and mother of the bride as Mimi can’t believe her good fortune..but Bonnie knows why Kate is doing it. Kate offers to set up an appointment for Bonnie and Mimi to try on all the gowns and get them fitted. Mimi accepts and while Kate uses the pay phone to do so, Bonnie tries to make Mimi see what’s happening. Mimi is only thrilled about her good luck and reminds Bonnie she’d have to pay for it if Kate didn’t. Wasn’t she the one who told her never to look a gift horse in the mouth? Bonnie’s reply..a gift horse, right, just as long as it’s not a Trojan horse (good come back). Mimi asks what could Kate gain by sending her on a honeymoon around the world (uh, Shawn out of the picture for all that time?). Kate and Bonnie chat alone and Bonnie lets Kate know she’s on to her and why…that Shawn’s the real father to Claire, not Philip. Cue shocked face on Kate…as the previews roll…

Bonnie to Kate:
“You want to seal our deal, you’ve got to meet my price.”

Mimi to Belle: “She (Claire) means so much to him (Shawn)…it’s almost like she’s his own daughter.”
Belle: “She is.”

Marlena: “I love him and right now I’m going to go check on him.”
John grabs her arm and says she’s not going anywhere.

Alex to Lois: “By the time Marlena remembers who she is, it will be too late for anyone to save her.”


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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Episode # 10238
Tape Date: 1/9/06
Air Date: 1/26/06
Director: Jim Baffico

Summary: The lies in Salem get deeper…as some people want to expose them, yet others want to just bury them deeper. Sami convinces Carrie that she is her friend…Chelsea’s guilt is eating away at her, as is Max’s…Patrick digs deeper into the accident, determined to get to the truth.

At Sami’s Place…Austin is still trying to apologize to Carrie for what happened. She tells him that she has to return to LA and face her former employees. He begs her for forgiveness. She gets angry and goes to leave but he stops her, swearing he would not have gone through with the takeover had he known the truth. Lucas comes in distraught and Sami immediately thinks something has happened to Will. He tells them about Zack’s death and Billie’s confession. He goes on to tell them about how Zack’s liver saved Claire. Austin thinks it must be a mistake…Billie could not be responsible. Sami takes the news hard, having thoughts of Will. (She says if it were him, they could just bury her right next to him, for she would die). Sami goes to call Caroline as Austin and Lucas go across the hall to call Kate to get more details. Austin talks to Kate and tells her to give Billie their love. After he gets off the phone, Lucas takes another swipe at Austin for the way he does business and how he hurt Carrie. He rags him about asking Carrie forgiveness and says she will NEVER forgive him for what he has done. He has ruined her life and it is time to move on. They argue about Austin pursuing her and Sami and Nicole’s involvement. Lucas is sure that they knew the truth about Carrie being the CEO and kept it from Austin, calling them manipulative witches. Lucas says it is over between Austin and Carrie. Austin thinks that maybe Lucas knew the truth as well and kept it from him, as Lucas continues to shift blame toward Sami and Nicole. Lucas tells him to just stay out of Carrie’s life. Austin laughs at Lucas for thinking that he has a chance with her and says he will NOT walk away from Carrie. Austin gets angry and goes to leave as Lucas tells him that Carrie doesn’t want anything else to do with him. Austin just wants to try to explain everything to her and vows to get her back and warns Lucas not to get in his way.

Back at Sami’s, she gets off the phone with her grandmother and says she was so distraught, she couldn’t even talk. Carrie says she was gone so long, she never even met Zack and that the first time she saw Claire, she was already sick. Sami says there is nothing they can do for Bo and Hope, for nothing would make them feel any better. She asks why something bad always has to happen for something good to come of it. She says that Carrie lost a lot today as well and asks if she is really through with Austin. Carrie says she believes that Austin really didn’t know the truth, but she was still disappointed at the way he went about the takeover. She thinks he has become ruthless. Sami points out that she was against the takeover from the beginning and that Austin did try to find out who the CEO was…although didn’t try very hard. Sami says it is her fault…she should have looked at Carrie’s card…then she would have known. But Nicole just kept pushing Austin to move forward. Carrie asks if something was going on between Austin and Nicole and Sami says she hopes not…he deserves better. Sami says that maybe Austin is just different since leaving Salem…as Carrie adds…when he dumped you at the altar? She apologizes for being so blunt and says maybe he is different because of that and the fact that she cheated on him with Mike, maybe he turned bitter. Sami says that sometimes they just have to move forward. Carrie remembers the conversation she overheard between Sami and the bathroom attendant in LA and says that she thinks Sami meant what she said. Carrie thanks her for being a good sister as well as a good friend. Sami says she tries (LOL). Sami admits that when Austin returned she was interested in him but backed off when Carrie entered the picture. She says she thinks she has learned from her mistakes. Carrie thanks her for being honest and says she thinks she can trust her again. Sami promises not to break that trust and they hug.

At Max’s shop…Chelsea comes rushing in upset as Max tells her the guilt is eating at her and she can’t let Billie take the blame. But Chelsea is still trying to justify her actions. She asks what he has told Patrick as he walks in asking why she is there. He says he found something in Max’s records…the call that was made about the accident was made from a cell phone and asks who made the call. They claim they don’t know but Patrick still smells something fishy and is sure that there is something wrong with her story. He thinks that Billie is covering for someone else. Patrick decides to go down to that station and talk to the cops. After he leaves, Chelsea wants to go get something to eat and Max is appalled, saying she just can’t go back to her normal life. He says that Patrick will keep digging and get to the truth and that perhaps he already suspects, but just doesn’t want to believe it. He lectures her for lying and letting Billie take the blame and forcing Bo to lie to Hope. He says she killed Zack and a lot of people are now suffering. He says that even more people will suffer when the truth does come out, including him and Abby for obstructing justice. She says that won’t happen if everyone keeps quiet. He says if she allows this to continue, she is not the girl he thought she was. Later, she is gone and he is on the phone with his manager talking about him getting back into racing. He tells him of the problems with his family and he will think about a return in the spring. After he hangs up, he looks at his poster on the wall and talks about the press he will get…perhaps being indicted as a part of all this. He says that Chelsea MUST tell the truth before more lives get ruined.

At the Police Station…Bo is hugging Billie as Hope walks in asking what the HELL is going on. She thinks he is comforting Bille as Bo tries to tell her that isn’t what is going on. She is furious and rails at Bo for siding with Billie. Bo starts (yet again) to tell the truth, but Billie steps in and covers. Hope gets in her face as Bo has to pull her away. Bo hugs her, saying he understands her anger, but it has to stop. Billie jumps in again and tries to explain it was all an accident. She says she confessed and she is going to jail…out of their lives for good. She tells them that Zack is gone, but they need to be there for their other son, Shawn and for Chelsea. She will need them now more than ever. She says for them to let nothing come between them. Hope, still furious, says she can’t look at Billie anymore and storms off. Bo tells Billie that he can’t continue to lie to Hope. But Billie tells him that if he wants to save his marriage, he has no choice. She tells him that Hope will never forgive him. She says if Chelsea were to go to jail, she would never recover from it and she won’t let that happen to her daughter…this is the only way. Meanwhile, Patrick has arrived and is talking to the two rookie cops for more info. He tells them that there is something not right with Billie’s confession. He learns that they have no other evidence other than the confession and the cops tell him that as far as they are concerned, case closed. Chelsea is now there and is watching from the hallway when Hope runs into her. She sees that Chelsea is upset as they hug and cry, Hope saying how sorry she is for her. Chelsea says she feels terrible about what happened and she shouts she never meant for this to happen, as Hope stares at her (just as Bo walks up and hears/sees this). Billie is crying in her cell, vowing to do everything she can to protect Chelsea. She says if the truth comes out, all of their lives will be destroyed. Hope continues to console Chelsea, saying that this is rough on all of them. Hope says that is why she wanted Chelsea to go to the driving school, so she would never be involved in something like this. She cries she already has. Chelsea cries that she doesn’t want her mother to go to jail and babbles on about her parents dying. Bo is listening to all this and steps in, telling him that he can’t do this anymore…as the previews show…

John (to Marlena): Doc, you don’t…(Marlena): Don’t ever call me DOC…that’s not who I want to be anymore…not ever again…

Chelsea (to Bo): I am going to prison! (Bo): Chelsea, it’s out of my control… (Chelsea): Just let Billie take the blame…it’s not like I asked her to do this…

Hope (to Patrick): Billie deserves to be punished…there’s no moving on until that happens…

Bonnie (to Kate): The only reason you are doing all this for Shawn and Mimi is because you know that Shawn is Claire’s real daddy…

And the credits roll…

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Episode #10,237
Tape date-1/6
Director Herb Stein

The coverup of Chelsea continues, as Patrick acts on his suspicions, Bo tries to get Billie to retract her confession, Jennifer visits Hope, and Marlena makes a decision regarding Alex.

AT THE HOSPITAL Kate has told John about Zack, and Billie confessing to the hit and run. John doesn’t buy it, claiming Billie would never have left the scene, especially being and ex-cop and ISA. He then tells Kate all about Marlena, Alex and Lois, but still does not trust Alex and wants to check on her. In Alex’s room, a nurse tells Marlena that as soon as his test results come back, he will be released. She is very happy, and tells him she wants to return to the penthouse, she is sorry for what John has put him through, and wants him to know that her marriage and love for John is dead & she is sorry for doubting his love for her. John overhears this, as he and Kate arrive. He accuses Alex of not protecting Marlena from a stalking Lois, but Marlena defends him, saying doctor/patient confidentiality came into play here (Oh, brother!). Alex & John argue over WHEN does the danger to another void that decision to remain silent, as they rehash all the various times John caught Alex in a situation where he appeared to be about to do harm to Marlena. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Marlena asks both John & Kate to leave, and they depart.

Outside the room, John is not satisfied, smells a rat, and is going to do some further investigating on Lois Banks. (About time!) He goes to visit Lois, who is confined in a strait jacket, and laughs maniacally as she tells him that Marlena is lost to him forever, but that she is still not safe from Alex. He leaves, telling Kate that it still does not explain Marlena being beat up and the picture proves it. Alone in a corner, Lois calls for Alex to come and that they will be together forever. John goes back to check on Marlena.

The nurse has brought the papers for Alex to be released. Marlena is very happy, and makes a long loving speech to Alex, asking him to renew their wedding vows. She talks of making plans for their long future together, and he asks her to promise that he will never have to worry about her leaving him again. (Hey, Alex, she did not leave you the lst time, did she? It was YOUR decision, supposedly). John is outside the room, looking in as they embrace and kiss. Two nurses gossip about how romantic it is for Dr. North & Dr. Evans, and how they are going to renew their vows.

AT HOME, HOPE is cuddling one of Zack’s teddy bears, the doorbell rings, and Jennifer has arrived. Hope tells her that Gran, Julie & Maggie were there, but she send them home, she just wanted to be alone. Jen comforts Hope, telling her she can leave Zack’s toys around for a year if she wants to, as Hope talks of how much she misses her baby. She tells a shocked Jen that it was Billie who hit Zack, then asks Jen to just talk to her, talk about anything, just talk. Jennifer tells her about the DVD that Jack left behind, and how happy she was to see and hear Jack on it, though his message was not received well. They talk a little about Frankie, long friendships, and Hope says how glad she is to have Bo to lean on through all of this. She decides to go to the station, and abruptly grabs her coat and leaves, with Jen saying she will lock up for her.

AT THE COP SHOP Abby & Max cannot believe that Chelsea is letting her take the fall for what she did. In Roman’s office Patrick questions Chelsea, asking her for the truth to what she knows. She dances around it, supposedly angry that he might think it was her. Patrick leaves the office, confronts Max asking him what happened to Bo’s SUV. He tells Max he wants to check out the garage and they leave. Abby tries again to convince Chelsea to own up, but Chelsea is only worried about her own hide. Abby attempts to reason with her, saying she is again only thinking of herself, but Chelsea retorts that Abby is not being a good friend to her. (rolling eyes here). She takes out her temp license, sets fire to it, so there will no “evidence” that she was able to drive.At the garage, Patrick is looking around, but the cops have impounded Bo’s vehicle. He knows Billie could not have been driving, must be covering for someone, and is convinced the cops have probably missed something. (With the Salem P.D. that is a given, lolol)

Meanwhile Bo is arguing with Billie big time. He just cannot withhold the truth from Hope any longer. Billie pleads with him, telling him that when he tells Hope that he signed for Chelsea’s temporary license, and gave her his car, that will be the end. She will never forgive him. (Can Days hit us over the head any harder to show us what is coming down the road?). Bo leaves, but returns in a while, having thought about the situation, but now is inside the cell with her. Billie tells him his marriage would be over once Hope learns the truth (Yep, cannot have a single married couple in Salem, can we?). Bo beats himself up, and kudos to Peter Reckell, who pulls out all the stops as he portrays the grieving father who will no longer get bear hugs from his boy, or be invited to play trucks with him, or watch over him during the night when he runs a fever and needs his daddy. Bo cries, as he talks, while Billie begins to talk of how she felt losing her baby, Chelsea, and he was not there for her, she had no one. She says she would not wish that sort of grief on anyone, and that Hope needs Bo to be there for her. He apologizes to Billie for not being there for her when she lost her baby (yes, Days, that baby WAS stillborn, wasn’t it?), and puts his arms around her to comfort her. Cue Hope to walk in on this scene. And the previews show…….

Patrick: I found something in your records, Max, maybe the key to setting Billie free and finding out who really did run down Zack and kill him. (Chelsea is there in background with Max)

Bo to Hope: You don’t know what’s going on here

Sami: He’s a different man than he left Salem after he…. Carrie: Dumped you at the altar?

Austin: I WILL get her back and don’t stand in my way Lucas: I guarantee you, there’s no way you’ll get Carrie back


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Tuesday, January 24th

Episode: 10,236
Directed by: Phil Sogard
Tape Date: 1/5/06

IT'S A SAD DAY IN SALEM...Carrie's over what Austin did to her, and for Austin what he did to Carrie; Hope over losing Zack and Bo about his own guilt for his part in it; Billie is booked and tells Kate her "secret"; and Chelsea still refuses to take the blame.

Nicole and try to convince Austin that he can’t undo the take over, but he’s determined to try as it meant so much to Carrie. Sami and Nicole bicker over who’s to blame for not finding out who was the CEO. Sami goes so far as to accuse Nicole of knowing Carrie was the CEO. Nicole says that sounds like something you’d do and Austin gets a light bulb moment as his eyes pop and agrees with Nicole. Sami denies knowing it was Carrie and Austin takes the blame on himself. Nicole and Sami continue their blame shoot until Austin tells them to SHUT UP (thank you Austin). He vows to give back to Carrie what belongs to her if it’s the last thing he does (she doesn’t OWN the company, is just the CEO and my guess is she probably would be fired for letting the takeover happen to begin with?) Austin called someone and found out that there’s no going back. Nicole and Sami continue their bickering about who should be fired. Austin says no one is getting fired, he’s the boss and signed off on it. Nicole suggests they move on and with him in charge, High Style will be a big success. Ding Dong…Carrie’s there. He tells her about his attempt to reverse the takeover, but can’t. He asks if she can forgive him.

Across the hall Lucas comforts Carrie and tries to reassure her she’ll find another company, but saying it has to hurt that Austin was the one who took it away from her. She agrees and will never forgive him for it. Losing him hurt more than losing her company. She tells Lucas she couldn’t get Austin off her mind after breaking up with Mike. She loved Mike, but could never forget Austin. It was too good to be true that Austin was still available and wanted to be with her too. Crying, she says she doesn’t even recognize Austin anymore. Lucas stokes her Anti-Austin fire and asks if she can give Austin up. She talks about forgiving Austin and leaves to go see him, much to Lucas’ chagrin.

Bo heated up some soup and insists Hope should eat it. He says she hasn’t eaten since… She hugs Zack’s t-shirt and hopes Billie rots in prison. Bo says there’s something I have to tell you. A flashback of him telling Chelsea he won’t lie to his wife as Chelsea whines about her life being over (uh, like Zack’s?) and then flashback of him telling Billie that he’s the reason his son is dead and knowing that Hope will always blame him. He backpedals and tells Hope that he loves her and nothing will ever change that. She hugs him tight and he tells her that they’ll get through this together. She finds a wrinkled up drawing that Zack drew in his backpack. It says Mommy and Zack and stick drawings of them holding hands. Bo hugs her with the drawing between them. She tells him this was the surprise Zack had for her and clutches it to her bosom, promising Zack she’ll keep it forever. Hope tells him all she has left is her memories and the doorbell rings. She doesn’t want any visitors, but he comes back and says it’s Mrs. H., Maggie and Julie. Hope goes out and cries in Gran’s arms. Later the 4 women are in the kitchen telling Hope what they brought to eat. Hope can’t eat, not even Gran’s homemade chicken soup, as they tell her she needs to keep her strength up for Bo and Shawn if not for herself. Bo walks in wearing his jacket and Maggie asks where he’s going. He tells them now that Hope is in their capable hands, he’s going down to the station. Hope says to check on Billie, the woman who killed their son. Gran tells Bo to go do what he has to do and they’ll take care of Hope. Bo gives Hope a kiss goodbye, saying he won’t be long. Hope starts to go after him, but Gran takes her hand instead.

Later Hope’s hugging Zack’s stuffed animals as Maggie and Julie walk in saying she hadn’t eaten much. Hope thanks them, and they say they love her, concerned. Hope hugs them and says she loves them too, but needs to be alone and hopes they understand. She looks at the framed family picture they had taken on Christmas.

The door slams on her cell as we see Max and Abby taking Chelsea to turn herself in. She still doesn’t want to, but her friends remind her that Bo will be telling Hope soon anyway. Chelsea doesn’t think that Bo will tell Hope. When Abby asks how can she let her mother go to prison for her, Chelsea said her mother is dead and was killed by a drunk driver. At least she wasn’t drunk. Abby reminds her that it was an accident. Chelsea figures her mother’s driving record and ISA background will get her off. She refuses to confess. She tells them she was looking for her cell phone when the accident happened and knows it’s against the state law to drive and talk on cell phone. (just checked on the net and Illinois and Minnesota don’t allow beginning drivers to use cells while driving.) Later Patrick asks to speak with Chelsea alone. He asks her to be honest.

Billie’s being booked as Kate arrives at the cop shop and Patrick fills her in on Billie’s confession to hitting Zack. They both know Billie wouldn’t have left the scene and he fesses up to caring for Billie and wanting to help. Without going through procedures or a search, Kate walks into the cell area and the guard gives her 10 minutes to chat with her daughter. Kate doesn’t understand Billie’s behavior and demands the truth. Billie agrees and asks her to promise not to tell anyone else. She’ll understand once she knows what really happened. Kate says this insane after hearing the truth and tries to convince Billie so. Kate says she’ll tell the truth if Billie won’t. They’ll find her a good lawyer. Billie tells Kate to be quiet and to mind her own damn business! Billie says she’s doing it because Chelsea is her daughter, that’s what mothers do….unlike Kate who didn’t protect her children and let their abusive father have his way. Ouch. Kate says there was nothing she could do then. Billie breaks down saying she’s going to do what Kate didn’t do for them, protect her. Now that she’s found her daughter again, she’s not letting them take her away again. Billie says she’s older and knows the system, unlike Chelsea. She wasn’t there for her daughter when she was growing up, but she’s there for her now. Kate runs into Bo as she starts to leave and asks him to talk Billie out of what she’s doing. Bo tells Billie she’s not going to jail for Chelsea and putting a stop to the lies right now.

As the Previews roll…

Chelsea sets fires to some papers as Abby says: “Chelsea, what are you doing?”

JENNIFER TO HOPE: "You know that Bo is destroyed by losing Zack."
HOPE (crying) responds: "I just don’t understand how he could even talk to her. "

BILLIE TO BO: "It could be the end of your marriage. Is that what you want?"

MARLENA TO ALEX (who’s back in his hospital bed): "I would like very much if we could renew our marriage vows."

As the credits roll…Linda

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Monday, January 23, 2006

Episode # 10235
Tape Date: 1/4/06
Air Date: 1/23/06
Director: Albert Alarr

Summary: It looks like this is the first show filmed after the Christmas break, but Peter and Kristian haven’t lost their intensity…they give powerful performances again as they return home to find Zack’s empty room…Austin grovels for forgiveness at Carrie’s feet…Roman tries to talk sense into Billie…Patrick is determined to get to the truth…Jen convinces Frankie to hang around.

At the Deveraux House…Jen is thinking about Frankie’s goodbye and rushes to the door to stop him from leaving. He is standing there to return her keys that he forgot. She admits that she was going to try to stop him from leaving and wants to talk with him. He comes in and she says she has some things she needs to say to him. She apologizes for her reaction to his confession and he apologizes as well for upsetting her. She tries to explain and thanks him for being honest with her. She says now it is her turn to be honest with him. She admits that yes, she probably thought of him as more than just a friend and says that when she and Jack were apart, she thought of him more than she should have. After all, he was her first love…and you never forget that. Frankie says he knows that she was in love with Jack and probably always will be. She says that they thought they would grow old together, but it just wasn’t to be. Frankie says that Jack knew he was dying but didn’t want her to stop living as well. She says that they were happy and she didn’t want to betray him or their memory and apologizes if she was sending him mixed signals. He says he has to leave, but Jen asks him not to go and she stops him. She says her family needs him there. She says she is sorry if she was sending him mixed signals and won’t be doing that anymore, but she knows that Jack is gone and she needs her friend there to help her. He finally says he will stay for as long as she needs him and they hug.

At Lucas’s Place…Carrie is furious and lashes out at Austin. He tries to explain as Nicole rushes in, informing him that the entire Highstyle staff has been pinkslipped. He tries to shut her up and then she asks what’s wrong as Sami explains. Nicole says OOPS and has a sheepish grin on her face. Carrie blubbers about them stealing her company but Nicole says she ran it into the ground. Austin tries to explain to her but she says he was only playing her. He swears he didn’t know that was her company as Lucas backs Carrie. Sami claims none of them knew until it was too late. Carrie says that is why they were in LA to scope out her company. Nicole retorts (with the line of the day) saying “no, we were in LA to go Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride”. (LOL) Carrie hauls off and slaps Austin across the chops. Austin tries to grovel, swearing he didn’t know the truth, but Carrie asks if he DID know…would it had made a difference? She goes on about how stupid she was and tells them to go on and celebrate. Austin says maybe they can fix it, but Nicole says the deal is done…no going back now. Austin tries to figure out a way to help, but Nicole says no, Highstyle is like Humpty Dumpty…it is finished. Austin swears that he tried to find out who the CEO was and talk to her, but never could. Lucas takes advantage of the situation and rails at Austin, saying he didn’t care who he hurt. Carrie says even if it weren’t her company, it wasn’t right (that is the nature of big business, honey). He continues to swear if he had known it was her company, he wouldn’t have gone through with it. Lucas (playing every trump card) calls him a heartless corporate raider that stabbed Carrie in the back and is now twisting the knife. Carrie doesn’t even want to talk to him, saying he disgusts her. She talks about how her work was her life and how she let her employees down. Austin promises to make it up to her. Sami chimes in, saying she tried to stop Austin and Nicole but they wouldn’t listen. Playing the sympathetic sister, he says she also sorry about her and Austin. Carrie says she let her guard down and this is what happened. Austin is still trying to tell her he didn’t want to hurt her but she says she hates what he has become…maybe he was like this all along and she just didn’t realize it, as Lucas comforts her. To herself, Sami thinks that Carrie doesn’t want Austin anymore…it’s only a matter of time before he is all hers.

At the Lockhart House…(or at least I think that’s where it is)…Chelsea sits alone and cries about how horrible she feels, but she CANNOT go to jail. Some guy comes in (oh, that’s Patrick…it’s been a while since we have seen him ;-) He has a paper and knows all about Zack’s death and Billie’s arrest. He says that Chelsea can’t let Billie take the blame for something she didn’t do. Chelsea says she confessed but Patrick doesn’t believe it and says there is more to it and is determined to find out the truth. She claims she doesn’t know anything but he keeps on pushing. She covers but Patrick says there are too many holes in Billie’s story. She asks him what he thinks is going on and he says he thinks she is covering for someone else and he is going to find out who. He leaves to go to the station to talk to Billie. Alone, Chelsea cries again, saying she can’t go to jail and if Billie wants to take the blame, she can. She tries to justify what Billie is doing and says it will work…IF everyone that knows the truth just keeps quiet (bahahaha, yea right).

At the Cop Shop…Roman wants to talk to Billie alone before she is booked and takes her into his office. He tells her that he knows the truth, Bo told him, brother to brother. Billie is angry that Bo told him and says that no one can prove it was Chelsea and she goes to leave. He stops her, telling her that this is wrong and that the truth WILL come out. He tries to convince her to tell the truth, but she is determined to protect Chelsea, saying that Chelsea going to jail won’t bring back Zack. Roman tells her that Bo WILL tell Hope the truth. Billie says that he (Roman) has to stop him…Hope can never know the truth. He tries to talk sense into her but she won’t listen. She tries to explain that she is only protecting her daughter and will not let her go to jail. However, she (Billie) can handle it…Chelsea can’t. Billie says that if Bo does tell Hope the truth, she will never forgive him…for he is at fault as well and their marriage will be over. Roman says that Bo and Hope have weathered many storms together and he is sure that eventually she will find out the truth. But this time, their marriage may not survive, if he continues to lie to her. The cops come to get Billie and as they go through the outer office, Patrick is now there. He asks her what the hell she thinks she is doing. She tells him to just let it go, but he says he doesn’t believe her story. He says she needs a lawyer, but she insists she is guilty. He says he knows there is more to it and she begs him to just drop it…there is nothing he can do. She hugs him, telling him she loves him. They lead her away to the booking room as he vows to get to the bottom of it.

At the Brady House…Hope stands outside Zack’s room saying that is all that is left of him. She goes in and starts crying all over again. She picks up a shirt and sniffs it and holds it close. She sits on the bed and begins to gather up some of his toys, holding them close. Bo tries to get her to leave, but she won’t. She takes it all in, talking about how sweet he was, crying that he is never coming home. She can’t let him go. Bo holds her, telling her that they will make it through this together. Hope wants Billie to pay for what she did to her baby as Bo says it was an accident. That infuriates her, crying that her baby is gone forever. She lies down on the bed and sobs as Bo picks her up and carries her from the room, as the camera pans over to his toys. Later, they are in the living room as Bo builds a fire. Hope still can’t believe how reckless Billie was and Bo says that she has to accept it was an accident. But she becomes angry again, spitting that she HATES Billie for taking her baby away. Bo tells her she has to let go of the anger, but she says she can’t. He tells her that Zack would want them to move on and they need to draw their strength from each other now. He is worried about her and goes to get her something to eat. As she cries alone, Zack comes charging down the stairs calling “Mommy” and runs to her and she holds him as he tells her he loves her. Then she realizes it isn’t real. She says “I love you too Zack…I will always love you, baby” as she holds his stuffed animal and cries. Fade out on Hope…as the previews show…

Patrick (to Chelsea): Why is Billie taking the blame when you and I both know she is innocent?...

Kate (to Billie): If you won’t tell the truth…then I will…

Bo (to Hope): There’s something I have to tell you…something you need to know…

Nicole (to Sami) Your sorry ass is going to be out in the unemployment line… (Sami): You don’t even know what you are talking about…

Lucas (to Carrie): Question is…now that you have seen him for what he really is…can you give him up?...

And the credits roll…

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Friday, January 20, 2006

Episode: 10,234
Tape date - 1/2/06
Director - Herb Stein

Summary: Austin and John find out some bitter truths, as Shawn, Roman, Hope and Kate have lots of questions.

Austin is on the phone discussing his plans to dismantle Highstyle. He tells Sami that he loves this type of work: the challenge of taking something that is failing and making it a success. He has to do the hard work in order to make it work properly; like breaking some eggs to make an omelet. He is disappointed that Carrie lost her company, though. He tells Sami that Carrie will want to go back to LA, and since he now has business there to take care of, he is going to go with her. Sami wants him to stay and work on the business, but he would like to do it from there. CEO probably won’t want to work with him. He still thinks he did her a favour and saved her product line. Sami gives in and offers to postpone his appointments for him and rattles a whole list of them. He wants to be there for Carrie. Sami tells him to go tell Carrie about his business deal and explain why he can’t go with her. He doesn’t think she’ll want to hear it, but Sami insists. Austin’s company is going to be a big part of their future. Carrie may have lost her company, but he still has his. He thanks her for her support and apologizes for thinking she would try to come between them again. As he goes to leave, he realizes that he doesn’t even know the name of Carrie’s company. As he goes online to find out, Sami tells him that Carrie gave her a business card. She gets it from her address book (where she says she put it without looking at it) and tells him she is so sorry, she doesn’t know what to say. He takes the card and the light bulb finally goes off – Carrie is the CEO of Hightstye and the person whose life he just destroyed. How could he not know that Carrie was the CEO? He wanted to talk to her, and tried, but he didn’t have time. If he had known it was Carrie, he would done things a lot differently. He ends up yelling at Sami. He is going to try to go talk to Carrie. He will make sure that he takes all the blame, and not Sami. It will be the hardest thing he has ever had to do.

Kate tells Shawn that she is sorry about his brother. He was a special little boy. She knew that another family would have to face tragedy for Claire to survive, but she is glad Claire is doing well. Mimi had gone home to sleep and Belle and Phillip were resting. They won’t go home until Claire does. Shawn starts questioning Kate’s motives behind her generous offer. She tells him it is good business, and besides, she wants to thank them for everything they did for Belle, Phillip and Claire. He reminds her that Basic Black was supposed to pay for Sami and Lucas’ extravagant wedding, but that offer was to keep Sami from knowing that Kate was plotting behind her back. She doesn’t even like him, or Mimi. He tried to kill her son with his motorcycle and break up his marriage, and Mimi wasn’t good enough for Rex. She counters that she believes Shawn has matured and will never break up Belle and Phillip now. He finally tells her that he will think about it and discuss it with Mimi, but he is going to find his parents. He says thank you for her caring, but as he leaves she comments that the only thing she cares about is Phillip’s happiness. The sooner they are married, the sooner Phillip’s marriage is safe.

Up on the roof, Marlena tries to tell John that it wasn’t Alex who tried to throw her off the roof – it was Lois. He doubts her story and asks if she is sure. She says it was Lois and tells him what happened. Lois tries to lie, but finally admits it and tries to run. Of course the door is stuck again, and Marlena grabs her and they struggle on the roof. John finally grabs her and holds her as Alex verbally attacks John. Lois confesses to trying to kill Marlena for a while, but everytime she got close, someone came running to her rescue. How many men does she need? She deserves to die and stay dead! A security guard responds to John’s call and Kate arrives with him and wants to know what is happening. They explain it to her. Alex doesn’t want Lois in jail, he wants her in a psychiatric facility. Neither Alex or Marlena will press charges. John reminds her that she tried to kill her – but Marlena counters that he tried to kill Alex, maybe he should go to jail, too. John tells the guard to take her to a secure room until Lexie can see her. Kate asks more questions and Marlena explains to her the rest of what happened. Alex tells them that he could have been killed, too. He tells her that he is tired and wants to go back to his room, and Marlena goes with him. Kate tells him that, like it or not, they are going to be closer now. He still will not rest until he gets her away from him.

Roman is at the hospital and apologizes for not being there sooner. He tells Hope he is sorry and hugs her. Hope wants Roman to make sure Billie gets punished. She is sure that Billie is trying to destroy her family. Roman assures her that Billie will be punished to the full extent of the law, but it was an accident. She didn’t know she hit Zack. Hope reminds him that Billie stole Bo’s car and committed a hit and run, if it wasn’t murder, what was it then? Shawn is in with Bo and Hope and apparently has been told about the latest developments. He wants explanations, too. Bo tells him to stay with his mom and takes Roman out in the lobby to talk to him as brother, not a cop. He tells Roman everything…how it was Chelsea, and how Hope was so upset he couldn’t tell her, and Billie wouldn’t let him get a word in edge-wise. Roman wants to know what Bo wants him to do to help. Bo tells him the rest – about Chelsea’s license and lending her the car. He tells Roman that when Hope finds out the truth, she is going to turn her back on him, and he can’t let her go through it alone. Chelsea has a history of reckless driving, it will ruin her life. Billie has a clean driving record. Roman tells him to stop rationalizing. Bo admits he is scared. Roman tells him he has to tell the truth, and no matter what happens, when the truth comes out, and it will, he will have to worry about his marriage.

Hope asks Shawn about Claire’s transplant and he tells her that is was a success and Zack was a perfect match. She tells him that she prayed so hard that there would be a donor, she just never imagined it would be her baby. We see a flashback of them at Zack’s Christening as she says she is afraid to close her eyes because she may forget his voice. She says she doesn’t want to face tomorrow as it will be the first full day without him, and then it will be his birthday and Christmas and then New Year’s again. She misses him. Another flashback. Shawn reminds her that Zack was happy every single day he was with him and more importantly, so were they. Maybe God wanted him home. She doesn’t understand why.Shawn and Hope talk about missing Zack. They love each other and they will get through it. She just wants her baby back, as she cries on Shawn’s shoulder.

At Lucas’ place, Carrie is feeling helpless and needs to get back to LA to reassure her employees that she isn’t hiding, and to try to find a way to save her company. Lucas offers to go with her and help her, if he can. Carrie can’t accept his very generous offer, for various reasons. He will leave the room while she talks to the employees and offers Titan resources to invest cash and halt the takeover. She still wants to do it herself. She still wants to know who raided her company. Lucas goes on about how “HE” is heartless and only cares about the bottom line. Carrie knows he was hoping they could be more than friends, and is disappointed that she reconnected with Austin. She says he is a good friend – she chose Austin, and he is still willing to help. She was using the company to redefine who she was. Austin had a point, though, she was too busy making them love her to make sure they still had jobs. Becky calls and Carrie tells Lucas that he doesn’t need to go to LA with her, her company is gone and she can’t save it. What kind of heartless person would do this to her employees? Carrie reads some emails from her very disgruntled ex-employees. She tells Lucas it was her fault for not protecting her company. Lucas tells her that the guy was heartless - could have talked it out with her and not fired all of her employees without warning. Carrie tells Becky to close out all the accounts and give the capital to the employees. Lucas tells her she can’t or she will go bankrupt. Carrie doesn’t care. The doorbell rings and Lucas opens the door to Austin. Sami follows him in the door. Austin asks her how she is. She says lousy and tells him that she just found out there is nothing she can do and about the scathing emails. She wants to get her hands on the monster who did it. Sami and Lucas smirk in the background. He tells her that he is the monster.
Fade to black and white on Carrie’s face, and the previews:

Carrie to Austin (with Nicole in the background) Your trip to Los Angeles. You were there scoping out my company, that’s why you were there, wasn’t it? And she slaps him across the cheek.

Jen: Listen, I think I need to be honest with you.
Frankie: About what?
Jen: My feelings for you

Patrick (to a very uncomfortable Chelsea): For some reason Billie is taking the fall. Why would she lie and say she killed an innocent little boy?

Hope (to Bo): I hate her for taking away my baby (as Billie’s face appears)

And on to the credits…


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