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DAYS OF OUR LIVES will be preempted on Tuesday due to the coverage of late President Ford's funeral service....therefore, no Early Edition will be posted on Monday. All of us at The Early Edition wish all of our readers a safe and happy New Year!

Episode #: 10474
Tape Date: 11/30/06
Air Date: 01/01/07
Director: Albert Alarr

Summary: This show has mostly supporting cast and stories (with the exception of Steve and Kayla) that are starting in new directions. (Hardly a mention of John or the Bope baby). Steve has strange reactions to the tarot card Benji gave him…Sami gets Lucas to the hospital…Chelsea gets a job…Abe worries about what his going blind will do to Lexie…Billie drowns her sorrows, as Nick seems to show up at the wrong place at the wrong time, and Billie uses yet another man (okay, BOY this time) as a crutch.

At the Hospital…Sami is there with Roman as she explains that Lucas has hypothermia and a broken leg but other than that is doing okay. She explains about their trip and the roof falling in on Lucas and her going for help. But she leaves out the part about EJ, saying that she found no help and returned to help Lucas herself. (As she is telling this, it is cut with brief black and white flashbacks). She explains that she lifted the beam off him and dragged him back to the highway and flagged down a trucker. Roman says it is an incredible story and she thinks he is accusing her of lying. He explains what he meant that it was incredible how she saved Lucas. She tells him that it was a nightmare and she just wants to forget about it. The doctor comes out and tells Roman about John and he explains it to Sami about Hope being held hostage and Bo going to save her and John taking his place and getting shot. He tells her that it is bad and Marlena is in the chapel praying. Sami freaks out, saying that John can’t die…they just got married and how her mom deserves to be happy. Roman feels bad that John was even there in the first place. Sami says that they will catch EJ and Roman explains that Lexie is their only witness. Roman tells her that he needs her help to catch EJ. Sami almost freaks out and he explains that he stole Lexie’s car and that it was stopped at a roadblock outside of town, but it wasn’t Lexie driving. He tells her it was in the general area she and Lucas were in and wants to know if she saw anything suspicious. She lies and says she didn’t. Nevertheless, Roman tells her that he is so proud of her and hugs her as she is near tears.

At Chez Rouge…Abe and Lexie are having dinner as she complains about how Roman treated her. She asks what if she didn’t really see what she thought she did. Chelsea shows up asking Maggie for a job. Maggie is skeptical about it but Chelsea says she is trying to change and talks about her new mystery man. She says she is also trying to help out so she and her mom can get a place of their own. Maggie tells her she will think it over. Meanwhile, Abby is hanging with Nick at Salem Place as she is still trying to convince him to tell Chelsea the truth about him being Lonely Splicer. He fears she will freak out and have nothing to do with him. He says that Chelsea could never love someone like him. Maggie calls Abby and tells her about Chelsea looking for a job and asks her what she thinks. Abby thinks Chelsea is trying to change, but the choice is Maggie’s. When she gets off the phone, she goes back to trying to convince Nick to tell Chelsea. He finally caves in and says he will call her and tell her to meet him at her house and he will tell her. Back at their table, Abe asks Lexie if she is afraid to give her statement…is that why she is changing her story. He promises he will have protection for her, Theo and Celeste if that is the problem. She asks him about other evidence and he says they came up empty, she is all they have at this point. She changes the subject to his doctor appointment and Abe explains that he is rejecting the corneas. The only chance is another transplant, but odds are that he can reject those as well. She says she will be behind whatever decision he makes. She tells him it is okay to be scared about it, but he says he can’t stand the thought of her having to take care of him…he would rather die. Chelsea checks back with Maggie about the job and she has decided to give her a trial run. They are short handed this evening and will see how she handles the job as well as the customers. Chelsea is thrilled with the chance. Chelsea brings over the Carvers’ coffee and check as Lexie is downright rude to her, telling her to leave them alone. Abe looks at the bill but can’t read it. Lexie pays the bill as Abe feels that he is letting her down already. She hugs him saying she loves him as he says he doesn’t deserver her.

Back at the Hospital…Steve holds the tarot card and begins to space out as he falls to the floor. Kayla sees him and rushes over. He is completely disoriented and she reminds him they are at the hospital and that John was shot. He says he is fine but says he doesn’t remember what happened. She insists he see a doctor, but he refuses, saying she is making too much out of it. She worries and says he needs a complete physical. He caves in and she goes to find a doctor. After she leaves, he sees the card on the floor. He picks it up and starts to have another episode. She sees him but he slips the card in his pocket and doesn’t show her. She asks if he is okay but he insists he is fine. She says all the doctors are busy so she is going to examine him herself. In the exam room, he is acting silly as she says his blood pressure is up (he insists it is because of her). He says he feels a little faint and kisses her saying he needs some Kayla-oxygen. She tries to get him to be serious, saying that there is something wrong with him. She tells him that she buried him once and mourned a lifetime…she can’t go through that again. She says he is going to have a complete neurological work up. As she goes to make him an appointment, he pulls out the card again and stares at it.

At Billie’s…She comes home, surprised to find the place empty. She goes through the mail and finds the letter from Steve and sits down and reads it. He says things like he is sorry for how things turned out…the guy that she met wasn’t the real Steve…and if things were different it may have worked, etc. By the time she finishes, she has tears rolling down her cheeks. She calls Kate but gets her voice mail and complains and whines to her, asking when is it going to be HER turn…she is tired of ending up alone. She begs her to call her back. She goes to the kitchen and stares at the bottles of wine in the cabinet. She takes one out and pours herself a glass, but sits it back down. Later, she is sitting on the sofa, drinking and smoking when there is a knock at the door. She stumbles over wiping her face (after hiding the bottle) and finds Nick who explains he left Chelsea a message to meet him there. (Hmmm…Billie…dumped…alcohol…crying…young man?...this is NOT a good combination…can you say “Mrs. Robinson?”). She invites him in as she puffs on another cigarette and he asks if she is okay? He pulls the wine bottle from behind a cushion and says that Chelsea told him she didn’t drink. I DON’T says Billie, but tonight is a special occasion and asks him not to tell Chelsea. He asks what’s wrong and she says he is to young to understand. She starts bawling and he offers to call Chelsea, but she begs him not to. But in the meantime, Chelsea calls and tells Billie that Nick is coming over and for her to get rid of him. When Billie gets off the phone, she turns to find him reading the letter and now he KNOWS what is wrong with her. She cries, calling herself a loser. Nick apologizes for reading the letter as she again tells him he is too young to understand. She cries and he says that he cares about her and that they aren’t really that different…he knows what she is going through, saying that he feels the same way. She turns and says “God help you then”. Nick tries to console her but she is down on herself. He sins she will find someone as she cries and complains about going home alone everynight. She says all she wants is someone to… “hold you” Nick says…and kiss you…They stare at each other as they move closer and end up kissing…as the camera pans to the letter on the table…and the previews show…

Max (to Mimi): Is something going on between us, Mimi?...

Lucas (to Sami): I don’t understand one thing…I mean…who got that beam off my leg like that?...

Chelsea (to Willow): Do you want to fight me?...cause I am game…

(a shirtless) Nick (to Billie): No, no, no…you aren’t going to tell Chelsea are you? Billie smiles at him…

and the credits roll…

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EPISODE: 10473
TAPE DATE: 11/28/06

Life in Salem is hectic after Christmas..but not from returning gifts as John’s being rushed to the hospital after being shot; Sami’s manipulated by EJ to bed her and for her to save Lucas’ life; Bo finding Hope and delivering their daughter into the world and Kayla and Steve’s visit with Benji. This might be MY last Early Edition folks as rumors are Canada is going to be showing DOOL the same day as the U.S…but we’ll keep you advised when we know for sure.

STEVE AND KAYLA are eating dinner out with Benji and his wife. They toast true love and their surviving the gas attack at the hospital. Kayla thanks Benji for visiting them there. Kayla tells them she wants to have them over for dinner and excuses herself. Benji’s wife comments how they look the same as the last time they saw him. Steve comments about how their hair has changed and steps away too as he got a cell call (wish more people in restaurants would do that, good on you Steve!) and Benji’s wife asks him what he’s waiting give it to him so they can leave. Kayla and Steve both return as Steve tells them John was shot and they’re rushing him to the hospital. Kayla apologizes and says they’ll get together soon as she and Steve rush out. Benji’s wife encourages him to go after them and give them what he has so they can leave.

AT THE PIER…A replay of Tek telling Lexie not to let John down and rushing away before the ambulance and Roman arrives. Roman tells Lexie she has to tell him what happened. She tells him she saw what happened, the whole thing. She tells him about stopping to call Abe to let him know she’s running late and saw a couple men through a window and thinks it was EJ Wells. She can’t be positive as it was so quick and the windows so dirty, but he hammers her for positive id. We return as John’s being wheeled away, apparently not doing well. Roman yells for them to floor it and lots of noise, then apologizes to Lexie for coming on so strong. It was his operation and he got John involved. Lexie understands. An officer joins them and Roman orders him to see that the ambulance gets to the hospital okay. The officer whispers something to Roman and he informs Lexie that EJ must have stolen her car. He’ll have someone pick Abe up and will put an APB out on her license plate. Staring into her eyes, he tells her they have to nail EJ Wells. Lexie flashes back to Tek’s warning about making sure John’s shooter pays and her saying she can’t risk her marriage. Abe has been picked up from his appointment and now with Lexie. He tells her John has her to thank for helping him and Roman asks Lexie once again for her official statement. Lexie says she must be in shock as she’s rattled, but Roman tells her to give him an official statement and they’ll drop it for the night. Abe encourages her to tell Roman what she saw. Roman tells Lexie that they only have one witness and without positive ID, a guilty man can get away scot free. CSI team doesn’t get any evidence and Roman says it’s all up to her. Roman tells Lexie that Stefano is a bad man and can she live with herself if she lets him get away with this. Abe finally speaks up and says Lexie can make her statement when she’s up to it.

SAMI is frantically driving, trying to deal with EJ saying if she helps him get through the roadblock, that he’ll help her save Lucas. As he puts on his glasses and hat disguise (yup, that’s Stefano’s son, king of disguises…LOL), he warns her to just get him out of there or else. They get to the police roadblock and the officer asks for her license and registration..saying it’s not her car and she’s the designated driver as she doesn’t drink. EJ pretends to be asleep and they don’t even ask about him or want to see him (give me a break). Sami asks if he’ll help Lucas now and after they’re safely away from the roadblock, he appears to imply he will, IF she has sex with him. She asks why, he can have any woman he wants, and one who wants him. He tells her about how his father wanted him to plant his seed in the Brady of his choice and she should consider it an honor. Sami reacts like she ate a sour lemon and rebels, which turns him on even more. He warns her that Lucas’ life is in her hands. Sami asks if raping her is what he wants to do and he says however he can get what he wants is what he likes..already removing her clothes with his eyes. He asks her how it feels to hold Lucas’ life in her…..he clarifies he was going to say in her hands, but in reality he means between her legs…Sami angrily says OKAY, but asks for a guarantee he’ll help Lucas afterward. He tells her no guarantee and she tells him she hopes he goes to hell for all he’s done. He calmly replies his place is already being saved there. Leaning towards her, he asks if he should remove her clothes or does she want to. Fuming, she says she will, but he’s only getting her body. Snuggling next to her, he says…my dear, that’s all I’ve ever wanted….as she cries while he’s kissing her neck…afterward she zips up her sweater as EJ is blissfully smiling, claiming to be riding an endorphin rush. He says he’ll have to be sure to tell Lucas that…and Sami slaps him hard. She tells him he’s had his revenge and she’s scarred for life and will learn to live with what happened, but if he hurts her, Lucas, Will or anyone else, she’ll hunt him down and kill him (you go girl!) He retorts never to touch him again it will be the last thing she does., but our Sami warns him he better honor his promise , calling him Elvis to help Lucas and then he can slither back into his hole.

LUCAS is lying pinned down and imagines Kate joining him. She taunts him about how she warned him about Sami as she continues to take boxes of shoes out of her shopping bag, trying one on and tossing it in the trash. She tells Lucas that Sami is doing the same to him and the only person Sami cares about is Sami. After pulling a glass of wine from her bag, she disappears as Lucas lies there calling for first mom, then Sami. Later Will appears (in his mind) and he knows he’s not really there as Will tries to brush away snow unsuccessfully. Lucas is so tired and wants to take a nap as Will begs him not to, saying Mom’s on her way back and not to sleep for his sake. We join Lucas hearing Will’s voice telling him he loves him and to stay awake. Lucas opens his eyes and sits up, but Will’s not there.

BO breaks into the building where Patrick’s got Hope, pointing his shotgun at Patrick who’s crouched on the floor with Hope. He tells Bo that Hope’s in labor. Bo yells for him to stay away from her, but calls 911 for an ambulance. Bo is torn between trying to help Hope and keeping his eyes on Patrick..who is running around trying to get things to help and taking his jacket off for the baby once it’s born. Hope wants to push and Bo delivers the baby and wraps her in Patrick’s coat. He hands her to Patrick as he tells Hope the baby is pink and fine. Hope asks to hold her and Bo takes the baby from Patrick (all we see is the coat) and crouches down next to Hope with her. He calmy looks up at Patrick and says he’ll love and raise her like she’s his own. Taken by the intimate scene, Patrick replies “she is”. Hope looks up and says, “what are you talking about, we know you’re her father.” Patrick tells them no he’s not, she’s theirs, her and Bo’s. He tells them how he paid Dr. Bader to lie about the tests. Patrick says he’s not a saint, but he’s not a murderer either..if he was he wouldn’t be feeling what he is right now. He apologizes for putting them through all this. Hope tells him he did the right thing and that’s a good beginning. Later we find Hope in bed in the building and Patrick goes to check on the baby. Hope tells Bo this past few months she’s looked for ways for them to have a second chance and a way to put Zack’s death behind them and move forward. Bo said he has too, and life’s just not about grief. They can never get back what they had…but now they have this little life, this little blessing in their life..and she’s like a sign of how life will be. Hope and daughter are wheeled away by the ambulance crew and Bo promises to join her soon and refers to his daughter as his little princess (aww…just like Doug did to Hope). Hope kisses him and tells him to start thinking about a name for their daughter. Outside, Patrick tells him he’ll make sure charges against Bo are dropped and Bo said he knew EJ beat him up good and it’s pay back time.and urges Patrick to help them get EJ. Patrick doesn’t have a death wish and says he’s afraid of EJ Wells and Bo should be too. Patrick is taken away cuffed by an officer.

MARLENA is at the hospital as John’s wheeled in. She calls his name and he opens his eyes trying to say something. She pulls down his oxygen mask, but can’t understand him. They shoo Dr. Evans out so they can insert a chest tube and Steve and Kayla arrive. She tells them about how John came to, but has life threatening injuries, upset because John promised not to get involved. Kayla tells her that they can’t change the people they love. Steve wanders into see John while they’re talking (the same room that Marlena was just shooed out of (LOL) and he and John exchange glances. He tells John that Marlena’s outside talking to Kayla and she’ll be okay as long as he hangs in ..when John starts choking and the monitors start beeping. The doctor listens to John’s heartbeat as John starts convulsing. Marlena holds John’s mask in place and tells him to take it easy and he’ll be okay. She asks what he’s trying to say and Kayla and Steve are standing there watching puzzled as John keeps saying..killer, killer looking over her shoulder….Marlena tries to get John to repeat what he said, but he goes unconscious. Marlena doesn’t understand why John was looking at Steve when he kept saying killer. Kayla explains they’re both doctors and John’s brain was without oxygen and he didn’t know what he was saying. OR2 is ready and John’s whisked away. Kayla talks her out of going into the OR and Marlena says he can’t die.

EJ AND SAMI return to the cabin and Lucas is unconscious, but breathing. Sami demands that EJ remove the beam and he does so reluctantly, but says that’s all he’ll do. He’s leaving and taking the car and warns Sami if she tells anyone what happened, he’ll tell them she helped him escape and tell Lucas she’s been with him in the Biblical way for months. He says after he does one more thing..and she asks what that is…and he kisses her. She screams to GET OUT and he does so smirking that she was everything he expected and more and she rushes to Lucas screaming and throwing things at EJ as he calmly closes the door after saying that’s why he loves her. She pats Lucas’ face, calling him honey and promises to get him out of this and that they’re going to make it and she’s going to protect him (hmmm….another “who’s the daddy story on the horizon apparently…maybe she can discreetly get the DAY AFTER pill? yawn)

BO joins Hope in the ER and she’s calmly smiling..saying for the first time in a long time she knows everything is okay with them and their daughter. She can’t wait for her to join them and he says they’re cleaning her up now and she should be there soon. She tells him she loves him and asks him to go check on John and to tell Marlena they’re praying for him. Bo approaches Marlena who turns with tears in her eyes and tells Bo this is all HIS fault and if John dies, she’ll never forgive him. Bo is shocked.

KAYLA goes to check on John and Steve said he’ll wait for her at the desk. Benji rushes around the corner and signs to Steve that he forgot to give something to Steve, something important. He palms something into Steve’s hand, kisses him on both cheeks and dashes out. Steve looks at what it is and it’s a tarot card of the devil with red eyes burning and lightning bolts across the fingers on it’s right hand… the previews roll…

LEXIE TO ABE (out for dinner): Going blind is scary.
ABE: I’d rather die.

NICK TO BILLIE: I know how you feel.
BILLIE: How do you know?
NICK: Because I feel the same
BILLIE: God help you.

STEVE has a strong reaction to the tarot card and Kayla returns to find him confused and shaken.

MARLENA to SAMI: My husband is fighting for his life because it was more important for him to be a hero….

As the credits roll…..Linda

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Episode #: 10472
Tape Date: 11/17/06
Air Date: 12/28/06
Director: Jim Baffico

Summary: I have to say that this is one of the most action packed episodes I have seen in a long time…there is not a dull moment! I am only going to give a brief overview, because there is SO much dialogue, there is no way I could ever do it justice…it is just one of those MUST SEE episodes. Great writing, acting and direction, and I loved how all of it ties together. (If Reilly had still been writing, I am sure this show would have stretched over 2 weeks at least, lol.)

At the Boathouse…
EJ holds John at gunpoint and John tells him that he knows it was Stefano that sent him to kill him. They talk about the history between John and Stefano and John talks about how he was Stefano’s pawn but he turned his back on him…he would never want to live in Stefano’s world. EJ tells him he won’t have to worry about that much longer. Meanwhile, Roman is trying to reach John on his radio but can’t get an answer (EJ disabled it). John asks EJ what makes him think he will succeed in killing him where Stefano failed so many times. He says that Stefano realized early on that EJ had the right stuff as John says the gene pool is getting rather shallow. (Man, there is just way too much dialogue here). EJ says that HE never disappointed his father or let him down and John says he is true to his name…he really is “nothing but a Hound Dog”. EJ is not amused by John’s banter and talks about how he will inherit the DiMera empire. They hear sirens as EJ says that John betrayed the family and everything they stood for. John remarks that he just saw Stefano and he can’t even stand anymore. EJ says his health may be failing but his power will never die. John reminds him that he has a backup, but EJ reminds him that Roman has no idea what is going on. He then orders John to place a call to Roman and tell him that he is fine and that EJ never showed up. While John and Roman are on the phone, Roman gets another call…from Bo, who tells him about Hope. Roman tells John that he is going to help Bo and they will pick him up later. EJ says “finally…alone at last”.

In her car…
Lexie calls Abe (who is at the doctor) to see how his appointment went. She wishes he would have let her go with him. She talks about she and Theo love him no matter what. She says she is on her way and hangs up. Before she goes, Tek jumps in the car with her, saying he has to talk to her and begs for 5 minutes. She reminds him of the restraining order and wants nothing to do with him. They argue back and forth, with her telling it’s over and she wants nothing to do with him. He vows that he loves her but she says she loves Abe. She stops the car telling him to get out as he continues to declare he loves her. She says she will never turn her back on Abe again. About that time her cell rings and she sees it’s Abe so she orders Tek out, so he does. You’ll never guess where they are…yes, the docks. She is on the phone with Abe, telling him that she had car trouble and has called AAA. He tells her that the doctor has confirmed he IS rejecting the transplant and losing his sight. She tries to encourage him but he says that he has to face it…he is going blind. She tells him no matter what…he has her and Theo and they will always love him, and promises to see him soon.

Meanwhile back at the boathouse…
EJ tells John it has come to this…good vs. evil. John says that EJ has become a pawn himself, but with him he is doing it of his own free will. EJ tells him that he won’t be alone in the afterlife…there are others to die…Bo Brady and Steve Johnson are two of them. John asks why and he tells him that they are Bradys and there are scores to settle. While they are talking Tek walks up and overhears them. EJ also tells John that he has someone helping him…a secret assassin, but won’t tell John who. (EJ even jokes that it could be sweet Alice Horton for all he knows.) He talks about living in Salem undetected and working his way into everyone’s lives. John makes a move and as they struggle, EJ shoots. The camera pans to the window, where we see Tek watching. John crumples to the floor as Tek realizes he doesn’t have his gun or phone and takes off. As Lexie is about to pull off, Tek is banging on her window. Annoyed, she says this had better not be some trick as he explains that John Black was shot and needs help. They take off on foot and we see EJ hiding behind her car. He gets in it and takes off. They get to John and she says it is bad and calls 911. She tells Tek that he has to get out of there. He tells her he can’t leave, he is a witness…and he is sure that it was EJ Wells that shot John. They hear the sirens blaring and he refuses to leave. She says that if he REALLY loves her, he has to leave. He tells her he will leave, but SHE has to tell the cops that SHE witnessed the shooting.

In the Cabin…
Sami and Lucas cuddle as they are cold…the fire has gone out and there is no more wood. Lucas finds books and is going to burn them as Sami calls him her hero. He says that she is the hero, for setting up EJ. She is still frightened that he will come after her. She hears a creaking noise from above and yells for Lucas to watch out as the roof caves in on him, with one of the beams across his legs. He can’t move as he moans and groans. She tries to lift the beam, but it is too heavy. She tries to call on her phone but can’t get a signal. She covers him up and tells him that she is going for help, begging him to hang on and stay awake. She covers him up and leaves water and crackers for him and takes off. She says that he promised to protect her and now it’s HER turn to protect him. She makes it back to the car and tries to crank it but it won’t start. She can’t get a signal on her cell either and breaks down crying. In the distance, she sees headlights and jumps out frantically trying to flag the car down. She rushes over and gets in, thanking the driver for stopping…until she hears “hello, Samantha” and turns to see it is EJ. She tries to get out but he stops her, telling her he knew she set him up. She pleads with him to help save Lucas but he says no, SHE is going to help HIM. There is a roadblock ahead and she is going to help him get through it. She says she will but only if he will help her save Lucas. That is the deal…take it or leave it. He gets angry and says she is in no position to negotiate. She says she is not leaving Lucas to die. He tells her she is going to help him regardless…or SHE is going to die.

In search of Hope…
Bo has located the SUV that Patrick used and finds Hope’s key ring inside. Hope and Patrick are now in a warehouse as she tries to talk him out of this. But he doesn’t want to listen to her. She is trying to get him to turn himself in but he says he is just following orders and has one last assignment…to get her away from Bo and then kill her. She pleads with him to spare her baby…THEIR baby. She is able to sneak out her cell phone and call Bo, but he sees her and smacks it out of her hands. Luckily, it rang on Bo’s end before that happened and he can hear their conversation. As she and Patrick talk, she tells him that she is sure that Bo is looking for her and subtly drops hints as to where they are. She continues to try to convince him to turn himself in but he says it is too late for both of them. She says that Patrick is just in over his head but he stops her, saying he knows what she is doing…it is all in the police training manual. He says he never meant for this to happen…if she had just gone away with him, they could have figured out what to do. She talks about the baby and he yells for her to shut up…that baby isn’t real. She says that it IS real…and tries to get him to feel it moving. He begins to come unglued. She tells him it’s not too late…he is stronger than EJ and doesn’t have to listen to him. Patrick says that Hope never cared about him, but she says that isn’t true…she does care…just not the way he wanted…sorry. She continues to try and talk him out of it, saying he was a friend to her when she needed one, but he says he was just following orders. He talks about how he wanted out a long time ago but EJ wouldn’t let him. Bo is now outside and they hear him calling to Hope. Patrick runs over to look outside as Hope tries to whack him with a 2 by 4, but he stops her, telling her not to try anything like that again. Roman arrives as Bo calls Patrick to try and talk him out of it. Patrick tells him he will let Hope go…but he demands a helicopter and $100K or Hope will die. Bo tells him he can’t do that and Patrick says “wrong answer” and Bo and Roman hear a gunshot. Bo freaks out and Roman holds him back. Hope calls out that she is okay and Bo pleads with Patrick to let her go. Hope asks to talk to Bo on the phone and she assures Bo that she is okay. Patrick tells her they are going to plan B…he will use her as a shield so Bo won’t shoot. He grabs her around the neck, holding her in front of him and they head to the door. He says WHAT IS THAT? As she says her water just broke…she is having the baby. Patrick has an epiphany and says he is so sorry…and tosses the gun across the room, saying he never meant to hurt her. Roman gets the call about John and tells Bo that John was shot and he has to go…telling Bo to be careful. Bo hears Hope screaming from inside as he cocks his rifle…Freeze Frame on Bo…as the previews show…

Bo (holding the gun on Patrick): Get the hell away from her…(Patrick): Don’t shoot… (Bo): Lockhart, get away from her…

EJ (to a terrified Sami): Would you rather save your virtue and condemn Lucas to die or give a handsome devil his due?...

Abe (to Lexie): I want to hear it from you…what you did…what you saw…in your own words…

Steve (to Benji): Something you need to give me? must be something important…as Benji hands him a tarot card…with a devil on it…

And the credits roll…

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Wednesday, December 27th, 2006

Episode #10,471
Tape date - ll/16
Director - Phil Sogard

Patrick comes for a reluctant Hope, causing Bo to give chase, while Sami & Lucas get caught in a blizzard, and Chelsea, as usual, turns the investigation into the skeleton into a scenario all about her.

In the abandoned church, Abby, Nick & Chelsea stand around as personnel descend thru the trap door into the basement. As they wonder about the soldier who ended up trapped down there, Chelsea turns the conversation to Lonely Splicer, and proceeds to give Nick a hard time about not finding him yet. She gets a call on her cell, walks away, leaving Abby & Nick to argue. She tries to persuade him to come clean, but he is upset that Chelsea cares for this guy, and not him. Abby tries to make him realize that it is HIM…both people. She wants Nick to tell Chelsea the truth. Chelsea returns, saying it was her mom, and she has to go home. Now the cops come up, carrying the skeleton on a stretcher. (Cannot get over how well preserved that Civil War uniform is!) Chelsea pesters Nick again, who tells her he thinks Lonely Splicer is in love with her, which makes her ecstatic. Chelsea gets another call, this time from Patrick. (see below). She immediately calls her father. Nick berates himself for chickening out about telling Chelsea the truth. Abby tells Nick that Chelsea is going to find out eventually, and it would be better if he told her.

Sami thinks they should maybe turn back, with it snowing so hard they cannot see the road. Lucas says he is driving slowly, and they should be o.k. She tells him she would rather be stranded with him in a snow bank, than back in Salem.She rants about how she believed EJ was her friend, and swallowed his lies. Lucas tells her not to worry, her dad and the Salem P.D. will take care of EJ. Uh, Oh, we hear funny noises, and yep, the car breaks down. Lucas tries to see what the problem is, but no go. The fuel injector is plugged. Sami worries about freezing in the car, then remembers a cabin she saw a mile or two back. They decide to hike back, dragging their bags with them. Aha, they find the cabin, and manage to gain entry with no problem at all. And wonder of wonders, a nice , big , dry stack of firewood sits next to the fireplace. Lucas manages to get a roaring fire going, while Sami puts out some crackers & snacks. They sit in front of the fire, laugh ing and teasing each other about Sami’s almost wedding to Austin. Lucas tells her that when she makes plans, the caterers no longer even unpack the food. They kiss, with Lucas asking Sami if she is sure She is. They kiss again.
Later, as they bask in the afterglow, they have a serious talk. Sami mentions how she hated thinking about Lucas in bed with Carrie. Lucas asks in a roundabout way if she ever slept with EJ. Sami is hurt, and angry, as she already told him she had not. Both admit they hate being jealous, are sick of it. They promise that they will be honest & true to each other, for the rest of their lives, and shake on it. (uh, oh…..that is going to come back and haunt one of them, for sure)

Patrick comes in to find Hope taking down some decorations, and with her back to him, saying they are closed. She turns around, and Patrick asks her if she is ready for their trip. She tells him she is not going, and he mentions their deal. Now she attempts to persuade him to testifying against EJ, but Patrick denies being involved with him. Hope knows better, and tells him to stop lying. She asks if he wants his baby to grow up knowing what his father has done, or worse, have his father in prison. They argue, and she refuses again to go with him. Now he pulls a gun, threatening her, as they continue to argue. Caroline comes out, Patrick puts the gun in his pocket, and Caroline wants to know what is going on. Hope just says Patrick came in for a drink, but she told him they were closed until tomorrow. Caroline agrees, telling him to try the Cheatin Heart. Hope covers for Patrick, and Caroline has some work to do in the back, then leaves, telling Hope to call her if she needs a hand with anything. Patrick again pulls out the gun, Hope picks up her coat, as Patrick makes a phone call to Chelsea! He tells her to be sure and tell her father that she saw him & Hope in a car, heading out of town, reminding her now the field will be wide open for her to get her parents back together. Chelsea tells him she is so over that, and hangs up. Hope is putting on her coat, then turns and sprays Patrick in the eyes with a can of something like Mace. He recovers, and orders her out the door to go with him. Later, he stops in front of some building, and Hope wants to know what is going on. He says for her to get out, he has his orders.

John & Marlena stop by, just to give moral support, as they are on their way to pick up Will, who is staying with them while Sami & Lucas are out of town. They all talk of how much Sami helped them with EJ, and how proud they are of her. A policeman comes in, saying that EJ is not to be found anywhere, so is probably at the boathouse. Bo is all wired and ready to go face off with EJ. He wonders about Lockhart, but Roman assures him the Salem PD has a tail on him. (yeah, right!) and Patrick is still in the house. (Patrick already explained to Hope that he borrowed his neighbor’s SUV on the pretense of having to haul something to the dump, and went out the back way, so his car is still in his driveway.)
Marlena wants to leave, but John protests. He says that HE was given the death card, and would like to just hang around and watch it all play out. Marlena agrees to let him stay, while she goes to pick up Will. After she leaves, Bo gets the call from Chelsea, telling him about her weird call from Patrick. Bo reams out Roman about the “tail” on Lockhart, and is furious that his wife has been kidnapped. He refuses to go to the boat house and leaves. Now Roman is in a pickle, but asks John to take over for Bo. John is reluctant, but finally agrees, and gets wired up, too.

Later, at the boathouse, John is in the dark, asking Roman if he can hear him. Loud and clear says Roman. Suddenly, we see EJ behind John , telling him to drop the gun, nice & easy. John does so. John tries to tell EJ that it is all over for him, but EJ tells him that Sami is like cellophane, he saw right through her attempt to dupe him and is disappointed John thought he was so stupid as to fall for it. John tells him all the roads are blocked out of town, and that Roman will be there any second, as he has heard every word. Oh, no, replies EJ, he has a little thing which jams the transmission. We see Roman outside in a car, getting nothing but static. Back inside, John asks EJ, “do you expect me to help you escape”? EJ points his gun straight at John, saying, “No, I expect you to die”. And the previews roll, showing………

Sami yelling: Lucas, watch out. He looks up, as a huge amount of snow engulfs him, and she screams.

John: Stefano’s world is one I would never want to live in.
EJ: Your not going to have to worry about that very much longer.

Bo: Lockhart’s got Hope in there. He’s threatening to kill her.
Roman: Alright, we gotta talk him out
Bo: I’m not in a charity mood
Roman hollering: Don’t lose your cool

Patrick: What’s that?
Hope: My water just broke. I’m having the baby.


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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

EPISODE: 10,470
DIRECTED BY: Albert Alarr
TAPE DATE: 11/16/06

An excellent Christmas show that’s unfortunately a day late for you all, but I loved watching it on Christmas morning! Set those dvrs, vcrs, tivos..whatever this is a show you’ll want to see as the Brady’s, Horton’s and Johnson’s celebrate with tradition, love and the Christmas Story at the hospital. Being Christmas morning I was going to do the condensed version, but couldn’t do it after watching the show. ENJOY!!!

Sami, Lucas and Will arrive outside the pub. Sami sends Will back to the car for Claire’s present and takes a moment to tell Lucas how happy she is that they’re a family again. Lucas takes the opportunity to add “in all ways but one”. She wants to uphold the tradition of waiting until they’re married and he agrees, hugging her and promising this time it’ll happen. She’s nervous about Stephano, but he assures her it’ll be okay. They all walk in smiling and greeted by Julie, Doug and Maggie. Nick shows Chelsea a picture of him in his younger days and she remembers her parents growing up made a big deal about Christmas too, but this family doesn’t want any part of her.

Kayla gets a call from Frankie, who’s stranded in Toledo Airport. He was anxious to return home to help search for Max. Steve tells sweetness that Max will find his way home and it’ll be a happy Christmas. He’s anxious to get to the concert, but lets her take him to the hospital to read the Christmas story first.

Stephanie is there and his two women encourage him to read the Christmas story to the children. Dressed in black leather, he pulls out his glasses and reads it to the quiet assembly of children. He stops, saying he can’t read this. He has to tell the story in his own words and does so, referring to God as the big dude and how they went to Bethlehem and had no where to stay and a guy asked them to stay in their barn. All the kids watch (most of you know the kids are family and friends of the cast and crew) as Steve tells the story in his own way, ending that the best gift of Christmas is love. He loves his daughter and his sweetness (as Kayla and Stephanie smile back) and Steve says he can tell they’re all loved too. Hope and Bo arrive for the rest. He concludes with PEACE OUT and a big sigh as he hugs Bo and Hope and his girls. Kayla and Steve rush off to the concert.

Belle, Shawn and Claire tell the anxious children that Santa Claus is here and encourages them with how Claire was in the hospital last year at this time and is doing well. Santa arrives (not sure who he is, but don’t think he’s a castmember).

Maggie delivers the eggnog to the living room and we find Nick and Chelsea. She thanks Nick for inviting her, saying she knew she wouldn’t be welcome at the “very Brady Christmas”, LOL. Doug and Julie arrive (yippee…) and after hugging Nick, give him his parents Christmas present that they were asked to deliver. Nick rapidly opens it and finds something for his computer he’s been wanting forever. Julie makes sure he opens the card (how many of you are nodding this is so true, LOL) and he reads the message to himself, saying how much he misses them as Chelsea watches on jealously.

Belle, Shawn and Claire arrive, also happy to be together. They’re greeted by everyone and Julie rushes her great granddaughter off to show others after saying she’s the cutest Brady yet. Sami and Belle compliment each others dresses and Sami comments on they’re back with their guys. Belle said they’re not really together, but Sami knows it’s just a matter of time.

Bo walks up to hug Hope, who’s lost in thought about Zack. He promises they’ll get through this holiday and asks her not to go away with Lockhart. Later they join Chelsea and Nick and Hope gives Chelsea a kiss on the cheek and wishes her Merry Christmas. A genuine smile crosses Chelsea’s face as Bo says c’mon kid and gives her a hug too and then they both wish Nick Merry Christmas too. Chelsea is more relaxed and smiling now.

Maggie announces that Mickey is out delivering gifts or food to the homeless or something (c’mon… we’d all love to see the original Mickey return..but if he can’t, get someone for Maggie). Maggie has the box of Horton ornaments and we find Alice in her chair, look beautiful and dressed in red. Nick hangs his ornament with Joshua, Jessica and Marie’s (Jessica’s mother and Alice’s daughter). Nick asks who’s next as Chelsea returned to the frowning stance. We see Lucas and Will hang their ornaments under Bill’s. Lucas hugs Sami and says next year it’ll be her turn (oh please make that so!) Doug and Julie are next (and great photo op as they kiss and their ornaments are between them). She wishes Doug Merry Christmas and he replies..”fair lady, you’re my Christmas treasure this year and every year” (sniff) Bo and Hope hang theirs next and together, sadly hang Zack’s, with Hope saying she’ll love him forever. Everyone is quiet and feeling Zack’s loss. Chelsea has tears in her eyes and goes to step out, but Nick stops her. Shawn hangs his ornament next to Zack’s as Belle watches sadly. Bo nods to Chelsea and she brings her ornament to the tree while crying and nervously hangs in on the other side of Zack’s, not able to get it to stay. Hope joins her and they do it together as she hugs Chelsea’s face to assure her it’s okay. (okay you owe me big time for crying on Christmas morning typing this up while my family’s still sound asleep, haha) Very sweet moment. We next see Tom, Alice, Mickey and Maggie’s on the tree as Maggie speaks. She comments on how many of there family isn’t there, either elsewhere in the world or have moved on, but they’ll always be family, now and every day and says Merry Christmas. Everyone says it then as the camera pans the fully loaded tree as we see missing family members mingled with the present ones. We see Jack and Jennifer’s and when Abby’s is shown, we rejoin her in her car in the boonies.

Mimi comes out of somewhere wrapped in a blanket as her clothes were dirty. He’s done a little decorating with the ornaments and lights they’ve found. She asks him to hold the blanket while she gets dressed (why didn’t he just turn around?).’s so he can see her shadows as she changes on the wall.

Abby is searching for them in her car, using her flashlight to check a map. She starts the car, asking God for his help as we see Max and Mimi dancing to Spanish Christmas carols, enjoying themselves. Max tells Mimi about her and him and on Christmas and she’s happy about the you and me part. Abby gets out of her car after hearing church bells ringing, calling for Max as we see him and Mimi kissing in the basement. The light sways as they also hear the church bells, encouraged someone will find them. Abby steps into the church and calls out to them and they answer. Max and Mimi hug. They call out about the trap door and Max taps it with a broom to show her where it is. Abby lifts the carpet and can’t get it open, so finds a convenient little crow bar on the altar (LOL) and does so. Max it just below it pushing it up with her and he and Mimi get out. Max hugs her and Abby smiles brightly, thinking her dream came true, but after Mimi thanks her, Max goes to Mimi and kisses her, relieved they’re out for Christmas. Abby’s smile fades.

Many of the Horton party have moved to the pub after the hospital (Bo, Hope, Shawn, Belle, Claire) as we also see Stephanie there. Max and Mimi walk in and shout “we’re home” and are greeted by Bonnie too (?) Stephanie hugs Abby and finds out Chelsea’s prediction was true about Max and Mimi.

Kayla and Steve arrive too late and the manager said they started early because of the storm. She said she’s got all she needs now with Steve back and they dance. The guy tells them they’re closing and Kayla steps into the ladies room first. Clay Aiken walks in asking where his car is to the airport as he doesn’t want to miss his flight. Steve introduces himself, assuring Clay not to be afraid of the patch..he’s not a crazy fan, LOL, and offers him a ride to the airport and his car is right outside. He explains they were late as they read THE STORY to the kids at the hospital. Clay said if you’re late, that’s a great reason. Steve tells Clay to tell him if he’s overstepping, but asks a big favor, explaining his wife is a big fan and they just got back together after 16 years…cue the commercial as Steve explains (apparently). Kayla returns and Steve seats her at a front table. Clay walks out and introduces himself to Kayla. Steve explains they’re driving Clay to the airport and Clay tells Kayla that Scott found a track to one of his songs and he’d like to sing one of his love songs as a gift from Steve to her. He sings the perfect song about a man giving the only thing he can..himself…as they watch lovingly and kiss…the song continues as we join the pub folks as Mimi and Max step aside to hug and kiss as Shawn watches a little jealously…until Belle and Claire join him and he smiles and takes his daughter and holds her…while Sami watches smiling and Lucas and Will join her. Pop Shawn kisses Caroline at the bar and Bonnie pours herself another drink (sigh). Chelsea watches morosely as Nick joins her and puts his arm around her and pulls her in for a hug. Bo and Hope kiss in front of the pub tree as the picture fades and

We RETURN TO THE HORTON HOME as Doug, Julie and Maggie look outside and smile. The camera pans on all the pictures on the mantle…Belle & Shawn, Jack and Jennifer, Sami & Lucas, Doug & Julie, Bo & Hope, Abby and then an old black and white of the Horton original family. Alice holds Tom’s picture and says “Merry Christmas Tom, my darling Tom. Merry Christmas to all those we love near to us far away..the blessings of this day will be with you now and all the days of our lives. As the camera shows her and Tom’s ornaments and the tree angel as we return to Clay finishing his song I CAN ONLY GIVE YOU EVERYTHING I HAVE as he smiles watching Kayla and Steve kissing.


LUCAS TO SAMI: When you talk about mistakes you’ve made, is EJ one of them?

HOPE TO PATRICK: I’m not going.
PATRICK takes a gun out and says “and I say we’re leaving, now” as Hope looks shocked at the gun.

BO TO ROMAN as John is there and listening: “He kidnapped my wife Roman!”

JOHN TO MARLENA: “Stefano sent EJ to kill me Doc. Stefano gave ME the death card and this is my fight.”

As “Santa Claus is coming to Town” plays and the credits roll…
The Early Edition wishes everyone a wonderful day..


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Friday, December 22, 2006

As expected, there was no feed today, because Days of Our Lives will NOT air on Monday, Christmas Day. I have posted a Holiday Movie Poster Parody and will leave today's show spoiler up. The Early Edition Gang wishes each and every one of our readers a Happy and Blessed Holiday Season!

EPISODE: 10,469
TAPE DATE: 11/15/06

It’s Christmas Eve in Salem and Sami helps the cops; Mimi and Max continue trying to get out as Chelsea, Stephanie and Abby search for them; Will has a close encounter with EJ; Abe’s vision worsens

ABBY, CHELSEA AND STEPHANIE go over the Hall of Records original paperwork on Victor/Titans holdings. Chelsea finds a property outside of town that has a barn, silo, farmhouses, etc., and shows it to Abby, who is sure that’s where Max is being hidden. Abby says she can feel that’s where Max is. Stephanie and Chelsea, the last two women with a crush on Max, smile at each other.

Max continues to whack at the wall until a small hole is created. It’s too dark to see through, so Max continues pounding, but hurts his shoulder. Mimi picks up the hammer and while gently whacking, more of the wall falls. Max claims he just loosened the bricks for her and she whacks once or twice more until a hole big enough for them to step through forms. They enter the next area and find it dark and cobwebby with only a closet in it. She says unless it goes to Narnia, they haven’t gotten anywhere. Max opens the closet and a corpse falls out and onto Mimi, who’s screaming in terror of course. He’s wearing a Civil War uniform. They find a ring on his finger and a gun on the inside of his coat. Max figures they can blast their way out of there. Mimi sidesteps Max who’s waving the gun around, talking about how dangerous the gun might be after all these years, and for her to stay clear. Max tells her he, Pop and Frankie use to go duck hunting twice a year and he knows what he’s doing. Mimi freaks out saying she never got over Bambi and still hears the gun from it. He kids about how they need to get out of there as he has plans for them later. He steps up and fires the gun and we next see him unconscious on the floor. Mimi panics, but he was faking it as she moans about missing Christmas. We see the 3 Muskateers outside the property (?) as they try to convince Abby they should just tell Roman and Bo about what they found and it’s Christmas Eve…they should be home with their families. They’ve already searched two farmhouses unsuccessfully. Apparently they didn’t hear the gun, assuming they’re in the same place. Abby tells Chelsea to go home, but she won’t forgive her for not helping. Chelsea gives Abby reality lesson 1A that Max isn’t going to profess undying love to her if they find him and she’ll be crushed if he doesn’t. She knows, she’s been there. Abby agrees to take Chelsea home and then she and Stephanie will come back and look for Max, but Stephanie wants to go home too. Abby finally gets frustrated and agrees to take the other two home and will come back alone.

Max asks Mimi to think positive. He said they can have Christmas right there and they have music, food, water. He’s thankful for Mimi and all she’s done to help his garage. She remembers some ornaments somewhere. Max goes to kiss her, but she feels cobwebs on her face and wants to wash it off. (Hard to get excited about all this knowing she’s leaving the show.)

Will is busy checking out presents under their tree when EJ knocks on the door. Will answers it. EJ asks how Will is doing considering Sami rushed to his hospital bed. Will credits being young and great genes for his speedy recovery from the surgery 48 hours earlier. He shuts the door on EJ and grabs the medical kit saying…appendectomy, here I come. Moments later he opens the door to EJ (who must have been insisting on coming in) and when EJ hugs him as they walk, winces telling EJ to be careful of his stitches. EJ pulls up his shirt and sees a taped bandage with blood on it and drops his shirt, but continues looking for Sami, opening every door to see if she’s hiding in there. Will offers to have him look under his bandage to see if his mom is hiding there..but EJ leaves and Will closes the door. Will calls Sami on her cell and briefs her about EJ’s visit. Sami is proud of how Will handled it, saying you’re my son, and orders him not to open the door to anyone until they get home.

Lucas lets them all know he doesn’t approve of them using the woman he cares about and putting her in danger (ironic considering it’s her parents, stepfather, uncle and Abe asking her to do it in the first place, ey?). Sami is touched to hear Lucas vocalize that sentiment. Marlena takes the men into the office arguing she isn’t happy about this either, but they insist that Sami is the only one who can do it saying EJ moved across the hall from her for a reason. Sami and Lucas chat privately and she asks him to continue having faith in her. After Will’s call (see above), Sami tells Lucas and asks him again to let her help the police. Lucas says okay, but he and Sami walk into the closed door meeting in Abe’s office and Lucas demands that he set the ground rules…they can use Sami, but HE’S calling the shots. Love the expression on the top cops and other’s faces at that announcement.

John and Marlena wait with Abe in his office and Marlena is concerned about how Abe’s holding his head (he spilled some water earlier too). He collapses on the floor and John rushes over to help him too. We next find Lexie giving him some medicine and upset he called her instead of an ambulance. He’s worried about losing his job, but she convinces him his health is more important. Marlena has a friend that’s an opthomologist that specializes in transplants and offers to have him see Abe discreetly. They talk about how he’s seeing through Zack’s eyes and the gift he gave him of site. Abe finally agrees to see Marlena’s friend and shocked he can barely see his own hand. Lexie tells him it’ll be okay with tears in her eyes.

Later we find Sami sitting in a club having a drink when EJ joins her. He told her that he stopped by to see her and she tells him that Will told her. She told him not to scare her son like that again. EJ asks why she’s there if she’s so concerned about her son and she tells him, because she went to see the police. We see Roman and Bo outside the club listening in. EJ doesn’t trust her at first, but she tells him about overhearing Uncle Roman on the phone with forensics and they found new evidence in the Eve Michaels case and are planning on arresting EJ after Christmas. EJ asked why she’s telling him and when suspecting he doesn’t believe her, she grabs her coat to head out, but he grabs her arm and she sits down again. She convinces him (apparently) that she likes him and felt she owed him after he stood by her (when Will was missing). Her family isn’t close and Lucas didn’t even trust her for one night alone with EJ. If Will hadn’t needed emergency surgery, who knew what would have happened that night? She continues on telling him about wanting to help him and heard her dad flag his passport and notifying other modes of transportation out of town. She’ll help him though after Christmas. There’s a boat house and she can sail him out of town and they can be together, saying sabatoge is her middle name, LOL. He apparently is believing this as Lucas storms into the club and rants at her for being there with EJ. He grabs her coat and insists she leave with him and she does so looking apologetic to EJ. Outside we see Bo ordering the undercover guys to stay with Wells and to keep an eye on him as Sami and Lucas join them laughing. Roman tells her he’s proud of her and not use to being praised, says “thanks Dad, I just hope it worked and EJ goes away for a long time.” A happy Sami wishes her dad Merry Christmas and same to Uncle Bo as she and Lucas walk away arm in arm to go home. Bo asks Roman if EJ takes the bite, if Roman’s looking for the perfect present for his baby brother, the chance to cuff and take EJ down would be it. Roman wishes Bo a Merry Christmas then.

Inside EJ gets Sami’s drink (hope she paid for it already, haha), stirs the candy cane in it and drinks it, then smiles. He calls Patrick and says the day after Christmas is when they’ll settle all bets. Patrick is to make sure Bo Brady is very aware he’s leaving town with his wife and to keep him distracted all evening. EJ said he’ll take care of everything else and after hanging up with a smile, repeats to himself…EVERYTHING…

As the previews roll..

Max to Mimi: I really like you.
Mimi: Is that a good thing?
They kiss and we see fireworks exploding…

SHAWN hangs Claire’s ball on the Horton tree as Belle holds her. He tells her she’s right there with the rest of the family from now on.

STEVE to CLAY AIKEN: I wonder if you could do a favor for me and my wife.
CLAY: “Sure, what can I do.”
STEVE: “You’re the coolest.”
CLAY chuckles.

As piano music plays 12 days of Christmas with the credits….(sweet)


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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Episode #: 10468
Tape Date: 11/14/06
Air Date: 12/21/06
Director: Herb Stein

Summary: For those that have been rooting for Sami…another good show! She agrees to help the police catch EJ, after she and Marlena have a great mother/daughter talk…Max and Mimi search for a way out of their basement prison…Shawn and Belle use EJ’s money to do good, but someone is watching them… Steve has a surprise gift for Kayla…and Hope tells Patrick she is not going away with him.

In the Church Basement…Max and Mimi wake up together, as they rationalize that they did what they had to in order to survive. Then they start kissing. They break it off and start talking about finding a way out of there. Max hunts around and finds an old hatchet and then finds a sledge hammer. He tells Mimi to work on the barred windows as he beats on the door. Later, Mimi is ready to give up when they hear footsteps upstairs, They yell for help and bang on the ceiling. Upstairs there is (what looks like) a homeless guy, saying he will help them…but he wants money, asking how much they have. Between them, they have $60 and offer it to him, but he wants the money first. Max says he will slip half of it up through the cracks and will give him the rest when he lets them out. He does this and the guy takes the $30 and wishes them a Merry Christmas…LOSERS. They beg him to let them out, but he says they will probably beat him up and take the money back, so he dances on the trap door and tells them he will say a prayer for them as he eats steak for Christmas. Max slams the sledge hammer into a brick wall and from the sound, he can tell that there is nothing behind it. They wonder why there is a fake wall in the basement of the church as Max says he is going to break it down and find out. He strips to the waist (of course) and begins to beat on the wall as Mimi watches.

At the Java Café…Shawn, Belle and Claire are there (as she munches on a piece of toast), talking about how well Claire did with Santa. Shawn talks about how much Hope is going to be missing Zack and he is going to give her one of the pictures with Santa to her for her birthday. They talk about Max and Mimi missing and wonder if Victor is involved in it. Shawn says that when they are found, he is going to make peace with them both but wants nothing else to do with Victor. He also promises that he is going to do the right thing concerning the money he has saved from EJ. A woman stops by, admiring Claire and talks about what a handsome family they are. She talks about her son being in the service and his family in Germany and how she misses them. She asks what Shawn does for a living and he simply says he is between jobs. They chat a while as she wishes them a Merry Christmas and excuses herself. Shawn has an idea of what to do with the money and tells Belle that he is going to use the money from EJ to buy Christmas gifts for the kids at the hospital Christmas party…so they head out to do some shopping. The mysterious lady watches them as they leave (ok, you know right away she is up to something).

At the Pub…Hope and Kayla are decorating the Christmas tree, talking about various things. Hope is down and out, missing Zack. Patrick shows up, wanting to talk to Hope, even though she tells him this is not a good time. Steve walks up asking if there is a problem, so Hope takes it outside, telling him she is going to talk to Patrick. Steve tells Kayla he has a surprise for her. He whips out 2 tickets to the Clay Aiken benefit concert…he has talked with Stephanie and learned what a fan Kayla is. Kayla is thrilled and hugs him, but then tells him that they can’t go. Outside, Patrick talks about their trip as Hope tries to get out of it, saying her family needs her right now and there is no way she is going off over Christmas. Patrick gets a bit angry and warns her that if she doesn’t go, he is going to call the DA and press charges against Bo for assault. Inside, Kayla tells Steve that the concert is at the same time that the Bradys and Hortons host the hospital Christmas party and they have to be there…it’s tradition. LOL as Steve says there is enough Bradys/Hortons to handle it, but she explains that Alice asked and she volunteered Steve to read the Christmas story this year. He isn’t so sure about it, but she says that Alice asked and you can’t refuse Alice. He gives in but says as soon as the party is over, they are heading for the concert and at least catch the end of it. Outside, Hope says if that is what Patrick really wants, then she will make the call for him as she whips out her cell phone. He stops her as she says she isn’t going to play mind games with him. She is going to let him be involved with the doctor visits and will let him be a part of the baby’s life, but she is going to set a few ground rules…and rule number one is that she is NOT going off with him over Christmas. This is her first Christmas without Zack and she needs her family around her. Patrick drops his head and tells her he understands, to go ahead and be with her family and then leaves. Kayla tells Steve it’s all settled then, they will go to the party, he will read the story and then they will go to the concert. She asks him if he wrote the letter to Billie and he says he did and mailed it this morning. She assures him that he has done the right thing…for closure. He says he just wants to move on with his life…and the woman he loves. Hope comes in saying “look who I found”…as she is carrying Claire, with Belle and Shawn following, loaded down with gifts. They all ooh and aah over Claire as Kayla and Steve wish Hope a happy birthday with hugs. Caroline comes down from upstairs, thanking Hope and Kayla for decorating for her and asks if they have heard anything about Max. Steve says something isn’t quite right as he drags Kayla over under the mistle toe and they smooch. Shawn and Belle offer their help, so Caroline says they can help make egg nog. Hope asks Shawn about all the gifts as he explains he used EJ’s money to do good and they bought all these gifts for the children at the hospital. She is so proud of him and hugs him, saying I love you, Shawn Douglas. Outside, we see the lady from the Java Café (she is wearing some kind of id badge with a star on it) watching them. She whips out her phone and calls Victor, telling him that she has made contact and they will proceed as planned.

Sami & Lucas…return home, him urging her to tell Roman what she learned about EJ, but she is afraid of what EJ may do to her, or Lucas or Will if he finds out. Lucas reminds her that she may spare them but others may also be in danger. He keeps on trying to convince her that she must do this and show a side of herself that others rarely see…that she could sacrifice herself to save others.

At the Cop Shop…John and Marlena are with Roman and Abe, filling them in on what they learned in Italy. They are all sure that whatever EJ is up to, it will only get worse. Bo shows up offering his assistance, much to Abe’s dismay. Roman and John both back him up. John says they will need Bo’s help even more now, considering HE (John) is officially off the case. The guys try to talk him out of it, but with Marlena by his side, he stands firm. Roman and Bo work on Abe until he finally caves in and allows Bo back on the force, handing him over his badge and gun (saying they were never that far away)…but he WILL keep an eye on him. John turns to Marlena and asks her if she is ready to become Salem’s #1 most boring couple. She says it will NEVER happen. They thank the Blacks for their help as they go to leave. In the outer office, she thanks him, even though she knows it is killing him…it is what’s best for both of them. He says that he wants to do what is best and if that means hanging up his holster, then so be it. Sami and Lucas come in, with her telling them she wants to share what she learned about EJ. She tells them about overhearing him and knows that he is connected to the DiMeras. Later they are all in the inner office as Sami explains what she heard. She tells them that EJ doesn’t know she overheard all of that as Abe promises police protection. John shows them all the death card that Stefano gave him and Roman asks why he didn’t tell them before. John says it was just a personal thing and that the old man was playing a sick game with him, letting him know he was a target. Lucas wants assurance that Sami will have protection as Abe explains to him she will, but Sami is still frightened. Roman wants to talk with John for a few minutes, so Marlena, Sami and Lucas step out. Abe, Roman, Bo and John talk about nailing EJ (John is there to only offer advice he says). They are sure they don’t have enough evidence and if they try and fail, he will walk. John says they will have to bluff him and set a trap.

Marlena and Sami talk in the outer office (Lucas is returning calls). Marlena says she is SO proud of her, but she is frightened for her as well. Sami takes her hand and notices the bruises, as well as the wedding ring. Inside, John tells the guys they have to let EJ think there is new evidence against him and they need someone that he trusts to deliver that news. They ask who as Abe suggests Kate, but Roman says she is out of town. They all turn and look into the outer office at Sami. Marlena tells Sami that she and John are married and that she loves him so much and she knows she will not like it. Sami tells her mom to brace herself…she thinks her mom deserves to be happy and she is so sorry for all the hell she put her and John through. Lots here, but she goes on to say that she knows that John has always loved her and was a good father to her, but way back when she caught them together (in the conference room) she convinced herself that John was the reason for all the bad things that ever happened to them and always blamed him. Marlena says that was as much her fault as it was John’s and she shouldn’t have blamed him. Afterall, she forgave HER (Marlena). Sami says of course she did…she is her mom. Marlena says that John has always loved Sami, no matter what Sami said or did…he will always think of her as a daughter (as both are in tears now). Roman is dead set against using Sami as bait, saying he can’t put her at risk. But Bo and Abe try to convince him that Sami is the only one that can do it and they will protect her at all times. Sami promises Marlena that she doesn’t hate John…she did such horrible things to him, but he never hated her back…and never held a grudge…she now sees why Marlena loves him so much (oh, this is good stuff here). She promises from now on, she is going to be better with John. Marlena thanks her and they hug, both crying as Sami is just saying, I am so sorry. The guys come out as Abe explains to Sami that they want to set a trap for EJ and need someone to help them…HER. Marlena can’t believe what they are asking but they say she will be safe. They want her to inform EJ that the DA is about to issue an arrest warrant and she is warning him, to help him escape town. The cops will handle the rest. All eyes turn to Sami as she says ok, I’ll do it. Lucas walks up behind her and says “like HELL you will”…as the previews show…

Mimi (to Max): Don’t do it Max…put the gun down…we will find another way out of here…PLEASE…

Abby (to Stephanie and Chelsea): I am going to keep looking for Max…I don’t’ care what you guys say…

Marlena: Abe, are you okay?...(as he falls to the floor and she and John try to help him)…

EJ (to Sami): If you are so concerned about your son, then why did you leave him at home…alone? (Sami): Because I went to the police…

And the credits roll…

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Wednesday, December 20th, 2006

Episode #10,467
Tape date - 11/14
Director - Roger Inman

The suspense is building, as Max & Mimi struggle to free themselves, EJ calls Patrick to Talledega to tell him of his plans, while Billie learns the truth, and the Salem P.D. enlists some junior cops to help in the search for Max & Mimi.

Billie is hugging Steve,unwilling to let him go, as she goes on and on about how happy she is that he is back home, especially after his phone call to her. Clearly uncomfortable, he ask if they can go somewhere private, & a grinning Billie comments that he just wants to be alone with her, and they head outside, with a pensive Hope watching. Billie continues to babble on and on, finally letting Steve get in a word. As he haltingly begins to talk of how, when he called, all he said was true, she realizes he is trying to tell her something. Just then Kayla arrives, she & Steve exchange a look, and she goes inside without a word. Billie finally understands what it is that Steve is trying to tell her, and he confirms that he has his memory back. A distraught Billie tells him she is happy for him, that he & Kayla are soul mates….again! But she berates him for not calling her to tell her right away. Steve tells her he is sorry, he was just going thru so much then, and he certainly did not want to hurt her. She pressures him to tell her what exactly she was to him. Chelsea comes out, Steve says he is sorry, and leaves.
Chelsea hugs her crying mom, and tries to comfort her. Then she announces that she is going to get a job. Yes, a job, and then she can help her mom out with the rent, and they can get a little apt. together, just the two of them. They can have people over, entertain, and if they want to have a guy over, they would not have to worry about Bon Bon coming out prancing around in her bra & panties. LOL Billie laughs, and thanks Chelsea, saying she did not think she would laugh again today. She looks in the window of the pub, sees Steve & Kayla in earnest conversation, then takes Chelsea’s arm and they leave.

Roman & Bo talk about how Victor did take Philip away from the hospital in Georgia, and was hiding him at the mansion. Bo knows they have gone somewhere else, and the mansion is closed up tighter than a drum. Roman realizes that Mimi & Max were right, thus Victor has got them under wraps somewhere. They are sure he would not harm them, as they are Philip’s friends. Roman suggests Bo go talk to Hope, and tell her what he was up to, which he does. He worries that Hope will be upset, but she isn’t, she is proud of him. She just asks him to be safe, that she wants him home, in her bed. Kayla comes and chats with them a bit, and they kibbitz back and forth.

Roman talks to Abby & Chelsea, telling them about the search for Max & Mimi, and how the police dept. could use their help. He knows that young people have places they hang, to get away from older folks, and wants to enlist their help in looking at those places. Abandoned houses, garages, basements, etc. Later, Abby talks to Bo & Hope, about the search, promising to pass out flyers, etc. Bo wonders about all the various properties that Victor may own in town, & suggests checking the hall of records at City Hall in the morning. (now that is refreshing, glad no one dashed over there right now, lol). Abby goes outside, sees Chelsea with her mom, and just tells her to call her in the morning.

Inside, Steve is telling Kayla about his conversation with Billie. Roman comes over to tell them that John called, he is home from Italy, and will meet with them in the morning. He leaves, Steve & Kayla resume talking. She suggests he write a letter to Billie, to tell her everything. He is not fond of that idea, saying he is not a poet, and would not have the right words. They discuss it a bit more, and he finally agrees that he will write the letter. (Now what the heck is that all about???). He tells Kayla he knows she loves him, and she smiles and agrees. He suggests they go home, and get naked. Kayla smiles, saying….and you said you were not a poet. (sigghhhh, lol).

Patrick arrives at some bar (reminds me of the Cheating Heart, ha!) to meet EJ. He is definitely not happy to have to come to this “armpit of the earth” in the middle of the night. EJ tells him that John Black knows he is Elvis DiMera, that Stefano sent him to Salem, and that he is the perpetrator of all the black glove crimes. Patrick panics, saying they both need to get plane tickets and get out of town. EJ assures him he already bought 2 plane tickets…one for himself and one for Patrick…to Salem! Patrick is surprised (and so are we. Why drag Patrick all the way to Talledega, only to turn around and fly him right back? Odd.). They argue, with Patrick saying he will just get away himself. EJ threatens Bonnie, talking of Patrick missing her funeral, & mentioning that Bonnie blackmailed him for a wad of cash, because Patrick has a big mouth. EJ asks Patrick if he has talked Hope into going away with him. Patrick says yes, and EJ then tells him he just go back to Salem and tell Fancy Face Brady their plans are pushed up earlier. Patrick tells him that he cannot do that, it is Christmas, and she has family. They argue some more, as Patrick warns him he will not hurt Hope. EJ makes fun of him, saying he really does have the hots for Bo Brady’s wife, and wonders where Patrick intends to take her, even though that baby is not his, and mentions the thatched hut on his little island. He talks of how Patrick followed him around Europe, begging him for work, knowing he was a DiMera, but tells him not to worry, that it will be his (EJ’s) hands that will get bloody, not Patrick’s. What the heck is he talking about? EJ says that 3 men will die, and the lst one will happen before he leaves Salem. Patrick pressures him as to who the victim will be, and EJ announces that it is John Black. Patrick believes EJ would never get away with it, and if he succeeds, Patrick will be cheering along with everyone else when they hang him from the nearest light pole. EJ tells him that he will be getting one last message regarding Hope Brady, and then he will never be hearing from EJ again. Then warns him that a surprise on the order of a hurricane or typhoon is in store for his little friends in Salem.

A tied up Max & Mimi talk of Victor, Philip, and their predicament. They are tied together, back to back, & Max says they have to try and escape. They manage to stand up, and he asks her to try and wiggle free. Mimi gives him an argument, but he tells her that sooner or later one of them is going to need to take a leak……..and she is a girl. She gets the point, and tries to wiggle in unison with him. That does not work, and he finally remember he has a knife in his front jeans pocket, so he tells Mimi to try and wiggle round to face him, as he cannot reach it. She succeeds, and now it is his turn. He manages to wiggle round, but they fall, with Mimi on top of him. She delves into his pocket, but they are pretty deep. She feels something metal, but he says those are his keys, go further down. She says she feels something……but he assures her “that is definitely not my knife”. The look on Mimi’s face is hilarious. Mimi tells him she feels like she is in an x-rated movie, but she finally finds the knife, and manages to get the blade open, and cuts thru a rope, freeing them both. She wonders where they are, maybe in Vic’s basement….but Max assures her that Vic has a 30 room mansion, and his basement would not look like this, with all these candles, and velvet cloths. Mimi gets a light bulb moment, and realizes they have to be in a church basement, and both wonder why no one ever came in and heard them. Ahhh, another light bulb moment, as she remembers the little abandoned chapel just outside Salem, past Univ. Hospital, and figures this is where they are.
Max looks around, finds a mattress (for a cot, it looks like) and they have the velvet cloths to wrap around themselves to keep warm. Both are starving, and look what Max finds. A picnic basket. Filled with food. How kind of Victor. Looks like enough food for a couple of days…but then what, Mimi worries. Now Max finds a radio which doesn’t work too well, but manages to find a Spanish station playing salsa music. Mimi tells him to leave it on, she likes that it is upbeat. They munch a bit, then Max says it is time for bed. Mimi is a bit hesitant, as the bed is a very small one, and perhaps they need to talk about this first. And the previews show….

SAMI TO LUCAS: (anxious voice) I’m afraid of EJ. He was violent, he’s capable of anything, even murder.

PATRICK TO HOPE: You go be with your family. Enjoy it.

KAYLA TO STEVE: There’s just one last thing.
STEVE: What’s that?
KAYLA: Did you write that letter to Billie?

ABE: Sami, we’d like to set a trap for EJ Wells
JOHN: In other words, they need someone to help set him up
ROMAN: We’d like YOU to be that someone.
Sami is shocked!
And the credits roll


Monday, December 18, 2006


Tuesday, December 18, 2006

EPISODE: 10466
DIRECTED BY: Albert Alarr
TAPE DATE: 11/13/06

Bo and Steve team up again, Billie visits Kate and the pub, Nick’s influence on Chelsea starts to show and John and Marlena are jetting back to Salem.

Kayla and Steve look through a scrapbook from their earlier days as they mention Benjy’s visit at the hospital. They find it hard to believe Stefano’s kid turned out so well.
Steve is feeling “romantical” and Kayla giggles (sweet) as he wants to carry her over the room’s threshold. They open the door full of love and giggles and find Hope there. Observing the two, she comments she missed a chapter (or two) apparently, LOL. They tell her that Steve did get his memory back at the Inn they stayed at, but Hope still suspects that Steve is only pretending. Kayla admits knowing how Hope and Bo tried to help Steve save her life by giving him memories of her. Hope tells them how Mimi and Max are missing (Patch can’t believe “Maxwell” is missing). Kayla goes to get her coat so they can go to the pub. Hope welcomes Patch back after he confirms it’s true and he says it’s good to be him again. He said Hope’s sheets she gave him helped him with Kayla, does she have any to help him with Billie? She says he’s on his own, but she knows he’ll do fine. He replies it’s not himself he’s worried about.

Billie pops into Kate’s office and finds her wrapping up some business before heading out of town on a “business trip” to Montreal. Kate lets Billie believe that’s what she’s doing until she answers her admin’s buzz to tell her Mr. K. called and his car will be downstairs in 20 minutes. Billie knows Kate’s up to something and refuses to let her leave without more info. Excited, she tells Kate about Steve’s call saying he was going to tell Kayla the truth about not remembering his pastand he wanted to be with her. Kate shows 10 seconds of happiness for her daughter before promising to call and do lunch to chat more about it when she returns. Billie remembers that Kate and Victor are competitors and demands the truth. Kate lies that Victor is emotionally distressed since Philip’s disappearance and he agreed to see a psychiatrist. Billie doesn’t believe that, but does believe that Kate’s trying to get Victor to bed and to go on a romantic holiday with him. She wished her mom was happy for her that a man she (Billie) wanted picked HER. Kate rushes out, promising to do lunch when they get back to celebrate.

Stephanie visits the pub (where Bo, Roman and Chelsea are already) to comfort Caroline and assure her Max and Mimi will be found soon. Roman briefs Bo on what he found at the Kiriakis mansion, but can’t do anymore without a search warrant. Bo said Roman can’t, but HE can. Bo says he isn’t on the force and nothing to lose. He’s Victor’s son and he wouldn’t press charges on him. Max needs them. Roman wants to go with Bo, but Bo refuses being Roman’s still PD Commander. Kayla and Steve arrive and Bo tries to take off after saying hi, but Hope asks what he’s up to. She tells him that Steve really did get his memory back. Bo gets an idea and goes over to congratulate Steve on really being back. Steve thanks him and remembers Bo owed him some money from 1989. LOL. Bo asks Steve for some help and the two of them leave together.

Stefanie joins Abby, Chelsea and Nick in a booth. Chelsea wonders if Mimi and Max eloped. Chelsea rattles on about how this lonely splicer is so in love with her that he’d take her to Fiji if she mentioned wanting to go there and Abby finally explodes for Chelsea to stop. (hey, that’s where the 14th Season of SURVIVOR was shot..wouldn’t it be interesting to see Chelsea on Survivor, LOL) Abby tries to tell Chelsea that the picture on the internet isn’t probably even the real person who’s emailing her and to think about him for once and not always about herself. Nick tells Abby it’s okay, willing her to stop before saying anymore. Abby admits feeling Mimi’s at fault for Max’s disappearance. Chelsea clarifies that if Max hadn’t fallen for Mimi that maybe she (Abby) would be the one who disappeared with Max instead. Abby retorts that at least she didn’t date her own uncle (ouch) and Stefanie pops up in both their defense that he’s not their “biological” uncle, haha. Abby finally breaks down, admitting she loves Max and he’s her soul mate..he just doesn’t know it. Stefanie and Chelsea chat outside after Nick takes Abby in to talk. Kayla joins them and asks Stefanie to help her find Grandpa Shawn who refuses to come home until Max is found (Kayla sure recovered quickly..and no Lexie around to watch over her). Chelsea watches Nick and Abby through the glass. She joins them inside and admits even though Max was technically her Uncle, she did care for him. She asks Abby if they’re okay and Abby says yes. Nick goes to leave and after asking Abby if she’s okay, gives her a kiss on the cheek goodbye. An awkward moment as he pauses in front of Chelsea. She tells him he can give her a kiss too, it’s not like she wants to jump his bones or something. He says my loss and leaves.

We find John and Marlena jetting back to Salem sipping wine and discussing what they’ve learned about EJ. He notes her bruised hand, wishing he’d popped Stefano when he had a chance for hurting her and Marlena found it hard someone so ill was so strong. She asks about their marriage certificate and he says it’s in his coat pocket. He wants to have it translated to see all that he agreed to she goes to get it. She pulls it out and pauses as the tarot DEATH card was with it and she asks what it is. John gulps and said he was going to tell her about that as she gets shook up as he expected he would. He mentions how Celeste was surprised that the death card was missing before and Marlena realizes the old man intended to give it to HIM and HE is the target. He didn’t give it to her and could have. He says they took vows to be there for each other and she asks how they can do that if he’s dead? She wants him to turn the case over to Salem PD, but he refuses, saying it’s personal and he can’t do nothing. She urges him to keep a lower profile and the card Stefano gave him was a gift, a warning to lay off. She tells him to put his family first and he asks if this is an ultimatum. She denies it being an ultimatum and he assures her she’d be his choice if it were so. She wonders if they should just let Stefano die of old age and John snorts if Stefano will ever die. He promises to get Abe and Roman up to speed once in Salem and he’ll be officially off the case. She says she’s heard this before as he reminds her about the promises they made before throwing the coin in the fountain. He gives her a similar coin and tells her it’s one for her to keep and remember how much he loves her and she can trust him when she looks at it. She replies she loves and trusts him too and asks if she can make one of his wishes come true, asking for ideas. Kiss Kiss. They decide to continue their honeymoon on the jet (sure beats sitting in coach watching a movie while they throw you a bag of peanuts, haha.)

Bo and Steve lurk outside the estate. Bo briefs Steve that Victor’s away on a business trip and when he’s gone, so is the staff. He hasn’t broken in “lately”, but glad Steve’s back. Steve smiles saying it’s good to be back. Bo has trouble with the door, so Steve kicks it in and says “after you Beauregard.” They look around with flashlights, looking for anything that might lead them to the truth. They smell antiseptics and follow the scent. They find the room Philip was hidden in and know Victor didn’t use the hospital bed and wheelchair. They hear security has been alerted that someone’s in the house. Bo snoops through the wastebasket of crumpled paper and bandages for clues.

Roman urges Hope not to take away Bo’s pride, it’s all he’s got left after losing his badge. Billie joins Hope at the pub and admits how happy she is about Steve’s call. Hope stares at her trying to decide how to answer. Hope finally says she isn’t comfortable discussing this and moments later Bo and Steve arrive. Bo fills Roman in, showing him the bloody bandage they found and had tested confirming it’s Philip’s blood. Max and Mimi were right, Victor took Philip out of the military hospital and must have gotten too close, so Victor got them. They can’t understand why all this is happening.

We see Mimi and Max tied together, back to back, in a basement somewhere. Max tells Mimi to stop screaming for help as she’s done so for two hours and no one has come down. She fears no one will come rescue them and is cold. He says they will and Victor will pay as the previews roll…

MIMI AND MAX are on the floor, she’s on top. She reaches down and says she’s found something…and “okay, that is definitely not my knife” (LOL) as she gasps (her expression is priceless)…

BILLIE TO STEVE: “You’re trying really hard to tell me something.”
STEVE: “I’ve got my memory back”

HOPE, HUGGING BO: “I could have lost this.”
BO: “That will never happen again.”

EJ TO PATRICK: "You’ll do exactly what I tell you to do."
PATRICK: "and I’m telling you exactly how it’s going to be and NOBODY is going to hurt Hope.

as the credits roll

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