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The Early Edition for Friday will be posted later this afternoon. As we mentioned earlier this week, Linda is having some health problems this month. Please keep her in your prayers.

Episode #: 10517
Tape Date: 2/2/07
Air Date: 3/1/07
Director: Phil Sogard

Summary: Abby gets to know Jed a little better and learns something about his family…Bonnie comes clean with Mimi with the shocking truth…EJ is still playing games with Sami and Lucas…Kayla sets Steve up to be arrested.

At Chez Rouge…

Abby and Jed have their date. Lots of small talk as they get to know each other better and she realizes that he is a pretty nice guy, even calling him a romantic. She talks about how she kind of likes someone else, but he is kind of involved with another girl, and how it’s a big mess. Anyway, like I said, lots of small talk. Willow shows up begging Maggie for her job back. Abby sees them and tells Jed the story of Willow Stark, calling her a prostitute. Jed says maybe he had better re-introduce himself…his name is Jed Stark…Willow’s brother. (Yea, like we didn’t see that one coming a mile away). He defends her (apparently not knowing a thing about her being a hooker) saying she is putting him through college. Willow tells Maggie she is pregnant with Shawn’s baby but Maggie puts her foot down, saying no. Jed walks over asking “Willie” what’s going on. Nick comes in asking Abby what is going on and she says she is watching a train wreck happening. Jed demands the truth from Willow, but she rushes out, with him following. Abby tells Nick it’s official…she is a failure at dating. But Nick tells her he has an idea to help both of them and suggests a double date…him, Chelsea, Abby and Jed. Maggie calls someone on the phone (Hope, I presume) and tells them she needs to talk to them about Willow and the baby she is carrying. Abby tells Nick no, she is a lost cause. He sees that it is something else bothering her and tells her that maybe when it comes to Max, it is time to move on.

Over at the Lockhart Place…
Speaking of Max, he and Mimi arrive back at her mom’s place as she explains that Bonnie is out on bail. Nick shows up with the DNA results on the ring and informs them that the blood traces on the ring were in fact Mimi’s. He leaves as Mimi doesn’t understand and is full of questions, asking what is wrong with her family. Bonnie comes in as Mimi asks her who posted her bail. She explains that she called Victor Kiriakis and he had pity on her…he posted it. Mimi doesn’t believe her…she lies all the time. Mimi tells her that Nick found her blood on the ring as Bonnie tells her to just leave it alone. Mimi demands to know the truth and Bonnie says ok, but you are not going to like it and you will wish you never knew. As she tells Mimi the story, it is shown to us in black and white flashbacks…Mimi’s dad came home drunk and with lipstick all over him. He and Bonnie got into an argument and it turned physical and he started beating her. Mimi came in and tried to stop him, but he back-handed her across the face (that’s where the blood came from on his ring). He continued to choke Bonnie, until Mimi picked up a baseball bat and hit him over the head….SHE killed him. Back in real time, Mimi is crying she couldn’t have killed her dad and refuses to believe it. Bonnie explains she was in a state of shock and the next morning, she didn’t remember any of it. Bonnie and Patrick took care of the body and hid it in the abandoned church and just lead everyone to think he just left town. Bonnie says now she is going to pay by going to jail, she is doing this to protect her. She thinks that maybe Mimi should just leave town…for good. Bonnie tells her to trust her, she is not lying…Mimi acted to protect her, and now she is going to protect Mimi. She is going to take the blame to make up for a lifetime of mistakes. Max tells Mimi that perhaps her mother is right, and that she should just leave. Max says leave or stay, he will support her. Mimi gathers her things and hugs her mom, telling her she loves her. With hugs and tears, they say their goodbyes as Max and Mimi leave, with Bonnie crying her eyes out.

At EJ’s Place…
Lucas pounds on the door as EJ lets him in and he asks why Sami is there. Sami just wants to leave, but Lucas wants to know what is going on, saying he doesn’t trust EJ, and that he is always up to something. He asks why EJ hasn’t moved yet and doesn’t think he plans on moving…but will stay right there so he can torment them. EJ says his accusations are tiresome and he wants some truth time with them. Sami begs Lucas to leave, but EJ stops them. Sami says they aren’t interested in anything he has to say, but EJ reminds them he gave Lucas a job when no one else would…and they owe him. And if they want the truth, he is going to give it to them, as Sami squirms. He tells Lucas that the truth is he does want to be close to Sami, saying he can’t get enough of ‘his girl’. Lucas says if EJ doesn’t move, he is going to take his family and move to another town. EJ finally tells them he will move as Lucas volunteers to help him. Lucas leaves as EJ tells Sami they have a deal, she is to find out what she can from the police or he will tell Lucas that the baby she is carrying could be his. Lucas returns with boxes and tape and gives them to EJ, telling Sami to go with him. In the hallway, she backs him up to the wall and kisses him, calling him amazing. They rush back to their apartment as EJ steps out in the hall and places a call to check on “father”. He tells the other person that when he is conscious, to tell him that he loves him and their plan is proceeding.

At Kayla’s…
Steve returns but says he can’t stay. He asks about John and she tells him he is doing okay but she will probably lose her license over all this and that the police are looking for him. She tries to convince him to turn himself in but he says he is leaving town and needs her help. She tries to persuade him to stay and fight the DiMeras and whatever they did to him. But he says he tried, but can’t win. He begs her for money to help him get away, but she refuses. He goes to leave, but she asks where will he go…the things in his head will go with him. He says she knows what he has to do…she is just putting it of. He asks why she wants to waste her time on him…just put him out with the trash. But she says she loves him. He says that something has happened to him and he isn’t the same, she must give up on him…he is a danger to her and her family. But Kayla says she isn’t letting him go that easily…he will have to kill her first. They cry in each others’ arms as she tries to convince him to let her call Bo and Roman. When he says yes and she goes to call, he rushes to the door…only to be met by 2 cops. He starts crying that she set him up as he struggles with them. Later, he is cuffed and read his rights as he accuses her of betraying him. He says she just signed his death warrant…and this time he won’t be coming back…as they haul him away. FF on Kayla as the previews show…

Willow (to Hope): If something happens to me, like I show up dead, and the autopsy shows that this baby is Shawn’s…your rep as Saint Hope will be gone…

Shawn (to Belle): All Willow Stark ever meant to me was just sex…(Belle): Then how do I know that when you put your hands all over me…that’s it’s not just sex too?...

Kayla: I want the man I love to come home to me…Steve: I am going to die here…knowing that it was you that killed me…

And the credits roll…

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Episode #10,516
Tape date 2/1/07
Director - Albert Alarr

Chelsea pays back Dr. Rebert, Abby agrees to a date with Jed, Shawn forages for food on the island, while EJ blackmails Sami once again. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Abby arrives at the garage, and has Max mumbling and bumbling a greeting. He is glad to see her, is behind in his work, and is tired of constantly holding Mimi’s hand, repeatedly saying he is sorry her family is a train wreck, but all will be o.k. He tells her about Bonnie killing her husband, how Mimi is so needy now, and he is drained. Abby goes under the car to change the oil, and then in walks Jed. What a co-incidence, it is HIS car on which she is working. Max gets a call from Mimi, and goes in the other room, leaving Jed to small talk with Abby for a while. He asks her out for coffee, she says no, she is sort of seeing someone. They banter a bit about college, classes, study, etc. Max comes out, asking Abby to lock up as he has to go see Mimi. He doesn’t have time to make out Jed’s bill, asks Abby to do it. He leaves, Abby has 2nd thoughts, asks Jed if the coffee offer is still open. Sure it is. She gets in his car and he backs out of the garage. (and just WHO is locking up the garage now. LOL)

At the lab, Nick is trying to get other girls to rat on Dr. Rebert, but they need the money and are afraid. Dr. Rebert comes out, wondering what Nick is doing there on his day off, when in comes Dr. Endo with Chelsea right behind him. She has reported him, but Rebert smoothly insists Chelsea is a pathological liar, and he is sorry he did not pick up on that during the interview. Dr. Endo mentions the intimate dinner, but Rebert insists it was to help Chelsea with her calculus. Nick chimes in, but Rebert brings up how Nick scammed Chelsea with the e-mails and his picture, calling him a stalker. But Dr. Endo knows all about it, Nick has told him. Rebert is still insisting on his innocence, when Nick offers proof. He snapped a pic of Dr. Rebert all over Chelsea in the car, (with his camera phone) just before he yanked him out. Dr. Endo takes Rebert into another office. Chelsea is happy, and thanks Nick. Dr. Endo comes into the lab, with a guard escorting Rebert out…….and informs everyone that Rebert has resigned and senior staff will oversee all experiments for now. He thanks Nick & Chelsea, calling her a colleague, which thrills her. He leaves, & Nick tell her she is just like Norma Rae or Erin Brockovitch. Lightbulb moment as Chelsea realizes that is really a compliment. She wants to make dinner for Nick. However, since this all started because of him, maybe he should make dinner for her. What is his specialty? Toast, he replies. LOL. And then comments that he makes a real mean peanut butter, banana & marshmallow sandwich. (Double LOL.) She decides she will make the dinner.

On the island, it is dark, but Shawn has found some fruit. He & Belle argue a bit over who will test it. Shawn wins and down the hatch. Oops, as within a couple of minutes, he upchucks. He then decides to sample some other fruit, and that stays down o.k. and actually makes him feel better. They figure it will be safe for Claire. He asks how she feels about squirrel, figuring he can fashing a spear from sticks and get them something to eat. I believe he even mentions Survivor, and calls himself Castaway Shawn. (Sorry, Tom Hanks, you are not, Shawn!) Belle nays the squirrel idea, so he mentions rabbits, and she just is not going to eat bunnies. So he asks about fish, and that is o.k. So he promises to try and fashion a net from the leaves, and catch them some fish in the morning. Claire is sleeping, and they decide to hit the hay themselves. They lay down, say goodnight, and suddenly, Shawn kisses Belle, who kisses him back, then pushes him away, all upset. Claire starts to cry. Belle babbles a bit and then makes him leave the shelter.

EJ is in his robe, in his apt. when Sami knocks on the door. He tells her to come in, he has been expecting her. She says Lucas is in the shower, and she wants to know why EJ wants to see Lucas this morning. He says he intends to tell Lucas she slept with another man. And now we have another round of EJ threatening to tell Lucas, of Sami referring to the rape, of EJ claiming it was not, and that he knows she is carrying his child. It is the same conversation, different room. Now EJ wants Sami to find out what the police dept. has on him. She says no, her dad never discusses cases with anyone, but EJ thinks she can wheedle it out of him. He threatens, blackmails again, and Sami wonders why he ever came back from Mexico City. He says it was her that brought him back, etc. etc. Sorry, but this is hard to even watch, let alone listen to. He insists that they have a connection, that no one else interests him, and more along those lines. EJ takes his cell and calls Lucas, threatening to tell him all. Sami finally caves, grabs the phone, disconnects it, and agrees to snoop, but claims it is only for Lucas & Will. There is a knock at the door. EJ wonders if Lucas saw the caller ID on his phone. Perhaps they should answer the door and find out. Freeze frame on Sami's face.
And the previews roll…….

Abby: It’s official, I am a failure at dating. Nick: I think I have an idea. I know a way to turn things around for both of us.

Kayla to Steve: You want to walk out that door? You’re gonna have to kill me first.

EJ to Sami & Lucas: You want the truth, Sunshine? I got it coming to you in spades.

Mimi to Bonnie, with Max looking on: For once in your life, just tell me the truth. Bonnie: O.K. , but you are not gonna like it. In fact, you’re gonna wish you never knew.


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To all our faithful readers…One of our partners in crime, Linda, has been dealing with some health problems this month and is unable to assist with the Early Edition. But not to leave you hanging, we ARE posting a very brief synopsis for today and Thursday. Please keep Linda in your thoughts and prayers and she will hopefully be back soon!

Sami and Lucas go out to dinner and EJ shows up to torment her (as usual). After he sends Lucas away to handle some business, he informs Sami that he is aware that she is pregnant and is reasonably sure HE is the father. She stands by her story and insists that Lucas is the father. He isn’t so convinced…and wants a paternity test. After EJ leaves, Sami covers. Once outside, EJ calls Lucas and tells him he wants to meet with him in the morning…man to man.

Steve finally convinces Kayla to operate on John after he explains that she may be his only chance to live…if she doesn’t do it, the HACK will and he doesn’t care if John lives or dies. He also lets her know that many other people may die if they don’t cooperate…which leads her to realize that he means Stephanie. After the surgery, the nurse takes the kidney and leaves, but Steve never tells her who it was for. She finally convinces him to let her call the police and an ambulance. He tells her that he loves her and wanders off.

Philip and Willow arrive at the cop shop and he tells her to get out. She pleads and begs him to not abandon her, but he won’t listen. Inside, Bo and Roman are working on finding John when Philip comes in with a box marked “REMAINS”. He shows them items belonging to Belle, Shawn and Claire, telling them about Claire’s blood on the raft and that they are presumed dead. He will make all the Bradys pay for this! After he leaves, Bo studies a section of the raft that was in the box and decodes the word… “SAFE” …realizes that it’s Shawn’s message to him that they are okay.

Philip goes back to the car to find Willow still hanging around. She pleads and begs with him for help, for the sake of her baby, and threatens to tell everyone it is his, ruining his reputation. He finally gives her a wad ‘o cash and tells her to get lost. She grabs it and leaves, warning him he will pay.

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Episode #: 10514
Tape Date: 1/30/07
Air Date: 02/26/07
Director: Albert Alarr

Summary: Nick comes to Chelsea’s rescue, and this time she is grateful…Shawn and Belle struggle on the island…Kayla fills Bo in on what is going on with Steve…Steve learns EJ’s plans for John…then forces Steve to make a tough decision.

On the Island…
Shawn works on the shelter without much luck. He and Belle both worry about Claire, her being cut and most of their food supply wet. His make-shift shelter falls and he gets upset, feeling as he is letting them down. She calms him, reminding that they survived once before on an island (Puerto Rico), but he says it is all his fault and he feels like he is a joke and apologizes for disappointing her. But she says it means everything that he is there. He talks about all the things he has screwed up in the past, but she assures him that they are all safe and Claire is even having fun. He says he only wants to protect them, but Belle says she has to step up as well. They talk about missing family but she says she has him and Claire and that’s all she needs. They work on the shelter together as Claire sleeps. Later, they have a finished lean-to and hope it holds. They will get to test it soon as they hear thunder rumbling in the distance. The 3 of them huddle beneath it as Shawn tells Claire he will take care of her. Belle says they will take care of each other.

Outside Chez Rouge…
Reibert comes on strong with Chelsea, who keeps trying to change the subject and/or put him off. But he is determined they go back to his place where he has a hot tub. (We do learn he has a first name, Alan). She tells him it would be inappropriate, but he has had enough and tells her no more games. He checked her out and knows that she was picked up on prostitution charges once before and that is the main reason he hired. Suddenly, it all becomes too clear for Chelsea and she realizes that she is in over her head. He grabs her, trying to kiss her, when Nick rushes up and yanks him out of the car, ranting at him to never touch her again. They go to leave as Reibert grabs Chelsea and she kicks him in the shin. Nick takes her back home and even offers to make her the “famous Horton cure-all tea” (yes, he calls it that…and says Maggie taught him how to make it). Nick thinks they should call Billie but Chelsea says she doesn’t really want a lecture. She laments that she and her mother have the same bad judgement (and luck) when it comes to men. Chelsea says she was so stupid tonight and Nick apologizes for putting her through all this. She asks why he followed her there and he admits that Reibert was talking trash about her earlier and he felt responsible. She humbly thanks him for saving her and says she is sorry she was so rude to him. She hopes he doesn’t lose his job over this but he is sure that Reibert won’t say anything…he has more to lose than them. He says this was all his fault…he only wanted Chelsea to like him. She says she DOES like him. He asks if she can ever forgive him and she says yes, it was partially his fault…but it was HERS as well. She talks about all the things Shane Patton wrote to her and tells Nick if it doesn’t work out for him as a researcher, he has a career in writing. They laugh, calling each other ‘friend’ and shake on it. Later, he fixes her the tea and asks if she feels better. Yes, but she wishes she didn’t have to go job hunting again tomorrow. Nick encourages her go stay and report Reibert, before he does this to someone else, but she is hesitant, afraid he will lose his job. He says he can always find another job…but never another HER. He promises to back her up. She asks why does he always do this to her. He asks what she means and she says at first he was just Abby’s geeky cousin, then came Shane and she found out it was him all along. He says it was wrong, but the words were true. She leans over and kisses him…then says tomorrow, they take down Reibert.

At the Hospital…
Kayla is with Bo (she says Marlena is upstairs giving her statement) as he investigates John’s disappearance. She is worried and tells Bo she fears that Steve took him. Bo asks her about it and she explains about Steve’s recent behavior and about him trying to choke her. Bo is furious and wants to go find him. She tells him about Steve’s dreams of being tortured and that he thought he was choking EJ. She points out that EJ tried to kill John before and now she believes he is somehow forcing Steve to carry out his dirty work. She talks about the night John was brought to the hospital and looked at Steve and said “killer” as well as Marlena’s strange dreams with John’s warnings, and believes it’s all connected. But Bo isn’t convinced, but she begs him to help her find Steve before he hurts someone. He asks if she is prepared for what will happen…he will have to arrest him and she says she is…it is what Steve wanted. She tells him that she wasn’t, but Marlena convinced her that Steve needs to be committed. So Bo puts out an APB on Steve. Kayla wants him to bring EJ in as well, but Bo says the arrested him once before, but didn’t have the evidence. They don’t have any this time either…he has to be careful with him. He promises, however that he will talk to him and see if he can get anything out of him. Kayla is going back home (the Salem Inn) and wait to see if Steve shows up and leaves. After she is gone, Bo calls EJ and asks him to come to the hospital…he needs to talk to him about John.

At the Warehouse…
Steve is with EJ asking him what the plan is. EJ cracks jokes and tells him that they need one of John’s kidneys. Steve says he is SICK and if they do that, John will die. Steve asks why they want it and EJ tells him it’s none of his business. A doctor shows up as Steve demands to know what’s going on. EJ tells the doctor that the nurse is scrubbed and ready whenever he is. He gets ready for surgery and Steve freaks out trying to stop him but EJ whips out his tarot card and puts Steve under control. Steve talks about how John was a part of that family but got away from them. But EJ says that Steve is one of them now. He begs EJ not to let that doctor hack John up, so EJ tells him if he can find someone else to do it he will consider it. Steve says he doesn’t know anyone and EJ points out that both Marlena and Kayla are doctors. Steve doesn’t like his options but EJ tells him he has 15 minutes to decide or they will operate anyway. As Steve goes to leave, EJ warns him to keep his name out of it as he flashes the card at him and sends Steve on his way. This is when Bo calls EJ…and on his way out, he tells the doctor that if John dies, take the kidney immediately and dispose of his body.

At Kayla’s…
She returns home to find Steve there waiting on her. He asks if she knows where he has been and when asked, he admits to taking John. She says they need to call the police and he says no, if they do…people will die…JOHN will die. He tells her to listen to him and do as he says…he needs her help for John and wants her to go with him…she doesn’t really have a choice. She asks if he is threatening her and he just stares at her. He says please…Sweetness…I need you. Confused and upset, she follows him out the door. They arrive at the warehouse as the doctor is ready to operate. Steve stops him and runs him out of the room. He tells Kayla she is John’s only chance. She asks what he wants her to do and he tells her she has to take out one of John’s kidneys. She stares at him in disbelief…as the previews show…

EJ (to Sami): It’s because you know that this child isn’t Lucas’s…it’s mine (as Lucas walks up)…

Kayla (to Steve): He will not survive here…you need to get on the phone and call an ambulance right now…before it’s too late…

Philip (ranting to Bo and Roman): Because of you, my little girl is dead and I won’t rest until the entire Brady family pays for that…

And the Credits roll…

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Episode #: 10513
Tape Date: 1/29/07
Air Date: 02/23/07 (The marker said 2/26…but that is Monday). Director: Herb Stein

Summary: Nick tries to come to Chelsea’s rescue, but she doesn’t want his help, and finds herself in over her head…Marlena tries to convince Kayla to call the police…as Steve follows orders at the hospital…The captain tries to convince Philip that Shawn, Belle and Claire are missing and probably dead…but unbeknownst to Philip, they wash up on an island.

At Chez Rouge…
Chelsea is on her date with Dr. Reibert. She tries to talk about calculus but he has other things on his mind and goes on and on about wine, coming on strong. She looks over and sees Nick loitering in the bar area (and to make him jealous) plays along with Reibert and yucks it up. Maggie finds Nick crying (but he claims it’s his allergies). He comes clean with Maggie and tells her that he feels that Reibert is up to something and he is worried about Chelsea. Maggie reminds him that Chelsea does not want him around and seems to be getting annoyed…and when Chelsea gets annoyed, it isn’t pretty. But Nick doesn’t care and insists that she is making a huge mistake. Maggie asks what is he going to do…rush over and save her? She reminds him that Chelsea isn’t all sugar and spice…she’s more like beef jerky (LOL). Nick says she isn’t as tough as everyone thinks, but Maggie thinks that Chelsea has it all under control, but Nick refuses to leave. Reibert rambles on about his love life, etc. then starts making fun of Nick, suggesting they take up a collection at work to buy him a life. Reibert asks how long he has had a crush on her and she says it seems like forever. They talk about others at work (this guy is so sickening) and he talks about past loves and stuff (sorry, I just tuned him out). Nick orders a beer and then points out to Maggie that Reibert is giving Chelsea wine…AND she is underage. Well, that gets Maggie’s attention as she storms over there and takes it away from Chelsea. Reibert asks just WHO she thinks she is and she informs him that she is the owner and the wife of lawyer Mickey Horton…AND that Chelsea is underage. Reibert tells Chelsea they can go back to his place and he can fix them a steak. Maggie tells him that most kids her age prefer Happy Meals (ROFLMAO…Go Maggie). She goes back over to the bar as she and Nick high-five each other. As a PO’d Reibert goes for the car, Chelsea walks over and calls Nick an immature loser and a spiteful jerk. She also calls him a stalker and rants at both of them. Maggie warns her to calm down. Nick and Chelsea argue and she tells him that actually likes Reibert because he is NOT Nick. Nick claims he didn’t follow her because he was jealous, but he is only trying to protect her, but she says she doesn’t want or need his help. Reibert returns for her and she goes on ahead…as Reibert makes his intentions for her clear to Nick. Nick goes after him and he punches Nick in the gut, doubling him over. Maggie also realizes that Reibert skipped out on his check and threatens to call Mickey when she sees he hurt Nick. But Nick tells her to let it go…Chelsea doesn’t want him. Maggie urges him to fight for her, so with renewed spirit, Nick slams down his drink and heads out. In the car, Chelsea asks Reibert to take her home, but he says no. She tells him that she isn’t hungry any more, but he says he is, as he reaches over and grabs her leg.

On the Ship…
Philip is frantic searching for Claire, but Stratton tells him they are not on the ship anymore. There is a missing life raft and they fear they are gone. Philip warns him if they don’t find his daughter, he will use all available resources to bring down the entire cruise line. After Stratton leaves, Willow comes and asks if there is any news. He is furious with her and blames her for this happening, for looking the other way. They argue and he goes to toss her aside, but she catches him with her knee in the family jewels, warning him that if he wants to play rough…so can she, calling him rude and insulting. After he calms down, she tells him that they can work together…it’s his choice. But he says he doesn’t need a street walker as a partner. She reminds him that he promised to help her and the baby, but he tells her she and Shawn’s baby can both rot in the gutter for all he cares. Stratton comes back and tells them they found the life raft, but it was ripped in half…probably by sharks. Philip demands that they search the entire area, but Stratton says no. Philip is sure that she is alive and he will find her. Later, Philip is up on deck with binoculars as Willow comes to apologize for helping Shawn and Belle but he rants at her, telling her to get out of his face. Stratton returns, this time with the captain, and they tell Philip that the search has been called off and that rescue is no longer viable. Philip refuses to believe that she may be dead…he KNOWS that Claire is alive. The captain tells him they recovered the raft and that there was blood on it. They are going to have it tested to see if it was Claire’s. After they leave, Willow tells him if he wants to make Shawn pay…she will help. Philip doesn’t want her help, but she tells him she owes him and she always repays her debts.

Belle and Shawn…
Wash up on the shore of an island. Belle, who is hysterical, is trying to wake him up. As he comes to, he asks where Claire is and she is crying that she lost her in the riptide. They rush around frantically looking for her as Belle sobs uncontrollably and Shawn assures her they will find her. Shawn is in the jungle and she hears him calling that he found her and comes out with a wet Claire. He says he found her sitting in the sand and seems to be fine. She is crying so Shawn digs through the bag for food and Belle notices that she is bleeding. Shawn thinks she may have gotten cut on his knife. They bandage it up but Belle notices that she is cold. Claire cries as Shawn works building a fire and they pray that they can survive. (Claire may have gotten cut, but on the upside...looks like she lost the damned headband!)

Outside Kayla’s Place…
Marlena is on the phone talking to someone about whether they have heard from Belle or Shawn (probably Hope). She goes inside as Kayla explains about Steve’s latest episode and trying to choke her. Marlena is shocked and Kayla asks her for help to find him, but Marlena says no and suggests she call Roman. But Kayla refuses to betray Steve and that she is going to find him herself. She says she can undo whatever EJ has done, but Marlena says it is too dangerous. Kayla reminds her that she and Marlena aren’t that different…she knows she can reach Steve but Marlena says she can’t let her go after him and tries to talk her out of it. Meanwhile we see Steve in the hospital elevator as he hears EJ’s words to go and bring John Black to him. He heads toward John’s room and sees him lying in his bed and then rushes back out the door. He continues to hear EJ’s words as he tries to fight it and goes to a supply closet…as we hear Marlena’s voice-over, telling Kayla that Steve belongs to the DiMeras now…sometimes he knows what he is doing…but most of the time he is under their control and will do whatever they want him to. We then see him don a set of surgeon’s scrubs. Kayla tells Marlena she must stop him, but Marlena says wherever he is, he has one mission…to follow orders. Kayla cries that she can’t lose him again, but Marlena warns her she can’t save him either.

Kayla insists she can do this but Marlena begs her to call Roman…”John said…” but stops. Kayla demands to know what John said. Finally she tells her about the dream she had where John tried to tell her something about Steve being programmed and dangerous. She tells Kayla it was more than a dream and she believes it. She tells Kayla she can’t think of him as Steve Johnson anymore…he is gone. She says he is now a man who tried to kill her…but it is Steve who will be blamed if anyone is hurt. Steve stands over John’s bed now and removes his tubes and monitors. Kayla refuses to call the cops, saying that they will arrest him, but Marlena warns her that he may kill someone…they can’t wait until there is a victim. Marlena reminds her that she herself has been controlled and tortured by the DiMeras and tries to assure Kayla that this is NOT a betrayal on her part. Steve loads John onto a gurney and covers him up then trips the fire alarm. Kayla beats herself up and only wishes there was another way. Steve then wheels John’s gurney out into the lobby as he hears the banging and has flashbacks of being tortured with EJ telling him he is one of them now. The nurses go to John’s room and discover that he is missing. Marlena assures Kayla that Steve is in there somewhere and he needs help. She gets a call from the hospital, learning that John is missing and rushes off, with Kayla right on her heels. Meanwhile, we see Steve now in the elevator with John…as the previews show…

Nick (yelling at Reibert, who is lying on the ground): Get out of here!...(Reibert): What the hell…? (Nick): You can never touch her…NEVER (as Chelsea watches)…

Bo (to EJ): What did you do with Steve?...

Kayla (to Steve): We’ve gotta call the police…(Steve): No…No…no police…if you call them, people will die…John will die…

Shawn (to Claire and Belle): We’re going to take care of you…(Belle): We’re going to take care of each other…

And the credits roll…

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Episode #: 10512
Tape Date: 1/26/07
Air Date: 02/22/07
Director: Roger Inman

Summary: Bonnie confesses to killing David Lockhart, but Mimi thinks there is more to her story…Chelsea starts her new job and makes Nick jealous in the process…Willow allows Shawn and Belle make a daring escape, infuriating Philip in the process.

At the Cop Shop…
Bonnie is in with Roman confessing to killing David Lockhart. Roman comes out and informs Mimi, who is shocked. Roman tells her that Bonnie confessed to everything…saying he was drunk, smelling of perfume and they got into a fight and she killed him with the fireplace poker. Mimi asks about Conner and we learn that he has gone back to the juvey ranch. He tells her that Bonnie is going to be processed and booked for murder. Mimi pleads with Roman but he tells her that her mother needs a good lawyer now…his hands are tied. Mimi asks to talk to her as Roman is going to talk with the DA. Mimi tells Max that she had seen her dad drunk before and knew he cheated, but had never seen him lay a hand on Bonnie. Max tells Mimi he has an idea, but it is a longshot. He asks her about the ring and says that if he did hit her mom, there may be some DNA on it. He goes to find the guy who has the ring and have it tested. After he leaves, Mimi goes to see her mom and demands to know the truth. Bonnie tells Mimi she had no choice but Mimi isn’t buying it. She wants to know why she put the Civil War uniform on him and how she built the brick wall…all by herself. But Bonnie says she has always been the queen of odd jobs. Mimi asks WHY did she go on letting her think her dad was alive as she cries. She tells her that Max is working on something to help and explains, but Bonnie says let it go…she did it…she killed him and she will go to prison where she belongs…for Mimi to just drop it. She explains that she stole the ring when she was working at the hospital and gave it to him as a gift…it is a dead end…forget it. Mimi demands the truth but Bonnie tells her she is guilty and she will get what she deserves. Mimi begs her to tell her what she is hiding, is she protecting someone else? Bonnie yells it’s her…no one else. Roman returns as Bonnie tells him to take her and book her and get it over with. Crying, she tells Mimi she loves her…please understand…as Roman takes her away.

Meanwhile at the Hospital…
Nick is working in the lab as Dr. Reibert comes in, startling Max causing him to break something. Nick swears to him it isn’t a problem that Chelsea will be working there but needs to talk to him about something else. The doctor tells him he may be smart when it comes to math and science, but when it comes to women, the is the dumbest guy in the world. He tells Nick to pay attention and he is going to teach him a few tricks when it comes to women. Nick doesn’t want to hear it, saying if any woman heard the things he was saying, she would be offended. Reibert says he was only trying to help, but Nick doesn’t want his help. On his way out, he tells Nick to try and not break anything else. After he leaves, Max comes by, yet again startling Nick (as he drops something else, lol). He gives Nick the ring and explains what is going on and Nick promises to check it out. He (nervously) asks Nick if he has seen or talked to Abby and asks him to tell her ‘hi’ from him.

At the Java Café…
Abby is there working on her laptop when some guy (Jed) comes over and start talking to her (he is a new guy at school) but Abby isn’t really impressed with him. Chelsea comes bustling in complaining about her Calculus class, is rude to Jed and tells him to leave. She tells Abby, yes the guy is cute, as she gives Abby a hard time…as Jed just stares at Abby. Abby points out that Nick could help her with Calculus…in fact, he would dress up in a wig and dress and take the class for her if she asked him to. She reminds Chelsea that Nick owes her and would do anything to make it up to her, but Chelsea says she wants nothing to do with him and keep him as far away as possible…but plans on making him squirm and plans on using her new boss to do just that. (She refers to Reibert as Dr. McBeautiful). She notices the time and says she has to get to work and rushes off. As Abby is getting ready to leave, Jed comes back over and starts talking. He asks her for a ride to the mall and when she sees his friends watching and laughing, she becomes suspicious and informs him that she is involved with someone else. He tells her he wasn’t trying to hit on her, but she says she knows what kind of games guys play…and he can just go back and tell them that he struck out and leaves.

Back at the Hospital…
After Max leaves, Chelsea shows up for her job and rushes over to Dr. Reibert and starts openly flirting, saying she is eager to learn and is sure she will learn so much from him. She talks about her not doing well in calculus and he offers to help her out. He takes her to show her around the hospital as Nick seethes. Later, they return as she continues to flatter him in front of Nick. He asks her out to dinner and she accepts. As they leave, she glances back over her shoulder at Nick.

Back at the Cop Shop…
Max returns as Mimi tells him that she is sure that Bonnie is hiding something and they have to figure it out before it’s too late. She thinks there is more to her story and that perhaps she is protecting someone else. Max thinks she needs to get out of there for a while, so she suggests they go back to his place. He says he has to go to the garage, he has a pile of work waiting on him. She volunteers to go and help, but he tells her no. She says she will go back to his place and wait on him. After she leaves, he calls Abby, leaving her a message, telling her he will be at the garage if she wants to drop by and say hi.

On the Ship…
Belle is a bundle of nerves as Shawn tries to calm her down. Philip is in the hall watching their door when Officer Stratton comes to take Shawn to the brig. Shawn tells Belle they have to keep it together. He thinks he can distract them while she makes a run with it with Claire. And she asks WHERE will she go…they are on a ship? Stratton tells Philip he is there to take Shawn and orders him to his cabin but Philip refuses. As they knock on the door, Shawn tells Belle he has an idea. They go in and Belle tells Stratton that Philip has been harassing them and that Shawn is in the bathroom with Claire. Philip rushes over and knocks the door down and they wee the air vent cover is off, thinking that Shawn took Claire and crawled through. They rush off to find him as Shawn crawls from under the bed with Claire. After they are gone, Shawn and Belle sneak out with Claire and run into Willow. She tells them that Philip is paying her to help him and reaches for the fire alarm. Up on deck, Philip and Stratton are looking for Shawn and find the officer that Shawn attacked and realizes it was a set up and rush back down. Back downstairs, Shawn and Belle plead with Willow to let them go and she laughs saying GOTCHA! She tells them to go…and she will tell Philip they said goodbye, laughing. Philip and Stratton return and search the room, realizing that they are gone. Shawn, Belle and Claire are up on deck as he tells her that there is only one way off…they have to jump. Philip finds Willow, asking if she has seen them and she tells him that they just left and he blows a gasket, railing at her. Stratton tells him he is going up on deck to look for them as Philip tells Willow he will deal with her later. She laughs, saying she can’t wait and returns to her cabin. Belle tells Shawn they can’t jump, Claire could get hurt, but he swears they will be okay, they have no choice. He tosses their things down to the raft and asks Belle if she is ready as he takes Claire. With a deep breath, they jump…as the previews show…

Marlena (to Kayla): I am talking about the person we need to save from Steve…

Nick (to Chelsea): Why would I do that?...(Chelsea): Like all immature world-class losers…you are also a spiteful jerk…

Philip (to Willow): You have nothing I want…(Willow): I have Shawn’s baby…I owe you Philip…and I always pay back my debts…

Shawn (to Belle, on dry land): Belle, where is she?...(Belle): I don’t know…I lost her!!...

And the credits roll…

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Episode #10,511
Tape date 1/26/07
Director - Phil Sogard

Steve leaves Kayla, despite her best efforts to stop him, Shawn figures out a way to escape, while Lucas tries his best to shore up a distraught Sami.(Is this really Sweeps month? Yawwnnnnn)

In their apt., Lucas and Sami kiss as he keeps telling her things are going to be fine, nothing is going to happen, all is well. He shows her a gift he bought for their baby, a little necklace for their baby girl, who is going to know from her lst breath, that Lucas is her daddy. What if it is a boy. Well, he will jazz it up with a football or something. They both proclaim their love for each other a few times, and then knock, knock. Of course it is the eternally pesky neighbor from across the hall, EJ. He has come to offer his congratulations, Kate gave him the good news, and he is so happy for them, yada, yada. He asks for the date, so he can mark his calendar (Oh, puleeze, this is sooooo forced!). Both Sami & Lucas are not saying much, and EJ finally comments that he is talking about their upcoming wedding. It is all Kate can talk about. Sami leaves the room for a minute, as EJ then tells Lucas he has talked to Kate and asked her to lay off. Lucas admits working with his old lady is not something he is happy about. Sami returns, and now EJ is offering Lucas a month off, with pay for the honeymoon, plus his private jet to take them anywhere. Lucas says, no thanks, but EJ is rather insistent. Sami is silent. He finally leaves, grabbing her bag of trash by the door (awful small bag, if you ask me). Sami protests, but EJ says no trouble, he will be glad to take it out. In the hall, he looks into the bag, talking of a treasure hunt to learn Sami’s secrets. (Is this stupid or what?)

Inside, Sami comments that she thought at first EJ was talking about her pregnancy. Lucas wonders why she is so adamant about no one knowing, especially EJ. She says it is not a secret, just something private between two people. Lucas rightly replies that her dad, his mom, Will and Billie all know. And that the way his mom and Billie both yap, it is going to get out. He asks her what the doctor said at her last checkup…..(ahh, so she HAS seen a doctor, GOOD!) and Sami tells him that her blood pressure is a bit high, so they will be keeping an eye on that. And she should avoid stress. Lucas wants to tell everyone, but Sami does not. They argue about it. Lucas agrees to keep mum for now, and they kiss.

On board the ship, Belle is worried about losing Claire, as Shawn repeats his promise that no one will take Claire from them. The ship docks tomorrow at dawn in Australia, so they do not have much time. He had found a raft, and there is a group of islands not far off. (oh, for cryin out loud, are we going back to Temptation Island?) Belle takes Claire (wearing that infernal headband again) to change her, then calls Shawn to tell him there is a loose air vent cover in the bathroom. Shawn checks it out, figures there is enough space for him to crawl thru, and he will be back in an hour. He tells Belle to pack some clothes, food, water and diapers, and leaves. As she is packing, Chief Officer Stratton knocks at the door. She hides the luggage, throws on a robe, turns on the shower, and tells him to come in. He wants to talk to them both, but she explains Shawn is in the shower. He will wait. Finally he tells her of a newpaper article the Canadian authorities faxed to them, accusing Shawn & Belle of being kidnappers. Belle protests, saying she is the child’s mother, and that court order is no good outside the U.S. Stratton tells her he intends to throw Shawn in the brig until they dock. Belle now says she has to personally feed Claire, and needs some privacy. He leaves, promising to return in a few minutes.
Meanwhile, Philip is at the rail, looking out to sea, as Willow saunters out in her brand new dress, fresh from the gaming tables, and bragging how much money she had won from those “mid-life crisis” men who are only too eager to get away from their wives and lose their money to her. Philip tells her to remember the only reason they are on the ship is to get his daughter back. She asks him, and then what. Take her to Belgium among strangers. She will have me, Philip retorts, and I will give her everything she needs. Oh, yeah, she says, and be raised by foreigners. She offers to help him out, and be the nanny. Now they argue, with Willow reminding him she can go to the judge, tell him how Victor paid her 10 grand to lie on the stand, and his court order will disappear. Philip grabs her, and dangles her over the railing, (shades of Michael Jackson!) with her screaming to let her go. He finally puts her back on the deck, she goes back to the tables and he leaves. And just 2 seconds later, out comes Shawn from the vent. He manages somehow to find a ship’s officer uniform, keys to the cabins, and even a child’s life vest. He returns to the cabin, just as Stratton is leaving and hides. He then enters with his key. Belle tells him about Stratton wanting to put him in the brig. They are about ready to leave when they hear Philip in the passageway.

In their room, Kayla is trying to stop Steve packing. Nope, he is going. They argue continually, as Kayla attempts to reason with him. He has to, look at the marks on her neck, DiMera has done something to him, and he has no control over it. He will not put her in danger. She pulls his clothes out of the bag, throwing them around the room, refusing to let him go. She pleads with him, to no avail. Steve has to leave in order to protect her. Kayla will have none of that. She tells him to strangle her right now, as she does not want to live without him. He tries packing again, but she will not let him, and keeps pulling his clothes out of the bag. Finally, he grabs his jacket, leaving without his luggage. Kayla runs after him, knocking him to the ground, and straddles him, as she cries, and flails at him with her fists. He cannot leave her. What happened to their vows…:”for better or worse, in sickness and in health”. Steve leaves.

EJ arrives at the warehouse sick room, with Sami’s bag of trash, telling the patient how they will now embark on a treasure hunt. He rummages around in the bag, and finds a letter from Dr. David Lieberman, Obstectric and Gynecology (Sami needs to get a shredder!). He smiles, telling his father that he just might have been successful in planting the DiMera seed. The hand closes into a fist, sort of like the victory clench. Now EJ says how grateful he is to his father for how he raised him to be the man he now has become, and that he will do everything possible to make his father well. The hand reaches out for EJ’s hand and squeezes it.

We hear the sliding door, and lookee here. It is Steve! Now how did he know where EJ was? He tells EJ that he has won, that he will do whatever he wants, but not to hurt Kayla. EJ turns around, Steve grabs EJ around the throat, whips out a knife,holding it to EJ’s throat. Alas, EJ just pulls out that ol tarot card and Steve sinks to his knees, defeated before EJ even gets a scratch. Too bad. He asks what he is supposed to do, and EJ tells him that he is "one of us" and it is something easy.... bring John Black to him. Just that. Bring John Black. Steve repeats…bring John Black.
Kayla walks around the room, picking up their wedding picture. She clasps it to her, sits down on the bed, and picks up the cell phone. She punches in a number, and when the person answers, just says “It’s me. I need you right away. It’s a matter of life and death.”
And the previews roll.

Chelsea to Dr. Rebert as Nick overhears: I’m really anxious to show you what I can do. I promise to make you happy.

Mimi: My mom’s hiding something.
Max: What?
Mimi: We have to figure it out before it is too late

Willow: Are you looking for Shawn, Belle & Claire? Cuz they all just left
Philip: Why didn’t you stop them? What the hell is wrong with you?

Shawn to Belle, holding Claire: We’ve got to jump



Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Episode #: 10511
Tape Date: 1/26/07
Air Date: 02/21/07
Director: Phil Sogard

Summary: Sami fears EJ learning that she is pregnant, but he has his own way…Steve walks out on Kayla…Philip and Willow threaten each other…Shawn has a plan for their escape.

At Sami’s…Sami and Lucas are kissing as he tells her hit will be him, her, Will and the baby soon. He gives her a heart pendant necklace for their baby girl…but when she asks, he says if it’s a boy, he will think of something. He can’t wait to tell everyone they are having a baby, but she wants to wait. Lucas reminds her that Roman, Kate, Billie and Will already know, but Sami begs him not to tell anyone else. He talks about how amazing it is that she saved his life and conceived all in one night. She gets upset and he tells her to just concentrate on the good things in their life. EJ shows up (as always), telling them he knows their good news…Kate just told him and asks for the date. But he is talking about their wedding and wants to be invited. He asks if there are any more surprises they are hiding and Sami says no. He says he wants to give them a gift…Lucas a month off and a honeymoon trip. Upset, Sami goes to the other room as Lucas complains about working with Kate. EJ tells him not to worry about Kate. Sami comes back asking EJ to leave. On his way out, he grabs their garbage bag, telling them he will drop this off for them. After he leaves, Lucas asks her why she doesn’t want EJ to know she is pregnant. Sami says it’s no big deal but she feels like EJ is playing games with them, trying to break them up. Lucas blames it on her hormones as they sit and he tries to calm her down. He says they should just tell everyone the truth. But Sami says no…she doesn’t want EJ to know. Lucas asks her if she still has a thing for him and she says no…the opposite…she is frightened of him and doesn’t trust him. She reminds Lucas that she set EJ up and she fears he is out for revenge. Lucas thinks she is just being paranoid. Sami accuses him of siding with EJ and says she can’t handle even living in the same building with him. Lucas tells her to concentrate on the good things and to forget about EJ…he says it’s no big deal even if he does find out she is pregnant. He tells her to trust him and have faith in him as he hugs her.

On the Ship…Philip paces on the deck as he is joined by Willow. She goes on and on about scamming the rich guys at gambling. He reminds her that is not why she is there and she assures him that she is going to stay with him and do as he says. In their cabin, Shawn and Belle talk about what is going to happen. She worries as soon as they dock, the authorities will take Claire away. But Shawn tells her that he has a plan. Willow tells Philip he should lighten up a bit and suggests that once he gets Claire, he hire her as a nanny, since he will be so busy. Shawn tells Belle about his plan of them escaping on a life raft. She fears they will not make it, but he says they can’t just give up…they must take a chance. Philip lights into Willow, saying she is crazy…once a whore, always a whore. But she reminds him that she is carrying his insurance policy. He says once he has Claire, he has no more use for her, but she says she won’t be gotten rid of that easily. Shawn asks Belle to trust him as they try to figure a way out, being that the windows are locked from the outside. Belle has an idea and tells him that there are air vents in the bathroom. Shawn checks it out and thinks he can fit through them. He plans on escaping and coming back with the key and will let them out. Philip laughs at Willow for threatening him, saying she is all trash and flash. She threatens to go to the judge and admit that she was paid off…and smirks as she says that Claire’s future is in her hands. Philip explodes, telling her she is too smart for her own good. He picks her up and dangles her over the side of the ship as she pleads until he pulls her back up. She calls him a monster and says she hopes that Shawn and Belle keep Claire. Shawn makes it through the vents and lurks around the deck. He sees an officer and later we see him out cold as Shawn is in his uniform. Another ship officer shows up at Belle’s cabin, wanting to talk with them. She turns on the shower and claims that Shawn is in there and stalls for time. The officer says she and Claire can stay in the cabin, but they are going to hold Shawn in the Brig (this is after he shows her the article about them being kidnappers). Belle claims she needs to feed Claire and for him to come back. He says he will be back in 10 minutes and leaves. After he leaves, Shawn comes back and unlocks the door. They get their things together, but as they go to leave, see Philip in the hallway and duck back into the cabin.

At Steve & Kayla’s…He is packing his things as she is begging him not to go. But he says he is saving her by leaving. She pleads and begs with him to stay and not give up. She says they can face it together, but Steve says they did something to him and he can’t control it. She talks about all the years she grieved and says she can’t go through that again. She says she never gave up hope on him but he says this time she must let him go. She says if he leaves, then her life is over as she tries to block the door, but he pushes on past her. She chases him through the other room and ends up on top of him slapping and hitting him and they end up kissing. But he gets up and tries to leave as she begs him not to. But he runs out the door, telling her he loves her.

At the Warehouse…EJ arrives, carrying Sami’s trash bag. He digs through it, and finds a card from Sami’s doctor. He tells Stefano it will be a DiMera baby. He says that it looks like things are going as planned…there will be a Brady carrying a DiMera child…Steve Johnson will be theirs…as Stefano takes his hand. EJ says he hopes he is proud of him and that he is going to make him well again. He hears a noise and turns to find Steve there. Steve tells him he wins…he will do whatever he wants…just don’t harm Kayla. Steve then rushes him with a knife, but EJ flashes the tarot card and brings Steve to his knees, under his control. He tells him that he wants him to bring John Black to him.

Back at their apartment…Kayla picks up their wedding picture and holds it close, then drops it to the floor. She goes to the bedroom and picks up the phone and calls someone, telling them she needs to talk to them about Steve…it’s a matter of life and death…as the previews show…

Chelsea (to Dr. Reibert): I am really anxious to show you what I can do…I promise to make you happy…(as Nick listens)…

Mimi (to Max): My mom’s hiding something… (Max): Like what?...(Mimi): We are going to have to figure out before it’s too late…

Willow (to Philip): Are you looking for Shawn, Belle and Claire?...well if you are, it’s too late, because the just left…(Philip): Why didn’t you stop them?...What the hell is wrong with you?...

Shawn (to Belle): We have to jump…

And the credits roll…

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Episode #10,510
Tape date 1/24/07
Director - Phil Sogard

Chelsea has her job interview, Kate's visit to Lucas does not turn out well for her, while Sami's visit to Celeste gains her a friend in need.

Chelsea arrives for her interview with Dr. Rebert, as Nick eavesdrops outside. She apologizes once again for her actions the last time they met, but Dr. Rebert is very accomodating. He is glad she was able to come, as he doesn't usually interview this late in the day. But needless to say, there really is no interview. He just tells her she has the job, and proceeds to flirt a bit with her. She is very excited, promising to do whatever he wants, and she will do a good job. He says something about, what, no kisses this time? (Uh, oh). She leaves, and outside in the hall, Nick stops her. She wonders what he is going there, duhhh, he works there. Chelsea tells him that when she teased him about his hair, polyester shirts, shoes, etc. she was not being mean, but considered him her friend. He says he knows that. They talk a bit about his impersonation of Dr. Patton....and Chelsea tells him he just doesn't get it. He replies, no, YOU don't get it. I love you. Chelsea is startled, but Nick has wanted to say those words to her for a long time. After she leaves, Nick goes into the lab, telling Dr. Rebert that Chelsea is really not as worldly as she seems. Rebert tells Nick he is out of line, and already skating on thin ice. Meanwhile, Chelsea goes to the garage, where evidently Abby is working late again, this time on the books. She brags about getting the job, and mentions Nick saying he loved her. She talks about going shopping the next day, and Abby wonders why, as wouldn't she just be wearing a lab coat? She certainly hopes not. Abby wonders which Dr. Patton is it that Chelsea wants to dress for.....Nick, or Dr. Rebert.

Celeste is playing with Theo, and tells him his dad is going to read this book to him when he comes home. (Thought Abe was going blind???) She sends him off to work on a puzzle, as she opens a piece of mail. My goodness, it is a speeding ticket for Alexandra. Celeste murmurs how she was always warning Lexie about speeding. She looks at the 2nd part of the ticket, and is startled. She calls Sami, telling her to get over to the house within 10 minutes, or she is going to call the police. Sami arrives apparently in record time, and Celeste begins to question her about Lexie being missing, and wonders what Sami knows about it. Sami is perplexed, not understanding what Celeste is driving at. Celeste shows her the ticket, along with the PICTURE taken of the occupants of the car and the license plates. She says that is definitely Lexie's car, but certainly not Lexie in it. (The picture shows Sami & EJ with the license plate - PKT 352 and the words "The Friendly State" under the numbers. LOL. So now we know the name of the state...Friendly. Wonder what the zip code is. heheheh)
Sami's lip quivers, as she tells all to Celeste. How Lucas was injured, and their car would not start, so she flagged down a car, and was so happy when it stopped. But then it turned out to be EJ, who agreed to help her with Lucas, if she got him thru the roadblock. She is beginning to cry as she tells Celeste he wanted to have sex with her, and "plant his seed". Celeste is horrified, saying...darling, he raped you, and Sami nods. Celeste wants her to tell the police what Elvis has done, but now Sami tells of being pregnant, and not knowing who the father is. And how EJ told her that Stefano sent him to Salem to plant his seed in a Brady woman. She is beating herself up, but Celeste tells her she is not a victim, but a survivor. Celeste realizes that even if Stefano is dead, the evil continues. She comments that Lexie may not have witnessed EJ shooting John, but Tek did, and he is missing, too. She thinks EJ has murdered them both. Sami says, no, maybe he is just holding them somewhere. Celeste promises to keep Sami's secret, but worries about EJ learning the existence of the picture. Sami promises not to reveal anything about that. She leaves.

Earlier, in their apt., Sami is looking at a Bridal book, talking of her failed weddings, of how all her dreams as a young girl have always come to naught. Lucas reassures her that nothing will happen this time, and promises all will go well. Sami knows she will start showing soon, and so they do not have much time. Knock, Knock. Sami mutters it better not be EJ, but no, it is her nemesis, Kate, who comes in spouting her same ol, same ol tirades about Sami. Lucas lets her know he had warned her about respecting Sami, and lets her know he has proposed, and they are to be married. This sets Kate off, as usual. Sami gets a phone call, (see above), hangs up saying it was a telemarketer, and then saying she is going shopping, she just is tired of all this. Kate questions the time, but Sami just says she will be back, she has to get out. Now Kate goes after Lucas, asking if he is not suspicious, etc. Nope, he trusts her. This leads Kate right into her accusations and theory about Sami helping rescue Lucas, but that it was really EJ. Lucas has had enough. Where is her proof. He really gives Kate what for, talks of the baby coming, and how Kate doesn't care about anything except winning an argument. Just control. He talks of Austin, Billie and now Philip (hmmm, what about Rex & Cassie?) and look what has happened with them and her interference. He loves Sami, and has warned her over and over about respecting her. He opens the door, telling her to leave. He tells Kate she is no longer welcome in this apt., that she is not invited to the wedding, or the Christening, or Will's graduation.
Sami returns, and asks about Kate. Lucas tells her she is gone, that he has disowned her, mentioning how Kate thinks Sami had EJ helping her. Sami says Kate is crazy, as they hug and Sami tells him she loves him so much, and to never forget it.

As Kayla & Steve sleep, he is twitching, shaking as he dreams of being tortured. (This is black & white)He sees a hand turn off some knob, the twitching stops, and EJ takes off the restraints. As he bends over Steve, he turns and grabs EJ by the throat, choking him as EJ lets out a maniacal, evil laugh. It goes to color, as we see Patch is choking Kayla, who is gasping his name. Suddenly Steve realizes what he is doing, and flings himself across the room, onto the floor, saying, no, no, no, no, no. Kayla picks up a lamp, to ward off any further attack, but Steve is nearly crying as he says he was dreaming, dreaming of choking EJ. Now he tells her of escaping from the hospital, and confronting EJ.....and how something happened and he doesn't remember. But in his dream he does remember EJ saying "you are now one of us." Kayla now starts the same ol mantra we have heard over and over about getting him help, and him refusing. He says it will not help. Kayla reminds him that John was a pawn, and look at the life he has now. Steve reminds her that John has been shot, and is in a coma. He wants Kayla to call police and report him for domestic violence. She refuses, and will not charge him with assault. He says he would kill himself before ever laying another hand on her. He grabs a bag and begins to pack. For her safety, he is leaving her. And the previews show:

Belle: Do you have a plan?
Shawn: It's dangerous, but I think it's our only chance

Steve to Kayla: Don't try to stop me. Don't make me live the rest of my life with your blood on my hands.

Lucas to Sami: What's with you? I mean, I know you don't want people to know your pregnant, but especially EJ?? Philip lifts her up and over the rail of the ship..What the hell, Philip. Put me down. She screams!


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Monday, February 19, 2007

Episode #: 10509
Tape Date: 1/24/07
Air Date: 02/19/07
Director: Albert Alarr

Summary: Nick beats himself up over what he did to Chelsea…as Chelsea pouts…Meanwhile, Abby and Billie play both sides and try to make peace…Kayla tries to convince Steve to seek help…and EJ has a special patient transferred to Salem (can you guess who?...hint: there is a huge phoenix on the wall ;-)

At the Garage…Abby is back there working on a car when Nick comes in. He tells her that he has a leak in his brain…and asks if she can fix that. They talk about Chelsea and how he hurt her. He asks why she is there and she explains that Max is backed up and she is helping him (well…then why isn’t HE there?) Nick warns her about spending so much time around Max, that she will get hurt. But she informs him that they have talked and she learned that Max likes her as well…but he is with Mimi. They were honest with each other and it all worked out okay. He wishes he had been as honest with Chelsea. He wants to know what he can do to make it up to her and Abby thinks he should just lay low for a while and let her calm down. But Nick wants to do something big for her…maybe even buy her a car. He thinks that Abby and Max have connections and can help with that. She tells him that she is “Switzerland” she is absolutely neutral in all this. He says he will just have to figure something out to make it up to her. Abby gets an idea and says that she does know that Chelsea needs money, so maybe he can help get her that job at the hospital…but Nick thinks she is crazy. Abby gets a call from Chelsea to come over so she heads out. On her way, she tells Nick to think about calling his boss.

At Billie’s…Chelsea is moping around, listening to the numerous messages from Nick, begging for her to pick up the phone. She tells Billie she wishes he would stop calling. He lied to her and hurt her, now she never wants to see him again. Billie tells her that all the things he wrote to her…they were from him…from his heart. Chelsea just wishes he had told her how he felt, instead of what he did. Billie asks, and what would you have done? would only have made fun of him. Billie thinks it’s kind of romantic and talks about Cyro de Bergerac and Roxanne. Chelsea puffs up, asking WHY does Billie always defend him. Billie tells her yes, Nick made a mistake, but it wasn’t malicious…like most of the mistakes Chelsea has made. Billie thinks she should treat Nick the way she would like to be treated…he has been a friend to her.

At Chez Rouge…Nick is there guzzling beer when Billie arrives (he had called her). She is upset to see him drinking but he explains he has only had 2 and is stopping at 3 (his personal record, lol). He tells her he feels so bad…like a scum-sucking bum. He beats himself up as she assures him that she knows how he feels…she has been there herself and understands. She has done many things she regrets…including sleeping with her daughter’s best friend. He says he feels like his life is a bad country song and the needle is stuck on the part where he loses everything he loves. She takes his beer away and says that isn’t what he needs and orders him an espresso. He asks how Chelsea is doing and she tells him that right now, he is #1 on her hit list, it will take time for her to forgive him. He downs his espresso in one gulp, burning his mouth, then gulps water. He says that he doesn’t care what it takes, he is going to make it up to her. He tells her about Abby’s idea and Billie says it may work, but it could go either way…she could forgive him…or end up hating him more. But Nick says he has to do something to prove how he feels and that he is sorry. He says he is going to call Dr. Reibert tomorrow.

Back at Billie’s…Abby is there now as Chelsea whines about what happened with Nick and also about Bo tossing her out. She says she HATES Nick and goes on about how she embarrassed herself at the hospital. Abby tells her that Nick feels so bad and tries to explain that she tried to convince Nick to come clean with her. Well, now Chelsea is pissed to find out that Abby knew the truth all along and didn’t tell her. Abby says she has no excuse…and she is on no one’s side…she loves both of them. She was only hoping that Nick would do the right thing and tell her the truth. Chelsea asks who all knew…Maggie?…Stephanie?...Max?...was it a joke to everyone? Abby assures her it was only her and Nick. Chelsea says that she has been a horrible person for so long…maybe this is just payback. Chelsea gets a call from (guess who) Dr. Reibert, asking if she remembers him. (well, duh, lol). He informs her that the job hasn’t been filled yet and he was just looking over her application…is she still interested? He asks when can she come in for an interview and she says she will be right over. She gets off the phone and tells Abby she wants that job…that way she can be in Nick’s face, rubbing it in, and besides the good doctor was hot. She says she can use him to make Nick jealous. Abby asks why would she want to make Nick jealous and Chelsea says to hurt him. She takes off as Abby whips out her phone and calls Nick to congratulate him on putting his plan into motion. He tells her that he never called Dr. Reibert. He is upset, saying he is screwed, and rushes off.

Steve and Kayla…Steve is working out when Kayla comes in checking on him. He says he can’t sleep and asks if she is disappointed in him. She wishes he would have stayed in the hospital and says if he has a better plan, to let her know…and it’s time for him to step up to the plate. She pleads with him to get help, but he breaks down crying, saying he only needs her. He says he can’t believe all he has put her through…any other woman would have bolted. He says he can’t take losing her again…she is his life. She assures him that she isn’t going anywhere and asks him not to take the cowards way out. She says it is up to him…if he wants to leave, then pack his bag and leave…but don’t expect her to pack it for him or hold the door. She has never given up on him and she isn’t going to start now. She says he needs to decide how he wants to live his life…as a wounded soldier…or meet it head on. She says he can’t fight it on his own…he has tried and it didn’t work. If they don’t fix this now, it will only get worse. She says she will be in that bed every night and she wants him there…right next to her. She loves the man he is. He cries and admits that he is scared as they hug. She pleads with him to attack this and assures him that he is the victim in this…it is not his fault. He has survived so much and he can beat this as well. Later, they are going to bed and he talks about how lucky he is. He tells her that someday when he stands before the “big dude” and is asked what is the greatest thing he ever did, he will say that he let a girl named Kayla love him. He doesn’t know if that will get him into Heaven or not…but for him, THIS is Heaven right now. He tells her he knows she is upset with him for leaving the hospital but he couldn’t stand to be drugged and locked up. But he has made a decision…he is going to talk to Marlena and Kayla thanks him. Later, as they sleep, Steve dreams of being tortured (and EJ is there, telling him he is one of them). He wakes up and stares at Kayla.

At Some Warehouse…EJ meets some guy who tells him that “HE” is in back of the truck. EJ tells him to put him in the warehouse. They set up a makeshift hospital room in the warehouse as EJ pays the guy and warns him to tell no one. The nurses stabilize the patient as EJ sits by the bed and tells him that he has bought the best equipment and hired the best doctors and nurses in the world…”nothing is too good for you…Father”. He turns on some opera music, noting he knows how he loves it. He notes how he has eluded death before and will this time as well. He says he has a plan to save him and has located several potential donors. He talks about how he almost never met him and says he should have heard the awful things “mother” said about him. He says he doesn’t know who he would have become without him…he gave him the best of everything…he gave him the world. Now it is time to give something back. He says he is going to save his life…and if that means that others will die… (freeze frame on EJ) as the previews show…

Nick (to Chelsea): If I hadn’t pretended to be someone else, you would never have let me see who you really are…(Chelsea): You still don’t get it…(Nick): No, YOU don’t get it…I love you…

Celeste (to Sami): I know you were with EJ the night John was shot…

Lucas (to Kate): What?...are you on drugs or something?...(Kate): Sami didn’t save your life…EJ did…

Steve chokes Kayla as he hears evil laughter…as Kayla screams “STEVE!!!”...

And the credits roll…

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Episode #10,508
Tape date 1/23/07
Director - Herb Stein

Bo disowns his daughter, Chelsea, Abby shows Max her mechanical ability and both make confessions, while Billie tries to shore up both Nick and then Chelsea.

Max is on the phone with Mimi, explaining how backed up he is at the garage and cannot meet her. He has 3 oil changes, a brake job, and a trans waiting for him. (About time he paid attention to his business and earn some money!) He hangs up, goes into the garage, surprised to find the lights on. Abby rolls out from under a car, explaining how she felt bad about leaving him in the lurch, knew how backed up he was, so she did 3 oil changes and the brake job. She left the trans for him. Max is surprised, (as are we!) but she said she learned a lot from just watching him. A grateful Max invites Abby out for a bite to eat, and she accepts, but wants to clean up first.
Later, at Chez Rouge, they talk about the bones being identified at David Lockhart’s, and how devastated Mimi is. They have no idea how the skeleton ended being sealed up in the church, but the police will find out. (Can't be talking about the Salem PD, lol) Mimi feels terrible at the awful things she has thought & said about her dad, deserting the family, etc. and here he was dead all the while. Abby asks if perhaps Bonnie is involved, and Max says they don’t know, but Mimi is worried her entire family will be in jail, and she will have no one. So he is trying to be there for her, support her, but just feels overwhelmed by everything. (hmmm, sounds like Max trying to say he is really not interested in Mimi, is just a "friend") Abby confesses to having been jealous of him & Mimi, and tells of the crush she had on him. But how she has moved past all that, and understands. Max talks of how he feels his life is empty, that something is out there for him, just in front of him, and he does not know what it is. Abby does. He misses racing and urges him to get back into it. He is scared, especially since the accident, and worries that there could be another one, and someone could get hurt. So she tells him to just get back in the pit again. He loves it all. He then tells her that she was not the only one who had a crush. After he broke off with Chelsea, and Abby came to work for him, he thought of asking her out. But, she was Chelsea’s best friend, and it would not have been a good idea. And then there was the age difference. Abby is indignant, saying she is almost as old as Chelsea, but Max says if they were older, the 6 years would not mean much, but right now, 6 years is a lot. And he knows how crazy her father is. He would swim across the entire ocean just to come and kick Max’s butt. LOL

Nick & Billie arrive back at the apartment, unable to find Chelsea. Nick beats himself up over hurting Chelsea, and destroying what had been building between them. He has lost a good friend. Billie attempts to talk some sense into him, reminding him that he was the one responsible for the change in Chelsea. Nick insists it was Shane Patton, but Billie again tells him that HE is Shane Patton. It was his words and his thoughts that caused the change in Chelsea. Now Nick worries that Chelsea will find out that her mother and Nick slept together. Billie says no, that will never happen. Nick questions why it is so important to Billie that he be in her daughter’s life. He would think after what happened between him and Billie, she would not want him anywhere near her daughter. Billie continues her pep talk, trying to build up his self esteem. She gets a call from Hope, and tells Nick that Chelsea & her dad have had a huge fight. They have to find her now. Nick thinks she will go to Abby. They leave.

Bo is really on Chelsea’s case. He shows her Patrick’s confession, and accusations against Chelsea, has her read the statement aloud for Hope. Chelsea reads how Patrick says she helped him in little ways. She claims it is not true, but Bo remembers how Patrick called Chelsea the night that John was shot. He wanted her to get in touch with Bo, which she did. He arranged for John to be in the boathouse, instead of Bo, with her help. No, No, Chelsea denies. Bo doesn’t believe her, and will not make the mistake of ever believing her again. Hope tries to calm Bo, but he will not be stopped. Chelsea is crying, and pleads with Bo. She did not help Patrick, he called her, asking her to tell Bo she saw him & Hope in a car heading out of town. No, she had not seen them, but she thought the call suspicious, and so called Bo right away.
Bo tells her he does not trust her, she always wanted to break up his family and he is tired of it. She admits that, at the time, she thought if Hope left with Patrick, there might be a chance for Bo & Billie. But she knows he belongs with Hope, she has changed, and she pleads with Hope, swearing she is telling the truth. Bo says he cannot trust her, won’t again, that she is not welcome in his house. He goes to the door, opens it and tells her to get out and never come back. He repeats it, telling her to get out, before he throws her out. Chelsea leaves. Hope immediately calls Billie, telling her what happened and that Chelsea needs her.

Billie comes in, and spots Chelsea, who is waiting for Abby. Now Nick begins to enter, but Chelsea lights into him, telling him to leave, hasn’t he done enough, and didn’t she tell him she never wanted to see him again. Billie asks Nick to go, which he does. Chelsea tells her mom what happened (we don’t see it) and bemoans how cursed they are, as every time it seems they have a chance at happiness, someone pulls the plug. Billie assures her they are not cursed, and instead, how blessed she is to have this beautiful daughter return to her, after all these years. She goes on and on, encouraging Chelsea, with a positive pep talk, and then telling her to just let’s go home, and raid the chocolate cupboard.

A sad and soulful Nick comes into the lab, where Dr. Rebert is working. (Boy, everyone sure does keep long hours, working late at night, etc.). Nick tells him how Chelsea hates him after his deception. Dr. Rebert is sorry, mentioning that not only is Chelsea a beautiful girl, but a great kisser, with lots of passion. He turns away from Nick, telling himself that he thinks the lab job is now filled.

Hope talks with Bo, thinking he was too hard on Chelsea, but Bo is tired of Chelsea’s lies and manipulations. He has done this for Hope, for his family, will not have it ripped apart. Hope tells him that really the blame is theirs. They should have been leaning on each other, and instead they both turned away from each other, and Chelsea just took advantage of the opportunities that thus presented themselves. She tells Bo she believes Chelsea, that they talked as they had never talked before, and reminds him of what Chelsea did for Shawn & Belle, and put herself out there for her brother. They hug, and Bo tells her what a big heart she has, but no. He will NOT give Chelsea one more chance. And the previews roll:

Billie to Nick: Knowing my daughter the way I do, it is gonna be a while before she forgives you. A while could be a very long time.

Chelsea to Abby: If I get the job, I’m pretty sure I can use him to make Nick jealous

Patch to Kayla: The DiMeras can come after me all they want, but I couldn’t take losing you again, sweetness

EJ ..holding the hand of a hospital patient: Nothing is too good for you, father.


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Thursday, Februrary 15, 2007

Episode #: 10507
Tape Date: 1/22/07
Air Date: 02/17/07
Director: Jim Baffico

Summary: Philip makes an offer to Belle…Willow shares her news with Shawn…EJ pressures Sami to admit she is pregnant…Billie has been evicted from her new apartment already…Chelsea and Hope make progress ad mending their relationship…but Bo may destroy what progress they have made.

At Sami’s Apartment…she and Lucas are kissing, basking in the afterglow of sex. They talk about the wedding but Sami has fears of her wedding ‘curse’. Lucas tells her not to worry about it and even suggests that they not tempt fate and not invite Kate. As they are kissing, EJ is pounding on the door. (He had just been over at Billie’s and learned that she has been evicted…I don’t understand how, but she said that Victor had evicted her. She told EJ that she is worried about how Chelsea will handle the news. He had asked if Lucas could intervene on her behalf and she said that Lucas and Victor weren’t speaking. So he went over to talk to Lucas. ) Anyway, Lucas decides to go over and talk to Billie to see if there is anything he can do. EJ takes the opportunity to get Sami to admit to him that she is pregnant. First he wants to have a toast to her and Lucas but she informs him that there is no alcohol in the house. He goes to his place and brings back some champagne and pours 2 glasses. She refuses to drink as he asks why. She says her fiancé doesn’t drink, so she has lost the taste. She pours herself a glass of juice instead. He pulls out a cigar and she tells him she doesn’t allow smoking in her house and demands he leave. He suggests just one more toast…to her child, which leaves her startled. He says he meant WILL. She tries to get him to leave and he point blank asks her if she and Lucas are expecting a little bundle of joy. Meanwhile, across the hall, Lucas offers Billie money but she turns him down. She tells him instead, she has decided to take EJ up on his offer and go into business with him. Lucas argues with her, saying that would be dangerous and she would regret it. He offers to let her and Chelsea move in with him and Sami…besides, Sami could use help planning the wedding. Billie hugs him and congratulates him as he assures her he knows it will work out this time. Nick shows up looking for Chelsea. (Earlier, he had admitted the truth to Dr. Rebert and said he could fire him if he wanted to. But in fact, the doctor was okay with the open display of affection he got from Chelsea…even boosted his ego a bit and he was flattered). Nick explains to Billie and Lucas what he did…and that HE was Dr. Shane Patton. He says he did it all to impress her. Billie lectures him, saying that Chelsea has come so far and she fears what this will do to her. Billie calls Abby, but she hasn’t heard from Chelsea either. Billie and Nick decide to go look for her after Lucas leaves. Lucas goes back to his apartment and from the hallway, he hears Sami denying that she is pregnant to EJ. Lucas goes in asking just WHY EJ is still there. He asks him to leave and says next time he feels like dropping in…DON’T! After hea leaves, Sami is upset as Lucas tries to calm her down, saying it doesn’t matter if EJ knows. In the hallway, EJ says he will find out what he needs to know…one way or the other…he always does.

At the Brady House…Chelsea goes over, upset over what happened with Nick. She tells them all about it and how Dr. Patton doesn’t exist…Nick made it all up. She tells them about finding her “doctor” at the hospital and making a fool of herself. She says that maybe this is her punishment for all the bad things she has done. She boo-hoos about how dumb she was and even apologizes for things she did to them, including posting the picture of Billie and Bo on the internet. Bo gets a call from Roman to come down to the station and he leaves. Hope asks Chelsea to stay with her until Bo gets back and share some ice cream. Later they are enjoying their ice cream as Chelsea talks about how she doesn’t deserve it, but hopes that Hope can forgive her someday. Hope says perhaps she already has. Bo gets to the cop shop as Roman tells him that the DA interviews Lockhart (trying to get him to incriminate EJ) but it didn’t work. He hands him the file, telling him that he did mention someone else in the interview. Bo turns and reads a marked section where Patrick talked about how Chelsea helped him from time to time and Bo is furious over this. Meanwhile, Chelsea is in shock that Hope could forgive her and Hope asks Chelsea to forgive her as well. She talks about all the anger and loss she suffered, but never stopped to realize what Chelsea had gone through herself, losing the only parents she had ever known. She feels that she even made things worse for her. Hope promises from now on, she wants a fresh start with Chelsea. The baby (does it have a name yet?) wakes up and Hope rushes to her. Chelsea gushes over her and Hope asks if she would like to hold her and hands over Chelsea’s little sister. Chelsea promises that someday, she will make them proud of her. Later, they are talking again about what Nick did as Hope suggests that it was possibly a shy guy’s way of showing her how he feels and maybe she shouldn’t be so hard on him. Bo comes bursting in ranting at Chelsea for helping Patrick. She denies it but Bo says no, he is finished…no excuses…no more forgiveness…she has had her last chance…she is not his daughter anymore.

On the Ship…Philip demands that the captain take the baby as Shawn threatens to toss Phillip overboard. The captain tells them that he is going to check everything out first and will agree. He says if they don’t stop arguing, he is going to toss all of them in the brig. After he leaves, Philip asks to talk to Belle privately. Reluctantly, Shawn leaves, taking Willow with him. Belle doesn’t want to listen to him but he asks to hold Claire. She gives in and hands her over as he holds her and talks about how he missed and loves her. Belle says she never wanted all this fighting and he suggests that maybe he, Belle and Claire leave together. Outside Shawn asks Willow what kind of trick she has pulled on Philip as she tells him about living in the mansion. Shawn doesn’t believe her and asks her what is going on. So she tells him that she is pregnant and Philip is going to take care of her and the baby. Belle tells Philip he is crazy for even suggesting that but he says that deep down he still cares for her. He says he is the same inside he always was and that the still loves her. Shawn laughs at Willow, not believing her. He asks who the father is and she informs him that it is him. Philip puts Claire down for her nap as Belle asks him what he wants and he says he is looking out for Claire’s future. He reminds her that HE has sole custody and insinuates that if she doesn’t go with him she may never even see Claire again. She catches on and calls him sick and unbalanced. She says she isn’t talking about it anymore…he isn’t getting her OR Claire…so deal with it. Shawn accuses Willow of lying until he figures out that Philip is going to use the baby she is carrying as a bargaining chip….to get to Claire. The captain returns and brings them all back into the room and tells them that his decision is that he isn’t going to do anything…he is going to wait until they get to Australia and let the American Consulate deal with the situation. Until then they are all under house arrest and confined to this cabin. Philip objects and demands the cabin across the hall, so the captain concedes as he and Willow leave. Belle is a nervous wreck but Shawn tells her not to worry…somehow, he, her and Claire will get OFF this ship before it gets to Australia…as the previews show…

Bo (to Chelsea): I want you out of my house…don’t ever come back…(Chelsea): Dad, please…I swear I didn’t do… (Bo): Get OUT of my house…

Billie (to Nick): What are you saying Nick?...(Nick): I am saying that secrets have a way of coming out…

Max (to Abby): You aren’t the only one who had a crush…

Bo (to Hope): You are the reason I am willing to turn my back on Chelsea…(Hope): You haven’t listened to anything I have said…cause that is NOT what I want…

And the credits roll…

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