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Tuesday, August 1st

EPISODE: 10368 DIRECTED BY: Phil Sogard TAPE DATE: 6/30/06

Another marathon night in Salem continues as Jack's days look minimal; Nick and Della talk as he ponders what to do, Stephanie and Kayla have a heart to heart talk and Sami learns about Carrie’s


Nick returns inside after seeing Kayla drive off and is defensive when Della rants about Kayla. (Interesting reading SoapNet’s interview with Stephen Nichols and he uses Marlon Brando as his role model for Steve/Patch…and the woman in the pool hall is “Della” where “Stella” was in Streetcar Named Desire ;-) Della tells him “blondie” wouldn’t take as good a care of him as she does and you can tell he’s having second thoughts as he says he pushed Kayla away. She brings him a beer in a bottle saying blondie would probably bring it to him in a glass. She asks him to put on a smile and show her how much he missed her. She tells him he has his place, his woman, his friends there as she strokes his face. Later he tells Della about his mother, dying brother, wife and daughter in Salem. He tells Della how pretty and smart his daughter is and drives a race car for a living. He missed her whole life. Della laughs she must have learned to drive from him as her mother probably never drove a mile over the speed limit. Della calls Nick scared of being rejected by his wife, so he got rid of her fast. She can tell Nick wants Kayla. He laughs as he tells Della how he use to be a cop and a government undercover agent. She laughs saying he use to be her own Ethan Hunt. He tells her he didn’t have regular amnesia, someone made him forget. He’s worried that whoever did this to him might find out he knows who he was now and might have it in for him. He’s worried he can be putting Della’s life in danger just like he was his family in Salem. He’s got to be ready in case that person comes after him again. We see someone looking in the window at Nick as he’s saying that.

Kayla returns to Salem and to the pub. She can tell Stephanie is upset about something by the way she’s twirling food on her fork. Stephanie tells her she saw the man she had told her about tonight (again, Kayla and Nick drove to Cincinnati..did their Eddie’s bit, then she sat around the airport, flew home and back at the pub and people are still out and about, LOL) and knows now they’ll never be together. Kayla offers to talk with her about it, but Stephanie gets defensive about how she and Kayla never had mother/daughter talks where they each talked and shared. It was always Stephanie talking and Kayla told her what to do. Kayla never shared anything with her. Kayla tells her how young Stephanie was when Steve died and she had already lost her Papa. She wanted her to know she’d always have her mommy and was determined to be strong for her. She apologizes for holding back from her and tells her that she was right. She shares how she also had a rotten day and that Steve just didn’t stay in Cincinnati, but he isn’t coming back and for her to move on without him. (Mary Beth rocks in these scenes!) Stephanie says “that sucks!” Kayla agrees and had felt Nick was anxious to know more about his past. She tells her daughter how Nick’s had a whole life without her.

Stephanie takes her mom’s hand and promises she’ll always have her. She apologizes for blowing up earlier and Kayla asks her to tell her about that guy she was interested in. Stephanie takes a deep sigh and stares. She doesn’t say her boyfriend’s name, just that he has a girlfriend that doesn’t deserve him and doesn’t share any of his interests like she does. This girl has been in trouble with the law and she hasn’t even had a parking ticket. She’s been down this road before and doesn’t want to lose this guy. Why doesn’t he see she’s as good a catch as her girlfriends say she is? Kayla hugs her daughter. Kayla figures out that this guy doesn’t know how she really feels about him, thinking they’re just friends. She tells her daughter to take a risk and put her cards on the table about how she feels. Stephanie asks if she’s willing to do the same thing with her dad.

A replay of Sami and EJ overhearing Austin saying Carrie isn’t pregnant. Carrie explains how they found out she wasn’t pregnant til just now and didn’t do an ultrasound when she was there before. Sami asks if they’re still going to Italy on their honeymoon and tells Carrie she’ll probably come back pregnant after that…cue the silent pause. Sami doesn’t understand and EJ grows uncomfortable and mentions leaving. They tell him no and Carrie tells Sami how Lexie told her she can’t have children, ever. Sami apologizes profusely to her sister and feels terrible for her. She knows Carrie’s had a hard time between the fire and this and goes to get her some wine. EJ follows and continues his mantra about when is she going to tell Austin the truth. She tells him never as she knows Austin would leave her and be with Carrie if she did. Lucas asks to borrow Sami’s heating pad, saying he sprained his knee running after the person lurking by her door earlier. Sami is shocked and learns Austin knew about it too. She asks what it was all about and he holds the envelope saying the person left this. Sami sees the envelope is addressed to her and asks if anyone has opened it. They say no, but it’s past time she opened it.

Lexie tells Jennifer that Jack’s taking a turn for the worse. She tells her about Jack’s regaining consciousness for an hour and talking to Maggie. He wanted Jennifer to have time with Frankie, so didn’t want them to call her. Lexie says Jack’s got a high fever and not responding to the treatment. She warns Jen to plan for the worst. Jennifer goes in to see Jack after asking Frankie to make some calls. Jack tells Jennifer he knows it’s time and she must feel it too. He’s grateful for the time he’s had with her that he didn’t expect to have. He tells Jennifer she’ll be okay and Abby rushes in and hugs him, begging him not to leave. Later he tells them both he knows they’ll mourn him, but asks them not to make a career out of it and to be happy, live their lives and move on. He asks them to give Jack Jr. a hug and kiss for him and Maggie walks in with him. Frankie had called Maggie and Maggie said they have people in high places there and were able to bring him in. Jen holds her son as Jack touches him (JJ’s busy eating cheerios) and Jack kids about this isn’t upsetting his appetite. He sees Frankie walk in and tells him not to be a boring deadline type. He’s growing weaker and Maggie thinks he’s just tired, but Jennifer said this isn’t good and Maggie rushes out to get Lexie. Jack rambles on weakly and finally either falls asleep or ??? as Jennifer touches his face asking him to keep talks…the screen freezes on her gazing at him….as the previews roll…

LUCAS TO SAMI: Nobody in this room knows you better than I do, so why don’t you tell me what’s going on?

MIMI TO PATRICK: If I told Shawn the truth he’d leave me for Belle in a second.
PATRICK: You’ve got to tell him the truth.

BELLE TO SHAWN: If you bonded so close to Claire before the transplant, I think I know why you’re so close to her.

CARRIE: Of course I did, like you wanted me to (and they kiss)…

And the credits roll…

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Monday, July 31, 2006

Summary: Chelsea shows some remorse and guilt and actually accepts responsibility! EJ gets the story from Sami, Lucas encounters the gloved hand, and Austin finds a note for Sami, while both try to comfort and make their stand with Carrie. Steve/Nick and Kayla deal separately with the woman in Cincinnati (excellent scenes for these two!)

AT THE GARAGE, Max asks Stephanie who could have done it (the writing on the locker), but she knows without question who it would be. He doesn’t want to believe Chelsea capable of it. Stephanie admits it was childish and she shouldn’t be so upset, and Max shouldn’t apologize for her. Chelsea comes back and does apologize for being so childish, stupid, dumb, immature. She tells him that she did it to get back at Max for leaving her at Dune – but chose to target Stephanie for leaving with him. Stephanie hopes she feels better for telling the truth. She reassures her that she is not after Max – they are just friends and she has nothing to worry about. (She is trying to teach Chelsea a lesson about being nice and growing up). She leaves to give Chelsea and Max time to talk. Chelsea asks if he forgives her and he gives her a very simple no. He wants to know why he should. She tries to be honest with him about her feelings, but he wants to know if she is for real, or playing games still. He wants her to trust him and stop playing games. She is shocked to know that he loves her, even after everything that has happened.

OUTSIDE, Abby tries to talk Chelsea into going back to clean up before it gets found. Chelsea admits it was stupid and, feeling guilty, goes in to clean it, but finds Stephanie in Max’s arms. She goes back outside with Abby. She doesn’t care if it’s her cousin, she will get her for trying to take Max. Abby lists Stephanie’s good points and warns her that if she keeps playing games, she will lose Max to Stephanie for good. She tells her to start acting like a good person. Chelsea is tired of being sorry for everything, including being alive.

Stephanie finds Abby outside. Stephanie wants to know why she is friends with Chelsea – they don’t have much in common. Abby doesn’t know, either, but is sure that Chelsea is a good person deep down. Stephanie is the voice of reason about Chelsea. She feels sorry for her, but maybe she needs for people to be mad at her for her actions. Max finds and tells Stephanie that he is going to take Chelsea home, but wants to look at the car later. He tells her that Chelsea freaks when things happen, and needs hand-holding, but will be better.

Chelsea thanks Abby for making her go back and apologize. She got Max’s forgiveness, and his declaration of love. Abby tries again to reassure Stephanie that Chelsea really does care for Max. Steph is still worried that Chelsea will hurt Max unforgivably.

STILL ON THE ROOF, Sami tries to convince EJ that she is wicked, despite what she seems. She admits that she kept two people apart who would probably be together, just because she doesn’t want to be alone. She wants a man to love her totally and completely, like she loves Austin. He asks f she is sure, and she claims that she is. She has loved Austin since she was a teenager, and everyone else was just a substitute. She gets uncomfortable when he brings up Lucas. She is still afraid of losing Austin over what she has done. EJ tries to get her to tell him, but she doesn’t want to lose the only friend she has left. He wants to assure her that as her ‘true’ friend, he will not abandon her over what she has done. He is very insistent that she share her secret so that he can help her. She finally gives him the story – the platonic roommates, her efforts to get him to pay attention, Highstyle, both guys wanting Carrie, Carrie leaning towards Austin….he jumps in, figuring out that this is why she was blackmailing Lexie – to get her help. Sami is sure she shouldn’t have told him, because now he will hate her. She tells him what they told Carrie, but accepts that Carrie still had a choice – and chose Lucas. He stays quiet and she assumes it is because he hates her now. He claims that he doesn’t hate her. He is actually in awe of her – not many people would fight so hard for what they want. He is convinced that Austin can’t sweep Carrie off her feet as long as she is married and pregnant with Lucas. She sees his point and thinks that she might have a chance after all. He wants to know if she is ready to rethink telling the truth.

DOWNSTAIRS IN HIS APARTMENT, Austin has found a note under the door and notices it is addressed to Sami. Lucas finds the gloved hand reaching for the door knob and yells and runs after them, only to lose them when he stumbles at the entrance to the stairs. Austin and Carrie come out and he tells them about the lurker, whom Austin assumes is the one who put the note under the door. Lucas wants Austin to open the note, but he won’t. It was sealed and addressed to Sami. Lucas is still uncomfortable with a stranger stalking the halls and vows to call the super in the morning. Lucas shows Carrie the headache pills he got for her and goes to get some water. She turns to Austin saying their conversation has to be over. Lucas loves her…and Austin interrupts that so does he, and she loves him. Lucas comes back and finds Carrie crying – so she tells him that Austin knows about the baby. He offers his condolences, and Lucas gives her a nice speech, aimed at cheering her up. He decides not to wait till morning to call the super and goes to call right away. Carrie says that she can’t hurt someone as wonderful as Lucas – better yet, she won’t. Lucas comes back to find Carrie in Austin’s arms and bites off what he was going to say, as Austin just stands there holding her, and looking at Lucas (she is facing away and doesn’t see Lucas). Lucas tries to comfort Carrie himself. They got bad news, but they will get through it. It will be smooth sailing now that they got their problems out of the way early. She goes to wash her face with cold water and Austin decides to go check on Sami. Lucas wants to settle something before he goes, though. He comments on how he saw Austin comforting Carrie and thanks him for being so unselfish and caring for them. He is feeling really bad for Carrie, who is taking it really hard. Austin thinks it has to be really hard for Lucas, finding out that Carrie isn’t actually pregnant with his child….as Sami and EJ come through the door.

IN THE PARKING LOT IN CINCINNATI, Kayla is crying and can’t get her keys in the car door. She calls her mom, who asks what is wrong. Kayla tells her mom that he isn’t Steve, but Nick, and Nick doesn’t want her. She tells her mom where she is and what happened. She admits that she is hurt. Caroline can see and feel the connection, but Kayla doesn’t think he feels it. She feels his life is in Cincinnati with his friends at the bar. She thinks she should move on and go to Africa, and forget about him. She was hopeful, but now her hopes are dashed. (She is so emotional here – excellent job!) Her mom’s words get to her and give her back her fire. She knows she lost him once and may never know why or how, but she will not lose him again.

INSIDE THE BAR, Steve asks Rosie for a cold one. Della says she should be glad he is back, even if she is a roach. She is worried he was buying “Blondie’s” act, but he turns on her, telling her it was the truth – she was his wife and he even has a daughter. She turns on the heat and claims that although he may have been married to her (Kayla) once, he is with her (Della) now. (He is not looking very comfortable as she puts her arms around him from behind.)
Steve tells her that he is not in a partying mood and brushes her off. She tries to egg him on, but he gets angry and pushes her off. Della thinks “she” got to him. She claims that she wants to know what is going on, because it is her life, too. That bothers him, since he doesn’t know anything about his life. She says he does, and so does she. He tells her to come here, and sits down. He tells her he never meant any of it to happen. He onl y went as a favour to his dying brother. He knows that there is a wife, but she was supposed to be in LA. She can figure out the rest. She is sure that “Blondie” got cozy with him, after pulling out the big guns. She wants to know if he actually does remember. She claims to feel for him, but maybe it is a sign that his life with her is over – if he was supposed to be with her, he would remember. She goes to restart the jukebox, while he sits thinking. Turns out it is there song, and she wants to dance, and he goes, but reluctantly. We see them dancing through the dirty window.

Kayla goes back inside and Steve and Della talk about their song. He doesn’t know why he has always had a thing for that particular song. Kayla looks on as he kisses Della. He leaves her and goes to sit back down. She is upset that he walked away. She was sure his favourite song would help. She is pissed that he is thinking about “that woman”. He gets very angry and tells her to back off because he can’t breathe. Kayla is outside on her phone, asking about the next flight to Salem – can she leave tonight. She drives off as Steve runs after her, with the previews following:

Austin: It’s addressed to you.
Lucas: It’s way past time we open that.

Steve/Nick (to Della): If somebody can stage my death and erase my memory, that somebody's got a lot of power…So I have to assume that they’re coming after me again.

Jack: I’ve tried, I really have. But I think it’s time for you to let me go.

And the credits roll…


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EPISODE: 10,366 – DIRECTED BY: Roger Inman - Tape Date: 6/28/06

The green eyed monster grabs Chelsea; Sami continues to rant to EJ on the roof while Carrie is honest with Austin; Steve tells Kayla to move on….(hurray up new writers….Salem needs you!!)

Chelsea and Abby stop by the garage to find Max. Abby tells Chelsea she’s only interested in Max when someone else is. Chelsea figures they’re at Lookout Point, but Abby says Stephanie isn’t interested in Max. Chelsea wonders if Stephanie is a virgin and Abby says how Stephanie and her mom are close (oh yeah?) and she told Jennifer she wants to wait until she’s married first. Chelsea says being Abby’s related to Stephanie, that figures. Abby fires back with, yeah..but so are you, so maybe not, LOL. Chelsea explains she’s from the WILD side of the family. Chelsea rushes over to the lockers to rummage through them and Abby tells her not to. Chelsea goes through Stephanies back pack and finds a paperback copy of Wuthering Heights, comments on when she bought it and being a slow reader…insisting that Stephanie is beautiful and loves cars too, so why wouldn’t Max fall for her? Abby keeps insisting she’s wrong, saying Stephanie is NICE to Max and maybe Chelsea should be too. Chelsea says she is and asks Abby if she doesn’t think she is. Abby says some of the time, but reminds her how she flirts with other guys and that’s not nice. Chelsea pulls out a notepad where Stephanie’s written Max’s name and has hearts around it and shows it to Abby. Now she knows she’s after her boyfriend. She rants on, grabs Stephanie’s lipstick, commenting on how cheap it is, just like Stephanie (she doesn’t have a sugar granny like you do Chelsea!) and writes WHORE on Stephanie’s locker. Abby yells for her to stop, but Chelsea gets this smug look on her face when she’s done.

Stephanie tells Max that if she were his girlfriend, she’d never treat him the way Chelsea does. She compares Chelsea to Sami, but Max doesn’t agree. She apologizes if she hit a nerve when he says she’s not like Sami. Stephanie says Chelsea is Sami on training wheels, LOL..good one. He justifies Chelsea as a shy, insecure woman inside (oh yeah, right). He points out that Stephanie was right when she told Chelsea that she was jealous of her. They joke (cute) about what they should do now. He asks how she’s doing and she says she’s getting in a groove back in Salem, happy that her dad is alive. She knows her mom still loves her dad or she would have gotten a divorce by now. He kids about if she believes in fairy tales and happy endings and she smiles and says he must too to continue going after Chelsea (touché). He pays the bill and asks if she wants to go back and work on his car and she happily agrees.

Abby tries to get Chelsea to wipe off the locker, but she refuses and tells Abby she can’t either. They leave and seconds (literally) later Max and Stephanie walk in. She goes to change and sees her locker. Max does too and asks who could have done that (hello…have you heard of KEYS and locking up your garage??) and she knows it was Chelsea. It upsets her and she goes into his arms to be comforted, which he does. Outside Abby gives Chelsea a reality lesson saying what she did was childish and immature. Chelsea agrees with Abby and when they turn to go wipe it off, see Max and Stephanie hugging as he wipes a tear from her eye.

Sami tells EJ she’s sorry if she upset Carrie. He insists she tell her friends and Austin the truth NOW. Grabbing her, he tells her to grow up and take responsibility for her actions. He strongly tells her how she’s told him that Austin values honesty above everything else. She reflects back (flashback time) of when Austin left her at the altar in Las Vegas as Austin told the wedding guests what happened between him and Sami stays between them and he doesn’t want to hear or talk about Sami Brady any more in the future. She fingers her ring saying she can’t lose Austin again or she’ll die. EJ insists she has to make a choice. She wonders if the person sending the notes really knows what she’s done. His greatest fear is that the note sender is writing a note right now and going to give it to Austin. Looking at her ring she says she can’t. How She Ruined the Best Night of her Life and Made it her Worst by Samantha Brady, found at booksellers everywhere. She knows Austin would never forgive her. She did what she did out of greed and selfishness, she didn’t want to be alone. He’ll understand when she tells him what she did.

Lucas follows Carrie back to Sami’s apartment and she cries that she rushed their wedding because she thought she was pregnant. She only married him because she thought she was pregnant. Austin overhears from the always open door with a deer in the headlights look. Lucas tells her they have time to get to know each other better before they adopt and calms her down before getting her some aspirin. Austin steps inside the door looking at Carrie. Lucas returns saying Sami didn’t have any aspirin, only bottles with hearts on them, LOL. He speculates she’s use to giving headaches, not getting them (ouch). He apologizes to Austin for that, saying old habits are hard to break. He asks Austin to stay with Carrie when he goes to buy some aspirin. Carrie tells Austin she feels like a failure and can’t do anything right. He pulls her close and kisses her head. She tells him about not being pregnant and feels stupid she believed it. Austin feels bad, knowing how badly she wanted a family. He mentions her and Lucas may adopt and she says that’s not what’s bothering her. She tells him he was right, she only got married because she thought she was pregnant. This marriage was a huge mistake. Austin reminds her she agreed to marry Lucas before she thought she was pregnant. She nods, but says she made a mistake. He tells her she doesn’t have to answer him, but is she saying she wished she’d married him instead of Lucas? Carrie knows it won’t change the fact she’s married to Lucas and he’s engaged to her sister. The glove slips a note under the door and runs just before Lucas returns and calls after them.

Kayla and Steve continue their discussion about where he belongs…in Salem or Cincinnati. He doesn’t want to hurt her any more than he already has, but he thinks it’s time they said goodbye. She knows she’d fight for her family and asks him if he doesn’t want to fight for them. Solemnly he agrees he doesn’t want to. She tells him just because he’s giving up doesn’t mean she will. He isn’t giving up, just not fighting for it. His life is in Cincinnati, just like hers is in LA. Nope, she’s not buying it. Her life is with him and he’s the only man she ever loved. Their child is the only thing that kept her going, to give her some family. She knew in her heart she couldn’t love anyone else like him and the one man she tried to move on with understood that. As she chokes up (sniff), she said she’ll love him for the rest of her life and that’s the way it is. He tells her she deserves someone better than him. She’s wasted too much of her life on him, but she needs to move on. He’ll never be the guy she remembers. He goes on about how she should go to Africa like she had planned. She tells him he’s her husband. He jokes about how she doesn’t give up and she agrees with him. He says she’s asking him to give up what’s comfortable and familiar to a blank slate, which would she choose. She realizes she’s not going to convince him to stay with her. He says it’s good to know someone once loved him and she says she still does. He asks her to understand he’s not the Steve Johnson she loved. She says she’ll never understand, never…and leaves. She goes out to her car and throws her keys to the ground as she’s so upset she can’t unlock the car and says DAMN IT.

As the previews roll….

Carrie to Austin: I can’t do this to someone as wonderful as Lucas.
Lucas walks in to find them hugging…

Stephanie to Max: Don’t apologize for Chelsea.
Chelsea to an angry Max and Stephanie: I owe you both an apology.

Sami to EJ: This is exactly why I didn’t tell you what I did..because know you’ll hate me too.

Kayla looks back in the bar and sees Steve kissing the other woman

As the credits roll…

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Episode # 10365, Tape Date: 6/27/06; Air Date: 7/27/06; Director: Roger Inman

Summary: The loft-dwellers are at the hospital, just rehashing what has already been said…Steve tries to explain about Della…Chelsea thumbs her nose at Max…and yet again, he turns to Stephanie…Sami tries to tell everyone the truth, but Carrie is too upset to hear it.

In Cincinnati…the ever-lurking gloved hand, lurks outside the bar as there is a replay of the “who the hell are you?” scenario transpiring inside. After both declare to be Steve/Nick’s wife, they want to know what is going on. Steve says that he and Della are NOT married, but she says they had an agreement. She demands to know why Kayla is calling him ‘Steve’ and he begins to explain about how she is from his unknown past. But Della refuses to believe it. He tells her he has taken a DNA test and it is true. She demands to know where he has been and what he has been up to…telling him that life is his past…this is now. He asks to speak to Kayla alone so they sit and he apologizes for not telling her sooner. She asks if he loves Della. He never answers her, but assures her that there have been other women, but Kayla only wants to know about Della. He tells her about the life he has been living is not what she is used to and he is not the man she thinks. She says he isn’t so different from the Steve she knew and tells him that he had a favorite dive in Salem, called the Cheatin Heart…not too different from this place. He says he just isn’t the right kind of guy for her and being back there has made him realizes that. But she insists they belong together. But he says until he can remember, he can’t be with her. Kayla is confused and asks why he didn’t mention any of this when they were in Salem…was he playing her? He says the truth is he doesn’t feel the same connection that she does. She thinks that maybe he doesn’t want his former life back at all. Della sashays over telling him to chose. She asks him if he remembers making love to Kayla. When he doesn’t answer, she says she KNOWS he remembers it with HER and that she is not going to give up on him and starts kissing on him. He pushes her away and apologizes to Kayla. She asks him if he even WANTS to remember his past with her. He says he fears that he could even be dangerous to her and Stephanie. She says he is trying to protect her for all the wrong reasons. But, he says, if he can’t remember her as his wife…how can he be her husband?

At the Dune Club…Chelsea is dancing with a bunch of guys as Max confronts her, wanting to know what the hell she is doing. She doesn’t want to talk to him. She says she is just having some fun. She goes on to say that he is just so busy with Stephanie, what is she supposed to do?...go home and read a book? He chastises her and then tells her to just forget it and storms out with Stephanie. Abby points out that went really well (LOL) but Chelsea is sure that he will be back. Outside, Max is furious and rants to Stephanie, saying a relationship shouldn’t have to be this hard. Stephanie says maybe he just isn’t meant to be with Chelsea. Inside, Chelsea wants to dance and urges Abby to pick her one out as well. Abby reminds her she is seeing Josh. Abby thinks that Chelsea is just afraid of caring about Max and pushing him away…saying Chelsea reminds her of Sami. Chelsea bristles at the idea of being compared to her cousin, saying SHE knows how to handle men. She says trust me…Max WILL end up with me…NOT that bitch Stephanie. Max thinks that maybe he and Stephanie (race car drivers) are not cut out for relationships. But, she says that even though she enjoys what she does, that is not ALL there is in life. She is sure that she will fall in love someday…just look at her parents. They talk about Steve and Kayla and about love. Inside, Abby tells Chelsea she is just going to lose Max if she keeps pushing him away but she just wants to dance and goes back out on the floor

At the Hospital…Belle is with Shawn, blaming herself for what happened to Philip. He tries to comfort her and as he hugs her, Philip walks out of his room and sees them. He (sarcastically) thanks Shawn for being there…to take care of his wife. Belle tries to calm him down as Mimi walks up as well. Shawn tells them all they need to talk. He talks about custody and such and how about how they all live so close and how convenient it is. Philip chimes in that maybe it’s a little TOO convenient (ya think?) Shawn says they are going to just have to accept what has happened and learn to live with it and be friends. Mimi says that they all need to be honest and she needs to tell them something…that will change everything. She says she has kept it a secret…then blurts out that Shawn is Claire’s biological father. She explains and everyone is furious with her that she hadn’t told them all sooner. Shawn demands an annulment and rushes to Belle’s side saying that this is a sign that they belong together. They leave together arm in arm as Philip spits to Mimi that as soon as the surrogate gives birth, he is going to sue for full custody. Yes, of course, it is a fantasy on Mimi’s part! Shawn asks her what she wants to say, so she REALLY BS’s her way through it, saying that they need to all work together for the sake of the kids. Shawn agrees, saying that they are all good friends and need to work together for the welfare of the children. He tells Philip how he and Mimi are solid and honest with each other. He talks about how Belle has stood by Philip in difficult times and loves him as well. He asks him not to push her away now. Philip says he would never abandon his family, then tells Belle that he loves her and Claire. Shawn hugs Mimi and assures her that everything is going to work out okay.

Lucas and Carrie…return from the hospital (to Sami’s apartment), talking about her not being pregnant. But Lucas is still glad that they got married. She is upset that she can NEVER get pregnant and asks Lucas if he still wants to stay together. He asks if she regrets marrying him and she says no, she is just sad but feels lucky to be his wife. She suggests that they join Austin and Sami up on the roof.

Up on the Roof…Sami, Austin and EJ are enjoying their (romantic?) dinner for three (lol) as Sami is still going on about the ring. As Austin gets more champagne, EJ gives her the eye. She tells Austin that the truth is, she doesn’t deserve the ring and takes it off. She says she needs to tell him something but she wimps out and says she doesn’t deserve to be happy but feels lucky to have him in her life. He puts the ring back on her finger telling her to wear it always. He runs down to the apartment to get the desert wine that Maggie gave him…as EJ starts badgering Sami to tell Austin the truth. Austin comes back with Carrie and Lucas in tow. He tells them about giving Sami the ring and as Carrie admires it, Lucas congratulates Austin. Lucas asks Sami why she doesn’t seem happy and is sure that there is something else going on. Carrie calls him off and Austin asks how Carrie and the baby are (nervous looks from Carrie and Lucas). Carrie tells them that everything is fine and whispers to Lucas she will tell them later, she doesn’t want to ruin Sami’s evening. Austin proposes a toast to Sami (as EJ pushes her to talk). Sami tells them all she has something to say that could change everyones’ lives forever. She talks about how she wants the best for everyone but before ‘happily ever after’ she has to apologize for what she has done. She says she has hurt them all in the past and done terrible things. She starts babbling about all she has done and says they could be there all night. She says she is lucky that they have all forgiven her. She tells Austin that he is so amazing and thanks him for loving her and wants him to be proud of her. She turns to Carrie and Lucas, saying she wants to be a good role model for their baby. She tells Carrie that she is so happy for her and knows that she will be a great mother. Well, that gets to Carrie, who runs off. A dumbfounded Sami asks “was it something I said?” Lucas takes off after Carrie…and of course Austin follows shortly thereafter. EJ asks Sami if this “secret” is the worst thing she has ever done and she says it’s debatable. He tells Sami again that she needs to tell Austin the truth and now. Downstairs, Carrie is crying as Lucas tries to console her. She yells at him to just STOP IT…she made a huge mistake…as Austin is standing at the door. Freeze frame on Austin…as the previews show…

Max (to Stephanie): Who would do something like this? (Stephanie): You have to ask?...He hugs her, telling her he is sorry…as Chelsea watches them…

Steve (to Kayla): I don’t want to hurt you any more than I already have…it’s time for us to say goodbye…

EJ (to Sami): Your future lies in your hands…you need to make a choice…

Carrie (to Lucas): I only married you because I thought I was pregnant (as Austin listens)…

And the credits roll…

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Episode # 10364

Tape date-6/26

Director-Jim Baffico

Hooray, cuz today we have Steve & Kayla back, traveling together to Cincinnati, while Mimi continues to tell brother Patrick all her fears about Shawn, Shawn explains to Belle how things stand, & Hope continues to keep Bo at arm’s length.


Patrick & Mimi rehash the story of Claire’s paternity. First Patrick takes them into a cubicle, drawing those infamous soundproof curtains around them, so no one will hear them. LOL. Mimi whines about Belle being pregnant with Shawn’s baby, and since Claire is already Shawn’s, he is sure to leave her and raise his children together with Belle. Mimi explains to Patrick how she believes that Claire was conceived the night of Belle’s accident, when they sought shelter in the barn, were suffering from hypothermia, & used body heat to keep warm. She explains how they were rather out of it, both “dreaming” they had sex, and do not realize they did, probably because of the subsequent fire and smoke inhalation. She tells him how Belle told her of her “dream”. Patrick still doesn’t understand how Mimi found out the paternity factor. She explains how Philip’s blood did not match, Shawn’s did, and his little brother was a match for organ donation. Then says Bonnie did some digging and found out the truth. Patrick cannot believe Bonnie could have discovered this, but Mimi says she doesn’t know how Mom learned of it. But she did.

Meanwhile, Belle tells Shawn that Philip is doing well, Lexie is running a few more tests, but it is a miracle he is going to be o.k. Now she brings up them having a baby together. Belle wants to leave Philip, and have Shawn leave Mimi, but he refuses, he will not leave Mimi. She talks of how she does not love Phil the way she always has loved Shawn, admits her vows to Philip were a lie, and that is grounds for annulment. Shawn is adamant that he will not desert Mimi.


Bo insists he will do anything to prove his love to Hope, who continues to insist he bring her hard evidence that he did not tamper with the evidence against Chelsea. She tells him if he cannot, their marriage is over, and rants on about how many times he lied to her, and that she can no longer trust him. He explains again how he only went into the room to get evidence for another case, at the request of the district attorney. Hope is not sure Bo would accept and love her baby, seeing as how he reacted when JT was born, how he left them when JT was sick and they needed him. She thinks, being the baby is Patrick’s, that Bo will not love it as he would if it was his. Bo brings up his Pop, who is not his bio dad, but loves him just as much, and how he knows he means the world to his Pop. He mentions being so angry, when he learned Victor was his bio dad, but he made peace with it. He promises to find out who really was responsible for the loss of the evidence against Chelsea…..and leaves.

Later, Maggie & Alice visit. They all have tea, and talk of the pregnancy. Hope considers it a gift from God, as Alice tries to counsel her about love and her husband. Maggie talks of how blessed she & Mickey were to have Melissa, so she understands what Hope is feeling. But Hope insists she only wants one thing from him - proof that Bo did not tamper with the evidence. Alice tells her that Bo always comes through, and he will again.


Bo is at his desk, when Billie comes in, all upset because the judge called her and Chelsea has not yet signed up for community service. Bo thinks some jail time would do her good. (so do we, lol). He is concentrating on his own investigation, calling the dirty cop, Eve Michaels to ask some questions. Billie interrupts him (how convenient) by saying she knows who did it. After the commercial, she announces that it was probably someone on the “inside”. (DUH, Billie!). Bo asks if Eve noticed anyone near the room, she says no, and then he tells Eve he wants a list of all the people working that day, and all the visitors. She promises to get right “on it”.


The duo are on a plane to Cincinnati, as she tells him the last time they were on a plane to Ohio was when they went to Cleveland to search for her sister’s little boy, who had been kidnapped. (Sister is Kimberly Brady Donovan, the little boy was her son, Andrew). She assures him they were successful and found him. Now they talk of finding answers or clues to Steve’s previous life. Kayla wonders if this might not be dangerous for them, as someone went to an awful lot of trouble to keep them apart, and now that they are not, it could be difficult for them. Steve wonders if someone deliberately took his memory away, ….since Kayla has told him of the lifelong vendetta Stefano has had against the Bradys.

He then says that he has done some research on Stefano, who has a definite talent for making people appear dead who aren’t. And his progeny, Tony, tried to frame Dr. Marlena Evans as the Salem Stalker, making Kayla think half her family was dead, but they were not, were instead alive on Tony’s island. He wonders why Stefano might have something against him….and Kayla explains how, on their honeymoon, they ran into this little boy, Benji, who turned out to be Stefano’s son. Steve asks how many pups this guys has (lol) and Kayla replies, too many. She tells him she lost touch with Benji, who was being raised by his maternal grandfather. (Benji was deaf, and both Steve & Kayla knew sign language, so were able to communicate with him) Kayla mentions that they are having Steve’s casket exhumed, so will be looking forward to learning the results of that.

Now Steve & Kayla are outside a seedy bar called Eddies. (Think Cheatin’ Heart, but even worse). He calls it a sort of “rough” place, but says he hung out there all the time. (For a guy working in hospice, a surprise!). We can hear someone being sick, ugh. They go inside, and Steve is greeted by all the regulars with open arms. Outside some guy goes up to someone we do not see, saying, “I got it, I know what to do”. Inside Steve is greeting several people by name, Rosie comes up to give him a hug, Stinky wants to play a game of pool. The guy from outside hits on Kayla, warning her that Nick is a low life, lying, cheating two-timer, & says he will protect her. Along comes Steve, who pulls the guy away, and a bruhaha ensues, with Steve getting the best of the guy, who leaves. Outside, he tells the “someone” that the next time “get someone else to do your dirty work – that guy is crazy”. The guy leaves. Inside, Kayla wants to know who that guy was, he kept calling Nick, a liar, a liar.

Back to the cop shop,
where Eve makes a call, telling the person “You think you can hang me out to dry? Think again. You gave me the idea, and Kate Roberts paid me to do it”. Oopsie, guess what? She is talking to the unseen person outside Eddie’s in Cincinnati. She continues….”Bo Brady is pulling out all the stops to find who took the evidence. I’m gonna need more money. Good…..when you get back to Salem, you better have the cash and be ready to stop Bo in his tracks” Outside Eddie’s, the unseen person closes the cell phone……and is wearing black leather gloves!

Inside Eddie’s,
Kayla again asks who that guy was. Patch replies it was just some punk who always had it in for me. Forget it. As you can see, I get along with almost everyone. A female comes up with outstretched arms. “Nick, baby, I missed you so much. Give me a kiss, lover….and she kisses him. Kayla pulls her away. “Excuse me, who the hell are you?”. The woman snottily replies, I’m his wife….who the hell are you”. Kayla looks at Steve, shocked. Freeze frame on both their faces, as the previews roll……

Mimi to Shawn, Belle, Philip: We all need to be honest about everything. There’s something you all need to know

Lucas to Carrie: Now that you are not pregnant with our baby, what are you saying. Are you saying you regret marrying me?

Kayla to Patch: How serious is it? Do you love her?

Sami to Austin, Lucas, Carrie, and EJ: There’s something I want to say to you all. Something that could change all of our lives forever.


P.S. Don’t get your hopes up over these previews. I have a feeling that once again, no one will really spill out their “secret”. It is a pattern on Days. LOL

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

TAPE DATE: 6/23/06
Episode: 10,363

Summary: Not too much today, but a bit of progress. Billie has lots of love and relationship advice for Bo and Austin. Bo goes to Hope to ask for another chance. Sami and EJ chat about her feelings about Austin and why she wants him so much. Lexie tries to counsel Carrie. Mimi turns to her big brother.

BO FINDS BILLIE AT THE HOSPITAL, where she has just come from visiting Jack. She is upset because he is not responding to the treatment yet. Bo is picking up prenatal vitamins for Hope. Billie wants to know if they are back together, but he got the message from the pharmacy by mistake and decided to help her out. Billie tells him it is a chance to talk things out, but Bo feels she doesn’t want to talk to him. Billie wants to know if he is going to give up on her then. Bo has been wondering over the last few months what it is he has been trying to hold on to – the past, or a possible future? He still wants her, but things have changed. There’s Zack, Chelsea, and another man’s baby. Will she still want him? Billie knows that Hope still wants him, but is being stubborn, which he is always good at, too. She tells him not to give up, but to convince her. He realizes now that it is true – you have to lose something to really appreciate how much it meant. She understands completely and promises to be his friend.

PATRICK HAS FIXED HOPE’S KITCHEN SINK for her, at her request. He wants to talk to her about the baby, but she looks uncomfortable. She gets up to go make tea, but he stops her. She is very nervous. He can pretty much figure out why – she is having his baby while married to another man. He wants to know that he will be involved in his child’s life. That is the only thing she is clear on. She tells him that she doesn’t know what she feels right now. His phone rings, and Mimi tells him that she needs him. He promises he will be there when she needs someone to talk to, and goes off to find his sister.

Bo stops by the house to drop off the vitamins for Hope. He tells her that he knows he didn’t have to, but he wanted to stop by. He misses her and them as a family. He wants another chance. Hope tells him that isn’t as easy as he wants it to be. He asks what she wants, as he will do anything. She wants what she doesn’t have – to see Zack and have him run to her and ask her to read him another book. He would give anything to bring him back, but she knows he can’t rewrite history. He tells her about his nightmare and his wish to change the outcome. She tells him that when Chelsea came into her life, he kept putting her first, and neglecting his son that needed him. (She thinks) He felt that they needed him more. He says he loved and needed only one woman – always her. He wants to be the best husband and father he can be. He claims that he will love that baby, no matter what. She wants to know if he can do that, given he has always hated Patrick. He thinks they can make a good family. But Hope wants to know if he can handle having Patrick in the baby’s life. Hope eventually confesses that Chelsea and Patrick aren’t the real problem. It’s the lack of trust she has in him. She wants him to prove he didn’t tamper with the evidence (to prove she can trust him again), and then maybe they can work on their marriage.

IN LEXIE’S OFFICE, Carrie tearfully confesses to Lexie how she married Lucas to have a baby, and even ended up with morning sickness over a baby that didn’t exist. Carrie is very upset about the decision she made and how it affects other people. Lexie tries to reassure Carrie that Lucas will take care of her, no matter what. Carrie is upset because the love she feels for Lucas is nothing like her love for Austin. She goes on about how she made her decision, and how she is questioning her choices now. If she had known that she couldn’t have any children, healthy or otherwise, she would have chosen Austin. Lexie tells her that it wasn’t her fault. She gets interrupted by a text message that Carrie tells her to get – she can wait 30 seconds to hear what Lexie wants to say. The message says, “Don’t do it.” She panics, starting to hyperventilate as she looks around the room, and Carrie grabs the phone, but doesn’t understand the message. Lexie comes up with a story about her and a nurse giving up caffeine together and knowing that she is having bad coffee cravings, the nurse is trying to watch out for her. When pressed, Lexie no longer wants to get involved in Carrie’s personal decisions. When asked for advice, she tells her to let go of what might have been and give Lucas a chance. She advises seeing a counselor and then a lawyer only after a year has passed and her feelings for the two haven’t changed. Carrie decides she owes Lucas and her marriage a chance and will work on it.

UP ON THE ROOF, EJ is watching as Austin proposes to Sami. Sami likes the ring, but can’t accept it. Austin is confused, as she accepted his proposal weeks ago. Sami won’t accept the ring because it was too expensive (she liked it, so he got it). He tries again and she says yes this time. He slips the ring on her finger and they lock lips as EJ looks on. Austin breaks it up to go downstairs to get dinner and dessert. Sami tells EJ to go ahead and say it, she’s a coward. She just couldn’t ruin his happiness and his hard work to make their night special by telling him her secret. EJ tells her that Austin is happy because he thinks she has reformed, and tries again to make her tell before someone else does.

Sami looks at her new ring, while EJ pours some champagne. Sami tells him her history. She claims that she is a joke, but he claims he doesn’t believe it. EJ thinks that back luck runs in threes (this is her third try to marry Austin). Sami thinks the third time is the charm. She begs him to let her un-postpone the wedding. He thinks that she should tell, but she thinks that she can’t. She wants to be married and pregnant so that he won’t leave her. EJ doesn’t like it, but she makes it clear what she wants. She wants him to swear on his mother’s life that he won’t tell. This upsets him and sets him off (ah ha – a clue!) He tells her that she doesn’t know if he has a mother and if she is even in his life or alive… She stills begs him and promises to do anything for him. He wants to know what she will do if he tells. He claims that if he was a real friend, he would run and tell right now. But she can have it her way and he will keep quiet. She shows him the initials in the door – Lucas and Carrie and Austin and Carrie. She tells him about her past – about living in Carrie’s shadow, about losing her mom young and getting her back at 15. She was her happiest for those first couple months, after her mom came back and before her parents divorced, and that was when she met Austin. She wants that happiness back and can’t lose him. He tells her that even if it doesn’t work out with Austin, she could have her pick of guys.

BACK DOWNSTAIRS, Austin is working on the meal and tastes some whipped cream, which reminds him of a meal he cooked for Carrie. (He wanted to convince her that he baked the pie himself, but she thinks that you can buy a good pie and spend the time you saved doing better things….) Billie walks in on his reverie and claims that she knocked twice and got no answer. He wants to know what he was thinking about. She is convinced it was Carrie. He tries to tell her she is wrong – that he is in love with Sami and Carrie is married to Lucas. He tells her about the fire (which she didn’t know about). He gives the details. Billie can see that he is worried. He is feeling great. His business is on the verge of greatness and a beautiful woman just accepted his proposal. Billie is convinced that it is the wrong beautiful woman. Austin tells Billie that he loves Carrie, but she married Lucas and he has to move on. Billie warns him what happens when Sami gets hurt. He is not going to hurt her. He ends up inviting her to dinner and lets slip that EJ will be there. She catches on and declines the invitation. She is not interested in EJ and will find her own love, and he should do the same.

PATRICK FINDS MIMI AT THE HOSPITAL and wants to know what is wrong. She tells him that she is going to lose Shawn. He tries to calm her down. Despite the mix-up, shouldn’t she have some faith in her husband? She certainly doesn’t think so. Her husband is having a baby with his old love, not with her, and combined with what she heard between them, she should just pack her bags and leave town. Patrick wants details. She tells her about Belle being happy about having Shawn’s baby, while Mimi and Phillip are seething. Shawn is being so protective and happy, and she can see in his eyes how much it means to him. Patrick reminds her that Shawn married her, but she knows that Shawn now has the best reason in the world to want to be with Belle. (She is very nasty about Belle here – as is evident by her choice of words!) Patrick tells her that he feels the same with Hope. He loves her, but she still loves Bo. The bond of a child doesn’t mean that they will be romantically involved. Mimi is worried that sharing a past romatic relationship and when you already love a person and already share a child… he catches it and questions her. She tells him about Claire being Shawn’s. Freeze on Mimi’s face - fade to black and white and the previews….

Hope: I want more than anything to believe in you again.
Bo: and you will. I’m not going to lose you, Fancy Face.

Flash to Shawn, then to Mimi: and if, when I do tell him, he does leave me?
Patrick: that’s a chance you’re just going to have to take, Honey. (as he enfolds her in a big hug)

Belle to Shawn: I didn’t marry Phillip in good faith. My wedding vows were a lie.

Kayla: Who the hell are you?
Woman: I’m his wife. Who the hell are you?

Off to the credits.


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Monday July 24, 2006


Episode # 10362, Tape Date: 6/22/06; Air Date: 7/24/06; Director: Phil Sogard

Summary: Forget the story of the tortoise & the hare…this show has slowed down to a snail’s pace. If you miss this one…you haven’t missed a thing! Chelsea is still trying to make Max jealous…EJ is still trying to convince Sami to level with Austin…Jack is still convinced Frankie and Jen belong together. The only revelation here is that Carrie learns she isn’t pregnant…and the chances of her becoming so are about the same as the chances of a snowball fight in hell.

At the Garage…Max and Stephanie are working on his car…she is sure that they can fix it, saying she loves a challenge. She knows how much this car means to him, saying that for racers, their cars are their babies…and are just like relationships. She says they can even be more trouble than they are worth sometimes…as he looks at a picture of him and Chelsea. He gets her drift and they talk about Chelsea being jealous of them. Max, of course, defends Chelsea but also admits that she isn’t the first to question him about what he sees in Chelsea. Stephanie says there must be more than meets the eye…she is clearly not impressed with her. Max defends her, saying she isn’t a bad person, but is child-like and has had a rough life…but he loves her. He goes so far as to say he wants to marry her some day. He changes the subject and asks Stephanie what about her…does she have someone special? She tells him yes, she DID.

Meanwhile, Chelsea is at the hospital with Abby. Abby is worried about her dad but Chelsea is pre-occupied with a magazine article pondering how to make Max forget about “Ms. Goodwrench”. Abby goes in to see her dad and tries to get Jen to go home and rest. But Jen refuses to leave Jack’s side, urging Abby to go and have some fun. Abby goes back to Chelsea, who has an idea. Later, they end up at Dune and Abby asks her what her plan is. She points to this guy (Dax) and tells her that she is going to hook up with him. Abby can’t believe her and gives her the “what for” about her plan. Chelsea says she has to do something drastic to keep Max’s interest. Abby tries to reassure her that there is nothing going on between Max and Stephanie but Chelsea can’t stand it, noting that they have so much in common. She swears she does care about Max, but Abby warns her she could lose him for good. Abby looks at the article and points out the “fine print” saying that if this plan isn’t done correctly, it could backfire on her. But she says she knows what she is doing. She text messages Max, asking him to meet her there. Max gets the message and Stephanie suggests he go, they should knock off for the night anyway. But he wants her to go along and let him buy her a drink for helping him. She resists, but he talks her into it. He sends Chelsea a message back, telling her he is on his way. Chelsea makes her move on Dax as Abby just shakes her head. Abby interrupts them, saying she isn’t going to let her do this and tries to talk some sense into her, but Chelsea is hell-bent and continues on. She is coming on strong…just as Max and Stephanie walk in and see her.

Back at the Hospital…Jen is by Jack’s side…has been for days. After Abby leaves, Lexie and Frankie talk about how she hasn’t been eating or sleeping. Lexie has an idea and asks Frankie to go with her. Jen begs Jack to get better. Later Frankie returns, telling her she needs a break. She doesn’t want to leave, but he convinces her, saying that Maggie is coming to sit with Jack and will let her know if he needs her. As they leave, Jack opens his eyes and smiles. Maggie comes in and finds him awake and tells him that Jen will be thrilled. She wants to go get her, but Jack stops her, saying she needs to be with Frankie. Jen and Frankie go to Lexie’s office (I think) or somewhere alone. She thanks him for taking care of her and he says there is nothing he wouldn’t do for her…he loves her. She thanks him for his understanding and patience…fearing she has behaved selfish. She asks what is going to happen to them. He tells her to just stop it…everything is going to be okay and kisses her. Meanwhile, Maggie has a photo album, showing Jack pictures of Jack Jr. (she calls him Jack’s “mini-me”) and telling him stories of things he missed. She flips the page and then abruptly stops. Jack realizes it must be a picture of Frankie and Jen and assures her it is ok. She shows him the picture and he smiles, saying they look so happy…and in love…that was what he wanted. Meanwhile, Jen and Frankie are kissing and he pulls away. But Jen kisses him…wanting to continue.

Elsewhere at the Hospital…Carrie and Lucas meet with Lexie as Carrie asks if there is a problem with her baby. Lexie gets this forlorn look and says “I’m so sorry...there IS no baby”. Carrie and Lucas are in shock, thinking she has miscarried. But Lexie tells them there never was a baby at all. She must have gotten a false positive with the home pregnancy test. Carrie doesn’t understand, explaining she hadn’t had her period, but Lexie thinks it was a hysterical pregnancy. Carrie is devastated and in tears as Lexie has even more bad news…there may be complications from scar tissue, resulting from the ovarian cist and the appendectomy that Carrie had. Carrie and Lucas are both upset and question the test results, but Lexie tells them that tests don’t lie…Carrie’s chances of conceiving are slime to none. Lexie tries to comfort her as Lucas gets a call. It’s from the contractor and Carrie urges him to go take the call. When he is gone, Carrie cries to Lexie. She assures her that Lucas will still love her, but THAT isn’t what Carrie is upset about. She admits that she does love Lucas, but wouldn’t have agreed to marry him had she not been pregnant. She says she made choices for everyone involved based on a baby that didn’t exist…oh GOD, what have I done?...

Up on the roof of the apartment building…Maggie is helping Austin set everything up for his big surprise for Sami. She says that if Sami doesn’t like this…there is something wrong with her. Realizing what she just said…she says let’s not go there and drops that line of thought (ROFL). Carrie calls Austin and tells him that she and Lucas are at the hospital and can’t make it, but agrees to maybe stop by for desert. Downstairs, Sami is dressed in a gorgeous blue gown (WOW, blue is her color). EJ is there and still working on her to level with Austin. She is convinced that he will never forgive what she has done. EJ tells her that if Austin can’t forgive her, then he doesn’t deserve her at all. Everyone makes mistakes. Sami agrees…but says hers are BAD. EJ talks about making mistakes himself and losing the woman that he loved, so that she could pursue her career, and how he regrets that. Austin walks in and gasps, saying that Sami took his breath away (I agree). He asks if she is ready, as she says she needs to talk to him first…about Carrie. Austin says he knows…Carrie called and she and Lucas can’t make it, so it looks like it will just be the 3 of them. EJ feels uncomfortable and tries to bow out, but Austin won’t hear of it. Sami tries in vain to talk to Austin, but he is not listening and drags her to the roof. She is impressed with everything and he admits that Maggie helped out. He wants to make this a night she won’t forget. They are kissing when EJ comes up with champagne. He almost leaves when Austin stops him. Austin says he needs to run downstairs for something and while he is gone, EJ encourages Sami. He says he has figured out that her secret is that somehow she kept Austin and Carrie apart, but the truth is that Austin & Carrie are over…she has moved on and married Lucas and they are expecting a child. She made her own choice, regardless of what Sami did. Downstairs, Austin digs through is briefcase and pulls out a ring box. As he leaves the apartment, he looks at a picture of Carrie then heads out the door. EJ tells Sami that Austin loves her and will forgive her. She says he is right and is determined to tell him as soon as he gets back. EJ says he is leaving but Sami wants him to stay…for moral support. Austin comes charging onto the roof, pulls out the box and drops to one knee. He flips open the box and asks Sami to marry him. She stares at him and says NO…I would love to…but I can’t. Freeze frame on Austin’s bewildered face…as the previews show…

Hope (to Bo): Prove to me that you didn’t tamper with the evidence that kept Chelsea out of jail…and maybe we can work on rebuilding our marriage…

Mimi (to Patrick): Shawn is Claire’s biological father…

Billie (to Austin): You may be cooking dinner for Sami…but you are thinking of Carrie aren’t you?...

EJ (to Sami): You’ve been thru this with Austin before…you can go through it again…and if it doesn’t work out…you know there’s going to be a whole line of men wanting to take you out…

As the credits roll…

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Friday, July 21st

Episode 10361, Directed by Herb Stein Tape Date: 6/21/06

Another ho hum show as the loft dwellers go from the track to the hospital and rant about their current problem; Austin has a big surprise dinner planned; Stephanie and Max work together on his totaled race car.


Austin’s concerned why Sami’s so upset.

Lucas rants at someone on the phone about how long it’s going to take for their apartment to get back to normal. He apologizes to Carrie after hanging up, saying he’s been going round and round with this guy all day. She’s pawing through their things and finds the baby book was damaged. Feeling hormonal because that book was discontinued, he promises softly that they’ll search on the internet for another one. They discuss Sami’s reaction and she asks if he wished Sami were having this baby instead and he honestly agrees that yeah, they had talked about having another brother or sister for Will, but they’re over now. She laughs about how her priorities have changed since she got there from LA and now doesn’t even know if she wants to work full time after the baby’s born. He tells her she has 9 months to decide and he’ll support them if she chooses not to work at all. He can’t wait to be there for this baby being he wasn’t for Will. Secretly he hopes it’s a girl and tells Carrie he loves her.

We see Philip on a gurney as nearby Max blames himself for what happened. He tells himself he shouldn’t have told Philip he had a chance at being his second when he knew Philip had no experience and it would take years of practice and training. Stephanie tells him it’s ok and hugs him as Chelsea watches jealously nearby. EJ spots fuel dripping from the car, but doesn’t say anything. A replay of Shawn trying to calm Belle down by saying he doesn’t want to lose her or the baby and he loves her, then realizing what he said, tries to stick his foot in the mouth even more to clarify that. Mimi tells him she and Philip (who’s also listening) know exactly what he meant and she’ll meet them at the hospital. Shawn goes after her and an explosion goes off cuing McDonald’s Carey intro to the show……

Austin massages Sami’s shoulders and she starts to tell him what’s wrong and his stupid cell rings and he insists on taking the call despite her pleading with him to give her five minutes first. Nope, he HAS to take it, and indicates it has something to do with a surprise he has planned for her (Sami, not just any woman, is begging for you to listen to something she wants to confess and you take a call for a surprise for her?)

Lucas tells Carrie the contractor will have their apartment (and new nursery) done by the time they return from their Italian honeymoon (who’s paying for THAT?). They kiss and Carrie dreams of kissing Austin as he pops into the open door of the apartment and sees them kissing.

Mimi tells Shawn she wasn’t hurt physically from the explosion (just sooty), but knows he’s not over Belle yet. She shouts not to lie to her any more. Belle has always been the love of his life and always will be.

Belle talks to Philip who gasps as he tells her he’d rather die than see her with Shawn.

EJ tells Max…”sorry about your car mate”, shakes his hand after offering to help if needed and leaves. Stephanie understands Max’s car was his baby and has a right to be upset. He was when she just dented it that time. He calmly says it’ll be okay and they walk off arm and arm as Abby returns Chelsea’s urgent page and calls. Chelsea tells Abby she needs to take a certain woman out of the race.

Chelsea tells Abby about turning off Max’s cellphone at the pub after seeing Stephanie’s caller ID. She’s not liking anyone taking HER guy.

Stephanie and Max are doing a car autopsy in the garage, salvaging what they can. He’s a little madder about Philip taking his car as they talk about how much racing means to him. Chelsea and Abby walk in and when Chelsea shows some attitude, Stephanie doesn’t back down and asks why she didn’t tell Max she was trying to reach him. Stephanie reminds her what resulted due to her pettiness. If she had talked to Max, he might have gotten there faster and saved more of his car and helped the rescue squad get Philip out faster. Chelsea explains saying she thought Stephanie was stalking her boyfriend and not saying it because she’s jealous, just thought it creepy. Chelsea cites seeing Chelsea peering through the pub window at them having breakfast. Stephanie says her mom is staying at the pub and when she didn’t see her there, kept walking. Max yells for Chelsea to get out, he’s not in a good mood. Outside Chelsea isn’t happy Abby didn’t back her up inside, but Abby agreed with Stephanie. Abby asks what happened to the new, reformed Chelsea that was grateful for not going to prison, etc. Chelsea realizes she has herself to blame. She’s not going to let Stephanie get her claws into Max and promises he won’t even remember Stephanie’s name when she’s done with him.

We return to Stephanie and Max as he apologizes for Chelsea giving her a hard time. He says Chelsea is young and immature. Stephanie understands, saying she’d be jealous if she were Chelsea too, working so close to another woman. She might be worried they’re doing more than working.

Philip is brought into the ER by the paramedics and Lexie (uh oh) shoos Belle out. Philip tells Lexie it’s his chest. She listens and doesn’t think it’s a collapsed lung, but fluid built up. An x-ray will confirm that. She tears into him for driving 200 MPH and asks what he was doing. He says he did it as his wife is carrying Shawn’s baby. Lexie and Philip chat about why he’s upset, afraid of losing Belle to Shawn. She tries to calm him down saying the in vitro incident was unfortunate, but Belle didn’t do anything wrong and for him not to take what happened out on himself, Belle or the baby. She urges him to talk to Belle, Shawn and Mimi and says that Belle loves him. He agrees, saying a Marine has to focus on maintaining his position and thanks Lexie. She wants to keep him overnight for observation and goes to get Belle.

Shawn chases after Mimi assuring her it’s her he loves. Mimi gives him a reality check that after his (and Belle’s) baby is born, it’ll pull him closer to Belle. He hugs her from behind saying that won’t happen, but she asks him not to make promises he can’t keep. Instead of lurking outside Philip’s door, Belle watches/listens from the other side of the swinging door to what Shawn and Mimi are saying. She finally joins them. Belle tells Shawn that Philip is totally freaked out being she’s carrying Shawn’s baby. They chat and Shawn knows he did crazy stuff too, like crashing his bike through St. Luke’s window, but that was because Jan (hmmm..could she be “the glove?) drugged him. Mimi goes to call her mom and Belle tells Shawn she couldn’t want anything more than to have his baby. Mimi overhears this through the door.

Lexie returns to her office and finds a report on her desk. She’s shocked when she sees it and calls Carrie to ask her and Lucas to come to her office right away. Carrie tells Lucas her test results are back and she needs to see them.

EJ arrives at Sami’s and tells her about Philip’s accident. He asks if she told Austin yet and she tells him she tried, but Austin left after getting a call about a surprise for her. He insists she focus and tell Austin. He knows it’ll be 100 times worse if Austin finds out from someone else. She doesn’t know where he is, but he does, across the hall in Lucas’ apartment.

We return to Austin in a daze picturing himself kissing Carrie. He asks if Lucas still had the box of cd’s he brought from NYC with him. Lucas goes to the bedroom to get them, hoping they’re not a clump of plastic. Austin checks on how Carrie’s doing and she says okay. Lucas brings the cd’s in and they chuckle about his oldies with Marvin Gaye, Barry Manilow, etc. Austin asks about when they’re going on their honeymoon and Lucas said when the contractor and landlord agree on a renovation schedule, which is never…so they’ll stay in a hotel until they go. No, no, Austin won’t hear of it as they have an extra room and Will will love having his parents under the same roof and he’d like them at the surprise dinner he has planned for Sami (hello…it’s SAMI’S apartment..shouldn’t you ask her first …and how many bedrooms do they have NOW?) Sami overhears from the doorway and tells them no, they can’t do that. Sami just figures they’d want to be alone now. Lucas accepts saying they’d like to be closer to Will and what’s going on with their apartment. Sami tries to stop Austin from leaving, reminding him she was trying to tell him something and he kisses her saying they’ll talk at dinner. Sami leaves, saying she’d see them tonight. Lucas notices Carrie’s a little off, but says everything’s okay.

Sami slams back into her apartment and tells EJ what happened. EJ tells Sami he thinks she’s trying to get out of telling Austin. He tells her that the next note might go to Austin and he’d rather find out from her than someone else. Austin pops in, asks EJ to their dinner and rushes off when he gets beeped with another reminder. Sami tries to talk to him, but he puts her off promising to talk later (talk about selfish..the woman just wants a few minutes man!) EJ sees her problem and says she’ll have to pin him down. He promises to be there to help when it does go down. She thanks him saying if she just has one best friend, she’s glad it’s him. The glove is watching/listening from the window as the previews roll…

CHELSEA is flirting and kisses a stranger in the bar when Stephanie and Max arrive…

EJ TO SAMI: If Austin can’t forgive you, he doesn’t deserve you.

FRANKIE TO JEN: We shouldn’t do this.
JENNIFER, almost desperate: No, we need to do this, please…as she leans forward to kiss him.

LEXIE TO CARRIE: There’s something else I need to discuss with you.
CARRIE (in tears): Lexie please, don’t tell me I can’t have children….

As the credits roll…

PS: We receive MANY emails asking if know of a PASSIONS site like ours. No, we don't and none of us even watch the show, nor do we have day ahead information on it. (I got the following email that I thought I'd share with you Passions fans. Thanks Sara!

I noticed that you said you don't have any links for a Passions EE. Well, it's not quite as detailed as yours, but there is a Canadian site for Passions which gives early updates one day ahead. You can refer anyone here:

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Thursday, July 20, 2006

Episode # 10360, Tape Date: 6/20/06; Air Date: 7/20/06; Director: Herb Stein

Summary: EJ continues to try and convince Sami to come clean…Austin and Carrie talk about their feelings…Belle becomes increasingly concerned about Philip’s whereabouts…and rightfully so, as he crashes Max’s car…Chelsea works to keep Max and Stephanie apart.

At Carrie & Lucas’s…Carrie tells Austin that she heard what he said at the hospital. He admits to it, saying he can’t face a future without her in it. He also tells her that it is true that he loves her and always will. Carrie asks what they should do about it and he says nothing…she wasn’t meant to hear what he said. He talks about her being married to Lucas and that he is not going to try and come between them. He says he was speaking from the heart because he was grateful that she was okay. But Carrie is having a hard time dealing with his confession. He says yes, he dreamed of a life with her, but she chose Lucas, even though he will never understand that. They talk about how Austin forgave her for being unfaithful to him when they were married. They talk about everything that Sami did to her and how Austin stood by Sami. He says it was his fault that she turned to Mike. Carrie says that she acted spoiled herself and that Austin deserved better. Carrie says that she loves Sami as well and understands how Austin loves her. Austin says it is too late for them now…she is married to Lucas and going to have his baby. But, she asks, if he still loves her…how can he marry Sami. He says he wishes her happiness…for her marriage and she says that she wishes him the same. Both near tears, he goes to leave. He tells her yes, he does love Sami…it’s just different than with Carrie.

At Sami’s…EJ is still there convincing her to come clean (as the hand stalks). He urges her to tell Austin the truth, but she is afraid she will lose him if she does. She flips back and forth about it. She says she is willing to stay quiet and take the chance that things will work out in her favor. She says that EJ has been a friend to her, something she isn’t used to having…and promises to be there for him when he needs help. He says maybe they should try to figure out who is doing this to her. She immediately thinks of Tony…but, she says, he is in prison. Then there is Alex, but he is dead. She says there is Kate, but Sami is convinced that Kate doesn’t know what is going on. He asks who else knows. She says that Lexie and Tek know (as well as Abe). But Lexie had her chance to tell, but didn’t…she is stumped about who could know all this info. She says she CAN’T tell Austin the truth…she has done some terrible things. As she cries, EJ tells her that she can’t change the past…but she can take control of her future. She says that when Austin learns the truth about what she did, he will turn his back on her. EJ flatters her and tells her that he wouldn’t hesitate for a second to have the chance to be with her. He tells her that if she comes clean, her true love will understand and forgive her…and that if they are meant to be together, it will all work out. Then he says maybe Austin ISN’T her true love, making Sami uncomfortable. She tells him that Austin and Carrie were married once and she was with Lucas…but he gave up on her. EJ asks if she “settled” for Austin. She thinks about it and considers if Austin is “settling” for her as well. She is sure of it, saying that Carrie is always everyone’s first choice (as the hand lurks). He urges her to tell the truth, Austin, Carrie and Lucas all care about her and will forgive her. But she says if she tells, they will never forgive her…they will hate her and she will end up alone and miserable. He assures her she will never be alone. She thinks no one will want anything to do with her and she will have to move away. He starts on the notes again and tells her she must tell the truth and stop stalling. As he leaves, she hugs him and thanks him for his help. Austin comes back and tells her that he was over at Lucas & Carrie’s. She hugs him and tells him that she needs to tell him something.

At the Pub…Chelsea and Max meet for breakfast. She tells him she had a good time last night…and ALMOST had a great time. (LOL). She asks him if he thinks she is a tramp (thinking she carried condoms in her purse). He apologizes for not being prepared. Chelsea sees Stephanie outside and leans in and kisses him and Stephanie leaves. He asks her if she meant what she said about being exclusive and she lies and says yes. Then he lectures her about drinking and such. He goes to the restroom as Stephanie calls (see below) and Chelsea turns off his phone. Max comes back, and as they go to leave, some envelopes from the court fall out of her purse (she hasn’t even opened them). They are about her community service and she has been ignoring them. He lectures her, and opens one of them, telling her she could be in huge trouble. He tells her that if she doesn’t show up for her community service, she could be held in contempt of court and wind up in jail. She promises that she will take care of it and smooches on him.

At the race track…Philip had been racing Max’s car, going faster and faster. He reaches up to wipe sweat from his eyes and crashes. Stephanie arrives at the track and finds the crashed car with Philip inside. She calls 911 and then crawls over, trying to talk to him, telling him that help is on the way. They arrive as she fills them in. They try to get him out of the car as he calls out for Belle. Stephanie tries to call Max (since it is his car) but Chelsea cuts her off.

At the hospital…Belle is with Shawn and Mimi. She is feeling guilty about her fight with Philip. She goes to make some calls when Mimi comes in and gives Shawn an update on the surrogate. They also talk about Patrick being the father of Hope’s baby and Shawn says he is okay with it…even though he knows his mom still loves his dad…she always will. Mimi says she understands…because Shawn and Belle loved each other too. Belle walks up, telling them that Philip was so angry and stormed off and she doesn’t know where he went and is worried about him. She tells them about their fight and Mimi accuses Belle of being happy about the mix-up. Shawn wants to talk to Mimi alone as Belle goes to make some more calls…she has a bad feeling. Later, they all arrive back at the loft, Belle very upset that she can’t find Philip. Shawn gets a call from Stephanie, who is trying to locate Belle. He hands her the phone and learns what has happened and starts freaking out, telling Shawn and Mimi that Philip has been in an accident.

Back at the race track…Belle, Shawn and Mimi arrive as Belle is hysterical. Stephanie holds her back, telling her there is a lot of fuel on the track and it could blow. Stephanie tells them she is going to find Max, since it is his car. Belle thinks that Philip did this on purpose because he was so upset. She wants to go over near him, but Shawn stops her, telling her not to put the baby at risk (as Mimi observes all this). Stephanie rushes into the pub and tells Max that she has been trying to reach him and he notices that his phone was turned off. He asks Chelsea about it, but before she can answer, Stephanie tells him about the accident and they all rush out. Belle is freaking out as Shawn tries to calm her down, telling her that he has lost a brother and he doesn’t want to lose her or the baby…then he blurts out that he loves her. Mimi is standing nearby and hears this. Then Belle looks at Philip, whose eyes are open…he heard it as well. Freeze frame on Belle…as the previews show…

Belle (to Shawn): the fact that you and I are having a baby together completely freaked him out…

Sami (to EJ): I think that tonight is going to be my last dinner with him…forever…

Carrie (to Lucas): Lexie wants us to come to her office right away…my test results are back…

Stephanie (to Max): She might be afraid that we’re not…just working…

Chelsea (to Abby): When I’m done with Max, he’s not even going to remember her name…

And the credits roll…

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Tape date-6/13
Director – Albert Alarr

A good day to go to the beach, work in the garden, read that book you have been wanting to start, go shopping, take a nap. It is baby talk, baby talk, baby talk, as most of the involved parties talk or yell about having babies by the wrong fathers, tell family members the news, and in general, twiddle their thumbs. Yawwwnnnnn.


Philip asks Belle for coffee, but she says she cannot have any because of being pregnant. Philip is angry, saying she drank it all the while she was pregnant with Claire, but Belle says she did not know she was pregnant then. Now she does, and the lst trimester is so important. Philip blows up, and they argue about her not wanting to terminate the pregnancy only because it is Shawn’s baby, he knows she still loves him, always has. She tells him she loves him and their baby, Claire, but Philip is raging, and tho I have no idea why he takes off his shirt right then, he storms out of the apt.


Mimi & Shawn wait for news about a checkup for their surrogate. Nurse Betty tells them all is o.k., & apologizes again for the mixup. Shawn spots his mom, and goes to talk to her. Mimi declines to go along, Shawn leaves and Patrick arrives. Mimi tells him her news about the mixup of sperm, and cries on his shoulder about Belle having Shawn’s baby. She asks if he has learned who the father of Hope’s baby is, and Patrick admits it is him. Mimi is delighted, saying he will be a good father. (lol, the guy who has been footloose and fancy free, been a con artist, stayed away from home for years…yep, definitely a good father)

Lucas is by Carrie’s side as she awakens, murmuring Austin’s name. He says it is understandable, since Austin saved her life, saved them both. He assures her that both she & the baby are fine, and talks of having the apt. remodeled while they go on an extended honeymoon to Italy, perhaps visiting her mother in Milan. He says the damage is mostly in the bedrooms, and they will have them redone, and turn the spare bedroom into a nursery. And remodel the bathrooms, too. (Everyone who remembers the 1 bd.rm. apt.when it belonged to Austin, raise your hand. Lucas came from the nursing home, had to sleep on a bed in the living room as no other bd.rm. When Sami stayed there (in wheel chair) there even was a curtain to hide the crib I guess maybe now, 2 apts. have been joined together. Sure has a lot of rooms, now, just like Sami does across the hall, in what used to be Carrie’s little 2 bd.rm. lol).

Shawn talks to his mother, telling her about the mixup with the invitro. She realizes he is not all that unhappy about fathering a Belle baby. Shawn admits that he & Belle talked about this for so long, and that he loves his wife, and wants to raise children with her. Hope tells him about Patrick being the father of her baby, and Shawn asks what this means in regard to Dad. She is not sure. He talks of how he will be a dad and a brother again all at the same time (I truly am going to be sick here), and how he helped her with Zack, will be there for her with this one. Hope tells her son she wants him to know and have real happiness, with Belle & their baby. (Gee, all those “sacred” vows everyone always talks about are dust under their feet now, huh). Shawn vows not to hurt Mimi, like his dad did to his mom.

Shawn leaves and runs into Belle outside the door. She cries, as she tells him she thinks her marriage may be over, and repeats the things Philip said to her before he stormed out the door. He holds her, as Mimi watches.

Patrick goes in to see Hope. (Oh, by the way, Hope and later Patrick both say they came to support Jennifer, even though neither has made any effort to see her. LOL) Patrick brings Hope a stuffed stork, carrying a bundle. She laughs, then gets sad, remembering all of Zack’s stuffed animals. Hope tells Patrick that the baby needs him, as she puts his hand on her stomach (barf bag, please) and that she needs him, too.

We see Philip driving a car, cursing Shawn, as he angrily holds onto the steering wheel. The speedometer shows him going faster and faster. Suddenly he puts his hand up over his eye, and his head drops down to the side.


Sami quickly hides the latest note from the black glove, as Austin returns from his run. He goes to take a shower (that guy is always going in or just coming out of the shower, LOL) EJ arrives and Sami begs him to help her with whoever is trying to ruin her relationship with Austin. EJ tries to get her to tell the authorities, but she refuses. He tells her that the person is dangerous, is stalking her, and if the person really wanted to ruin her relationship, would already have done so. He prefers torturing her. In the shower, Austin has a fantasy about Carrie coming in and joining him. (???) When he comes out, he hears Sami talking about Austin not finding out, but Sami covers, saying EJ was helping her plan a surprise dinner for Austin. Yep, he believes her and leaves to run errands

Lucas & Carrie return to their apt, which they say stinks, and all their clothes are ruined. Lucas says they will get new ones. Austin comes in, (boy, for a fire, that place looks pretty good). Lucas takes a call from Jerry the contractor, giving Carrie the opportunity to tell Austin they have to talk, that she heard everything he said last night in the hospital.

EJ convinces her that the only way for Sami to show Austin she really HAS changed is to tell him the truth about whatever she did. She agrees, and he hugs her… the black glove watches. And the previews show...........

Chelsea: Do you really think I could be in trouble? Max: Yeah, Chelsea. You could be in some huge trouble here.

Carrie to Austin: Do you really think it’s a good idea to marry my sister, if you are still in love with me?

EJ to Sami: If I had the opportunity to be with a woman like you, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second.

Shawn to Belle: Don’t put yourself and the baby at risk – OUR baby! Mimi watches.


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