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Wednesday, November 1

Episode: 10,434

Summary: Looks like we got another wish – as there are a lot of Salemites with work issues. Lots of emotional moments at the hospital as Kayla takes a turn for the worse… I tried to organize by setting, as it was hard to keep it straight otherwise!

Chez Rouge

Willow is at work when Shawn comes in and she asks to take him to lunch. He tells her that he ate with his dad, but will keep her company. He tells her about how the two of them actually talked and his dad offered to call Max and try to get his job back. Shawn explains to Willow, who is happy for him, that it isn’t a done deal yet. Just because his dad offered to talk to Max doesn’t mean that he’ll get the job back. Willow is sure that since Max is family and knows he’s the best mechanic, he will definitely give him a second chance. She talks him into going in and apologizing to Max in person.

Max’s Garage
Frankie is talking to Max, who is busy working on a car. He tells him that Steve and Kayla got the medication, but now they have to wait and see if it works. Max thinks it was good that Frankie was in town to call his guy at the FDA. Max still thinks it was right, since this is home. Frankie disagrees and states he is moving back to DC. Max tries to guilt trip him about leaving his family. Frankie says that he is staying until Kayla is better. Max wants five minutes alone with the guy that did this to them, and almost got him and Stephanie killed. Mimi walks up asking if the police are any closer to finding out who did it, but Max can only hope so, before he hurts anybody else he cares about.

Mimi offers to help Max and his family in any way. Frankie wants to know why she stopped by, but Max tells him that he was working on her car. He explains what he did and how she needs to get an oil change every 3,000 miles (hmmmm… and I’m overdue myself….). Frankie asks if Abby is in and abruptly leaves. Mimi thinks he is mad at her over Shawn, but Max assures her that Frankie has major trust issues since Jen left and broke his heart. He tells her not to take it personally. Mimi tells him that she can’t pay until she gets another job. The job at Chez Rouge isn’t bad, when Willow isn’t around, but the tips aren’t as good as she expected. She tells him about filling out applications for a few office jobs, but is sure with her “two seconds of accounting” experience at Salem U, that they filed them in the old circular file. Max offers her a job at the garage. Mimi thinks it is charity, but Max vows that Abby is swamped and needs part-time help doing the books so that he doesn’t get audited. Mimi ends up accepting. Frankie interrupts the conversation with news that Steve is awake, but Kayla is getting worse.

Frankie asks Abby why Max is so chummy with Mimi after what she did to Shawn. He tells that they are Bradys and need to stick together, now more than ever. Abby tells him that Max wouldn’t turn his back on his family. Frankie wants to know why Max is taking Mimi’s side. Abby tells him that Shawn was a jerk, and Max is a caring guy. Frankie thinks she has a crush on him, but she says he is just her friend, as he snickers.
Abby gives Mimi the books and wishes her luck, as Max is very disorganized with his paperwork. Mimi is thankful that anyone is talking to her, let alone giving her a chance. They are interrupted by giggling.

Willow stays outside and lets Shawn go in alone to face Max. Abby comes out and tells Shawn that Max went to the hospital. He leaves a message with Abby to tell Max he is sorry about what happened as Mimi comes out with a question for Abby. Shawn ignores her and goes to leave. Shawn wants to know what she is doing there, so she tells him. This sets Shawn off. He warns Abby not to trust her and turns to storm out. Willow comes in to investigate the noise and ends up pulling Shawn out, as Mimi yells at her to tell him to stop acting like a jackass.

Max tells Abby and Mimi about Bo’s request. The girls tell him about Shawn’s visit and the fallout. Mimi offers to step aside so he can hire Shawn back. Max doesn’t think that Shawn has changed as much as Bo promised and doesn’t want to hire him back. Mimi begs him to let Shawn have the job, she will deal with it.

Shawn and Willow have arrived back at Chez Rouge, where Shawn rants to her about how his uncle slapped him in the face by hiring Mimi. He is convinced that Max will never fire her or hire him. Willow tells him to go ask EJ for a job.

Kate and EJ are together, as she feels the need to discuss Stephanie Johnson, but he has other ideas. They get interrupted by a phone call from Shawn asking EJ for a job. He may be able to help, and sets up a talk.

Back Alley
EJ tells Patrick to do his civic duty and pick up the pop can he kicked, and clean up the streets. Patrick offers to start with him. Patrick wants to know why he’s there if they’re not supposed to meet in person. EJ tells him that the police are on to them. Patrick wants to know what to do. EJ tells him to stay calm and keep his head. EJ tells them about Bo talking to Sami about the envelope. From now on, they will communicate via courier and sealed note. Patrick will respond by note, resealed in the envelope. They then go on to discuss who can be trusted as their courier. EJ tells him to let him worry about it. Bo then tells Patrick that his mission, and he has no choice but to accept it, is to use Chelsea to keep tabs on her father. Patrick is not happy, but EJ doesn’t care (and says so) and tells him to get it done.

Bo is restless staring through the window as his mother holds on to him on one side, and PopShawn on the other. He wants to know what is taking so long. Billie and Hope arrive as Bo asks Hope if that was her errand. The doctor comes out and tells them that both are responding positively – fevers are down, both are responding to stimuli, but both are still unconscious. He tells them not to get their hopes up too high – it could still go either way. Billie thinks she knows which way that is, as Steve starts to wake up, earning an exclamation from Caroline. Steve moves around, while a guy in a haz-mat suit checks on Kayla. The doctor, in shock, rushes in. Bo talks to Steve through an intercom and asks if he knows what happened, and goes on to tell him. He looks toward the window, as Billie sadly smiles at him. Bo lets Billie take over the intercom. The doctor comes back out to talk to the family, who go into the corridor and let Billie stay. Steve gets up from the bed and goes over to check on Kayla, before going to the window, calling for Stephanie, asking if she is safe. Billie makes him use the intercom, and promises she is. He can’t believe that she is the first person he sees when he woke up, and thanks her. Billie was afraid they were going to lose him before they ever had a chance. He vows that she won’t lose him, but even if he doesn’t make it, he has the chance to tell her how much she means to him. All those years he doesn’t remember, she is the only person that doesn’t hate him for it. She knows how he feels, but she was afraid to say it because he would remember Kayla and go back to her, leaving Billie with a broken heart again. She loves him for who he is now, not who he used to be.

The doctor can’t tell them why Steve is recovering, while Kayla appears to be worsening. He thinks that although the circumstances are the same, they are reacting differently. He wants to increase the dosage, which will also increase the risk. Her parents insist that he do it. Max wants to know what the doctors are going to do now. Caroline has faith that Kayla will survive. Frankie wants to know if anyone has updated Stephanie, so he and Hope go to tell her, with Shawn and Caroline behind them, as Bo wants to talk to Max.

Max sticks up for his decision regarding Shawn’s firing. Bo tells him about Belle’s little ultimatum and how Shawn wants to put his life back together for his daughter. Max still sticks up for Mimi, even though he agrees that Shawn is a good mechanic. Max tells Bo about hiring Mimi, and since he doesn’t want his garage to be a war zone, Shawn will have to find a way to get along with Mimi if he wants his job back. It sounds fair to Bo, who promises to talk to Shawn.

The family comes back, upset about leaving Stephanie, but Frankie stayed with her to comfort her. Billie doesn’t understand why she would be upset, since Steve is going to be fine. Hope reminds her about Kayla. Billie asks the same question the rest did – if it worked for Steve, why not for Kayla? Hope tells her that Dr. Myers doesn’t know. Hope, Billie and Steve all look at her.

Upstairs at the Hospital
Kate visits with Stephanie, who apologizes for wrecking the car. Kate tells her that she isn’t the one at fault. Due to the person targeting her family, Kate feels that Stephanie is in danger and should stay out of the public eye for a while. Stephanie is upset since racing is her life, besides she has contracts. Kate reaches for her paperwork that releases Stephanie from her contractual obligations, as Chelsea steps into the room and asks if they’re dumping her. Kate admonishes Chelsea for not knocking first. Chelsea tries to stick up for Stephanie, thinking that Kate is dumping her for PR reasons. Kate warns her that a lunatic is out to hurt Stephanie’s family, and since Chelsea’s father is a Brady, she should keep a low profile as well. Kate tells Stephanie to get a lawyer and look over the papers, then has her sign them (shouldn’t the lawyer come before the signature?) Stephanie signs and then Kate and Chelsea leave so Stephanie can get some rest.

Chelsea goes on about how she gloated at first over the accident, since Stephanie never should have gone after a guy who was already taken, even though they should be on the same side since they both want their parents back together. Kate doesn’t care (and neither do I, frankly!) and chastises Chelsea for challenging her in front of Stephanie. Chelsea apologizes, but Kate cuts her off. Chelsea tells her that sometimes things pop out of her mouth before she has a chance to think. They go on to discuss her little incident and Kate wishes she could have talked to her first – she would have warned her it wouldn’t work. Kate tells her that she has tried very hard for a long time, but even she has come to accept that they won’t ever get back together. Chelsea feels betrayed, since Kate was supposed to be the only one on her side. She goes on to tell her how hard she has had it, and how everyone keeps telling her how rotten a job they did. She feels like she doesn’t belong. She just wants to be accepted. Her parents have to love each other, or no one will ever love her. Kate gives her a hug.

Patrick’s house
At home, she is doing her nails and talking on the phone about her hours at the hospital. Patrick comes in and runs down Bo, while Chelsea sticks up for him. Patrick tells her that she is more like him than she knows. He tells her that she needs to get closer to him and spend time with him. She asks if he wants to spy on her own father. She doesn’t want to do it, since she needs to build a relationship with her father, even if he loves Shawn more. She can’t help him by spying on Bo. She is still going to help him, but her way.

More Hospital
Dr. Myers gives Kayla the increased medication as everyone watches on, praying that it was the right decision and it will work. Stephanie comes in wondering where the miracle is. Everyone moves aside so that she can see her dad and she goes rushing to the window. He promises that they will both get better. She tells him how much she needs them both. Steve promises her that her mom will pull through just like he did. “The big dude” wouldn’t have brought them all back together for nothing. She wants to believe, but Kayla starts seizing and they all panic. She needs to be shocked as Stephanie bawls and everyone watches on in horror. Fade on Steve, with Billie in the background.

Hope to Bo: Can’t he see that Kayla needs a reason to hang on? I want you to go talk to him.

Billie: Steve has become very important to me.
Marlena: Then you have every right to go after whatever makes you happy.

Kate: That’s not what I want.
EJ: Then what do you want?
Kate: You.

Marlena: You owe me a wedding, and I can’t just go around marrying a dead guy.


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Happy Birthday,
Deidre Hall!


EPISODE: 10433
TAPE DATE: 10/4/06

It’s Halloween in Salem, but no parties or costumes (okay..there are some decorations at the pub, haha). Mimi packs up the loft as Bonnie gives her advice..but Mimi seeks Caroline’s wisdom instead (wise choice!); Belle finds Shawn at Willow’s and gives him ground rules to being with Claire…he seeks Bo’s advice (also wise); Billie and Chelsea speak openly on what they’re feeling; Hope visits Bo at the hospital and also shows the right stuff as she encourages Billie to join their vigil outside Kayla and Steve’s room.

Belle makes a surprise morning call to Willow at the Y. Willow denies Shawn is staying there, despite what Max told Belle, but Belle inherited her parents investigative genes and spots Shawn’s boxers on the bed and knows better. Willow said they’re hers and even puts them on, saying not everyone is into frilly. She tries to get rid of Belle, but not before Shawn pops out wearing only a towel (seems to be a bad habit of Salemites). Belle calmly tells him she’s thought it over and he and Claire deserve to be in each other’s lives, but there are some conditions. As he dresses (and Willow stays quiet), she tells him he needs to act responsibly and to get a job and a decent place to live where he can take Claire. He needs to prove he can take care of himself before he can take care of their daughter. She leaves, glaring at Willow.

After seeing how much apartments rent for, Shawn examines the job want ads and crosses off ads he’s not qualified for (about time Salem’s youth realizes they can’t be executives on a high school degree!). Willow asks what happened to his rebel James Dean persona, and calls him a wimp. Stating James Dean didn’t have a kid and yeah, Shawn agrees being a wimp for Claire. Willow calls him on being a wimp for Claire’s mother too, but he doesn’t comment on that as he goes to leave. She reminds him that this is the yWca and puts a scarf, sunglasses and shawl over him (oh yeah, that’ll fool them, haha)..as he kisses her goodbye and leaves.

Mimi packs up the loft as Bonnie talks garage sale for some of their belongings, LOL. Bonnie tells Mimi she’s not giving up on Shawn, unlike Mimi. Mimi says she’s not going to continue lying and cheating. Bonnie hands her pictures to keep her “eye on the prize” with. Next to the picture of Shawn and Mimi is one of Caroline and Shawn Sr. Mimi wonders how they stayed together all these years and Bonnie figures it must be the hot sex (LOL)….

Mimi arrives to find Caroline polishing up the beer mugs at the bar. She accepts responsibility for what happened between her and Shawn and asks Caroline how her marriage has lasted all these years. Caroline admits they’ve had their problems along the way (boy howdy, have they), but holding the picture of Shawn and Caroline, says she wants this as Caroline turns the picture to see it. Caroline pours Mimi and herself some coffee (decaf, LOL) as Mimi wants the secret to their long marriage. Caroline says telling the truth is hard, but a lot less scary than telling a lie. Mimi tells Caroline about having to lie in her childhood to keep their family together. Caroline understands, but says now she doesn’t have to. Later, Caroline had gotten the call about the new antidote and rushes up to tell Pop Shawn after telling Mimi. Mimi said it’ll be okay, you’ve got your family….Caroline agrees…as long as she’s got her family, she can get though anything.

We find Bo on the hospital pay phone updating Billie (who’s at home) on the new antidote they’re hoping to get and save Kayla and Steve with. She offers to help if they need anything and he suggests she come to the hospital. Billie doesn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable and while he poo poos that idea..she lists off who that might be…including Hope, his parents and Stephanie. He says Steph’s in her room and his parents clarified their feelings, and he said Hope wouldn’t mind. She asks if HOPE said that and when he replies…”not exactly”, she tells him to please keep her updated. She tells Chelsea what’s up (what’s with the skimpy outfit Chelsea..it’s WINTER?) Chelsea tells her mom to go to the hospital…Billie is surprised that Chelsea suggested that…until Chelsea adds she needs to be there for “dad”. Billie rants at Chelsea that she and Bo are OVER and Chelsea has to stop her trying to get them back together. Chelsea insists she DESERVES a family and is determined to get one. She continues her whining about wanting to be a family, they could be Brady’s and part of the bunch (my word, not hers). Chelsea disses Steve, saying he’s not ½ the man her dad is. Billie screams THAT’S ENOUGH and warns Chelsea if she keeps pushing her and her father together, SHE will be on the outside. Moments later Chelsea’s got her coat on (mom and daughter sure like those long dangly earrings, don’t they?) Billie knows that Chelsea wants to feel close to her dad, which she admits to. Billie tells her that she and Bo are not tied because of her (Billie). Chelsea walks back inside and takes off her coat. Billie lays it out for Chelsea. Bo’s sister and best friend are fighting for their lives and he’s trying to save them. The best thing Chelsea could do is to just BE THERE for her father.

Hope joins Bo at the window of Kayla and Steve’s room. He vows to bury (literally) the bastard who did this. Hope calmly states that Abe verified Patrick’s alibi and he wasn’t anywhere near the hospital when this happened. Bo sluffs that off, until Hope says SHE was Patrick’s alibi. Bo figures Patrick planned his alibi and she explains they were at lunch together. He tells her that he has a lead on Patrick’s accomplice. Hope asks why Billie’s not there and he tells her why (see above). Hope says what happened with Billie is history and what will be, will be. Looking her in the eye Bo agrees, saying when people are meant to be together, they will. The warm moment ends when Chelsea pops through the swinging door with a “hi dad”. Hope remembers an errand and leaves. Without giving Chelsea a chance to say why she’s there, he tells her he’s not in the mood for fun and games right now. A little hurt, she tells him she’s there for him and asks if there’s anything she can do. They talk about Kayla and Steve’s role in his life and how hard it is to lose someone you love. She relates, referring to her parents. She tries to encourage him, admits she’s been praying and says things will be different this time, saying God’s not use to hearing her voice and listening. Bo hugs her and Shawn enters the room, saying he needs to talk to Bo. Bo thanks Chelsea and feeling a little dissed, watches Bo put his arm around Shawn and step aside chatting.

Shawn and Bo sip coffee as Shawn whines about doing as well as can be expected after losing his wife, job and daughter. Bo surprises Shawn by knowing exactly what Belle told Shawn about being responsible, which blows him away. He cites that’s the mom rule from the stone age. Shawn whines some more about prices of apartments and can’t find a job as Bo offers to let him stay with him (isn’t he staying at the pub after letting Shawn use the Fancy Face?) Shawn doesn’t think that will work for Belle (what..free babysitting 24/7 at the pub, LOL) Bo listens as Shawn blames everyone but himself for what’s happening. He finally says a relationship is not over just from a bump in the road. He mentions a couple of years ago when there was one with Belle and now he’s calling it quits with Mimi over another. Shawn rants about losing his job. He tells Shawn he’s got to take responsibility and grow up to be an adult. Love isn’t perfect and needs work. Sometimes one has to forgive when it’s worth it (Shawn mentions mom and Bo nods). Bo offers to call Max and ask him to rehire Shawn. Shawn thanks his dad, promising not to let him/Claire down. The two hug as Chelsea watches through the door window.

Belle returns after Shawn leaves to warn Willow to stay away from Shawn (Willow asks if Belle’s late for her meeting at the Coven). Willow calls Princess Belle on her true objective, to have Shawn as well as Claire. Willow laughs saying having sex is being free to be yourself, but she’s not into being tied down. Belle leaves ( as Willow opens the door, saying being free is another way of saying no one gives a damn about you).

Hope visits Billie and tells her she’s not there to update her about Steve, but says Billie should be at the hospital herself and it won’t bother her if she does. She encourages Billie to go to the hospital, feeling it’s what Steve needs. A nice chat with the ladies. Bo calls to say the antidote just arrived and they’re about to give it to Kayla and Steve. After hanging up (she didn’t mention Hope’s being there), she fills Hope in. Hope asks who should drive, her or Billie.

Bo watches through the glass as Kayla and Steve’s IV’s are injected with the antidote as the previews roll….

STEPHANIE to the family: I thought this was suppose to be a miracle drug, but I don’t see any miracles happening.

MAX to FRANKIE: This is home, man.
FRANKIE: No it’s not, I’m going back to DC

PATRICK to EJ: Why am I here?
EJ: I thought you should know something. The police are onto us.

CHELSEA to PATRICK: Are you saying that you want me to spy on my own father?
Patrick gives her a spooky stare
.as the credits roll…..


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Monday October 30, 2006

Episode #: 10432
Tape Date: 10/3/06
Air Date: 10/30/06
Director: Herb Stein

Summary: Shawn and Belle argue over Claire…EJ runs to Kate to give her an update (and more)…Bo pays a visit to Sami…Lexie pitches in to try and save Steve and Kayla, to which the Bradys are grateful.

At the Penthouse…Shawn shows up and hears Claire crying inside. Belle is struggling with her and trying to put her to bed (Poor kid is probably crying because her headband is too tight ;-) She puts her down and opens the door, asking Shawn what he wants and ends up slamming the door in his face. He won’t leave and keeps knocking on the door. She tells him he can’t see Claire and proceeds to chew him out for all of his recent misdeeds, saying he just isn’t the ideal father figure. He says she is just mad because of Willow, which she denies. She says she only cares about Claire…she just got her to sleep and is NOT going to wake her up just because he suddenly feels like being a father. Right on cue, Claire starts crying again which pisses Belle off even more and will not let him come in. They argue as he says when he walked away from them, he was only trying to what was best for everyone. She says she doesn’t even recognize him anymore and he says he has missed a whole year of Claire’s life already and he doesn’t intend to miss anymore. She asks him to leave or she will call the cops. Shawn finally says he will leave, but he is calling a lawyer and if he has to, he will sue her for full custody. With that, he storms off, giving her something to think about.

At the Pub…Caroline, Roman and Frankie are standing around wringing their hands, worried about Kayla and Steve’s condition. Lexie and Abe are outside, but she says she can’t go in and face the Bradys but he is trying to convince her. John and Bo are in a booth speculating about the Lockhart / EJ Wells connection. Bo talks about the envelope that Sami had brought in a few weeks ago and how EJ’s prints were on it. He thinks they need to go talk to Sami and find out what was in the envelope and what she knows. Roman overhears this and asks “What da hell”…Sami has done now? Bo assures him that she isn’t in trouble, they just want to talk to her about EJ (and explain about the connection to Patrick). Roman reminds Bo that he is suspended but he tells him that Abe gave him the okay. Outside, Abe is still trying to convince Lexie to go inside, telling her that she made a mistake and needs to make amends…and needs to begin that by facing the Bradys. He promises to be by her side. They finally go inside but are greeted with silence and cold stares from everyone. Abe explains that Lexie had an idea that could maybe help Steve and Kayla. Roman tells them thanks, but not thanks, but Caroline is the first to hold out the olive branch, telling them that they have ALL made mistakes and she and Abe will always be welcome there and Frankie stops them from leaving. Caroline reminds everyone that her grand daughter (Sami) played a MAJOR role in what happened and put Lexie in a terrible position. Roman admits it’s true and agrees that Steve and Kayla are what is important now and tells Lexie to tell them what she knows. She tells them about a study she read about concerning toxins, so she and Frankie go to check the internet for more details. Bo is ready for him and John to go see Sami, but John thinks that Bo should go alone, considering Sami’s feelings toward him. Bo agrees and heads out. John asks Abe what that is about as John explains to him. Lexie finds what she was looking for on the internet and how it may help Steve and Kayla. She also explains that it is just a trial drug and not FDA approved, but gives them a name and number to call. Roman thanks her for her help as Caroline hugs her. Lexie is just glad she could help. They rush off to the hospital as Abe tells Lexie how proud he is of her. She tells him that she would have never been able to come in if not for him and he says he will stand by her. She promises she will never give him reason to mistrust her again.

At Sami’s…Lucas tells her to make her decision…him and Will or EJ. She tells EJ that she can’t choose him over Will and Lucas. He tries to convince her to turn her back on them, pointing out that they will only let her down…again…and he is sick of playing second fiddle to them. As he leaves, she asks him to please understand…Will means everything to her. Will asks if that’s true and she says do you really have to ask? She tells Will she knows that she has made LOTS of mistakes, but she loves him more than anything in the world. EJ lashes out at them so Sami asks him to leave. He pouts and tells her NOT to call him when she needs someone. After he leaves, Lucas says that EJ is no good for her anyway. She defends him, saying that EJ is her only friend right now. They start arguing, so Will has to break them up and forces them to make peace and try to get along. Lucas tells her that’s right…he wants to be her friend and get along…for Will’s sake. Sami agrees that she too is willing to try and will do whatever it takes. They talk about how they both love him and Sami wants Will to move back in with her. He says he can’t now, but maybe later….give it time. Bo arrives, wanting to question Sami, saying it can’t wait…it’s important…we do it here or at the station. Will shakes his head, saying “here we go again”. Sami swears she hasn’t done anything…not that they don’t already know about and Bo backs her up, saying he just needs to talk to her, so Lucas and Will leave.

Back at the Penthouse…John comes home and asks Belle what’s wrong. She explains about Shawn and John asks why she wouldn’t let him see Claire. She explains and tells John that Shawn threatened to sue for custody. John assures her that he wouldn’t stand a chance and that she is perfect mother…BUT…he thinks that Shawn should be a part of Claire’s life. Belle thinks that she should just get her own place…for Claire’s sake, but John says for her sake, she needs her father in her life too. She says that the way Shawn is acting, Claire is better off without him. John thinks that maybe Belle can help him with that as well. He thinks that maybe she should make a list of conditions but she laughs at that, saying Shawn cannot stand someone telling him what to do. Finally she considers John’s advice but he warns her, this is not about her getting back together with Shawn…it is about them being good parents. She says she will give it a try. Meanwhile, Shawn returns to the garage to gather his things. He is in a foul mood when Willow arrives and suggests that he move in with her. He reminds her that she lives at the YWCA but she says she has a way around that…if he is up for it.

At the Hospital…Roman, Caroline and Frankie take the information from Lexie to the doctor and he thinks it may be worth a chance, even though it’s no sure-fire cure. He reminds them that there are risks, including allergic reactions and even possible death. He asks if they are prepared to take that chance. They talk it over and decide they have to do whatever it takes. He goes to prepare the release forms and call the CDC as Caroline’s boys support her.

At Kate’s Place…EJ arrives to give her an update on the Sami situation. He is not happy with the way Lucas and Will keep interrupting his plans…which Kate isn’t too thrilled about either. He says he has had enough and is giving up on Sami…if she wants Lucas and Sami apart, she will have to deal with it herself. Kate says she needs EJ for insurance against Sami…besides she can tell that he is a little too attracted to Sami. He hugs Kate and kisses her neck and she says maybe she can convince him to keep working on Sami. They start hugging and she puts the chain on the door as he has her pressed up against it. They start undressing when they hear Lucas’s voice outside as he starts knocking on the door wanting in. Kate shuffles a reluctant EJ into another room and lets Lucas and Will in, with Lucas demanding to know what’s going on. She can tell he is in a foul mood and assumes that things didn’t go well with Sami. But Will says she is wrong…and that Sami needs them now more than ever. Kate tries to steer Lucas away from Sami and says that Sami is just working them…she tells him that Sami is an addiction, worse than alcohol and will just ruin their lives.

Bo reminds Sami about the envelope she brought by and that EJ’s prints were all over it. He needs to know what was in the envelope but Sami won’t tell him. He explains about whoever has targeted the Bradys has now attacked Steve and Kayla and they are in grave danger. She is shocked and refuses believe that EJ could be a part of it. She won’t tell him what was in the envelope (I don’t understand why…he already knows she was being blackmailed). Bo warns her that he doesn’t trust EJ and that if she is smart…she won’t either. As he leaves, EJ rounds the corner and stands there staring…as the previews show…

Mimi (to Bonnie): Shawn and I are OVER…can you please get that through your head? (Bonnie): Well, can you?...

Willow (to Belle): I would LOVE to stand her and talk fashion with you all day but… (just as Shawn comes bursting out of the shower, clad only in a towel)…

Hope (to Bo): I am Patrick’s alibi, Bo…

Billie (to Chelsea): If you keep pushing your father and I to be together, you are going to push him right out of your life…

And the credits roll…

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Friday, October 27th, 2006

EPISODE: 10,431
DIRECTED BY: Jim Baffico
TAPE DATE: 10/2/06

A little show down at Sami’s apartment; Kayla and Steve are still in quarantine as the family watches and talks to each other; Bo and John bring Abe in on what they’ve learned; and Will (despite all that hair on his head) grows up and smartens up.


Sami prepares for a romantic evening wearing a gold camisole and soft music. EJ arrives bearing a bottle of Burgandy and questions how her head is doing after Chez Rouge, but she says a gallon of water and a nice shower helped. She tells him how hurt and surprised she was to find her sister and mother getting married there without her and her father and Kate were their witnesses. EJ rationalizes if she were Carrie, would SHE want her there or knowing how she feels about John, can she blame Marlena for not wanting her there either. Sami agrees, reluctantly, and they kiss. We return to them in smooch mode as EJ pulls her onto the couch where they sit. She asks him to slow down and let them take their time. He apologizes and admits loving romance, but they always get interrupted and it usually costs him money…citing the cheese in the car incident.

Kate arrives back to her suite to tell Lucas about Carrie and Austin getting married and how Sami tried to ruin the festivities. Carrie and Austin didn’t let her bother them, had gotten married and left Salem already. She continues to berate Sami, asking how Lucas could put up with the “low life gutter snipe” when Will finally emerges from the bedroom and tells Granny Kate “stop it, I’m not going to let you talk about my mom like that”..(well hallelujah and strike up the band..the kid does have SOME allegiance to his mom!) Kate apologizes after Will said he still loves his mom despite all she’s done. He tells Lucas the same…she’s his mom and he really loves her. Kate steps outside the door eavesdropping as she hears Will tell his father that he’s tired of moving from place to place and wants some stability. He tells Lucas he knows how much he loves his mom and moving out was the dumbest move they probably ever made. He asks if they can try to be a family again as we see Kate shaking her head no silently. Will says they don’t have to necessarily live together, but can’t they at least be civil with each other so the rest of their lives they can live in peace? Lucas agrees to offer an olive branch and Kate comes out of the bedroom ranting they can’t do that. Lucas calls her on eavesdropping again as they banter. Lucas mentions maybe they can be friends and Will’s excited about having his parents civil to each other. Lucas warns him that he and Sami both drive each other crazy and Will might get that way too from their fall out, but Will reminds his father he’s a teenager and his parents are suppose to make him crazy, LOL. It’s better all around for them to be close to Sami and Lucas agrees. Will suggests they go to see her right now and Lucas readily agrees (sorry Kate :-P) She picks up the phone to call EJ after Lucas and Will leave.

Caroline and Frankie chat outside Kayla and Steve’s ICU room, hoping the antidote works. Frankie urges Caroline to go take a break and get something to eat while he stands guard. Max arrives, asking for an update. Stephanie wheels in asking for an update. Frankie and Max both tell her to go back to her room and relax, saying her parents are in quarantine and allowed no visitors. She agrees and pauses when Max asks if she wants him to help her back, but she tells him she can function solo. He replies he’ll be there in five minutes to check on her. After she wheels off, Frankie sensed the tension and asks Max what’s up. Max tells him he’s going to “break it off” with her when the time is right. He admits using Stephanie to get Chelsea off his back and now feels bad and has to break it off. Frankie tells him to tell Stephanie now, but Max can’t with her in a wheelchair and her parents hanging on for dear life. Frankie knows Max and how he plays the field and insists he tell her now, but Max says this is different and he really cares about her. Frankie repeats, tell her now and goes to check on Ma.

Max walks in and tells Stephanie her parents have a great team of doctors. She tells him she’s glad she’s not having to go through this alone as she reaches out for his hand and he takes it for a minute, looking down at her smiling up at him. He pulls over a stool and decides not to tell her the truth. He leaves to go to the garage. Frankie pops in and is looking for Max. She tells him he went back to the garage, but sensed he was just getting away from her. She asks Frankie if Max said anything to him about her and knows that Max was trying to break up with her the other day. She has enough uncertainty in her life right now and doesn’t want to waste energy worrying about a guy who doesn’t care about her. She begs him to level with her. The unknown is harder than the truth (ain’t that the truth!) Frankie may be lawyer, but stumbles with what to say about personal issues. Stephanie realizes what he’s not saying and asks for time alone, so he leaves. Stephanie tosses the bear saying BE MINE in the trash that Max gave her.

Frankie returns to Ma and Pa for an update. H e tells them he’s going to return to Washington DC when things are calmer. Pop knows he lost Jennifer. He reminds him how he saved Jack's life and seeing him again has added 10 years to his own (Pop’s) life and he’s a good, decent man and a good example to his brother Max. They hug. The doctor steps outside, apologizing for closing the blinds. The antidote isn’t working and he says he’s called and talked to everyone he can for help with another antidote. Frankie offers to call around and Caroline breaks down when she’s not given much hope of their recovery.

John (still in his wedding suit) and Bo brainstorm at the hospital. They talk about EJ and how he’s wormed his way into their lives and then Patrick’s name comes up. John stops Bo for taking off after Patrick’s name is mentioned, saying he’s not letting him go anywhere right now. John stresses they must use caution to approach proving EJ and Patrick’s involvement. John decides to take off (Marlena awaits ;-) ?) and asks Bo to call him with updates. Pop Shawn arrives, looking stressed. He asks about Caroline and as he goes to check the cafeteria, Bo asks for his advice on something first. He asks Pop a scenario about a hypothetical situation if a cop should bring a bad guy in, no matter what. Pop Shawn has been popping his ginkgo apparently as he asks if this hypothetical cop has been suspended from the force. Love the “busted” look on Bo’s face! Wise pop reminds him of his analogy that if one player on a team cheats, everyone will think the whole team is cheating. Bo thanks Pop twice for the sage advice and goes to make a call on the wall phone when Caroline returns. He calls John and asks him to meet him at the station so they can tell Abe what’s going on, saying he was right about that.

John arrives first and calmly tells Abe that he and Bo have investigated what’s going on and it’s because of Bo’s persistence that they might have found out who’s behind the “whole damn thing”. Bo arrives and Abe pulls them into his office. He tells Bo that John has filled him in, but he wants to hear Bo’s side of it, warning him that Bo didn’t follow orders and he’s about to toss him off the force!!! John asks Abe to cut Bo some slack and says he’s followed the book so far. They tell him that EJ Wells is Patrick’s contact. Abe is shocked saying EJ is rich and donates half his profits to charity. John explains without going into “details” that he acquired, er, borrowed his cell phone and was able to obtain his recent call history. They found he made over a dozen calls to EJ and asks why else he would call him? Abe admits the glove was traced to a manufacturer in Florence, Italy and are rarely imported. Only one store in Salem carries them and his officers are going through that store’s records now. Bo asks if they can continue the case then? Abe tells them to be careful and tells John to fill Bo in on what North tried to do to him. Bo remembers when Sami came in with the envelope for him to fingerprint and EJ was with her. He tells John about it and the unexpected set of prints on it belonged to EJ Wells.

Pop Shawn and Caroline stand outside Kayla and Steve’s ICU room when someone enters the room wearing a hazmat suit and headcover. The person closes the blinds so no one can look in.

Max returns and fills Abby in about the antidote for Kayla and Steve. She asks about how Stephanie is doing and he says she’s having a tough time. Abby remembers how hard it was waiting for her dad’s miracle drug to work and feels for her. She knows Max will make things easier for Stephanie, but he doesn’t agree. Max reminds her they only were on one date before the accident (yeah, so what’s this “breaking up” deal…???) He really cares about Stephanie, but doesn’t see any long term relationship. He admits not telling her yet due to what’s happening. Abby apologizes for getting that gift for him considering this and he says he doesn’t hate her (when she asks) for her doing that. She tells him he’s a good guy and he thanks her. He’s happy he hired her. The counseling wasn’t part of her job description, but he appreciates it.

We find EJ getting Sami warmed up as his cell rings. He turns it off as he and Sami lean back on the couch. Someone knocks on the door and when Will calls out to “Mom”, Sami pushes EJ off her as they both button up again. She figures Will’s there to rant about what she did at Chez Rouge. They hurriedly get themselves put together and she opens the door to ask Lucas what the hell they’re doing there. If they came to yell about what she did, get it over with and leave. Lucas understands what she did, citing she knows how he feels about Carrie and Austin. He tells her both he and Will had a change of heart and should be united for Will’s sake as long as they don’t get emotionally involved. EJ’s not happy about this and tells her that she and her son can be close without Lucas around. EJ and Will go head to head as Will doesn’t like EJ’s attitude and says he wants some time with his mom and asks EJ to leave. EJ flutters his eyes at a confused Sami, asking what SHE wants. She asks EJ to leave and he gets defensive. She says they’re her family. He tells her to make a choice…him or Lucas and Will? (duh, BIG decision there, huh?)...as the previews roll....

ABE TO LEXIE: Unless you give me a reason not to, I will stand by you forever.
LEXIE: I love you so much!

SHAWN TO BELLE: If I have to get a lawyer to see my daughter, I will. And if you push me too far, I’ll sue for full custody.
BELLE gulps.

Lucas trying to get back in the suite and the chain is on. He calls out to Kate that it’s him and Will and asks what’s going on. We see Kate putting a finger over EJ’s lips to keep him silent as they’re on the other side of the door.

SAMI to BO: What’s this about?
BO: I need you to talk to me about EJ Wells..

As the credits roll…Linda

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Episode #: 10430
Tape Date: 10/2/06
Air Date: 10/26/06
Director: Albert Alarr

Summary: Carrie and Austin have an uninvited guest at their wedding…Steve and Kayla are in grave condition…Abe stands by Lexie in her darkest hour. I had to use this poster...consider it my farewell to Austin ;-)

At the Bar…(not sure where, could be Chez Rouge)…Sami is drowning her sorrows when EJ arrives. She says she is celebrating the “new and improved” Sami Brady. She tells him how her chat with her dad went and asks how can she ever repay him. EJ has an idea…and kisses her. Sami goes on about how no one ever loved her (even mentions Brandon) and says that her brother Eric and EJ are the only ones she could ever trust. Kate walks up, asking EJ if he is “slumming” again. Sami asks what is she all dressed up for…a costume party?...then asks which witch she is going as (lol). She tells them that she is going to a wedding but won’t tell them anything else. Sami calls Roman, but learns that he has taken the day off…to go to Carrie’s wedding. Armed with that info, she bolts out the door.

At the Justice of The Peace…Carrie tells John and Marlena that they are getting married and leaving Salem. They admit that Sami is the main reason they are leaving and will be starting a new life and new jobs in Switzerland. Carrie asks them to please understand. Marlena says as long as they are happy. Kate and Roman show up (they were to be the witnesses). They are surprised to see John and Marlena there and then learn that they are planning to get married as well, so Roman wishes them luck. Roman tells Carrie to come on…he has a bride to give away, so they head in the chapel. When we rejoin them, the wedding is in progress and they are proceeding with the vows. They exchange rings as Austin interrupts and says he has something to say. He talks about second chances and how he will never let anyone come between them again. Just on cue, heads whirl around as (a half-drunk) Sami walks in clapping, saying, “well, well…now the gang’s all here”. She says she can’t believe they didn’t invite her. She notices that John and Marlena look like they are dressed to get married as well and they confirm it. She says she is glad she made it and hopes she didn’t miss anything. Carrie makes it abundantly clear that she is NOT welcome and proceeds to chew her out, saying she will never change. Sami starts on her, saying she will never be as good as PERFECT Carrie…who is now 0 for 2…she cheated on both her husbands, but yet, is still better than her. No one loves HER…and that will never change. Carrie calls her a mean, hateful, hurtful person and says she is DONE with her…so just GET OUT. Austin tells her if she doesn’t leave, he will pick her up and toss her out on her ass. Sami calls them all hypocrites and says she doesn’t want any part of them. As a parting shot, she wishes Austin and Carrie a long and miserable life together and tells Carrie to TRY and be faithful this time…then she storms off. After the dust settles, the wedding resumes with Austin, who promises Carrie that he will always love her. They are pronounced husband and wife and kiss as John, Marlena, Kate and Roman all applaud. Later, they make a toast as Roman gets a call about what is happening at the hospital. Marlena asks Carrie and Austin to stay for the wedding, but Austin says they have to get going…they have a plane to catch. Roman tells John about Steve and Kayla being poisoned and asks him to go with him. John explains to Marlena and she understands and tells him to go, but be careful. Carrie feels bad because they let her and Austin go ahead of them. John and Roman each say their goodbyes to Carrie and then leave, as Marlena watches. Later, Marlena and Kate both say their goodbyes as well, along with lots of hugs and tears and Carrie and Austin leave. Outside, Austin and Carrie kiss and he says “here we go…”

Back at the Bar…Sami is downing shots again when EJ shows up…yet again. She tells him it is all his fault (as she says this in an English accent) that he told her to stand up to her family and they could take her or leave her…well…they LEFT her. She continues to drink and complain about how her family treated her. She says she isn’t perfect like Carrie…or Belle…or Eric and calls herself the “Anti-Brady”. EJ leans in and kisses her and tells her to just forget about her family…they can’t make her happy like he can. So they grab their things and leave.

At the Hospital…Abe is cleared to go into the room where Steve and Kayla were attacked as he and Tek trade insults and jabs. Meanwhile Kayla and Steve are in 2 beds in the same room in isolation as Stephanie, PopShawn and Caroline watch through a glass window. A doctor tells them that they were exposed to some kind of toxin that is affecting their lungs. Bo shows up asking how they are and Stephanie says they are both going to die…and it’s all her fault. Bo assures her it’s not her fault as she explains what happened. Bo goes to talk to Abe and asks what’s going on. Abe reminds him that he is suspended as Bo tells him he wants back on the force. Lexie shows up with a cardboard box to clean out her locker as everyone is staring and whispering about her. The administrator tells her she will have a security guard with her and she has 10 minutes. Tek walks up, asking if she is okay and she tells him to get away from her. He tells her about the biohazard incident with Steve and Kayla and how the police found a black glove as a calling card. She wishes she could help, but can’t. She explains that she doesn’t work there anymore. Caroline goes to take Stephanie back to her room, but she refuses. About that time, Billie comes breezing in, with Stephanie asking her why she is there and telling her she is not needed. Bo and Abe argue as Bo tells him that Kayla was a target, like all the other Bradys have been…and he is sure that Lockhart is involved. Abe doesn’t want to hear it and walks away, but Bo follows, pleading his case. Stephanie tells Billie that she is the LAST person Kayla will want to see there when she wakes up. Shawn takes her to her room before she gets upset as Caroline and Billie talk. Caroline tries to apologize, but Billie tells her not to bother…she knows she feels the same way…just too polite to say it. Caroline leaves to check on Stephanie as Billie watches Steve and Kayla through the glass.

Lexie explains to Tek about Carrie reporting her and getting fired…and it’s all HIS fault. He tries to hug her, but she tells him to leave her alone…she has to go clean out her locker. Abe tells Bo that they checked and Patrick has an iron-clad alibi at the time of the incident and warns Bo to stay away from him…or he will be off the force permanently. As Billie watches Steve and Kayla, she says that even though Steve won’t admit it, they are the perfect couple and she knows it. Overhearing this, Bo walks up and tells her he will never tell she said that. Billie, crying, says that they can’t die. Bo puts his arm around her (surprised Hope didn’t walk up just then) and assures her they will survive. He tells her that he is investigating Lockhart and asks her to keep her eyes open for anything suspicious. John comes in and tells Bo he needs to talk to him. Abe tells Tek to go back to the station as Tek tells him that he heard about Lexie and that she needs him (Abe) right now. Roman arrives and joins Billie watching Steve and Kayla through the glass as the doctor tells them that they have identified the toxin used and are giving them the antidote. Lexie walks through the lobby with her box of things as everyone is staring and whispering. Abe comes in and says “Dr. Carver”, takes the box and carries it out for her…as Tek watches. John shares the information he has with Bo (about all the calls to EJ Wells) and warns Bo that if Abe or Roman find out what they are doing, they are in trouble. Bo says that no one is going to stop him…not even his brother. The doctor comes back to everyone and tells them that they antidote has been administered and they should know something within 24 hours. Freeze frame on Steve and Kayla…as the previews show…

Franike (to Stephanie): Maybe Max was waiting for the right time…(Stephanie): Please tell me, because not knowing is the one thing I can’t handle…

Caroline (to Doctor): I want you to do anything…everything…I am NOT going to let my daughter die…

Abe (to Bo): You didn’t follow the rules and I am going to kick you off the force for good…

EJ (to Sami): It’s either Lucas and Will…or me…it’s up to you…

And the credits roll…

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Episode #10,429

Tape date 9/29

Director-Phil Sogard

Carrie presses charges against Lexie, Steve has words with Chelsea, while the Black Glove puts Kayla in danger, and a couple of marriage proposals are made.


Marlena asks John if he still has a question for her. He gifts her with a gorgeous ring, yes, it is a rock. He tells her he had her old diamond reset (good thing, as I was going to remark she must have a jewelry box full of engagement rings by now, lol), with sapphires added, one for each year they have been together. He has another gift…..in a very tiny box. It is a tiny wedding band to add onto the charm bracelet he gave her years ago, and it signifies their never ending love. He gets down on one knee, as Marlena comments on what an old fashioned romantic he is. He tell her she made him that way, that he met her and was empty and she filled him with purpose. He asks her to marry him. Later, he says she has not yet given him an answer to his question. She replies that she has a proposal of her own.


Steve arrives with lunch, surprising Billie. He has beer for himself, sody pop for her (love that Steve used that pronunciation…..it is from years ago, lol). She wants him to leave, as Chelsea will soon arrive, and she wants to talk to her about the fact that her parents are NOT going to be getting back together, no matter what schemes she tries. Steve volunteers to talk to Chelsea, but Billie is hesitatant, seeing as his own daughter is trying to get him & Kayla hooked up too. (Much different, Billie!) He convinces her that sometimes one can get through to someone else’s kid. They go outside, chat a bit. (So o.k. Steve is wearing a leather jacket….appropriate for late October Midwest weather, but Billie is in a sleeveless low cut dress……and nary a goosebump in sight, lol) Chelsea arrives, not too happy to see “Captain Jack”, as she makes all her usual smart mouth wisecracks. They go inside, as Chelsea continues to mouth off, asking Steve if he knows her mom was a drug addict. Yep, he knew that. She continues on about her mom making porn movies, to make money to supply her drug habit. Billie walks in, horrified at her daughter, who won’t shut up, but Steve angrily tells her that everyone makes mistakes. That everyone has something horrible in their past they are ashamed of, and young ladies in glass houses should not throw stones. Chelsea is looking increasingly uncomfortable, as Steve asks her if she knows what he is getting at.(her part in the death of Zach) Steve’s cell phone rings, and it is Stephanie, who needs him to come, as she is worried about her mom. He leaves. Billie tries to convince Chelsea that Bo & Hope WILL get back together, that she & Bo do not love each other.


Carrie comes to see Lexie, accompanied by the hospital adminstrator, Jim. He tells Lexie that there is a problem, and asks if Carrie’s accusations are true, mentioning Lexie telling Carrie that she and Austin carry genetic markers that would cause them to have a child with severe birth defects. Lexie admits it. Jim tells her she violated her Hippocratic oath, and her contract with the hospital. He tells her that, depending on what the Board of Review says, she may even lose her license. Carrie looks very smug, as Jim tells Lexie her contract with the hospital is now terminated without severance or benefits.

Kayla has come to visit her daughter, as Stephanie tells her about Max’s visit last nite, and her panic attack. Kayla is furious that no one called her. As they talk, the Black Glove watches from outside the room. (and no one in the hall sees him, of course). Kayla tries to convince Stephanie she will some day find a man who loves her as much as she loves him. Stephanie is not convinced, seeing as how her father wants nothing to do with her mother, yet her mom keeps hoping. Kayla tells her it is completely different. Now we hear a page for Dr. Kayla Johnson to go to Room 113. Kayla is surprised, as she has only been on staff a couple of days…..she is not supposed to be working and no one even knows she is at the hospital. Stephanie urges her not to go, for all the same reasons. She cites the things always happening to the Bradys, but Kayla is insistent. (hmm, Kayla, remember 13 is not a lucky number to many! ) Kayla leaves.


Carrie arrives, joining Austin (who still needs a shave) and tells him what happened. She begins to feel guilty, but Austin convinces her that this was Sami & Lexie’s fault, not hers. He gives her a real pep talk, speaking of moving to Europe. Carrie is hesitant. He talks of being the CEO of Mythic, and how he is going to give her back her company – High Style…..knowing how much it meant to her. (hmm, and I thought he broke the company up, with all the employees losing their jobs, etc. etc. ). He talks of HighStyle’s headquarters being in Zurich, so that is where they will live. Carrie tells him she cannot do this…..unless they are married. Cue Austin to get down on one knee (aww, these romantic guys) and pull out the ring box, asking her to marry him. They decide to find a JP and get married right away.

Lexie arrives to meet Abe. She spots Carrie & Austin at a table, so suggests they sit at the bar instead. She stumbles a bit, telling Abe she does not want any secrets between them. She reminds him of Sami blackmailing her, and now confesses to him what she did for Sami, the lie she told to Carrie. She tells him she has been fired. He asks if she can still work at the Free Clinic, and she says yes for now, but if she loses her license, she will not be able to practice at all. Abe wonders if she is telling him because she wants no secrets between them, or because she lost her job, and he would find that out anyway. She assures him she loves him, wants no secrets, and tells him she wants him to arrest Tek if he violates the restraining order. They embrace, as Abe promised he will stand by her.


Carrie & Austin arrive, all dressed up in a suit for him, and beautiful dress for her. They have been to the courthouse, have their license, and want to be married right away. The wife says no at first, until Carrie & Austin explain they are leaving town, and have waited so long, wanting to be married before they leave. She agrees but tells them her husband has another walk in couple first, who called for an appt. Ah, here they are. And in walks John & Marlena, also all dressed up appropriately.


Kayla arrives at Room 113, opens the door, lights are out, so she flips the light switch.on (Now I would have seen that empty room, figured there was a mistake and turned back, lol) and enters the room, calling hello. The door slams shut behind her, and is locked when she tries to open it. Darn, she left her phone in Stephanie’s room. She tries to use the room phone. Nope, it is dead. Now she hears heavy breathing, which seems to be coming from the air vent. Then she hears a voice, calling her name, over and over.She is bewildered at what is going on.

Steve arrives in Stephanie’s room, and tells him how worried she is. Mom has been gone a long time, no one knew she was at hospital, and yet she got this page to Room 113. Steve takes off…..and Stephanie again hyperventilates. He pounds on the door to room 113, telling Kayla to open the door. She can’t, locked. He tries to rush at it a few times, with no luck. He tinkers with the lock at bit, and manages to kick it open. Kayla rushes into his arms, telling him how scared she was. (Man I love these two together, just the way he holds her head…..sigghhh, lol). She explains about the vent, the heavy breathing, the person calling her name. Steve goes over to the vent to check it out. Both are kneeling right in front of it, as a large amount of smoke or gas comes pouring out into their faces. They being to choke, turn way, and both are on their knees, with Steve bent over Kayla, trying to protect her. And the previews roll………

Billie to Bo, in the hospital: This can’t be happening. They can’t die.

Tek: I’m sure there’s something you can do for Kayla & Steve. Lexie replies she can’t, and Tek asks why not, you’re a doctor. Lexie answers:”I’m a doctor who doesn’t work here any more

EJ: If they’re so lawful, why do you care about how they feel? Sami says: I don’t as she downs a shot of something.

Carrie: I’m gonna miss you like crazy

Kate & Marlena say bye, bye, as Austin and Carrie leave


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Tuesday, October 24th

Episode: 10,428
Directed by: Phil Sogard
Tape Date: 9/28/06

It’s a new day in Salem and John and Marlena do some sleuthing after she and Roman chat about Sami; Sami gets advice from EJ and uses it on Roman; Mimi has a showdown with Willow and Shawn at Max’s garage

Marlena returns home from an “emergency croissant run” to find John sipping coffee (that he made himself). (I think Rachael Ray needs to visit Salem and teach our Salemites how to cook, haha). John apologizes for returning so late the night before and said she was sleeping too soundly for him to wake up. She mentions how he had talked of making an honest woman of her and he wraps her in for a big wet one before doing anything else. We return to the smooch fest as they’re thankful to be together again. After they tell each other how much they love each other, etc., he kneels to propose again and the doorbell rings. She apologizes saying she had asked Roman to come over to talk. John smiles, grabs a croissant and says he has some work to do after she lets Roman in. He whispers he’ll ask her “that question” later and she says she’ll remind him if he forgets..both smiling (always nice to have something to look forward to). Roman’s glad she called and that John found her in NJ safe and sound. He wanted to go with John to find her, but she knows he was busy in Salem. He asks why she’s so happy and she explains she and John are back together. Her smile fades as she tells him there’s something she’s not happy about…Sami. She tells him how this is the worst thing that Sami’s ever done. She tells him how Sami blackmailed Lexie, etc. She can tell by his facial reaction that he knew already. He explains he found out the day of Sami’s wedding as Tek had told him. She is shocked he didn’t tell her, but he says she took off for New Jersey. He explains why he didn’t tell Carrie as she was already married to Lucas and why he didn’t tell anyone else. Marlena says that Sami is still the same lying, conniving person she’s always been. She knows Sami didn’t come to just confess what she had done, she wanted Marlena’s help in getting things smoothed out with her father. Marlena senses there’s a small spot of Sami wanting to change, but after she started blaming Roman, Lexie and herself for her problems, decided differently. Roman says he was planning on telling Marlena about it today (she smiling reacts with “what a coincidence!”) as he said he was going to because of Will. They glance at his picture (another one with a lot less hair, haha) as he tells her about how Will ran away the last time Sami disappointed him and afraid he’ll do a lot worse now. They realize Sami might have needed more of their time growing up and Roman’s tired of beating himself up over that, saying Carrie and Eric turned out fine. Marlena suggests they present a united front to Sami, showing she can’t play them against each other any more. He said they won’t come to her rescue any more and if she continues going down this destructive path, she’ll lose everyone she cares about. She said to tell Sami that she’s welcome to destroy her own life, but she’s not going to destroy Wills.

SAMI’S – 10:00 a.m.
EJ walks in with coffee for Sami as we see her sound asleep on the couch. He tells her that they listened to Diana Krall and Coltran at his place the night before until she fell asleep from exhaustion. He carried her back to her place and slept in his own bed, much to her relief. She thanks him. He wants to chat with her when things calm down saying he feels there’s something between them and wants to bring fun back to her life. We return as Sami moans about how things turned out. He strokes her hair, encouraging her to tell her father to get over it if he gives her a hard time about what she did. Later EJ boosts her self esteem by reminding her that she’s not the only headstrong person who’s lied to get their own way and how she shines compares to other women. He tells her to be herself and he’s crazy about her. Sami backs off, saying she’s flattered, but… EJ continues praising her supposed virtues, but she steps into the kitchen comparing him to a white knight in shining armor (hardly). He gets melancholy talking about his own family and not having much contact as he changes the subject back to her, saying they belong together. He adores her and nothing she does will turn him away. Startled at that, he kisses her and she returns it. EJ’s phone rings and he turns it off (it’s Patrick) as he and Sami get hot and heavy on the couch.

We return with EJ shirtless (a Salem must) and Sami’s top a little unbuttoned when Roman POUNDS on the door demanding to see her. She and EJ launch from the couch and restore their buttons as Roman continue his loud demands (put a sock in it Roman, it’s an apartment building!!) She says she and EJ were going to lunch, but Roman says EJ won’t mind eating alone as he needs to talk with her. Roman blasts into Sami about what she did to Carrie. Sami tells Roman how Austin and Lucas were both panting after Carrie,etc. When he asks what she’s going to do about it, she says she apologized and doesn’t know what else to do. She turns and he tells her until she stops acting so heartless, he doesn’t want anything to do with her. He insists she turn and look at him, throwing a “damn it” in there…asking if she heard what he said. She tells him she’s tired of people trying to change her and how she’s turned herself inside out trying to win peoples love. If he can’t accept her for herself, so be it, he can leave. Surprised by this response, he says he’s not leaving until they’ve had it out. Sami calmly tells him she’s going to lunch and walks out telling Roman to have it out with himself.

Shawn stumbles out of the back room where he spent the night. Max thought Shawn had the boat to sleep on, but Shawn only says it didn’t “work out”. Max fills him in on the gift Abby had chosen to be from him and Stephanie’s having breathing difficulty when he tried to explain. He’s doesn’t want to give her false hope, but knows he has to be careful as well.

Mimi arrives and babbles on, telling Max about how Shawn had to be rescued by the coast guard the night before and his new girlfriend being a hooker. Shawn says at least Willow doesn’t LIE to him and rants about her calling his parents. She clarifies that she saved his life in doing so. Max tells them to take personal issues outside, but Shawn leaves the room. Max hugs Mimi, who whines about her circumstances and how Shawn needs her (yeah, throwing his actions in his face not a good conversation starter Meems). Max figures once Shawn calms down that things will get back to normal (yeah, right). Mimi says she came as her car’s having problems. Shawn was going to look at it, but she doesn’t have the money right now to pay. He of course tells her that he’ll take a look at it. Max tells her no problem, anytime. Mimi tells him she’ll pay him when she has the money, but he tells her not to worry about ut. Willow walks in and blasts Mimi with “I should have known you’d be here, you BITCH!” Shawn returns and Willow tells him that Mimi told Hope about her past (which Mimi questions the “past” tense) and she came to see her. Shawn is disgusted, saying looking at Mimi makes him sick. The two argue as Shawn says her lie about Claire’s paternity should be grounds for annulment which he’s seeking. He tells her to leave, saying he doesn’t care how she feels about him and Willow. Max steps between them and tells Shawn that he’s tired of Shawn telling him who can and can’t be in HIS garage. Mimi’s a customer and welcome any time. If Shawn can’t handle that, he can bunk somewhere else. In fact, after what he did to his car, he can get another job as well. Shawn grabs his shirt and says he’s out of there (good for Max!). Willow tells Mimi to keep her mouth shut or she’ll shut it for her and storms out after Shawn. Mimi apologizes to Max and he says people say things when they’re angry. He offers her a shoulder to cry on and she accepts it, saying thank you.

John meets up with Patrick as they chat over a couple beers (glad he had a croissant before tipping beers, LOL). He thanks Patrick again for his help on Morgan Island and Patrick to John for his help in getting into the academy. John apologizes for not calling sooner, but gives him the condensed version about his personal life happenings and asks how he’s doing. Patrick mentions his going to be a father and how Bo’s making his life a living hell being they both love Hope. Now standing, John says they all have tempers, but Patrick claims that Bo staged his arrest and planted the evidence out of jealousy. He figured if Bo got him arrested, he’d return the favor. John says Bo wouldn’t plant evidence and when Patrick gets defensive, says Bo will have to get over him being with Hope. John says Bo’s hung up on Patrick working with the Dimeras. Patrick claims that was a long time ago and John, mentioning being a past Dimera employee himself, offers to help prove Patrick’s not anymore. He quizzes him about where and who he worked for in the Dimera dynasty and Patrick picks up on the interrogation vs. friendly chatter going on. John’s techniques are slipping as Patrick ends the conversation and goes to pay for his own beer. While Patrick’s on his cell phone inside, John steps outside and calls Marlena (Doc) asking for her help. Later Marlena joins Patrick at the bar, saying she came to meet John there. She asks Patrick if he’s okay. He grumbles and she offers to chat with him if it’ll help. (she picks up his cell phone on the far side of her purse) and takes it to the ladies room as he orders ginger ales (per her suggestion) for both of them. In the ladies room she nervously goes through her purse as Patrick’s phone falls on the floor. She bends down to get it and sees mens shoes in the stall and gets up. She grabs her mace out of her purse and orders whoever is in the stall to come out. John opens the door, sitting on the toilet fully clothed, asking if that phone is for him, LOL. She slaps his arm as he steps out, saying he scared her. Being they have a minute, they kiss.

Marlena returns to find Patrick looking for his phone. She hands it to him, saying she found it right there. She returns home and reports to John, saying Patrick never suspected a thing. She tells him he makes things exciting (referring to him as John Black). He suggests she stick around then and remembers he was ready to ask her a question. She’s anxious for him to ask.

EJ meets up with Patrick, angry as he told him not to call him as it could risk the operation and this getting back to him. Patrick tells him about John Black being onto him. EJ tells him not to worry about John Black as he has his future all mapped out…….

Stephanie to Kayla: We’re both in love with guys that are both in love with someone else. What’s wrong with us?

CHELSEA TO STEVE: Did you know that she once was a drug addict?
CHELSEA: Then you also know about the porn movies she’s made (Billie watches shocked and hurt)

AUSTIN (face not shaven for days apparently): I want to get the hell out of here and move to Europe.
CARRIE: I can’t go to Europe with you or I won’t….

JOHN: Will you please marry me Marlena?
MARLENA smiles and is about to answer…

As the credits roll….

Friday, October 20, 2006


Monday, October 23, 2006

Episode #: 10427
Tape Date: 9/27/06
Air Date: 10/23/06
Director: Herb Stein

Summary: Sami turns to Marlena for help, who gives her some “tough love”…Bo enlists John’s help to bring down Patrick…EJ gives Patrick some advice…Max dumps Stephanie…Hope learns the truth about Willow.

At Chez Rouge…Mimi whines to Bonnie about her car breaking down and needing money but Bonnie tells her that she doesn’t have the money to loan her and even suggests that she ask Max to fix her car. Later, Mimi is upset when she sees a receipt where Bonnie had wined and dined someone with an expensive meal. Meanwhile, we learn that it was Lauren (the surrogate) that she was treating. She is on the phone with her, telling her that she wants that baby, even if Mimi doesn’t. Mimi confronts her about the receipts and Bonnie tries to make up a lie, saying it was an investor. But Mimi doesn’t buy her story, thinking instead that she is chasing after some “geezer” at the hospital. Bonnie goes along with the story, finally offering to pony up the money. But then, Mimi says she gave in to easily…and really doesn’t believe her.

Meanwhile, Hope has arrived as Maggie offers her tea and a sympathetic ear. Hope goes on about Shawn’s adventure as well as Bo and Patrick’s run-in. She talks about how angry Bo is about the baby and how he is taking it out on Patrick. She fears that something bad is going to happen. Maggie tries to assure her that everything will work out. Maggie has to go make a phone call but promises to be right back. While she is gone, Mimi comes over and asks how Shawn is. Hope assures her that he is fine and thanks her for calling her. Hope asks how SHE is doing and Mimi says she is fine, at least she isn’t living on the street…which is where Shawn may end up now. But, she says, at least Willow will feel at home. Color Hope confused, so Mimi goes on to explain that Willow is a hooker. Hope is shocked to hear this and can’t believe that Maggie hired her. Hope confronts Maggie about it, asking her if Willow is really a hooker and wants to know why she hired her. Maggie says it was a favor to Shawn, and suggests that she talk to him about it. Hope says that is exactly what she is going to do and rushes off. After she leaves, Willow comes over and asks Maggie what that was all about.

At the Hospital…Abby is visiting with Stephanie as they talk about Steve remembering her and they hope he will remember Kayla as well. Abby asks Stephanie what’s wrong and she tells her she is upset because Max hasn’t visited her…why is he avoiding her? Abby reminds her about the note she found at the garage and suggests that maybe he is only looking out for Stephanie’s best interests and trying to protect her…maybe he blames himself for what happened to her.

At the Garage…Shawn and Max are working on t he car, even though Max says it is pretty much a total loss. Max notes that everyone that drives his car, drives into a wall (lol). Shawn tells him about Philip leaving town and about how he is being such a jerk with Belle. Max admits that he has done the same thing to Stephanie. Max wants out of that relationship, admitting that maybe he used her to get rid of Chelsea. Max is worried about breaking it to her but decides that he must do it soon. Abby shows up telling how she visited Stephanie and she is looking for him. Abby even brought a gift for Max to take to her. He leaves as Abby goes on to Shawn about how wonderful Max is and Shawn asks if SHE has a thing for him too. She says no, but he IS hot and Stephanie is a lucky girl…but he is just a friend to her. Shawn warns her to keep her eyes open with Max.

Back at the hospital…Max visits, claiming that he stayed away to give her time with her dad. The doctor comes in to check on her as she opens the gift bag and finds a stuffed bear, that says “be mine” on it (apparently he didn’t check it before giving it to her, lol). After the doctor leaves, she tells him that she loves it, but he says he shouldn’t have gotten it. He goes into his speech about how he likes/respects her and all…BUT… She asks what he is trying to say and he says that maybe it would be best for them to move on. She starts hyperventilating and he calls for help. The doctors and nurses put her on oxygen, telling her to stay calm, as Max apologizes for upsetting her. He is there for her.

Back at the Garage…
Hope shows up demanding to know what Shawn is thinking…sleeping with a hooker? He says he was just trying to help her out and tells Hope to stop putting Willow down. She lectures him about responsibility and says she cannot stop him from divorcing his wife…hurting Belle…or sleeping with a hooker. BUT, there is one thing she insists on…that he be a father to Claire…and if he refuses to do that…she will have a sad and miserable childhood.

On the docks…EJ is lecturing Patrick, who tells him that they have a problem…Bo Brady…he is dangerous. EJ says that Bo is clueless and so is everyone else. Patrick MUST follow his orders and no one will ever know that they are the ones terrorizing Salem. Patrick is upset about EJ killing Eve Michaels…that isn’t what he bargained for…but EJ reminds him that he used the situation to frame Bo. EJ tells him that he had better calm down and take it easy. Patrick says it’s a miracle that Max and Stephanie survived that crash but EJ says it is his goal to make ALL the Bradys suffer. Patrick reminds him that HIS sister is suffering too (with the embryo switch). EJ eludes to the fact that there are others involved in this (besides him and Patrick) and warns Patrick to keep his mouth shut. Patrick asks what if he doesn’t and EJ tells him NOT to try him…he will regret it. Patrick tells EJ not to strong arm him, he isn’t afraid of him and EJ reminds him about Hope and threatens to expose all that he has done if he crosses him. Patrick finally succumbs and asks EJ what he wants him to do but EJ says the less he knows, the better. It will all come out when he reveals his TRUE identity to everyone. Patrick is sure that EJ’s luck is going to run out eventually and he will NOT be there to take the fall for him. Patrick says that EJ underestimates Bo Brady but EJ tells him to remain calm and follow his orders. Patrick says that if Bo gets too close to the truth, he won’t hesitate to sell him out…and EJ warns him that will be a mistake…then he leaves.

At the Penthouse…Marlena and John are kissing hot and heavy when John says they need to talk about remarrying…he wants to make an honest woman out of her. He drops to one knew to propose when Sami comes barging in, wanting to talk to her mom. John gets a call from Bo and goes out in the hall, to give them privacy. Sami tells her mom that her life is over…everyone hates her and now Marlena will too. In the hall, John talks to Bo, who tells him about him being suspended because of Lockhart. Bo says he needs Johns help in proving that Patrick is up to no good.

Back inside, Sami explains the whole blackmail story and the fallout to Marlena, who proceeds to let her have it with both barrels. She asks Sami if she even has a conscience at all…playing with people’s lives like that. Sami tells her that she is sorry and asks Marlena to look at her, but she can’t. Sami wishes she could just take it all back…now she has ended up losing Will and Lucas forever and she can’t bear that. Marlena says all this makes her heartsick and doesn’t know WHAT to say to her. Sami begs her to say that she loves her and won’t give up on her like everyone else, but Marlena says she thought Sami and Carrie were getting along and that Sami had changed. Sami says it was selfish of her, but Marlena says it is WAY BEYOND that. She asks Sami if she only cares about herself. She says no, even Carrie is out for revenge, vowing to destroy Lexie now and is sure that Carrie will also tell Roman…and he will hate her too. Sami says she needs help, but Marlena is onto Sami’s games and says she will NOT go to Roman on her behalf…if she had to go around begging forgiveness (on Sami’s behalf) to everyone…it would take her a lifetime. Sami asks what about her…can she forgive her? Marlena says she can’t…this is the last straw…Sami made this mess, now she has to get HERSELF out of it. Sami cracks that Marlena would rather run off with John again. Marlena tells her she knows how Sami feels about John and that everything is NOT about her. Marlena reminds her that once upon a time she LOVED John…but she has never grown up…she wants to play the little girl who wants her mommy and daddy back together…and yet again, the only one she ends up hurting is herself. She says she is so worried about Sami’s self destructive behavior and she loves her and prays for her, but she is NOT going to manipulate her once again. (Wow! GO MARLENA!) Marlena knows that Sami will blame her…she has heard it all before…she was a bad mother…she abandoned her…not sympathetic to her…she is starved for attention…”am I on the right path here?” Marlena points out that when she WAS gone…John was a good father to the children…and NONE of the others turned out like Sami. She says if Sami wants to be a better person…SHE is the only one that can change things. Sami says this was a mistake and storms out, telling her to enjoy her life with John. Out in the hall, who shows up but EJ! He sees she is upset as she explains about the latest note and how now everyone hates her. She tells him when she finds out who ruined her life…she is going to kill him. EJ claims he cares about her and wants to help…as she thanks him for being such a friend. She tells him that Lucas and Will moved out so he insists that she come to his place and she accepts. Inside, Marlena calls John and asks him if they can continue their conversation before Sami came. He says he will be home soon (he is with Bo right now at the cop shop).

At the Cop Shop…John meets with Bo as he explains to him about how he was arrested and Patrick is pressing charges and has to keep his distance from him. Bo wants John to help him investigate Patrick and reminds him that he was once a part of the DiMera organization…a fact which everyone seems to have forgotten. John reminds him that he saved everyone on the island and that he helped save Marlena from Alex as well. But Bo says he feels that Hope is in danger…and he is helpless…the same way John felt about Marlena with Alex. He says that John can get info from Patrick that he can’t. Bo is sure that he is up to something and he doesn’t want Hope to get hurt. John promises to help. After he gets off the phone with Marlena, John calls Patrick and invites him out for a drink, saying he owes him that for his help back on the island and Patrick accepts. After he gets off the phone, Bo tells him that he will find out he is right…that Lockhart…and whoever he is working for…are going down…as the previews show…

Patrick (to John): Why am I starting to feel like this isn’t a friendly little drink we are having here…It’s starting to feel like one hell of an interrogation…

Mimi (to Shawn): I am still your wife…and I have a right to know… (Shawn): You have NO rights with me, Mimi…

Marlena (to Roman): Sami is still the same selfish, conniving, little witch she always was…

EJ (to Sami): I adore the bad girl in you (as he kisses her)…

And the credits roll…


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Friday, October 20, 2006

Episode: 10426
Directed by: Albert Alarr
Tape date: 9/27/06

It’s Confrontation Day in Salem…in Ring one…Lexie shows Tek she’s serious, in Ring 2..ding ding…Carrie’s backbone is strengthened (with the help of Jack Daniels I think) and she takes on Lexie for lying to her, in Ring 3…ding, ding, ding..Lucas and Will lay in to Sami….in ring 4..ding, ding, ding, ding….Bo is arrested for his punching out Patrick and the top cops are tired of it…I know…lots of dinging and even more tongue lashing in Friday’s show…hope they get it out of their systems and back to loving soon, haha…..my head hurts….

(aka Ring 1 and Ring 2)

Carrie tells Austin she’s going to make Lexie pay for what she did to her. Austin attributes Lexie as being a victim just as they are of Sami, but Carrie disagrees, saying Lexie had a choice. He agrees and washes his hands of everything in Salem, he’s had it and just wants out. Carrie has too, but NOT until she’s paid back Sami and Lexie for almost destroying their lives. She’s going to make sure that they’re held accountable. Austin offers to join Carrie, but she wants to do this alone. She kisses Austin goodbye at the table.

At the bar….Tek approaches Lexie, pleading that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. She firmly tells him she doesn’t want to marry him and wants him out of her life. He refuses to listen, saying she only wants to stay with Abe for Theo’s sake. She finally opens her purse and gives him the restraining order and he can’t believe she really did it. She explains he didn’t give her a choice, she had to call Mickey Horton and get the restraining order. Tek says he can’t leave her alone. She vows to have him arrested if he doesn’t and pulls out her cell phone to call the police. He throws some money on the bar and leaves after saying she’ll realize he’s right about they’re belonging together.

Carrie walks up and greets her good friend Dr. Carver. Lexie smiles and invites Carrie to join her. Carrie, holding her drink in her hand, tells Lexie she knows that Lexie would never lie to her, which Lexie agrees to. Carrie spews out..”how the hell do you live with yourself?” Long conversation as Lexie tries to explain what happened and how she was worried about losing Theo and Abe if she told her the truth. She almost did and got a call warning her not to. Carrie remembers the odd call and Lexie tells her it was a mechanical voice threatening Abe and Theo if she told, so she couldn’t. Carrie takes the info in, still angry though. Lexie reminds her how she tried to convince her to follow her heart. Carrie says they both know she would have chosen Austin had she known the truth though. Lexie apologizes and says it killed her to know what she did because of Sami. Carrie says she can try and blame it all on Sami, but she’s equally responsible. Lexie apologizes again, wishing there was some way she could make it up to all of them. She knows Carrie won’t believe it, but she will miss her friendship. Carrie says she’ll miss more than that. She violated her oath as a doctor and she’s planning to report her to the AMA and will also tell Abe what she did. She’ll lose her husband AND her job and will get just what she deserves…then walks away, drink still in hand.

RING 3 (Sami's Apartment)

Sami tries to explain to Will what happened. She tells him about the cake she had gotten him for making the bball team. Lucas won’t let Sami put off telling Will what happened as he wants to make sure she doesn’t put her spin on it when he’s not around. She tells Will she and his Aunt Carrie had a fight and Will asks what she did now. She tells him it’s what she did a few months ago that they argued about and when she changes the subject back to the cake, Lucas reigns her back in. She finally tells him she blackmailed Dr. Carver to get Carrie to be with his dad, etc. Will turns on her and rants about the results, saying it’s the sickest thing she’s ever done. We return as she tearfully explains the situation. As she tries to smooth things out, saying she did it for him (Will), Lucas pipes in disagreeing and Will flat out tells her that Sami only did it for herself. Uncle Austin and Aunt Carrie would have been together a long time ago otherwise and dad wouldn’t have had his heart ripped out. Will’s had enough of this crap and moving back in with dad for good, saying he’s not giving her another chance. Sami begs Lucas not to take her son away again, but he says Will is old enough now to make up his own mind where he wants to live. Will throws a few things in his bag and asks if they can go now. Lucas glares at Sami and calmly agrees. They open the door and we see Kate standing there. Sami’s in tears and just turns her back to the door.

Lucas gives Kate the short version about what happened and Kate knew she was right, that there was more to it. Sami calmly tells Kate this wouldn’t have happened if she hadn’t sabotaged her wedding to Lucas. Kate says she did it to protect her son and was right in doing so, then offers to share her huge suite (LOL) with Lucas and Will. Sami says “no way in hell” to that. She won’t let her son be under Kate’s influence and his mind poisoned against her. Will speaks up reminding her that he’s right there and can never understand what she did. Lucas pipes up that Carrie, Austin, even her parents will never understand. She asks if he himself can. Later Kate hands Lucas the key to her suite and he says it’s only temporary until they find their own place. Kate leaves, saying she’ll see them there. Lucas’ voice cracks as he tells Sami she got what she deserved and it’s over. Sami is shaken but quietly begs them to tell her what she can do to make this right. She loves them and can’t lose them. Will says there’s nothing she can do and Lucas walks his son out. Sami breaks into tears and then gut wrenching sobs as she slides to the fall wailing..while the camera pans to the picture of her, Lucas and Will from several years ago (when Will’s face could be seen without all that hair, haha).


Roman walks Bo in, still wearing handcuffs. Bo tells Abe that Patrick started the argument, but Hope walks in saying that’s not true. She witnessed the whole thing. Abe has Bo put in an interrogation room, saying Bo’s the one who broke the law, which Bo can’t believe. Bo looks at Hope saying she’s making a mistake as Roman walks him away. She can’t understand why he’s acting like he is. He had her almost convinced to give their marriage another try, but he just kept hitting Patrick in the face when she asked him to stop. It’s killing her that she’s having Patrick’s baby, but she has to accept it. Abe vows it won’t happen again and he’s going to make sure right now. He asks her to make her statement then to go home and get some rest (is she still on the force?) A female officer offers to take her statement and Hope sits down until Patrick walks in with a bloodied face. She suggests medical treatment, but he says Bo’s the one who’s going to be in trouble. She apologizes profusely, saying that wasn’t the action of the man she fell in love with. Patrick takes her into his arms to comfort her. He suggests keeping his distance from Bo (gee, ya think?) might help. Hope says with his being the father of her baby, Bo has to get use to the idea. Patrick hugs her again with a smirk on his face. She returns to make her statement while Patrick makes a call on the pay phone in the hall. He leaves a message that he wants to know why they haven’t returned his calls and needs to meet with them ASAP, it’s important. Later Hope returns and refuses a ride home. He asks about Chicago and she reminds him she said she would, but no promises other than that. He walks her out.

Bo tells Roman that Patrick was provoking him intentionally and Hope’s being taken in by him. He’ll regret taking him off this case. Abe walks in saying he’s close to losing his badge. Abe is furious and demands that Bo sit down, shut up and listen to him. He cites how long they’ve worked together and he’s looked away at Bo’s unorthodox methods, but he still thinks the rules don’t apply to him. He can’t look away anymore. He insisted that Bo stay clear of Lockhart and he didn’t. Bo knows that Patrick is working with someone and had his own agenda. He asks Bo to let him do his job and catch this guy before anyone else gets hurt. Abe orders Bo to stay away from Patrick. Bo said if losing his badge is the price to keeping his family safe, so be it. He understands they have to do what they have to do though. Abe will speak to internal affairs if Bo will promise to stay away from Patrick. Bo can’t promise that. Bo sees Patrick in the office and rushes at him. Roman and Abe pull him back in the interrogation room and Abe says he just blew his last chance. Hope looks crestfallen at how Bo reacted.

Bo insists he’s right as Abe and Roman yell at him. Abe asks for Bo’s badge and gun, saying the department can’t risk a law suit. He’s off the force!

In an alley, Patrick calls his contact on his cellphone, saying they have to talk. He says Bo’s not giving up and he doesn’t think it’ll be long before he’s on to them. EJ steps out of the alley and asks what he wants saying this had better be good!

MARLENA TO SAMI: “…and I pray for you, but if you think you can manipulate me again, you had better think again!”

HOPE TO SHAWN: “What do you think you’re doing, sleeping with a hooker?”

JOHN TO BO: “…wrong.”
BO TO JOHN: “Lockhart and whoever he’s working for…they’re going down!”

EJ TO PATRICK: “If you cross me, she finds out that that’s Bo’s baby she’s carrying and you can kiss your future with her goodbye…”

As the credits roll…

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