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Friday, September 1st

Episode: 10,391
Directed by Phil Sogard
Tape Date: 8/3/06
Written by: James Reilly

It’s a new day in Salem as we find our top cops talking shop (hallelujah); Sami and EJ chat about what happened and Lucas and Austin have breakfast at the pub, also trying to figure out what happened.

We find John and Abe discussing the preliminary autopsy report on Eve. She had been shot in both the abdomen and chest at close range and her badge was missing. Tek arrives (apparently he left the church stakeout and went off duty) and just learns about the shooting (can’t believe it didn’t hit the media). Tek explains he left before forensics showed up. (you would think a cop being shot would have had all the cops on alert, wouldn’t you?) He turned the investigation over to Detective Post when he pursued the man he saw. He lost track of the person, so at sunset went off duty to join his “friend”. Abe snorts, so you left the investigation to join Lexie. Tek tells them that Lexie knew about a threatening call Sami got minutes before her wedding. Both John and Abe are surprised to hear this and Tek explains how Sami and EJ went to Lexie’s house to accuse her of making the call. Abe can’t understand why Sami would think Lexie would do that. John says “telegram” and there’s something Abe needs to know. Abe learns that Lexie’s threatening phone call warned her that something would happen to Abe and Theo if she told. Abe is shocked, but mostly because Lexie didn’t have the decency to warn him that his life as well as her son’s was in danger. Tek pleads Lexie’s case, saying how worried she was. He tells him about Lexie’s fear that the Brady’s were in danger and that’s why he surrounded the church. Abe is furious and says he can’t forget Lexie’s past as a Dimera and can’t be trusted. Tek loses it and rushes Abe, grabbing his jacket and calling him a son of a bitch..threating to kill him if he talks about Lexie like that again (ouch…not good for job security Tekmeister!) Abe calmly orders the Detective to let go of him and John says it was a bad move Tek (ya think?) and Tek leaves.

John smooths Abe’s jacket and tells “Abraham” it’s a tense situation they’re dealing with and Abe says Detective Kramer is the least of his problems. Roman joins them and they had reviewed the surveillance tapes. They found something and Abe’s not going to like it. Roman shows the video clips of Lexie sneaking into St. Lukes, slipping off to the back watching what’s happening, then slipping out. Roman apologizes to Abe, but says they have to treat Lexie like a suspect and Abe understands, saying she’s a Dimera. Dimeras hate the Bradys and Lexie hates Sami. Abe asks Roman to remember that Lexie is Theo’s mother and Roman understands, saying that’s why he feels Abe should be the one to conduct the investigation (NOT!). Abe laughs, saying he can’t be serious because he wants him to investigate his almost ex wife. Roman and John figure Abe has the closest inside track to her. Abe says he can’t interrogate her over a long drawn out candlelight dinner, but they disagree. Abe’s shocked they want him to start dating Lexie. While they don’t believe Lexie did it, they have to eliminate her as a suspect. They need to find out why she was sneaking around the church. Abe asks what he does with her after finding out if she’s not guilty…toss her out like yesterday’s news? John tells Abe that’s up to him. Roman tells Abe he has to do it for both Theo and himself.

Lucas joins a puzzled Austin at the pub. Usually it’s Sami who’s left at the alter and Austin’s not clear what happened. Lucas is wise enough to know there’s more to this as to why Sami didn’t marry the man of her dreams. Lucas says how Sami’s changed lately and into the karma thing and Austin’s responsible for bringing out this change in her. Austin is concerned as he could tell Sami was almost scared when she ran out of the church. Lucas ponders this and wonders if this is a test for Austin to prove how much he loves her, citing how her dad abandoned her when she was young and Stefano broke up her family, etc. Maybe she’s insecure about his feelings for Carrie. Lucas has one last suspicion and Austin demands to know what it is. Lucas says, EJ. He figures it was him, going on about how EJ’s always there for Sami, like a white knight, reminding him how he warned Austin about treating Sami right the night before his wedding. They talk about how everyone thought she was incorrectly with Brandon the night before her wedding with Lucas, but it was only Lucas she wanted. The two guys rehash what happened, remembering how EJ even drove her to the church. Austin feels there’s more to EJ that stopped Sami from marrying him. Lucas figures it was Carrie and Austin needs to convince Sami it’s over with Carrie and him. Lexie arrives to order some take out and tells Austin that Sami leaving him at the altar was the best thing that could have happened to him. Lucas tells Lexie this is not what his brother needs to hear now and Lexie apologizes, then refers to Sami as a witch. Both defend Sami, understanding why Lexie is not Sami’s biggest fan. Lexie spits back that if they had the slightest inkling about Sami and tries to leave with her order, but they demand a response. She claims to the way Sami blackmailed her, threatening to tell Abe about Tek, citing how Sami held it over her head day and night. Austin knows there’s more and Lexie says she’ll tell them. It’s her medical opinion that Sami is pathologically disturbed and he should be glad she’s out of his life. Lucas reminds Lexie that she’s not a psychiatrist and doesn’t know that. Lexie rambles on about Sami’s traits and Austin interrupts hearing enough, glad she had the decency not to come to the wedding. Lexie tells Austin she adores him, but deserves to be with the woman he loves and should be with. Lucas interrupts saying the woman should be with is Sami. Lexie asks Austin to give up Sami and Lucas rants that Austin and Sami will be back together today and leaves.

We find Sami on a couch crying when a man slips into the room (we also see a note had been pushed under the door) and stands in front of her and she screams. Turns out it was just EJ with a tray of food. Relieved, she tells him of her nightmare that someone was trying to kill her. He comforts her, rubbing her head. She tells him how a man with a big knife was chasing her in her dream. He gives her some tea, saying it’ll make her feel better. She doesn’t want it unless it’s herbal or she’ll be more jumpy. He smiles, saying it’s okay and it was a tea his nanny had. She asks about him having a nanny and he clarifies a governess, a regular Mary Poppins, LOL. She attributes his good deeds to her upbringing. Being she didn’t have her mom, she wished she had a Mary Poppins too, but only got John Black. She admits he was a great dad to her when she was a kid and tells EJ about John and Marlena’s affair and how Belle came along. She knows she had a great childhood in comparison, but her mom’s affair with John made it impossible for her trust people. EJ says it wasn’t unusual in England to have a governess. He carries the tea with him everywhere he goes. She sips it and says it is good. She asks what’s in it and he laughs saying a spoonful of sugar..and she laughs too…LOL…but he doesn’t expound on it, just saying it’s full of love as she looks at the breakfast he brought her. She thanks him for always being there for her. He apologizes for scaring her. She thought she locked her door and he admits using the emergency key she and Austin gave him, apologizing. He asks if she’s sure it’s over between her and Austin. Sami’s worried about Lexie telling Austin about being blackmailed. She was a Dimera and makes her look like Mother Teresa, saying how Lexie went crazy a few years ago and became a regular Creulla Daville (from 101 Dalmatians) LOL. Sami ponders who else would have had a reason to make that call to stop her from marrying Austin? EJ says he knows a few people, himself for one. He tells her she should be herself, not her sister like Austin wanted. She’s now angry, but EJ insists she deserves someone who wants her for who and what she is and that’s NOT Austin. She asks if there’s something else and he understands she’d like to know if he’s falling for her. Before he can answer, she sees the note on the floor and panics. He sees it’s addressed to Sami and she doesn’t want it. He offers to throw it away, but she has to see what’s in it. She chokes there’s nothing else they can take away from her. He opens it and reads it. Samanatha…congratulations. You did the right thing by not marrying Austin. There’s only one more thing for you to do to keep the secret quiet. You must give sole custody to Lucas to keep your secret safe.” Sami refuses to do that and kicks something in anger. Crying, she says she can’t give up her son. EJ promises they’ll get through this together. Sami knows whomever is behind this wants to see her lose everything. EJ promises she won’t lose him and he’ll be there for her always. She gives him a little kiss, then moves in for a longer one as we see them fall back on the couch as the camera freezes on the note and the previews roll..

ROMAN TO MARLENA: Listen to me, okay? What kind of a message is it for your daughters if you don’t do this?

EJ TO CARRIE: You never did answer when Lucas asked you to tell me how happy you are in your marriage.
CARRIE: Didn’t I?
EJ: No sweetheart, you didn’t.

SAMI TO AUSTIN: Carrie’s in love with you. You’re in love with her.

AUSTIN TO CARRIE: IT’s about time we got back together like it was meant to be!

As the credits roll…

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Episode # 10,390
Tape Date: 8/2/06
Air Date: 8/31/06
Director: Herb Stein
Head Writer: James E. Reilly

Summary: Belle and Philip discuss the events of the day…Bonnie worries that Mimi may be in danger…Sami confronts Lexie, blaming her for her wedding day blues…John fills Marlena in on his investigation…and they make a gruesome discovery outside the church.

At one Loft…Belle and Philip rehash the events of the day (I guess for the benefits of those that have missed the past week or so). They talk about the file ending up in Shawn’s room, as well as Sami’s non-wedding, then go inside to find Maggie (who was babysitting) covered in food. She talks about how Claire is such a picky eater, as they both say they were neither that way. Maggie opens mouth and inserts foot when she says she guesses that Claire didn’t get that gene from either of them. Both are quiet as she asks if she said something wrong. They assure her she didn’t. They briefly discuss the wedding fiasco and then Maggie leaves. After she leaves, Belle asks Philip why he is upset but he decides to go shower and go to bed. Later, they are ready for bed as she asks him if he is okay. But he keeps obsessing about the file. He tells her she is beautiful and they kiss. Later they are still talking about the events of the day and he suggests they take Claire and go to the fair the next day. But she reminds him that Claire has a doctor appointment, so he wants to go along. He says it won’t be a day at the park, but at least they will be together as a family.

At the other loft…Bonnie comes rushing over, a nervous wreck. Mimi shushes her, saying Shawn is asleep. They talk about the file as Mimi tells her that Shawn, Belle nor Philip believed what was inside. She tells Bonnie that Philip is sure that it is a sick joke. Bonnie is just relieved that there was no damage. Bonnie thinks that Mimi is now home-free and that she can relax a bit. But Mimi tells her Philip thinks someone did this, as well as, the egg scramble on purpose. Bonnie tells her that Kate had mentioned a conspiracy theory as well, but she didn’t really pay any attention to her. Mimi thinks Philip could be on to something, considering how many enemies the Brady and the Kiriakis families have. Bonnie gets frightened and says that the DiMera’s hated both families. She hates that Mimi is right in the middle of this and thinks that they should have police protection. Mimi thinks she has been watching too many Law & Order reruns, but Bonnie thinks they should be on their guard.

At the Church…Sami cries to EJ about leaving Austin at the altar. She blames Lexie, but EJ doesn’t think that Lexie is responsible. Sami cries about her dad coming to her but she couldn’t tell him the truth. She is most upset about letting Will down. She says everytime she gets close, she ends up ruining it. She reflects about what a bad day it has been as he ends up making her laugh. Marlena walks in and asks what is going on. Sami explains that EJ was just trying to cheer her up. Marlena asks him to leave so she can talk to Sami. She asks Sami if she is relieved that the wedding didn’t happen. Sami assures her that there is nothing going on between her and EJ…he is just her friend. Marlena asks her why she called it off and Sami says that maybe Marlena was right before. She says she does love Austin, but just maybe she loves him enough to let him go…maybe she just wasn’t ready to marry him. But Marlena thinks she could have chosen a better time (and more private place) to tell him. But Marlena senses there is something else going on here, and Sami asks why she is always second choice. She says that both Austin and Lucas love Carrie. She says that men fight over Belle, Carrie and Marlena…and asks what is wrong with her. Marlena tries to assure her that she is smart, beautiful, etc. but Sami calls herself a “bad seed”. She says that Marlena loves Belle and raised Carrie as her own, but sometimes she feels as if she and Eric are castoffs. She immediately apologizes, saying she didn’t mean that. She talks about what a good mom Marlena is and thanks her for being there for her. Marlena asks again if there is something else going on, but Sami denies it. She offers Sami a ride home, but she declines. After their hugs and “I Love You’s” Marlena leaves. EJ returns and Sami tells him she needs a favor from him.

They go over to Lexie’s house and barge in. Sami and Lexie get into a huge argument, with Sami blaming her for everything that happened today, including the threatening phone call…as Lexie looks bewildered. Lexie denies it all, even though she considered exposing Sami…but she says she stood as much or more to lose than Sami, and she couldn’t go through with it. Lexie can’t understand how EJ can be friends with a person like Sami and Sami says he understands her. Lexie says if he understands her that well, he should get in his car and race out of town while he has the chance. He says he comes from a family “with a flair for the dramatic” (hmmm) and maybe that is why he is attracted to Sami. He says it is like he and Sami are kindred spirits. Lexie warns him about Sami, but he says he will be fine. EJ says the three of them aren’t really that different, which highly offends Lexie. Lexie rants at Sami about all the people she has hurt and continues to insist she is not responsible for Sami’s troubles, saying that someone powerful is behind all of this. She ends up tossing them both out as Sami vows that Lexie isn’t going to get away with this on her way out.

Later, a tearful Lexie meets up with Tek on the pier and tells him about Sami’s visit. She tells him that Sami also received a call right before the wedding, thinking it was Lexie behind it. She tells him she didn’t tell Sami about her own call. She cries that she feels that all of this has gotten way out of hand and that people are going to get hurt.

Back at the church…John asks Eve why she is there and it seems she is helping on the case. They make eyes at one another and talk about their upcoming date. She takes him outside to show him a set of muddy footprints she found. When they come back, they talk with Tek as he catches on that there is something going on between them. Eve tells John she is going home to get ready for their date…just as Marlena walks up. She asks if Eve is the one that John is dating. She says nice to meet you…I am MRS. John Black. John explains that they are separated…it is what Marlena wanted and talks about how earlier, she was hanging all over Roman. He is rather harsh with Marlena (in front of Eve) and then walks her out. He comes back and tries to explain to Marlena, telling her not to worry about Eve. Marlena catches on that he is working on a case. He teases her, telling her he likes seeing her jealous. She says she KNOWS how to get answers out of him and lays a big kiss on him. She asks if he wants to change his plans and he says he can’t. She asks what he is working on and he tells her he is working to clear Bo and hoping to get him and Hope back together. They talk about Eve’s motives as John is sure it is money related, and he is sure she is working for someone…and tonight he hopes to find out who. She worries he is putting himself in danger, but he assures her that is not the case. He asks about Sami as Marlena thanks him for getting her to the church…even if it didn’t really matter. She tells him she is glad Sami called it off thought. One more sexy kiss and they leave. Outside, he teases her some more about his “date” until they stumble upon Eve, sprawled out across the ground. He rolls her over and they see that she has blood all over her. John nervously looks around…as the previews show…

Abe (to Tek): So you left the investigation to meet with Lexie…is that right?...

Lexie (to Austin): Sami leaving you at the altar is the best thing that could have happened to you…

Roman (to Abe & John): We may have a shot at the killer…(Abe): Did you find anything?...(Roman): I’m afraid I did…something you aren’t going to like…

EJ (to Sami): You want to know if I am falling for you?...

And the credits roll…

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Episode #10,389
Taped 8/1
Director – Albert Alarr

Sami’s wedding continues, & amazingly, all the guests have stayed, and even stayed in their seats. The entire show centers on the event at St. Lukes, and there are lots of little conversations between the couples as the drama unfolds.

Tek is alerting all his men that he was tracking a suspect, but lost him (Huh, in that small church? Lol), & tells them to hold their positions. Lexie arrives at the back of the church, with Sami noticing her. Lexie slips into a spot near the confessional, as Father Jansen blesses the rings. Austin recites his vows and puts her ring onto Sami’s finger. Kate is not happy. Sami drops Austin’s ring, says oops. Carrie looks uncomfortable. Sami begins to put the ring on Austin’s finger, hesitates, looks unhappy, then looks up at Austin, and tells him she cannot do this……and turns right into the Runaway Bride, as she flees down the aisle, tripping along the way. She picks herself up, dusts herself off, and keeps on going.

Everyone is shocked, but Kate is happy, as Lexie smirks. Austin tells everyone to keep their seats, and goes after Sami.

John notices one of Tek’s men leave, and follows. Austin knocks on Sami’s door. She’s crying, tells him to go away, but then lets him in. She is crying, berating herself as being undeserving. She is ashamed of herself, she took sacred vows in her family’s church. She takes off the ring that Austin put on her finger, and the engagement ring, along with the ring she was going to put on Austin’s finger and gives them back. Bo asks Roman what Tek is doing with all the men, but Roman says he is only the commander, what does he know. They go to check it out, with Bo first alerting Hope to give an eye out for anything suspicious. Now all the couples have little conversations about what happened. Caroline wonders if Sami will ever have a happy wedding. Shawn asks if she means all to the end, with throwing rice and all. Then tells her theirs was one of his most treasured memories. Caroline tells him she loves him.

Sami tells Austin she is just not a good enough person to be married to him, and goes on and on about how she has not really changed, she struggles all the time, and if they were married, he would see right through her machinations. She makes him leave.

Tek tells Bo, Roman & John all about the threatening phone call Lexie got. Then tells them how Sami blackmailed Lexie into telling Carrie that if she had children with Austin, they would be born with birth defects. (Wait a sec, Tek. Sami told Lexie to think of something… was Lexie who came up with the birth defect warning). The men are appalled, as Tek continues on how the voice threatened to hurt Abe and Theo. Chelsea tells Lucas & Carrie that maybe Austin really loves someone else. (that girl just loves to make others miserable, doesn’t she?). Austin comes out, announces that, while it may change in the future, for now, it is over, thanking them for coming. Kate is thrilled, and brags to EJ how happy she is she will not have that harlot for a daughter-in-law. EJ thinks that a strong word, but Kate adds liar, thief and cheat to the list. EJ tells her she also has faults of her own…many! Kate tells him that the insult aside, she is going to let him take her dancing. (Ah, Kate, she sure has cheek!) But EJ says no, he has to go see his friend. And Sami is his friend. He wants to make sure she is alright. Will is very upset, telling Lucas & Carrie his mom is a freak. Lucas soothes him. Carrie tells Austin how sorry she is, and gives him a hug, as Lucas watches. Austin asks them to give Sami a ride to her apt., he will be staying in a hotel tonight. People are talking in little groups. Jennifer tells Frankie she is starving & he mentions taking her to dinner at Chez Rouge. (O.K. folks, there WAS a reception with lots of food somewhere, and it is going to go to waste. How about just going there?). Steve asks something of Kayla about this being a typical Brady wedding. Kayla tells him there is always something unusual. Max & Stephanie chat a bit, while Chelsea glares at them, the green eyed monster obviously at work.

Roman goes to see Sami, and she cries and cries as he holds her, telling her he has been wiping her tears away since she was a child. And it looks like it is a lifetime job. He asks her what happened, and she talks about Austin putting her on a pedestal, and she cannot be up there, it is too far to fall. Roman asks her the real reason, but she just goes on about not being able to live up to the ideal that Austin has of her. Roman prods (being he knows about Lexie & the blackmail), but Sami does not mention it, and asks her dad what she is going to do. Roman tells her that in the words of her Gramma Caroline, you reap what you sow.

Marlena wonders if she should go see Sami, but Caroline says she needs some time. Roman, Bo & John talk about what they know now, and keeping the secret. (yeah, right!). Steve asks Kayla if he can give her a ride home. She wonders if being in the church and hearing the vows and all triggered anything for him, but he says nothing. Then, Steve tells her he hates to keep hurting her this way, maybe they should cool it. Kayla replies that he can’t get rid of her so easily. (you tell him, Kayla! The day will come!) Bo & Hope leave, as do Lucas, Carrie & Will, plus Caroline & Shawn. Austin sits alone and Kate sidles over to gloat. Austin warns her, not now. He abruptly leaves.

Sami has changed clothes, as EJ knocks on her door. She berates him for not coming sooner. John comes out of the church to see Eve talking to Tek. He asks what she is doing there. Lucas comforts Will, as Carrie questions Austin. Sami tells EJ about the phone call she got just before the wedding, and how the mechanical voice told her that if she went through with the wedding, he would tell everyone how she blackmailed Lexie. Sami says she thought she could go through with it. All she wants if for her dad and Will to be proud of her. She thinks her dad has given up on her, but Will said in church how proud he was of her, and if he found out, he would never forgive her. EJ comforts her, telling her it will all work out, as he strokes her hair.

And the previews roll…..

Marlena, very sweetly, to John & Eve: Hi, there, this must be the girl you are dating. Nice to meet you, I’m Mrs. John Black! (love it)

Lexie to Sami: You should be very afraid. Someone else knows our dirty little secret. And this someone can do a lot more harm than I ever could.

Bonnie to Mimi: I’m serious. Whoever took the trouble to switch those embryos is capable of anything.

The credits roll.


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Tuesday, August 29th

Episode: 10,388
Directed by: Albert Alarr
Tape Date: 7/31/06
Headwriter: James E. Reilly

Sami and Austin’s wedding progresses at St. Lukes while Lexie and Abe discuss the mysterious file appearance in Shawn’s cubicle at the hospital.


While pushing her library cart at the hospital (as part of her candystriping duties), Bonnie asks Lexie about Shawn. Lexie confirms he’s okay and just needs REST and QUIET after Bonnie babbles on about trying to call the loft. Tek returns and Lexie cuts the conversation short with Bonnie to see if he’s found out anything. He agrees it seems like the Brady’s are a target and that Tony is a suspect even though he’s in prison. Tek says Sami BRADY’S wedding would be a perfect place for whomever it is to strike. He’s got a team on the way there and he’s heading there as well. Later, he calls her from the church and says all is okay and she is glad to hear that. He comments he’s glad to hear she cares about him and she says of course she cares about him. Naturally Abe walks up and overhears that. After hanging up, Lexie tries to clarify why she said what she did to Abe, but he doesn’t give a damn. He’s moved on and so should she. She’s free to cozy up to whomever she wants to. To prove he’s there on other business, he flashes his ID as Commissioner to a nurse walking past and asks about the missing Claire Kiriakis file (why isn’t he at Sami’s wedding? And why would a COMMISSIONER be investigating in the field, especially something as trivial as that?) He learns Lexie was the ER doctor that night and she smiles saying he’ll have to talk to her after all.

They sit in the lobby to talk (not her office) and she explains what happened and how the file was found. He says this incident doesn’t say a lot about hospital security. She tells him that Dr. Bergman was also working that night. She tells him she’s given it a lot of thought and doesn’t think it ended up there accidentally (gee, all that police training didn’t go to waste). She tells him how the lab confirmed the results were legit. She doesn’t know how long the file was there before it was found. He asks who was there at the time and she cites the names, including Chelsea, and gives him the file. Bonnie overhears them talking and wants details as Mimi hadn’t told her about the file. Lexie tell her. Bonnie freaks out and when she finds out that Belle and Mimi both know too, RUNS out the door. Lexie’s concerned the excitement won’t be good for Shawn. She tries to get Abe to stay, but he says he has to go home and change for Sami and Austin’s wedding reception. He couldn’t go to the wedding because he had this to do (oh PALEEZ…any rookie could have done that!) Lexie warns him to be careful and of course the Police Commissioner doesn’t know about his force staking out the church just in case and she doesn’t tell him either. He didn’t think Austin and Sami would get a second chance and assures Lexie they won’t. Lexie wishes there were something she could do to stop the wedding.

We rejoin the friends and family at St. Lukes as the wedding march plays on, but no bride walks down the aisle. Kate dares not to get her hopes up that this will be another Sami Brady disaster wedding and Lucas assures Austin that he and Will just talked to Sami and she was still anxious to marry him.

Kayla whispers to Steve that she should have known this would happen. It’s like the saying goes…always a bridesmaid, never a bride, LOL. He asks why so many people showed up then and she says it’s like a disaster movie..always get a big draw. Kate tells EJ (who’s sitting next to her..the mother of the groom?) she may owe him an apology after all. Chelsea vents to Carrie about this probably will be her only day off for the rest of the summer and nothing’s happening.

Roman tells Sami she has to make a decision as there are lots of people waiting inside for them. She knows what she wants to do and blames it on nerves. She loves Austin and wants to marry him more than anything. She tells Roman she wants to marry Austin. They hug and step into the church as the music restarts. She looks at all the faces of friends and family there as she walks down the aisle..and Austin asks quietly if everything is okay when she joins him. Smiling, she says everything is perfect. Father Jansen conducts the ceremony and he personalizes it by saying how wonderful he is and will be a wonderful husband. He clears h is throat when he gets to Samantha, but comes through and pauses about how the wedding is a …… and Sami fills in MIRACLE, but he says he was going to say blessing. Everyone chuckles. We rejoin Father Jansen in more of the ceremony and then Marlena steps up to the microphone and reads a verse, saying the response is The Lord is kind and merciful to each line.

Will is next as everyone boosts his confidence. He reads the first letter of Paul to the Corinthians..about how love is kind, etc., then speaks from his heart about how he’s happy for his mom and Uncle Austin. Like any kid, he wanted his parents back together, but he knows his dad is happy with Aunt Carrie. He loves his mom and she has worked hard and finally become the kind of person his dad and him always knew she could be. Turning your life around isn’t easy and lots of people don’t try, but mom’s done it big time. Cue the tears in Sami’s eyes as Will takes her hand and wishes her and Austin a happy, long marriage and hugs her, saying she’s the best.

It’s time for their personal vows and Austin goes first. Austin said he couldn’t be happier (he should be on Laney’s LIAR LIAR poster). He cites how she’s a wonderful mother to Will and he’s as proud of her as Will is. He’s honored that she’s agreed to be his wife and that he loves her, Samantha Gene and will do his best to respect their differences and will love and protect her. He hopes she’ll always be as happy as they are today.

Sami’s turn. She chokes saying she doesn’t think she can do this. Everyone looks at each other puzzled by that statement. Kate tells EJ she doesn’t think this wedding is going to happen. Austin calms Sami telling her to calm down and not be nervous. Once she starts talking, everything will be fine. He says four words will be fine…I love you Austin. She says she wants to do this and says he believed in her like no one else would. Even when she made dumb mistakes, he gave her a second chance. He’s understanding and always treats her with respect. He’s a real good man, saying he’s a real life hero like her dad. Looking at her parents, she tells them how she admires them so much. Looking at Will she knows she hasn’t made it easy for him all the time either and is proud of him. She doesn’t know what she did to deserve him, but is happy to marry him.

In the back of the church, Tek alerts the troops to be alert. John notices the back of the church being guarded, but doesn’t tell Marlena when she glances at him. Father Jansen reads the vows and Austin repeats them first. In sickness and in health, in prosperity and adversity (is that new?), etc. Sami does hers, saying the same vows.

Father Jansen does the usual question asking if anyone has any objections and a long pregnant pause as everyone stares at each other waiting (and it goes to a commercial)…then Father Jansen asks for the rings from Lucas. Lexie walks in the back door of the church and Sami turns and stares at her as the camera freezes on her face…
And the previews roll…..

John to Tek: This isn’t the first time that St. Lukes been a target during a wedding. Who’s behind it?
Tek: We don’t know, but everyone inside could be in danger.

Steve to Kayla: I’m tired of making you feel bad.
Kayla: You don’t think you could hurt me that easily, do you (hard to understand her, but I think that’s what she said)

Chelsea: Maybe Sami realized she’s the not the woman Uncle Austin really loved.

Sami (now in a suit) to EJ: Where have you been? I’ve been stalling this whole time waiting for you. I never thought you’d come.


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Monday, August 28th, 2006

to Billy Warlock (Frankie) and Julie Pinson (Billie),
who were married in real life on Saturday August 26th.

EPISODE: 10,387
DIRECTED BY: Jim Baffico,
TAPE DATE: 7/28/06
HEADWRITER: James Reilly

The clock is ticking...will Sami marry Austin or not? Friends and Family arrive for the wedding and lots of little conversations take place while Lexie tells Tek about the mysterious file showing up in Shawn's room.

Tek arrives (in a suit) to talk with Lexie. He supposedly was there to interview an accident victim. She vents about Abe’s filing for divorce and other stuff going on at the hospital, saying she sees trouble coming. She feels whoever planted the file is also responsible for the embryo mix up. Whoever did this wants to cause problems for Mimi, Shawn, Philip and Belle and stepping into her private office (the one with a curtain), she tells him she thinks it’s the same person who called her too. He asks what threatening call and she sushes his raised voice, telling him she was warned that if she told, something terrible would happen. She’s now in tears as Tek asks for more information. Later she tells him she couldn’t tell what sex the caller was, but they promised to hurt her if she told anyone. She points out all the mix ups involved BRADYS (well, duh). He hugs her and promises to help her with it.

Roman is relieved Sami finally got there so he wasn’t wearing his monkey suit for nothing. Marlena has the feeling Sami and Austin aren’t marrying the right person. Roman comments again on how great Marlena looks and John walks in seconding that. John asks how she’s doing and she happily announces she’s doing good and feeling stronger all the time, reassured the separation was a good idea. He hopes she’ll agree to letting him come home soon as he misses her like crazy. She doesn’t seem irritated by the comment, but Roman pipes up for John not to pressure Marlena (butt out).

Ma and Pa Brady arrive and ask Bo and Hope about Shawn. They both appreciate her changing her mind and coming to the wedding with Bo. Hope tells them not to read too much into it and Caroline doesn’t agree and heads off to help Sami. Bo smiles and Hope smiles a little in exasperation. She says it was a little awkward and he mentions it’s all her decision and no one elses if they do reunite. He steps away to check on some investigation being done, much to her surprise. He asks her to save him a seat and she agrees, looking a little lost without him. Jen and Frankie arrive and inquire if she and Bo are back together and Hope says sort of. Encouraged, Frankie said that will make Ma and Pop happy. When asked about Jack we hear he’s not in remission yet, and although he wanted to come, all felt it best for him to stay home with a nurse instead. Frankie leaves to give the gals time to talk While Hope tells Jennifer she came with Bo for the family, Jennifer wisely tells her cousin what she saw in Hope’s eyes when she was with Bo told her that wasn’t the only reason. They both smile.

Ma and Pop tell Frankie they’re happy to see him there with Jennifer. Having Steve there with Kayla too, she figured Sami’s wedding might be a good thing, LOL.

Philip and Belle go into the church after Chelsea’s mini interrogation about them being together. Alone, Belle and Philip talk about the lab report. He doesn’t want anyone else to learn about his mother, who would make a big deal about it.

In the Grooms Room, Austin can’t believe Kate’s attitude. She even takes his flower off, saying he won’t need it. Sami knocks on the door and apologizes for being late as she goes into his arms. She calls Kate “Mom” and Kate and Lucas ask what happened and she gives them the condensed version, telling Austin she’ll explain more later, but she has to get ready now. After Sami leaves to get ready, Kate says if she calls her Mom one more time…but Austin told her to get used to it, she’s going to be his wife. EJ arrives at the Grooms Room and apologizes for getting Sami there so late. He jokes about taking such good care of his race car that his personal car doesn’t work, saying it’s like the shoemakers kids not having shoes. He shakes Austin’s hand saying he’s getting a good woman and to take good care of her as he WILL be watching.

Kayla, Stephanie and Steve arrive. He’s a little uncomfortable wearing a tie and Kayla knows being in St. Lukes must be hard for him too. She thanks him for coming with them and he says he’s trying. She tells him that’s all she asked. Stephanie steps aside to wait for Max and Billie joins Steve and Kayla. She asks for a rematch at darts and he’d do anything to get out of his suit, but later.

Max arrives and he and Stephanie talk about an upcoming race and who will win. He suggests betting on it and she reminds him of their ethics clause they signed. He says his date is there when Chelsea walks up and Stephanie leaves them alone. When Chelsea doesn’t hear his compliment about upstaging the bride, he asks about the paternity tests she got and if she told the people. She rants about Abby’s big mouth, but he stands firm that Abby’s her friend and he won’t tell. She explains what happened (but no names are mentioned) and they’re both surprised nothing happened after they found out the results.

Stephanie invites Max to sit next to her during the ceremony being Chelsea is a member of the bridal party.

Steve fills John and Bo in on what he’s found out about Eve. He had a friend back in Cincinnati do a little “hack attack” (Bo and John both claim not to have heard that, LOL) and guess who had a big deposit in their checking account the day after the surveillance tape went missing? Yup, they agree that Eve was involved, just now to find out WHO paid her off.

Kate finds EJ sitting in the church and gives him a hard time about not keeping Sami busy longer. She figures he won’t be out of the picture, even if Sami marries Austin and he smiles in response.

Sami has Deanna working on her hair, wanting to be more beautiful than ever. Marlena sits down and asks Sami if maybe subconsciously she’s avoiding marrying Austin. Sami cites all the things that happened, saying her subconscious didn’t cause them. She loves Austin and wants to marry him.

Marlena gives Sami something old (bracelet her grandmother gave her when she was born), Carrie gives her the something blue..a new garter. Belle gives her the something “borrowed”, the pearls her dad gave her on her wedding day that she found out Marlena wanted Sami to have. Sami thanks her for remembering. She said EJ gave her the something new…pearl earrings. Deanne asks they stop talking so she can finish Sami’s hair and Marlena leaves to tell Father Jansen that Sami’s almost ready (not even close IMO). Sami asks Belle how Shawn’s doing. Sensing there’s more than Belle wants to say in front of Deanne, Sami asks Deanne for a minute alone with her sister (uh, remember Deanne is running late for ANOTHER event, but agreed to stay and help Sami?) Amazingly enough, Chelsea walks up and can hear everything going on inside the room, even with the door closed, as Belle fills her sisters in on what happened at the hospital. Carrie asks Belle if she doesn’t really want Shawn to be Claire’s father. Belle explains how Philip is determined to find out who left that folder. Chelsea dashes off as Belle changes the subject back to the wedding and hears Lucas and Will walking down the hall. Lucas knocks saying Will wanted to wish his mother the best (was hoping football couch would have told him to lose the Shirley Temple hairdo..). Belle and Carrie go to find Deanne (good luck) to finish Sami’s hair and Will hopes nothing goes wrong for his mom THIS time. He always wanted his mom and dad to get back together, but is happy for her and Uncle Austin too. Lucas brings up her delay getting to the church, but sincerely tells her he knows she’s wanted to be with Austin for a long time and he’s lucky to have her. Both her guys are sweet to her.

Carrie knocks on the Grooms Room door and tells Austin that Father Jansen is ready for them in the church. He asks her not to go when she turns to leave. Moments before his wedding, he again mentions how they ended up married to Lucas and Sami. She kisses him on the cheek and leaves.

Jen and Frankie go to take their seat and remember their own wedding was there not too long ago and all that’s happened since.

Kayla is disappointed that Hope didn’t call her to the hospital for Shawn. Bo and Steve arrive looking like cats that ate the canary, but don’t say why. They all take their seats. Chelsea jealously watches Stephanie and Max joking as Caroline shoos her back to the Brides Room. John tells Kate she looks lovely and she has to ask him a question.

Roman tells Marlena he’s going to give their daughter away. She jokes about that’s the one good thing about having so many runs at it, he won’t be nervous..and she goes to check on Sami.

Billie finds Philip (still dealing with a hangover) and tells him to call her next time he feels like getting drunk. He said Lucas told him the same thing and glad his siblings are so supportive.

Marlena arrives and we Sami all coiffed and dressed…looking radiant and beautiful. Marlena and Carrie enter and catch their breath. Sami is worried and asks if everything is okay. Marlena replies “everything’s okay” (but doesn’t tell her daughter she looks beautiful or anything like that..tsk tsk) and it’s time. Sami asks for a moment alone after all that’s happened that day and her bridal party leaves to meet her outside. Sami takes a breath, looks in the mirror to confirm it’s really going to happen and grabbing her bouquet, heads for the door. The Brides Room phone rings and at first she thinks of ignoring it, but thinking it’s her twin brother Eric calling from Colorado, answers it asking if it’s him. Naturally it’s not, it’s “the voice” warning her if she marries Austin, her secret will be revealed about how she blackmailed Lexie, saying it would be a pity to disappoint her son, again. Sami looks about to cry.

In the hallway, the groomsmen assure Austin this wedding will happen. Marlena hears John had a date as Kate inquires about him and Eve. He said he can explain, but she said the ceremony is about to begin. Cue the music as Philip walks Belle down the aisle. Shirley (er, Will), walks Chelsea down the aisle, Lucas walks Carrie (aren’t we a tightly interwoven family?) Austin and Carrie both exchange resigned looks. Sami walks out and Roman senses something’s wrong by her doomed look (she looked happier walking down death row!). He asks what’s wrong and she comes out of her deep thinking to assure him all’s okay and she’s ready. Sami’s about to cry and her sweet daddy tells her if she’s having second thoughts about marrying Austin, he’ll take care of calling off the wedding. He asks her if she wants to marry Austin or not…as the camera freeze frames on her crestfallen face as she looks down the aisle….

And the previews roll…

Lexie tells Bonnie (who’s in her candy striper outfit) with Abe standing behind her: “When Shawn was here, Claire’s medical file was found in his room.”
Bonnie looks shocked, saying “What?”

Tek (to the officers guarding the church on the radio): “Keep an eye all entrances, windows too..we don’t know who we’re dealing with or what his MO is.”

John looks to the back of the church and says..”What the hell…” Marlena looks at John and he shakes his head saying “nothing”…while Roman is busy staring up front.

Sami to Austin (at the altar): “Austin, I don’t think I can do this….”

As the credits roll…


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Friday, August 25, 2006

Director: Phil Sogard

Summary: Phillip is the controlling force in the DNA debate while Mimi squirms. Sami’s day go from bad to worse, until she is rescued (great “rescue” scenes, btw!). Chelsea stirs the pot (her grandmother’s seed alright…) while Austin worries, and Marlena and Carrie have a serious chat…

AT THE HOSPITAL, Lexie reiterates the idea to run a DNA test on Claire. Phillip thinks it is unnecessary as there is no reason to suspect that Shawn is Claire’s father since he and Belle never slept together. Belle agrees with Philip that there is no possibility. Lexie leaves it at that, but vows to investigate where the legitimate looking file came from, and how it got into Shawn’s room for him to find. She sends them all out to do another check on Shawn.

Phillip thinks it is all a sick joke at their expense. Mimi wonders if it the same person. Mimi thanks God that Phillip doesn’t believe the file….but Belle questions her on her reaction. They discuss the issue and how Philip wants to find out who is doing this to them. Lexie comes out and tells them that Shawn is clear to go home. Mimi is happy. Belle and Phillip leave for the church, with Mimi and Shawn’s regrets. Mimi asks if Shawn is really all right. Lexie says he will be fine in a couple days, with lots of rest. She goes in to get him and goes over the instructions from Lexie, but he isn’t really interested. He asks where Belle and Phillip are so Mimi tells him. Shawn is happy to be able to miss Sami’s wedding – Mimi reminds him that there will always be another one in the future. As they get off the elevator at the loft, he tries to tell her that he can walk and they apologize to each other over what happened. Maggie comes out with Claire, commenting that she thought she heard voices (at least we know who is babysitting for once! Nice to see you, Maggie!) and Shawn lights up. Maggie rips into Shawn and gives him a lecture on his drinking binge and its dangers. (PSA, anyone?) She tells him that she and Mickey were worried, and he promises not to do it again. She explains to Shawn how she ended up babysitting. Mimi sends him in to rest. He sticks around to talk to Maggie a bit longer, who ends up sending him off to rest herself, while she goes to put Claire down.

IN THE BRIDE’S ROOM at St. Luke’s, Marlena and Carrie are discussing the missing Sami. Carrie tries to convince a worried Marlena that Sami is in good hands with EJ. (Chelsea and Billie make comments in here, too.) It seems there is a rush to be on time since some of the important people have other appointments that they can’t be late for.

IN THE GROOM’S ROOM, Lucas and Austin are discussing EJ’s plans for the day. Lucas reminds Austin that he has 45 minutes to go – are there any second thoughts? Austin thinks it is pretty clear that Sami is the woman he is meant to be with and he wants to go tell her. Lucas starts to panic and tells him he can’t do that – it would be bad luck. Austin thinks it will be good luck from here on. Lucas keeps trying to stop Austin from seeing Sami. Austin knocks on the door where the girls are (Marlena, Chelsea, Carrie and Billie) and tries to talk to Sami through the door. No one wants to tell him that Sami isn’t there. Carrie eventually comes out and tries to send Austin away, by telling him that she is busy – maybe they can talk later. Austin compliments Carrie and asks why Sami didn’t answer him. Carrie tells Austin that Sami didn’t hear him because she is getting her hair blown and is listening to her MP3 player, while going over her vows. Lucas wonders when she got one, but Carrie says she borrowed one from her. (Quick thinker, this Carrie is!) Austin sends her to get Sami for him. Carrie keeps making excuses for Sami. Austin gives her a message that he is excited about marrying her in just over 30 minutes (lots of time references today…). Lucas tells Carrie to just get Sami, but Chelsea comes out and tells Uncle Austin that Sami has flown the coop. (Inside the bride’s room, Chelsea had made a statement, and Billie told her to stay out of it. See how well she listens!) Chelsea goes on to tell Austin that Sami is missing with EJ and gets into some scenarios as to why. Carrie tries to explain, but Chelsea keeps stirring the pot. Kate walks up thanking God that Sami has run off with EJ. Chelsea and Kate go on about Sami and how this wedding shouldn’t be happening, but Carrie and Austin stick up for her. Kate keeps going on about the chemistry between Sami and EJ and how EJ always seems to get his way. Chelsea thinks they should call off the wedding so she can go shopping, but Carrie tells her that she isn’t going anywhere and no one is calling off the wedding. She turns to go back into the room, but turns and asks Austin to confirm. He looks at her…and says a very slow, “right.” He is sure that she will be there. He refuses to take Kate’s bait. He goes back to the groom’s room and will see all of them in the church. Kate vows to herself to break out the champagne if Austin is still single at the reception.

BILLIE AND CHELSEA wander to the front lobby, where Billie is worried for Austin, and asks Chelsea if she called her brother. Chelsea responds that she called the hospital and he was sent home. Billie asks her about her good deed she mentioned earlier. Just then, Belle and Phillip walk in and Chelsea looks horrified. She is appalled that they are still together, which gets Belle curious as to why they wouldn’t be.

Back in the Groom’s room, Austin and Lucas start to worry…with only 7 minutes to go, Austin is still sure she will be there. Kate walks in wanting to celebrate that she isn’t showing. Austin doesn’t want to listen to her, and won’t. He tells her that if she wants him to be happy, to wipe the smile off her face.

MEANWHILE, AT THE PRECINCT, Sami and EJ are arguing with the cop over whether or not they were trespassing. He thinks it is pretty cut and dried. EJ tries to explain what happened, but the cop isn’t swayed. He tells Sami she will have to tell it to the judge. Sami threatens to tell her father about the cop trying to keep her from her wedding. The cop isn’t budging. EJ tells him who her father is, and finally catches the cop’s interest. Sami demands that he take off the handcuffs so that she can go get married. He doesn’t believe her and won’t call the Commander on his day off to verify it. He thinks he should know if the Commander’s daughter is getting married – it is a once in a lifetime event. Sami responds that it is for some people. When he sends her to booking, she demands her phone call. EJ tells her that he already tried the church and Carrie’s phone – but her voicemail was full. He asks for another number to try, but Sami says that everyone she knows is probably at the church, and has their phones turned off. Officer Peters tells her that the phone call comes after booking, so she can think of who to call while she is waiting.

John came to the station to talk to Eve about their next date. He really sweet talks her. Officer Peters come in to tell Eve that his perp really was telling the truth – her fingerprints prove that she really is Commander Brady’s daughter Samantha…and John is shocked.

IN A HOLDING CELL, Sami is approached by two other “ladies”. They ask if she has been there before – and she tells them she has been all the way to death row. When Sami tells them who arrested her, they comment on him being the head of the vice squad and think they know why she is there (they think she is a “working girl” – love Sami trying to get her foot out of her mouth and explain tactfully that she isn’t “one of them”). They tease her and don’t believe her either. She asks God to tell her what she did to deserve this, then changes her mind
J. The girls keep taunting her, until John comes in and wants to talk with her, sending Eve away. John starts to tease her about making her stay, but when she begs, he relents and has Eve let her out. The girls tease her about having a John like him…. Both Sami and John smirk and leave. In the outer office, she demands to know what is taking her so long to get to leave. Officer Peters tells her that John still has to follow procedure since she was already processed. She throws a pity party and he tries to console her. She still threatens him with telling her father. John comes back and tells her she can go. She comments that she has no way to get to the church, and he tells her how to take the bus. (LOL!!!!) When he is finished teasing her, he offers her a ride, since he was on his way anyway. Isn’t she glad she invited him now? (J at her not very convincing, “Not really.”) (Loved the interaction between these two! Give me more!)

BACK IN THE BRIDE’S ROOM, Marlena is on the phone with Roman, who promises to have the officers at the precinct watch for Sami. Carrie and Marlena try to reassure themselves that Sami is okay and will be there shortly. They try to come up with some simple reasons why she is so late (and Carrie mentions her dead phone). Marlena catches something in Carrie’s body language and questions her. Is she sure that she is okay? They have a nice chat about not being there for each other, and how things hopefully work out the way they should. Marlena thinks Carrie is trying to convince herself that Lucas was the right choice, but Carrie thinks it was. She breaks down and feels that she has let so many people down – all except Sami, and she doesn’t want to hurt her, too. Marlena tells her that she and Austin were so close and now she is about to watch him marry her sister…she wonders if deep down, Carrie is hoping the wedding doesn’t happen. Marlena goes down memory lane, telling Carrie she was always a good big sister and wonders if she is doing this for Sami, and maybe it isn’t the right thing for her. Just then, John comes in showing off what he found at Salem PD and they go nuts. Sami promises to explain later, but she is going to marry Austin today! Fade back on a very happy Sami as Austin’s face appears beside hers….

And the previews start….

Lexie (to Tek): There are other things going on here, too.
Tek: What do you mean?
Lexie: I mean, we could all be in for a whole lot of trouble.

Kayla (with Hope lurking behind her): What’s up with the two of you? You look like two cats who swallowed canaries.

Bo (with Steve): Nothing….umm…

Carrie: I can see it in your eyes, Belle. You wish Claire was Shawn’s baby, don’t you?
(Cuts to
Chelsea listening while we hear Carrie). Belle looks like she is crying.

Roman (to Sami): Do you want to marry Austin, or not?

And the credits…


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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Early Edition will be posted a little later than usual the next two days.

Episode # 10,385
Tape Date: 7/26/06
Air Date: 8/24/06
Director: Herb Stein
Writer: James Reilly

Summary: Poor Sami’s wedding day goes from bad to worse…Billie questions Carrie’s love for Austin…the loft dwellers discover and question the contents of the folder.

Sami and EJ…
go rushing into an abandoned house during a thunderstorm. Both are drenched as Sami is having a nervous breakdown, saying that the weather said there was a 1% chance of rain. EJ promises it will all be over soon and they will get to the church. Sami opens the door shouting at Mother Nature that she won’t ruin her wedding. She takes EJ’s phone and calls Carrie, telling her she is with EJ and about the storm. (But the phone went dead and all Carrie heard is that she is with EJ). Sami threatens to throw the phone at his head and LOL as he asks her who she thinks she is…Russell Crowe? Sami is having a fit as EJ finds an old ham radio and says he will try and contact the Salem PD. Sami is sure that everyone will think this is just another Sami wedding fiasco. EJ can’t pick up anything on the radio but old music. Sami snoops around and finds an old steamer trunk and opens it. Inside she finds old clothes, including an old WW2 Navy commander’s jacket. EJ puts it on and wouldn’t you know it?’s a perfect fit. She also finds a wedding gown. She can just imagine the bride walking down the aisle to her hero. EJ holds out his hand and asks her to dance (to The Way You Look Tonight). As the song ends, they hear a voice on the radio and rush over. It is a kid who says he is from Saginaw Michigan. EJ tells him where they are and asks him to call the Salem PD and tell them and he says he will try. Then he is gone. Sami panics, sure he won’t help them. She paces the floor saying this is the worst day of her life…even though it doesn’t really compare to death row (LOL). EJ says she is strong and been through a lot and says that some day she will look back and laugh about this, but she isn’t so sure. She rants at him and talks about how things should have been perfect and starts crying. She digs through her purse for a Kleenex and finds the mystery note, saying it looks like that person was wasting their time, she destroyed this day all on her own. Sami says that since she was 15 all she wanted was to marry Austin. There is a knock at the door as Sami rushes over to find a police officer. She gathers her things, saying she is so excited to see him. He says he doesn’t understand why…he is there to arrest them…for trespassing…as Sami’s face drops.

At the Church…Carrie is wondering where Sami is when Billie and Chelsea arrive. Carrie fears that something wrong has happened…because nothing would keep her from being there except an act of God. Considering Sami’s track record, Billie and Chelsea think maybe she will be a no-show. Chelsea whines about her dress as Carrie keeps trying to call Sami but only gets voice mail. She tells them that EJ was bringing her there but she doesn’t have his cell number, as Chelsea comments that EJ’s HOT. It is about now that Carrie gets the call from Sami, but all she gets is that Sami is with EJ…and then the line went dead. Carrie fears they were in an accident, but Billie says if that were true, they would hear from the police department or hospital. Billie thinks maybe it’s fate, giving Austin a break. She says she knows that Austin still loves Carrie and she is pretty sure that Carrie feels the same. In fact, she doesn’t feel that Sami or Lucas are happy as well. Billie says she can’t keep quiet about this any longer…she knows Carrie better than anyone and can tell it is eating her up inside…talk to her. But Carrie says talking about it will only make things worse. Billie says that Austin doesn’t really love Sami and that Carrie and Austin are trying to be selfless…but that is not for the best. Carrie says it’s too late…she and Austin had their chance and she blew it. But Billie says that Sami and Austin don’t belong together and she is sure that it won’t last…and as much as she hates to say it, she things that Sami and Lucas belong together as well. She tells Carrie not to be the martyr…listen to her heart and do herself a favor…and do Sami and Austin one as well.

After getting dressed, Chelsea says her dress isn’t so bad after all…she even makes it look cute (lol) as she admires herself in the mirror. Carrie says she is glad to hear that Shawn is doing okay and that Belle and Philip will be there soon. But Chelsea says she wouldn’t count on that. They asks her what she means but she says she is going to check on Shawn and leaves. Billie wonders what she is up to and says she never knows what to expect from her. Chelsea calls the hospital to check on him and ends up with Lexie on the phone. Lexie tells her that a “situation” has arisen but that is all she will tell her…if she wants more, she will have to talk to Shawn. (see below). Carrie paces the floor as Billie tries to settle her down. Billie says she can’t tell which Carrie wants more…a wedding or a no-show. She says she wants Carrie and both her brothers happy…but it is HER that Austin loves. Carrie brings up Billie and Bo, but Billie says that is different…Bo loves Hope…not her. Billie goes to find Chelsea as Carrie calls Marlena for help. (Although we don’t’ see her). She asks her if she has heard from Sami and she assures her that Sami will show up any minute. Billie asks Chelsea what she found out about Shawn and she excitedly tells her that things couldn’t be better. Billie is suspicious of her and Chelsea tells her she took her advice and did a good deed…one that could make all the difference in the world.

At the hospital…Belle reads the information in the folder and tells Shawn that it says Claire is HIS daughter. He looks at it as they wonder where it came from. They tink someone is playing a sick joke. Belle remembers when they were stranded in the barn and her dream and wonders what was real. Mimi and Philip come in and ask what is going on. Shawn shows them the file and Philip reads it and says it’s ridiculous. They tell Mimi what it says and she begins to panic. Shawn says he and Belle never had sex and Belle again brings up the night in the barn. Mimi has flashbacks of Bonnie telling her all about that night. Belle also talks about how odd it was that Zack and Claire’s DNA matched for the liver transplant. Philip is sure that someone has it out for them and vows to find out who is behind it. Later, they show the file to Lexie who is puzzled by it, saying it looks official and promises to check into it. Philip thinks it is a sick joke as Belle accuses him of having conspiracy theories. They talk about someone else who did things like this…as Stephano’s name comes up…yet again. Lexie leaves with the file and stops to look at it (maybe suspicious herself). This is when she talks to Chelsea, btw. They wonder how the file got there and Philip asks a nurse if she saw anyone else in Shawn’s cubicle and she says she will check around. Mimi is trying to divert attention, saying she is sure that this has to do with the Brady’s…someone out to get them, but the plan will backfire. She thinks they should all just forget about this and move on. But Bells says it’s not that easy. Belle notices that Mimi is shaken over this as Shawn asks Belle what she is thinking. Belle says that they have to find who is behind this. Lexie returns and tells them that the lab looked at this and says it is legit…but the one who actually ran the tests and handled the paperwork is off today. But she has a simple solution…let’s take samples of Shawn & Philip’s DNA and run the test again…and they will see which one matches Claire. FF on Belle…as the previews show…

Cop: That perp I just brought in was telling the truth…(John): What the hell? just arrested Samantha Brady?...

Sami: Now, will you kindly take these handcuffs off me?...So I can go get married…

Chelsea (to Belle and Philip): Oh my God…you two are still together?...(Belle): What are you talking about Chelsea…why wouldn’t we be?...

Marlena (to a tearful Carrie): So, I guess a part of me is wondering if you are hoping this wedding doesn’t happen…

And the credits roll…

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Episode #10,384
Tape date 7/25
Director Herb Stein

Sami’s wedding day problems escalate, as Shawn finally wakes up, & has a heartfelt conversation with his parents, and Belle finally notices the file that Chelsea left on the nightstand.

Sami and EJ sit in the car, waiting for the police officer to come, as she accuses EJ of purposely trying to sabotage her wedding. He denies it, of course. The police officer arrives, asking for license & registration, telling EJ he was doing 75 in a 40 MPH zone, and saying that he was waiting all day to give a ticket to someone like him. EJ says something about glad to oblige, as he got there as fast as he could. (old joke, folks, but it made me laugh!). When the cop reads EJ’s name, he begins to gush about actually pulling over the great EJ Wells. Turns out that not only is he a big race car fan, but a huge fan of EJ Wells. He decides to let the ticket slide this time, in exchange for an autograph. EJ is glad to oblige, as is Sami. The officer leaves, EJ tries to start the car… dice. It is now dead. Sami is having a fit. EJ looks under hood, while Sami tries to call family & friends on her cell, getting nothing but voice mails. Now she tries to call a cab, yelling at the dispatcher when he tells her there is a 45 minute wait. She throws down her phone in frustration, wondering where everyone is. EJ tells her, probably in church waiting for you. (& Sami, no one has their cell phones on in church! That is a no-no). EJ gives her his phone, but there is no signal.

Sami is now very worried, but EJ says he will try and fix the problem, with her help. He has her holding some hose, and they chatter just to get their minds off the situation. She asks him what EJ stands for, and he tells her it is French for”none of your bloody business”. She laughs, saying it must be awful, and tries to guess, saying, Edgar, or Elijah. He is evasive. Now he talks something about being at school with Prince William, who was just an ordinary bloke. Sami goes ballistic, asking all kinds of questions, and wanting, excitedly, to know if the queen ever came to visit. And she lets go of the hose, hot steam escapes, catching her in the face and neck. She cries, as EJ tells her she has a red spot, and a lst degree burn, but makeup will cover it. She has a fit, pulling out a compact to look. Not to worry, EJ happens to carry aloe in his car, and applies some, saying the marks are already fading. Sami is crying, at how much more could go wrong, thinking she is jinxed or something. EJ says there is a gas station down the road, they should walk there, and perhaps she will be able to get a ride from there to the church. Sami agrees, and just as they start to leave, big clap of thunder…..and Sami cries, oh, no, EJ. No, it is raining. It is raining!

AT THE HOSPITAL, Mimi, Philip & Belle all talk about Shawn, his drinking problem, and what set them all off tonite. They talk about when Jan was drugging Shawn, but how they all thought he was over that hurdle. Everyone admits to their part in all the troubles, & how every one of them have flown off the handle, with Philip crashing that car, Belle & Mimi getting into big fights, etc. etc. In another area, Bo & Hope talk about their problems, and about Chelsea vs. Shawn in their lives, as they see Chelsea on the hospital phone. Lexie comes to them, saying Shawn is awake now. Dr. Berner is talking to Shawn, asking him questions to make sure he is o.k. (name, parent’s name, birthdate, etc.) and tells him that his blood alcohol level was 3 times the legal limit. He asks how much he drank, and Shawn says about 10 shots, and 6 beers. The doctor says 5 drinks will put you over the limit, and at risk, and how lucky he is to be alive. Lexie comes in, and has some additional serious conversation with Shawn. When she finds out he was drinking at his Grandma’s Pub, she asks how he got home, appalled when he answers …..a car, and she cannot believe he drove. He then remembers that Lisa called a cab, but does not remember getting home. She tells him she is keeping him there to check his vitals constantly, that he is dehydrated. She leaves.

Chelsea has been talking to Abby on the phone, telling her she has done her good deed, and soon the father will know about his baby. Along comes Billie, telling her she has to leave for the wedding, but Chelsea refuses, saying she wants to stay, until she knows Shawn is o.k. Billie tells her she has to go, she is a bridesmaid, but Chelsea is adamant. Later, when she learns Shawn is awake, she decides that perhaps Billie is right, and they should leave.

Bo & Hope go into see Shawn, each sitting on a different side of the bed. Bo asks if Shawn could hear them, when they were in before. And then tells him again, how much he loves him, how sorry he is that he has not been there for him. Shawn asks why Bo let Chelsea in, that he doesn’t want her anywhere around him, & how Bo always chose her over his family. Now Hope explains to Shawn how Bo told Chelsea off earlier. Shawn is surprised, but Bo explains how he found out how Chelsea had intercepted and altered his e-mails to Hope. Shawn tells how devastated Hope was, and did not want Bo to know where she had gone. Bo assures him that until Chelsea can prove she can be a good person, she is out of his life. He also explains how he still has to prove to Hope that he had nothing to do with the disk disappearing from the evidence room. Both Bo & Hope now leave.

Mimi has gone into the chapel to pray. Philip promises to get her if word comes that Shawn is awake. Lexie comes along to tell Belle & Philip just that.

Now, outside the room, Bo & Hope tell Belle she can go see Shawn, while Philip says he is going to get Mimi. Hope reminds Bo he has a wedding to go to, saying she is going to stay to keep an eye on Shawn. He reminds her that she r.s.v.p.’d a yes, and promised his mom. Hope finally agrees she needs to take her mind off things, and a wedding should do it, and agrees to go with him.

In the chapel, Mimi is praying, promising God that if Shawn will be o.k. she definitely will tell him everything about Claire. Philip walks in, and we get one of those…..”oh, no, he heard me” scenes, followed by a commercial…..but no, Philip did not hear a thing, and happily tells her Shawn is awake and o.k.

Belle enters Shawn’s room, watching him a while, until he opens his eyes. They chat a tiny bit, he complains about the worst hangover that could possibly exist, and she pours him some water, spotting the file. She looks at it, sees it has Claire’s name on it, and wonders why Claire’s file is on Shawn’s nightstand. She opens it, says, Oh, my God, and looks at Shawn. And the previews show….

Belle telling Shawn: “It says Claire isn’t Philip’s daughter. She is yours

EJ holding out his hand to a smiling Sami, saying “May I”. (the camera is way above, and it looks like they might be dancing.

Carrie: I guess Belle & Philip will be here soon
Chelsea with that eternal smirk: I wouldn’t count on it

Philip tells the other 3 loft dwellers – “someone has a grudge against us. If the 3 of you want to sit there and do nothing, fine, but I’m not going to stand for it.


Monday, August 21, 2006


Tuesday, August 22nd

Episode: 10,383
Directed by: Albert Alarr
Tape Date: 7/23/06

Family and friends take turns talking to Shawn, hoping to wake him up; Sami’s wedding day is not going smoothly and Chelsea decides to do the right thing.

Lucas and Carrie arrive at Sami’s apartment and learn that Sami slept across the hall at EJ’s. EJ walks into his room and finds Sami sound asleep in his bed. He fiddles with her bangs as she’s sound asleep, Sami sits up and kisses him, thinking it’s Austin. When he speaks afterward, Sami wakes up and is totally shocked, apologizing and backing up hurriedly. She notices the time and leaps out of bed, asking how he could let her sleep so late on her wedding day. He apologizes, saying she looked so peaceful he wanted to let her sleep, but smiles as she rushes out of the room. Across the hall Carrie tried calling EJ’s and there was no answer. Lucas stops Austin from going to check on her as it’s bad luck and offers to go himself. We see Sami in frantic mode as Lucas notes a button undone on Sami’s top (she’s sitting on the couch). EJ explains he had turned off the phone as he gets lots of calls from Europe during the night and didn’t want them to wake Sami.
Now alone, Austin and Carrie share an awkward moment as she helps him pick out “studs” to wear. Austin asks Carrie what her dress looks like and she refuses to show him, but says Sami didn’t want to be upstaged. He apologizes for ruining her good mood, but she insists that she’s happy for her sister who’s marrying the man of her dreams. Naturally the conversation turns back to them and their quickie on the roof. Yawn. They hug as she assures him how happy she is.

Across the hall Sami’s in manic mode, worried about her hair. Lucas tells her that Carrie’s arranged for a stylist to be at the church and she calms down. Lucas and Sami look into each others faces as he calmly (and sweetly) tells her they’re going to make sure everything goes right for her today. He leaves to send Carrie over. EJ comments on how connected she and Lucas are and thinks they belong together. She sees Lucas whenever she looks in Will’s eyes (just where is her son on her wedding day?) She tries to explain the love/hate thing with Lucas to EJ, saying their relationship was never boring. It’s better for them to be friends. She asks EJ is they aren’t friends and he reluctantly agrees. Aha, Will’s at camp as Sami talks to him on the phone. His ride home flaked out on him and EJ offers to go get him, but Sami said the camp would only release him to family (at his age?). She asks Carrie to go and she agrees as they both try to calm Sami. EJ says he’ll deliver Carrie to the church.

Lucas rambles on about knowing how hard it is to stop loving and caring for Sami. Austin asks him if he’s still in love with her. Lucas denies it, saying he’s over her. Whatever they had is over. He loves Carrie and she provides stability in his life, no roller coaster ride like he had with Sami. He wishes Austin well with Sami, saying life will never be dull. Austin hopes that Lucas will have the life with Carrie he wants it to be.

EJ got pulled over for a speeding ticket, and of course Sami is freaking. She asks him to just take the ticket and she’ll pay for it. She picks up on his not wanting her to get married that day and asks him about it.

Mimi tells everyone that Shawn’s still the same. Philip’s feeling guilty and Bo tells him it’s not his fault. Philip wants to take Belle home, citing reasons she should go home, but she adamantly refuses to leave until she knows Shawn’s okay. Mimi overhears and Philip rolls his eyes. Philip reminds Belle and Shawn it’s Sami’s wedding day and Belle says she could care less, Shawn is all she’s concerned about now.

Chelsea tells Billie how Shawn saved her life in the sewer and she wants to make things right with him. Billie tries to be optimistic about Shawn’s future. Chelsea sees Philip and Belle talking and thinks of something she CAN do for Shawn.

Hope and Bo are allowed to go in and sit with Shawn. Hope pulls back, afraid to go in the room, saying it reminds her of the night Zack died. Bo softly encourages her, saying it’s not the same and that Shawn needs to hear their voice to come back to them. The nurse closes the curtain around them as they stare at their unconscious son. Hope tells Shawn it’s hold her hand and he’s got to fight. She tells him how much she and Bo love and need him and breaks down. Bo stops her from leaving and talks to Shawn himself, telling him who all is there for him, saying he has a lot to live for, a wife and new baby on the way and that he’ll be a great father. He tells him the day he was born was the most important and happiest day of their lives. He asks Shawn to come back to them so he can give him another chance to let him show him how much he means to him. Hope sobs.

Mimi tells Belle to go in and talk to Shawn. Tell him how much the baby needs him and they all need him. Philip smiles and Hope hugs Mimi afterward, saying how unselfish that was of her.
Chelsea gets off the elevator, now holding the blue folder she found saying the DNA tests confirm Shawn and Claire’s DNA match. Only Billie notices her walking into the area where Shawn and Belle are. Chelsea watches and overhears Belle pleading with Shawn to wake up and saying she can’t settle for just friendship with him and loves him. Even though they’re married to Mimi and Philip, she just knows they deserve to be together. She can’t spend the rest of her life trying to talk herself into not being with him. They have to be together, there has to be a way. Bo finds Chelsea lurking near the area and pulls her away, telling her to stay away from Shawn. Billie asks Chelsea why she’s upset and she claims it’s just because of Shawn. Billie asks about the folder and Chelsea tells her she took to heart what Billie told her about doing the right thing and good deeds. (She doesn’t show her what’s in the folder, but no doubt Billie will put two and two together later on.)

The doctor tells the family that Shawn’s making signs of progress, but warns them that there might be brain damage in extreme cases. Hope rushes to the chapel and lights some candles. She tells God the last time she talked to him was to ask for his help in getting a liver donor for Claire. She talks about Zack and says she could never survive if she lost another child. She begs God not to take him from them too. Their family has suffered so much loss and if he dies, she’s afraid their family will die with him. Bo walked in and overheard that last line as they stare into each others eyes. While they’re in the chapel, Chelsea slips into see Shawn. She tells her unconscious brother that Zack was right, he and Belle belong together and she hopes she can help that happen. She puts the folder on her bedside table. Bo promises Hope that all will be okay and she takes his hand as they go to check on him. Chelsea tries to get Shawn to wake up, knowing he’d want to see what’s in the file. She leaves and Shawn’s head rolls a little and he wakes up. He looks over at the file…


SAMI rants to EJ: “I have been through every worst case scenario a bride could go through on her wedding day. Oh my God, did I just jinx myself?”

MIMI (as she prays in the chapel) and Philip walks in and overhears: “I know I deserve to be punished for lying to Shawn all these months about Claire..”

HOPE to BO: “Don’t you have a wedding to go to?”
BO: “Does that mean you’re not going?”

BELLE to a groggy Shawn as she holds the blue folder: “It’s a file with Claire’s name on it…oh my God…

As the credits roll…


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