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Thursday, June 1, 2006

Episode # 10327; Tape Date: 5/5/06; Air Date: 6/1/06; Director: Roger Inman

Summary: In this lackluster episode, most of Salem ends up at Chez Rouge for dinner. Zzzzzzz.

At Sami’s…the gang finishes up their pie as they question EJ about how he decided to move there. He tells them that when he was checking out the place, he heard someone playing jazz. Sami goes on about how she loves jazz and shows him her cd collection. Lucas comments to Carrie about Sami flirting and is sure that she will screw things up with Austin. Sami suggests that they take EJ out and show him the town. They all finally decide on Chez Rouge as EJ goes to get dressed.

At the Lofts…Shawn and Mimi return home as he dotes on her. She worries that it didn’t work. She wants a favor…for him to get the AC fixed. He can’t do anything about that, so she wants to at least go out somewhere to eat that is cool. He goes to call Maggie, but Mimi says she would be just as happy going to Buddy’s and having a hot dog. She talks about her possible cravings and he informs her that he has the freezer stocked with ice cream.

Across the hall, Philip and Belle are lying on the sofa making out (I think they mention that John and Marlena have Claire). She is still upset about his wanting to race and tries to talk him out of it, letting him know that Kate isn’t happy either. But he talks about how he wants to break boundaries. He suggests that they go out to dinner and discuss it. They hear Shawn and Mimi in the hallway and go out and ask what is going on.

At Billie’s…Max comes by with flowers for Chelsea as she worries and whines about her trial. He suggests they go out for dinner, even though she tells him Billie doesn’t want her going anywhere. He promises it will be somewhere nice as she says it will be like her last night of freedom. She mopes around and cries as they hug and she tells him she is sure that she will go to jail and never see him again. She tells him the only way to fix things is to get rid of Hope.

At the Cemetery…Bo and Hope kiss and she pulls away from him, saying she can’t do this. He tells her that they belong together and talks about what she means to him and how he doesn’t want to lose her. He begs her not to leave him and then suggests that they go somewhere to talk. He says that Zack loved them and would want them together. Hope bends down and talks to Zack about the tulips she brought him and begins to cry. He holds her and tells her to let him take care of her. He suggests they get out of there and she finally agrees.

Chez Rouge…The first wave arrives (Philip, Belle, Shawn and Mimi) as they are giving Shawn a hard time about driving so slow. Shawn and Philip go to get a beer as Mimi and Belle sit and talk. Belle assures her that this will be the best time of her life, she only hopes that Mimi doesn’t suffer from PPD like she did. Mimi worries about maternity clothes and Belle tells her that she will get all hers out of storage. Mimi thanks Belle for being there for her.

The second wave of folks arrive (Sami, Austin, Lucas, Carrie & EJ) as Maggie questions Sami about EJ. Sami notices he is staring at Belle and he tells her that he has been involved in fund raising and recognized her from pictures. He also knows that Belle is Sami’s half-sister. He asks her why all the beautiful women in Salem are taken. Sami and Austin go over to say hi to Belle as Austin introduces EJ to her and Mimi. Philip and Shawn return and get their intros as well, and EJ recognizes the Kirakis name. Carrie and Mimi congratulate each other on their impending pregnancies as EJ goes to get a drink. Austin tells Shawn he wants to talk to him about his invention, which ruffles Lucas’s feathers. EJ thanks Sami for making him feel at home as they sit and talk and he comments on how lucky Austin is. Austin talks to Shawn about his invention and wants him to sign with his company. He asks him to consider it before he signs with Victor. Sami walks over and seconds that, but then Shawn says there is no way he will work with Sami.

Bo and Hope arrive as Maggie is thrilled to see them together, sure the divorce is off. Hope informs her they are just there to talk. She offers to Bo to do what she can to help. Shortly after, Max and Chelsea arrive as well. She tells Max she saw her dad’s car in the parking lot and is sure that he is there with Hope. She whines about Hope, saying she just wants to see her in jail. Maggie delivers oysters to Bo and Hope as Bo says he remembers how she craved them when she was pregnant with Shawn. She corrects him and says it was with Zack.

Lucas and Philip talk about his going into racing as Shawn tells Austin that if it weren’t for Sami, he may be able to work with Austin. (He blames it all on her posing as “Stan”, saying he will never forgive her for that). After Shawn walks off, Austin tells her it isn’t her fault and that he loves her. Shawn sees his mom and dad there together and is not too thrilled. Mimi tells him it may be a good thing but Shawn doesn’t think so. She suggests they go over and tell them the good news. They tell them about Mimi having the procedure and they are happy for them. Then, Shawn coldly asks his dad why they are there and Mimi has to practically drag him away. After they leave, Bo talks about when Shawn was a baby and how important it will be to be in the baby’s life. She tells him not to push it…they are just there to talk.

Sami is upset over Shawn but Austin wants to talk to him and work another angle. Sami has had enough for one evening and decides to just walk on home. She leaves, followed by EJ. Belle is day dreaming and Philip tells her that is obvious that she is jealous of Mimi…he thinks she is wanting to have another baby as well. Shawn and Mimi are ready to leave as well (I guess everyone ate…I missed it, lol) so that 4-some heads out. Lucas and Carrie are also ready to leave but she wants to say goodbye to Austin first. She tells him she hopes he is okay and not upset over not getting to sign Shawn. He assures her that he is okay. She asks about Sami and he tells her she is okay, she just decided to walk home. He gets a call and tells Carrie he has to take it, so Carrie and Austin leave. They notice that EJ is missing as Lucas says he probably found him a woman there. Outside, Sami sits and cries alone as she sees Carrie and Lucas leave. As she cries, EJ walks up and offers his hankie. She talks about how she ruins everyone and everything she touches. He tells her that she is beautiful and that he hopes to see a lot of her. Max and Chelsea are also outside now and she decides to go back inside and talk to her dad. He offers to go with her, but she says she can do this on her own. He looks over and sees EJ and says “my God…if he’s in town…I am a dead man”. Bo is still asking Hope what he has to do to make things right and convince her that he won’t let her down…as Chelsea walks up. Hope stares at her…as the previews show…

Belle (to Philip, Shawn & Mimi): Claire deserves to grow up with her own father…(Philip): and she will…(Mimi): No she won’t…

Sami: What’s your real story EJ…and how come you know so much about me…(as he smiles at her)…

Chelsea (to Max): I want to have at least one special memory of you and me before they send me away…make love to me…

Bo (to Hope): I’ll never give up on you…(Hope): You have to…

And the credits roll…

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Episode #10,326
Tape date – 5/4/06
Director-Roy Steinberg

In case you missed Monday & Tuesday’s shows, never fear. Lots of flashbacks & a replay or two, so you have not missed a thing. Mimi has her procedure, the quads get to chat with their new neighbor, Marlena has unhappy memories, while Bo & Hope are still floundering, trying to find their way back to each other.

BONNIE COMES BARGING into the hospital room where Mimi, in hospital gown, & Shawn wait for her in vitro to begin. She has arms full of shopping bags, filled with baby items for the munchkin to be. Mimi thinks she is jumping the gun (as do we, for heaven’s sake) as in walks the voice of doom & gloom, Dr. “I specialize in everything in this hospital” Lexie Carver. She informs the couple that the drugs given to Mimi did not work as well as they would have liked, and if this in vitro doesn’t work, they may not be able to harvest any more eggs from Mimi in order to try again. Mimi wants to talk to Shawn privately, so Lexie & Bonnie leave. Mimi bemoans her feeling God is punishing her for having the abortion, Shawn gives her the ol pep talk, saying God does not punish us for our mistakes. Later, the procedure is over, and Lexie tells Mimi to keep her feet elevated for a while, then leaves the room with Shawn. Bonnie attempts to comfort Mimi with positive thoughts, while outside, Lexie tells Shawn to keep his wife calm and stress free.

HOPE ARRIVES HOME, picks up a picture, and remembers her conversation with Bo. Jennifer arrives, having followed her, and stays to talk. Hope says she still loves Bo, but cannot count on his love. Jen tries to encourage her, but Hope will have none of it, saying Bo has chosen Billie & Chelsea as his family now. Flowers arrive for Hope, with a card. They are from Bo, with the card saying he loves her and they belong together.

Meanwhile, Bo is outside the Lockhart house, thinking of Hope, having his own flashback, and murmuring that Fancy Face is his only family. Inside, Billie is trying to convince Chelsea to wear a conservative dark suit to the trial tomorrow, but Chelsea balks. Billie insists Chelsea has been acting odd since her conversation with Frankie, and now we have Chelsea remembering that conversation. (yes, lots of “remembering”, folks!) Chelsea stalks off just as Patrick arrives. Billie is surprised, asking him what he is doing there. (Hey, Billie….it is HIS house!). Patrick replies that he lives there (Duh!). Now Billie says she has been working at Count Wilhelmina (she HAS???) and stashed away some money, so will find another place for her & Chelsea. She intends to house hunt. Patrick assures her it is not necessary, they can share the house and the rent (looks like Bonnie gets SOMETHING from this arrangement, lol) as they did before, reminds her he will always have a piece of him that loves her, and Billie agrees.

Outside, Bo runs into Chelsea with a suitcase….(this is sooooo lame) who tells him she is running away. (Yep, Chelsea, tell your father, the cop, that you are not showing up in court) He talks her out of it (too bad!), and they go inside, where Bo spies Patrick, and has the reaction we all expect. Bo is not happy, but Billie explains, and Bo decides to take a walk.

JOHN BRINGS MARLENA HOME to the penthouse, and she is happy to be back there. He goes to make her some chamomile tea, as she looks around the apt, then up the staircase, where she recalls the events leading up to and including her tumble down the stairs, then being in the hospital and learning she lost the baby. Roman comes in the open door (no one EVER closes doors behind them in Salem, do they?) and finds a clearly upset Marlena. He hugs her, as John comes in with the tea tray. She tells John how she was remembering losing Roman’s baby. She then goes thru the litany of being held prisoner, missing their loved ones at home, and how it just happened, and she got pregnant. (Just an aside here, I really wish Days would make their scenes longer than 30-60 seconds . The continuity is constantly and consistently being interrupted, as is the flow of the story, along with the emotions of a scene. )She explains to John, then apologizes to both men. Roman tells her to put it all behind her, but she isn’t sure she can. She is very upset, cries, talks of the imprisonment and how much she has lost, and that getting the amnesia made it easy for Alex to control her, so she has not dealt with all this. John understands. Roman leaves, but outside the door, remembers Marlena telling him she was pregnant, and she was having HIS baby.

REPLAY OF A FLUSTERED SAMI meeting up with the towel clad E.J. Wells, (slightly different version than we saw before, imagine that? Ha) asking for the wrench, etc. She babbles, Austin appears as his usual shirtless self, claiming to have fixed their shower, and all is well. Sami continues to babble (sorry, no other word for it, but she is really cute doing it, lol), when along comes Lucas & Carrie. Austin does the intros, & Carrie thinks they have met before. He claims not. Lucas says they were just at the Pub, and brought home one of Mom’s famous apple pies (Caroline, of course) and Carrie offers to share with everyone, causing Austin to invite everyone to “Sami’s place” to partake of the good ol’ American dessert. EJ promises to change and be over. The quads go across the hall, as Sami goes to change, too, and Austin manages to find a shirt. Am surprised Lucas has had one on all the time. LOLOL

Carrie is still convinced she has seen EJ before, and says she may not remember names, but is good at faces. Lucas spots the file with Shawn’s name on it, and asks Austin what he is up to. Austin replies it is none of his business, but Lucas informs him Titan already has it in the bag, Shawn asked Victor, who is bankrolling the invention. Austin tells him that no contracts have been signed, but Lucas says Victor & Shawn shook hands on it…..thus now a done deal. EJ arrives, ready to be Americanized, today apple pie, tomorrow Baseball. Now EJ spots the file, and seems to know all about Shawn Brady’s turbo engine invention. He says he is into cars, read about it in a magazine (wow, already in magazines? I thought he just came up with it a couple weeks ago.)Sami pulls Carrie aside, and begins to rave about EJ and how “hot” he is. She goes on like a teen schoolgirl does over some rock star, & wishes she had a single friend for him. Carrie laughs, tells Sami she is really into this guy, and wonders if she if willing to ditch Austin. No, of course not, but the guy IS really hot! The pie begins getting served, and EJ volunteers to fix the drinks, in spite of Carrie saying there is only lemonade & beer. (Beer with Apple Pie??? Ugh?) He says he has bartended in his time (hmmm, so has Lucas, lol) and will come up with something. A bit later, he hands out drinks, with Carrie taking plain lemonade (now HOW did he know she could not have alcohol?) while Sami takes a sip of hers, smiles at him, asking, “How did you know I like lemonade in my beer”? “Lucky guess” replies EJ. (in an interview I read, that James Scott, who portrays EJ, gave…he said he fixed something called a “shandy” for Sami. It is popular in Britain.)

We see Hope at the cemetery, kneeling and running her hand across the headstone at Zack’s grave. She is standing, and crying, as Bo comes along, puts his arm around her, and as she sobs, she turns and they embrace. They kiss, and then kiss again. And the previews show…..

Bo to Hope: Zack loved us. If he could whisper in your ear right now, that he wants mommy & daddy to be together.

Max: I’d do anything to make you feel better right now.
Chelsea: Anything?
Max: Name it.
Chelsea: get rid of Hope Brady.

Carrie: Are you & Sami O.K?
Austin: Yeah, oh, yeah. She just wanted to walk home, you know.

EJ to Sami: I hope to be seeing a lot of you, Sami


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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Episode: 10,325
Directed by: Jim Baffico
Tape Date: 5/3/06

Tiz a HOT Memorial Day in Salem USA as our residents visit or lounge around home on their day off.


Kate is getting a few nice photos of Philip (in uniform), Belle and Claire. They’ve just returned from the Memorial Day Parade that Philip marched in wearing his purple heart (apparently no one else in Salem went to it). He talks about how his leg reminds him every day about why he got the purple heart, citing the stairs as an example (why don’t they move to a single story house..that way Claire could have her own room and a yard too?). Philip has a plan for his future and it’s pretty ambitious. Philip explains he wants to invest in Shawn’s new invention. He says Max has asked Shawn to captain his pit crew and Philip wants to be Max’s back up driver. Neither Belle or Kate are happy about this new career move he’s planning and when he goes to get his proposal about it, Kate tells Belle this is all her fault. Kate brings up how Belle was running after Shawn when he and Mimi were getting married. Belle’s surprised that Kate knew about that and Kate said EVERYONE but Philip knew as Belle told them, (LOL, isn’t that the truth!). Kate warns her again about how hard it is to lose a child and Belle vows her marriage to Philip is strong (Claire keeps reaching for Belle’s hoop earrings…thought she was going to yank it out of Martha’s ear). Belle tells Claire to kiss Grandma goodbye, cause she’s leaving…Kate takes the hint. Philip returns in shirt and jeans and Belle tears into him about how dangerous race car driving is and he has a wife and baby to think about. He hugs her saying it’ll be okay. He still needs some thrills in his life and being the first race car amputee would do that. He’s not sure Max and Shawn would appreciate an inexperienced driver on their team (ya think?). He’s willing to underwrite the race team to help convince them.

Shawn and Mimi are trying to stay cool with their electric fan (the super says the part needed for the AC will get there tomorrow) as he reads a book about In Vitro. He offers her a popsicle and she tells him she knows they keep the freezer full of them in the maternity ward. Shawn feels Zack is helping them with having a baby and asks if she’s serious about naming their baby (if it’s a boy), Zack. She confirms that and he feels so blessed while Mimi feels guilty. She says it’s because of the abortion. Philip arrives and asks to speak with Shawn alone, so Mimi goes to visit Belle. Philip has a business proposition. We return after Philip’s pitched his deal..and it’s 100% contingent on HIS being able to drive. Shawn says it’s okay with him if it is with Max (hello..their driver is living in an apartment above a friend’s garage…it doesn’t sound like a lucrative team, LOL!) Shawn asks if there’s any safer way for an amputee to prove his case. Mimi hasn’t even gotten across the hall before the guys finish their talk.

Sami and Austin return home in their swimsuits, pondering who their new neighbor will be. After going inside, we see it’s a handsome guy named Mr. Wells. He tells her about his next product he’d like their company to promote and her cousin Shawn is involved. Sami wonders what her hot shot cousin who use to be a hot shot pitcher, then lawyer to be is involved with (LOL..good one Sami). Austin explains Shawn found his niche as he’s a mechanical genius. They start playing around (loudly) and the new neighbor stares at the door (probably wondering if he can get out of his lease). Later while Sami’s in the bathroom, the new neighbor (EJ Wells) knocks on the door and introduces himself to Austin. He explains he rented the flat across the hall (get it, he’s ENGLISH) and just arrived from overseas. Picking up the picture of Sami, he asks if this fetching creature is Austin’s wife. Austin likes the adjectives and explains she’s his fiancée. Sami yells for Austin and EJ leaves with the wrench he borrowed for his leaky shower. Sami runs in saying THEIR shower is leaking water all over the place and when he explains where the wrench is, she pushes Austin to the bathroom while she goes to get their wrench back. Of course by the time she arrives, EJ is naked (his towel slipped) and wrapping it around his waist (they strip fast in Salem USA don’t ya know!) Naturally the towel drops and Sami chuckles he’s a big improvement over the last neighbor (as Austin comes to see where the wrench is and Sami nervously giggles).

Chelsea opens the door of Jenn’s house to find Hope standing there. Hope remembers Chelsea’s crying and trying to tell her it was an accident…that she had permission to drive Bo’s car . Hope knew it would be hard to return to Salem, but didn’t know how hard until she saw Chelsea. Jen, Frankie, Bo and Billie all arrive from separate directions. Hope isn’t listening to Chelsea’s normal mantra and Jen scurries her into the kitchen for some water. Chelsea moans, knowing that Hope will never forgive her and Frankie goes after her when Billie and Bo were going to.

Chelsea and Frankie have a chat as he levels things could be worse. He says she’s “whistling past the graveyard”…which goes over her head …that’s a new one to me too. He tells her if she levels she knows what she did was wrong, it might help. Frankie asks Chelsea if she’s willing to play the dice about Bo and Hope figuring out SHE sent the emails to each other, not them. She’s not admitting she sent them before the trial is over. Chelsea admits loving Bo to Frankie and afraid of losing him if she tells the truth. Frankie promises to defend her regardless. He warns her the clock is ticking and she needs to give Bo and Hope their lives back together. The evil brat refuses to.

Billie convinces Bo to talk to Hope and when she privately questions why she did that, Kate pops up behind her (she does get around). Kate doesn’t agree that Billie should let Bo and Hope find their way back together.

Hope tells her cousin she needs something stronger than water and apologizes for ruining Jen’s bbq. Hope tells Jen she needs to rebuild her life to make Zack proud. Hope tells Jen that she and Bo are finished as he walks in the kitchen saying that’s not true. Jen excuses herself to give them some privacy. Hope tells Bo to stop lying to her and how his daughter was willing to let him and Billie sacrifice everything to save her own skin. She is angry that he made a big pitch for her to forgive him instead of telling her about the court date change. She’s back in Salem now and it’s hard, but she needs justice for her little boy. He tells her they both have done things they regret (flashback of her and Jen finding Bo and Billie in bed together). She says she doesn’t know him anymore and how dare him compare what they did. He slept with Billie before she asked for a divorce. She didn’t sleep with Patrick until they were on the island. How can she forgive him, especially after the email he sent her. He’s confused about what he supposedly sent her via email, but she refuses to discuss it any more. He follows her out of the kitchen and they run into Billie and Chelsea. When Chelsea, then Billie rush away, Hope tells Bo to follow them as they’re his family now….as the previews roll…

Mimi to Shawn: I can’t help but think that God will punish me.
Shawn: Guess what? God does not punish people for making mistakes.

Hope is brushing off Zack’s headstone and turns and cries in Bo’s (?) arms…

John walks in carrying a pot of hot tea (?) and finds Roman hugging Marlena.

Patrick to Billie: You want to give this whole living situation another try, or what?
Billie: I’ll think about it.

Sami to EJ: How did you know that I like lemonade in my beer.
EJ: Lucky guess….cheers.

As the credits roll…

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Monday, May 29, 2006

Episode # 10324; Tape Date: 5/1206; Air Date: 5/29/06; Director: Roger Inman

Summary: Many holidays slip by in Salem without a mention, but on this Memorial Day, our Salemites have a barbeque and take a moment to pay tribute to our military heroes amidst all the personal drama. For that I give them a thumbs up. As for the rest of the show, you would be better off going to your own barbeque!

In a Far-Away Hospital…the doctor tells Jack that if the procedure worked, it will take some time. But if it is a success, he will be going home soon. He assures Jack that his wife and family will be thrilled to see him, but Jack isn’t so sure. Jack asks him what day it is and learns that it is Memorial Day. Jack asks if he can have a burger and a beer. He talks about the barbeques they had and how his burgers were famous…and that today is his anniversary as well. The doctor tells Jack if all goes well and he gets his rest, he will be home for the July 4th barbeque. Jack has flashbacks of grilling when he burned his hand and says that is how it all started as he looks at the scar on his hand. He wonders if Jen has fallen in love with Frankie. He has a fantasy about what it would be like to go home and then says maybe everyone would be better off if he were dead.

At Hope’s…She arrives home (with Patrick at her side) and immediately notices that Zack’s things are gone. Shawn and Mimi come by as she hugs her son. He says he is glad she is home, but she says this isn’t home anymore…a family is what makes it home. She gives him and Mimi a hard time for marrying while she was gone (as she has flashbacks of reading the articles). Shawn blurts out the news that they are going to have a baby. Hope asks when she is due and Mimi says she isn’t pregnant yet, but hopes to be tomorrow. Color Hope confused. Bonnie and Max (both dressed in red, white and blue) as she is thrilled to see Patrick. But Hope quiets everyone down, wanting to hear what’s the deal with Mimi and Shawn. They explain about the invitro process as both Bonnie and Hope are thrilled for them. Bonnie pulls Patrick to the kitchen and asks him about what happened with him and Hope…she wants all the juicy details. But Patrick’s lips are pretty tight about it and he tells her that he did all he could to get Bo and Hope back together. But Bonnie is thrilled that it didn’t work. She is excited that Mimi married a rich Horton and now Patrick is hooked up with one as well…it’s all a dream come true. She says it is now his job to make sure that Bo and Hope don’t work things out. They go back into the living room as Bonnie suggests they all go to Jen’s for the barbeque. Hope doesn’t want to go but they all talk her into it. She sits down on the sofa and stares at a picture of her family, on the verge of tears.

At Billie’s (or Patrick’s…where ever)…Chelsea (who has a new short haircut) is watching Max’s race as Billie is rushing her to get ready so they can go to Jen’s. But Chelsea doesn’t want to go and whines about Bo going after Hope. Bo arrives as Billie asks him about Hope. Chelsea smiles to overhear that things didn’t go so well and she didn’t come back with him. Bo explains that they talked but she learned about the trial date changing (but not from him) so now things are worse because he wasn’t the one to tell her. Billie tells Chelsea to go on ahead to Jen’s and she will be along shortly. After she leaves, Bo asks what happened while he was gone and Billie fills him in. She wants to know what happened on the island as Bo fills her in about Alex and Marlena being there and John coming to rescue her. He also tells her about Hope being there with Patrick and how he assisted the police and once again was the hero. He tells her about Hope learning of the trial and going ballistic, but came home anyway and that she is just itching to testify. Billie says he has to change her mind, but he says she is determined to send Chelsea to prison. He only hopes that they don’t run into each other first. The light bulb goes off for both of them as they realize that they probably WILL both be at Jen’s, so they go racing out the door to defuse the fireworks.

At Jennifer’s…the rest of the Salemites are gathering for a Memorial Day barbeque. Maggie, Alice, Caroline and Shawn are the first to arrive. Alice and Shawn talk about Frankie and Jen’s engagement and ask if they have set a date. Philip, Belle and Claire arrive (Philip in his dress blues, they explain he was in the Memorial Day parade). This leads to talk about the military and Shawn Sr. suggests that they have a moment of silence to honor them. John and Marlena arrive outside but she isn’t sure she can go inside and face everyone. Inside, everyone is watching the race and apparently Max wins as everyone is cheering. Caroline talks about how she hates race season, because when they race, so does her heart. She wishes Max would find another permanent occupation. Frankie suggests they fire up the grill as Abby mopes around having flashbacks of grilling with her dad and his talking about the famous Deveraux burgers. Jen asks Abby if she would like to help Frankie and she says no that is a memory she had of her dad. She then reminds Jen that today is also their anniversary, something that Jen is full aware of, being that she was up all night crying. Outside, John assures Marlena that everyone will be thrilled to see her but she isn’t so sure because of her behavior before. John says she wasn’t responsible for that, as Lexie, Abe and Theo walk up and Lexie says if there is anyone to blame, it would be her. Alice tries to soothe Abby, explaining that her mother loved Jack very much, but he is gone and she can’t spend her whole life mourning. They say that Memorial Day is about remembering people and what they stood for and this is something that Jack wanted. Frankie asks Caroline for her help with the burgers, but Abby stops her and says she will help, so off they go. Jen plops down beside Alice and asks if ALL teenagers are like that. Alice chuckles and reminds her that she and Tom raised Jen…and compared to her at that age…Abby is an ANGEL. Outside, Marlena asks Lexie what she means and Lexie explains that she is the one who recommended Alex to them and brought all this on them. And for that she is sorry. Abe informs John that all charges against him (concerning Lois’s death) have been dropped (as Lexie has flashbacks of Alex threatening her). She says she is glad that monster is dead. Abe rains on their parade, telling them that he talked to the cops on the island and learned that the body was never found. John says that Alex is somewhere giving a shark heartburn (LOL). John assures Marlena that all will be fine and convinces her to go inside. They walk in as Belle is thrilled to see her. They explain that she has her memory back as Belle rushes to her. Philip brings Claire in as Marlena wants to hold her and says it is like meeting her for the first time. She ooh’s and ahh’s over her as Claire coos “ma-ma-ma”. Marlena asks Belle if she is okay and she assures her she is fine and tells her about Shawn and Mimi as well. John fills the others in on what is going on. Chelsea arrives and wants Abby to go with her and ditch the party. She informs her that Hope and Bo didn’t come back together and Hope won’t be there to testify, good for her. Frankie and Jen walk out as he reminds Chelsea that she is to behave herself until the trial and should probably stay there. Jen says the same for Abby, who gets upset and accuses Jen of using Jack’s memory to manipulate her. Abby says that her dad would want her to be happy. Maggie takes Claire upstairs to play with JJ as John thanks Philip for taking care of Belle while he was so pre-occupied. Belle tells her mom she is happy that she and dad are back together, but Marlena tells her she isn’t so sure. She also remembered what caused the amnesia…losing the baby that wasn’t John’s…and now she worries about their future. Abby and Chelsea march back inside and the door bell rings. Chelsea excitedly thinks it’s Max and rushes to the door. She flings it open to find Hope standing there. The 2 of them glare at each other…as the previews show…

Mimi (to Shawn): Maybe it’s just not meant to be…(Shawn): What do you mean?...(Mimi): After what I have done, I don’t think that God can bless uw with a child…

Sami is in the hall with some bare-chested guy who introduces himself as EJ. She giggles as Austin watches (also bare-chested)…

Frankie (to Chelsea): Hope will show Bo that email and they will trace it all back to you…
Hope (to Bo): How do you think we could get back together…especially after that email you sent me?...

And the credits roll…

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Friday, May 26, 2006

Episode: 10,323
Directed by: Albert Alarr
tape Date: 5/2/06

Hypocrit is the word of the day for our Salemites as couples chat on Morgan Isle, Sami's worried about bad karma, Mimi and Shawn get good news and Jack's thinking about his return to Jennifer (who's dealing with teen issues).


Helping Mimi and Shawn get pregnant has given Lexie the bug to get pregnant again herself (be careful for what you wish). She tells Abe that she’s talked to urology about EDD. She reminds him there are other ways to satisfy her, but he doesn’t understand her needs. He tries to explain that his masculinity is also impaired and says if she had had to have a mastectomy had the lump been cancerous, she’d understand. She goes to check on Shawn and Mimi’s test results. Lexie is excited as she tells them the news shouldn’t be much longer. Shawn is being protective already and takes Mimi somewhere to wait.

Sami and Austin are out having dinner (have we seen either of them work since they landed that contract?). Sami’s absorbed by Will’s Karma report and worried her past deeds may be her undoing. Austin assures her it won’t and telling her to have good thoughts. A flaming chocolate dessert is devoured by them as she remembers Father Jansen’s words. Abe and Lexie arrive and are seated a few tables away (hopefully someone else will give Shawn and Mimi the results, as they’re lurking by the nursery, daydreaming they had a baby boy).

A nurse joins Shawn and Mimi saying the doctor is ready to see them (phew). The doctor arrives and when asked if the egg is still okay, she tells them it’s no longer an egg. Mimi moans and Shawn assures her they’ll try again. The doctor tells them it’s not called an egg after it’s fertilized, but a pre-embryo. She shows it to them on their direct feed to the lab on her computer. Mimi and Shawn are thrilled and kiss. The doctor agrees something could go wrong, but so far it’s going great. They won’t implant it until it grows some.

Back at the restaurant, Abe offers to switch seats with Lexie so she wouldn’t see Sami and Austin, but she goes to the rest room and freshens her lipstick. Sami goes to the ladies room to chat with Lexie. Worried about her bad karma, she tries to apologize and tells Lexie she should get a second opinion that her lump is not cancerous. Sami asks if she still has the lump in her breast and begs Lexie to have another test done. Lexie feels Sami’s wanting her to have cancer and leaves. Austin asks Sami what happened and she tries to explain about wanting Lexie to be retested, saying Lexie is a really bad doctor (no kidding) and should get a second opinion. Austin tells Sami that this is the Sami he loves, a caring Sami. He’s so proud she’s going to be his wife.

Lexie is clearly distressed when she returns and won’t tell Abe what Sami said to upset her. He hopes Austin will bring out Sami’s better side.

Jen and Abby continue their discussion as Abby stomps off after calling Jen a hypocrit. Frankie returns home and Jen admits wishing Jack were there to handle this situation. She knows that’s not going to happen and shocked after seeing Abby and Chelsea on the Sluts of Salem website. Frankie said Chelsea needs more than a good lawyer, she needs a miracle. He tells her about Bo going to see Hope and she’s relieved to hear that. He also is worried about Chelsea’s fate if Hope is there for the trial.

Abby stares at her computer as Jen knocks on the door, insisting that they talk.
Abby tells her mother she hates her and wishes she had gotten that incurable disease and to leave her alone. Jen leaves and goes down to Frankie. HE gives her a glass of wine. She needs good news and calls Hope, wanting to hear how they’re doing.

The doctor tells Jack he feels the treatment worked and he’ll have many years to spend with his family. Jack tells the doctor he’s anxious to return home before Jennifer moves on with Frankie any further. The doctor suggests he call home and tell Jennifer he’s still alive. Jack wants to make sure the procedure worked and hopes it won’t be too late when he goes home. He imagines what would happen as he explains to Jennifer that he’s still alive and cured. He asks if she respected his dying wish and if she and Frankie are together. He pictures Jennifer telling him that he’s the only man she loves and wants to be with.

Frankie joins Jennifer and she tells him that Bo and Hope are together. Jen’s worried about Abby and understands why she called her a hypocrite being Abby and Jack were so close. Frankie says he’d understand if she wanted to postpone the wedding. She tells him no, she loves him and wants to marry him. They kiss. Abby quietly comes down the stairs and sits there, watching Jen and Frankie kiss.

Marlena and John stroll, anxious to be together again after so long. She hopes Bo and Hope will as well. They kiss.

Bo tells Hope that their love has gotten them through so much over the years. They both tell each other that they still love each other and encouraged, Bo hopes that they’ll get through this too. They talk about Chelsea and he doesn’t excuse his lies and calmly explains it was an accident. He tells her family helps each other through traumatic times yet she took off, wouldn’t return his calls and asked for a divorce. He never thought she would do that. She tells him that’s not what he said and confused, he asked if she didn’t get his email. He tells her firmly that they belong together. She belongs with him not Lockhart and he belongs with her, not Billie. Jen calls and Hope steps aside to take the call (man, do they have great cell coverage!) John pops out of the bushes to ask Bo how it’s going and if Bo’s told Hope about Chelsea’s trial date being moved up. Bo said he’s going to, but trying to resolve other matters first. Hope hangs up and John slides back into the brush (what does a couple have to do to have a quiet PRIVATE conversation, LOL!) Hope returns angry at Bo for not telling her about Chelsea’s new court date, accusing him of still keeping secrets and shoves him. Bo stays calm as Hope erupts about trying to keep her away. He tells her he came because of her call saying she needed him and that he hadn’t told her yet as they had more important issues to discuss, but she refuses to hear, saying that is the most important thing right now. (ask pop in the bushes John to confirm that Hope). Marlena and John finally decide to return to normal life and leave the bushes. Hope tells Bo to go home to Billie and Chelsea. She will return to Salem and make sure that Chelsea is put away for along time. She tells Bo that they’ll never be together again …as the previews roll….

Abby to Jennifer: I’d appreciate it if you didn’t use Dad’s memories to try and manipulate me into staying in your house.

John to Marlena: They can’t blame you for your behavior.
Lexie (with Abe carrying Theo next to her): If anyone’s to blame, it’s me.

Shawn (hugging Hope): I’m glad you’re home.
Hope: This isn’t my home, not any more.

Bo to Billie: She’s here and just itching to testify at Chelsea’s trial

As the credits roll….

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Episode # 10322; Tape Date: 5/1/06; Air Date: 5/25/06; Director: Roger Inman

Summary: Incriminating pictures of Chelsea pictures turn up in a new place…as do a few of Abby’s…Mimi listens as Belle and Shawn talk…Bo tries to apologize to Hope.

At the Garage…Shawn is working on Belle’s car as they talk about the past and about children as Mimi has arrived and stands nearby and listens. Shawn talks about what a great mother Belle is and both are sure that Mimi will be as well. Shawn is excited about the possibility of becoming a father as well. They rehash their past and Belle says that losing him will be her biggest regret in life and has always wondered what might have been. Belle says she guesses they just weren’t meant to be. They talk about Bo and Hope breaking up and Belle notes what a tough situation Bo is in. Shawn talks about he and Mimi would never break up…he trusts her with his life. He talks about how lucky he is to have found Mimi and Belle says she is lucky as well to have Philip. She admits that she still loves Shawn as well, but also loves Philip and is committed to her marriage. But she says if she had it all to do over again, she wouldn’t have rushed into marrying him…she would have waited. Shawn talks about how Claire was conceived in loved (as Mimi has flashbacks of Bonnie informing her that Shawn is Claire’s father). Belle says she regrets that she and Shawn never made love. Mimi, who was hiding behind a stack of tires, falls into the garage (literally) and Shawn asks how long she had been there. She lies, saying she just got there and had been shopping with her mom. Shawn notices she is acting nervous, but she says she is just excited about becoming a mother…as she has flashbacks of her talk with Father Jansen.

At the Deveraux House…Abby overhears Jen and Frankie and is not too thrilled over the news of their impending marriage. She pitches a fit for rushing into this and threatens to move out. Jen proceeds to chew her out as Frankie steps outside. Abby asks what if her dad comes back…he has before. But Jen says that isn’t going to happen this time…he is dead…and she doesn’t want to spend her life alone, waiting for him. Abby thinks that she is “settling” for Frankie but Jen says he was her first love. She tells her that this is what Jack wanted but Abby says that she already has a father and doesn’t need a substitute one. Frankie comes back in and goes to the computer (someone had called him) and he pulls up a website “Sluts of Salem” and finds Chelsea’s picture there. He rushes over to Billie’s to tell her about it. Abby is looking on the site and finds a picture of her and Josh on there as well. Jen sees this and is shocked. She jumps Abby and she informs her mom that if she had a camera when she walked in on her and Frankie, Jen’s picture could have been there as well. (ouch). They argue as Abby calls her a hypocrite. Jen tries to defend herself and demands Abby’s respect. But Abby says she doesn’t deserve it…she always preached about sex to her but she isn’t living by it and she has lost credibility. Jen tells her that her life is none of her business and asks Abby just how far was she planning to go. Abby tells her that she wants to have sex…and if she were to get pregnant, she is sure that she would be a better mother than Jen.

At Billie’s…Chelsea panics when she learns that Bo has gone to see Hope. She is sure that he will tell her about the change in the trial date and she will go to jail for sure. She blurts out that she has done so much to keep them apart. Billie demands to know what she is talking about and what she has done. (Flashbacks of Chelsea sending the emails). Chelsea lies and says that she has been praying to God that Bo and Hope would break up so Billie and Bo could get back together. She says that if they get back together, it is over for her and Billie. Frankie comes over and shows the website to them as Billie pitches a fit about how bad it looks. Chelsea says it doesn’t matter, with Hope coming back. Billie explains to Frankie about Bo chasing after Hope and he is glad that Hope called. He pulls Chelsea aside and tells her that Bo and Hope are going to talk and figure out what she has done. Billie rails Chelsea out about her behavior and grounds her, telling her she is not allowed to leave the house without her and lectures her about responsibility. Chelsea storms off, whining that her life is over and that Billie will be better off without her. Frankie tells Billie that if Hope comes back and testifies, it is a sure thing that Chelsea will go to jail. Chelsea listens and cries about what a disaster this is. Billie tells Frankie that she is worried about Chelsea going to jail…she doesn’t deserve it and fears that if she does, she will only come out worse. Billie says it’s all her fault and beats herself up for falling for Bo again.

On Morgan Island…John assures Marlena that she is safe and it’s all over. He hugs her saying he will hold her for the rest of their lives and she asks him to promise to never leave her again. He says he loves her and it feels good to say that to her without her running away from him. She thanks him for not giving up on her and risking his life to save her. She only wishes that Bo and Hope can find their way back to each other as well. Meanwhile, Bo sees Patrick and Hope kissing and rushes out of the bushes and pulls him off of her. Hope tries to explain to Bo that she was wrong about Patrick and they explain what happened with John, Marlena and Alex and how Patrick helped stop Alex. But Bo doesn’t want to hear it and tries to convince Hope that Patrick is dangerous. But she says he is wrong, Patrick is a good person. Bo points out how Patrick just “happens” to always be the hero. Bo turns to Hope and talks about all the mistakes they have made but he doesn’t want to throw away their marriage, saying they belong together. John and Marlena walk up, Marlena glad to see Bo there. Marlena and Hope talk as Marlena urges her to listen to Bo and forgive him. Hope says that as long as he defends Chelsea, she can’t…Bo has a new family now. Hope and Patrick talk as Patrick tells her that she belongs with Bo. She apologizes for doubting him. Bo tells John about the trial date being moved and John urges him to be honest with Hope and tell her as well or it will cost him his marriage. Bo says he can’t live without her, so John tells him to tell her. Hope overhears and asks Bo what is he lying about. Marlena suggest they leave Bo and Hope alone so she and John leave. She tells John that she wouldn’t be there if HE had given up on her. Patrick tells Marlena to tell them that he wishes them well and that he is leaving as well. Bo says that they have both made a lot of mistakes and asks Hope if she still loves him and wants to work things out…there is nothing he won’t do for her. Bo opens his heart and asks Hope to forgive him and asks if they can just put all the anger aside…including the anger she has for Chelsea (oops, you went too far Bo). He says that their love has carried them through many terrible things in their past and can carry them through this as well. He asks for a chance…for what they have meant to each other…and for what they can still mean to each other. She turns to him with tears in her eyes…as the previews show…

Mimi (to Shawn): Look…our baby…as they kiss…

Frankie (to Jen): If you want to postpone the wedding, that’s okay…

Sami (to Lexie): I think you should get retested Lexie… (Lexie): and I know why…Oh my God, Sami…

Hope (to Bo): How dare you stand there and say that your love me and once again you are lying to me…keeping secrets…

And the credits roll…

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Tape date-4/27/06
Director-Roger Inman

Sami & Mimi have words in church, Jack makes a difficult decision, the teens go to the pier dance, while events turn out well on Morgan Island.

Mimi reflects on what Father Jansen told her about her marriage, and tells herself she HAS to tell Shawn the truth. Yawnnnn. (How many times does this make that Mimi has said those word, 523?)). Meanwhile, Sami is supposedly in the confessional looking for absolution for her sins. However, she refuses to tell Father Jansen what they are, as she remembers blackmailing Lexie, and making her deal with Alex. Father Jansen says that if she does not tell him, he cannot help her, so she abruptly leaves, seeing Mimi lighting a candle. She tries to get Mimi to spill her problem, to no avail. However, she figures out that Mimi is working with Kate to keep Shawn & Belle apart. They have words, as Sami goes thru the litany of Kate paying for the wedding, the big honeymoon that the couple did not take, and realizes that since perfect Belle would not just leave Philip, there must be something that would make her change her mind. Mimi gives it to her right back, telling Sami that whatever she has done, Kate is going to find out, yada, yada. They have words, as both vow to find out each other’s secrets. Sami leaves, and Mimi asks God to forgive her, but Sami is such a *******. (Someone please tell the writers that there is no one who would curse like that in church! )

Josh & Abby arrive at the pier dance. He is happy they are dating, and tells her he would like to take their relationship to the next level. (Do teens really say things like that? LOL) She asks if he means they should have sex, but Josh only meant they should be exclusive. (I am guessing he means going steady, to use what seems to be an old fashioned term) Max & Chelsea arrive, and Chelsea wants to talk to Abby privately. Abby tells Chelsea about the “exclusive” dating, and is not sure she wants that, maybe she should party a bit. Chelsea replies that partying is not all that great, but Abby says she is going to have sex with Josh, and then see how she feels about settling down. (O.K. now WHY is Abby changing personalities…WHAT is wrong with these writers?) Both girls return to their dates, with Max kissing a very willing Chelsea. Two young girls (Madison & Cindy) spot them, and snap pictures, with Madison commenting that their “Sluts of Salem” blog has a new poster girl. Chelsea gets a phone call from her mom, while Abby gets a text message from hers. Both girls leave.

Jen & Frankie are hugging outside the door, when Maggie comes outside carrying Jack, Jr, who promptly calls Frankie DaDa. Inside, Jen tells Maggie & Alice that she & Frankie are going to be married. Jen takes JJ up to bed, & looks at a picture of Jack, thanking him for approving. Her absence gives Alice the chance to thank Frankie for loving Jennifer. He tells her he never stopped. Jen returns, commenting about calling Abby to come home so they can tell her the news of their engagement. Abby is just coming in the door, and says “You’re engaged?”

Meanwhile, Jack is laying in bed, missing Jennifer. Dr. Butler comes in, telling Jack he CAN help him, he can save his life. The experimental procedure can be altered to help Jack. Now Jack flashes back to looking in Jen’s window on Christmas, and comments that he is not sure about returning to his family, as Jen may be very happily in love, and he cannot come back from the dead a 3rd time. He refuses treatment, not wanting to hurt Jen again. Dr. Butler tries to talk some sense into Jack, gives him the clipboard with the permission papers, and leaves. Jack starts remembering years gone by with Jen, and we see a series of flashbacks…Jack arguing with a young Jennifer who is interning at the newspaper, about an assignment; then the lst time they kissed, as a very reluctant Jack did not want to show his feelings; then him telling Jen to breathe, as she gave birth to their daughter, Abby. He realizes that no matter what, Jennifer is his wife, those are his kids, and he wants to return to them. He signs the papers.

Billie gets a call from Bo, who tells her he is going to Hope, that Victor is letting him borrow the Titan jet. She offers to come join him, but he says no, and buckles up on the plane. Billie calls Chelsea to come home immediately. On the plane, Bo flashes back (make sure you have a box of tissues handy ) to Lexie asking him & Hope for permission to take Zack’s organs, that he is not with them any more. We see Hope get hysterical, both crying, as they finally give their o.k. and then we see their heart-rending farewell to “tiny man”. Meanwhile, Chelsea has arrived home, and is not happy to hear that Bo has gone to join Hope. She scolds her mother for allowing it to happen, but Billie tells her Bo loves Hope, always has and always will, and nothing will change that.

On Morgan Island, Hope arrives at the cliff, where Alex is holding a gun to Marlena’s head, threatening to kill her. Hope distracts Alex enough so John can get closer to Alex, attacks him, Marlena gets away, and the two men struggle on the ground. Eventually both go over the cliff, but manage to hold onto rocks. John offers to help Alex up (how, when he is barely holding on himself?) but Alex says no, he will see him in hell first, lets go, and down into the sea he falls. Hope & Marlena help John back up to safe ground. Marlena cries, as she & John hug, & she apologizes. Patrick arrives asking about North and they tell him he went over the cliff. The cop comes, too, and explains how Patrick was working for them – he has done it before. He tells how they got a tip that Alex was looking for a hit man, and at first Patrick refused to help, but once he learned it was Alex North doing the hiring (hmmm, wonder what will happen to that suitcase full of money now) and John Black was the victim, he agreed to help. Marlena tells John she remembers what caused her amnesia, that she lost a child, and it was Roman’s. John says they can work all that out. Hope apologizes to Patrick for doubting him. And wonder of wonders, that super speedy jet of Victor’s has managed to not only get Bo to Morgan Island in the blink of an eye, but must have given him the power personally, as in that very short time John, Marlena, Alex & Hope spent on the cliff, Bo has arrived on the island, up on the cliff, and just in time to see Patrick & Hope kissing! And the previews show

ABBY TO JEN: I want to have sex like you do, and maybe I’ll even have a baby. I’ll be a much better mom that you are

BELLE TO SHAWN: Losing you is the biggest regret of my life (as Mimi overhears)

CHELSEA TO BILLIE: Hope is going to get her claws into Bo for good this time, and you are never gonna be with him

BO TO HOPE: There’s something I gotta tell you, Fancy Face. It’s part of the reason I am here.


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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Episode: 10,320
Director: Albert Alarr
Tape Date: 4/26/06

Thank goodness it appears some people are wising up and hopefully these storylines will call it a wrap soon…as the Morgan Islanders make progress; Mimi confesses and finds herself in more of a dilemma while Sami karma is questioned.

Mimi and Bonnie argue about telling Shawn the truth about Claire’s paternity. Mimi rushes out and Bonnie (and Max) follows. Bonnie follows her to St. Lukes (she parked Max with a nun apparently, saying she had an emergency). Mimi wants to talk to a priest as Bonnie tries to convince her not to.

Mimi and Father Jansen chat over tea as she tells him about the in vitro. He’s happy and says God’s blessing her with a child of her own after she told Shawn about Claire being his daughter. She tells Father Jansen she lied and Shawn doesn’t know. He shakes his head in dismay. He tells her in the eyes of the church, her marriage is null and void. Cue Mimi’s gasp. Mimi freaks, worried about Shawn’s reaction matching Rex’s and wanting no more to do with her.

At home, Sami reads The Theory of Karma, Will’s school project..and how it works …as we see a flashback of her with Alex talking about changing Lexie’s cancer test results. Knowing what she did was wrong, she grabs her purse and dashes out.

Sami arrives at St. Lukes to light a candle, promising to be good from now on (do she and Austin work at all now?). Bonnie walks up and says she heard what she did, getting Austin to propose to her. While Bonnie tries to find out what Sami’s feeling guilty about, she slips that Mimi is there confessing and Sami needs to hear more about that. Sami’s ears perk up and ask what Mimi’s done. Bonnie says good girls come to confession often and changes the subject back to Sami. Sami leaves and Bonnie sees Mimi in the hall as Mimi tells Bonnie what happened (see below). She says this lie is tearing her apart and can’t bring a baby in the world with this on her conscience. She tells Bonnie to leave. Bonnie asks her to call before she makes a decision, but Mimi can’t promise that. Mimi asks God for her help.

Sami is in the confessional and Father Jansen knows it’s her, calling her by name. Sami explains about karma and he says what you sow you reap.

Billie helps Bo pack up Zack’s toys. He misses Hope and his sons and tells her so. They talk about Chelsea’s fate in court (yawn) and what would happen if he tells Hope about the new court date. Bo calmly tells Billie that he loves Hope and always will. They talk about Patrick and his charms and Billie wasn’t immune to them either. He apologizes if it appeared he himself was leading her on. With tears in her eyes she says she knew.

Hope tears into Patrick for how she believed in him and he turns out to be one of those bad guys after all. She calmly tells him that he took advantage of her at the lowest point of her life and she thought they had something. He agrees they do, but she tells him he doesn’t care about her or he wouldn’t side with Alex. Patrick grabs her and says he does care about her, more than she’ll ever know and always has (don’t get me started here). She’s not happy with him and he stalks off.

Hope remembers sleeping with Patrick and asking herself how she could be so stupid, pulls out her cell phone and makes a call. Billie asks him to help her carry the boxes out to her car and she’ll take them to the Horton Foundation the next day. The recorder picks up while they’re both outside and Hope tells him she’s on Morgan Island and was wrong about Patrick. She needs him. Bo rushes in and hears Hope’s voice and gets the phone too late.

John pleads with the police to try and convince them he’s right. The police return and have confirmed John’s credentials, but warn him to stay clear of Dr. and Mrs. North, then leave. They say the Salem PD or Agent Spector concurred they didn’t have anything on Alex to convince them to do anything about him. Hope tries to stop John.

Marlena calmly tries to convince Alex she loves John and wants to return. She feels strongly that she belongs with John as he whips out ANOTHER syringe and she tells him NO MORE NEEDLES. As calmly as ordering a steak dinner, he tells her she leaves him no other choice. He puts it back anyway, knowing John is on to him in that respect. He steps closer and tells her she loves him..she doesn’t know why, but agrees as she plays with her necklace. She assures Alex that John is only concerned, not stalking her. Alex tries to convince her he gave her the drugs as he wanted her only for himself…but to be sure that if he can’t have her…no one else ever will. She begs him not to do this and worried he’d have to go to prison. He takes her hand and asks if that means they’d have a chance. He calmly tells her that he can’t lose her to John and she’ll have to die. Uh oh. They struggle and she slaps him She falls down and remembers how he slapped her on their first honeymoon and (flashback of scene with Lois where she saw the picture of her bruised face), realizes it is true. They struggle more as he is angry she hit him and she screams as he tries to push her over the cliff.

John arrives as Alex is struggling with Marlena. Marlena gets loose and rushes towards John as Alex pulls out his gun. John twists Alex’s arm away and punches Alex, who drops the gun and falls to the ground. Marlena rushes into John’s arms (get the gun first John!) Marlena doesn’t know why she still feels something for Alex and John asks about the pendant. She tells him Alex gave it to her and John rips it off and tosses it over the cliff. They kiss and of course Alex comes to (stupid stupid stupid…a trained ISA agent would secure the scene first). Alex sees the gun on the ground. Marlena sees Alex going for it and warns John. He tells Alex to give it up, it’s too late. Alex says no it’s not and now he can kill both of them as both men struggle for the gun as the previews roll….

Mimi to Sami: Sami, I don’t even like you. Why would you even care?
Sami tells Mimi she knows that she has a big juicy secret and maybe they can help each other…

Bo (on a plane) calls someone to say Hope’s in trouble and in danger with Lockhart. We see Billie on the other end as the call gets broken up.

Jennifer (holding JJ) is with Frankie as they tell Maggie and Alice that she and Frankie are getting married. The two women are happy for them.

Jack (in hospital bed) says to himself: I know I arranged for you and Frankie to fall in love, but you’re my wife and they’re my kids and dammit, I’m going home….

As the credits roll…

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Monday May 22, 2006

Episode # 10319; Tape Date: 4/25/06; Air Date: 5/22/06; Director: Roger Inman

Summary: Meddling mothers-in-law, angels, devils, clowns and talking dogs…all the stuff “May sweeps” are made of in Reily-Land.

At the Carver House…there is a replay of Kate questioning Lexie about what Sami is up to. Lexie denies that there is anything going on but Kate keeps on, telling Lexie she can help her with Sami. Lexie swears there is nothing going on and that she is on edge because of her cancer scare. Kate reminds her she had one as well. Kate refuses to give up and tells Lexie she has defeated Sami before and can help her do it as well…IF they work together. Lexie is on the verge of telling her when Abe walks in asking what is going on. Kate tells him they were discussing Lexie’s cancer scare. Lexie thanks her for stopping by and politely asks her to leave, as Kate hands her a business card, telling her to call her if she wants to talk. After she leaves, Lexie tells him she is ready for some alone time (seems Tek left as well out the back). Abe tells her that Clarence the Clown called and he can entertain at Theo’s party after all, since he had a last minute cancellation. But Abe is upset as to the reason WHY there was a cancellation. He tells her that Clarence can now make it because another kid’s parents are divorcing and the party was to be on the day of the custody hearing. (That clown sure does go into detail about all this, huh?) This leads to a conversation about parents fighting over custody and Abe says that Clarence told him that the husband had hired a private detective and found out the wife was having an affair. Abe preaches about how wrong that was and how the children are the ones that suffer, pouring the guilt on extra thick. Finally, he says enough gloom and doom talk and says how the party will be great. Lexie says that being happy is the most important thing. They hug as she eyes the card that Kate gave her.

At Lucas’s Apartment…Sami thinks that breaking the bottle is a bad omen, but Will explains that in Sami’s case it’s not an omen, but bad karma. (It seems they are studying this in school?...since when?) As they clean up the mess, Will explains about it, but Austin says it was just an accident…that’s all. Carrie says, besides, Sami hasn’t done anything bad…as we see a long series of flashbacks of working with Alex and blackmailing Lexie. Sami swears she hasn’t done anything, but Lucas says he recognizes that look on her face and is sure she has. Austin takes of for Sami as Lucas rattles on about Sami being suspicious and her belief in horoscopes. Sami has heard enough, but Will says they have to admit, she has had her share of bad luck. Lucas says she creates her own bad luck…something bad happens to her and she retaliates only making it worse. He says it will never end for her. He pulls Carrie aside, sure that Sami is up to something (and it is huge this time) but Carrie defends her, talking about how great Sami has been to her since she came back. Austin tells Will that no matter what, he and Sami are marrying and Will says he is okay with that, but look how bad it turned out before. He doesn’t think they will marry. Sami is staring in a mirror now and an angel appears on her shoulder, chastising her for what she has done, telling her that her bad karma will do her in. Austin tries to assure Will that Sami is just excited because she is getting what she always wanted…a real family. But Will says he will believe it when he sees it. Carrie wishes that Lucas wouldn’t think the worst of Sami but he knows she has some scheme going on and will be exposed yet again. Sami talks to her angel who tells her if Lexie dies, it will be on her head. A devil appears on the other shoulder, telling her that she has to look out for number one, that is all that is important. If something happens to Lexie it’s not her fault. Sami fears that she will pay for what she has done…as the angel begs her to change her ways…no sin ever goes unpunished.

At Shawn & Mimi’s…they return home to find Philip, Belle and Clarie in the hall asking how it went. Mimi doesn’t really want to talk about it so they all go inside, as Belle asks if she is okay. Mimi says everything went fine, but it was weird. Bonnie and Max (the dog) come by with her asking if she is going to be a grandma. Mimi informs her it will be a while before they know, but everything went okay and maybe they will be parent soon. We then hear Max’s voice saying that will be just GREAT…now he will have to fight harder for attention. (rolling eyes here). Bonnie says she cannot wait to spoil the baby…as Max bolts. Bonnie pats him on the head saying that Shawn is already a parent, he just doesn’t know it and Max thinks humans are just like rabbits. Belle asks Mimi about names and rattles on and on about how she and Shawn had picked out names for their kids. Mimi says she likes Scott for a boy and SURPRISE, Belle says that is one the names she and Shawn liked as well. Mimi has heard enough and excuses herself. Bonnie pulls her aside and tries to calm her down, but Mimi is sure that if this procedure fails, it is all her fault for keeping the truth from Shawn. Kate shows up, saying she was there to visit Belle and Philip but they weren’t home. Philip tells her that Shawn and Mimi are trying to conceive (why not just put up a billboard?) Kate tells her if she can help, just let her know, since she went through the same thing herself. She tells them all about Carrie being pregnant (see?...telephone, telegraph…tell Kate!) Then she goes on to tell them that somehow Sami has conned Austin into proposing to her as well. But she vows she will put a stop to that. Belle defends Sami as Kate bashes her. Belle says that Sami is her sister and she loves her, even though she has done some terrible things. They bring up how Sami lied to Austin before about being Will’s father and Philip talks about lying when it comes to children’s paternity and how bad that is. Mimi keeps an eye on Shawn (who is watching Clarie) and is sure that he will realize she is his child. Bonnie drags Mimi out into the hall as she is in panic mode. She tells her she will keep her mouth shut and Shawn will never know…unless Mimi has a death wish.

On Morgan Island…There is a replay of Hope walking up as Patrick holds John at gunpoint. She rushes him and the shot misses its target. At the same time, Marlena has jumped in front of John to protect him. Alex asks her what she is doing and she says protecting the man she loves. John says that Marlena doesn’t love Alex…he is a lying son of a bitch. Hope asks Patrick what is going on and he says he can explain. Marlena is confused and disoriented because (she says) of the shot John gave her. Alex is furious to hear this but Marlena says he was only trying to help her. Alex wants to take her to the hospital but she refuses. He tells everyone that John also gave Lois an injection and caused her to kill herself. Hope demands to know from Patrick what is going on and she says that Bo was right all along about him. John is trying to convince Marlena that Alex has been controlling her all along. She asks if it is true that John gave Lois an injection that caused her to commit suicide. He says the shot he gave her was harmless…it was Alex who killed her, as Alex denies it, saying he was cleared. Hope defends John but he says that John tried to shoot him at the wedding. He swears he loves Marlena and would never hurt her. John says that Alex has a hold on her but Alex says she loves him. The cops arrive (they heard gunshots) and want to know what is going on. Everyone babbles, but they only trust Patrick’s version of the truth. He tells them that Alex and Marlena are married and that John came to the island to steal her away. They are ready to arrest John as Hope continues to defend him. The cops believe Patrick’s story and Alex wants to take Marlena to the hospital to be checked out and she goes with him. The cops cuff John as Hope is blasting Partick for helping Alex. She asks him if he was really going to shoot John as he looks at her and says “yea”…freeze on Hope and Patrick…as the previews show…

Billie (to Bo): are you okay? (Bo): I miss my son…I miss my wife…

Patrick (to Hope): Listen to me…I do care about you…more than you will ever know…

John (to Alex, as Marlena stands by): Give it up North…it’s over. (Alex): Now I can kill both of you…

Sami (to Bonnie): Mimi is in confession right now?...What has she done now?...

Priest (to Mimi): You and Shawn are NOT husband and wife as Mimi gasps…

And the credits roll…

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Friday, May 19th, 2006

Episode: 10318
Directed by: Roger Inman
Tape Date: 4/24/06

Welcome to Babies of Our Lives as everyone in Salem is talking about getting or being pregnant….while our Morgan Islanders play hide and seek.


Mimi and Shawn arrive at the hospital for their first in vitro appointment (what’s the big rush, can’t they even celebrate their first month anniversary without being pregnant?) The in vitro is done quickly while Shawn stands next to her. The doctor assures them the hormone shots worked and tests showed 5 folicles. Mimi has second thoughts, worried about multiple births and are they ready? Shawn keeps reassuring her and asking her not to have negative thoughts. He’s handed the plastic bottle saying it’s time for him to do his part as Mimi snickers. Later it’s all over as the doctor tells them they should know the results in 18 hrs. She was only able to harvest one egg, so the odds aren’t great. Mimi and Shawn stare into the microscope at their possible baby to be. (ah, isn’t this romantic?)

Apparently it’s dinnertime as Lexie arrives home to find Abe’s home with her favorite dinner (crab cakes and wine). He has candles lit on the set table and tells Lexie he wants a fresh start for them tonight. He knows she’s trying to eliminate stress in her life and realizes all or most of that is because of him. She remembers Sami’s threat to expose her infidelity with Tek and tells Abe it’s not his fault. Abe appreciates that and knows his impotence affects both of them and it’s not fair. He wants her to know how much he loves her. Theo walks in (about 5 years old now) and says they really love each other. He has a book called Eddie has a Baby Brother and asks if he can have one too. Change of subject as Abe says he has to finish dinner and Lexie puts Theo to bed. Later Abe regrets not being able to give Theo a baby brother and Lexie assures him it’s not a problem. She’s too busy at work and Theo wouldn’t want to share his family/toys, yada yada. Abe says he would understand if she wanted a divorce. Ding dong..any guesses? It’s Tek with some case files for Abe. Lexie asks if it can’t wait until tomorrow, but Tek (and Abe) says it’s okay. Abe’s timer dings in the kitchen and he excuses himself as Tek starts in on Lexie the second Abe’s out of the room. (yawn) Ding’s Kate asking to speak privately with Lexie. Abe and Tek step into the kitchen to finish their talk while the crab cakes petrify in the oven. Lexie asks Kate if she’s ill and Kate bluntly asks her what Sami has on her or what she has on Sami. Lexie shrugs it off as she doesn’t like Sami, that’s all. Kate won’t give up and offers to help Lexie, saying she’s more motivated than ever now. She won’t let Sami ruin Austin’s life again. She will find out what Sami has on her and it would be easier if she just tell her now.

Sami brags about not doing anything to make this engagement with Austin happen and Kate explodes with fury. Sami tells Kate she’s not leaving the apartment or drinking anything Kate gives her the night before her wedding. Lucas, Carrie and Austin all defend Sami to Kate, who insists they’re all insane. Will walks in and says he could hear the loud voices all the way from Sami’s apartment and asks “what the hell is going on?”.
Lucas calls Will on his language and Kate says that’s where they all are anyway. Will is happy to hear about Austin and Sami’s engagement and says it’s the next best thing to his mom and dad getting married, hoping they understand. We’re all one big happy family who settles for second best as they all agree (except Kate). Will asks his grandmother not to mess this, up like she did his parents and they all stare at Kate saying the same. Austin assures Will this wedding will happen as Sami remembers her conversation with Lexie saying she’d like Lucas back, but will take second best, Austin. Lucas threatens Kate that they’ll all refuse to have anything to do with her again if she persists. Lucas and Carrie tell Will about their baby and he’s excited to have a new baby brother/sister. He suggests Sami (and Austin) hurry up and have one too as they both laughingly admit wanting a baby too. Lucas suggests Kate leave as she’s putting some negativity on all their happiness and admitting she’s feeling physically ill from all this (you ain’t the only one sister), leaves. In the hallway she warns Lucas that she’s going to get behind Sami’s evil doings and remembers how Lucas had mentioned feeling Sami and Lexie were up to something. He regrets telling her that and steps back inside. Sami thanks them all for giving her another chance and struggles opening up the champagne. She finally opens it and has a problem and breaks a mirror in the process. Panicing about years of bad luck, she worries her life will never be happy again.

Hope calmly tells Alex she’s glad Marlena’s with her real husband. Alex tells Patrick they have to find Marlena before that maniac does something to her. Hope rushes up and insists Patrick not do anything to help Alex. Hope and Alex debate whether John is dangerous as Alex cites examples about Lois and what happened at the church. Alex tells Patrick to call Roman (yeah, he’d love that as there’s an APB out on ya bud) and he’ll confirm that. Patrick asks Hope if she knows where John and Marlena are and she mentions hearing the ocean in the background (hmm, they are on an island..what are the chances of that?)…but for him not to tell Alex. Guess who’s standing 5 ft. away (some law enforcement background Hope) and overhears? Alex rushes off with Patrick and Hope in his wake.

A replay of John injecting the antidote into Marlena’s side as she remembers being happy with John. They kiss and exchange I love yous . Hope calls to warn John that Alex (and Patrick) are looking for them and for the upteenth time, John calmly assures Hope he’ll kill Alex if he comes near Marlena again. Marlena is worried as she’s married to Alex and feels she owes Alex a goodbye. Alex arrives with a gun saying they’re not going anywhere. Pointing the gun at John with Marlena urging him not to shoot, Patrick rushes up. He hands the gun to Patrick and tells him to do what he paid him to do. Hope rushes up and says Bo was right all along as Patrick pauses when the previews roll (sorry…the suspense is more boring than thrilling to me with all this)….

ABE to LEXIE: I’m feeling a little guilty.
LEXIE: About what?
ABE: Capitalizing on somebody elses misfortune.

BONNIE to Mimi: So, have you picked out any baby names yet?
MIMI: No, not really.
BELLE (Philip and Claire are on the couch next to her): Oh come on, Shawn and I had a bunch of baby names picked out when we were dating.

WILL to AUSTIN: She’s walked down the aisle a ton of times but never made it to the honeymoon. What makes you think this time will be different?

LUCAS to SAMI: Why don’t you create some good karma for yourself Sami and tell us all what you’re up to?

As the credits roll..

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Thursday May 18, 2006

Episode # 10317; Tape Date: 4/26/06; Air Date: 5/18/06; Director: Phil Sogard

Summary: At Victor’s birthday party, Frankie proposes to Jen…Jack gets some bad news…Kate is shocked, then thrilled to learn of Lucas & Carrie’s news…but you can only imagine how distraught she is to learn of Austin & Sami’s news…and the always-in-tune Chelsea picks up on a few tid-bits that she may be able to use to her advantage.

At the Garage…Mimi arrives as she tells Shawn about the gift she got for Victor. He tells her about his invention and they are sure it will be a success. She is sure that things are going their way and tells him that Lexie says it is almost time for them to conceive. Shawn changes so they can go to the party as Mimi and Chelsea chat, Chelsea upset because she is sure that Shawn will never forgive her. Mimi tells her about her abortion and how she lied and Rex never forgave her. She tells her that she has done bad things and always ended up being punished for them. Chelsea asks Mimi to try and help her smooth things over with Shawn and Mimi says no promises, but she will try. After Chelsea walks off, Mimi mumbles to herself about all of her “sins”, as Chelsea overhears her, wondering what other secrets Mimi is guilty over and how she can use that to her advantage.

At the Pub…Jen tells Frankie that she wants to be married. He kisses her and accepts. They tell Shawn and Caroline, who are thrilled for them. She says she falls that somewhere Jack is happy for them as well. Philip arrives with a surprised Victor, as Philip explains that Claire wasn’t feeling well so Belle stayed at home with her. Caroline explains that Bo can’t be there either because of work. They explain that the party was Pop-Shawn’s idea and he says it is a thank you to Victor for saving Caroline’s life. Jen is crying happy tears and tells Frankie that she loves him and that this is what Jack wanted for them. Frankie asks if she is sure she isn’t rushing into it…he doesn’t want this only because it is what Jack wanted. Shawn, Mimi, Chelsea & Max all arrive. Max and Chelsea talk about Bo not being there and going after Patrick, Mimi’s brother. Later, we learn that Victor has agreed to back Shawn’s invention as the thanks him. Philip talks about Shawn and Mimi trying to get pregnant and how Claire will have an almost-brother or sister. But Victor knows the truth and to himself says that it WILL be her sibling. (as he and Mimi share a strange look…does Mimi know that he knows?) Jen tells Frankie that she will always love Jack, but he is gone…it may be what Jack wanted, but is also what SHE wants…to share her life with him. Frankie talks of how he always admired her from afar and that is why he stayed away. He tells her he does love her with all his heart and promises to be a good husband as well as father. He takes out the crocheted ring (that he borrowed from Pop) and officially proposes to her and she accepts, as everyone applauds. Victor sees Chelsea standing back and tells her that he knows how it feels to be the black sheep of the family…he has had that feeling as well…like when he came between Caroline and Shawn. He tells her that Bo was a bit of one himself when he was younger. They talk about Bo growing up not knowing that Victor was his father and the affect it had on him. Chelsea says she doesn’t think that Bo was treated the same as his brothers and sisters and Victor says maybe she is right and blurts out that he is worried about Claire as well. Chelsea’s ears perk up and she asks him what he meant. Victor covers and says he is only worried about her because she is sick. But she is sure that there is more to it. Shawn tells Mimi that he is happy, they are getting everything they wanted as Mimi worries about him learning the truth about Claire. Pop makes a toast to Frankie and Jen and wishes them well. Jen can’t wait to share the news with Abby and is sure that they will all have a great future.

In the Hospital…the doctor tells him that there may be a cure. He tells him of an experimental treatment that may save him, but Jack doesn’t want to take the chance and says he is ready to die. He tells the doctor about how he set things in motion before he went away. The doctor asks him what if he lives…does he want his wife with another man. Jack tells him that he has been kicked in the teeth too many times already and that he is sure that Frankie and Jen have moved on, he even gave them his blessing. He can’t go back now, he wouldn’t do that to her…he wants her to be happy. Later, the doctor and nurse are going over Jack’s file and the doctor tells him that after careful study, he realizes that he is not a candidate for this treatment afterall. Jack is okay with it and tells him that he wants to die there…to die alone. The doctor promises him that they will make him as comfortable as possible.

At Lucas’s Apartment…Kate shows up to talk about wedding dresses for Carrie and they tell her the news of being pregnant. She is shocked and thrilled for them. She asks about Austin’s reaction and they tell her that he and Sami are on the roof. Lucas tells her that they are both happy for them, but Kate finds that hard to swallow. They inform her that Austin and Sami are dating and that doesn’t exactly thrill her. They also tell her about Sami accepting Austin’s non-proposal and she is sure that Sami is up to something. She wants to get up to the roof to stop her.

Up on the Roof…Sami turns on the poor-me routine about always being the second choice and tells Austin she is cutting him loose and is moving on. She tells him that she has always loved him, but she can’t wait on him to get over Carrie…she can only walk away. She says she deserves someone who wants HER. She talks about how she loves Will and wants more kids as well and she knows that she is not the woman that Austin wants. She kisses him and goes to leave, but he stops her. He agrees that he has been treating her badly and apologizes and says she deserves better. They talk about him being in love with Carrie and Austin says that he knows she loves Lucas too. But now (with her pregnant with Lucas’s child) he knows it is over and he can’t fight it anymore…he has to give up on her. Sami says she loves Austin and it hurts too much knowing that he doesn’t love her as well and her heart can’t take it. She tells him he needs to move out of her apartment, for she can’t be around him so much. She goes to leave again and again, he stops her. He starts babbling about the rocky past they have shared, but points out they have had some good times as well. He says she has been an important part of his life and he can’t lose her…he does love her and knows that she loves him as well. He says there is a lot in their past but they can overcome it. He drops to one knee and asks her to marry him.

Back downstairs, Kate is ready to charge up to the roof to see what Sami is up to when Lucas proposes a toast. Austin comes in and says they need 2 more glasses…as he announces that Sami is his fiancé. Kate goes ballistic, calling Austin insane. She vows that this will never happen, no way is going to marry Sami…as Sami glares at her…and the previews show…

Mimi (to Shawn): You were there for me during my egg harvesting…do you want me to be there for you?...(Shawn): Uh, no…thank you…

Tek (to Lexie): You don’t deserve this Lexie…and Abe doesn’t deserve a woman like you…

Lucas (to Kate): I want you to knock this off Mom, or else…Austin, Carrie, Will and I won’t have anything to do with you ever again…

Hope (to Patrick, while he is holding John at gunpoint): What are you doing?...(Alex): He is doing what I paid him to do…(Hope): Oh my God…I was wrong about you all along…

And the credits roll…

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


WEDNESDAY, May 17, 2006

Episode #10316
Tape date 4/19
Director – Albert Alarr

Days continues to crawl along at a snail’s pace, though some progress is being made. John finally gets through to Marlena, while Sami gets an abrupt awakening, as Chelsea attempts to find a way to keep Shawn from learning her trial date has been moved up.

AT THE GARAGE, Chelsea pops in with a surprise for Max. She has had the designers at Basic Black whip up race team jackets, a perk having her grandmother as boss there. (does this mean she actually DOES go to work there, lolol). She even had one made for herself, which says Max Brady’s #1 Fan on the back. Shawn comes in, not pleased to see her, and says she doesn’t even deserve to have the Brady name. He blows up, promising she will get what she deserves at her trial in a month. To herself, Chelsea vows that Shawn must not find out the trial date has been moved up. Max steps in, talking to Shawn about Chelsea being his half-sister, how the Brady’s have been taught to forgive, and that what Bo did was his doing, not Chelsea’s, so don’t blame her. He reminds Shawn that Chelsea only took her eye off the road for an instant, and that was not as bad as driving drunk, that Shawn himself could have killed someone when he went thru the church window, etc. etc.

Shawn tells Max he has been working on something, takes him over to the race car, and shows him some gimmick he attached to carburetor, more air intake, thus boosting power. Max is impressed, knows that when the other car owners hear about it, they will all want it. Shawn wants Max as a partner, saying he can get Victor to come up with start up money. Eavesdropping Chelsea wants none of that, and tries to convince Max to fire Shawn. She pulls out the “you think more of Shawn & making money than me” card, but Max tells her she has to talk to Shawn. She agrees, and begins by saying how she loved Zack from the minute she saw him……but Shawn interrupts, asking her exactly how many times she DID see him…..2, maybe 3? He tells her she has to pay for what she did, and both he & his mom will be making Victim Statements at her sentencing

ON MORGAN ISLAND, Patrick & Hope are dancing and talking about John, Marlena & Alex. Meanwhile, Alex is dancing with Marlena, telling her how sorry he is John finding them. Marlena is very happy, and is not going to let John spoil their honeymoon. Hope wonders what Patrick knows about Alex. He flashes back to making the deal with Alex to do away with John, but then drops some psychobabble onto Hope about how she is transferring her anxiety about her marriage onto John & Marlena. Later, Hope talks to John, offers to help. He asks her to keep Alex occupied, and goes to ask Marlena for one last dance. She is reluctant, but agrees. Alex tells Patrick he has to take out John NOW. Hope joins them, Patrick leaves, and she gets Alex to go to the gambling tables. As John dances with Marlena, he asks if she remembers the music, it was “their song”. She does not remember, of course. They walk off the floor, and as John stands behind her, he pulls out a hypodermic and injects her in the waist area. (o.k. what is with all these hypos being injected through clothing??? Egads, we all get the area where we are getting a shot cleaned with alcohol or disinfectant….but not our Salemites. ) She murmurs, asking what he has done, and he tells her that Alex has been drugging her, but he has given her the antidote (HOW does he know WHAT Alex was using?). Memories begin to come back to Marlena, as we see flashbacks of a few times together. She tells him she remembers, and knows how very much she loves him. Both are in tears as they embrace. She asks him to take her away and they hurry off. Alex was very lucky at the tables, but has decided to quit while ahead, and comes out with Hope, and is not happy at Marlena being gone. He finds Patrick, says they have to go after John, and asks him to get his gun.

UP ON THE ROOF, Sami, impatient as always, accepts the proposal Austin did NOT make, and is all excited. Lucas & Carrie offer congratulations, as Sami goes on and on about double wedding, same guests, etc. Austin finally bursts her bubble, telling her he did NOT propose, he has told her often enough that he wanted to take it slow, and that he is not ready to commit to anyone. Sami is devastated. Carrie & Lucas suggest they leave, Austin is grateful. She spots carved initials on the door from her & Austin, flashing back to an earlier time of them kissing. Lucas gets out his trusty boy scout knife, and carves THEIR initials in the door now, and they leave. Austin is trying to smoothe things with Sami but she is very upset. She beats herself up, wailing about how things never go right for her, and they both get into a screaming match, with Austin yelling loudly that yes, he still loves Carrie. She mentions how he asked her once before to marry him, and he yells back that it was HER fault that did not work out, HER lies, HER deceptions and she has to take responsibility. Sami flashes back to blackmailing Lexie. Meanwhile, Lucas & Carrie get to the apartment, where he has a surprise for her, a big basket of baby toys is sitting there, courtesy of Eugenia. Carrie is delighted, loves surprises, hopes her home pregnancy test was correct, and that baby is healthy. She reminds him that Will must be included on everything, as she remembers how life was for her when her father was starting a new family. Meanwhile, Austin has apologized, but Sami is still angry. She issues her ultimatum. She is not going to wait around til she is 50 or 60 for Austin to decide he can move on without Carrie. She HAS to move on with her life, and tells him to move out, and she means it. And the previews show……

Frankie: I’m officially the happiest man alive
Jennifer: I think somewhere Jack is really happy for us, too.

Jack to Dr. Butler: are you saying I might not be dying after all? (Jack, Jack, Jack, you believed Dr. Know All, Lexie?)

Mimi: Lexie said it’s about time for us to conceive
Shawn: WOW

Sami to Austin: I’m moving on with my life without you


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