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Monday May 1, 2006

Episode # 10304
Tape Date: 4/4/06
Air Date: 5/1/06
Director: Phil Sogard

Summary: Another non-eventful show, where basically NOTHING happens…except Hope learns that Patrick is being sought, and Abby catches Frankie and her mom “in the act”…as the gang at the Dune Club pair off and hide from the incompetent Salem PD.

At Jennifer’s…Frankie is on his cell with a friend who is checking on Patrick’s background. Jen overhears this and has flashbacks of Hope telling her she is with Patrick. She reminds Frankie that Bo absolutely hates Patrick, but he says if this fugitive turns out to be Patrick, he could go to prison…or even get the death penalty. He is having bad reception so goes outside to take the call. Jennifer then calls Hope (Hope emailed her the telephone number). Hope tells her that she and Patrick are going out. Jen tells Hope what is going on, even though neither of them want to believe it. They both realize yes, he is a scam artist, but not capable of murder. Hope thinks that Bo is just jumping to conclusions. She swears that he has been a friend to her and has even be urging her to give Bo a second chance. She then tells Jennifer the entire boring story of Alma and how Patrick blames himself for her death. Jen is worried about Hope’s safety, even though they trust him…there is still things he is hiding from them. But Hope thinks he is a good guy (her gut tells her that, she says). Jen urges her to talk to Bo and give him another chance, but she reminds her of what they saw at the motel. Hope says he has moved on and she is doing the same. While they are on the phone, Frankie comes in from outside (where he was talking to Chelsea…see below) and tells her that Bo is at the Cheatin Heart and he hopes that Billie is with him, keeping an eye on him. Of course, Hope overhears this and tells Jen…see, Bo has moved on with Billie. Jen tries to tell her she is making a mistake, but Hope tells her to tell Frankie to hurry up the divorce and then hangs up. Upset, Jennifer hugs Frankie and they talk about how they can stop the divorce. Frankie tells her that Bo doesn’t want a divorce and refused to sign the papers. Jen is sure they belong together. They start to kiss as Frankie says he wants to carry her upstairs and make love to her. So Jen asks him what is stopping him. He sweeps her up and upstairs they go. Meanwhile, Hope pulls out a picture of Bo and stares at it, then puts it in her purse. She checks herself out in the mirror, then yells to Patrick she is ready to go.

Earlier, outside…Chelsea overhears Frankie on the phone with his friend (about Patrick). When he finishes the call, she questions him about it. He asks why she is there and she explains she is meeting Abby, but didn’t go in because she didn’t think Jen would like to see her. He asks if she is okay and tells her he knows she didn’t tell Bo the truth yet. She says she tried but lost her nerve. She wants to tell him, so Frankie hands her the phone but she says she just can’t. He encourages her to do it, the truth will eventually come out anyway. But she says that her dad will never forgive her…and she needs him on her side for the trial. He tries to work her conscience (too bad Frankie, she doesn’t have one) but she won’t budge. She asks him can he promise she won’t go to jail…if she tells but he can’t. She brings up an interesting point…being her lawyer…and working for Hope as well…isn’t there a conflict of interest? She asks him (being his niece aside) what would he advise her to do as a client to protect herself. He sheepishly says that he would advise her not to tell. BINGO…just what she wanted to hear. But, he continues, it isn’t the DECENT thing to do, she needs to do the RIGHT thing. Frankie really wants her to talk to Bo, so he calls him to find out where he is. It turns out he is at the Cheatin Heart, so Chelsea says she can’t go THERE to talk to him. After Frankie goes inside, Chelsea whips out her phone and text messages Billie to let her know where Bo is. Abby walks up and asks what she’s doing and she explains, trying to rationalize bringing her mom and dad together. Abby thinks it isn’t right, but Chelsea tells her about Frankie and Jen getting together. Abby refuses to believe it, saying they are just friends and that her mom still loves her dad. Chelsea says that Jen wants to have sex with Frankie…if they haven’t already. This angers Abby, who hauls off and slaps her. Chelsea tries to convince Abby that it’s true but she refuses to believe it and goes inside…as Chelsea says she is in for a shock.

At the Dune Club…Lucas asks Sami what’s going on (flashback of her calling the cops) but she swears she doesn’t have a clue. Lucas tells her that they can’t afford to be arrested, and they need to get out of there. Carrie and Austin are also panicking, being there handcuffed together as she suggests they get out as well. Lexie and Tek dodge into a back room as she is panicking that Abe will find them there together. Carrie and Austin end up in some kind of storage room to hide. They talk about the 4 of them being friends and she does want him to be in her life. They wonder if Sami and Lucas got away. Sami and Lucas are in the wine cellar (?) hiding as well. They exchange the usual insults how neither of them have such clean records. (She calls him Tony DiMera’s protégé and he calls her “Stan”). They are upset if they get arrested how it will embarrass Will…yet again. Tek and Lexie escape out a window, but she drops her bracelet (one that Abe gave her) in the process. A cop finds it and shows it to Abe and he recognizes. But Jada covers and tells him it is hers. Austin is telling Carrie that he will always love her and they belong together, but she is trying to convince him (and herself) that she loves Lucas. A cop walks into the wine cellar so to shut Sami up, Lucas kisses her (as she really gets into it). After the cop leaves, he explains (and she asks wouldn’t putting your hand over my mouth had worked?). She asks him if she still gets to him and he admits it. He wants to know what is going on between her and Lexie and wants to know what she has on her, but Sami won’t tell. Meanwhile, Tek and Lexie are outside and start kissing and then sink to the ground. Later, they are getting their clothes “readjusted” as Lexie is saying she should NOT have done that. Then they start kissing again. Austin tells Carrie that he is trying to respect her wishes, but he can’t…she will always be in his heart and they begin to kiss as well.

The closing scene has Frankie and Jennifer in the bed going at it when Abby walks in, catching them in the act…and stares in shock…Freeze Frame on Abby’s stunned face…as the previews show…

Belle (to Philip): The only reason he is doing this is for her…because she can’t give him his own biological child (Philip is shaking his head no) as Belle asks: What are you looking at? (as she turns around and finds Mimi and Shawn standing right behind her). Mimi (crushed) says: excuse me and walks away…

Billie (to Bo): Drowning your sorrows in alcohol isn’t going to bring your wife back…

Mimi (crying): I’m stopping all the lies right now and telling him the truth (as she turns to find Shawn standing there)…

Abby (to Jen): When did you become such a slut? (Jen): ABIGAIL! (raising her hand)…how dare…

And the credits roll…

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Friday, April 28, 2006

Episode: 10,303
Directed by: Jim Baffico
Tape Date: 4/3/06

One party of four at CLUB DUNE and another foursome at GML continue their usual dialog (yawn) as Lexie and Sami flex their mental muscles on each other; Patrick and Hope prepare for a night out at the casino to get her mind off Bo…whose pity party ends with another beer run (been there, done that)

Mimi’s excited to spend the night at GML as Shawn smiles. He orders their most expensive champagne for there and another bottle to be sent up to their room. Mimi is tickled at the pampering, but privately asks if they can afford this. She knows what it’s like to be broke and have a maxed out credit card. He vows to work OT at the garage to get it paid off. He wants to make their honeymoon memorable being they turned down the round the world trip. He refers to her as Mimi Brady and she admits writing that in school many times. He pulls her in for a kiss. She apologizes to him again for not being able to have his biological child. He reminds her he’s okay with that and asks why she brought it up again (flashback of her and Belle arguing).

Belle and Philip are checked in and check out the dining room. Belle refuses champagne and Philip asks why. She remembers having it with Shawn, but tells him it’s in case she gets pregnant that night. She is anxious to feel another baby grow inside her and sincerely feels sad that Mimi won’t experience that herself.

The two couples run into each other and Mimi and Shawn tell them they changed their mind about going on around the world honeymoon with all that’s going on. They’re trying to get away from it all (nice try) at GML for their honeymoon. Belle and Philip admit being there to make another baby and say Claire’s been declared healthy now. Shawn surprises Mimi (he just happened to have it in his pocket) with the partially completed application for adoption. She’s touched and thrilled about first being at GML with him and now this. She hugs him after they exchange I love yous and Belle tells herself this is all wrong.

Patrick and Hope continue their neverending chat as she moans about Bo’s message, telling Patrick she blocked Bo. Patrick asks if Bo might have had a change of heart about the divorce. Hope goes on (and on, and on) about how Bo’s chosen his life with Billie and Chelsea. Patrick tells her if there was a way he could have Alma back, he’d do it. She shouldn’t give up on Bo. She tells him the real reason she left Salem was how she and Jennifer saw Bo and Billie in bed together. She hopes he won’t be pig headed enough to contact her again. Cue the beeping laptop computer? It’s a picture reminder about a dental appointment for Zack. She touches the screen and tells herself she has to move on. This island isn’t a private place anymore with Bo trying to IM her. Patrick clues her in on a 5 star hotel on the island with a casino. She agrees. He leaves and she opens the laptop and tells Zack’s picture (we don’t see it at all) that she loves him.

Patrick returns with appropriate casino wear for Hope and some cash (supposedly from his previous casino winnings). She smiles and goes to change. She returns in a gorgeous thin strapped black gown and finds Patrick in a white tux with black bow tie (talk about eye candy!). He confirms the dress was not Alma’s and compliments her by saying the dress is just fabric and thread, but she makes it exquisite.

Bo tries to grab some quiet time to think about Hope and Zack when Billie starts banging on the door. She gets in and he tells her that it’s over. Hope has shut him out of her life for good. He’s angry and about to give up, but Billie tries to convince him to fight for what he wants. He remembers what happened at Zack’s funeral with Patrick when Zack’s framed picture got knocked over. He reflects back on how he and Hope have always been exact opposites as we’re treated to a flashback of the first time they met and he gave her a motorcycle ride. Next is a flashback of the mistletoe scene and a walk they had when she told him she first thought he was obnoxious. Bo figures it’s over, despite Billie’s comment about they’re being a fairy tale couple that always get through anything. He says they don’t have their kids to glue them together anymore and maybe they’re better off apart. He heads to the kitchen for a beer and promises not to get drunk again. He returns saying they’re out of beer and heading out for more. Billie screams he can’t drink and drive, but (where have we heard this before?) he heads for his bike anyway.

Carrie and Lucas are dancing as he notices her mood is not the radiant one it should be. They sit down and chat about his feeling Sami’s up to something.

Austin stares as Lexie and Sami erupt nearby. Austin arrives to pull them apart, asking for an explanation. A drunk Lexie breaks down and calls Sami on all her evil doing. Sami admits to that in the past and says Austin knows about that. He nods and tells Lexie to move on. Tek joins Lexie, asking if she’s ready to leave and she’s not…determined to tell Austin the truth and show Sami she can’t get away with this. Tek brings a pretty black gal over named Jada. She admires Lexie’s bracelet. Tek said she’s going to help Lexie get revenge on Sami.

The foursome unite on the dance floor and verbally spar as Austin tells them about Lexie being drunk. Lucas and Carrie take a break as Austin and Sami dance.

Jada (who works there) announces a charity dirty dance dance contest where she’ll choose random couples that will be handcuffed together. They’ll only be unhandcuffed after they’re eliminated. Everyone loves the idea, but Sami clues in on what’s happening once Tek’s announced as the judge. Naturally Jada chooses Austin and Carrie and they refuse, but Jada asks if they could live with refusing their favorite charity a $500 donation? They cave and Sami tells Lucas that Lexie is up to this. He’s secure with Carrie’s love and challenges Austin’s for Sami (not long ago he had also proposed to Carrie, remember Lucas?) The dancing continues and while the other couples “dance”, Austin and Carrie slow it down with more looks and touching. Sami turns and calls someone (Abe?) to come to Dune. A happy, drunk Lexie watches with Tek at her side as other couples are voted out. Lucas watches as Sami looks impatient. Two uniformed cops walk in and stop the contest (after asking what’s going on with the handcuffs) saying they were called that drug dealing may be going on there and Abe Carver wants this place searched. Lexie freaks saying Abe can’t catch her and Tek there together. Camera closes in on Sami’s face as she whispers…gotcha Bitch! No body messes with Sami Brady…

As the previews roll…
CHELSEA TO FRANKIE: I want the truth. Can you promise I won’t go to jail if I tell my dad what I’ve done?

ABE says I can’t believe it as he stares ….we see Lucas and Sami kissing.

FRANKIE to JENNIFER: “I want to carry you up those stairs and make love to you.”
JENNIFER: “Then what’s stopping you?”

As the credits roll..

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Thursday April 27, 2006

Episode # 10302
Tape Date: 3/31/06
Air Date: 4/27/06
Director: Phil Sogard

Summary: Carrie, Lucas, Austin & Sami spend another evening together, as Lexie becomes an uninvited guest…John tries to stop Marlena from leaving town with Alex, but Abe and Roman stop him…Belle and Philip go away to Green Mountain Lodge for the evening, but so does another couple.

At the Hospital…Carrie, Lucas and Austin wonder what was all that with Lexie as Sami listens. They asks Sami if she knows what was going on (Lucas thinks she was involved somehow) but she plays innocent. She says Lexie was probably upset because of the cancer scare. She says she is glad she is okay, but thinks she should have more tests. She shifts gears and suggests they go dancing, which Carrie likes the sound of. Carrie and Lucas start talking about wedding plans, much to Austin’s dismay. After Sami and Lucas step away, Carrie asks Austin to be happy for her, but he says he will always love her.

In the ER, Lexie and Abe are talking. She wants to go home and have a romantic dinner (Celeste is watching Theo). He says he can’t and she begs him to stop pushing her away, but he says he can’t give her what she wants. She talks again about treatment, but he doesn’t want to hear it. He tells her that he has to go check with Roman and leaves. Tek (who was hiding behind the curtain) wants to take her back to his place. She says no, she loves Abe and can’t do that again. She tells him goodnight…she needs a drink…and storms off.

Lexie goes to that dance club/bar and tossing back the drinks when Tek arrives (she is upset he followed her). She looks up and sees Sami, Carrie, Lucas and Austin walk in and Tek ducks into a back room. But it is too late, Sami saw them together. She comes over and makes a smart comment to Lexie and Lexie tells her to shut up. Then she tells Sami that she sees that Carrie has 2 men in love with her…and Sami has NONE. Carrie and Lucas are looking at a bridal magazine as Austin is getting champagne. Sami comes over and Carrie asks her to be her matron of honor, which shocks Sami. But they decide they are grown ups now and Sami has been really good to Carrie lately, she can’t think of anyone else she would rather have. Sami finally accepts and Lucas asks his “bro” Austin to be his best man as well. Austin reluctantly says yes and they all toast. Lucas asks Carrie to dance as Austin watches from the sidelines. Sami asks him how he feels about Carrie and Lucas and hopes that THEY can be as happy as well. He tells her that he still loves Carrie and knows that she loves Lucas as well…no use denying it. Lexie joins them (drink in hand) and tells Austin that she can help him get Carrie back. He asks her what she is talking about and she says it is all about the truth…and the truth shall set you free. Sami says she is drunk and asks what would Abe think. Sami leads her away and threatens to call Abe. They argue and name-call as Lexie laughs in her face, for thinking she has a chance with Austin. She tells Sami that she is going down. Meanwhile, Austin cuts in on Carrie and Lucas and as they dance, he holds her close. She talks about being friends, but he tells her that his feelings won’t go away, he loves her…and asks what is she going to do about that. Lexie tells Sami that she is heartless as Tek breaks them up and Sami tells him to keep Lexie occupied. Lexie vows to put a stop to her. Austin asks Carrie why is she marrying Lucas when HE is the one she loves. She gets uncomfortable and goes to Lucas. He asks if she is okay and she says she needs him, so they go back to the dance floor. Sami and Lexie are at it again and Sami threatens to tell Abe about her and Tek. Lexie says she is going to do the right thing…Sami can take her threats and stuff them.

At the Lofts…Belle and Philip are going at it (with all the moaning and groaning). She tells him that he is her past and her future and is fully committed to him. He tells her that he was having doubts himself before. She looks at a picture of them with Shawn and Mimi and tells him that she is not being honest. She tells him that after Claire was born, she was so depressed that she didn’t think they would make it, she couldn’t deal with all the tragedy. She talks about Bo and Hope’s breakup and wonders if they would have tried harder if Shawn was younger. As she talks about how Claire is the reason for them to stay together and wanting to have more children, Philip seems a bit troubled. He tells her that he has a confession and gets dressed. He tells her that they need to do something special…when the doorbell rings. It is Caroline coming over as Belle asks what is going on. He had called her to come and stay with Claire…while he and Belle spend the evening at Green Mountain Lodge, thrilling Belle. As he goes to get their bags, she and Caroline talk about them getting closer and she thanks Caroline for her advice. Philip comes back down with the bags as he and Belle prepare to leave. Caroline tells them to have a great time…she and Claire will as well. They thank her and head out the door.

Across the hall…Shawn goes to read the letter that Mimi wrote before their wedding (as she has flashbacks of writing it). She stops him and takes the letter, telling him to lie back and close his eyes and she will read it to him. He does so, but she doesn’t even look at the letter, just making it up as she goes. He opens his eyes while she is “reading” and sees she isn’t even looking at it. When she finishes, he asks her about it and she claims that she read it so many times she had it memorized. He says he is going to keep it but as he puts on music, she burns it, saying it was too mushy. As they kiss, the phone rings and he tells them they will be there soon. He has a surprise for her…he is taking her away for the rest of their honeymoon…you guessed it…Green Mountain Lodge. They rush around to leave and the 2 couples just miss each other in the hall.

Later, Shawn and Mimi are at the lodge in the bar, as Philip and Belle are also there…in the bar…waiting for their room.

At the Airport…John is outside the airport, loaded for bear, when Roman happens upon him, he had tracked him down. He tries to talk him out of what he is up to, but John is determined, saying he is only trying to save Doc and asks Roman to look the other way. Roman ends up taking away John’s guns as John accuses him of not caring about what happens to Marlena. Roman declares he does care, but John is out of line. Abe shows up as John tells Roman he can take his weapons, but he WILL get to Alex. Abe tries to calm John down and talk him out of taking the law into his own hands. John says he just can’t stand by and watch Alex take her away…he is going to stop him or lose his life trying.

Inside, Alex and Marlena are getting ready to leave. She questions him about where they are going, but he won’t give her any details. She is having second thoughts about leaving Salem but he tries to reason with her. She finally apologizes and goes to the ladies room to freshen up. While she is gone, he is on the phone with the realtor about the penthouse. There are no offers so he sweetens the deal, saying for them to throw in all the furniture as well as all of Marlena’s personal possessions. He tells them to call if there is an offer and when the deal goes through, to wire the money to an offshore account. As they head outside, John is yelling at Marlena through the chain link fence, begging her not to go with Alex…he will hurt her. She stops and has a flashback of her and John and Alex urges her on. Alex says that John is only trouble and leads her away to the plane. John explains to Roman and Abe that he has some kind of device to track the plane and he will follow them…then he will be out of their jurisdiction. Alex and Marlena board the jet as he calls the pilot and tells him to make sure that they are not tracked, as Marlena stares out the window. They take off and almost immediately, John loses the signal, realizing that Alex did something to stop them from being tracked. He tells Abe and Roman that they may have just seen Marlena for the last time. On the plane, Alex pours champagne as the guys watch from the ground. John says he is going to kill her and thanks to you 2 I can’t stop him. Alex toasts Marlena and tells her that her life is going to be indescribable…and she will get everything that she so richly deserves. Freeze frame on Marlena’s face…as the previews show…

Austin: What is going on here?...Lexie (to Sami): Shall you tell him or shall I?...

Bo (to Billie): It’s over Billie…Hope has shut me out of her life for good…

Patrick (to Hope): You owe it to yourself...and your family to give Bo another chance…

Mimi: What are you guys doing here?...Philip: We wanted to go somewhere romantic so we could make another baby…

Lucas (to Carrie): I can read Sami from a hundred miles away…she is up to something…

Lexie (to Tek): Oh my God…Abe can’t find us here together…
Sami: GOTCHA…Bitch!

And the credits roll…

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Summary: Sami and Alex are worried about their schemes being exposed. Lexie tries to come clean, but chickens out. Another round of John v Alex, and Lucas v Sami. Mimi gets worried, and Belle makes a decision regarding Phillip…Most of the show takes place at the hospital, which makes it difficult to summarize for continuity, but I tried.

LOFT #1:
Belle is staring at a photo and flashes back to her conversations with Mimi (about her choices that she has made) and Shawn (telling her how he feels about divorce). Phillip comes in and tells her he bet he knows what she is thinking (he is pretty good at that, isn’t he?). She asks him why he always claims to know what she is thinking – he is not psychic and almost never right (hey! Isn’t that what we’ve been thinking? ;)). He goes over what they have gone through (wedding, war, leg, parents, unplanned pregnancy, Claire’s illness, unresolved feelings for Shawn….) and how he can’t shake the feeling that she is having second thoughts about being with him and Claire. She tells him that she has had a lot on her mind lately, and it is time that she is honest with him about what she is feeling. Belle asks when they are going on their honeymoon and Philip is more concerned about her feelings for her parents. He wants to be there for her and help her deal with it, since he has already been there with his own parents. He doesn’t want to lose her the way her parents and Shawn’s parents are losing each other. He guilts her big about being the perfect wife and mother, and the center of his world. Belle decides that there is something she needs to tell him. She wants to have another baby with him. He is stunned. He loves the idea and gets really excited about the idea. She wonders why they are just sitting there talking about it…..and she initiates doing something about it. As they bask in the afterglow, Phillip goes on about how he wants lots of brothers and sisters for Claire. Belle gets really quiet, and then tells him that her future is with him and she is right where she wants to be.

There is a baby crying in the nursery as Carrie pushes Austin away. Austin doesn’t understand her decision and can’t accept it. He tells her that Lucas and Sami really should be together, as should they. She has a fantasy about her and Austin in the delivery room after having a child – as Lexie tells her that their son has severe birth defects, just as she warned her. She starts crying. Austin apologizes and suggests she face the truth that she loves him more than Lucas. She wants him to let her go and be happy with Sami. She states she has to go back downstairs and leaves him. He has no idea what is going on with her, but he declares he won’t give up.

John thinks Marlena is finally getting her memory back and he grabs her and kisses her, until she pulls away and reminds him that she is a married woman. He tells her that she did it because she is starting to remember their life together. She does remember, but claims she can’t do it and leaves.

Tek finds Abe and they wonder what is keeping Lexie so long. Abe tells him that it is not like Lexie to talk about her health problems in front of everyone. He wants to know what else is going on.

Alex threatens Lexie again. Is she willing to lose Abe, or is she going to leave him and Sami alone so that they can all be with the ones they love? Lucas calls for Sami and tries to get in, but moves on when the door is locked and no one answers. Alex reminds Lexie of the tape recording of Abe. She can’t let them blackmail her anymore, she has to tell the truth. (Sami looks haunted, but Alex looks plain evil). Lexie is determined to tell the truth and take what she deserves, as they will have to. Lexie fills Alex in on Sami’s little scheme. Sami is worried about what they will do now. She remembers their little conversation about changing Lexie’s test results. Lexie is still determined and goes out to tell her news. Alex tells a worried Sami that she had no choice but to team up with him, and now he has to do damage control.

Abe talks to Lexie about her lump and why she didn’t tell him.

Carrie tells Lucas that she signed up to help in the nursery for practice when they make a baby of their own.

Alex wonders where Marlena is.

Lexie calls the crowd together when John and Marlena return. Sami wants to know what Alex is going to do now, but he tells her to just wait and see.

Lexie hesitates and Abe goes over to check on her. Sami still wants to know, but Alex just tells her that he called in reinforcements that should be here any second. Celeste comes in and claims that she got a phone call from one of the hospital staff that Lexie needed Theo and that she was grateful for the good news that her test results were negative.

Lucas confronts Sami and wants to know what she is up to. He threatens her if she gets in the way of he and Carrie.

John and Marlena discuss her little tidbit of memory as Alex listens in and tells himself that John will never have her again.

Lexie is relieved and tells how just this morning she thought she was going to lose everyone she loved. Celeste is still feeling unsettled about Lexie, and Lexie is sure it is because of her secrets. Celeste hopes she is as all right as she claims, but she still senses the potential for disaster.

Lexie goes on to tell everyone about relieving the stress in her life. She asks Marlena if she remembers their talk about how stress affects them. She knows her news will be hard for some to hear, but hopefully it will change some of their lives for the better. She takes a deep breath. She tells Abe that it is going to be hard, but when he suggests waiting until another time, she is determined to get it off her mind now. Alex steps in and tells them that she wanted to tell them about stress and how it impacts a person. Abe steps in and tells him to let her say what she wants. He doesn’t know what she wanted to say…but he does, and Lexie knows it. He tells Alex that nobody likes him, and he should have let John kill him when he had the chance.

Lexie comes clean about her affair, and Abe attacks Tek and kills him, getting him arrested for murder. Alex talks to a crying Lexie about what he warned her would happen. (Yep, fantasy!). Lexie actually decides to go with Alex’s cover story about not letting stress ruin their lives. Lexie whispers to her mom that she couldn’t do it. She couldn’t risk losing Abe.

Marlena tells John that she has never seen Abe like that. John makes a comment and then turns and questions the fact that she remembers Abe. He tells her that she must be on the verge of a major breakthrough. John is restrained when Alex wants to talk to Marlena, but she pacifies him and says she will be okay talking to her…husband…(yes, she hesitates in saying it). Once in private, Marlena confronts Alex again with her memories of the abuse and how she loses all sense of logic around him. She asks if he is drugging her. He admits it and tells her that after he gives her this (another needle), she won’t remember any of it. Instead of running, she stands there so that he can grab her from behind. In the hallway, John is worried that Alex is going to drug or hypnotize Marlena because she is remembering and wants to go after her. Tek tries to talk him out of it. Marlena stops struggling and Alex lets her go. He tells her that they will be going on their honeymoon soon, and she will never see John Black again. Abe goes into the room with John after he promises to be by his side, as long as there is no violence. John goes after Alex, but Marlena claims that she is happy with her husband. John is upset with the change in her. Alex tells Abe to muzzle John and they leave. John is irate.

Abe is still not happy about Alex. He takes Theo from Celeste to go get some pudding in the cafeteria, but Lexie says she has patients and can’t go. Celeste tells her that she has to tell.

Austin confronts Carrie again about what she is doing with Lucas. He wants to know that she still loves him. Carrie tells Austin again that they can’t be together, and she wants him to be with Sami.

Lucas calls Sami on the carpet. He tells her she looks relieved, as she was white a few minutes ago. He bets she knows what Lexie was going ot say, and it was bad. She denies. He is sure that it had something to do with her, and if it did, she will never get Austin, never change and never be happy. She is very upset.

LOFT #2:
Mimi is talking to her mom and tells her about her conversations with Belle and how she stopped her from telling Shawn. She tells her that she won’t let them know the truth, just as Shawn comes in with groceries and asks about what she said. Mimi gets off the phone as Shawn throws groceries around. He jumps to the conclusion that she has been lying about it being okay that their honeymoon got cut short. He blindfolds her because he has a surprise for her. When Shawn takes the blindfold off Mimi, the place is decorated with flowers and candles and she is holding a glass of champagne. He feeds her strawberries and she kisses him for his efforts (this is o sweet). He jumps up because everything isn’t totally perfect – and goes to put some music on. Off comes the shirt….and the couch gets its workout as Belle and Phillip listen to the music playing. We come back to Mimi and Shawn at the opposite end of the couch as the song ends. He remembers the letter she wrote him that he was supposed to read after the wedding. Of course, there is a flashback to her writing the letter as she looks panicked. He asks where it is, but she claims she doesn’t remember, then he does and goes to get it. Shawn grabs tha letter and gets ready to read it. Mimi is concernece that if he reads it, it will be the end of their marriage.

Fade out from a freeze on Mimi’s face to the previews:

Phillip to Belle: Well, I have a confession to make.

Lexie to Sami: For once in my life, I am going to do the right thing, so you can take your threats and stuff ‘em.

Alex (on a phone): I want you to take off immediately, and make sure this plane cannot be traced.

John, to Abe and Roman: I am going to save her life, or by God, I am going to lose mine trying!

Off to the credits…


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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

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Episode: 10,300
Directed by: Herb Stein
Tape Date: 3/29/2006

Hope and Jennifer chat, Bo tries to reach Hope on the computer; Lexie’s powwow gets interrupted and Alex uses another weapon in his arsenal, the tape recorder.


Hope calls Jennifer. Jennifer tells her cousin how happy she is to hear from her and won’t let her divorce Bo. Hope tells her it was a difficult decision to make and needs Jen’s support. Hope tells Jen she’s happy to hear she’s with Frankie. Hope knows Jack wanted her and Frankie together. Jen puts down her laundry basket to chat as Hope tells Jen that Patrick was there on the island with her, so she’s not alone. She clarifies how they ended up in the same bungalow by mistake and that Patrick let her stay. Hope raves about how much Patrick helped her and is amazing. Jen wants her cousin to return, but Hope doesn’t know if she’ll ever be ready to return to Salem. Jennifer doesn’t like that, but understands. Hope asks Jennifer to promise not to tell ANYONE that Patrick Lockhart is there with her. She promises to stay in touch and after exchange “I love yous”, hang up.

Hope checks her laptop and wonders why he’s doing this as she stares at the screen. It’s a picture that Bo sent her of them together. She emails him asking what he’s up to and why did he send this. Bo’s computer beeps that he’s got a message. He replies it’s not Shawn, it’s Bo. He tells her they have to talk and for her to call him. She says NO, types something and walks away. As Bo’s typing away she closes the laptop. He types away to Fancy Face that he needs her and loves her…he can’t live without her and doesn’t want a divorce. When he hits the enter key a huge flashing red message comes on the screen that he’s been blocked. Hope cries on the couch

Frankie tells Bo that Hope doesn’t need his consent to divorce him in their state. It’s his job to see his client’s wishes are fulfilled. Frankie hates having to do this and Bo even more. Bo wishes there was a way to talk to Hope and Frankie thinks maybe there is. He tells Bo that he’s a detective and should use his resources to find Hope. Conversation changes to Jennifer. Bo understands the circumstances and happy for Frankie to have his first love back..he advises him to hold on to her.

Lucas arrives giving Eugenia work related tasks. Austin and he chat wondering why Lexie needs to see them, and Carrie.

Sami tries to change Lexie’s mind about telling all, but isn’t successful.

Marlena walks into Alex, clearly upset. John follows her and Alex realizes why. Before they can leave, Lexie gathers her group together. Tek and Abe join the group, as does Sami. Abe pulls Lexie to the side, saying if there’s something wrong with her that she should tell him privately. Alex takes the opportunity to slither away to attend to something. John and Tek do too. John updates Tek about Marlena’s brief memory jolt. Sami sees Alex on the phone in an office and figures his plan failed. Lexie returns and tells them she has something important to tell them and it’s not going to be easy. She starts out telling about the lump in her breast and Abe is shocked she didn’t tell him. She explains unnecessary stress in her life could cause it. On cue, the nurse delivers the results as everyone watches. She opens it and reads it’s benign and cries. Everyone sighs in relief as Lexie gets paged for an emergency. She asks them all to wait as she has something to tell them.

Sami searches for Alex while John pulls (literally) Marlena into an exam area. He vows to make her remember their happy life together. He asks her to remember their own vows and says she has to remember. Cue long footage of her and John exchanging their personal vows at their first wedding Wow, he’s sure changed but she hasn’t when we return to the present.

Abe thanks Tek for keeping an eye on his family for him. Carrie excuses herself to go volunteer at the baby nursery. Austin quietly follows. Eugenia tells Lucas that this big announcement is not Lexie’s style. She figures Sami’s on the other end of the showdown. Lucas remembers seeing Sami looking guilty lately and is determined to get behind it.

Carrie talks to a nurse holding a newborn about her plans to have a baby soon. Austin joins them. The nurse leaves and he tells Carrie he can’t get her out of his mind and doesn’t want to live without her. They kiss.

Frankie arrives to overhear Jennifer talking to herself as she picks up JJ’s toys (at least someone cleans house in Salem). He hears her mutter about promising not to tell anyone and asks if that includes him. She tells him that Hope called and asked her not to tell anyone where she is. They talk about both tried to talk Bo and Hope out of the divorce. Later she comes downstairs and thanks Frankie for staying with JJ while she runs to the mall. She hopes he’ll sleep for another hour so Frankie can work (that’s all that kid DOES is sleep!). Frankie tells her he’s checking a profile on someone wanted for murder and tells her it’s Patrick. Jennifer worries about Hope, knowing she’s with Patrick.

Sami finds Alex and guesses he’s the emergency Lexie left the group for. He figures Lexie needs to know who’s in charge. Alex smirks saying Lexie will be the biggest loser of all. Lexie joins them and Alex listens to her affirmation about telling all, but then warns her that she’d lose her family and plays the tape where Abe said he’d kill any man who tried to take Lexie from him. He continues to play the tape with Abe’s lecture about betrayal saying he knows Lexie would never betray him and if she had, he’d never forgive her. He’d be forced to leave her and take their son. He turns off the ever so clear tape and asks her if who’s going to live happy ever after…him and Sami or her.


LUCAS TO SAMI: I’ll bet Lexie was going to say something bad, but you dodged another bullet, didn’t you?

MARLENA TO ALEX: You’ve been abusing me physically and mentally and now you’re drugging me, aren’t you?

BELLE TO PHILIP: It’s time for me to be honest with you about what I’m feeling.

SHAWN (sitting on the floor) to MIMI (in a blanket on the couch): I’m finally going to get a chance to read this letter (her letter telling him about Claire)….

As the credits roll

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Monday, April 24, 2006

Episode # 10299
Tape Date: 3/28/06
Air Date: 4/24/06
Director: Phil Sogard

Summary: Lexie puts her plan in motion to come clean with everyone, as Sami tries to warn her of the dangers…Chelsea tries to come clean with Bo, but fails again…John tries to get Marlena to remember their past…the contents of Alma’s letter are revealed.

At the Cop Shop…Chelsea tries again to tell Bo the truth, saying everything is her fault. But before she can spill her guts, that girl (Charise?) come rushing into the outer office (she escaped) and grabs a letter opener. Bo rushes out and they take her down and haul her back to her cell, as Chelsea remembers her talk with her. Bo and Chelsea go to his office, determined to tell him the truth. He promises to do all he can to keep her out of jail as she says she just wants him and Hope to be happy. She has flashbacks of Kate’s warnings, but is ready to tell when Frankie returns. Chelsea backs out again and leaves. After she is gone, Frankie asks Bo if she finally told him the truth. When he realizes she didn’t, he tells Bo that he can say no more because of at tourney/client privileges (as Frankie has flashbacks of Chelsea telling him the truth). Frankie asks him if he has signed the divorce papers and Bo says no, and he isn’t going to and hands them back to Frankie. He also shows Frankie the rap sheet, sure it is Lockhart. Frankie says it could be anyone, but Bo is sure it is Patrick and says if he comes near his family, HE will be the one on murder charges.

Meanwhile, Chelsea goes to St. Lukes to pray and then goes to confession. She tells the priest that she has done something bad and he asks her to be specific. She asks him if it is confidential and he assures her that it is. She confesses everything to him and tells him she fears going to jail. She also tells him what she did to instigate the divorce between Bo and Hope. He advises her to come clean with her father and rectify the situation, otherwise she is putting her soul at risk. But she says she can’t and rushes out. She says she knows she should tell the truth, but she can’t…and never will.

On Morgan Island…Hope finds Patrick and says it isn’t his fault that Alma died. She tries to talk him out of leaving and tells him that Alma gave her a message. She tells him about finding the letter and gives it to him. As he reads it, we hear Alma’s voice explaining that he was honest with her about his criminal past, but she wasn’t so honest. She too, was involved with bad people and came to the island to escape, and fell in love with him and he changed her life. But she knew the people were after her and there was no where to hide. She thanks him for his love and the time they shared. Hope tells him it is time he stopped blaming himself for her death, but he says he should have been there to protect her. Hope says that this letter has exonerated him and given him a second chance…Alma loved him and wanted him to move on. He says he tried with Billie and look how that ended. Hope says that maybe Billie wasn’t the right one. She wants to offer her help, but he says he just wants to be alone and leaves.

At the Hospital…Sami sees Lexie (as she has flashbacks of Alex’s plan) and I guess her conscious is eating at her and she says she can’t let him do it. Lexie is on pins and needles hoping for good news from the biopsy. Meanwhile, Alex is on the computer writing a letter to Lexie when Sami comes bursting in, saying she is not going to let him kill Lexie. Lexie calls Carrie and asks her and Lucas to come to the hospital and then crosses their names off her list. Then she calls and leaves Austin a message asking him to come down as well. Alex tells Sami she doesn’t have to do anything but keep her mouth shut, but she fears that Lexie really does have cancer and will die. She says she will not be a part of this. Alex says that Lexie has to pay for what she has done. Sami argues with him, refusing to help him. Alex calls her a good Samaritan and tells her to be prepared to lose everything, including Austin Reed. Lexie runs into Tek and tells him that Alex and Sami both know the truth about their affair. She also tells him about the lump she found and the needle biopsy. She tells him that she is going to tell Abe everything. Alex goes to leave and Sami stops him, telling him that she can’t lose Austin again, but she isn’t going to let Lexie die. All she wants is happiness. He plays to her worst fears and works her over, telling her to trust him. She says she can’t lose Austin, so yes, she will trust him.

Marlena is in her office…looking around. She thinks about Lexie talking to her and picks up John’s picture. He is in the hallway following her when he realizes someone is following him. He ducks around a corner and grabs them and it is Tek, who says he is just following orders. John says he is there to see Lexie, but happened to see Marlena and is keeping an eye on her. He asks Tek to back off and let him talk to her. In her office, Marlena is having flashbacks of her and John, but then says she belongs with Alex, but just wishes they weren’t leaving Salem. She has flashbacks of talking to him about their mysterious honeymoon and how she is worried about Sami and Belle. He says they are adults and can take care of themselves. She takes her passport out of her desk and is looking at it when John walks in. He says he isn’t giving up on her but she tells him that their life is over. He asks her to flip through the passport…all the places she sees there…he was with her. He shows her a picture of Belle and Claire. But she tells him that her life is with Alex now. He tells her they were soul mates…she loves him…she just can’t remember. She tells him that she does remember and knows that he was special to her. He shows her their wedding picture and she has a flashback of their wedding. With tears in her eyes, she says she remembers and he says that their love is too strong to forget. He says he loves her…always has and always will and they kiss. But she snaps out of it and pushes him away, saying she can’t do this…she is married to Alex now and asks him to leave. He refuses to leave and wants to talk further, saying he will make her understand the mistake she is making with Alex. She says she doesn’t want to talk and rushes out the door. She runs in to Alex in the hospital and he asks her what is wrong…then he sees John like 3 steps behind her. Alex tells him to leave her alone, but John says he will never stop. Alex suggests they get out of there.

Sami catches up with Lexie and tells her that they need to talk. Lexie tells her that her threats are over…she is going to tell Abe the truth. They love each other and their marriage will survive. Sami tries to tell her the trugh, but Lexie interrupts and tells her that she is going to tell Carrie and Austin the truth as well. Sami tells her that she is only going to be hurting herself and everyone that loves her. Lexie tells her that finding the lump was her wake up call and she is going to stop Sami. Sami begs her to listen, she is making a mistake, her future is at risk. But Lexie says she can’t stop her. Lexie walks off as Sami says Alex can stop her and it will be her own damned fault. Lexie then walks over to the others (Tek, John, Alex and Marlena) and tells them there is something they all need to hear. Sami walks up as well as the camera freezes on her face…and the previews show…

Alex (to Sami): I think it’s time to let Lexie know who’s really in charge here…don’t you?...

Bo (to Frankie): If there was just a way I could talk to her…get through to her somehow…(Frankie): Maybe there is…

Hope (at her computer): I don’t believe this…why is he doing this?...

Austin (to Carrie): The only think I know is that I love you so much and I am never going to let you go (as they kiss)…

And the credits roll…

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Friday, April 21, 2006

Directed by: Deveney Kelly
Tape Date: 3/24/06
Episode: 10,298

Lexie's enemies strategize how to stop her from exposing them; Hope learns more from Alma; John and Bo share frustrations and will another reality check stop Chelsea from telling Bo the truth?

Lexie remembers her conversations with Alex and Sami about no more secrets. She calls and leaves a message for Austin, saying she needs to talk with him and Sami overhears. Sami slips into the records room and sits at the computer as Alex (donned in his doctor’s lab coat), strolls in and catches her. He finds she’s checking Lexie’s medical records and figures out Lexie has something on Sami…now to just figure out what. They exchange insults about who’s crazy as Lexie heads to the room they’re in. She gets called away before she goes in. Alex reminds Sami that Marlena would be back in John Black’s arms if she didn’t have him. Sami says she’d like her parents back together, but Alex reminds her that’s not going to happen. They’re on the same side against John and Lexie. Alex contemplates what Sami’s upset about and figures that Lexie knows something that will stop her from getting Austin. She claims to be desperate to find anything she can against Lexie. Alex offers his help. He’ll fix Lexie’s biopsy results to come back negative, whatever the results really are. Even Sami is shocked at that..that he’d let Lexie die without treatment if she did have cancer. Alex gives her the option to work with him or fail. Her hands would be clean and she’d be free to have Austin. Alex says it’s time Lexie Carver is dead in her tracks, with the emphasis on DEAD (being Stefano’s daughter, you would think Lexie would talk to those she wanted to first before threatening people). Sami sees Lexie and her conscience fights with if she could let Lexie die.

Belle arrives to see Shawn and Mimi has “maydays” going off in her head. She tells Belle about Hope’s asking for a divorce. Belle feels for Shawn and he rants on about how marriage is forever..through good and bad times. Belle tells Shawn that sometimes true love wins and Mimi encourages Shawn to return to his email to Hope. After he’s across the room Mimi makes it clear to Belle that she’s on to why she came there and to leave Shawn alone. He’s hurting enough about his parents and hasn’t he told Belle enough times that they’re through? Belle can’t help the way she feels and despite Mimi’s warnings about who’s married to who, etc. Belle knows Shawn loves Mimi, but the only reason they’re together is because Shawn wouldn’t break up her marriage to Philip. Mimi tells Belle that she needs to think of Claire. Philip’s the only father Claire’s know. Shawn finishes his email and says that he realizes things aren’t always black and white. Belle takes the opportunity to have him say divorce is okay sometimes. He tells them if a couple got married under false pretenses would be an exception.

Hope’s worried about Patrick as they talk over Alma’s grave. He feels responsible as the men that killed her were after him, not her. He’s offered Hope the use of his house as long as she wants, but he has to leave. She won’t let him run away from his problems. He tells her she belongs back in Salem with her friends and family. He doesn’t want to return to Salem and figures he’ll set sail. She tells him she’ll miss him and he tries to talk her into returning to Salem once again (yawn). He gives her a hug goodbye and hopes she finds the peace she deserves.

Hope runs into the fisherman who clued her in on Alma. He tells her that Patrick and Alma lived in the bungalow together and Alma use to love to garden. She grew a flower that only grows on their island. Patrick has a flashback of him finding Alma in her garden and having a little water fight with her before kissing.

Hope returns to the bungalow and finds Patrick’s not there. She goes out to the garden and magically finds a wooden box in the garden and breaks it open to find a letter. She reads it and says Patrick has to see it and dashes off to find him. The fisherman said Patrick’s left already and Hope (holding the envelope addressed to Patrick), says he’ll never know the truth about Alma’s death.

Bo doesn’t understand Hope’s persuing a divorce after they talked. Chelsea remembers her involvement and wants to talk to him about something she did. Of course John walks in and insists what he has to say to Bo is more important (even though Bo and Chelsea wanted to finish their discussion). Chelsea steps outside and John rants about the 24/7 police tail he’s got. He can’t believe that someone who loved Marlena as much as Roman supposedly did, would let Alex North get away with everything. Bo explodes that he can’t deal with all this now and tells John about Hope’s filing for divorce. He shows John the papers and why she’s filing. John tells Bo he can understand why Hope’s feeling the way she is. Bo should have leveled with Hope from the beginning. John tells Bo he has to get Hope’s whereabouts out of those who know where she is. Bo’s sorry about not taking off John’s watchdogs. John knows Bo would do anything to protect Hope and he agrees..saying Patrick Lockhart is her only threat. The two talk about Marlena and Hope and Bo said if he knew where Hope was, he’d be on a plane to get her and wouldn’t come home without her.

Lexie calls John and says she needs to talk to him about something. He’s on his way over.

Chelsea watches a female prisoner brought in and cuffed to a chair. She asks Chelsea for a cigarette and tells her she was busted for solicitation of drugs. The gal puts the fear into Chelsea what time behind bars is like. She tells Chelsea prison is 10x worse than what you see on tv. We return after Chelsea’s been told what happens in prison, not believing it. The prisoner tells Chelsea she doesn’t have anything to worry about if she hasn’t done anything that can send her there. The prisoner is taken out of the room. John leaves and Bo asks Chelsea if she’s ready to talk. She says yes, and it’s about what she did to him and Hope… the previews roll…

Sami walks back into the records room and tells Alex: Thank God you’re still here. I won’t let you kill Lexie!

JOHN TO MARLENA: We were soulmates. You don’t remember how you use to love me.
MARLENA: But I do.

PATRICK TO HOPE: I know you want me to stay, but I’ve made up my mind and you can’t change it.
HOPE: I know I can’t, but maybe Alma can. She gave me a message for y ou.

FRANKIE TO BO: This profile could match a lot of guys besides Lockhart.
BO: If he comes anywhere near my family, I’ll be the one locked up on murder charges.

As the credits roll…

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Thursday April 20, 2006

Episode # 10297; Tape Date: 3/25/06; Air Date: 4/20/06; Director: Roger Inman

Summary: Lexie confronts Alex…Sami offers advice to Belle…Bo is served his divorce papers…Hope learns what happened to Alma.

Sami has an eye on she is on the phone inquiring about her test results. She leaves the hospital and goes by the Java Café. As she sits pondering a way to stop Lexie, Bonnie comes in, wondering what Sami is up to now. After hearing Shawn and Mimi in the hall (see below) Belle comes by and joins Sami. Sami asks her what’s up as Belle claims she is worried about Marlena. But Sami knows there is more to it than that…and cuts to the chase, asking if there is trouble in paradise. Belle defends Philip but Sami can tell that she doesn’t love him, so Belle admits to still being in love with Shawn. Sami advises her that she either must accept her life or change it. Belle says she can’t hurt Mimi but Sami says she has to stop being miss goody-two-shoes and fight for the man that she loves (of course Bonnie is listening, taking all this in). Belle says she can’t break up their marriage and she would never cheat on Philip, but Sami urges her to be honest with Philip and herself. Belle says in time she thought her feelings for Shawn would fade. But Sami says she and Shawn belong together…everyone knows that…but she and Shawn are with the wrong people and only Belle can fix it. She tries to point out to Belle that she never really loved Philip…not like Shawn. Belle gets very uncomfortable but Sami points out that Belle only married Philip on the rebound and soon Shawn will also realize that he doesn’t really love Mimi either. Belle worries about Claire, but Sami tells her that through it all, Will knows that both she and Lucas love him and that is what is important…Claire will be fine. Belle says that Philip is such a great guy but Sami asks her if she ever felt that she couldn’t live without him and of course Belle has no answer for that. Sami tells her that she can’t live her life without Shawn…go and tell him and don’t let anyone stop her. With renewed spirit, Belle thanks her and takes off. After she leaves, Sami cries alone as Bonnie vows to not let Belle take Shawn away from Mimi. She says that Sami just made another enemy.

Shawn and Mimi are smooching when the phone rings. It is Bo asking him to come down to the station to talk about Hope. He and Mimi leave as Mimi is complaining in the hallway about all the interruptions to their honeymoon. Belle walks up and overhears them. (This is right before she runs into Sami).

On the Island…Hope is at Alma’s grave as Patrick is upset she followed him. He says when she learns the truth, she will hate him…he is responsible for Alma’s death…he killed her. He puts flowers on her grave as Hope assures him that her death wasn’t his fault. He tells her about how he was a con man and involved with the mob, owing them money. But he came to the island to hide away and met Alma and she changed him (insert flashbacks here). He says that Alma saw the good in him and changed his life. Hope asks what happened to her and he goes on to explain that he owed money and he left for a while and when he came back he found her dead (also told in flashbacks). He beats himself up over her death, saying that Bo was right about him along. Hope assures him that Bo was wrong about him, as he is about a lot of things. She talks about how Bo was always her hero, but not anymore. She tells him that he is a good person and nothing can change her mind about that. He tells her to just go back to Bo…far away from him as he stares at the grave.

At the Penthouse…Alex is talking to Marlena about their honeymoon as she wants to know where they are going, but he won’t tell her. He only says that it is a trip from which she will never recover. She becomes a bit leary of this, but he says he just wants to get her away from Salem and from John. He tells her as soon as they are away from Salem, he is going to make her very happy. He encourages her to go and pack. After she leaves, he goes out on the terrace and makes a phone call, putting the penthouse on the market. He instructs them that the money is to be wired to his offshore account. He pulls out a vial of medicine, saying she needs a refill. He says that once they are out of Salem, she will realize her fate.

Later, Lexie shows up as Marlena talks about how she is so afraid of John. But Lexie tries to tell her that John is only trying to protect her from Alex. Marlena doesn’t want to hear this and defends him. Lexie asks her WHAT has he done to her. Marlena says she trusts Lexie’s opinion but NOT when it comes to Alex or John. Lexie notices the needle marks on her amrs and asks her about it, trying to convince her that Alex is drugging her and that she is in danger from him. But Marlena won’t listen, insisting that Alex loves her and would never harm her. Alex walks in and stops Lexie and urges Marlena to go back upstairs and pack. After she leaves, Alex begins threatening Lexie with his blackmail info, but she tells him it’s no use, she is telling Abe everything. She tells him about her medical condition and that she is planning on relieving all the stress in her life. He tells her that she stands to lose everything, but she doesn’t care, she is determined to do the right thing. She warns him to get out of Salem…she is also going to tell John the truth about what he has been doing to Marlena. Alex laughs at her, but she says he will feel the consequences. After she leaves, Marlena comes back downstairs and once again Alex tells her to go finish packing. After she leaves, he says she needs another dose and chuckles, saying he has come up with a new way to deal with Lexie. He says it may be cruel, but an adulteress like her deserves it.

At the Cop Shop…Chelsea is in the hallway, determined to go tell Bo the truth, when Frankie shows up. She tells him that she is there to talk to Bo and Frankie asks if there is something she wants to tell him. Shawn and Mimi come in and Shawn is NOT happy to see Chelsea there and blows her off. She tells Frankie that no one will ever forgive her for the things she has done…and she doesn’t blame them if they don’t. Inside, Bo tells Shawn he has tried everything to find Hope and begs him to tell him where she is, but he won’t tell him. He asks if he has heard from her and Bo tells him he has…and she has asked for a divorce. Chelsea and Frankie come in but Shawn is upset and doesn’t want to see her at all and jumps her for all the trouble she has caused and he storms off. Frankie tells Bo that he is there to serve him with Hope’s divorce papers.

Shawn and Mimi return home as she encourages him to tell Bo where Hope is so they can talk. He says he is going to email her first. He talks about all the lies his dad has told and says he doesn’t blame his mom at all (these words are not lost on Mimi). Bonnie calls and warns Mimi that Belle is on her way over there and tells her to stop her. Oops, too late, the doorbell rings as Shawn answers it to find Belle there. She tells him that there is something she needs to tell him.

Back at the cop shop, Bo is crushed, saying he doesn’t know what to do, but Frankie says that he can try to change Hope’s mind. Chelsea says she needs to tell him something, but Bo explodes at her, telling her this is NOT the time…and to stop thinking of only herself. Frankie and Chelsea leave and in the hallway, Chelsea says it’s all her fault and she just wants to tell Bo the truth. Frankie tells her to wait until Bo calms down. Bo sits alone and cries that he can’t lose his “Fancy Face”…he just won’t…as the previews show…

Alex (to Sami): I have a very specific course of action in mind…the solution to both our problems…interested?...

Belle (to Shawn): So what are you saying…divorce may be okay sometimes?...

Hope (to Patrick): I am not letting you go…

Chelsea (to Bo): It’s about what I have done…to you and Hope…

And the credits roll…

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Episode #10,296
Tape date 3/24
Director-Herb Stein

Sami gets a rude awakening, Lexie has her tests, Kate continues to meddle, as does Hope, who upsets Patrick.

AT THE COP SHOP, Bo is convinced the person wanted for questioning in Chicago in regard to the serial killings is Patrick. Abe agrees that it very well could be him. Bo talks of how Hope trusted him, and Billie, too, commenting that it is lucky Billie broke up with him, as she could have been next, & Chelsea might have lost her mom……again. Of course, Chelsea overhears every word. Salem is full of eavesdroppers, isn’t it? Billie & Kate arrive, looking for Chelsea. Kate tries to talk Chelsea out of telling her father all she has done, but Billie tells her how proud she is of her for wanting to get a fresh start. She then barges in on Abe & Bo, overhearing the talk about Patrick, and jumps to his defense. As she defends Patrick to Bo, Kate is unmerciful with Chelsea in trying to get her to keep her mouth shut. She urges her to think of her mother, and how she loves Bo, and how they could be a family, yada, yada. She is relentless as she paints scenarios for her granddaughter, finally pulling out the jail card. Chelsea is determined and will not be swayed, so Kate leaves. Bo is on phone to Chicago police, giving them info on Patrick Lockhart, his family in town (who have no idea where he is) and wishing them luck. Billie reads the paper and we have a most unnecessary flashback to the rescue of Chelsea, and the TV reporter talking about Chelsea being long lost daughter of Detective Brady and ex-officer Billie Reed. (There is just no reason for this flashback, very odd placement, to me!) She talks to Abe about how Bo & Hope belong together, and how much Bo deserves Hope. Bo comes in, hearing this last part. . Abe leaves, and Billie tells Bo she truly believes Chelsea wants a fresh start, and he should find her and hear what she has to say.

AT SALEM HOSPITAL, Lexie is finishing up her mammogram, and while the nurse takes the x-rays to Dr. Ling, Celeste comes in, assuring her daughter that she will be getting a lot of support from her husband. Lexie tells her mother she is going to tell Abe about Tek, and perhaps that support may not be there, but she has to reduce her stress. She cannot let Alex & Sami blackmail her any longer. Celeste gets a bad vibe, some sort of complications, but cannot identify it. Lexie confesses to Celeste what she told Carrie, about not being able to have healthy children with Austin. Celeste is appalled, and Lexie is determined to tell Carrie the truth.

Sami has arrived at the hospital to pick up forms for Will for summer camp. (poor kid, they do ship him away from home as much as they can, don’t they? LOL) She runs into Eugenia, and they trade barbs back & forth as usual. Sami brags about how “close” she is to Austin now. Eugenia can’t wait for the bubble to burst, and tells Sami it definitely will. Throwing a few more digs, Eugenia leaves.

Now Lexie runs into Sami, and takes the opportunity to tell her the blackmail is over, she is telling Carrie the truth. They argue, with Sami threatening her, but Lexie will have none of it, telling her she is telling Abe herself. Sami tells her that her reputation in town will be ruined, she will lose her medical license. But Lexie says that does not matter, telling Sami of the lump she found in her breast, and how it just puts everything into perspective about what really matters. She leaves, and of course, the ever present meddling Kate finds the upset Sami, throws in a few digs of her own, as usual. We have all heard it before, ad nauseum. Sami vows that she is going to get what she wants, and again promises that all her enemies will pay. (sigghhh, she has learned nothing from her Stan debacle, has she? Sami truly needs to grow up)

Celeste is in the cafeteria, praying to the spirits to bring peace, health and happiness to her daughter. Eugenia joins her, asking if she has any vibes about Sami. Celeste says she knows Eugenia has a vendetta against Sami, warning her that revenge brings nothing but trials, trouble and tribulation. Eugenia looks chastened, but says Sami has always caused problems, and she tries to stay as far away from Sami as she can. Celeste mentions that the 4 (Sami, Austin, Lucas, Carrie) are in for heartache & turmoil, and all to do with Samantha. Eugenia leaves, and Lexie now joins Celeste, telling her about her run in with Sami. Celeste reminds her she has to tell Abe, which Lexie promises to do as soon as she can (uh, oh, is this foreshadowing something?). Lexie is excited, as she can’t wait to tell Carrie the news, and after she tells Abe, then Alex can no longer blackmail her, and she can tell John what he has been doing, John can rescue Marlena and get their marriage back together. And all the couples in Salem will be happy! (Drat, knowing Days, this is definitely foreshadowing probably just the opposite.)

OVER ON MORGAN ISLAND Hope apologizes to Patrick for prying, but claims they have gotten so close, and she knows nothing about him. She pesters him but he is adamant that she drop it, and he leaves. Hope, though, is determined to find out about the woman he loves (jeez, is she turning into Kate???) and runs into a fisherman. She asks if he knows Patrick Lockhart, and of course, everyone knows Patrick. She questions him, but he says only that there is just one person on the island who can tell her about Patrick (and we all immediately grasp that he means Patrick, himself) Hope immediately says, “you mean Alma”, where can I find her? He sends her down a path to where she will find the answers she is looking for. Hope takes off.

A shirtless Patrick is on the beach throwing pebbles into the ocean. A beautiful woman in a white dress comes up to him, calling him Patrick, Corazon, asking why he is throwing pebbles as the sea will only bring them all back to him. They kiss, as Patrick proclaims his love for her, and promising to always be faithful. He picks a flower from the bush, the flower that only grows on that island (remember the legend?) and gives it to her. She tells him to remember that no matter what, she will always be with him, even in death. Patrick shakes himself, and returns to the present, as this is a memory (interesting that he has the same haircut in the “memory” he has now, when his hair was much different when he first came to Salem….yeah, we notice that stuff at times, lol). He picks a couple of flowers from the bush, and leaves.

Hope continues on the path, comes to a clearing, and sees a grave. It is of Alma Delgado, and Hope whispers to herself, that Alma is dead. Patrick arrives, and Hope again apologizes, but Patrick will have none of it. He asked her to leave it alone, but she couldn’t. He then tells her, “And now, when you find out what happened, you’ll hate me as much as your husband does”. And the previews roll……

ALEX TO MARLENA: I will tell you this much, this will be a trip from which you’ll never quite recover

PATRICK TO HOPE: I’m not a good man, & I’m sure not good for any woman, including you.

FRANKIE TO BO: Hope’s filed for divorce

BELLE: I’m still in love with Shawn

AND THEN TO SHAWN: There’s something I have to say to you, & I hope it’s not too late. (Mimi comes in just then)


Monday, April 17, 2006


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Episode: 10,295
Directed by: Phil Sogard
Tape Date: 3/23/06

Nothing exciting as Chelsea continues her vow to change; Kate’s meddling, a fun flashback of Jack, and Hope’s got something else to focus on…finding out what Patrick’s secret is.

Jennifer sleeps on the couch and remembers Frankie’s concern about where they’ll go from there. The picture of Jack becomes interactive (like Harry Potter movies) and agrees it is a good question. She talks to the picture, asking for his help. She yells at the picture to come back and don’t go. Abby comes downstairs and we see Jennifer is sound asleep on the couch. She wakes her up and they talk. Abby assures all went great with Uncle Mickey and Aunt Maggie and Frankie joins them, saying they he’s all unpacked (it was only an overnighter, LOL). He asks Jen if she is and Abby says her mom fell asleep on the couch and kids they must have had wild time for her to do that. Jennifer is embarrassed and denies that and Abby laughs, saying it was a joke and to lighten up. Frankie chuckles too, but after Abby leaves to see Joshua, Jennifer is concerned about what Abby would say if Frankie moved into Jennifer’s bedroom and wants to set a good example. Frankie calms her, saying he’s not pushing her into anything she’s not comfortable with. Jennifer admits she just wants someone to grown old with and always thought that would be Jack. Jack’s picture speaks up about the talk show they had and she laughs, saying she could never forget that. She tells Frankie about their talk show and how Jack went undercover as a single woman to get first hand knowledge. We see a flashback of Jack dressed in a blue suit and brown wig. Jennifer chuckled at him saying only men attracted to drag queens would be interested as Jack trips in his heels. We see her helping him into Java Café and arguing it would be easier if SHE were the one pretending to be single, but he wants to do it from a man’s point of view. She pulls the camera out of her jacket and videos him ordering a cappuccino. A man comes on to Jack and offers to show him/her what he’s got if she lets him buy that cappuccino for her. She continues her story about how the man wouldn’t leave Jack alone (chuckling) as Jack whispers to her at the table about how hard it is to ditch this guy. Jennifer says it’s even harder in a dark bar. Jack decides that’s enough and pulls Jennifer into a kiss as the people at the café gasp. The man realizes that’s why he wasn’t having any luck and Jack pulls his wig off asking if they hadn’t seen a man kiss his wife before. Back to reality, Jennifer hugs herself from the memory and Frankie comments that Jennifer still really loves Jack…she nods. Frankie understands that she does and always will love Jack, but she says she’s ready to move on. His cell rings and he tells Jennifer that Hope called Mickey and wants a divorce.

Replay of Chelsea telling Kate she’s going to tell her parents the truth. She tells Bo she’s going to start over with a clean slate and make him proud. Bo asks her just say what’s bothering her, but goes to check her out when she said she needs more time. Kate is bubbling over with anxiety which cues Billie’s curiousity. Bo returns and tells Chelsea that no matter what she says, he’ll be there for her as he’s her dad. He blames what happened between him and Hope for his last outburst to her and apologizes for it. She starts to tell him and his cell rings. It’s the station (apparently a text message) as he explains the serial killer he was after a few years ago has come out of retirement and he’s the only one with working knowledge of the case. She understands and he leaves. Billie steps away and Kate tries to talk Chelsea out of telling the truth. Max joins them and says he won his race over the weekend. Kate wants to take Chelsea home, but Chelsea asks Max to take her and Billie agrees. Chelsea reiterates that she’s going to change and tell Bo the truth. Kate warns Billie that Bo is up for grabs and she should take the opportunity…yada yada. They step to the cafeteria for coffee as Kate continues her mantra..get Bo. Kate updates Billie on Lucas and Carrie’s engagement. Kate’s worried that Austin will get together with Sami and is worried about him as she is Billie…bringing the circle back to her badgering Billie about belonging with Bo.


Max and Chelsea run into Abby at Java Café as she tells Abby about her life flashing in front of her eyes. Abby gets their coffees as she confirms to Max that she’s going to change. She wants to be someone that her family and friends can be proud of. He asks if that means she’ll take responsibility for what happened to Zack, even if it means she goes to jail for it? She says yes and will start by telling her dad the truth, confessing about trying to break up his marriage. She asks Max to take her to the police station so she can talk to her dad before changing her mind.

Josh (who works at Java Café) and Abby chat about how things are going with her. She likes Frankie and he was her mom’s first boyfriend. It’s hard to let her dad go though.

Abe warns Bo to take a break with all that’s going on (then why page him to return to the station?). Abe thanks Bo for Zack’s corneas so he can see again. Abe appreciates his second chance and Lexie and Theo are his world. Abe tells Bo to fight for Hope, but Bo says she’s filed for a divorce. He’d love to talk with her, but doesn’t know where she is as she won’t call or email him. He sits at the computer and finds a description of the serial killer that fits Patrick Lockhart. He’s relieved Patrick is far away from Salem. Bo tells Abe he’s going to try and find Hope.

Chelsea arrives at the station, hoping Bo will forgive her for what she’d done.

Patrick tries to convince Hope to slow down on the divorce. She knows what she needs to do and Bo’s decided to be with his other family over her. She has to decide what her next move will be without Bo. She contemplates living on the island forever..getting a job at the hotel or at the orphanage. She just wants to be a stranger where people won’t know about what happened and extending their sympathies. She asks why he’s there and he won’t tell her. She asks if Bo was right about him, does he have something to hide? She questions him about his past. She’s noticed he slips off during the night and asks where he’s going. Does he have someone on the island he’s interested in? He finally shouts back that yes, that’s why he comes there and walks away. He asks her to drop it, but she tells herself she can’t and is determined to find out what his secret is.

KATE TO CHELSEA: “I love my daughter dearly, but if you listen to her, your life is going to be a disaster.”

BO (on the phone): “Good luck to you in Chicago. I hope you catch the son of a bitch before he hurts another innocent woman.”

HOPE (to Patrick): “So my wanting to get to know you better is because I genuinely care about you.”

LEXIE to Sami: “I’m not lying for you any more. I’m going to tell Carrie and Austin everything.
SAMI: “You’re what?”

As the credits roll…

Friday, April 14, 2006


Monday, April 17, 2006

Episode # 10294; Tape Date: 3/22/06; Air Date: 4/17/06; Director: Albert Alarr

Summary: Monday’s show is a real snoozefest, so this will be rather brief. We have “Adventures in Breakfast” with the Tiresome Foursome…Chelsea is determined to come clean to Bo and Billie, despite Kate’s interference…Lexie and Celeste give a lesson in breast cancer…Hope tells Maggie she wants a divorce.

At the Carvers…Celeste is playing with Theo, talking about plans for the day when she looks at a picture of Lexie and sees blood dripping down the front. Meanwhile, Lexie is in the shower and feels a lump in her breast. Later, Lexie comes down to go to work as Celeste wants to discuss her affair. Lexie tells her that is over but she can see something is bothering her mom and she confesses she thinks Lexie may be in some kind of danger from Tek. Lexie tells her that her vibes may be a little off (out of practice, Celeste?) but Tek has nothing to do with it as she tells her about the lump. She promises her she will be fine and will be checked out immediately. Celeste tells her that they have a family history of breast cancer, upsetting Lexie that her mother never told her, saying every woman should be aware of a history of that in their family. Lexie asks about their outcomes and Celeste tells her that in each case, they died. (Hey, way to be positive, Celeste). They discuss treatments and how they shouldn’t expect the worst. Lexie points out that sometimes it can even be the result of swollen lymph nodes…brought on by stress…which could be the case. Celeste asks her again about Tek and Lexie confesses and tells her that there are others that know about the affair and are blackmailing her. Lexie tells her that Sami and Alex North are both using her to do terrible things for them and it is eating her alive. Celeste tells her she has to consider her own health. Lexie tells her she will have to deal with this just as she will have to deal with both Alex and Sami.

At the Apartment Building…Sami is making coffee as she has flashbacks of last night. Austin comes in as she tells him she is going to make his favorite, blueberry pancakes. As he goes to shower, she says she is getting all she ever wanted…then she sees a picture of her, Lucas and Will. She tells herself she will have to get over it…she has Austin. She realizes she is out of milk and goes over to Lucas’s to see if she can borrow some. At Lucas’s place, he and Carrie are up and he is going to fix waffles. He suggests they burn some more calories before they eat so they go at it again. After they finish (both are soppy wet with sweat, yuck), he goes back to fix breakfast as she goes to shower. Sami sees Carrie and the green-eyed monster comes alive as Sami realizes what they have been up to and she just stares at Lucas. Carrie and Austin are both in their respective showers simultaneously as he is telling himself that Carrie loves Lucas. She is in her shower telling herself that she loves Lucas. (Oh brother). Sami comes barging in wanting to borrow milk as Lucas informs her he just used all he had. Sami says she will have to go to the store then, but Carrie walks in, inviting her and Austin to just join them. Sami politely declines but they talk her into it. Sami and Carrie talk as Lucas dresses and Carrie talks about how Sami has been so good to her and tells her that she wants the 4 of them to get along. Sami has flashbacks of her talk with Lexie and tells Carrie that she has changed. Austin comes over looking for Sami as Carrie invites him and tells him they invited them for breakfast. Lucas pulls Sami aside and tells her that he heard her tell Carrie she has changed…and THAT usually means she is up to something. Sami tells him not to worry about it. Austin tells Carrie she looks beautiful and that she is glowing. Sami says she knows why and whispers in Austin’s ear. LOL at the look on his face. This makes Carrie uncomfortable and she walks away as Austin asks Sami WHY she did that.

On the boat…Hope calls Mickey and tells him that she wants a divorce…and it is for the best. We don’t see Mickey, but he hands the phone to Maggie and the conversation between her and Hope is shown. She tells Maggie about the divorce and she thinks Hope should slow down. She tells her that Bo has another family now. Maggie thinks this is all some kind of horrible misunderstanding and says she needs to talk to Bo face to face before doing anything drastic. (Listen to her, Hope). But Hope tells her she is not coming back to Salem…her mind is made up. Hope asks her to give Alice and Jen her love and that she will be in touch. After she hangs up, Patrick tells her she is making a mistake, but she is determined to go through with the divorce…there is no turning back.

At the Hospital…Kate arrives to see Chelsea as Billie fills her in on what happened. Billie thinks all this will bring Chelsea and Bo closer but Kate is hoping it will bring Bo and Billie closer as well. Billie tells her not to start on that again. Bo is by Chelsea’s side (he thinks she is sleeping), telling her he loves her, etc. as she has flashbacks of what she and Kate did. She tells him that he won’t love her anymore when he learns what she did. In the lobby, Kate is pushing Billie to make a play for Bo and she tells her to lay off. She tells her that Hope asked for a divorce as Kate plays dumb and pretends she didn’t know they had problems. Billie goes to talk to the nurse about Chelsea as Kate slips in to her room and listens as Chelsea and Bo talk. Chelsea tells Bo that she is the reason Hope asked for the divorce, but he says Hope will change her mind. But before Chelsea can explain, Kate steps in as she and Bo try to convince her it isn’t her fault. Kate asks to speak to Chelsea alone, so Bo leaves. Chelsea tells her that she is going to come clean and tell the whole truth but Kate tries to talk her out of it by scaring her…telling her she will alienate Bo and she may go to prison. Kate agrees what she did was wrong, but sometimes you have to do things for the greater good…like getting her parents together.

Bo is by the phones, wanting to call Hope as Billie watches him. Teary-eyed, she realizes that Hope is the only woman he will ever love. They talk and he is upset that Hope has given up so easily. Billie tells him that they need to talk…he loves her…and will find a way to get her back. Chelsea tells Kate that she would like to see her parents together, but maybe it just wasn’t meant to be but Kate wants her to think before she acts. Chelsea says Billie has been great to her and all she has done is make her life hell. She would love to see her happy, but this is wrong. She says that Bo and Hope love each other too much and eventually would find their way back to each other. She says she was selfish and conniving but it’s not too late for her to turn things around, even though her dad may end up hating her in the end. She vows to tell them the truth. Kate says if she does, she will ruin everything… but Chelsea says there is nothing Kate can do to stop her…as the previews show…

Frankie (to Jen): You still really love him…as Jen nods…

Chelsea (to Kate): He’s my dad…I have to tell him the truth…(Kate): It’s going to be the biggest mistake you hade in a lifetime…

Hope (to Patrick): I have to move on without Bo…figure out what my next move is…

Abe (to Bo as they look at a computer): A wanted felon…extorted a young woman’s life savings…left her dead. (Bo): That’s Patrick Lockhart.

And the credits roll…


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