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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Episode No: 10,178
Directed by: Phil Sogard
Tape Date: 9/28/05

SUMMARY: It must be late as no trick or treaters ring the doorbells of either loft or the Deveraux’s today. Shawn and Mimi return home and come to Philip’s rescue; Lexie makes a house call and John and Alex argue once again at Alice’s.

(Happy Birthday to Deidre Hall (Marlena) whose birthday is on Halloween)

Philip tries to calm a crying Claire as Belle stares out their bedroom window upstairs. Philip is amazed that Belle doesn’t hear the baby and is sleeping through it.

Shawn and Mimi return home and hear baby Claire crying her lungs out across the hall. He remembers how JT use to cry like that and they found out he was sick. He decides to share that wisdom with Philip..who opens the door looking totally stressed out and glad they’re there. Philip gives the baby to Mimi and goes up to check on Belle. Mimi asks Shawn to take Claire and he does. Philip is surprised (but only a little) that Belle is awake and she acknowledges she heard the baby, but knew he’d take care of it. He tells her she’s not right (apparently right enough to fix her hair and make up though, LOL) and she agrees with him, crying she might never be right again. She gets argumentative when he tries to tell her she will be. Everything makes her anxious and she can’t focus. He asks if she’s taking the medication (good grief, he expects HER to remember to take it?). She tells him no and he gives her one. Claire has stopped crying and when he points it out, she freaks out that he left the baby alone. He tells her Shawn and Mimi are down there with her. He notices how upset she gets when he mentions their name together and figures it’s because she’s afraid of losing Shawn. They talk about how strained Belle and Mimi’s friendship is. He doesn’t feel threatened by Shawn as he knows he has Belle’s heart.

Downstairs Mimi remembers Bonnie putting her to sleep listening to Willie Nelson and Shawn admits using rock to put JT to sleep. They put Claire down and turn on the tv to music videos and lo and behold….guess what’s playing….LOL…the new Rolling Stones STREETS OF LOVE video. Shawn’s concerned if Mimi would get upset thinking about Rex again, but she assures him she’s okay. We join them later when the tv’s off again and Claire’s asleep. Philip comes down and tells them that Belle’s resting and he didn’t want to wake her. Philip admits the post partum thing is harder than he thought. He doesn’t mind getting up in the middle of the night with Claire, but she’s fussier than she should be. Mimi feels for Philip, but he admits being obsessed with his situation and loves his wife and daughter so much. Shawn suggests he and Mimi take Claire home with them for the night and let Philip get some sleep and focus on Belle. He didn’t have to ask twice as Philip hands Claire to Shawn and the bottle to Mimi, thanking them profusely. You can see Mimi’s not excited about the idea, but Shawn assures Philip they’re her Godparents and happy to do it.

Walking across the hall he gives Claire to Mimi and the baby starts crying. He apologizes, realizing he forgot to ask if it was okay with her. Mimi says she’s a big girl and just to open the door so she can give the baby back to him, LOL. Philip walks in and hears Belle trying to rationalize she should be happy now with a loving husband and healthy beautiful daughter.

A replay of Marlena remembering dancing with the man she loved as Alex finds the charm on the floor. Jack picks up and twirls Jennifer and collapses to the floor. Jennifer calls for help and John runs to the rescue. Jack claims to have just tripped on his cape as Frankie urges him to go to the hospital. Jack refuses and only asks for water and John rushes to get it, leaving Alex the opportunity to check on Marlena. She’s frustrated as she knows she’s a doctor and should be able to help too. He lifts the necklace to his side, tells her to take a deep breath and do everything he says. He wants her to tell John she wants to go home and never see him again. He tries to tell her that he knows what’s best for her and when she questions if that’s true.. he says, it’s true. He tells her he’s the only one who cares about her and he’s the only one who loves her.

Jack refuses to go to the hospital, but tells Jen if she doesn’t mind going home with a crumbled caped crusader, he’ll go there. Frankie tells them his car is outside and he’ll drive them home and he and Jack leave. Jen waits and asks John to call Lexie and ask her to meet them at their home. She knows what he went through with Isabella and now having problem with Marlena too and wishes someone in Salem could be happy (I second that girl!!) She joins the guys and John calls Lexie.

Lexie’s at the door waiting and Jack jokes it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s JACK MAN as he opens the door. Jack tells Lexie to go back to the hospital (how about home to Abe for a change) and dole out some meds there. Jen says she’ll go make some tea and Jack says she remembers him more and more of her grandmother. Frankie tells him to take it easy..but Jack replies that’s a compliment as he admires Alice. She makes a mean cup of tea and a hell of a donut. Frankie offers to help Jennifer, telling Jack he wants to get her away from him. In the kitchen Frankie knows Jennifer’s scared as she tries to stay strong. She admits feeling it’s the beginning of the end and she’s so scared as she.walks into his open arms and cries. She starts to make tea and Frankie knows how hard this is on Jennifer as she had to mourn after thinking she lost Jack twice before. Jen breaks down again, feeling bad that Abby will lose her funny daddy.

Lexie tells Jack (when asked) that he’s getting weaker and she’s so sorry. He gives her time to think as he goes to change into regular clothes, but he wants it straight as to how much time he has left. He returns back in regular clothes and she tells him he will lose muscle control as his illness progresses. She offers to get him a private nurse when he refuses to have his wife and daughter help him. He knows Jen would be there for him and says one person in the house in diapers is enough. She tells him at the end he’ll need 24 hr. care. Jack tells her he’s going to commit suicide..or Jackaside as he refers to it. She refuses to give him medication to help him kill himself and Jen agrees as she walks in the door. She only heard the medicine could be addictive, but he reminds her that won’t be a problem. She goes back to finish the tea and Jack tells Lexie that’s what he’s talking about…how Jennifer will be affected. Jack tells Lexie that no one will know when he leaves this planet and can grieve without going through the misery. Lexie tells him the ritual of saying goodbye is necessary and helpful. Lexie refuses to help him in his quest, her ethics won’t allow it. He tells her that her ethics also make her keep their conversation private too. Later Lexie tells Jennifer what to expect as Frankie and Jack watch. Jack admits to Frankie that it hurts to know that Frankie loves Jen, but having him there for Jennifer is his gift to her. He hugs Frankie after he confirms he’ll be there for her.

John walks back to Marlena (and Alex) (about time, we just saw Jack talking to Lexie, so they’re home already and John’s just walking up to them??) and Alex tells him that he and Marlena are in love. (notice how quiet it is at Alice’s…between the music and other people talking you usually need to talk loudly to hear anything in a place like that, LOL) John calls Alex on being a fake and isolating Marlena from the people who love her to make her think she loves him. He’s not taking his wife of 20 years away from him like this. Alex talks calmly, assuring John that he and Marlena are in love and he’s not a quack. He tells Alex that Marlena was about to tell him she loved him when Jack fell and he knows it, warning Alex he can pack his bags. Marlena asks Alex to take her home as John turns her around and tries to tell her what Alex is doing to her. Alex insists he loves Marlena and John’s the reason she lost her memory by fighting with Roman. He filed a restraining order and John gets irate, raising his voice (which only frightens Marlena more) saying nothing will keep him from his wife and for Alex to stay away from her. He grabs Alex’s arm and Alex in turn threatens to have John arrested for assault if he refuses to let Marlena leave with him. He turns to tell John that although John feels he’s trying to convince Marlena she doesn’t love him, it’s obvious that his and Marlena’s love is stronger. (If you watch Marlena’s reaction to that, you get the feeling she’s listening and taking this all in.) They walk out and freeze frame of John’s face.


Mimi’s freaking and point at Claire, saying she doesn’t know what to do. Shawn rushes in and goes to the baby.

Belle: “what’s wrong with me” and grabs the bottle of meds (okay Philip, why do you think she can administer them to herself?) and pours the whole bottle in her hand as Philip rushes in saying, “Belle…No….”

Austin to Nicole: “It’s not easy giving up on someone you love.”
Nicole: The reason you’re not telling me this woman’s name is because I already know her, it’s me.”

Sami shouts at Lucas: “you love me as much as I love you.”
Lucas shouts back: That’s right, I love you but I can’t do this” as Sami grabs his face and pulls him in for a big kiss….

As the credits roll..

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Monday October 31, 2005

Episode # 10177
Tape Date: 9/29/05
Air Date: 10/31/05
Director: Phil Sogard

Summary: Halloween comes to Salem! This is a fun show, but one of those that is hard to summarize, with everyone in one place, with lots of little conversations going on. If I miss things, I apologize. Everyone comes down on Shawn for dropping out of college…John seems to be getting through to Marlena (as does Belle)…Jack and Jennifer have a fun evening…that is until tragedy strikes.

At the Deveraux House…Jen has answered the phone, but is having trouble hearing the other party as Jack tries to get the phone away from her. Jen asks if they said something about “suicide”? Jack grabs the phone and tries to cover, saying the call was about a side of sushi. But Jen doesn’t buy it and tells Hope that Jack is up to something. Later, the 4 of them enjoy their pizza as Jen comments on how Jack has not lost his appetite. As Jen and Hope clean up, Bo asks Jack if he is feeling okay and tells him again that if there is anything he can do, just let him know. Again, Jack asks him to look out after his family after he is gone. Jen and Hope return as Jack hugs Jen and tells her he loves her and suggests they go out dancing. Jen doesn’t think it is a good idea, but he reminds her that Abby is at a party and Mickey and Maggie volunteered to watch Jack Jr. He assures her that he feels fine and is up to it.

At Alice’s Bar…Belle and Philip arrive for the Halloween party and Belle is (surprise) in a bad mood. Philip asks her if it is the PPD or is she upset because she saw Shawn’s car in the parking lot. She tries to convince him she doesn’t have a problem with Shawn and Mimi (cue ‘Streets of Love’) and she storms inside. Inside, Shawn and Mimi are working the party (he bartending, she waiting tables) dressed as Tarzan and Jane (at Bonnie’s insistence). He talks about his new job and how his mom is disappointed in him for dropping out of school. Mimi says her mom could care less and mocks her saying that Bonnie would tell him that if he wants to build up his female clientele he should work on cars wearing a speedo. Roman arrives (sans costume) as Bonnie stops him and puts a white cowboy hat and badge on him. (LOL at where she wants to put the badge…use your imagination). He sees John and Marlena across the room. As John and Marlena talk, he seems to be getting through to her. Alex arrives as Bonnie also gives him a hard time as well about no costume. She puts a black hat on his head, telling him he can be the villain. He spies John and Marlena and tells himself he has work to do. Just as John spots him, he gets a call from Frankie to warn him that Alex is there. John asks Marlena to look into his eyes as Roman advises Alex not to bother them. But Alex swears he is only trying to help her and that if she regains her memory, he has a cured patient…John has Marlena and Roman will get nothing, as he strolls off.

At the bar, Shawn offers again to dip into his trust fund to help Mimi, but she refuses. He says that everyone must do what is right for themselves and that dropping out of school is what is right for him. Belle walks up and hears this and tells him he is doing the wrong thing, he is making a huge mistake. (Listen to her Shawn, this is coming from someone who KNOWS…after all she married someone she didn’t love). He doesn’t want to hear it, and tells her that he is just taking her advice…and is getting on with his life. Belle thinks he is just throwing his life away as he walks off and Philip tells her to let it go. Belle spots her mom and dad and goes over to talk to them as Philip complains to Meems about Belle’s mood swings.

Marlena asks Belle what is wrong as Belle begins to whine, then apologizes. Marlena thinks they need a trip to the ladies room so off they go. Roman sits with John as he tells him he thinks he is getting through to Marlena. Roman tells him he is on his side and wants to get rid of the good doctor. In the ladies room, Belle whines and cries to Marlena about how she has missed her. Marlena tells her she is there for her now as Belle boo-hoos about how she messed up her life and is a failure. Marlena asks if it is really the PPD or is it because she has lost Shawn. Belle says that Shawn has moved on and so has she. Belle says she shouldn’t be bothering her with all this, but Marlena assures her that things are going to change…she loves her and wants to be a part of her life again. Both are crying as they hug. Belle says she only wants her mom and dad back together so they can be a family again.

Philip and Shawn are talking about his new job when Bo and Hope arrive. She wastes no time in lighting into him about dropping school. Back at the table, John tells Marlena that he doesn’t think it was her idea for the divorce (as she has a flashback of Alex telling her to put John out of her life). He tells her that they were in love and all she has to do is believe that. He talks about Belle as Marlena has flashbacks of baby Belle and smiles. He tells her that they all love her and need her so much. Roman is watching them and thinks that maybe John IS getting through to her. Bonnie walks up and asks Roman if Marlena gets her memory back , WHO will she remember, him or John. Roman says that no one will ever come between her and John. Alex is getting antsy and pulls out the necklace to go work on Marlena before John gets through to her. But Bonnie bumps into him and he loses the charm off the necklace. Bonnie finds it on the floor and adheres to the “finders keepers” rule and decides to place it in a resting spot…right between her bosoms (LOL). Alex realizes it is gone and begins searching for it. John walks over and asks him what he is looking for and Alex says he lost his keys. John hands him his and tells him, take my car and leave (LOL). He tells him Alex that Marlena is with her husband and is just fine, go home. He informs him that before the night is over, Marlena WILL change her mind about the divorce. Bonnie is hitting on Roman again (as she flashes her new boob jewelry) and suggests they have a good time. He finally gives in (with a “what da hell”). At the bar, Shawn doesn’t want to hear it from his mom as she goes on and on about him quitting school. She becomes exasperated that no one will support her on this. She pulls the “he’s your son…talk to him” trick and storms off, shaking her head. Bo asks him to try to appease his mom but Shawn doesn’t want to talk about it anymore, saying he has to make his own decisions.

Outside, Jack is on the phone with the assisted-suicide-person when Jen walks out and catches him. He sees her and lies and tells her that he was calling to check his horoscope (and just HOW gullible is she?). He cuts the conversation off and tells her that his horoscope says that if he is with the woman he loves, they will have a “super” time. She begins to question him as they go inside. Later, he walks up behind her wearing a red and black super hero costume (complete with mask and cape) and surprises her asking her to dance. He promises her he feels fine as he kisses her. He says “up up and away” as he picks her up and begins to swing her around.

Hope catches up with Belle and they take comfort in knowing that they are the only ones that are upset over Shawn quitting school. Hope confides that she doesn’t think that Mimi may be the best influence on Shawn. Well, of course, Bonnie overhears this and is all over Hope like white on rice. Back at the Black table, Marlena tells John she really wants to get her memory back, so he tells her to close her eyes as he describes their time in New Orleans. As he does this, she has flashbacks and he slips a ring on her finger…and she says she remembers. Meanwhile, Alex hands the DJ a CD and asks him to play it. The creepy music starts as John begins to lose Marlena and she goes into a stupor. On the dance floor, Jack complains to the DJ about the music so he turns it off and puts on another CD. John asks Marlena what happened (oh come on John…you didn’t notice the music???). She says she was distracted. Now back with him, he asks her to dance so they go out on the dance floor and Alex says DAMN and continues to search for the charm.

Bo and Roman talk as Bo notices that Bonnie and Hope are in a conversation and notes that neither of them look too happy. Bonnie informs Hope that NO ONE makes snide remarks about her Mimi. As Mimi and Shawn walk over, Bonnie embellishes what Hope said, saying she called them losers and goes on to say FOR HER INFORMATION, she (Bonnie) is a graduate of Hair Hoppers House of Beauty…working on her truck drivers license, is almost certified in home heating and air conditioning repair and is THIS CLOSE to being certified in VCR repair. ROFL as Hope comments she has taken every course offered on matchbook covers. Bonnie calls her “princess Hope” as Mimi is totally embarrassed and rushes out the door in tears…closely followed by Shawn. Philip sees this and asks Belle what that was all about, but Belle tells him she just wants to leave. John and Marlena dance as she tells him she KNOWS this is where she belongs. Bonnie storms by as Alex sees the charm bouncing between her “girls”. Outside, Shawn tells Mimi it doesn’t matter what their mothers think and he kisses her…just as Philip and Belle walk by and see them. Cue sad look from Belle. Bo asks Hope what was going on between her and Bonnie but she tells him she has had enough confrontation for one evening. Roman tries to lighten Bonnie’s spirits and ropes her, asking what he can do to help. When he does this, the charm falls from it’s ample resting place to the floor and Alex retrieves it. John asks Marlena if she is remembering anything as she looks at him and says she remembers the man she loves. Meanwhile, Jack and Jennifer are having a great time as he picks her up and spins her around…until he collapses to the floor and she begins yelling for help…and the previews show…

Shawn (holding baby Clare): Mimi and I…we can handle her…

Philip (to a sobbing Belle): Every time I mention the 2 of them together, you get very upset. (Belle): I do NOT…(Philip): Because you are afraid of losing Shawn…

Jennifer (to Frankie): I should not be leaning on you like this. (Frankie): I have a perfectly good shoulder going to waste…

Alex (to John): There’s no point trying to hide this any longer…Marlena and I are in love…

As the credits roll…

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Friday, October 28th

Episode #: 10176
Directed by: Herb Stein
Tape Date: 9/23/05

John's determination to get Marlena alone pays off; Austin Inc. kicks into gear while Titan's nervous about the competition (oh sure); and the Brady's and Deveraux's deal with their own issues.

John’s temper gets the better of him and he goes after Alex. Frankie and Marlena stop him and she tells him to stop it. Frankie tells John they should leave and Alex agrees. I think Marlena is listening as John warns her that she would never have asked for a divorce if he hadn’t brain washed her into doing it. She tells John to go and goes into a trance after he leaves. Alex says it’s time for her to forget John Black. As he hypnotizes her we hear the clock again and her remembering John telling her to think of him each time the clock chimes (interesting how we never heard this clock chime until recently, LOL) She asks what if he’s wrong about John. He says any more contact with John would be damaging to her.

By the elevator, John and Frankie talk. Frankie figures there’s got to be something inside Marlena to help remember him. Just when Marlena asks Alex what if he’s wrong about John, John mentally asks Marlena to remember him and flashbacks of him putting the ring on her finger and feeding her wedding cake and dancing with her at their reception. Alex calls for a restraining order and Marlena rushes out the door and John’s still in the hallway. She tells Alex she wants to spend some time with John. Alex says that would be a terrible mistake, but staring at John, she says she wants to go with him and asks when. John says right now and she goes up to change. Alex tells John he called for a restraining order and Marlena comes back out (wow…phone booth in the living room?) in her sparkly black gown. John tells Frankie to make sure Alex doesn’t follow them (Alex doesn’t like that you can see) and he and Marlena step into the elevator. Alex tells Frankie he can’t stop him from leaving and rushes out the door with Frankie in his wake. We see Marlena and John are already at Alices (at least he didn’t go to Chez Rouge, the normal hangout). She asks if they came there often (as the Stones new song plays in the background…enough already). He tells her they did when it was Tuscany, but it’s under new ownership now as he smells his drink before taking a sip, LOL. He didn’t want her to feel pressure. She admits feeling confused and disoriented. He’s happy saying it’s a major breakthrough that she’s out with him. She asks if he has any major words that would help her make sense of this. He takes her hand and kisses it, saying them magic words are I LOVE YOU. Her eyes fill up with tears at that.

Sami and Austin chat about Nicole’s involvement in his new company and she casually shares her frustration. He got Nicole a new laptop to use and when she arrives, she claims it and tells Sami she’s going to be fielding calls and such. Later Nicole’s unpacking as Sami rants about everything she’s brought as Nicole unpacks. Austin lays out the ground rules…by day the apartment is their work place and at night they’re roommates. He tells them Sami’s computer stays where it is (Nicole wants it because it’s next to Austin’s), but he gives Nicole her own laptop and points across the room (4 ft away) for her work space. Austin referees. Sami has an idea suggests they should contact someone she knows at the Spectator who could do an article on his return to Salem. He loves the idea, but Nicole tops it with tv publicity instead. He loves that idea too and they ask Sami to make coffee, which she does with clenched teeth. Later they’re working and Sami puts a cd with customer names on Nicole’s workstation and sees a printed proposal she’s finished. She gives it to Austin as her own work and he likes it, telling her good work. Nicole’s in the kitchen and comes out wanting more coffee creamer and noticing snacks that Will eats are in there, asking if he’s still living there. Sami calmly tells her no, he’s not, and reminds her they’re not suppose to talk personal business during work hours. With one ear pointed their way, Austin seconds that. She gives Austin the same proposal, asking what he thinks about it. Without looking at it, he says he loves it and asks if she has any changes to it. She says no, confused…but while Sami’s in the kitchen fetching her an apple, types a message from Will on Sami’s computer, saying Mom. I hate you and never want to see you again. Have a lousy life. Will. Sami tears up and trying to stay professional, walks out of the apartment after seeing it (just what Nicole wanted I’m sure) as Austin asks where she went. She tells Austin they need a new secretary (hey, it’s HER apartment). Austin says he’s giving them both a chance and to be nice. (the writers must be listening to their viewers about enjoying Ali/Ari's (aka Sami and Nicole's) scenes together)

Victor welcomes Lucas to the company with his prep talk about crushing competitors when Marie (a new one?) arrives with flowers delivered for Lucas. Victor asks if they’re from Sami. Lucaslooks at the card and tells them no, they’re from Sophie, a new gal he’s met. He tells Victor about Sami and Nicole working with Austin, a lethal combination. Victor doesn’t underestimate Nicole’s business smarts and if Sami has something to prove, the two women aren’t to be reckoned with. He calls Austin’s new company a recipe for disaster. Victor admits there working conditions are lean but doesn’t discount their thirst for success and credits Austin for hiring them. Sami’s got drive and Nicole brains and talent. Don’t underestimate them. Lucas said he won’t, but they shouldn’t underestimate him either. Lucas heads home to check on the competition.

Lucas gets off the elevator to find Sami sitting in the hall crying. He softly asks her what’s wrong and she tells him she knows he doesn’t care. He tells her that’s wrong and he still loves her.

Bo and Hope chat about Chelsea. She understands he has to make up lost time with Chelsea, but he has two sons that need him too. He spent time with Shawn that day and tells her Shawn’s moving on with his life without Belle. She looks a little disappointed when she learns Shawn’s going to become a mechanic, but Bo reminds her they’re blue collar cops (when? they’re never at work) and it’s an honest living. He tells her the first money Chelsea used went to Light the Night and work clothes, and so what, she spoiled herself just like Hope did, at the spa. Hope said he missed the point…she lied to him. He tells her she doesn’t like his daughter, but she says, no, she just doesn’t know her. Jen calls and invites them to pizza and Hope accepts.

Jack surfs assisted suicide sites as Jen brings him a protein shake and has researched healthy things to give him to keep him around longer. He tries to sip the shake and says he can’t do this any longer. He wants to enjoy what time he has left and wants pizza. She questions his choice of words and what they mean. She orders him to finish the shake and take the vitamins she got him…then leaves to order the pizza he’s been craving as a concession. He emails Death with Dignity asking them to contact him. Jennifer walks back in, saying she can’t believe it. He shuts the laptop after asking them to call him and asks her what she’s talking about..and of course she found an old pizza menu she found in the drawer.

Bo and Hope arrive at Jen’s and she asks Jennifer to tell her she didn’t order the pregnancy special with anchovies. Jen laughs they just kidded about that, but Jack brings up that it would kill him and the happy mood turns somber again. He goes to get the pizza at the door and Bo the beer in the kitchen. Jen gets the phone and has a hard time hearing who the caller is as Jack rushes back with the 2 pizzas, anxious to get the phone from her. The caller tells Jen they’re calling about assisting suicide and Jen looks up at Jack and says…”suicide…what is going on Jack Deveraux?”…as the previews roll…

John tells Marlena all she has to do is believe it and it will empower her to fight this amnesia.

At a Halloween party…

Philip asks Belle if she’s nervous about seeing Shawn and Mimi together..

Shawn tells Mimi he cares about her and no matter they say, it won’t change how he feels about her. He kisses her (sounds like it at least) as we see Belle and Philip walking up and seeing that.

Jack (wearing a super hero costume) faints as Jen yells, Help, somebody, Help…
As the credits roll…


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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Episode # 10175
Tape Date: 9/21/05
Air Date: 10/27/05
Director: Phil Sogard

Summary: Not a terribly exciting show here…Hope confronts Bo about Shawn quitting school, and also finds out he has given Chelsea more money…Max offers Shawn an opportunity…John meets with Frankie about stopping Alex…as Alex continues his spell over Marlena.

At the Brady House…After learning of Shawn quitting school from Mimi, Hope is trying to reach Shawn on the phone when Bo comes in. She jumps him about it and Bo confirms it. She is furious over the news and even madder when Bo defends his decision. She is determined to track him down and shake some sense into him. Bo snatches the phone from her and tells her that he tried to talk to Shawn but was informed that Shawn was an adult who could make his own decisions. But she says he isn’t mature enough to do that, and cites some of his recent dumb decisions. She is sure he will regret this decision for the rest of his life, she only wants what is best for him. Bo says he just doesn’t want to seem to be harping on him all the time, and reminds her that he is not a little boy any more. But Hope mutters that he will ALWAYS be HER little boy (awww). She is just sure he is making a mistake but Bo says he is an adult…it’s his life, reminding her that they are not perfect and have also made mistakes…they must have faith in him. He is sure that he will turn out okay. She tells him about running into Chelsea earlier and says he has his hands full with her. Bo wishes she weren’t so negative when it comes to Chelsea. Hope says she is trying and even invited her to dinner, but Chelsea was rude. Hope asks what happened to that job with Basic Black and asks where she got all that money. Bo tries to suggest Billie gave it to her, but Hope stops him, telling him she saw Billie there and knows she didn’t. She then sees it all over his face and realizes HE gave her money again. He admits to helping her out, but Hope is furious that she played him…AGAIN. She tells him that her daddy is just a push over. She says that Chelsea is a Paris Hilton in the making…without the hotels (LOL). But in the end, Hope does promise to try harder to get along with Chelsea…IF Bo promises to talk to Shawn again. She says together they will find a way to get him back in school (but Bo doesn’t seem so sure of that).

At the Garage…Chelsea shows up, NOT impressed with it. They are supposed to go on a date, but he says he must finish up Bo’s motorcycle first. Shawn shows up and VOILA tells Max what he needs to do to fix the bike. Max tells him he is looking for a partner who can run the place when he is gone and Shawn thinks it sounds like a dream job. Max asks about school and Shawn explains, but says that Bo knows and is okay with it. Chelsea pipes up, saying Hope will NOT be happy. She starts ragging on Hope, saying she doesn’t like her and how she had chewed her out earlier. But Shawn defends his mom and says it will all work out. Max tells Shawn that he and Chelsea have a date, so Shawn volunteers to work on his dad’s bike, giving Max a chance to examine his work. As they leave, Chelsea complains…Bo, Shawn and now Max…she is surrounded by grease monkeys. Later, they arrive at a church social type of thing (not really sure what it is). Chelsea is not impressed (she had her mind set on the Penthouse Grill). They are greeted by Amber (a former girlfriend of Max’s) and Chelsea is immediately jealous. He smoothes it over and tells Chelsea he wants to get to know her better. Amber tells everyone to select a partner and the music starts for salsa lessons. Chelsea isn’t very good and informs Max she isn’t having a good time and is going to leave. But he urges her to stay as he gives her pointers. They start again and before you know it, they are the center of attention with the spotlight on them (not bad for one lesson, lol). They finish as everyone applauds and she admits it was fun and they kiss.

Back at the garage, Shawn gets a call from Mimi as both are excited about their new jobs. She also informs him that his mom knows about him quitting school. She apologizes but Shawn doesn’t blame her, assuring her he will deal with it.

At Mickey’s Office…he tells Frankie that he has to be in court and that John is coming in and he wants Frankie to talk with him and fills him in on the case. John arrives, telling them that the divorce is not going to happen. After Mickey leaves, John and Frankie talk as John fills him in on the history of Marlena’s amnesia and how Alex North came into the picture (yawn). John voices his misgivings of hiring him and how it is a disaster, thinking Alex wants Marlena for himself. John says every time he feels they are about to break through, Alex steps in and reels her back in. He feels that Alex is behind the divorce and her asking John to move out. He also tells him that he is staying at Kate’s and is watching them. He recounts how he saw Alex sneaking into her room and says he needs help to get him away from her. Hoping to beat them to the punch, Frankie’s plan is to draft a letter to be sent to Marlena, requesting they meet with a counselor, to show that John is trying to save the marriage. That way they can have time alone. Sounds good to John and they proceed.

Meanwhile, at the Penthouse…Marlena is sitting on her bed as Alex hands her the photo album again. She begins to flip through it, asking him questions…as Alex wonders WHAT is going on. She looks at pictures, asking him WHEN they were together, she doesn’t remember…was it before Roman? He whips out the shiny gold necklace and waves it in her face, telling her something about a chalkboard from when she was a child and for her to imagine the teacher wiping it clean. He takes her out of her trance and tells her he needs her to do something that will change her future with John. Just do what he tells her and she smiles. He takes the album away and tells her she needs to focus on the future. He leads her over to the desk and tells her he has a document for her to sign which she does without question. He goes to fax it as she looks at the clock and has the flashback of John giving it to her again. She picks it up and holds it close to her chest.

Back at the office, the letter is ready as John signs it and the secretary is going to have it messengered to Marlena’s. But before she can have it done, a fax arrives from Alex (divorce papers). John is furious, saying he is not getting away with this. John and Frankie go rushing over to the penthouse. Later, Mickey returns as the secretary explains where they went. They arrive at the penthouse with John ranting in the hallway and Alex hears them. John begins pounding on the door and rushes in when Alex opens it. He is furious, saying this has to end now. They get into a huge argument just as Marlena descends the stairway to bear witness to it all. Freeze on Marlena’s face as we hear their angry voices…and the previews show…

Hope (to Bo): You have got to put your foot down before you create a monster…you know what?…maybe you already have…

Marlena (to John, with Alex standing nearby): When did you want to go out? (John): Right now. (Marlena): All right…

Sami (to Lucas): Don’t act like you care Lucas…I know you hate me. (Lucas): That’s not true…I still love you…

Jen (to Jack): Suicide?...what is going on with you Jack Deveraux?...

And the credits roll…

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Summary: Today’s show is all about money troubles and new jobs (finally, something realistic!); except for Jack and Jen, who’s troubles are a bit more serious.

Mimi is trying to balance her money at the loft, and finds out she doesn’t have enough to pay her tuition. Rex used to help her, but now that she is doing it herself, she messed up. She tries to smash the calculator and freaks, which prompts Shawn to offer some options. Financial aid is out, as she missed the deadline. Her mom spends more than she makes, and now that Mickey isn’t paying her bills, she is in debt up to her eyeballs. Shawn offers to help her. Mimi tries to turn him down – he doesn’t make enough from Alice’s to pay parking, let alone tuition. He offers to break into his trust fund for her, but she doesn’t want him to. He admires that she wants to pick herself up and do it on her own. She is very grateful for all his help. They end kissing, but she leaves. She is off to find her second job. There is a knock, and Shawn, thinking that Mimi forgot her keys, finds a set and opens the door to Bo. Bo tells Shawn about the job offer he got him at his Uncle Max’s garage (see below). They discuss whether or not Shawn is going to return to school while working this job. Bo wants him to, but Shawn is adamant that he is not returning. Bo offers to smooth things over with Hope, whom they both agree is going to hit the roof. Shawn hits Bo up for money until the end of the month.

Mimi ends up applying for a receptionist job at the day spa. Gloria is impressed with her resume, but wants to check her references. Billie walks up and vouches for Mimi, which is good enough for Gloria. It seems that Gloria is a Countess Wilhemina customer from way back, and she and Billie had become friends over it. Mimi is hired. Gloria and Billie discuss the product line and some changes that Billie wants to make, which impress Gloria. Hope comes out to find Billie standing there and assumes she is there for Chelsea, which stuns Billie. She didn’t know Chelsea was there and doesn’t know where she got the money – it wasn’t from her, and she made her mother promise not to give her any. They talk about their joint strategy to teach Chelsea the value of money and agree that it is tough being the bad guy, but she needs guidance. Billie goes to find Chelsea, thinking about their conversation over Billie’s past. Hope runs into Mimi, who tells her about her second job and how she has to leave school for a semester in order to earn the money to pay for it. She is determined to go back to school, and Gloria, overhearing, says that her room-mate should do the same. This, of course, gets Hope attention, and she wants to know what is going on. Gloria runs away, commenting on her big mouth, and Mimi is stuck while Hope waits for an answer.

Max and Frankie are standing in a garage. Frankie is glad he invested his winnings, but did he make a wise choice? The garage is awful quiet. A motorcyclist pulls up and Max takes Frankie out to meet his first customer – Bo. Bo needed a tune-up, and Max offered. Bo is sure he won’t get the Brady rate – but he doesn’t mind Max making a profit. Frankie would like Max to have someone else for when he is out on circuit, so Bo offers Shawn’s services. Bo needs specialty parts, does he mind paying half up front, in cash? (Prompt Bo to flashback to giving the money to Chelsea.) He is flat broke, and the parts are expensive, which is why he hasn’t worked on it in a while. Max says its okay, he knows Bo is good for it, and where he lives. Frankie leaves to make a phone call in the office, and Bo tells Max they need to talk about Max’s relationship with Bo’s daughter. Apparently his reputation precedes him. Max says he already got the lecture from Frankie, but Bo doesn’t want to lecture – just warn. Max tells him that he understands, given his history (which he does touch on), and they have put the brakes on. Bo warns him not to hurt her. Frankie, however, has heard the conversation and is still worried. He knows that Max has good intentions, but he has a past history of letting things get out of control. Max loses his temper and tells Frankie that he does have control and to stop worrying about him.

Chelsea is chatting with the salon owner, who is giving her a facial. Chelsea brags about hitting the lotto, so to speak, and being able to afford pampering, whether she needs a beauty treatment or not. She gets tears in her eyes and tells Gloria about how she and her adoptive mother used to talk about going there together and having a mother-daughter day; except that her mother can’t come now. Gloria goes into full sales mode, telling Chelsea she has done the right thing – she picked herself up and is pampering herself. Everyone deserves to feel like Cinderella every now and again. Chelsea thinks Cinderella had it easy, after all, she only had one wicked stepmother type to deal with. Gloria leaves and Hope comes in. Hope tells her they didn’t get off to a good start, but would like to try again. Hope tells her that a couple years ago, they were in dire financial straits, but they only got through with prudent savings. It was the only way they could send Shawn to college. She tries to tell Chelsea to save some money, and blowing it at the spa probably won’t help her pay for college. Chelsea thinks now that Hope is saying that because she doesn’t want Chelsea’s dad to pay for her college. It’s okay for him to have a daughter, as long as he doesn’t spend Hope’s money on her, right? Hope says no, they will help if she needs it, but she needs to be careful. She brings up Abby’s pledge drive and Chelsea pledges ten dollars, but where is Hope’s donation? (She is going to write a check). Hope ends up inviting her for dinner. She says with a little effort, they can get along. Hope is just full of advice, huh? Here is some for her: just because she is married to her father, doesn’t make her safe. As long as Billie is around, she should be worried. Later, Chelsea is looking at a very expensive top that the saleslady is really trying to sell to her. Chelsea says she doesn’t have enough cash, and no credit cards. She asks if they will take a post-dated check, as she is sure her dad will cover it for her.

Jack is still trying to get Billie to promise not to tell Jen his plans. She can’t sit idly by and watch him do this to his family. He doesn’t want them to watch him die a slow, painful, withering death. They deserve better memories. He has it all worked out, and thinks he has no other choice. If she won’t help him, he will just have to disappear and do it himself. She refuses to help.

Hope is saying goodbye to Jen, reminding her to call later. Jen heads out, but stops to look at a locket with a picture of Abby and Jack inside. Hope comes outside with the scarf Jen forgot and finds her crying and tries to comfort her. Jen says she has done this before – twice – why does this have to happen to her family again? They agree to pray for a miracle and Jen vows to do a lot of research to find an answer. Jack isn’t the only one to suffer this disease, there has to be an answer. Hope goes to find Chelsea while Jen heads home.

Jen arrives home to find Billie and Jack talking and immediately gets worried that something is wrong and Jack is hiding something from her. She offers to let them talk, but Billie says she is on her way to work. It seems that busy Victor has offered her a consulting position for Countess Wilhemina. Jack walks her out and makes her promise not to tell Jen – it is a dying wish for a friend. She reluctantly agrees and leaves with tears in her eyes. Jack returns inside where Jen tells him that she stopped by the hospital to do some research and found some answers. Apparently there is some success on a special diet, complete with certain vitamins and herbs. He could see marked improvement in as little as 6-8 weeks. He is skeptical. She goes to show him on the computer, but turns to ask if he is crazy? It turns out he pulled the plug, and explains that he wanted her to listen to him first. The disease is irreversible. She wants to keep fighting, but he wants her to accept his death. She wants him to promise that he will let her be there when the time comes. They hug each other, as the previews show:

Alex: “I just need you to do what I tell you to. Could you do that?”
Marlena: “Yes.”

Frankie: “He beat us to the punch.”
John: “He sure has.”

Hope (to Bo): “I ran into Chelsea. You have your hands full with her.”

Chelsea: “Hope doesn’t know yet.”
Shawn: “She does not.”
Chelsea: “I wouldn’t want to be you when she does find out.”
(standing in Max’s garage, with Max looking on.)

and the credits roll.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The spoiler for Wednesday, October 26th will be posted later than usual on Tuesday. Please check back around 1 pm EST. Thanks.

Episode #: 10173
Directed by: Deveney Kelly
Tape Date: 9/22/05

Summary: Austin, Sami and Nicole all use their own manipulation techniques; Hope worries about Chelsea's materialistic needs and how she's supporting them; Jack is upset when Billie doesn't want to help him kill himself and Lucas and Maggie chat over coffee on his first day of work.

Lucas tells Austin his new business is doomed and he’ll be down the hall laughing as the two women destroy him. Sami and Nicole start bickering and Austin questions his wisdom of hiring them, wondering if Lucas might be right. Sami says she can work for anyone and Nicole happily reminds her she won’t be working WITH her, but FOR her, reminding Sami she doesn’t even have her high school diploma. Sami complains, but Austin backs Nicole up that she has more executive experience. The women start ranting at each other again and he stops them (with a loud whistle) and says he hired them because they both are go-getters and never give up. If they work together, not apart, they can be rich. Both gals eyes glow at that prospect as we see them at a spa getting pampered. Nicole drops a bottle of something into a bottle near Sami’s wash sink and when Sami removes her towel, her hair is lime green and she lets out a healthy scream. LOL. Sami has her own daydream…also at a spa, as she drops something red in a bowl, stirs it up (Nicole is in a chair with limes on her eyes) as the facial lady takes the goop and puts it on Nicole’s face. Nicole wakes up and the mask has hardened on her face. She also screams. Mickey calls Austin, who leaves the room after telling them to play nice together. Sami tells Nicole she lives with Austin and will have his ear 24/7. She enjoys reminding Nicole how Eric left town because of her and how Kate had to pay her five million to marry Lucas and then her history with Victor, and finally Brady. Nicole whines she loved Brady and Sami was suppose to help her get him. She tells Nicole she’ll be an old maid at 60, having Nicole even looking worried about that, when Austin returns. Sami tells Austin she and Nicole had a chat while he was on the phone and she’s agreed she can be a little more humble and can work with anyone. That’s music to Austin’s ears and Nicole agrees they’ll work for the common good and not sabotage each other. He warns them they won’t get much pay at first. Sami’s cool with that being they live together, but Nicole tells him she’s been living at the Y and needs apartment money and Victor’s making sure she doesn’t get any settlement. Austin has a crazy idea and suggests she move in with him and Sami. Sami spits out her soda at that suggestion. Nicole goes on about how much they can accomplish living together and have an edge on the competition. Sami reminds them it’s her apartment and although Austin apologizes for not consulting her about his idea first, knows how to manipulate her into agreeing by asking if she wasn’t sincere about being a team player. Nicole says she really does need a place to live. Austin hugs them both as they both stare at each other with determination in their eyes.

AT JAVA CAFÉ we find Lucas arriving in a suit and tie to meet his Aunt Maggie at for coffee before his first day at Titan. He tells her she’s his favorite lady and the only women he’s known who hasn’t ruined a single moment of his life..hey, what about Gran?) She knows there’s a special woman out there for him. Maggie gives him a present to commemorate his new job. It’s a silver sign saying BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and she wants him to put it on his desk. She knows Victor wouldn’t have hired him if he hadn’t thought he could do the job. She gives him the pep talk he needs and he’s on to her, especially being his AA sponsor. She urges him to call her if he has any thoughts of taking a drink and a little shocked when he says it would be a little easier with a glass of Scotch in his hand. Maggie orders her latte and he orders a grande cappuccino. She asks how things are with him, Sami and Will. Lucas says Sami is out of his life. Maggie asks him if there isn’t a part of him that still loves Sami? Later he tells her no. Maggie knows better. He says Will hates his mother and he’s the one who wanted his family together. She finally gets him to admit he still does love Sami, but vows he’d start drinking before getting together with her again as it would be a more pleasurable way of killing himself. Outside Lucas thanks Maggie for starting his day out so great and jokes she’s hired as his motivational consultant. (great scenes)

AT THE SPA….A replay of Hope watching Chelsea arriving and buying one of their most expensive treatment plans. She tells Jennifer what she saw and admitting being concerned where the cash came from and not liking her new stepdaughter very much from what she’s seeing of her. She knows how much that package cost and knows she had just spent more than that recently on clothes she needed. Hope knows it didn’t come from Bo (uh oh) as he agrees with her that. Jennifer wonders if Chelsea knew how the rest of the world lived it might have an impact on her. Hope said she doesn’t think Chelsea would give a damn. She wishes Chelsea were more like Abby, not as concerned about material things. She remembered how just last week Abby was collecting money for Light the Night Walk. Jen proudly tells Hope how Abby’s saved change in a jar for Africa and will send it to Jen’s dad (Bill) for Christmas for medicine. Hope knows Chelsea will play Billie and Bo against each other. Jen just wishes this was over for Hope’s sake and Hope smiles, saying…from your mouth to God’s ears.

As Chelsea enjoys having her custom color pedicure and facial, she remembers how easy it was to get $250 from Bo and tells herself she’ll never run out of money (if Bo doesn’t work someday, it might be) Later she’s getting her nails done (Hope and Jen are still gabbing in the lobby) and asks if she can buy a tube of the mask she used for her facial. The therapist said it’s $50 a tube, but Chelsea just smiles and says she’ll take one. Later she wants the same color as Misha (?) is wearing and doesn’t ask, but orders the therapist to go look it up in a magazine.

Chelsea tips the therapists generously and they both invite her to come back. Jen wants to return home to Jack, but Hope says she’s going to wait and talk with Chelsea before leaving. Jennifer warns her not to make it hard for Bo to be in the middle and Hope agrees she won’t.

Jack tells Billie he’s taking control of when and where he dies. Billie tries to convince him how wrong that is and he’s robbing his family of hope. Billie’s disappointed that her best pal would turn out to be such a coward. He resents that and still figures it would be best for his wife and children. Billie’s ISA experience can help him as he can’t do it on his own. He tells her it’s HIS life and decision. She tells him it’s HER life and decision and she refuses to help him kill himself. He continues his sales pitch as she listens with tears in her eyes. She urges him to hang in there as a cure might be found. He tries to focus on positive things like not paying for his daughter’s wedding, dying before his children do, and that Jennifer can remarry. He loves her and wants her to be happy. He vows to kill himself, with or without her help. Billie says without her as she refuses to do something she doesn’t want to do. Jack says there’s only one person who can talk him out of doing this and Billie grabs the idea to call that person. Jack takes the phone out of her hand, warning her not to tell Jennifer about his plan. He reminds her she promised not to say anything and she said that was before she knew what he had planned and will break her word for his and Jennifer’s own good as the screen freezes on their determined faces.


Bo tells Max: “because if anyone hurts my daughter, they’ll have to deal with me”.

Chelsea to Hope: “as long as my mother Billie’s around, you better watch your back.”

Jack to Billie: “if you won’t help me, I won’t have any choice but to disappear.”

Jennifer looks up at Jack and says: “oh my gosh, have you lost your mind?”

As the credits roll…

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Monday, October 24, 2005

Episode # 10172
Tape Date: 9/21/05
Air Date: 10/24/05
Director: Phil Sogard

Summary: Austin hires Sami to work for him, much to her delight…but her joy is short lived as Lucas laughs at her and Austin hires yet another employee…Chelsea charms (manipulates) Bo out of more money…Hope and Jen spend a day at the spa…as Jack makes big plans….a VIP visits Salem as Nicole gets “trumped”.

At Brady House…Chelsea shows up as Bo is busy cleaning up Zack’s toys. She cries as she is upset over the news of Abby’s dad dying and wishes she could do something to help. Bo says she is doing a lot just by being Abby’s friend. She starts complaining about Hope and how she thinks she is a brat. But Bo takes up for Hope, saying she just wants the best for her. He starts in on her and Patrick but Chelsea goes on and on about how great he is. Billie and Hope both think she is a loser but Patrick doesn’t judge her. She says she can go to him for anything…such as advice, or comfort or MONEY. Well, Bo is uncomfortable with this, forbidding her to take money from him. He asks her what happened to the money HE gave her and she informs him it is all gone. She starts explaining that she gave some to the Light the Night walk and of course she needed girls “under-thingies”. Bo is very uncomfortable with this talk as she talks about how expensive it is to be a girl. (LOL) He whips out his wallet (guess he just visited the Salem money tree) and gives her another $250 and she promises to be careful with it and spend it wisely. She asks him to keep this a secret from Billie…just as she walks in, asking WHAT secret? Chelsea accuses Billie of following her as Billie asks what just happened here. Bo says it is no big deal and Chelsea leaves. Bo explains to Billie that she was upset over Jack’s situation and Billie wishes she would have talked to HER about it. Billie whines that Chelsea is just upset because she refuses to spoil her but Bo thinks that Billie should trust her more. He says he doesn’t want her to go to Lockhart for anything, because he fears that eventually, he will want something in return. Billie assures Bo that Patrick isn’t interested in Chelsea, because he is hitting on HER. Bo calls him a creep and Billie says for him not to worry, she can take care of herself. Bo says if Billie is wrong…Chelsea will suffer.

At the Deveraux House…Hope is there as Jen goes on about how the stress is getting to her. Hope wants to get her away for a few hours and go to the spa…her treat. Jen doesn’t want to leave Jack (as he overhears). To himself, he thinks he needs to get her out of the house for a while, he has something important he needs to do. Hope and Jack together convince Jen that she needs this and Jen finally concedes (as Hope winks at Jack and thanks him). As Jen goes to get her things, he thanks Hope and tries to give her money to cover the expense, but she refuses…it’s a gift from her and Bo. He thanks Hope for her love and support and she reminds him that the Horton women stick together.

Later they are at the spa and are presented with a price list. Jen is in shock at how expensive it is and says maybe she will only get a massage, she can’t let Hope spend that much on her, but Hope convinces her to stay. She tells Hope that she got the feeling that Jack is up to something. As they go to change, Chelsea comes breezing in and informs the lady she wants the works. She whips out the cash to pay as Hope walks by and sees this. Jen is looking in a mirror saying she will never leave Jack again. She begs for him to hang on…for a miracle. She says anything is possible, as long as he is alive.

After the girls are gone…Jack is at the computer and says this is it…the way to go….just as long as Jen doesn’t find out. He says it won’t be easy and he needs some help. So he calls Billie, who is now outside the Brady house and tells her to rush over, it is a matter of life and death.

At the apartment building…Sami is excited that Austin is going to hire her and he cautions her they will give it a TRY. He tells her to slow down, he has a few ground rules. During work hours HE is the boss, after work hours, they go back to being friends and room mates. She assures him she doesn’t have a problem with that, she is a professional (rolling eyes here). She is okay with everything and he tells her that he needs to go see Mickey for paper work. She wants to tag along, but he tells her there will be plenty to do later. As he leaves, she is thrilled, saying her luck is about to change.

At Lucas’ you can hear Mick Jagger wailing “Streets of Love” in the background as Lucas (clad in a towel) is drying off from his shower. Sophie whistles as he gives that “oh shucks” look and blushes. They talk about Sami and she asks him why Sami doesn’t work. He says with her track record, no one would hire her. She thanks Lucas for letting her stay as they say their goodbyes. They end up kissing in the hallway…and (of course) Sami is watching.

After Sophie leaves, Sami gloats to Lucas in the hall about having a new job. Lucas asks WHO would ever hire her and she tells him Austin. Well, Lucas is shocked and upset over this tidbit and says he just made a huge mistake as they start to argue. She is crying about how everyone turned their backs on her but Austin and now she can repay him as Lucas laughs in her face. She is NOT amused as he tells her he is sure that they will be at each others’ throats soon. He tells her he overheard her threatening Nicole and asks what Sami has on her. She says she has enough. He warns her to leave Nicole alone. Sami says he must have a thing for cheap floozies and starts in on Sophie and Lucas takes up for her. Sami thinks that Will would be better off with his mother and Lucas reminds her he doesn’t WANT her and she has no one to blame but herself.

Mickey’s Law Office…(is ONE busy place today) as Nicole shows up for an appointment. She is informed that Mickey has a VIP coming and someone else is handling her case. Nicole’s jaw hits the floor as Donald Trump strolls in. She rushes over and begins fawning all over him. She tells him that she was married to Victor Kiriakis but is now back on the market. He tells her that he is happily married and has all the “apprentices” he needs as he quickly dismisses her. He tells her that maybe he can set her up with Martha (LOL). As he disappears into Mickey’s office, Frankie arrives (with a new GI haircut) telling Nicole he is handling her case and he doesn’t have good news. Later, Trump is leaving as Mickey thanks him for his generous donation to the Horton Foundation. The Donald congratulates him on all the good work they have done and on their 40th anniversary. Trump talks about how wonderful Salem is as Mickey jokes and says they have quite a cast of characters and should start their own reality show. Trump thinks about it and tells him they are more suited for a soap opera. (Touché!) Nicole rushes over and starts on him again, offering to send her resume. He tells her he will be in touch. She asks “really?” and he says NO as he leaves. Nicole and Frankie go into an office as she is NOT happy about Frankie handling her case. He tells her that Victor wants to settle with a minimal payoff…no alimony and no access to the estate, which infuriates her…she wants more. Frankie tells her she is dreaming. She is ranting about all she did at Titan as Austin walks in siding with her, saying she did great work at Titan and he was impressed as Mickey introduces Frankie and Austin. Austin tells Nicole he wants to talk to her. In the lobby he tells her about his new company and says he needs her help…and he has a proposition for her.

Back in the office, Mickey thanks Frankie for helping him out with his case load and they talk about Jack and Jen’s situation. Frankie wants to help them out as much as possible. Mickey laughs and says that at one time he and Maggie were sure that he and Jen were going to get married. Frankie tells Mickey he has promised Jack that he will be there for Jen. They talk about Nicole’s divorce and Mickey says he hopes she can pick up the pieces and move on. Frankie hopes that Jen can do the same.

Austin returns to Sami’s and informs her that he took care of all the legal paperwork and even hired an executive vice president…someone that Sami will report to. She is okay with that, just happy to have a job and asks WHO her new boss is…as Nicole walks in. Lucas walks up with a smirk on his face and says “this CAN’T miss!”

Back at the Deveraux House…Billie rushes over asking what is wrong as Jack tells her he needs her help…BUT she must keep it a secret and tell no one. She begs him not to do this to her again, it was hell keeping his other secret from Jen. But she finally agrees to go along with him, as she can’t turn her back on him. He begs her again to never tell anyone and she agrees. He tells her he needs her to help him commit suicide…as the previews show…

Jack (to Billie) What are you doing? (Billie): I am calling the one person who can talk you out of this…

Jen (to Hope): She will run straight to Bo…and that will put him in a tough spot. (Hope): I just want to make sure she isn’t taking advantage of her father…

Maggie (to Lucas): Are you SURE you are over SAmi?...Isn’t there a part of you that is still in love with her?...

Nicole (to Austin): I have to have a place to live…(Austin): Why don’t you move in with Sami and me? Sami spits out her drink…

And the credits roll…

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Friday, October 21, 2005

Episode: 10171
Directed by: Roger Inman
Tape Date: 9/20/2005

It’s a new day in Salem…..and our Salemites are starting their morning off with chats with family. Chelsea and Billie’s never ending mother/daughter bickering continues, Jack with Jen and Abby about his illness, Bo and Hope about Chelsea; Sami and Austin plan a new venture together and Lucas with Sophie.

AT THE LOCKHART HOME (just where is Bonnie, Conner and Max living?) we find Chelsea and Billie bickering already. Billie’s not happy about the money Chelsea’s spending and asks where it came from. She’s also not happy about the pj’s Chelsea’s wearing considering they live with Patrick. Patrick walks in and Chelsea complains about Bo picking a fight with him the night before. Billie asks Chelsea what she’s done to upset her father. Bicker bicker bicker as Chelsea rants at Billie that she’s never felt connected to her and is only making her life miserable. Chelsea calls Kate, knowing which buttons to push as she tells Kate she has a hard time calling her grandma as she looks too young and beautiful to call her that. Kate admits flattery will get her anywhere, LOL, and promises to be right over when Chelsea asks for her help. Billie walks in asking who Chelsea was talking to, saying she was more curious than nosey (yeah, right) as Chelsea blasts her for that. Chelsea admits wanting to go to BB with Grandma Kate and needs an advance from her salary to get work type clothes. Billie asks why she just didn’t ask her for it (yup, the bottomless well for the unemployed), but Chelsea fires back she knows she’d have to pay Billie back and never hear the end of it. Later Chelsea is dressed in a halter type dress and long earrings that Billie figures will be great for work (not where I work it wouldn’t, but maybe at BB, haha). More bickering (it’s getting so old) between Billie and Chelsea as Chelsea says they’re so different and she doesn’t want to wear the same thing over and over and look like her mother, yada yada, and throwing Billie’s past in her face. She does look a little guilty as Billie states she didn’t confide her past with her only to have it thrown in her face. Kate arrives and Billie asks for a few minutes alone with her first. She asks Kate not to spoil Chelsea anymore with gifts and money. Chelsea eavesdrops from the kitchen, not happy to hear that. Billie tells Kate she gave her daughter cash and a job, so no more for a while. Chelsea goes out back and rants to Patrick about what Billie said. He agrees Billie was right and Chelsea heads out the gate.

Inside Billie and Kate chat more. Billie tells Kate to let t hem live their own lives and let her raise her own daughter.

AT THE BRADY HOME…Hope gives young Zack to the count of three to get into the kitchen and finish his cereal. He knows how far to push the envelope as mom is squatting down to his level and serious. Bo walks in as Zack goes into the kitchen and says not to take her anger out on anyone but him. Hope responds that the only one in the house with an anger management problem is him. Hope calmly tells Bo he’d rather argue with Patrick that listen to his wife. Flashback of what happened the night before as Hope joined Patrick and Bo arguing. Hope warns him that he’ll push Chelsea right into Patrick’s arms if he keeps this attitude up. Later the two bring their morning brew into the living room as Hope rationalizes that Chelsea didn’t yell for his help from Patrick, but that Chelsea had probably been comforting Abby about Jack’s fatal illness and was upset about that. Patrick was only consoling her. Hope acknowledges that she now realizes that his daughter does have a soft side and straddles his outstretched legs to kiss him. Hope tells Bo she wants to do something special for Jennifer, but it’ll affect their budget. Bo’s not surprised, saying it’s only money and she already knows what she wants to do. Later we hear Hope's blocked four hours somewhere for her and Jennifer (spa?) when Bo returns home. He says Zack caught the bus on time (reality, love it) and gives her a box with something he made for her. She opens it to find a small blue sailboat (with Fancy Face 3 on it) to always remind her of the life’s journey they’re on together. He made it while she slept at night. Awww. They fall to the couch as she admits not having to leave just yet and Zack is in school….we find them later under a blanket ;-) as Hope tells Bo how thankful they must be for having a future to look forward to. He comments how fast life is going by and he’s lost 18 years with Chelsea and needs to make up for her lost childhood with her. Hope tells him to just be there for her now. He agrees and they snuggle on the couch.

KATE CALLS Lucas’ apartment and Sophie answers, wearing just a towel. She hands the phone to Lucas after identifying herself when asked. Kate congratulates Lucas for moving on from Sami at that news. Lucas fires back that nothing’s going on and gives Kate what she deserves. He’s angry she stopped him from being happy and with Sami and Will right now and for her to stay out of his life. She wishes him luck with his new job before he hangs up. Later Sophie comes out after her shower, still in her towel. She thanks him for the sleepover and he’s just glad it worked out for Will being gone and the room available. Sophie tells him she heard him talking about Sami in his sleep (from the next room, LOL??) as the Stone’s STREETS OF LOVE plays in the background. He tells Sophie he knows he and Sami will never have a future together (ah, that means they will in Salemese ;-)

AT SAMI’S apartment, Austin is looking at ads for an apartment in Salem. Sami tells him that he’s welcome to stay there with her (and just how is HER rent being paid without a job?) She tells him she’s having a hard time without a job (hallelujah) and could use his help. He doesn’t want people to get the wrong idea about them, but realizes his future is in Salem. He realized when he came back to Salem for her wedding that life is too short and to go for what you want, then apologizes for reminding her about the wedding. He’s starting his own company and will base it out of Salem. She suggests she needs a job and can work for him. He doesn’t think it would work considering their history. She tells him no one else will hire her, especially after the latest ordeal with Stan. He says it might not do well for his business either and she understands…but he says he’s kidding. He’s concerned about what Lucas would think/say about it. She says she has to move on with her life and doesn't care. She thinks he could live there and they could start the business in her apartment and when it gets established and making money, get a location downtown. He agrees and she hugs him.

AT THE DEVERAUX HOME…we find Jack and Jen asleep in their bed as Abby walks in wearing her robe and pjs. Jen wakes up and walks softly to their daughter. Jack’s wakens as well, but pretends to sleep as Abby admits to Jen she wanted to make sure Dad was okay and hadn’t died over night. Abby says she came in 4x during the night to listen to Jack’s breathing and asks her mother what they’ll do without Daddy. She apologizes for how she acted when she thought they had lost Jack before and will be there for her and little Jack this time. Jen and Abby hug as Jack, now crying, sits up and apologizes for not telling her earlier about his illness. She wants to make him breakfast if he’s hungry. Jack is touched and said he’d eat anything she made. She knows Grandma Horton was right that if it’s made from love, it will be good. Abby leaves to get her brother and will meet them downstairs. Jack wipes away tears and tells Jen how strong Horton women are. She asks what they’re going to do without him. He tells her he’s got it all figured out. Later he denies any “plan”, just that he’ll be looking over the three of them forever. She goes to help Abby with breakfast. Jack tells himself he’s sorry, but going to leave her a little sooner than expected. Jen joins Abby while she’s making chocolate chip pancakes, Jack's favorite. Jack joins them and excuses himself to go play with Jack Jr. until breakfast is ready. Abby’s got the Salem brain today as she reminds Jen that Lexie is a good doctor, but not a specialist in whatever Jack’s got. Jen says that Lexie got lots of second opinions, but they have to keep Jack alive until they can find a cure and miracles do happen (boy howdy, in Salem they sure do especially). Jack overhears from the doorway and walks in asking Abby not to get her hopes up too high..he doesn’t think they’ll find a cure in time. She rushes into his arms to hug him, crying, and Jennifer joins them for a sandwich hug..freeze frame as the previews roll…

Chelsea asks Bo if he can keep a little secret that she doesn’t want Billie to know. Billie (always on the spot) walks in asking what that is.

Sophie tells Lucas he has her number and can always call her. Sami sees Lucas kissing Sophie.

At the spa (knew it) Hope asks Jennifer why she thinks Jack’s up to something. Jennifer knows that Jack will try to find some way to try and soften the blow.

Nicole runs into Donald Trump and says…you’re the Donald. He replies “yes”.

As the credits roll…

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Thursday, October 20, 2005

Episode # 10170
Tape Date: 9/19/05
Air Date: 10/20/05
Director: Albert Alarr

Summary: Abby and Chelsea go missing as their parents worry about them…the evil Dr. North continues his brainwashing of Marlena…as John decides to take drastic measures.

At the Deveraux House…Bo and Hope arrive (they must have called them) to find Jen a nervous wreck. Abby is missing and they have not heard from her. They say that doesn’t sound like Abby, but Jack says it is because of something he said…that he is dying. As Bo and Hope stand there in shock, he explains about his mysterious illness (he explains the odds of getting it is one in 10 million) and how it is terminal. Hope consoles Jen as Bo asks Jack if there is anything he can do. Jack says in fact there is. Jen explains to Hope that Jack didn’t tell them because he didn’t want to worry them but fears that it is too much for Abby to handle. Jack tells Bo he wants him to promise to look out for his family…he is afraid someone may try to take advantage of them…namely Patrick Lockhart. Hope and Jen ask Bo to go look for Abby and Jack wants to go along. They try to talk him out of it, but he is determined, saying it is something he NEEDS to do. Hope stays with Jen to wait in case Abby returns. As they leave, Jen breaks down, asking WHY is God punishing them. Hope does her best to comfort her and promises she will get through this and she will be there for her, no matter what.

At the Lockhart House…Billie is pacing the floor, worried about Chelsea, having not heard from her and Billie has left 6 messages on her cell phone. Patrick tries to calm her down and is sure that she is somewhere with Abby and they lost track of time. He offers to wait with her and goes to make some coffee. Billie riffles through his albums and puts on some soul. She slowly dances alone as Patrick comes back and dances with her. They talk about the music and how both of them are soul music fans. She thanks him, saying she needed to relax. As he holds her, he tells her how smart, funny, beautiful and sexy she is. She thanks him for always being there for her and they kiss. The phone rings, it’s Jen looking for Abby. Now, Billie is concerned, for she was hoping that Chelsea was at their house. Billie senses something is wrong and wants to go look for them, but Patrick tells her to stay there, he will go. After he leaves, Bo shows up and tells her that Abby is missing. He tells her about Jack’s dilemma (as Billie doesn’t bat an eye…but then she already knows doesn’t she?). She tells him that Patrick is out looking for them which angers Bo and he rushes off…as Billie makes (not so) lucky call #7 to Chelsea’s phone.

Down at the Docks…Chelsea is trying to comfort Abby in her own way. She tells her that she is lucky that she isn’t losing her parents like she did. This upsets Abby even more and Chelsea apologizes and tries to explain. She says at least she has the time to spend with her dad before hand. She says she would give anything to have her parents back as they hug. Abby thinks Chelsea may be right, she should spend as much time with her dad as she can. Chelsea tells her that when her parents died, she tried to remember the last conversation she had with them or remember the last time she told them that she loved them but couldn’t and wishes she had those memories to hold on to. Abby fears that every time could be the last. Chelsea promises to help her through this and offers to take her home. Abby thanks her but opts to walk home. After she leaves, Patrick finds Chelsea alone and crying, telling him what is going on and how upset she is and misses her parents. He holds her and lets her cry as Bo walks up, telling him to get his hands off his daughter. Meanwhile, Jack finds Abby as she hugs him, crying on his shoulder. He tells her that he has known for a couple of months now, but just couldn’t tell them. She is upset that he kept this news from her and asks her why he insists on treating her like a baby. She tells him that she can’t deal with this and runs off.

At the Penthouse…Alex tells Marlena it’s time to erase all memories of John as he turns on the creepy music and hands her a brandy. He tells her that after tonight, it will be like John Black never existed. The only man she will ever love will be him. At Kate’s place, John is watching them and complains to Kate, sure that Marlena was making a break through. He says every time it is like North flips a switch and she regresses. He is SURE that North is controlling her and he needs to get her away from him. Kate points out that he doesn’t have many options left and John says he has one…he can kidnap her. Kate discourages him, saying that he could get arrested and could lose Marlena forever in the process. Alex puts Marlena under and tells her to listen to only him. He tells her he will count to 10 and she will have no memories of John and she says she understands. John tells Kate that he is out of options and he feels that either way, he could lose Marlena for ever. Alex begins to count as she looks at him but sees John instead. She looks at the clock and has flashbacks of John giving it to her and telling her that every time she hears it chime, she will remember how much he loves her…as the clock chimes. Alex reaches 10 and hands her the brandy to toast a productive session as she continues to stare at the clock. Alex asks her what’s wrong but she says she is just tired and ready to go to bed. She tells him goodnight and heads on up. He tells himself that there is nothing to worry about…it all went like clockwork and is proud of himself as he walks out on the balcony, holds up his glass and looks in John’s direction, toasting. John worries about Marlena and thinks that now is the time to make his move as Kate continues to try to talk him out of it. But John is determined, saying he is out of options. Marlena is now upstairs, holding the clock, staring at it, having a flash back of John. She remembers John telling her to lock the door and she does. Alex comes to the door and knocks as she hides the clock in a drawer and lets him in. He pulls out a photo album to show her pictures from a long time ago…when they were lovers, surprising her. He tells her she swore that he was the only one she would ever love. John sees the bedroom light on and worries that Alex is in there with her and threatens to kill him. Alex tries to convince Marlena how happy they once were, but she is still skeptical and wants more information. She asks when were the pictures taken but he tells her she needs to rest and encourages her to go to bed. He tells her that she will remember it all and when she does, it will be perfectly clear to her which man she wants to spend the rest of her life with…as the previews show…

Jen: What are you planning Jack?...

Sophie: I heard you talking in your sleep…Lucas: What was I talking about?...Sophie: Sami

Sami: Austin…I could work for you!...

Bo: How can I make up for not being there for her childhood?...Hope: You can change her future despite being there…by just loving her Bo….

And the credits roll…

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Episode #10,169
Tape date – 9/16
Director – Phil Sogard

Lucas & Sophie go out after work, Shawn & Belle have a serious discussion on the roof, while John attempts to get Marlena away from Dr. North’s influence.

UP ON THE ROOF, Belle is looking at the CDs, when Shawn comes out. He is surprised to see her there, then realizes she is very upset. He tries to leave to go get Philip, but she stops him, saying she doesn’t want Philip, she wants him. She cries most of the time, as Shawn gives her a pep talk, but it doesn’t help. He tries to make her realize this is all just the post partum depression and that it will end. Belle says her life is so complicated now, and she wishes it was simpler like it was when she & Shawn were together. He talks about how they have both moved on, and she pressures him to talk about Mimi, but he avoids that pitfall. They talk a bit about the past but both have different lives now. Shawn holds a crying Belle.

AFTER CLOSING AT ALICE’S, Lucas chats it up with a very flirtatious Sophie. She asks him out to celebrate his new job at Titan, suggesting Cheatin’ Heart or the bar at Chez Rouge. He declines those spots, mentioning he is a recovering alcoholic, and the bartending tonight was hard enough. He suggests going for coffee at Java Café and perhaps a walk down to the pier. Later, they are at the pier, laughing at how they practically felt like senior citizens at the Java Café. Sophie says it evidently is quite the teen scene at night. (what the heck, it used to be…lol) They chat a bit, and the next time we see them, is in the hallway to Lucas’s apt. It seems Sophie’s landlady called her to say there was a pipe break up on the 6th floor, and water damage all the way down to her 3rd floor apt., so Lucas invited her to crash at his place. Seems Will is spending the night at a friend’s house. (oh, how convenient, huh?) They go in, and it doesn’t take long before she says she is now going to keep her promise, and make him forget all about Sami!

AT THE PENTHOUSE, John faces off with Alex, accusing him of climbing in through Marlena’s window. Alex, who is in his P.J.s (the man changes clothes quickly, huh?) emphatically denies this, going on and on while Marlena stands there just watching them both Alex insists that John leave, causing John to try and take a swing at him. Austin & Roman stop him. John says he saw Alex creeping along the ledge and going into Marlena's room. Alex denies, but John says he saw him through his field glasses, causing Alex to have a fit about John spying on them. Roman now says he wants to hear what Marlena has to say. Alex & John argue some more, with Alex mentioning divorce. Sami immediately perks up at that bit of news, telling Marlena that is the right thing to do, and telling her dad to get rid of John & Alex, and he can then get Marlena’s memory back. Roman stops her, saying she is not helping and to be quiet, but Sami just blathers on, as usual. Roman tells Austin to take her home, causing Kate to offer to get her a cab. LOL. Austin hustles Sami out, Kate follows them, not wanting Austin to go with Sami, but she is too late as the elevator door closes on them. She tells herself she will not let Sami get her hooks into Austin again. (If ever anyone deserves the “Mommy Dearest” title, it is Kate, for sure)

AT HOME, Sami rants about John, and raves about her mom divorcing him. Austin is puzzled, and asks Sami if she did not notice that Dr. North was entirely too territorial with her mother. Sami replies, well, maybe, but if he helps her realize she should divorce John, then great. Enter Kate (these people just never shut their doors, do they, lol) who clues Sami in on the truth. Alex has an agenda, and is busy erasing the few memories that Marlena has, and when he gets done with her, she won’t want either John, or Sami or Sami’s father, Roman. Sami is disbelieving, and goes on a roll, taunting Kate, who then slaps her across the face. Sami turns to Austin, who tells her she went over board, and Sami rushes out, going to see her son, Will. While she is gone, Kate goes into her “stay away from Sami” mantra, she & Austin argue, but he firmly tells her to mind her own business. LOL

Sami pounds on Lucas’s door, as we hear the Stones “Streets of Love” playing. Lucas opens the door, no shirt on, comes out in the hall asking what she is doing there. She demands to see Will, Lucas says she can’t, that Will is upset with her and it is better for him if she stays away. She insists, and he finally tells her that Will is not there, is sleeping over at Arthur’s place. Sami asks why he did not just say so, then asks why Lucas is acting so weird, and finally the light bulb goes on, and she says, oh, my gosh, you have a woman in there. Lucas backs into his apt, saying good night, Sami, and we hear Sophie call his name. Sami gets a glimpse of her as Lucas shuts the door, and as she bursts into tears, Austin comes out to console her.

Back inside the penthouse, Alex threatens to get a restraining order on John, finally accusing him of having been an abusive husband, and that is why Marlena does not want to remember him. John then talks to Marlena, reminding her of their vows, of their love, of all they have meant to each other. How she helped him when he first came to Salem, and had no memory of his life. As he talks, she has all these flashes of them together, kissing, in a shower, getting married, etc. Her face changes as she admits that what he says is true, she believes him. This, of course, causes Alex to get between them, flashing that necklace he has hidden in his hand at Marlena. She does that slight brushing of cheek towards her hair gesture, which means she is back in the trance again. Alex once more goes on and on about his patient, and insists they leave. John wants to talk to Marlena in private, but Marlena refuses. Roman convinces John they should leave, and he reluctantly does so. Alex now dangles the necklace in front of Marlena, saying, “That was a close call. For a moment there, I was afraid I’d lost you. That’s why it’s important we destroy the few memories you have of John Black. This time, for good". And the previews roll….

Bo: That doesn’t sound like Abby
Hope: Why is she so upset

Jack: Something I said
Hope: what did you say
Jack: that I was dying

Kate to John: That doesn’t leave you very many options now, does it?
John: I could kidnap her.

Patrick to Billie: That & the fact that you are smart, beautiful & extremely sexy

Alex to Marlena: Not only were we lovers, but you swore I was the only man you would ever love


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