Thursday, August 25, 2005


Friday, August 26th

Episode #10131
Tape date – 7/28/05
Director – Jim Baffico

Summary: We’re popping all over Salem today, so bear with the bouncy ride below….at the hospital Belle has a talk with Sami and Shawn; Jack continues pushing Frankie and Jen together; Chelsea goes after Max while her biological parents try to find her.

AT THE HOSPITAL….Belle tries to convince Sami (and herself) that her marriage to Philip is solid, but Sami realizes she needs to have a good heart to heart with her sister. On the balcony she tries to open Belle’s eyes and prepare her for how motherhood will change her life. She wishes someone had clued her in, but wants to be there for Belle being Marlena isn’t. She tells Belle how much busier and tired she’ll be, but it’s wonderful…(being a new mom herself, I see Ali saying this more than Sami ;-). She knows Belle will be a good mom and Philip a great dad..but there are some things he can’t do. She warns Belle that it’s foolish to even think about getting back with Shawn now under the circumstances. Belle asks who said anything to her and Sami repeats what she heard at Alice’s between Mimi and Bonnie about Mimi and Shawn almost sleeping together and Bonnie’s squealing with delight about how Meems could finally have the man she’s always wanted now that Belle’s out of the way. Belle can’t understand how her best friend could do that to her, being after Shawn all this time. Belle rationalizes how much Mimi loved Rex. Sami says Rex left and if Mimi can’t have love, she’ll go for the money. Shawn will do well with Victor being his grandfather and Alice Horton as his grandmother..he’s better than a megaball. The nurse steps out to tell Sami that the lab is ready for her (wow, that lab sure works long hours!). Sami apologizes for upsetting Belle, but says she loves her and only wants what’s best for her and the baby. She was a product of a divorced parents and look what happened to her, it’s all John’s fault. Belle sighs and tells Sami that John loves her and raised her like his own. Sami doesn’t want to go there..just citing an example to Belle. Belle loves this baby and wants what’s best for him or her. Shawn walks out carrying a mug of coffee and Sami exits after saying hi to Shawn D. Shawn corrects her that it’s Shawn Douglas, LOL…and asks what that was about. Belle explodes at Shawn about how he almost slept with Mimi. Surprised at this..he tells her what really happened, but Belle tears into him about her best friend going after him. Shawn gives her a reality check that SHE is married to his best friend and pregnant and told him to move on with his life, not to wait for her, remember? He and Mimi didn’t do anything wrong and figures she’s jealous. Belle figures Mimi’s so mad at her she’s trying to get back at her by using him. Belle asks if he could ever love Mimi? Shawn argues about her wanting him to move on, right? A nurse tells Belle that her husband is asking for her, so she leaves, close to tears.

Sami steps inside and the nurse informs her there’s a call for her. Sami says hello, asking who it is. A voice warns her to do what Tony DiMera says or to kiss her life with Lucas in Salem goodbye. She asks what Tony wants of her and he says to help him escape from prison.

Billie opens the folder and, big surprise, yes…Chelsea is their daughter. Hope graciously congratulates them on finding their daughter, saying she’s happy for them. She excuses herself to go to St. Lukes and will give them time alone to talk about their next steps. Bo steps over thanks her, gives her a hug and kisses before she leaves. Bo asks Hope not to tell anyone about the dna test/results and she agrees. Billie sincerely thanks Hope for her sensitivity as Hope leaves. Bo tells Billie they should look for their daughter and tell her that they’re her parents, but Billie, in tears, doesn’t feel they should tell her. Love the expression on Bo’s face when she says that..matches mine, LOL! Crying, Billie says that Chelsea hates her guts and the timing is wrong. Bo feels Chelsea has a right to know. Billie fears that Chelsea will resent them for trying to take her parents place. He looks at the positive side..she does have parents and a big family (yeah, she’s about to have sex with her uncle right now..remember Max is Caroline’s adopted son). They talk more about their own childhood and he reflects lying awake at night pondering not being a Brady and Victor’s son instead. They decide they do have the experience to help Chelsea and anxious to find their daughter and tell her their news.

AT THE DANCE…Josh excuses himself to floss something out of his teeth and Caroline and Abby chat. Abby thanks her for chaperoning (way to go Abs!) and Caroline thanks her, saying she’s trying to keep busy and her mind off all that’s happened (and probably about the party welcoming her home that never happened!). Abby admits she never accepted her dad’s being gone for good and knows he isn’t going anywhere again.

We see Jack locking Jen and Frankie in the storage room, determined she’ll be with Frankie and not Patrick when he’s dead. Jack stands outside their closet door with a boom box playing a song that brings memories of old days back to them. She was dressed as a flapper. She turns around and sees something. Later we join them as she’s dressed with a flapper hat and boa and he in a black suit and white tie. Outside the door Jack rationalizes he’s doing the right thing. He hears someone coming and hides the boom box under a blanket on a couch next to the closet. Josh and Abby walk up and hear the music, figuring it’s playing just for them. They step aside and kiss as Jack sees them while hiding around the corner. Later we see him frustrated that he can’t eavesdrop through the door as his daughter and Josh kiss nearby. Caroline walks into the hall and they stop, saying they have to go. Caroline wonders where the music is coming from as Jack rushes around the corner scaring her.

Jen tells Frankie that they were meant to relive their past and it was nice having some time with him. She’s about to kiss him on the cheek as Caroline (and Jack) unlock the door to see that. (guess they didn’t hear Caroline and Jack talking in the hall?) Caroline recognizes the outfits Jen and Frankie are wearing, saying they wore them years ago and she donated them to the church and surprised they still had them. Jen said hers barely fit and Frankie said his did, but it was a little big in high school, LOL. Caroline grabs the cups she was looking for and leaves. Jen kisses Jack and asks about his business meeting. She tells him they have to talk and both admit seeing Abby kissing a boy earlier. She figures it was their music she heard outside the closet door. Jack tells them if he tries anything with his daughter, he’s a dead man, boy, kid, whatever. Frankie pipes up with if he doesn’t, he will and Jack said that’s what he likes to hear (little secret meaning between the two). Jen leaves and Jack reaffirms his wanting Frankie in Jen’s life. Caroline and Jen smile and talk about the memories seeing them in those outfits brought back.

THE SEARCH FOR CHELSEA...Chelsea calls Max (the race car driver, not the dog) and asks him to meet her at the beach in an hour. He’d give her what she wants if they met at his place (what, over Jen’s garage?) Patrick apologizes to Chelsea and they talk about his finding her in bed with Max. She tells him she’s 18 and it was in her bed. He corrects that it was his bed, his house and she asks if he’s kicking her out. No, he’s not, but asks what she sees in Max other than his being a famous race car driver (who never races, haha). She replies he gave her some affection and leaves to grab Abby away from Josh. She tells her Patrick may not be into her, but Max is and going to see him. Hope arrives and hugs Abby and Patrick tells her that he feels Chelsea is about to make a big mistake with Max and going to stop her. Hope says she’s going with him, grabs some food from the table (love it!) and eats it on the run out the door.

Patrick searches his house and realizes Chelsea was meeting Max somewhere else. Hope tells him that Bo and Billie have learned Georgia’s identity and they have a bigger problem now. She tells him everything, including how Chelsea is their daughter (so much for not telling anyone). Patrick says he was the one who suggested the possibility to Billie and Hope tells him the DNA test proved it was true. He decides to go find Chelsea and bring her home safely for when Billie gets there. He asks Hope to stay there and keep her there if she gets home. Hope knows Chelsea hates her and probably wouldn’t stay, but Patrick tells Hope she’s a great mom (yeah, we can see that…where the heck is poor Zack tonight?) and let instinct take over. She asks him to keep the DNA tests a secret and he agrees.

Bo and Billie arrive and Hope tells them about talking to Patrick at St. Lukes. She joined him to look for Chelsea (just saying Chelsea was upset, but not about meeting Max). Bo asks if Hope told Patrick about the DNA test and can tell by her expression she did. They explode, furious with her after they asked her not to tell anyone..especially someone working for DiMera. Hope stands up for Patrick and denies he’d want to kidnap her for DiMera’s..he opened up his house to her. Even Billie gets nervous, thinking how Tony likes irony and he’s in jail because of them. Hope suggests Jack and Jennifer’s house because of Max and Bo and Billie rush out to go there, as Hope stays at Patrick’s house to wait for her there. Hope knows that Patrick only wants what’s best for Chelsea.

Chelsea arrives at the Deveraux garage wondering why Max asked her to meet him there instead. He walks in, now cleaned up and they kiss after he tells her he cleaned up for her. He wants to take her somewhere special, blindfolds her and carries her out. They arrive in the woods somewhere and he unblindfolds her. Later we see a big white canvas tent and fire blazing nearby. She loves it and they kiss on the ground nearby next to the fire.

Bo and Billie arrive at the garage and find it empty (not seeing the note). Bo wants to find Chelsea before Patrick does..shuts off the garage light and they head out. Patrick arrives at J&J’s garage and finds a note (for Frankie?). He ponders what Max is up to and leaves. He walks up to their area in the woods and tells himself..okay Max, if you’ve laid a hand on Chelsea, you’ll live to regret it (at least he isn’t saying he’s a dead man) the previews roll….

Hope to Bo: I just think you should be careful in getting your hopes up Bo. She could fight you and she could fight hard.” The camera pans to Billie’s worried face…

Kate to Nicole: “I want to know everything that Sami is up to..and you’re going to tell me.”

Chelsea rushes into Patrick’s arms, “Patrick, don’t leave me. I need you here with me.”

Bart (the mystery voice) to Sami on the phone: It’s time to pay the piper. If you don’t, no one you love will ever love you again….

As the credits roll…

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