Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Thursday, August 25, 2005

Sami causes trouble, Belle and Shawn are very uncomfortable, Bonnie sees a silver lining, Frankie and Jen get closer, Chelsea makes another plan, Billie and Hope go at it over Georgia…

Sami is sitting in a park talking to a picture of Lucas, trying to justify why she is thinking of helping Tony. She figures he will escape anyway, and by helping him, she will ensure her secret stays safe and the two of them can get married and make a family for their son.

At Alice’s: Bonnie is smoking a cigarette and having herself a pity party with her only friend (besides the cigarette) – Max . Max tells her to pull it together. Mickey was not her first, and won’t be her last. She says she is a survivor. Maybe she should go on that show to make a quick million – except she would have to eat a bug… There is a knock at the door. She tells Sami that they aren’t open yet, and Sami says she will take her business elsewhere. Bonnie lets her in to hear what she has to say. Belle wants a place for her reception and all the good places were booked in advance. Bonnie is “flattered” by Sami’s interest in “settling” for Alice’s, until Sami tells her that her parents are paying for it, and Bonnie can name her price. She starts to show Sami around and give her some ideas on how to redecorate, when Mimi comes rushing in, and disregarding her mother’s effort to tell her that there is someone else there, Mimi tells her that she came real close to sleeping with Shawn. Sami speaks up, horrifying Mimi and the two get into it about Mimi’s quick recovery from Rex leaving. Bonnie breaks them up and sends Sami to the banquet room, where she eavesdrops on their conversation. Bonnie encourages Mimi to go after Shawn and pushes her hard. She is sure that Sami is going to rush home and tell Rex, which Bonnie thinks a) won’t happen as they weren’t close and b) Rex made his choice, so she is free to move on. Mimi finally says enough is enough and tells her mom that she actually came looking for a job. Bonnie gives her a job as a waitress and calls Shawn (without Mimi knowing) to fill in as bartender until she can find a replacement for Rex. He accepts, knowing he will need the extra cash. Bonnie gushes to Max about the new bartender/boyfriend/soon to be fiancée..

At the loft, Belle is on the phone. Apparently the van that takes Phillip to his appointments broke down and no one else is available. He would rather skip the appointment and go back to bed, but she reminds him it is the fitting for his prosthesis. She wants to ask John for help, but Phillip suggests asking Mimi and Shawn instead as they’re closer. Shawn and Mimi are in the hall, as she is going to see her mother, but wants to make sure he has his keys so he doesn’t get locked out again. When Belle comes out, Mimi leaves and Belle tells Shawn that Philip needs his help. When he tells her that he is happy to help, she thanks him for understanding. He states that he may not be happy with her decision, but he has to accept it. When he tells Phillip they should go, Belle leaves to get her things and Phillip tells him to sit down. Phillip pushes Shawn to move on with Mimi. After all, they are friends and they are living together. They could end up like Phillip and Belle. They too started out as friends, and then he moved in and look where they are now. Shawn is very uncomfortable about this talk. He tells Phillip they should get the landlord to soundproof the lofts as they could hear everything. Phillip isn’t bothered by that, but Shawn sure is, as is Belle who is listening.

Once at the hospital, Phillip goes to get his new leg, and tells Belle to spend time with Shawn. She thanks him for his help under the circumstances, and he tells her that he would do anything for her. She says she isn’t so sure. When he questions that, she says if he cares about her so much, why is he spending so much time with Mimi. He tells her that he and Mimi are just friends, and his cell phone rings. He doesn’t recognize the number and since he shouldn’t have his phone in the hospital, he goes to use the payphone to return the call. Sami then waylays Belle and lectures her on getting over Shawn. She tells her little sister to ignore her heart (who can’t get over Shawn) and listen to her stomach. Her unborn baby wants to remind her that she is married to its daddy and she needs to accept that her life with Shawn is over. Belle is in tears, commenting that she can’t get over Shawn.

At the parish dance, Frankie and Jen are dancing. They remark on the old songs and the memories they bring of being young and in love. (As Jen says, yes they are that old!)
Jen finds it strange that Jack would sign them up to work and then just disappear. He hasn’t thought about work in months, just spending time with his family. This business meeting out of the blue seems strange to her. Frankie tells her that Jack has the future to look after. They discuss the fact that Frankie is now staying and how he wants to see Caroline now that she is home. Frankie wanted her to come to the party so that he could surprise her, but when he called, Shawn said she was napping. Jen wants to fix him up with some of her cute single friends, but Frankie, remembering Jack’s plea, turns her down. She gives him a hug and tells him he doesn’t know what he’s missing, and Caroline’s voice asking what he is doing startles him (she came up behind him). She wants to know why she didn’t rate a visit. He tells her about calling, but she tells him she got the message and was teasing him. She is happy to be home with her family and have her two youngest home to. Frankie promises her that they will be staying for a while. Caroline talks to Jen about Jack being happy to be home. Jen claims that she will never let Jack out of her sight again, and Caroline is sure she has nothing to worry about, that Jack won’t be going anywhere for a long time. Frankie looks worried.

Caroline reassures Frankie that she and Victor are just friends and asks if he has anyone special, when Patrick finds Jen. Frankie tells Caroline that he doesn’t like Patrick and him hanging around Jennifer so much. Caroline sends him for some cups for Sister Mary Margaret, and he high-tails it over to Jen and Patrick to ask Jen for them. Jen leaves with him and Chelsea is in the background watching him, and then she calls Max. Frankie and Jen are in the closet, but the light burns out and she trips right into him. Someone shuts and locks the door (looks like Jack’s arm?) with them inside, trapped in the dark

Also at the dance, Abby is standing off to the side, waiting for Josh, when Chelsea comes up. She set up what she hoping to accomplish and is now waiting for Patrick to arrive. When he finally does show up, he goes to Abby, but Chelsea is gone to the bathroom. He tells her he got her message about wanting to talk. She leads him to a quiet room, where she immediately pulls him into another kiss, which he rebuffs. She is hurt, but he tells her that he is her friend only and she should find a guy her own age. She blames Bo and his wife for turning him away from her, but she has another guy who can she have at any time that isn’t boring like the guys her age. Patrick tells her to stay away from Max Brady. He is a user and a charmer and will only hurt her.

Josh shows up for Abby, who was worried about being stood up. It turns out his skateboard lost a wheel. He gives her a small gift, a decoder ring from his favourite super hero. She asks him to dance. Chelsea finds Abby after the dance and asks how her date with Josh is going. It is going good, but Abby can tell that Chelsea’s plans for Patrick aren’t. Chelsea blames Bo and Hope for Patrick rebuffing her, but she has plans to use Max to drive him insane, and calls to set up an appointment with him for one hour later. Patrick comes to her.

At the hospital, Bo and Billie are shown into a lounge to wait for the DNA results and told to make themselves comfortable while waiting for Lexie. Billie is anxious, but Bo tells her to be patient. She talks about all the months of searching, flying all over the world and nearly getting killed, and their daughter was in Salem the whole time. Bo tells her not to get her hopes up, but it is going to be okay. He hugs her in comfort as Hope watches through the window in the door. She comes in and thanks Bo for leaving without telling to her – she wanted to here from him and not Chelsea and didn’t like how Chelsea told her, she didn’t like her attitude. Billie jumps on Hope saying she was probably reacting to Hope’s lousy attitude. Bo stands up for Hope, but Billie stills attacks Hope and defends Chelsea. Hope says Chelsea is out of control and needs help. She is only going to get worse if her deeper issues aren’t dealt with. She thinks there are issues that were present before she hit the hard times that Billie blames Chelsea’s problems on. She is a troubled teen. Billie stills sees it as Hope that is the problem, not Chelsea, who is just a good kid who needs patience and understanding. Hope thinks that Chelsea forced herself on Patrick – she is the kind of girl who will use sex to manipulate. Billie is riled up thinking that Hope is calling her daughter a slut. Hope actually caught the reference and asks what she just said. Bo explains that they are there waiting for DNA results because DiMera told Billie that Chelsea was their daughter. Hope immediately apologizes for possibly sounding harsh in her assessment, but Billie assures her that if Chelsea is her daughter, she will get all the patience and love and care that she needs and will not let her daughter make the same mistakes she did. A nurse brings the results (as Lexie got called to the ever present emergency) and Bo gives the folder to Billie to open. We get an, “Oh my God, I can’t believe this,” and worried looks on Bo and Hope’s faces, as the previews show:

Hope telling someone that Bo and Hope have found their daughter – they know who and where she is….

Billie and Bo discussing whether Chelsea should know that they are her parents….

Belle asking Shawn: “What if Mimi falls in love with you, what will you do then?”

Jen and Frankie in the closet – Jen is in some kind of showgirl costume

Scrambled voice to Sami on the phone: “You will do whatever Count DiMera asks you to do, or you can kiss your life as you know it in Salem goodbye.”


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