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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Episode #10123
Tape date – 7/18/05
Director – Herb Stein


An explosion rocks the island, Jack continues his pleading to Frankie to marry Jennifer after he's dead and Mimi figures out how to make Belle suffer.

Philip continues to talk about Mimi and Shawn pairing up (whatsupwiththat, thought this guy was smart?) to Belle. Belle, who’s become quite the domestic diva, warns him that rebound love is never good. Philip finally suggests they’ve been cooped up for too long and suggests an outing. When asked, Belle says Alice’s and he smiles, liking her choice.

Bonnie watches Shawn and Mimi dancing from the sidelines, giving the thumbs up to her Meems. Shawn and Mimi only commiserate with each other. Shawn wants to just give Belle time as her being pregnant with Philip’s baby is guiding her decision now.. as Mimi said to face it, they’ve lost. Belle would have used birth control if she didn’t want to be pregnant. They stop dancing as Mimi realizes this isn’t working. Shawn figures a couple more beers will help them relax and heads for the bar.

Chelsea’s doing a vertical lap dance to Max who tries to slow her down. He asks if she’s serious about sleeping with him and she agrees..just as Abby rushes over to say Jen told them it’s time to go home. Chelsea refuses and tells Abby she’s just jealous. Later they’re arguing on the other side of the room as Bonnie teases Max that they’re fighting over him. He smiles at that and she said if she was 10 years younger and 20, she’d fight for him too (in your dreams Bonnie, LOL!)…Max tells her that women are like cars…as long as the engine and chassis are in good condition…(oh brother)…as Bonnie smiles. (how come this super race car driver isn’t out racing and instead sleeping over a garage with his big brother??) Bonnie flirts some more and says there’s a lot to be said for experience as Mimi and Shawn walk up behind them. Mimi reminds Bonnie that she’s old enough to be Max’s mother, LOL.

Max joins the girls and asks if they worked things out. Abby walks out and Chelsea and Max dance. Abby returns saying that Jen had called home and Aunt Maggie was worried as Jack Jr. was fussy (could be cuz Jack Jr. never sees anyone, is locked up in his room all the time, haha), so Jen had gone home . Chelsea tells Abby it’s not her problem, but Abby says she needs a ride home…but goes to see Jack when Chelsea doesn’t budge. Max said if they’re going to do it, they’re going to do it right and memorable. (maybe if he lost the John John haircut he’d look a little older?) Abby comes to tell Chelsea it’s time to go.

Belle wheels Philip in and sees Shawn drinking his beer at the bar. She tells Philip that Mimi should know better than to let him do that. They join Bonnie and find Mimi was just drinking crème soda and would get Shawn home safely.

Outside, Jack assures Frankie he really is dying, not testing his feelings for Jennifer. Frankie knows that the Jack he knew would fight this to the end. Jack explains all the doctors and tests say there is no way to do that. Frankie urges him to tell Jennifer and tells him how Jennifer is suspicious already that something is wrong. Practically in tears, Jack asks Frankie if he’ll do what he asks. He doesn’t want to tell Jennifer and Abby as he wants their last days happy, not full of tears. Jack says that Frankie is the only man he trusts with his family to keep them away from Patrick Lockhart. He gets upset when Frankie just listens to his concerns about Patrick’s influence and asks if he’s not the man he thought that would stand up for his family. Jack tells Frankie all his affairs are in order. Frankie catches on that he doesn’t so much want him to be with Jennifer as to keep her away from Lockhart. Jack knows that Jen loved Frankie once before and would never act on it unless he were gone. Frankie said that was a long time ago, but Jack knows it was true love. Abby rushes up, sensing there’s a problem. She asks, but Jack and Frankie cover. She tells them about Jen’s gone home and why. Jack said they’ll get a cab and go home. Abby tells him that Jen told her it was okay to stay longer with Chelsea as he says okay too, but gives her the worried father speech about driving back roads and slow. Frankie remembers dancing to Stand by Me with Jen as we hear it playing in Alice’s and Jack tells Frankie it’s okay, he knows what he’s remembering. Jack knows that he wasn’t Jen’s first love, Frankie was. We’re treated to another flashback of Frankie remembering when he told Jennifer he loved her. Frankie’s irritated that Jack’s making him keep secrets from Jen. He demands an answer now or he needs to make other plans. Frankie tells Jack that he’s amazing to do what he’s doing. A distraught Jack pours his heart out (kudos to both these actors in this conversation!) about all he’ll miss seeing, but knowing his family is secure means everything to him. Frankie assures Jack that he will always be there for Jennifer, even if he didn’t ask him to. Jack tells him he asked him to marry Jennifer, not just be there for her and begs him to agree. Frankie starts crying, saying he doesn’t know if he can promise to do that.

Back inside, while dancing with Shawn, Mimi can tell it’s driving Belle crazy watching them together and decides to make her suffer. Bonnie gives Belle an earful about how Mimi’s always had a crush on Shawn and now that Belle’s happy and pregnant, the field’s open for her. Belle doesn’t think Shawn and Mimi would ever get together, but Bonnie thinks otherwise. Philip rolls up and pays for their drinks and suggests they sit down. Mimi kisses Shawn on the cheek and looks at a jealous Belle watching and smirks. Chelsea whispers to Max to meet her at the Lockhart’s house being Billie and Patrick are both out of town.

Tony continues to taunt the group about the true identity of Georgia. Bo calls Tony a bastard and Tony chuckles, saying Bo fits that description more than anyone else in the room as Caroline and Victor fume, but remain silent at first. Victor can’t stand it and demands to know who their granddaughter is, NOW! Billie pleads and Hope ponders out loud if Tony is playing with them. Tony says they’ve had the information for months now, but you two police/ISA super sleuthes didn’t figure it out, LOL (aha, knew Tony was reading the board, LOL.) Just as he’s about to tell them Georgia Brady’s real name, we hear an explosion. Hope asks Bo if anyone else came with them and he said just Patrick (who’s checking his watch). Tony looks outside as a BIG explosion hits and debris falls on everyone’s head. Billie and Bo attack the guards and get their guns and Hope elbows Tony (even apologizing as she does it), but Tony still grabs a gun and holds Hope hostage unless they drop their guns. Bo tells Tony he only has one bullet and if he shoots Hope, he’s dead as well. Tony pushes Hope into the room and flees with Patrick and Billie in his wake. Later Bo and Hope have gotten the guards secured and Bo goes to find Tony. Hope wants to go too, but he tells her to stay and protect Victor and Caroline. Victor said he can do it, the guards are secured already, but Bo figures there’s more guards and orders Hope to take Tony out if he returns, don’t hesitate. Kiss kiss and off he goes. Later Billie yanks a handcuffed Tony into the room, saying he was trying to escape on his speed boat, but the first explosion disabled it. Victor asks about Bart, but Billie didn’t see him. Bo brings Patrick in, also in handcuffs, saying he won’t be going anywhere except to hell with his boss…as Tony does his manic laugh ….as the previews roll….

Sami to Lucas: Can’t we just forget about Stan, and concentrate on us, our wedding and our future?

Bo to the group: The only thing that bothers me is that this lunkhead is lying through his teeth again.
Hope’s response: He just might be telling the truth

Jack to Frankie: He’s going to take advantage of her when she’s most vulnerable.

Marlena to John: I’m sure he couldn’t force me to be intimate with my ex husband…

We see Chelsea and Max kissing in Bonnie's pool....

As the credits roll..


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