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Tuesday, August 23rd

Episode #10,128
Tape date – 7/22/05
Director – Herb Stein

Summary: Billie and Bo meet at the pub and she tells him about Chelsea/Georgia, Kate finds a way to see Tony, Chelsea continues to be everyones thorn.

AT THE LOCKHART HOME…<br>Bo and Hope arrive just when Chelsea decided to kiss Patrick. Misunderstanding, Bo punches Patrick. Hope pulls Chelsea aside to ask what happened, pretty much knowing who came onto whom already, and Chelsea walks away. Bo stops Patrick from going after her and does so himself. Hope tells Patrick she has a pretty good idea what went on there and warns him that Chelsea could cause big problems for him if he isn’t careful. She gives him ice in a towel for his injured face. Hope said perhaps having Chelsea move in wasn’t a good idea, but Patrick reminds her that Billie lives there too. Neither had anywhere else to go and the house was empty. (hey, where are Bonnie, her younger son Connor that we never see, and Max the dog living now that Maggie and Mickey are remarried and in the Lake House?). They head back in the kitchen for more ice as Bo and Chelsea return to the pool area. He offers his ear or Hope or Billie’s if she needs a woman’s. Bo says Patrick WAS taking advantage of her and if her father were here, he would agree with him. Billie calls Bo on his cell and has something urgent to tell him (in person) and they agree to meet at the Brady Pub. He leaves and Chelsea tells herself that Billie has him jumping through hoops too.

Hope joins Chelsea and tells her she knows what happened with Patrick. She warns her if she flaunts her sexuality to the wrong guy, she could get hurt (hmm, guess we know what will probably happen down the road). Chelsea tells her what she told Bo..she can take care of herself. She’s tired of witches like her and Billie trying to run her life and tells Hope to go to Hell. Hope pretends to clean her ear, but Chelsea continues that Hope would be wise to keep an eye on her own husband. Does she even know where he is? (uh, yeah..why didn’t Bo yell to Hope at least that he had to take off..didn’t they arrive together?) She tells Hope that Bo took off to meet Billie. Hope remembers her discussion with Patrick in the kitchen. He told her they saved each others lives in the past and he’s thankful to her. He remembers her stripping down to her underwear when he was freezing and her crawling in the blanket with him to warm him…then he kissed her. He comes out of his memory and looks at her.

Chelsea compares herself to Billie that they both go after what they want and right now, she thinks Billie wants Bo.

Kate arrives to get more dirt on Sami as Billie walks out of her visit with Tony. Billie looks shell shocked and tells her mother she just learned something that if true, her life would never be the same. We return after Billie explains that Chelsea might be Georgia. Neither looks overjoyed, and Billie remembers how nothing’s been proven. Kate starts on about how now she and Bo can be with their daughter now as Billie rolls her eyes and states all she is going to deal with now is if Chelsea is her daughter. She mentions the rare blood marker coincidence after Chelsea’s accident. She hopes that Tony isn’t setting her up for another disappointment. She goes to call Bo and tell him what she’s learned as Kate mentally plans how to run her son’s life next and break up him and Sami. She tries to see Tony and the guard won’t let her. An ISA agent goes to get coffee and she introduces herself as Commander Brady’s wife. He still won’t let her see Tony. She mentions her daughter, Billie Reed, got to see him. He says SHE’S an ISA trained agent and was allowed to see him. He leaves and she calls someone for a favor (John?). She no sooner hangs up after being told her favor will be granted when the same ISA agent tells her he got a call from ISA headquarters. He doesn’t know what strings she pulled, but she’s been granted 10 minutes with their prisoner. She heads in to get dirt on Sami and info on Georgia.

Bo walks up and gives his mom a quick kiss and hug. She’s glad to be home, but his mind is on Billie’s emergency call. Caroline gives a little motherly advice to keep his distance from Billie (poor Caroline..has anyone had a nice welcome home party for her and Victor? Here she is, back slaving at the pub.). Billie and Bo sit at a booth and she flat out tells him that Tony said Chelsea is their daughter. Neither are overjoyed, LOL. He tells her about finding Patrick kissing Chelsea, which surprises her. She tells him about the Max/Chelsea scene she and Patrick walked in on when Bo responds that Billie’s making her out to sound like Lolita (ROFLMO!!). (for those younger readers, here’s a little blurb from about that movie)

Lolita (1962) was Stanley Kubrick's sixth film - a brilliant, sly adaptation of Vladimir Nabokov's celebrated yet controversially-infamous 1955 novel of a middle-aged man's unusual, doomed sexual passion/obsession for a precocious, seductive "nymphet" girl.

Billie knows his hatred of Patrick doesn’t help and he tells her he slapped Patrick a little in the face. Billie throws up her arms and moans..but Bo goes on that if Chelsea IS their daughter and Patrick lays one hand on her, he’s a dead man! Caroline walks up and drops a tray as Billie tells Bo that they have to find out if Chelsea is their daughter. He helps Caroline clean up the mess and Caroline expresses her concern about what his daughter could do to his marriage. He assures Ma that he and Hope talk about this a lot and she wants him to find his daughter. He just found out about Chelsea and plans to go tell Hope right now. Back at the table Billie tells Bo that she wants this news to be kept under wraps until they prove it. Bo knows Ma won’t tell any one.

OUT IN THE WOODS…Marlena and Alex are having a regular kiss fest on her bed. He finally stops and said they can’t do this. Still in a blissful blur, Marlena doesn’t understand, then realizes he’s her therapist and she was coming on to him. Embarrassed she runs out of the room. He finds her in the living room doing some major major crying (that Deidre does so well) and sobbing, berating herself for being a terrible person kissing him when married to someone else. She brings up being told how she had been pregnant with another mans baby and feels like a cheap whore. He calms her a little and sits her on the couch. He pulls out a file on her and tells her how she and her ex-husband were held captive and chained together for months. That’s how she got pregnant. In her past she was kidnapped and impregnated with a fertilized egg. She gave birth to twins, Rex and Cassie. She took care of them until they were cruelly taken from her. The Dimeras were responsible for all of this. This amnesia is a way of telling her system that she needs a rest. Everything is too painful to remember. She still doesn’t understand her attraction to him and asks if he works for Dimera. He shakes his head in denial and she apologizes. He thought distancing her from her past might help her heal. She continues crying saying she doesn’t know what she’d do without him and goes into his arms for a hug. She confesses something that’s embarrassing, about her dreams of kissing and making love to him. He justifies it as just transference and normal (yeah, but what about YOUR flashbacks of being with her? is that transference too?) He assures her she’s not being unfaithful by doing that. She admits not wanting to go back to Salem and loves it there, it’s so peaceful. She feels safe and happy with him there. All those people back home, she doesn’t care about seeing them again. She asks if that’s wrong. He shakes his head and says no and she rushes into his arms and thanks him. He tells himself that’s exactly what he’s counting on…and as the previews roll…

Chloe to Brady: “I’ve made up my mind. I can’t marry you looking like this.”

Abby to Chelsea: “Billie’s been like a mother to you ever since your parents died.”
Chelsea’s response: “That bitch could never be my mother!”

Jennifer to Frankie and Jack:“It’s wonderful that you’re going to be staying in town, but I have a pretty good idea what changed your mind….and you should be ashamed of yourself!”

Sami answers the phone (it’s Tony calling) “What do you want.”
Tony: “I need to see you.”
Lucas is standing next to Sami and asks who it is….

As the credits roll..


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