Monday, August 29, 2005


Tuesday, August 30th

Episode #10133
Tape date – 7/27/05
Director – Herb Stein

Summary: Chelsea admits what happened and gets a surprise of her own; Sami and Bart chat; Chloe and John make a generous offer as Chloe has another panic attack, Philip walks into Alices; Kate asks Victor's help; and Marlena grows more comfortable with Alex at the house in the country.

John and Victor visit Brady and Chloe at the cottage with a surprise. Chloe and Victor welcome each other home. The surprise is to subsidize their wedding. Brady is overjoyed, but Chloe does her usual panic routine and runs to the bedroom saying she can’t do this. Victor apologizes for upsetting Chloe and Brady says it’s okay and goes to check on Chloe. She’s about to take the bandage off again and he warns her it could get infected. She suggests eloping and he agrees, but then she changes her mind again, wanting a church wedding at St. Lukes.

John checks his cellphone, admitting he was hoping for at least a courtesy call about Marlena’s progress. Victor (poor guy, now back in Salem is stuck in suits again), hopes John checked out Marlena’s doctor thoroughly and John said he came highly recommended from Harvard and over the internet. He’s having second thoughts now though. He tells Victor Alex North’s name and he says it sounds familiar. Kate calls Victor and offers to buy him a drink at Alice’s..she needs his advice (has he even seen Philip yet?) Victor excuses himself, not saying where he’s going and suggests John take action if he’s worried about Alex. John’s determined to see Marlena.

Marlena is getting domestic (nope, her memory isn’t back yet) and baking bread. Alex tastes it, kids it’s bad, but then tells her it’s good. Roman checks Marlena’s confidential file and her daughters said she was a lousy cook. Insulted, she tells him that bread she made was very good and he agrees, thinking maybe it was a dormant talent, LOL. He won’t let her see the file of memories as she requests because it would hinder her own memories. He tells her it’s his job to keep the line of communication open to her loved ones. She understands, but says there’s one person she doesn’t want to see, her husband. Alex says she can’t ignore John, he’s an important part of her regaining her memory. She can’t imagine her life was that great in Salem. She tells Alex she feels so at peace and fulfilled there at the cabin. She feels euphoric about what she’s accomplished. If she regains her memory she doesn’t know if she’ll be her true self again. Her cell rings, it’s John. She can’t talk to him and hands the phone to Alex. He says Marlena went out for a walk and that there’s a lot of static on the line. He hangs up and tells Marlena she’s got to call him back or he’ll be up there to see her. John doesn’t have good feelings about this and makes a call to his pilot to gas up the chopper and to pick him up in 20 minutes to go get his wife. Marlena calls and discourages his visit, saying it would hinder her progress. He says he understands and she thanks him, hanging up before he tells her he loves her. She tells Alex he was right, John was about to come visit. She doesn’t want him there and only wants Alex.

the new waitress (Mimi) and bartender (Shawn) are hard at work. Shawn admits to Mimi that he’s never done this before, but thinks he has everything under control. He sees Belle and Philip come in. Philip’s already walking on his new leg with canes (so soon?) He tells Mimi about his talk with Belle and how she was acting jealous after hearing what Sami told her she overheard at Alices. Mimi apologizes for that. He realizes today is the first day of the rest of his life and they agree to drink to that later. Belle tells Philip how great he’s doing after PT and on his new leg. He sees Kate and decides to go show her his new leg and looks back to see Belle glancing at Shawn and asks if she’s coming, which of course she does. Later Kate raves over Philip’s progress and he decides to go say hello to Shawn and Belle goes with him. Mimi and Belle have words and Philip orders an orange juice (realizing he needs to keep his balance) and informs Shawn he and Belle think he and Mimi would become more than friends. Belle joins them, whining about Mimi not believing she didn’t want Rex to overhear about the abortion (I’m with Mimi). Philip asks Shawn’s help to talk to Mimi for Belle. Shawn agrees.

Kate ponders Sami’s situation at a table as she nurses her drink. After her visit from Belle and Philip and her call to Victor above, Victor joins her. She asks if he still has contacts in the Dimera organization. She tells him Sami took Roman and Lucas from her and Victor knows Kate did that to herself and can’t believe she’s still after Sami. Later he offers to help her and goes to see Philip. Kate says Sami is going down.

Sami sees Bart approaching in a priest’s garb and says “Oh God” twice. He tells her that Tony is threatening to send pictures (we see ones of her being turned into Stan in them) to everyone she holds near and dear if she doesn’t use the talents she’s blessed with and get him out of jail. He says they need her to break into her father’s computer and when she said she can’t, asks if she’s ever tried.. following up with “my bad, of course you have”, LOL. She’s their only hope as their own experts couldn’t get through the Salem PD firewall for the codes they need (that’s a first). He asks what her final answer is. She tears up the pictures and he says they have enough to flood Salem in. He gives her the ripped up photos, tells her to keep the faith, bless you and get us what we need. Sami glances inside, sees the coast is clearn, then sits at an outside table and burns the ripped up photos with a candle on the table. She says no one can ever find out as Kate walks out the door and sees her.

We return to Bo launching himself at Patrick. Billie and Hope ask what really happened. Chelsea swallows her canary eating grin as Hope insists on the TRUTH this time. Chelsea explains about the cider spilling and Max going to get her sweatshirt. Patrick remembers her exact words and not saying that Max attacked her. He apologizes for jumping to conclusions. Hope insists Chelsea tell everyone the truth about what Patrick did (or didn’t) do. Chelsea admits what really happened and was nervous being alone out there. She explains Patrick didn’t do anything to her, she hugged him. Hope tells Chelsea she owes Patrick an apology and Chelsea mouthes off for her to mind her own business and the same with her husband. Surprised, Billie turns her around and Chelsea tells her to leave her alone too and runs off. Hope takes Bo into the bushes to talk and warns him about Chelsea being a master manipulator, working the two guys (Max and Patrick) against each other. She caught the smile on Chelsea’s face when Max and Patrick were being waged against each other for her. She warns Bo to be alert and be on guard. Chelsea runs to the dock and talks to her dead parents in tears, asking for Billie Reed to just go away and leave her alone. Chelsea tears into Billie about how she herself wants Patrick and is using her for getting Bo away from Hope. Bo joins them and Chelsea repeats it to him as Hope joins them..Chelsea calls Billie pathetic as Billie stands there crying. Billie tells Chelsea to stop alienating everyone who loves her. Chelsea doesn’t believe that, but Billie says the reason Bo and I care so much is that we’ve recently learned that you’re our daughter. Bo says the dna tests prove it. Billie says I’ve waited so long to meet you. Chelsea starts crying, saying it can’t be true, then slaps Billie hard in the face and says “you bitch!”. Billie and Bo are both taken back by that as Hope watches closely, stepping away from Bo. The camera freezes on Chelsea’s angry face

as the previews roll…

Victor to Kate: I have some news for you Kate, about Sami and Tony DiMera.

Roman to Sami: Maybe you can help me by answering a question. It’s about your involvement with Tony DiMera.

Patrick to Hope: “So, do you trust Bo and Billie?”

Bo to Billie: “We’ll be a family, it’ll be alright.”


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