Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Wednesday, August 17th

Episode #10,124
Tape date – 7/21/05
Director – Deveney Kelley

Jack continues to beg Frankie to watch out for Jen, John flies Marlena & Alex up to the mountain cabin while the ISA takes charge of Tony, who manages to thwart Billie anyway.

Jack comes downstairs, sees a video tape laying on the table, flashes back to showing Jennifer & Frankie the old tapes of when they were young. He sadly tells himself that he wishes he could be around to protect Jen forever, but since he won’t, he has to make sure Frankie does. Outside, Frankie sees Max who tells of his date with Chelsea, but doesn’t explain the details. They talk a bit about Jennifer & Jack, Max leaves. We next see Abby thanking Chelsea for bringing her home, & then cautioning Chelsea not to jump the gun in regard to having sex, telling her it should be very special. Chelsea is determined to go ahead with her plans. Jack comes outside, telling both girls to come in to watch some episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Chelsea tries to play the “I’m 18” card, but Jack will have none of it….my roof, my rules. He goes inside to make some popcorn, & Chelsea takes off anyway. Jack is unaware, as just as he is about to serve up the popcorn, Frankie comes to the door, and informs Jack he doesn’t think the plan is all that good. (neither do we, Frankie, neither do we). He thinks it is all wrong, but Jack pleads his case, warning Frankie about how insidious Patrick is, that he would worm his way back into Jen’s life. He rants about how trusting Jen is, how Patrick already had wormed his way in, constantly parading shirtless around the house, and how, tho Jen has been through so much, she still is an innocent where someone like Patrick is concerned. Frankie finally, but reluctantly, says o.k. Meanwhile, Chelsea has met Max in the Lockhart backyard, they kiss a bit, and Max wants to go for a swim. Chelsea says she doesn’t have her suit (wait a sec, girl, this is where you live, your suit is in the house). Max doesn’t have one either, but who needs one, as he strips down. Chelsea initially is uncomfortable, flashing back to Abby’s words about “her first time should be special”, but she gets over it quickly, strips herself, drops her cellphone, which accidentally dials Abby. We see Max & Chelsea making out in the pool, Abby answers her phone, hears them (oh, for crying out loud, what is with all this voyeurism on Days?), tries to get Chelsea’s attention, no luck. The phone goes dead, and we leave the other two kissing in the pool.

SAMI tosses and turns, having a bad dream about Lucas finding the Stan wig, calling her all kinds of names, and confronting her about being Stan. She wakes up, goes into the other room, to find a shirtless Lucas at the computer with an idea how to find Stan. He still has his high level clearance and can get into Tony’s mainframe. Sami panics, and just as Lucas is getting into the area, she pulls the plug on the laptop. Lucas has a fit, & they argue. She tries to convince him that Tony would learn of it, come after them, etc. She says Lucas is obsessed with this, and that they just got back together after being apart for months, lays a guilt trip on him. (By the way, Lucas has shaved and looks mighty handsome!) They kiss, and she says she wants to practice for their wedding dance, and puts on some music. As they dance and kiss, an announcer breaks in with the news that the CIA and ISA have located the international criminal, Tony DiMera, and are returning him to the States. Lucas & Sami are both shocked.

ON THE ISLAND (wonder how many the DiMera family own? LOL) Bo finishes securing Patrick’s ropes, and the gag, glad this louse has been caught. But Billie jumps to his defense, saying Patrick actually saved them all, left a message on her PDA about having wired Tony’s boat with explosives, and that he knocked Bo out to actually save them all, yada yada. Sorry, but her explanation all sounds a bit rushed to me. Bo & Hope are rather leery of Billie’s explanation, and ask Tony, who proceeds to finger Patrick as the one who helped him lure Bo & Hope to the island. Billie slaps Patrick across the face, but he talks fast & furious, claiming to only pretend to have worked for Tony, who listens very carefully, as Patrick explains that he got info from another of Tony’s operatives, who thought Patrick still worked for Tony. (Yep, it sounds as convoluted when you hear it, as when you are reading it here) Tony still claims Patrick was working all along for him, but Billie and then Hope tend to believe Patrick, much to Bo’s dismay. Billie pressures Tony for info about Georgia, Tony says it is in his data base. Billie rushes over to the computer, asking for his password. Patrick warns her it might be a trap, Bo says the same. Reckless Billie insists Tony give her his password. He says CG followed by some numbers. She types them in, and whoops……the entire computer is being uplinked to a satellite, and then over to another very secure computer. (maybe the one Lucas has access to, lol). Tony tells her the computer will now self-destruct (oh, wow, shades of Mission Impossible! Lol) Billie is furious, and points her gun at Tony, and fires! Alas, just a warning shot. Hope unties Patrick, who somehow vanishes, no idea where. ISA operatives arrive to take Tony into custody and they leave with Billie. Victor & Caroline are so happy to be going home at last. Bo & Hope are also happy, but leery. Bo comments that tho Stefano is dead, and his maniac son will be spending the rest of his life behind bars, that somehow, there is always another maniac to take his place. And this scene melts right into Dr. Alex North standing on a staircase….see below. LOLOL

SOMEWHERE IN THE MOUNTAINS Alex & Marlena arrive at his log cabin, & Marlena is impressed, saying it is just lovely. She thought it would be rustic, but this is wonderful. She comments that she feels at ease, as though she has known him all her life, and gives him a big hug. John walks in with the luggage, drops them upon seeing the embrace, then mentions being glad Alex let him fly them there. Marlena thanks him for bringing in her bags, and Alex takes them upstairs to the only bedroom, assuring John he will be sleeping downstairs on the very comfortable sofa. John gives Marlena a gift, a photo album. Tells her she always enjoyed putting these pictures into albums, pointing out their daughter, Belle, Sami, pictures of themselves, etc. She says she feels as though she was a woman of strong principles, John agrees. So she wonders then, if she was so close to him, why did she sleep with her ex-husband. John mentions her being held for so long by the DiMeras and the name sounds familiar to her. She points out that tho he may have held her & Roman prisoner together, Tony could not have forced her to be intimate with her ex. Alex is halfway down the stairs, listening, and then returns upstairs. Marlena again says that she would not have slept with her ex for no reason. Alex comes down now, saying they are going to have their lst session tonight, so John will have to leave now. John starts to leave, then asks Dr. North to try and make sure, as Marlena regains her memories, that she focus on John. Alex looks at him, saying not to worry, he has every intention of making sure Marlena ends up with the right man. (Hmmm, cryptic statement, huh?). He goes inside, where Marlena is putting on some music. He flashes back to a very intimate moment between them, obviously from long ago. Aloud he says to her, “Now that I have you all to myself, shall we pick up the pieces of your life?”…..the camera freezes on Marlena’s face, and then dissolves into jigsaw puzzle pieces.

And the previews roll…..

Nicole to Brady: Tell me you still have feelings for me…..as she kisses him.

Mimi to Shawn: I’m sure there are 100 women who would love to go out with you, like me for one

Belle comes into the loft apt., sees the overturned wheelchair, and calls out Philip’s name.

Lucas, angrily to Tony: Where’s Stan? Tony replies: Why don’t you ask Sami that question?


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