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Episode #10129
Tape date – 7/25/05
Director – Albert Alarr

Summary: If one didn’t know better, one would almost think this was a repeat episode, as Chloe once more refuses to marry Brady, Jack once more conjures up reasons to play music from Jennifer’s & Frankie’s past, Chelsea once more rants about Billie, Kate once again rants about Sami, looking for dirt, while Tony once more manipulates everyone from the interrogation room. Lol.

Chloe just cannot resist all those mirrors in the place, and does her usual hand mirror pity party. Brady comes in, all excited about their upcoming nuptials, but Chloe once more does her mantra of “I can’t marry you, I look like a monster." Brady refuses to accept that, they talk of the RSVPs, why Sami got invited, etc. etc. They kiss, and off to the bed, where else? Later, Chloe talks of hoping the antibiotics work on the infection (oooh, looks like Dr. Travis has a miracle cure, and no surgery required, lol). Brady mentions that she is not to remove the bandage from her cheek, but of course, when alone, she does just that, and we see her hair covering her face as she seems to be sobbing. When Brady comes in she tells him the scar looks worse than before, all "red and inflamed.”. Brady does HIS usual reassurance (you have all seen and heard it many times already) and we see scarless Chloe thru his eyes. Yes, her waffling about marrying him is over for today, at least.

ABBY COMES INTO THE LOCKHART HOUSE calling for Chelsea, who comes out saying she is determined to get rid of Billie permanently. Abby tries to make her realize how Billie has looked after her since her mother died, mentioning the blood transfusion, and how Billie took her in. Chelsea replies that it was Patrick who took her in, that Billie then butted in, and she should be living there alone with Patrick. (WHERE is Bonnie & Connor?) Chelsea continues to rant about Billie, saying she could never take the place of her mother who loved her a lot. Meanwhile, Bo & Billie have gone to the hospital, found Lexie, told her about Tony’s claim in re: Chelsea being Georgia, and how they want a DNA test NOW. Lexie says they have all of their records, etc. so will have the lab get on it. Bo & Billie decide to wait for the results. Billie wonders how this is going to affect Bo’s life, and wonders why he has not yet called Hope to tell her this news. Color Bo looking guilty. Back at the Lockhart house, Abby mentions having a date that night, asks Chelsea to help her get ready. (always amazing when these gals cannot dress themselves, lol)

Meanwhile, Frankie enters a darkened hall, calls out for someone, as he turns on the light. Jen comes thru a door, wondering why he is there. Frankie says he got a message from Jack to come over to St. Lukes Parrish House. Jen got the same one. Cue the music, as “Stand By Me” begins to play. Both wonder who put that music on, as we see Jack in the next room, telling himself he has all their favorite music and before the night is over, it will be done. (This is about the saddest and lamest storyline….and if Days thinks this is a J&J love story, as claimed in a magazine interview, he had better think again.) Jack comes out, talking of the St. Luke’s annual Charity Dance, saying he volunteered them all to help set up, but he has a business meeting (hmmm, and him with no job, lol) so wants Frankie to stay and help Jennifer. She protests, saying Frankie is leaving, but Jack says no, he isn’t. Flashback to Jack begging Frankie not to leave. Frankie agrees, saying now that Caroline is back, he wants to spend some time with his family & friends, as he realized how much he missed them all. Jen tells Frankie she knows why he changed his mind and Jack should be ashamed of himself. Frankie protests, all protective of Jack, who continues to push Frankie onto Jen. Abby & Chelsea arrive, Jack gives them balloons to blow up, and everyone is putting up decorations. (Gee, wonder where Father Tim is.) Jen insists Frankie tell her how Jack twisted his arm to stay, but Frankie is mum. Now Jack puts on the song “On Bended Knee”, tells the girls how good Frankie & Jen were in the dance dept. and insists both show the girls their stuff. Jennifer and Frankie begin to dance.

AT THE CONVENTION HALL, formerly known as the interrogation room at the Salem P.D. Kate visits Tony, who already realizes she wants info on Sami. He tells her he does have info, but the price is his freedom. Kate is willing to make her deal with the devil, but doesn’t know how to manage that. Tony claims he will give her a hint, the price being the use of her cell phone. He makes a call.

Sami is at her laptop, reading the news of Tony’s capture and of being held for interrogation. (How come no one watches the TV news?Flashback here to the war zone, as Tony in his beret, talks of how Sami as Stan pushed drugs onto John, tortured Billie about her lost child, was responsible for Chloe’s botched operation, & led the Keystone warriors into a trap in the war zone.) Lucas comes in, tells her their wedding is off, scaring her, but turns out the invitations have no date on them. Sami checks her computer….and sure enough, there is no date. She fixes that, talking of having to resend them now. (I guess that is one way to save money when neither one has a job, just invite via e-mail. Emily Post would not approve, but then, Emily Post never had a computer, I bet. ) As they kiss, Sami gets the call from Tony, who urges her to come down to see him right away. She tells Lucas it was the wedding planner (there she goes, another lie, what happened to all that honesty from now on?) and she has to go check on the flowers. Lucas decides to go investigating Stan while she is gone.

Tony returns the phone to Kate, telling her she cannot redial, as he erased it already. She is sure he called Sami, but he does not divulge that. Only gives her the hint……that Sami is a Mistress of Disguises. Kate has no idea what that means, but Tony tells her to chew on it for a while. Kate leaves, & Tony chuckles at how his plans are going better than he ever thought they would.

Sami arrives at the Police Station in a black suit, white blouse, short haired black wig and glasses (hmm, she must have stopped at Disguises R Us, and they even have clothes to rent, I guess). She bumps into Kate, who doesn’t pay too much attention. She deepens her voice, demanding to see Count DiMera, as she is his attorney. The policeman asks her name, and she says she is going to have to get better press agent, she appears on Court TV, lol, and name is Barbara Couda. When she enters the room, Tony tells her that was very clever, and that she truly is a mistress of disguises.

Kate meanwhile, has conned her way into Roman’s office, just saying she wanted to leave her husband a message on his computer. Cop says O.K. Sheesh. She goes into Roman’s office, shuts door, and quickly gets onto computer looking for dirt on Sami. Lucas arrives outside, learns his mom is in the office, so goes in, and begins hollering at her. He berates her for trying to get into classified files, and funny scene ensues with him pulling her wheeled chair away, her rolling back, him pulling it away again, as he deletes the file or closes it down or something. Kate has a fit, but Lucas argues with her big time. All the cops are listening outside the door. Ha. Ha.
Tony has told Sami he will tell all about her being Stan unless she helps him escape. Sami protests that she has no way to do that. Lucas rants at Kate and then leaves. Tony tells Sami to follow his instructions exactly. Sami leaves, and once more bumps into Kate, who now recognizes her. She yells for Lucas to come back, several times, as she rants at Sami herself. Lucas returns and as Kate turns to show him Sami, Voila, she has vanished. Kate tries to explain that Sami was there, in disguise, but Lucas is tired of his mom’s accusations about Sami. Meanwhile, Sami is telling herself that was a close call, she would never be able to explain to Lucas what was going on. She tells herself she has no choice, she has to make a deal with the devil….but this is the last time. Camera freezes on her face, with flames erupting all around her……and the previews show…….

Philip: Belle & I are proof that friendship can lead to a lot more.Shawn: The only thing I’m interested in is moving on

Mimi to Bonnie: Shawn & I came this close to sleeping together.Sami’s voice: Meems, you don’t waste any time, do you?

Billie…yelling: Now you are calling my daughter a slut?A shocked Hope turns to an embarrassed Bo, saying: What did she say?

Frankie, trying a door handle: It’s lockedJen: Oh, my gosh, we’re trapped, to which Frankie replies: Yeah


Will Lucas and Sami get married THIS time? [1555 votes total]

Yes (834) 54%
No (721) 46%

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