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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Episode #10134
Tape date - 7/28/05
Director – Jim Baffico

Kate gets unsettling news from Roman, but gets closer to finding out Sami’s secret. Chelsea reacts badly to what she hears from Bo & Billie, while Sami tries to figure out how to deal with her dilemma.

KATE COMES STROLLING outside Alice’s, checks the ashtray on the table, finds a remnant of the photos Sami had burnt there. She wonders what Sami was up to & is determined to find out. Roman comes outside, tells Kate they have to talk, then informs her he has hired Mickey Horton to represent him, and he wants a divorce. Kate is a bit surprised, & thinks he is moving too fast. But Roman talks of her betrayal, and of what she did to Sami, after promising him she would look after her. He says they really weren’t married all that long, and then he was supposed to be dead. This gives Kate the perfect opportunity to throw up his sleeping with Marlena, getting her pregnant, etc. Roman says he is sorry, but that is completely different. He says Kate drugged Sami, set her up to be found in bed with Brandon, not only fired Sami from her job, she then sold his house, and did not give Sami any money from it, tho she could have used it. Kate claims Sami left town. Roman tells her she cost Sami her son, Lucas, her job, her life. And still she was not satisfied. Roman says it is just fortunate Sami did not do something really bad in return….& Kate pops up with “how do you know she didn’t? How do you know she did not do something really bad”? She mentions that when she saw Tony….and Roman is startled, wanting to know how she managed that. Kate blows that aside, and begins to tell what Tony said. Roman, however, stops her, saying Tony is a liar, and he would not believe a single word he said. He leaves.

Kate ponders just what Sami could have done. Now Victor comes out, saying he has some news about Sami. (WHY is he helping snaky Kate?). He does not know if Sami was working for Tony, but it looks like Tony may be blackmailing Sami. Kate gets her Cheshire cat smile at that. She then brings up how well Philip is doing, & how he & Belle are expecting a baby. She then mentions Billie & Bo finding their daughter, and tells him about Chelsea Benson. She talks of “your son and my daughter” and we now have a granddaughter. (Hmmm, wonder if Chelsea is going to get lucky and get to live in Vic’s mansion. LOLOL) Victor warns Kate that Bo is very happy with Hope, and that she had better not do anything to have Billie come between them. Kate, with a big smile, promises, and we see her fingers crossed behind her back.

INSIDE ALICE’S, Lucas, Sami & Will are having a little celebration, and want to toast the coming wedding. Lucas leaves to get some sodas, giving Will the chance to tell his mom to please not do anything to ruin their chance to be a family again. He tells her that if she lies to them again about anything, both he & his dad would never speak to her again. Cue flashback of Bart showing Sami the pictures of her being transformed into Stan. Lucas returns, and they all toast to a happy future. Sami thinks to herself that she only has to do one little thing more - help Tony escape – and all will be well. (Sami, Sami, Sami, oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive….you never learn, do you?) Sami leaves, claiming to have to take care of wedding plans. Will asks his dad if he trusts Sami, wonders if they should elope…….and Lucas assures him that the wedding will go on as planned. He promises. His cell phone rings, and he is surprised to hear from the person. He tells about the upcoming wedding and asks the person to come for it. (bet it is Austin!)

Meanwhile, Sami has found her dad. She tells him she overheard a bit of his conversation with Kate outside, and is sorry about the marriage breakup. Roman says let us not talk about Kate, so Sami tells him that Will came home from camp, so she & Lucas brought him out to celebrate a bit. She then goes on and on about all her wedding plans and invitations, etc. on the computer. Roman says….wait a second. I thought the internet was supposed to make it all easier. She replies that sure it does, but now Will needs the computer to get ready for school (huh?….get READY for the start of school?) & since it is his computer and she doesn’t have one, could she use Roman’s down at the police station. Roman has a fit….against the rules, etc. No way. Yada, Yada. But, he caves, and tells her o.k., but only if they are not busy. She asks him for his password, & he writes it down for her. Just then, Lucas & Will come up, with the news that Austin just called (I knew it!) and is coming in for the wedding. Of course, eavesdropping Kate hears this and gets her Cheshire cat smile back.

MAX & PATRICK are arguing out near the tent, with Max aying Patrick is just jealous of him. (Oh, brother). They are nearly coming to blows, when Chelsea comes along, delighted to learn they were fighting about her. She smugly asks Max to take her for a ride. In the car, she has told Max about Bo & Billie, and cries, asking Max to just hold her. She doesn’t want to go home, as she never wants to see Billie again. Max takes her to what looks like a motel, saying no one will find them there. He leads her into the room, blindfolded. (Puleeze, as she would not realize it was a motel as they drove up to it. ) She thinks it is all perfect, is glad he brought her there, and begins to kiss him.

EARLIER, CHELSEA SLAPS BILLIE, telling her not to ever say that she is her mother. Chelsea says her mother is dead. Bo explains that yes, he & Billie are Chelsea’s biological parents. Chelsea says NO. But he continues, telling of the DNA tests. Billie chimes in how they thought she was stillborn (she was, Billie, everyone knows that, except the writers) and only found out she was alive about a year ago. Chelsea call Billie a slut, saying she must have had an affair with Bo behind Hope’s back, then asks if she’s their illegitimate love child. (Interesting how none of them deny this, just exchange “looks”). Chelsea runs off (see above)

Patrick comes along, Bo bristles at him being there, telling him to get lost. Bo wants to go after Chelsea, but Hope tells Bo to let her go. Billie is crying, and worries that they have lost their daughter once again, then hugs Bo, as Hope looks on. Bo then leaves with Billie to find Chelsea, hugging Hope first, and giving her a kiss, as he says he has to go do this. Patrick & Hope talk about Bo & Billie, and trust. Over on the beach, Bo & Billie talk about Chelsea. He comforts Billie, saying he knows she will come around in time. He puts his arm around Billie, saying, Don’t worry, we’ll be a family. And the previews show….

Patrick to Hope: Thought you were going for a swim, Hope replies, I am. Patrick asks where is your swimsuit. Hope begins to unsnap her sweater, taking it off, as she says “who needs a swimsuit”.

Sami to Bart in clown suit and makeup: That’s it! No one finds out I was Stan.

Frankie to Billie & Bo, with Jack in the background: I got a way to track down Max, and Chelsea, too, if she’s with him.

Chelsea to Max: Run away with me, please. Take me someplace where Billie & Bo will never find me.


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