Thursday, September 22, 2005


Friday, September 23, 2005

Episode # 10,151
Directed by: Herb Stein
Tape Date: 8/24/05

Sami continues to claim she's innocent as wedding guests mull around, Lexie visits Jack as Frankie finds an old letter Jen never mailed confirming she loved him (great scene) and Belle goes into labor.

Jack tells Jen he just has a bug as she refuses to leave him for Lucas and Sami’s wedding. Frankie encourages Jack to tell Jen the truth when she goes for some Salem Tea. Jen calls someone, knowing it’ll cause WW III, but she doesn’t care. She asks Frankie to get a box in the garage labeled Horton Home Remedies for their heating pad. He laughs as he finds it, but notices an envelope she had addressed to him at his NYC address (256 112th St., Apt. B for those who want to know his address ;-) when she was still Jennifer Horton at 25 River Street, Salem USA 06694.

Lexie answers her phone at the church. It’s Jennifer. Lexie tells Jennifer she’s not missing much as Sami’s wedding is self destructing again. Jen asks Lexie to come over and she agrees. Jack’s not happy about that. Lexie arrives and Jen goes to get something as Lexie starts to take his blood pressure. She tells him he’s getting worse and writes a prescription for an antibiotic for Jack that will help, but urges him to tell Jennifer he’s dying. She tells him he doesn’t have a choice and he says he does, he’s going to disappear (what, and die alone?) He won’t commit suicide because Jennifer would kill him if he did…he’s just going to disappear. Lexie can’t stop him from dying where he wants to. He’ll figure out a way to let Jen and the family know he died quickly and not in pain. Lexie knows he’d be all by himself then. Jack tells her he knows Frankie will fill in for him with Jennifer. Marlena calls for Dr. Carver (hmm, knows her cell number or maybe it’s Belle’s phone?) for Belle. Lexie leaves Jack and heads back to the church.

Jen wonders what’s taking so long and remembers putting that letter to Frankie in the same box she asked him to get the heating pad from and panics. He can’t read that letter and she rushes out to see he had just done so. He asks why she hadn’t mailed it. She tells him she wrote it when he went off to school at Columbia and never mailed it. She figured he had forgotten her by that time and remembered Eve Donovan and other things in their lives were going on. She tells him she had a bus and train schedule and had considered joining him there. She loved him deeply. He chokes up and mad she never mailed it. She reminds him that he didn’t write her either. He gets emotional that they both threw away their whole future by not communicating. She tells him she can’t be upset about falling in love with Jack and the family they had. She takes the letter from him and wishes he never found it. Crying, he tells her he’s glad he found it as he knows she really did love him. He berates himself for not contacting her as they would have been married with a family of their own now.

Jenniver returns with the heating pad and goes to make more tea. Frankie joins her and she asks him to forget what she wrote in that letter. They have to leave their feelings in the past and don’t have a future. He remembers Jack’s request for him to take care of Jennifer and his kids when he dies.

Jack crumbles up the antibiotic prescription, saying it’s time for him to die.

John persists that Marlena stay and she to leave. He agrees she can leave, but NOT with Alex. Sorry John, Marlena’s a big girl and says buh bye. Philip swears to Belle that if Sami is responsible for him losing his leg and everything else…Belle pales and needs some fresh air as she insists that Philip stay to find out what he needs to. Shawn, and Mimi, follow Belle. They find Belle and she tells them she’s fine, just needs off her feet for a little while. She steps into the brides room to sit down as Mimi tells Shawn to cool it and let Philip take care of his wife. Marlena and Alex walk by Mimi and Shawn and Mimi tells her that Belle’s not feeling well and asks her to take a look at her. Marlena agrees and steps in the room with Belle. She finds Belle holding her belly and crying in pain. Marlena assures Belle she’s right there.

We see Austin sipping champagne out of a glass on the plane hoping this time Sami’s wedding goes well.

Sami denies the photos weren’t her, just computer trickery. She flat out lies, saying she wasn’t Stan as her family and friends refuse to believe her.

Marlena is clearly agitated, knowing she should have been more upset about all that had just happened. She must have loved Roman and John at one time and now had no feelings for either of them. He calmly tells her that weddings affect people and it’s not unusual. He suspects the two men she loved may now be in love with Kate. She asks if he believes that they’re both in love with that dark haired woman (good grief, her name is Kate, do you have short term memory too?) He reminds her how she saw John with Kate making love to her while being held captive and Roman was/is married to her. He feels she’s afraid to remember as she doesn’t know how she stands with either of them as they both may love her (Kate) and she wouldn’t be loved herself in return. Marlena buys all this as she cries. She decides to leave Salem without even returning to the penthouse. It’s obvious that John and Roman are in love with that woman and she just wants to go away, far away (what money would she use to do so?) He suggests they go back to her cabin and she cries and falls into his arms, grateful for the suggestion.

Kate watches Belle as Philip tells her the guy his mother impersonated was the guy who almost got them killed overseas. Shawn is concerned about Belle as Mimi pulls him away. Marlena tells Alex she feels awkward as she doesn’t have any concern about anyone in there and she should. She shouldn’t have come and asks Alex to take her out of there. John stops her from leaving insisting Sami needs her more than ever. Billie is mad at Kate and knows Austin won’t be happy about this either. Kate tells Sami that she is Stan. Roman, Lucas and Will in the background, listen as Kate insists that Sami is Stan. Kate tells them how the clothes were delivered to her earlier with the envelope (that she hands Roman). Kate says they were delivered to her earlier in a pizza box. She opens the box to pull out the photos of Sami being transformed into Stan. Everyone in the wedding party looks at the photos..(so much for fingerprints, huh?).

Lexie’s in with Belle and Marlena tells Alex she can’t leave without knowing her daughter is okay. Belle tells Lexie about the cramps she’s having, worried she might lose the baby. Lexie says she’s in labor and Marlena helps try to calm Belle as she frets it’s too soon and she’ll lose her baby.

Mimi suggests to Shawn that they leave. He asks where and she has an idea.

Kate tells Sami to go up on the altar with the Bible and swear on it that she’s not Stan. Sami stares at her. Sami’s family stands by her as Sami thanks them. She asks Lucas who he believes. She asks him not to let his mother ruin their wedding. Lucas believes her and wants to marry her. Kate tells them she has more proof that she was Stan and will show it to everyone after they all claimed to believe Sami over her. It’s an ISA crime lab report (just how did Bart get the ISA to do that?) that her DNA and genetic markers were found all over the disguise. There is no way her DNA could be on it without her wearing it…so she MUST be Stan. Cue the shocked looks…as the previews roll…

Lexie tells Alex that he wants Marlena all to himself. He replies just like she wants Detective Kramer all to herself….

Shawn tells Mimi that Belle is having this baby and they need to be together (her and Philip I’m assuming)..we next see Philip watching Belle in pain as she tells him the baby is coming…

Sami has her back turned and rants that everyone hates her and Austin replies..I don’t as she turns around startled…as the credits roll..


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