Thursday, September 01, 2005


Friday, September 2nd, 2005

Episode #10136
Tape date – 8/2/05
Director – Albert Alarr

Summary: Patrick learns more about Frankie than Frankie does Patrick; Hope and Jen chat about their situations; Chelsea realizes it is true, she is Bo and Billie's daughter; and Lexie tells Jack more bad news after getting more pressure from Tek about her feelings for him.

Tek visits Lexie at the hospital to get her to admit she has feelings for him. She admits she does have feelings, but can’t act on them due. He reminds her they have already, twice, right here in her office. He wants her to admit to herself that she doesn’t love Abe anymore and is in love with him. She tells him that Abe is the father of her son and she promised to be with him forever and won’t leave him.

Someone knocks on the door and Lexie opens it. It’s Jack. He apologizes if he’s interrupting. Tek leaves and Jack and Lexie talk about his latest test results. He tells her he’s feeling better actually. Lexie tells him the results are much worse than she expected. Jack reminds her he’s dying, what could be worse? Lexie says the disease is progressing faster than they had anticipated. Jack insists Jennifer not know yet, not until he can’t hide it from her. He has a plan to make sure his family is okay after he’s gone. He calls Frankie’s cell and asks him to come to the hospital. Frankie arrives seconds later (literally) and Jack asks for the info on Patrick. Jack begs Frankie to make his wife fall in love with him as he’s dying faster than he realized.

Hope and Jen come to Patrick’s rescue after hearing how Jack and Frankie are talking to him. Hope reiterates not wanting to be in the middle of Bo and Billie’s discussion with Chelsea. Hope and Jen talk about the bridal shower for Sami and Chloe at Alices and figure it might get a little dicey with two brides. Apparently the bachelor party for Brady and Lucas will also be at Alice’s. Jack tells Jen he’ll see her over there as he has something to take care of first.

Alone, Patrick wants to know what Frankie has on him. Frankie finally admits he found out that there are dossiers on Patrick, but they’re sealed..which tells him that Patrick is more dangerous than he thought. Patrick realizes Frankie must work for an agency to know that and just blew his cover (hey, does he know Sydney Bristow?) Frankie said he has pretty high clearance, but Patrick’s file is classified. He wants to know who Patrick is working for. Patrick smiles and refuses to tell Frankie anything, but reminds he doesn’t have to take orders from him either. Jack calls (see above) and asks Frankie to meet him at the hospital to talk more about Lockhart. He leaves and Patrick tells himself that the junior “G” man shouldn’t have shown his he himself has the advantage. He calls and tells whoever he’s working for about it.

We find Jen and Hope sitting on the couch going through clothes Zack has outgrown to give to Jack Jr. to wear. Zack and Jack. Jr. sit on the floor playing next to Gran’s chair. Jen tells Hope that she hadn’t planned on any more children, but the way Jack’s been acting lately, she wouldn’t be surprised if she’s pregnant right now. Alice tells them her philosophy that healthy s-e-x (she spells it out after looking down at her great grandsons) is a sign of a good marriage. Hope admits things between her and Bo are better than ever as well with Tony now in custody. Jen senses that Hope’s concerned about how Chelsea’s coming into their family will affect their marriage and Hope admits she’s a little concerned. She was prepared when she had her sons, but Bo and Billie aren’t prepared to give the tough love that Chelsea may need. They stand and chat (is it me or do they seem to be having a private conversation with Alice just sitting a few feet away) about hoping Sami makes it to the altar this time. Alice reminds them Sami isn’t the only one whose wedding didn’t go smoothly. Later the gals continue to box up baby clothes (yikes, tons of them) when Alice is upstairs putting the boys to bed (she must be babysitting them while everyone’s at the shower). Hope thanks Jen for being there for her now. The two cousins share how much each other means to them and glad they’re friends as well as cousins. Jen shares her concern with Jack’s unusual amount of attention he’s giving her. Hope, having been in similar situations, attributes it to Jack’s being grateful to be home after what he’s gone through lately. Hope knows her marriage is solid, but is worried that now that Bo and Billie know who their daughter is finally, things aren’t going to get any better.

Chelsea is hiding out in the bathroom, refusing to come out and go home with Billie. She accuses Billie of using her to tear Bo and Hope apart. Bo speaks up like a father and how not to talk like that to her mother. Chelsea argues Billie’s just a tramp and he’s not her father. Bo tries to rationalize with her that the parents who raised her weren’t her biological parents, they are. Chelsea dresses and opens the bathroom window saying “sorry guys, I’m outta here..” to herself. Later the window slips shut and they catch on to what’s happening. Bo takes over and tells Chelsea that she can go through the front door and they won’t stop her, but asks that she talk to them first and let them show her the proof they’re her parents. Chelsea walks out and Billie shows her the lab report, but Chelsea accuses Billie of being so desperate that she paid off a lab tech to type up a bogus report. Bo continues to lecture Chelsea on the way she talks to Billie, her mother. Bo asks Chelsea to read the report and Billie offers to redo the tests with Chelsea there if she wants. Chelsea reads the report and believes it this time. Bo promises to find out how the Benson’s got her. Chelsea asks to be alone to think about it, asking where Max went. They tell her that he gave them some time alone with her and there’s a knock at the door. It’s Abby. Max had told her what the news was and she sits on the bed next to Chelsea.. She tells her friend she couldn’t believe the news, that Bo and Billie are her parents, but tells Chelsea she’ll never be alone again and hugs her as Chelsea cries on her shoulder. Abby goes to leave, thinking she shouldn’t have rushed over like she did. Chelsea tells Abby she wants to leave with her and asks Bo and Billie if they understand she needs to wrap her head around all this. Bo pulls Billie back from trying to hug Chelsea and they say they understand. Abby asks Chelsea if she’s still coming to the bridal shower with her and Chelsea doesn’t know. After they leave, Bo tells a sobbing Billie that Chelsea’s in shock. Hopefully some day she’ll accept their love and support. Billie asks what if Chelsea comes to hate them. Outside Chelsea thanks Abby for coming. Abby calmly explains to Chelsea that Bo and Billie are really good people and they’ve waited so long to find their daughter. She hopes Chelsea will give them a chance. All Chelsea knows is that her whole world was just turned upside down and someone is going to have to pay for that …..freeze the previews roll…

Hope to Bo: “Chelsea is not my biological child.”

Bo’s response: “She’s Billie’s and my daughter and you can’t get past that.”

Marlena, her eyes closed, says to Alex: “It’s you.”
Alex, as he leans down to kiss her: “you remembered”.

The bridal shower is in full swing at Alice’s Bar as the gals scream as male dancers are ripping their shirts off (cute as Jen puts her hand over Abby’s eyes)…and we also see one of the males dancers doing some very close dancing with Bonnie.


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