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Friday, September 30, 2005

Summary: Great scenes between Sami and Kate, Billie asks Hope for advice (it is so nice to see these two getting along!), Bo and Chelsea have a father-daughter chat, Shawn and Mimi continue their “date”, Nicole sets her sights back on Austin, Belle and Phillips daughter has a name….

On the Fancy Face, Chelsea is still accusing Bo of taking Billie’s side. He explains that they are just worried about her safety. Hope steps in and asks Chelsea what is really bothering her, as there has to be something else. Chelsea points to Billie and says she is ruining her life. Hope asks if she isn’t being a little harsh – her mother is just concerned about her. Chelsea is upset that Hope can’t stand Billie, but she is still taking her side. Hope tells her that they are worried about her driving so recklessly, especially given what happened to her parents – to which Chelsea replies there is no comparison, as they weren’t speeding, they were hit by a drunk driver. She claims that Hope doesn’t like her because her husband had a child with another woman. Why are they ganging up on her? She runs out and when Billie goes to go after her, Bo asks her to let him go – maybe she won’t be so defensive if she doesn’t feel ganged up on. Up on the deck, Bo promises not to lecture her anymore if she will talk to him about what is bothering her. She tells him that she feels constantly criticized – about her clothes, her dates, her driving. She only just found out about her birth parents, they have no history, and them suddenly being in her face is just too much. Bo counsels her that just because she is grown up and 18 doesn’t mean she couldn’t use some guidance. She ends up telling him about what Sami said and how Billie confirmed it. Bo tells her that Sami is not in any position to judge anyone, though Chelsea accepts she was right. She is thinking it may truly run in the family. Bo assures her that she will make her own mistakes. He thinks it is good that Billie told her. He is sure that it wouldn’t have been kept from her, but Chelsea doesn’t agree. He tells her that Billie just doesn’t want Chelsea to make the same mistakes she made. Chelsea says that she needs Billie to stop butting into her life. She goes on about the women not liking her, but she is not about to change to make them happy. She goes on about winning her car made her happy and gave her freedom, but now she pays so much for insurance, she can’t afford gas. Now she feels trapped. She is not about to ask for money from Billie, who would never let her forget it. She goes on about needing money for work clothes, so Bo gives her some, telling her to buy the clothes and gas and have fun with whatever is left over. He just has one condition – she has to try to get along with her mom a little better as this is all new to her, too. She tells him, “Thanks Dad,” and kisses him on the cheek.
She goes to a payphone and calls Max, telling him she has loads of money and is ready to party.

Hope apologizes if she’s made things worse. Billie thanks her for backing her up. Hope claims she only did it because Billie was right. They end up discussing life with a teenager – one who is fine one minute, angry the next. She asks Hope for advice. Hope reminds her that though it must be tough being a single mom, Bo is going to be involved. It is hard enough raising a teen from birth without adding in Chelsea’s problems. They will help. They discuss needing to find a balance and teaching responsibility. Hope also tells Billie to stop her mother from spoiling her. Billie has talked to her, but look what good it did, although they would have killed for a dress like that at 18 – okay maybe just her (lol at Hope’s look). Billie is not going to give up. That will make all the difference. Bo comes back down and tells the ladies they had a good talk. Both are upset that she talked to him and not to either of them. He tells them that she has a hard time relating to them. They give each other these looks…

At the hospital, Phillip and Belle are discussing how quiet and good the baby is. She even fell asleep nursing (ah…those were the days). She goes on to complain that they have no crib, no diapers, no supplies. Phillip reminds her that her shower wasn’t supposed to be till next month; however, he is sure that everything will be taken care of by time she goes home. They then discuss how they haven’t chosen a name yet. Phillip suggests giving her two middle names and using eeny-meenie-miney-mo. Each has a favourite name, so they decide to each write their choice down so as not to influence each other. It figures that they picked the same name: Claire Kiriakis. Belle tells him that is one thing off her list of things to do (which is at least two pages long!) Next up is the choice of godparents. They bat around names like Brady, (on his honeymoon), Lucas (a good dad, but his problems with Sami are an issue), Sami (a good mom, but not a good role model). Belle gets hungry and wants trail mix for dinner, but he says no. He will find her something.

Meanwhile, at Chez Rouge, Shawn and Mimi are dancing and laughing at Chez Rouge. They comment on the good food, good music, and good company – a lot of fun for a cancelled reception. They have a whole conversation about dating vs friendship. They decide that they are more comfortable and relaxed as friends. A waiter interrupts with champagne from Mr. Horton, on the house. They toast to themselves – “Friends forever.” After discussing Sami’s trouble and how she needs to change drastically, they make another toast: may they find and keep true love. Shawn asks her to dance again, but his phone rings. Phillip wants them to go to the hospital right away, but didn’t tell them why. It sounded important.

When they rush into the hospital room, Phillip is sorry he worried them, but they have something important to ask them. A smiling Belle asks if they will do them the honour of being their daughter’s godparents. Both look at each other, surprised.

Nicole is sitting with Austin and orders another martini. He wasn’t going to say anything about her drinking until she brings it up. He doesn’t think she needs another, but she does. He is interested in listening to her story, but the abridged version. She asks if he still has feelings for her…Of course, but he also has feelings for Sami. He goes on to tell her that he thought about calling her – but she married Victor. He did call once when Victor died, but didn’t leave a message. It didn’t feel right to leave one instead of talking directly to her. He asks again for her to tell him about what her life has been like. She gives him the very short version. She tells him the glass is her only friend – but he claims he is a better one, and asks her to dance. He is glad he could cheer her up, but maybe he needed cheering too. Apparently his social life has been very quiet – he has become a workaholic. He has gone out, but there is no one special. He left his heart in Salem. Phillip arrives and sees Austin dancing with Nicole and shakes his head. He interrupts to talk to Austin, sending Nicole for another drink. Austin steers the conversation around to Phillip’s life. No, he doesn’t know how long he will be in town. Phillip warns him off Nicole, and asks what he meant about leaving his heart in Salem. Who did he mean? Austin reacts to being put on the spot by refusing to answer. He promises to come meet the baby. Phillip goes to get food for Belle, Austin returns to his table and Nicole comes out from behind the fireplace wanting to know, too. She also wonders where Sami and Kate are –with her luck, they probably killed each other and she missed it. She goes back to Austin and they discuss how much has happened and how things are always happening in Salem.

Still in the ladies' room, Sami goes to attack Kate with the candlestick. Kate warns her that she shouldn’t do that unless she wants to spend her wedding night in jail (and she isn’t already because….?). Sami thinks it would be worth it, but she is not going to kill Kate – because she would have to touch her, and that idea makes her skin crawl. Kate gloats that she has beaten Sami – she wins. Sami cries that this is not some kind of game – Kate has lost Lucas, too, and he will keep Will away from her. She has also lost Roman and John only wants Marlena. She calls Kate a bitter, miserable, lonely woman. Kate admits she paid a high price to keep Sami out of her family, but she would be willing to do it again. She claims that she did it for them, not herself. True love requires sacrifice, which Sami knows nothing about. They are hurt now, but they will see that she did the right thing. Sami contradicts her, in that Kate didn’t care how Lucas felt, she was thrilled to beat Sami. She tells Kate that Stan happened because of Kate’s game – it is all on her head, and everyone knows it. Sami wouldn’t call that victory. Kate whirls Sami around to the mirror and tells her to look at how mean and vindictive she is. She throws up what Sami said to Chelsea and how she hurt a girl she didn’t even know. Sami says her Brady blood gave her a chance, but she is after all, related to Kate. Then she asks about Lucas and his happiness that Mom supposedly wants for him. What is gonna do, buy him another $5 million bride? All she ends up doing is hurting him. Sami is adamant that she and Lucas were good for each other – that what they had was true love. That angers Kate even more. She is sure that Nicole and Sami are the worst things for Lucas and Austin. Neither of her sons will ever have anything to do with Sami or Nicole. Kate needles Sami about forgetting the reception was cancelled, but says it doesn’t matter since she is dining alone. Sami wants to know why she would think that, and Kate is sure that there is no way she could have scrounged up a dinner date after what happened. If she is not alone, then he must be some kind of desperate low life. After Kate leaves, Sami tells her she is in for quite a shock. Kate sees Austin and happily hugs him when he runs to her, before noticing Nicole is at the table he came from. She wants to know why he was there with her, but Nicole says she just stopped in to say hi. Kate tells her that now that she is there, Nicole can just say good-bye. Austin tells her there is no need to be rude, though Nicole leaves anyway. She starts on Austin about getting caught up. They can have dinner and talk and relax. He tells her not tonight, he is there with someone already. She says that if he brought someone from New York, he should have told her about it. She asks him who it is, but the answer comes from behind her…Sami says, “It’s me.” As Kate turns around, almost in tears, lightning strikes beside her, and the previews roll:

Kate: “I am begging you – leave her here and come home with me. You know it’s the right thing to do.”

Belle: “You know, you have the exact same expression on your face that Phillip had on his when I suggested it to him.” Cut to Shawn.

Bo: “I gave Chelsea some money.”
Hope: “How much?”
Bo: “$250”

At a dance club, Billie sees Chelsea on the dance floor, “Chelsea? Oh, my God, she lied to me!”

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