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Friday, September 9, 2005

Episode: 10041
Directed by: Phil Sogard
Tape Date: 8/9/05

Lots of discussions before the wedding and we see the wedding party down the aisle while at the Salem PD, Tony makes a break for it.

tells Nancy that she refuses to marry Brady if she still has the scar. She and Nancy anxiously await the doctor to remove the bandage. Later Nancy waits with Mimi and Belle outside the room while the doctor removes the bandage. Later Nancy tries to see Chloe. The door is locked and Chloe had told the doctor she wants to tell Nancy about the results herself. Nancy tries to convince her daughter that Brady loves her and doesn’t care what she looks like. Chloe, crying, opens the door (the bandage is back on) and says she knows what she has to do.

Abe thanks Roman for letting him in on this operation. Roman’s convinced they’ll get Tony’s henchmen. Tek says there’s a problem. Tony lies on his cot when a guard brings his food. He’s not interested until he hears Bart’s voice and the food being served..a “key” sandwich. Tony confirms there is a Plan B. Tony tells Bart he’s on to the cops that they think they’re in control. Roman’s computer surveillance has a secret camera watching Tony’s cell. He spots Bart dressed as a guard with Tony. Bart holds a gadget up that stops the signal. Roman says they won’t get away with it (but doesn’t order guards to catch Bart.

The wedding guests gather outside the church. After a loving kiss, Bo tells Hope that there’s some rule against a guest being more beautiful than the bride. Chelsea tells Billie how nice she thought it was of Grandma Kate to buy her this expensive new dress to wear and Billie gushes it’s Kate’s way to make her feel like a member of the family. Patrick joins them and seconds later Bo walks up asking what he’s doing there. Billie says he’s her date. Chelsea rants to Abby that Patrick is her man and she’s gonna get him. Being Billie and Bo’s daughter is opening up doors she’d never imagined having, like a room at Victor’s mansion. With all that she’s bound to get Patrick. Billie and Patrick are on to Chelsea’s determination to have him and he decides to show Chelsea he’s interested in someone else, pulling her into his arms. Bo and Hope walk by and see this. Bo gets bent out of shape about them doing it there at the church (hello, you did the same thing at the beginning of the show)…and Hope calmly points out that what Patrick and Billie do inside or outside the church, or anywhere, is none of his concern. Being protective is one thing, jealous another. Later he says he’s not jealous, but she is the mother of his daughter. He tells Hope that she (and his daughter) are the only women in his life. He figures Chelsea is a pretty good kid under that attitude she’s got. Hope smiles saying if she’s his daughter, she’s hers too. Abby asks Chelsea to be prepared as Patrick might be her stepfather. Billie’s having fun watching Bo’s reaction to her and Patrick.

Belle walks out of the church’s dressing room in her beautiful blue sleeveless gown and looks about 6 months pregnant now. Shawn tells her how beautiful she looks and asks if she’s okay now. Mimi mentions she hadn’t been there since Belle’s wedding, verbal cold water on the scene.

Sami and Lucas arrive, wishing it were their own wedding. He steps away to see Brady and Nicole pops in, wearing white and carrying a bridal bouquet. She informs Sami she’s going to help her stop the wedding or she’ll expose her as Stan. Sami softly states the evidence she was Stan will be destroyed by the time people check it out and Nicole asks if she’s still working for Tony Dimera. Will walks in saying “Mom?” as Sami looks like a deer in the headlights. Will’s only surprised she’s with Nicole and she rushes him into the church as Nicole vows to herself that she’s taking Sami down.

Marlena feels exceptionally uncomfortable there amongst strangers and wants to leave. Alex tries to calm her, saying she can do it as John and Kate walk up. John says she has to be there for their son’s wedding and she answers that her name is Marlena, not Doc (LOL!) (even the guests wear tuxes to the wedding!) Alex finally convinces her to stay and John mentions he will be sitting next to her, not in the wedding, and all will be okay. Marlena points out she’s safe as long as Alex is with her and walks off with Alex. Kate suggests that John separate Alex from Marlena. Kate rushes over to tell Lucas how handsome he looks (hope his tux stays clean). He thanks her, but states she’s not invited to his and Sami’s wedding the next day.

John asks Alex for a private word with him. He tells Alex he wants him gone. Alex tells John that’s Marlena’s decision, not his. Until she tells him to leave, he’s staying.

While John’s with Alex, Sami calls out to “mom”, but Marlena doesn’t respond. She finally stands in front of her and Marlena catches on. Sami reminds her that her wedding is the next day and asks if Marlena and Roman could both walk her down the aisle. Marlena says she can’t do that. Sami won’t let up and gets irritated that Marlena won’t do it. Alex spots what’s going on and interrupts as Marlena asks to be taken away. Sami rants to John that it’s HIS fault as not only does her mom have amnesia, she’s a zombie after being in the woods with that doctor feelgood. Lucas stops by and says this isn’t helping. John walks off and Lucas asks Sami to be good as the wedding’s about to start and he has to usher people.

Nicole catches Kate and makes her an offer to destroy Sami if she helps stop the wedding today. Victor walks up and demands Nicole leave and not try anything. Kate pipes up that she was saying the same thing as Nicole storms away.

Outside Lucas and Shawn watch the limo (we don’t see it) pull up with hopefully Chloe and Nancy in it. Craig joins them (high 5 Craig, great to see ya!!) He tells them the limo was empty. Lucas is worried that Chloe bailed on Brady, who steps up saying No!
Craig assures Brady that Chloe’s there and in the bride’s room. She came with Nancy in her own car. Nancy just sent the limo as a decoy for the press who are lurking for a picture of Chloe. Nancy joins them and asks about Joy. Craig says she’s the cutest flower girl ever and with Maggie and Mickey right now (oh good, hope we get to finally see her!!) Nancy’s worried expression alerts Craig. She asks him to make sure Joy stays clean and not mess up her hair as she spent all morning on it. She steps in the bride’s room and finds Chloe in her dress and veil. She asks about her scars and Chloe stands up, pulling her veil back. She tells Nancy to see for herself. Nancy stares and says “oh my God”.

Sami lights a camera, praying everything works out and she’ll be able to marry Lucas the next day.

Alex steps away to get Marlena a drink (at the church?) and Belle walks up. Although Marlena doesn’t recognize Belle either, she’s much softer and cordial to her. She asks about the baby as Belle rubs her BIG belly. Belle reminds her about being a flower girl at her and John’s wedding, which catches Marlena off guard. Belle said it was a long story, but remembers how she made Marlena practice with her over and over to get it perfect.

Belle calls Philip on her cell and wishes he were there. She remembers their own wedding and misses him. Shawn walks up and overhears.

Outside Nicole tries to decide what to do.
Victor tells Brady at the altar how proud of him he is and although he had doubts about Chloe before, knows they’re perfect for each other. Isabella would adore her too and he wishes she were here to see this. Brady says she is.

The best scenes of the show follow (in the second half of the show). Nancy rushes up to Craig and says Chloe is coming and to keep his fingers crossed. Lucas walks her to the front pew as Nancy’s face bursts in smiles. The wedding starts. First down the aisle is ring bearer Zack. Cute how Bo is taking digital pictures of him like a real dad. Shawn takes the rings and sends him to sit with Bo and Hope. Next is flower girl Joy. Craig and Nancy gush as do the others. Hope comments how Joy’s grown up so fast (no kidding!) and Bo says time goes by so fast as he looks back at his own daughter. Joy’s adorable, long brown hair and about 4 years old, wearing a long sleeveless lavender dress. Brady helps his future sister in law up the step and smiling suggests she throw some rose pedals where they’ll be standing. She does so, then Nancy comes up and takes her to sit with her (aw, let her be up there with the wedding party). Mimi walks down next and trips when Patrick takes a flash picture of her from his seat, LOL. She gets to her position as smiles are all around. Lucas and Sami mouth “I love you” to each other. Belle walks down next and everyone ooh’s and aw’s. Marlena sits between John on the aisle and Alex as John asks if it brings back any memories of their own wedding (don’t push her John!). Mimi rolls her eyes and glances off to the side as Shawn takes Belle’s hand to help her up on the platform. He touches his ring finger thinking of how this would be their own wedding. Back to reality, he glances over and she’s watching, knowing where his mind was.

The wedding march begins and Brady takes a deep breath as Nancy prays for God to give Chloe the strength. Chloe walks out in a long veil and full ruffled gown. Craig said she’s the most beautiful bride he’s ever seen. He extends his arm as she hesitates. Outside Nicole watches through the window hoping Chloe backs out and so hideous looking that Brady won’t marry her.

We see Bart and crew help Tony up through the sewer drain. Bart says he may be smelly, but he’s free. Roman, Tek and the Swat team come out with guns pointed, telling them to freeze. Tony points out that Commander Brady is smarter than him as Bart throws a smoke bomb (?) as they run for it. Guns start shooting. They only shot one of Tony’s goons, but did capture Tony. Bart got away, that slippery eel. A uniform helps Abe around the corner, now with white cane and sunglasses. Tony tells Roman congratulations, he destroyed the life of someone he loves so dearly (meaning Sami).

Chloe finally takes Craig’s arm and he walks her down the aisle and takes his seat next to Nancy. Brady lifts her veil (isn’t that suppose to happen when he’s told to kiss the bride?) and surprised (we don’t see it) as the camera freezes on him and previews roll…

Outside the church…John to Marlena: I was just hoping that you’d remember something.
Marlena: I did (as we see Alex’s face)

We hear the priest saying “do you…” when Belle passes out and Shawn rushes to her side.

Chelsea tells Billie: first it was Bo. It’s always about a man. And now you’re doing it all over again.

Nicole looks up at Kate and asks what she wants.
Kate’s reply: “Sami’s head on a silver platter.”

As the credits roll..

(will insert wedding pictures into spoiler tomorrow after they’re posted)

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