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Monday, September 12, 2005

Episode # 10142
Tape Date: 8/10/05
Director: Albert Alarr

Summary: The wedding is underway, with a few hitches and some of the rudest guests I have ever seen. There may as well be a revolving door at the back of the church with as many people that come and go during the ceremony, LOL. And also, some guests mysteriously vanish from the wedding (Hope, Bo, JT, Abby, Joy) and some just as mysteriously appear (Roman, Tek, Caroline, Victor).

At the church...There is a repeat of Craig leading Chloe down the aisle as we also see Bonnie come rushing in late. Brady asks Chloe if she is ready and she nods. He lifts her veil and the scars are miraculously gone as he calls her perfect and beautiful...just as he has always seen her. She turns around as everyone ooh’s and aah’s. The ceremony begins as Bonnie whispers to Mimi (who is seated on the first pew) that it won’t be long until she and Shawn are also be married. Craig goes up and sings a song ("Sweetest of Nights and Finest of Days") for them as there are flashbacks of them. During the song, Tek (who is dressed in a tux) comes in and gets Roman (seated with Caroline and Victor) and takes him outside. (Weren’t they chasing Tony just minutes ago?) Kate sees this and follows them. Marlena is having a flashback of John professing his love for her (I think his vows from their wedding). He asks her if she remembered anything as she too, jumps up and runs out of the church, with him on her heels...with Alex close behind. Chelsea notices Billie crying and asks her if it is hard to watch weddings and if she misses Bo. Billie tells her that Bo and Hope are deliriously in love and there is nothing she can do about it but move on (as she looks at Patrick). Chelsea then jumps up and rushes out...followed by Billie. (At this rate, there won’t be any guests left!)

Outside...Tek is on his PDA reviewing a list of Tony’s employees. Nicole overhears from the bushes. She sees Sami going into the church (don’t know WHERE she had been...potty perhaps?) and says she is going to make Tek’s day. Kate is sneaking around trying to eavesdrop on Tek and Roman but can’t hear. Roman tells Tek to put together a list of everyone who visited Tony in jail. Kate goes back inside, praying that they catch Sami. She hears crying and goes to the bridal room to find Nicole on the floor boo-hooing and having a pity party. (LOL as Nicole grabs Kate’s legs crying). Nicole can’t believe that Brady is marrying that "human dish rag". Kate says she feels sorry for Nicole but it is over, she has lost Brady. Kate says she can, however, help her get revenge on the one that was to help her...Sami. She wants "Sami’s head on a silver platter with a golden apple shoved into her gutter mouth". Nicole admits she is tempted, but can’t risk it...she will get Brady herself. She tells Kate it is going to be something to remember as she rushes off. Kate goes back outside again as Tek tells Roman that he won’t be happy about one of the names on the list of visitors. Roman thinks he is talking about Kate and tells her that Tony is ready to talk and offers her a chance to confess. Kate doesn’t want to talk to Roman, saying he has already made up his mind about her. He goes off on her again about trying to ruin Sami’s life. But Kate tells him the truth will come out and Roman will look foolish when it does and then goes back inside. Later, Tek shows Roman a list of visitors, saying that there is one attorney on the list...does Roman recognize it? (as Sami overhears this).

Meanwhile outside...Billie follows Chelsea out to the garden and wants to talk, but Chelsea is ranting saying that Billie is rubbing it in her face. Billie tells her that she loves her and would never hurt her. Chelsea says that she abandoned her and left her for dead all because she wanted to go after Bo. She says it’s always about a man with her and now she is doing it once again. She storms off as Patrick comes out and hugs Billie as she cries on his shoulder. Later, Patrick goes to Chelsea and asks her if she wants to go to the reception with him, which brings a HUGE smile to her face.

Elsewhere outside...Marlena and John are sitting on a bench and he apologizes for upsetting her. She tells him that she remembered something (as Alex is listening) but she tells him she thinks she made it up. She explains that she was imagining marrying him and Roman, trying to picture it to help her remember. She tells him that it didn’t help and she has no desire to be with either of them. She insists that she has no feelings for him and she cannot help that. John talks about their life together and she says she realizes that, but it means nothing to her. Alex pipes up, suggesting they go back inside but Marlena wants to talk with John a bit more and then they will go in. John (sarcastically) comments that Alex is acting like her husband. She says he is sensitive and attentive, to which John says so is he. He begs her to just give him a chance to prove it and win back her love. She says not now...maybe never and then runs off, with John following and Alex watching all this. They go back into the church (the ceremony is now over) and Belle wants to talk to her.

Okay, back to the Nancy is reciting scripture from Genesis, then we briefly see Caroline speaking as Bonnie continues to hound Mimi about her and Shawn. Mimi rolls her eyes and tells her mom to go find her own man. Then Bonnie has fantasies of getting Shawn, then Brady, then Craig and then John. In her fantasies, she has comments about each. Shawn is in love with Belle...Brady is too serious...with Craig, she would have to put up with Nancy., and last John whom after she kisses says that's perfect..and looking at the camera says...AND THAT'S A FACT, LOL!! She snaps back to reality and as the preacher starts the vows, Belle sways and then faints as Shawn rushes to her side, as well as Sami. And since Lexie isn’t there, the back up Salem doctor (Craig) goes into action. Belle comes to, swearing she is okay. Bonnie whispers to Mimi that Belle only wanted attention. With the ceremony briefly halted, Belle apologizes to Chloe and wants them to continue, so she takes a seat on the front pew with Craig and Nancy (I guess Joy went home, lol). During this Bonnie was trying to get Mimi to flirt with Shawn, but Mimi tells her that he only has eyes for Belle.

Meanwhile...Nicole is sneaking around, trying to stop the wedding and is caught by Victor, telling her to get out of town or else. She asks what? is he going to have her killed? He tells her that he is not bluffing and then locks her in the bridal room. He then calls Nico, telling him he wants him to "take care" of his soon-to-be-ex-wife (as Caroline overhears). Later, Nicole hears someone unlocking the door and grabs a vase and hides behind the door. Caroline comes in and she whacks her over the head (ouch). Nicole finally gets her to come to and (LOL) as Caroline (lying on the floor) says she has never seen the bridal room from THIS angle. She is okay (says just a headache) as Nicole apologizes. Caroline tells her that she was trying to help her escape. Nicole says she isn’t going anywhere without Brady and rushes out. Caroline says that girl isn’t playing with a full deck. Victor finds Caroline and she pleads with him not to hurt Nicole, saying she doesn’t want to see him end up in jail.

The ceremony continues...with Brady and Chloe reciting their teary-eyed vows to each other. And there are lots of tears and smiles in the congregation as the camera pans around. They then exchange rings and are pronounced man and wife to thunderous applause as they kiss. Shawn and Mimi head to the reception as Bonnie smiles. A few minutes later, Brady and Chloe are dancing and kissing in the bridal room, so happy. Nicole is watching them through the keyhole, saying it’s not can’t the previews show...

Frankie (to Jack): She needs to be told what is going on...she has a right to know. (Jen): Right to know what?...

Bonnie (to Patrick): Why are you acting so interested in Chelsea Benson? (Bo): That’s what I’d like to know...

Alex (to John): Can you put aside your fear and mistrust and do what is right for your wife?...

Marlena (to Belle): Darling, I can’t even imagine how difficult this is for you...being pregnant with the wrong man’s child. (Belle): What am I going to do?...

And the credits roll...

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