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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Very jumpy show today – bear with me.

Some very sweet and very romantic moments, both at the reception and outside; some very strong arguments and a two very big warnings….However, there is still the glaring absence of the bride’s parents…

We start with Roman and Lucas putting an unconscious Sami in a chair. She comes to, confused about what happened and surrounded by her concerned men (Roman, Lucas and Will). She chalks it up to nerves and heat, but Kate comes from behind a plant to confront her. She says it had nothing to do with the temperature and everything to do with Roman’s news about Tony’s thwarted escape attempt and the costumes in the trunk. What is Sami afraid that Tony is going to divulge about her? They end up getting into an argument when Roman leaves to take a call about Tony. Will and Lucas both get very upset and stand up for Sami, telling Kate to back off. Sami ends up sending them both for a drink, while Will does not want to leave the two of them alone. Kate ends up telling Sami that they both know who she was pretending to be and that she will lose all three men and end up in a prison cell next to Tony DiMera, alone. Sami, of course, denies all. She tells Sami that she knows that Sami was the attorney. Sami warns Kate that no one will believe her. No evidence that Tony has anything. Lucas comes back just as Kate starts to yell. Will steps in, too. When she turns to Will, Lucas forces her to leave. Roman turns around to Sami with a strange look. He comes over, and ends up telling them that there was nothing left after the car blew up. No DNA on the disguises, no evidence on the disks. They are still adamant that they will get Stan, but Sami thinks she is home free.

Victor tells Brady and Chloe that they inspire each other, which makes the difference between a good marriage and a bad one. He tells Brady to take as much time off work as he wants, his job will always be waiting for him. He would rather they get busy making great-grandbabies for him. ;) He leaves them to find Alex outside looking off where John and Marlena left. He introduces himself to the doctor, who knows who he is to John, and about Isabella. Victor warns him that he wants John to be happy – which means that John had better not lose Marlena because of Alex. John has already lost one great love, he will not lose another. Alex ends up going to the bar, where Kate finds him and tells him that she trusts him even less than John does. She tells him that everyone wants Marlena to get her memory back, and he wonders if she is sure about that? What if the root of her amnesia is that she wants Roman back and is afraid to choose? After all, this all came from getting pregnant with Roman’s child. He leaves her to think about that.

Outside the restaurant, Mimi lights into Belle about stringing Shawn along. She thinks the cramps were psychosomatic – it is funny that there was nothing wrong until Phillip was away for the day and she could hear Mimi and Shawn laughing and talking in the hallway. She tells Belle that if it weren’t for the baby, Phillip would be history and Belle would high-tail it back to Shawn. Mimi is so totally right, but Belle turns it back on Mimi by declaring that it is all about Mimi falling in love with Shawn. Mimi says she respected that Shawn gave Belle his heart, but she stomped on it and threw it back at him. She blames it on him running off with Jan Spears, but Mimi reminds her that he was drugged, which Belle claims she didn’t know at the time. Mimi tells her that Shawn told her there was something wrong and she didn’t believe him, but Mimi did. Mimi tears her a new one for punishing him by choosing Phillip, then not letting Shawn move on with someone else. Belle tells her that Shawn never would have chosen Mimi otherwise….Mimi yells at her because every time Shawn wants to move on, she reels him back in with some kind of problem and won’t let him go. She is married to Phillip, let him go! Then she clues in – it is because it is Mimi. Belle must be afraid that if he falls for Mimi, she may never be able to get him back – cut to Shawn in the background.

Meanwhile, in the foyer, Bonnie is telling Shawn about how heart-broken Mimi is over the loss of Rex, who broke her self-esteem and shredded her spirit. Shawn claims he doesn’t see what Bonnie is describing, but she continues on about how Rex abandoned her and she needs someone to support her. He tells her that Rex will calm down and come back to her, but she says he will never return to Mimi. She tells him how Rex has sent some very hateful emails that Bonnie found by accident, but was sworn to secrecy over. She lays it on pretty thick about how Mimi needs someone to support her and rebuild her self-esteem. Shawn promises to be there for her and then goes to find Belle’s wrap As Brady and Chloe leave, Shawn finally finds the wrap under a chair after looking everywhere else for it, and, as he leaves, Bonnie tells him (to herself) to focus all his attention, time and hormones on Mimi.

Chelsea and Max have a brief conversation about marriage and monogamy. He doesn’t like the idea of being tied to one woman, which Frankie talks to him about later. Frankie tells him that someday he will want just one woman, too, instead of a bunch of one night stands, but Max is only interested in variety. Frankie uses Pop and Mom as an example, does he want that stability, or to still be looking for one nighters at that age? Max goes back to Chelsea and tells her that he wants a real relationship with her, not just sex. He wants to get to know her before they sleep together. She thought he wanted to have fun – he promises they will when things get really boring, but not now.

At their table, Jen is still trying to get Frankie to tell her Jack’s secret. He tells her that he is sworn not to say, but ends up telling her that Jack’s secret is that he is in love. A very hurt Jen asks with who? He tells her it is her. He could only wish for a selfless, deep love like that which Jack has for Jen and their children. He tells her to enjoy every moment she has with them. Somehow, Frankie ends up mentioning their divorce and Jen asks how he knew about it. Turns out, he has been keeping track of the two of them. He says it is because he kept up with the Spectator and her various talk shows. He mentions their separation, their divorce and him coming back, (but not Peter or Colin in between times???). He wants to find a love like theirs.

At the edge of the room, Abby asks Jack to tell her the truth, which he does, in a very watered down version. He admits that he hasn’t been feeling well since he came home, but he will be there for her and her mother and her brother forever and ever. She is satisfied. When Abby mentions how the wedding was like a fairy tale, he wants to know what her fairy tale wedding is going to be like. She says he has quite a while before he will find out – there is college, and grad school, a career, and the right guy. He gets all emotional and asks her if they can try the father-daughter dance, just to be safe. He explains that he is not a very good dancer and would like to practice so that when the time comes, he will not embarrass her by stepping on her feet. She asks about his ankle, and while he probably can’t cha-cha, he thinks he can handle a slow dance. We have a fantasy of Jack and a very beautiful Abby as a bride in a fancy ball room, dancing to a very pretty song. (It has something to do with a father dancing with his little girl, and the woman she has become – a wedding song for a father and the bride). Jen and I are both watching with tears in our eyes…

Marlena is dancing with John while Chloe and Brady sing “Forever Yours.” John asks Marlena if dancing to their song made her remember being in his arms. She says maybe, but it is like a foggy view of a different time and place. She admits to being scared, but wanting her memory back. John tells her he has an idea, but she has to come with him right now. Of course, Alex blocks their path and wants to know where John is going with HIS patient. John states that is none of his business, but he insists everything about her – where she goes, who she sees, etc. – IS his business. Marlena tells him about her memory/feeling, which he dismisses as possibly not real. John wants to follow up while it is still fresh in her mind, which Alex also argues against as detrimental. Marlena asks John where they are going, and when he tells her the park, she decides there can’t be much harm in that, and she goes with him. They end up in the park at a horse-drawn carriage. John tells Ian to take the usual route, which prompts questions from Marlena. John tells her that they used to take that ride once or twice a week, it was one of her favourite things. She likes the idea. They talk about her lack of memory and they look for constellations and he tells the story behind the one he shows her. They get closer….But Alex stops the ride. John tells Ian to run him over….John says that her memory is not the issue –she is enjoying the ride, with John, not Alex, which is the real problem. She decides this time that her doctor must know what is best for her. She thanks him for the ride and goes home with Alex. John vows to get her out from under his control, even if he has to kill him.

And the previews roll…..

Chloe to Brady: “I have a confession to make. I haven’t been faithful to you.”

Phillip walks in to the loft – “What the hell is going on in here?” Flashes of Belle and Shawn (she is in the living room area, he behind the kitchen island)

Sami is wrapped in a blanket on her couch, “All my dreams are coming true.”

Marlena: “I want to remember this,” as there is a screen shot of Alex and John, divided by lightning.


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