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Thursday, September 8, 2005

Episode # 10140
Tape Date: 8/9/05
Director: Phil Sogard

Summary: Mimi, Belle and Nancy help Chloe prepare for the wedding...Roman thinks they can nab Tony as well as Stan, but Abe thinks something is fishy...Alex continues to work on Marlena, as John and Kate both suspect there is something else going on.

AT SAMI’S APARTMENT...she is trying to get Will up and dressed as Lucas searches for the perfect photo to use in the paper for the wedding announcement on his laptop. He asks her about this one, as a photo of Stan pops up. Oops, wrong he shows her another one. She changes the subject and needles him about where they are going on their honeymoon. Will goes online to check the RSVP’s as Sami asks Lucas if he thinks that Kate will show up. Sami answers to phone to find Bart who begins to harrass her about Tony’s escape as she hurries Will and Lucas out the door to get dressed for the wedding. After they are gone, Bart tells her that Tony will be escaping during the wedding and if anything goes wrong, she will pay. She demands the evidence and he says she will get it once Tony is free. Later, Will and Lucas return ready to go. Sami is dressed as well (Ali looks great) as she hugs Lucas, wishing it were them marrying today. Lucas assures her that nothing will ruin their wedding.

AT THE COP SHOP...Roman and Abe are discussing the trap they have set for Tony...and all his goons, including Bart and Stan in the process. Meanwhile, Bart (dressed as a delivery guy) delivers a package for Roman. Tek takes it in to them as Bart is in the hallway listening (the package is bugged). Roman realizes this and has Tek take the box away, telling him to track the source. Roman tells Abe that he has an errand to run and tells him he is in charge. After Roman leaves, another cop comes in with a folder and Tek takes it, telling Abe that it is a lead on Stan. Abe asks him about it and Tek explains that another inmate overheard Tony telling someone that he will be free soon, he has a secret weapon, Stan. Tek says it is confirmation that Stan is helping Tony and now they can nail both of them. Later, Roman returns (he went to the penthouse...see below) and he is sure that this is their chance to nail Stan. But Abe isn’t so sure. He doesn’t think that Tony would be that careless and it doesn’t sound like something Tony DiMera would say. He says that nailing Stan won’t be that easy. Tek is sure that they will get him, but Abe isn’t convinced. Abe says that they have to assume that Tony knows this is a setup...and they can never underestimate him.

AT THE PENTHOUSE...Brady comes downstairs (clad in a towel) to find Marlena. They talk about his wedding and he says he is thrilled that she and John are back together...just as Alex comes downstairs. Marlena says she is glad he spent the night with Brady does a double-take. John and Kate are in the hallway. Apparently he called her to come over and help him find out more about Dr. North. They come in and Brady asks John what is going on. John explains that Marlena wouldn’t come home unless he came too and that Marlena slept in the master room, Alex in the guest room and he (John) in the den. John had gone out for breakfast but Marlena informs him that she baked muffins. LOL as John asks "since when do you bake?" Marlena and Alex are talking and laughing as Brady asks what’s going on. John starts talking about Brady’s big day so he goes upstairs to get ready. Kate tells John that Marlena and Alex seem to be close and John tells her about their kissing. Kate thinks that their behavior is strange.

Roman shows up to check on Marlena and asks why Kate is there. John says she is there as a friend. Roman says he wants to help Marlena, but they let him know that they don’t want/need his help. Roman informs everyone that he and Kate are divorcing. Marlena pipes up and says she feels it was inevitable, after all, SHE was pregnant with Roman’s child. Then she stuns everyone and says that perhaps she and John should get a divorce as well. Alex tells her not to be so hasty. Roman reminds her that tomorrow is Sami’s wedding as John says today is Brady’s. Marlena goes upstairs to get ready as Roman talks to John. He reminds him that Marlena’s going away with Alex was a bad mistake. John (who doesn’t want to hear ‘I told you so’) tells him he agrees, but it is too late now and it is something they have to deal with. Roman tells John that if he can’t bring Marlena back...HE will and then leaves. Meanwhile Alex tells Kate he can see that she is torn between John and Roman (and he knows they were engaged) and she is offended, telling him that she and John thought Roman and Marlena were dead at the time. She tells him that her marriage to Roman is over and he asks her if she is considering going after John. Brady comes back downstairs and John tells him that he knows he promised to be his best man, but feels that he needs to be by Marlena’s side. Brady understands and has someone else to call. He calls Belle (who is at Chloe’s) and asks her if it is okay if he asks Shawn. She says she is okay with it and puts Shawn on the phone (he is there too). Shawn agrees to stand in and asks Belle if she is sure she is okay with it, she says she is.

Kate tells Alex that John loves Marlena and no one can come between them. Alex says he is only considering Marlena’s welfare. Kate thinks there is more going on as Alex excuses himself to get ready. After he is gone, John and Kate talk and she says that Alex is very good...and she believes he does have an agenda. They wonder just how close he and Marlena have gotten and John asks Kate to help him keep an eye on Dr. North. They hug as Alex sees them. Later, Alex apologizes to Kate for offending her earlier, saying he just wanted to point out that Marlena may not choose either John or Roman, thus making them both available for her. He says he has no personal stake in all this, but can see that Kate does...but she needs to decide what and who she wants. Marlena comes down dressed in a blue dress as Alex and John both offer to drive her...she chooses Alex. As they leave, Alex suggests that John take Kate to the John thinks he is taking advantage of her. John turns and asks Brady if he is ready. Brady says he just hope that Chloe hasn’t gotten cold feet.

AT THE LOFT...Belle is asleep, dreaming of Shawn and wakes up. Meanwhile, Shawn is also asleep (on her sofa) dreaming of her. She wakes him up and thanks him for staying. Mimi comes over and asks what is going on there. They claim innocence and as Shawn goes to return a call, Mimi gives Belle a hard time about him spending the night. Lexie calls to check on her and then Shawn returns, telling Mimi that Belle doesn’t need the stress today. Mimi says that maybe Belle shouldn’t go to the wedding...she may ruin Chloe’s and Brady’s big day, but she informs her that she is the Matron of Honor. Shawn fixes breakfast as Belle insists she is going to the wedding. Shawn goes to take a shower as Mimi tells Belle not to cause a scene. Belle goes to get ready as Mimi is sure that Belle can’t get over Shawn.

AT CHLOE’S...she frets about her scar and takes off the bandage as Nancy comes in and gasps. Chloe then wakes up (yes, it’s a dream) as Nancy is there and Chloe IS worrying about her scar. Nancy tries to assure her that Brady loves her and gives her a gift that Brady sent. It’s a diamond bracelet as Chloe puts it on and admires it. She says now all she needs is something old, borrowed and blue. Brady calls to check on her and asks if she is ready to get married. She says she can’t...but then corrects herself and says she can’t wait to marry him. After she gets off the phone, she looks in the mirror and tells Nancy he loves her so much...she can’t go through with this if she looks like a monster (get over it already).

Belle, Mimi and Shawn arrive to help her get ready and notice she is upset. She tells them all that her face is burning as Nancy tries to convince her that means it is healing. She wants to remove the bandage. Nancy has her show them the bracelet (for her something new). Nancy has something old, a locket she bought when Chloe was born. Mimi has the blue (LOL, from Bonnie, a fortune cookie from Brady’s bachelor party). No really, she has blue sapphire earrings that Bonnie gave her. Chloe tells her she shouldn’t have, but Mimi says that her mom probably stole them from Maggie Horton. Belle has the borrowed...her gold cross (Chloe notes that Brady has one just like it). It is during this time that Brady calls Shawn. The girls start getting ready as Shawn leaves to get ready himself. Nancy asks Chloe if she is ready to put on her wedding dress and Chloe says no...she doesn’t think she can go through with the the previews show...

Hope (to Bo): What Patrick and Billie church...out of’s none of your business Bo...

Nicole (to Sami): You’re still working for Tony DiMera aren’t you? (as Will walks up and says MOM?)...

Nancy: Are your scars healed? Chloe lifts her veil as Nancy says "Oh my God..."

John (to Marlena): Being here is triggering something isn’t it? (as she grasps Alex’s hand)...

and the credits roll...


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