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Tuesday, September 13th, 2005

Episode # 10,183
Directed by: Roger Inman
Tape Date: 8/11/05

Summary: Old and new wedding guests have miscellaneous conversations between the wedding and during the reception at Chez Rouge.

In the brides room, Brady and Chloe sip champagne from their wedding flutes as they tell each other how they’re the happiest people on earth as Nicole peeps through the keyhole.
Caroline pleads with Victor not to do anything foolish or Nicole may have the last laugh on him. Nico (even the goons are wearing tuxes, LOL) finds Nicole outside after she rushed out. He pulls out his gun saying he got orders to make sure she leaves town, permanently. Nicole refuses leaving the only man she’s ever loved and asks if he was ever in love. In his monotone voice he tells her yes, a long time ago, but orders are orders. Victor joins them, saying she should have left when she had a chance. The 3 of them see Brady and Chloe step outside into the courtyard to kiss. Nicole tells Victor he was right and takes off. Nico goes to point his gun to shoot her, but Victor lowers it and tells him to just get her. Brady looks over and says…what the hell (hey, that’s Roman’s line). Guess it was nothing as Chloe suggests they should get going as they have guests waiting at the reception. He mentions skipping the reception and going right to the honeymoon. They dash off to the reception. Meanwhile Nico has caught Nicole and Victor tells him to get rid of her. Nico covers Nicole’s screaming mouth as he pulls her backwards.

Roman and Tek ponder who that mysterious female attorney was that saw Tony after he was arrested. They request the surveillance tapes.

Sami checks her cell messages, worrying if her and Lucas’ wedding will happen. Lucas overhears and questions her concern as she covers by saying she hadn’t heard from the seamstress about her gown.

John and Alex are still arguing in the church courtyard, but apparently don’t hear. Alex tells John he sounds confident Marlena will return to him, but he’d be wiser to trust him to do what’s best for Marlena and help her.

Bo and Hope arrive at the reception as he vows to keep Patrick away from his little girl. Hope tries to assure him Patrick is a good guy and to listen to her. They walk in and see Patrick talking to Chelsea (but only trying to convince her to lighten up on Billie..which he does most of the show). Patrick asks what it’ll take to convince her. She asks if he will do anything and he says within reason.

Jack and Jen smooch (first time we’ve seen them, isn’t it?) after saying they’re the only ones happier than the bride and groom as Frankie watches nearby (guess he came as their guest?) They arrive at the reception as Jack shouts to make room for his bride as Jen questions his sudden romantic streak. He attributes it to the wedding and kisses her before getting champagne for both of them while she goes to the ladies room. Frankie (at least he’s not in a tux) pulls him aside, questioning Jack’s charade and feels Jen has the right to know the truth. Jen overhears and asks what she doesn’t know and has the right to? The men stumble on an explanation and Frankie finally asks if he should leave and let her and Jack enjoy the evening together. Jen refuses to let him leave saying she and Jack have the rest of their lives together. Jack nods to Frankie to stay.

John and Alex continue their argument in the courtyard about if Alex will continue Marlena’s treatments. Alex states he can help Marlena because she doesn’t feel threatened by him, whereas John’s insistent pushing her to remember only makes things worse. Alex questions John about his feelings about Kate after learning they were engaged recently. John doesn’t admit or deny feelings for Kate, just that he loves his wife. Alex warns him Marlena might only remember being with Roman, or nothing at all. John will have to accept it if she only remembers her past with Roman.

Outside Belle speaks with Marlena privately. Belle explains to her mother how her mom and dad were the center of each other’s universes and how hard this is on her dad. Marlena figures maybe that’s the problem…she use to love him and now she doesn’t. They talk about her sleeping with Roman and Belle points out it was just that one time and just “happened”. Marlena asks if that happened just like Belle’s being pregnant by a man she doesn’t love? Ouch! She counsels her daughter that she watched her during the wedding and how she could only look at Shawn. Belle tries to protest, but can’t deny she still loves him. Marlena knows how difficult it is, reflecting she had given birth to Roman’s twins and lost another baby they were to have while being married to John. Belle gets comfort in her mother’s arms as she weeps. Later Marlena speculates she’s not the best person to counsel her having been in a similar situation, but she lost her baby. Marlena quotes Dr. North’s saying that making a bad choice is better than making no choice at all. Belle should focus on what’s best for the baby. Belle wishes her mom remembered as she really needs her. Marlena tells Belle she thinks everything will work out for the best and gives Belle her hankie and heads back inside to the reception.

Mimi and Shawn arrive as she thanks him for the ride, complaining about her car. (didn’t she buy a new one with her winnings from the game show?) Lexie and Abe arrive all decked out in his tux and her beautiful red gown (Salem women sure have enough of them, don’t they?). Roman (now minus his tie) asks for a minute alone with Abe and Tek. Lexie agrees saying she had to use the ladies room anyway..but not to talk police talk the whole time. Tek said they got the surveillance tape and Roman won’t believe what they found (as Sami lurks nearby). The pictures only show the back of the attorney unfortunately and the bar association never heard of her. Sami sighs in relief and walks away. Roman figures this woman was Tony’s main accomplice.

Lexie stops by the Deveraux table and Jen slips off to the ladies room again (love how Jack asks her..again?) as she and Lexie walk away arm in arm. Frankie argues to Jack, saying this has got to stop…Jen should know the truth.

Victor announces Mr. and Mrs. Brady Black as Chloe and Brady walk in smiling and a song starts playing. They dance to it and Maggie invites everyone else to join them (Maggie looks gorgeous!...hmmm…she’s Lucas’ Aunt, wonder why she didn’t offer Chez Rouge to them instead of Sami having to go to Alice’s for the reception?) Sorry, don’t recognize the song and CC didn’t have it either. Chelsea insists that Patrick dance to it with her and he reluctantly agrees as Bo and Abby watch frustrated.

Alex arrives and tells Marlena he thinks he and John have reached an agreement. She invites him to dance and they step arm in arm onto the dance floor as John walks in, not happy but resigned to the idea apparently. Alex tells Marlena she’s a wonderful dancer and she asks “who knew”? He knew she was, explaining he knew it by how she moves.

Jen invites Jack to dance and he agrees, but starts to stumble and gets back to the table. He claims it was a twisted ankle and will let Lexie look at him. He insists that Jen dance with Frankie and she knows better than to argue. Abby watches from afar too as Lexie examines Jack’s ankle as he tells her he’s in major pain and asks if he’ll live..apologizing for the bad joke at her look. She warns him this will happen more and will give him a prescription for an anti-inflammatory, suggesting he tell Jen the truth. Abby overhears and asks the truth about what. Lexie excuses herself and Jack tries to cover, blaming it on his ankle and not wanting her mom to worry. Abby questions why Jack was trying to push mom back with her old boyfriend.

Roman cuts in on Lucas and Sami (who’s also lost his tie) saying he wanted to practice for the father daughter dance (hope Craig and Nancy, the bride’s PARENTS are at the reception so he can dance with her!!)

Chelsea heads for more soda after her dance with Patrick as Bonnie and Bo question him about all the attention he’s giving Chelsea.

Nico calls Victor to tell him Nicole got away again. Victor orders him to find her and keep her away from his grandson! Brady and Chloe say how they’ll always love each other as Nicole watches from nearby, still carrying the bouquet, crying.

Shawn steps outside after Marlena goes inside to see if Belle’s okay and Belle admits never feeling worse in her life. Mimi watches from the open door. Belle tells him how her mother couldn’t comprehend being in love with one man and pregnant with another man’s baby. Belle said she knows all about that…and Shawn asks if that means she still does love him…as the camera freezes on Mimi’s face waiting for the answer….and the previews roll…

Bo to Patrick: “Now that I’ve found Chelsea, I’m going to protect her.”
Patrick: “So what’s the problem?”
Bo: “You’re the problem.”

Sami faints and Lucas and Roman are there calling her name as Kate watches nearby.

Jennifer to Frankie: I need to know what’s going on with my husband.
Frankie: I’ll tell you what’s going on with Jack..

Mimi to Belle: “You’re trying to keep Shawn from being happy and I think that’s cruel and selfish.”

John to Alex: “If you hurt her or I find that you have played with her mind, I will kill you.”

As the credits roll…

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