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Episode No.: 10,148; Directed by: Albert Alarr; Tape Date: 8/18/05

Tiz Sami and Lucas' wedding day (finally) as guests arrive and Sami gets ready and makes it to the altar while Kate and Nicole commiserate together as Austin jets his way to Salem.

AT THE PENTHOUSE… Marlena is dressed in a dark blue gown and insisting to John that if anyone stays, it’s Alex (enough already…I was gone for a week and that’s what she was doing when I left!). Big surprise, John agrees to let Alex stay and apologizes for his behavior. He could almost swear that Alex did something to her while she was sleeping (as we see a replay of Alex climbing through her window), but Alex says they both know that’s impossible as John kept him virtually a prisoner in his own room. Marlena asks what Alex is referring to and John tells her. We see Alex telling Marlena how much she needs him (as she repeats it) while she’s sleeping and Marlena tells John if Alex leaves, so does she.

Belle is dressed in her pink and black gown while chattering away to Philip upstairs how she’s surprised Sami wanted her to be her matron of honor (who else would do it?) and hoping she doesn’t faint during the ceremony as Sami wouldn’t be as understanding at Chloe and Brady were. Philip comes downstairs in his dress uniform (he’s the best man) without a cane, proclaiming the prosthesis was as wonderful as the doctor’s had proclaimed. He suggests trying to dance, but agrees to only a slow dance at the reception. He tells her how he met another guy with the same type of prosthesis at a NYC hospital that is training for a marathon. He recalls lying on that mine field and asking God for one last chance to tell Belle how he loved her. She rubs her enormous belly (didn’t he notice how she blew up in the couple days he was gone?) as he tells her he loves her and she tells him she loves him too.

Across the hall, Mimi’s all dressed and yelling to Shawn to hurry it up. They were up late watching a movie like Jurassic Park, but apparently had more x-rated scenes than Jurassic Park did as we hear moaning while they hunt for the remote. She remembers how they finished that movie, surprised at how fast it ended..and watched it again as it replayed. He kissed her cheek and said she was the best friend ever. Back to present, he asks her to help him with his tie after exclaiming how hot each other looks.

The four meet in the hallway and decide to ride over together in Mimi’s car being it’s fixed now. Later they arrive as Belle goes to be with Sami, Shawn to seat guests.

AT THE CHURCH, Sami tells Roman maybe the next wedding will be his and Marlena’s. Caroline and Roman both remind her that Marlena IS married to John. Caroline changes the subject how Sami should concentrate on her own wedding now and to get ready. Roman leaves, promising Sami to ask Marlena to walk her down the aisle with him before leaving. He runs into Lexie in the hall and inquires about Abe and says Kate wasn’t invited to the wedding today.

Later Caroline’s dressed in a forest green dress, trying to help Sami get ready solo, curling her hair as Sami freaks that everyone wasn’t at the church yet. Caroline assures her that not everyone arrives 3 hours before the ceremony (LOL) and to chill out.

In the hall, Roman tells Lucas that he’s the best thing to ever happen to his daughter and thanks him for straightening her out. Lexie sighs in relief as he embraces his future son in law. Will (apparently they didn’t have time to get his hair cut yet) calls out to Sami and she starts to open the door until she hears Lucas’ voice and slams it again, refusing to let him see her. He yells out that he can’t wait to marry his little “firecracker”, and leaves as Roman and Lexie chuckle. Sami can’t believe it’s finally going to happen as she dries her eyes. She asks for the mirror and it falls to the ground and breaks. Seven years of bad luck she exclaims. Later there’s a knock on the door and Sami calls out if it’s Lucas to go away…she can’t afford any more bad luck, LOL.

Marlena and her escorts arrive, much to Roman’s delight. He asks her to walk Sami down the aisle with him. She looks to Alex and he nods yes, which upsets John as he protests she has her own mind. She says she just values Alex’s opinion, but consents to walk Sami down the aisle and goes to tell Sami with Roman. John and Alex argue more about who is really trying to control Marlena. Alex vows he only cares what’s best for his patient, but John knew he was making progress with Marlena before bed the night before.

Roman tells Sami it’s him with her mother and she lets them in. He informs her that Marlena will walk her down the aisle with him and Sami is thrilled. She hugs her and Marlena doesn’t respond as Sami apologizes, but asks if she remembers being her mother and how much she loves Roman. Marlena calmly replies she knows she was married to Roman and is her mother. She also knows the baby she lost was his and how hard it must have been for him, especially being she was married to John and he to that dark haired girl that was her friend. Sami interrupts saying Kate Roberts was NOT her friend and did not deserve to be married to daddy. Roman and Caroline pipe up in Kate’s defense. Caroline tells Sami today is not the day to start that.

AT KATE’S HOTEL ROOM, Billie's gone, but Nicole arrives, whining about losing Brady forever and wanting serious revenge against Sami. Kate agrees to a temporary truce in their joint hatred of Sami Brady. They toast and Nicole’s happy that at least Austin got wise to Sami in time. Speaking of Austin, the phone rings and he’s on a plane and tells his mother that he’s arriving later than expected. Nicole remembers kissing Austin and wishing she had met him under better circumstances…but she had to stay there and he to NYC. Kate panics at the thought of Austin with Nicole. Nicole finally offers to tell Kate what she had on Sami and Kate said it’s too late to stop the wedding, don’t bother (oh yeah, like we all believe THAT!) Nicole is bursting at the seams and tells her how Sami was Stan. Kate chokes on her drink and wants to run to the church with this information. Nicole reminds her there’s no evidence. Kate recalls Tony’s saying Sami’s disguise, but she figured it was as his lawyer, not Stan. The car that blew up had Stan’s clothes in it, their only proof. Kate decides the only thing they can do is to get very drunk as they toast to Sami’s demise.

BART anxiously awaits something and it finally arrives. He rushes out with it.

ON THE PLANE…Austin knows he missed the wedding as the plane won’t be landing for about 45 minutes. He figures he should have flown in the night before, but can hit the reception, assuming this wedding does happen.

KATE AND NICOLE are flopped on the couch drinking as they talk about Austin. Nicole goes to fix herself up for Austin as Kate answers the door. No one is there, but there’s something on the floor (we don’t see it, but assume Bart left whatever he received for her).

BACK TO THE BRIDE’S ROOM, Belle walks in happy to see her mom there. Marlena says she has the prettiest girls in Salem. They think she’s remembering, but Marlena just says that’s what everyone has been telling her. Sami is now dressed in her veil and gown, looking absolutely beautiful. Her curled hair is pulled back and secured behind her neck with a small veil in the back. Her thin strapped scooped (but no cleavage exposed) gown with off the shoulder delicate fabric accents is very beautiful. As the women give her the traditional gifts. Caroline gives her the something new (a garter, that Sami knows Lucas will enjoy taking off her) and something blue (that I didn’t see). Belle hands her the something old and borrowed…Marlena’s pearls. Sami gasps and tells Marlena how they use to be hers and she had wanted her to wear them at her wedding. Belle knows how upset Sami was that John gave them to her. Sami hugs her sister, saying she takes bad all the bad things she said about her (love Belle’s reaction to that) as Sami turns to ask Marlena to help her on with them. Marlena agrees as Sami cries in happiness.

The church is filling up (mostly with strangers). Lucas and Philip at the altar waiting. Will sits in the front pew of the bride's side as John sits behind him in the second aisle. (see, if he had gotten a hair cut he might have been an usher , LOL) Belle walks down the aisle and winks to Philip after taking her place. Everyone stands as the cue for the bride’s arrival is played. Roman and Marlena walk in arm in arm and they step aside on each side of the aisle as Sami walks up to them. They walk her down the aisle with the slow one foot before the other procession as Sami glows walking down the aisle. Marlena and Roman both say WE DO when asked who gives the bride away. He moves to the front row of the bride’s side and extends his hand to her. She looks at him, John and Alex, (in the front row of the groom’s side (being Billie, Kate and Austin aren’t there, the pew is empty…but still awkward for HIM to be there). Marlena is confused and goes to sit with Alex, much to John and Roman’s dismay. We watch as Samantha Gene and Lucas Desmond are about to be married. Later when the priest says the usual…does anyone hear object to this union, Sami and Lucas turn and look at everyone, hoping no one pipes up (ROFLMAO) as we see expressions on the guests faces. (hmmm…..strange that Bo, Hope, Grandpa Shawn, Jack, Jen, Alice, as the list goes on….aren’t there for Sami and Lucas!!!) Vows are read s Sami and Lucas stare into each other’s eyes. Lucas agrees as does tears fall from her eyes….as the previews roll….

Sami and Lucas smile and nod as Roman walks in saying this wedding is to stop (ah, there’s Bo and Tek wearing suits and Hope walking in with Roman)

Billie walks in and catches Patrick kissing Chelsea. She asks what’s going on here and what the hell the two…

Shawn sees Mimi dressed in a wedding gown and tells her she’s beautiful as Belle watches nervously.

Lexie sees Alex hypnotizing Marlena though an open door and walks in asking what he’s doing to her…

As the credits roll…


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