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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Episode #10,053
Directed by: Phil Sogard
Tape Date: 8/26/05

Summary: As Belle has her baby at the church (yes, today’s delivery day!); it appears that Alex is the original Roman trying to get Marlena back; while Bonnie is back to taking advantage of the reception that didn’t happen at Chez Rouge (thought it was suppose to be at her place?)

Chez Rouge
Bonnie (wearing her red low cut gown and black shawl) walks in and finds Mickey sitting at a table, sipping some red wine. She joins him at the table and he does us proud as he doesn’t get caught in her web. She mentions there won’t be a wedding reception there after all and Sami Brady is still, well, Sami Brady. Being the wonderful food won’t be eaten and the restaurant is closed, she asks if she can have it for a “good cause”. Mickey states it’s Maggie’s restaurant and her decision, so Bonnie go to leave. Maggie asks what the home wrecker wanted.

Bonnie finds Nicole drinking a Martini at the bar, saying she was crashing Sami’s wedding reception to see Austin. Bonnie explains that Sami’s probably crying on Austin’s shoulder as they speak, saying the wedding didn’t happen and knows there’s a voodoo doll out there of Sami and some black magic woman is poking pins into it. She tells Nicole about Kate dressing in Stan’s costume and stopping the wedding as Nicole practically gags while laughing. Later they’re toasting to Kate’s success with Martini’s (wait til you get the bill for those Nicole being there’s no reception). Bonnie watches Mickey talking to Maggie as Nicole rants about all the good ones getting away and agrees. Bonnie remembered seeing Austin in the boxing ring years ago as Nicole talks about him. Mimi joins them and says she sounds just like Kate Roberts, which Bonnie is flattered by, especially if she had her money. She tells Mimi that Mickey told her she could have all the food she wanted as Maggie (in her pink gown and shawl) overhears saying over her dead body. When Bonnie sounds obliging, Maggie asks (with hands on hips) if she wants a piece of her and Bonnie jumps at her, saying bring it on red as they fall to the fall brawling. Nicole watches oohing and awing, jabbing her toothpick in the air as though giving directions. Later Mickey breaks them up. Bonnie claims most of the food was going to the battered women’s shelter and Maggie picks up on MOST OF, claiming the rest would go into Bonnie’s horrible chili that even her dog wouldn’t eat. Bonnie goes after Maggie again and Mickey stops her. Maggie tells her to take the food and GET THE HELL OUT. Mimi tries to pull her mom to do just that. Bonnie mumbles about getting Mimi paired up with Shawn and that Horton money as she trips on a table. Maggie yells for her to watch that first step, it’s a bitch and hums to herself, LOL.

Later Mickey apologizes for all he put her and Bonnie through. Maggie is grateful to be the one and only Mrs. Horton and they kiss.

Nicole finishes her martini, moaning about being alone in a bar in the middle of the day and will wind up a Bonnie Lockhart one day. She wishes she had Austin in her life.

Bonnie calls the shelter and learns the walk in freezer is on the fritz, so offers to bring down enough for them to have a square meal tonight and will take the rest to the school down the street for their bake sale (as she holds the phone away saying … NOT)…ka-ching ka-ching. (Gee, their refrigerator probably works still Bonnie!) She finds Nicole writing Austin’s name over and over on a cocktail napkin, knowing she was right about her.

We find Sami crying in the courtyard as Austin asks her to tell him what happened. He finds it hard to believe she went to work for Tony and was disguised as a man, but says she now might lose her son and Lucas. Austin calmly lectures that she brought it on herself and doesn’t learn from her mistakes, but builds on them…like what happened in Las Vegas. He reminds her that it’s a miracle that he’s standing there talking to her right now and another that Lucas was at the altar waiting to make her his bride. She has a way of making people paranoid. He thought she had changed by the way Lucas had talked to him on the phone, but listening to her now, realizes she hasn’t. Sami tells him about how Kate had gotten her and Brandon drugged and in bed together the night before their wedding so Lucas would find them together. Kate even admitted it. She explains how she thought most of her family was dead and was already low at that point. That’s when Tony got her, when she was the most vulnerable. She didn’t know it was Tony though, just an anonymous make-up artist showed up at her apartment and made her up as Stan. She tells him how Lucas, Shawn and Rex went to find Philip and “Tony” threatened she’d never see her parents again unless she also went overseas. Austin finds all this hard to believe and knows she’ll never top this. He tells her she only has herself to blame and needs to turn her life around if she wants to be happy. He offers to always be there for her and she thanks him for being nice to her and for forgiving her. She rushes into his arms and so thankful he’s back.

Lexie demands Alex tell her the truth. He threatens to expose her “therapy” used with Dr. Cramer and will see to it that she loses her son if she tells John what “therapy” he’s using on Marlena. John comes to get Lexie for Belle and tells Alex that this might trigger Marlena’s memory. To himself, Alex agrees. Lexie walks in and hears Belle’s water has broken and goes into action.

Shawn lights a candle and crosses himself as he prays for Belle and her baby to be safe and happy. Mimi joins him, asking if he’s asking for Belle and her family’s health or for a miracle for himself. He only wants Belle’s happiness and whatever she decides. He doesn’t want to see a family torn apart and situations like Will’s or his with new stepsister Chelsea. He sees what it’s doing to his mom. Later Mimi tells Shawn there’s an emergency at Chez Rouge and she needs to join her mom there. Lexie rushes out to get more medical supplies from her car and tells Shawn that Belle’s in the last stages of labor. Lexie tells him not to go in as her husband is with her. He starts to go anyway when Alex stops him. He offers Shawn some advice and Shawn asks why he should listen to him. Alex calmly says because he knows what he’s going through as he also lost the woman he loved. We see flashbacks of him as the original Roman as Marlena holds baby Belle in her arms crying when she left him to be with John as he tells Shawn about the woman he loved and lost (ironic that it’s Belle’s true love he’s telling it too). We see more flashbacks of him hugging Marlena as she cries over the situation. Shawn thanks him for the advice. Alex says he knows how it can make you do things you wouldn’t normally do. Alex knows Shawn will never give up on Belle just like HE will never give up on Marlena.

As Belle screams in pain, John insists that Marlena not give up on getting her memory back. They hear Belle scream and Philip pulls them in, telling Marlena she’s a doctor and to help her daughter who’s in labor. Marlena asks Belle where she feels the most pressure and worried the baby is breech. (they walk from the hospital to the church all the time…why can’t they rush her there, so stupid!!) John realizes that Marlena is getting her memory back and urges her to do her doctorly thing (where’s Lexie? It’s not that big a parking lot!) John suggests they call an ambulance (should have done that a long time ago!) and Marlena says it’s too late and apologizes for not having anything for the pain or to calm her uterine muscles. They have to move the baby to another position. Lexie conveniently must have parked across the park/city. Lexie finally returns and puts on gloves (look more like formal white gloves than hospital gloves, LOL. She takes a quick look and congratulates Marlena on turning the baby around, then returns to Belle. Marlena and Philip hold Belle’s shoulders as Lexie delivers their little GIRL. Philip tells Belle they have a little girl as John’s crying in happiness. After the commercial, Belle is holding her daughter (we don’t see her) as she introduces her to her own mom and dad and her Aunt Lexie after Philip tells her who he is. Lexie goes to check on the ambulance (LOL…it’s spitting distance from the hospital..but don’t get me started) as we see Shawn watching from the doorway (unnoticed), smiling as Philip kisses his wife and daughter and leaves quietly (way to go Shawn!! I’m proud of you!) John hugs Marlena and says she remembered her skills as a physician and her memory is coming back. Before she gets any more memories, Alex waves the necklace at her from the door and she goes into a mini trance as we see him hypnotizing her earlier and saying she’d no longer be concerned with her husband or children and her agreeing. He pockets the locket and vows he gave Marlena up once, but not again, as Lexie smirks Marlena might get her memory back. We see John glowing, telling Marlena this is a memorable day as they have OUR first grandchild, but she’s also getting her memory back. Crying, Marlena agrees and wants him to take her home.

Mimi returns to the church and finds Shawn back lurking outside the door, watching Philip and Belle with their daughter. He tells her it’s over and she says endings make way for new beginnings. Belle laughs at how many times Philip has counted their daughter’s fingers and toes as Marlena and John watch happily (where are Kate and Victor during all of this? It’s their grandchild too) Shawn overhears Philip and Belle telling each other they’re a family now and they love each other and will always be together. The show closes with a freeze frame of Shawn sadly realizing he’s lost Belle…

as the previews roll…

Sami yells at Nicole…”You told Kate about my disguise? You helped her ruin my life?”

Lucas to Kate: “You destroyed my life. You’re far worse than Sami could ever be”…as we see flashes of Marlena and John on the screen….

Philip to Belle and their baby (now at the hospital with her in a hospital gown and he in his t-shirt)…”I promise both of you right now that I will treasure and protect both of you for the rest of my life”…

Shawn to Mimi: "I just want to make sure they’re alright. "
Mimi: "Why can’t you just leave destiny alone?”

As the credits roll…

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