Monday, September 05, 2005


Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Episode #10138
Directed by: Phil Sogard
Tape date: 8/4/05

While the parties continue with little discussions everywhere, the loft residents return home, John surprises Marlena and Alex, Chelsea plans to make her new family pay for what happened to her.

Belle and Philip return home to the loft, excited about his call from the VA Hospital that his new permanent prosthesis is ready. He’s going to go get it solo and insists Belle stay in town for her brother’s wedding. Later we join them as Belle is wrapped up in the blanket and Philip only wearing his pants. They kid about Baby K’s name and she shows him a list of 6 names that she narrowed her research into finding. If it’s a boy: Conner, Tyler or Luke. If it’s a girl, Claire, Margaret or Hillary. (Have you voted for YOUR choice yet? Link to poll site is in left hand column.) Philip rushes up to shower as Belle notices they forgot to shut their door all the way and hopes no one saw them making love (that’s typical in Salem…perhaps you should get an automatic door closer on it?) She sees Shawn and Mimi returning to their apartment, chatting about her car problem. Shawn offers to check it out for her and Mimi’s appreciative hug in return. Mimi is glad Bonnie got him to bartend as seeing his face there helps. She keeps expecting to see Rex’s face there. She asks how he’s doing about Belle and he (finally) admits that he knows Belle has moved on and he has to as well. We see Belle’s crestfallen face on the other side of the door as Philip walks in (fast shower and change, that military training obviously works!) dressed and ready to go. She tells him about the door being open, but Philip isn’t worried, they would just see a couple in love making love. Shawn and Mimi both realize they forgot their key. They knock on Philip and Belle’s door for the spare key and Belle goes to get it. Later they thank them for the key and Shawn’s happy to hear about Philip’s new leg. They no sooner shut the door when the car Philip ordered gets there…well..the buzzer buzzes. He takes his bag and asks her to go up to bed and leaves. Belle shuts the door and gets an intense pain and groans loudly. Shawn was just leaving, not interested in Mimi’s vampire movie (I’m with you bud!) and hears Belle. He rushes over and she tells him it’s the baby.

Chelsea moans about Billie being her mother and the only thing standing in her way of getting Patrick as Abby tries to convince her otherwise. She tells her Max is closer to her age, obviously cares for her and is hot. Chelsea plans to make her new family paylike the lottery for all the problems she’s had.

Chloe thanks the ladies for their shower presents. Kate takes the opportunity to bash Sami when they comment she has one more present to open, saying she took off with that male stripper.

Outside, Bart warns Sami that she’ll be exposed as Stan if Tony isn’t released and her marriage to Lucas will be “bye bye”. Bart threatens her until Sami finally said she gave him what he wanted, now it’s his turn. The two argue about her lack of conscience (that Bart said she doesn’t have when Sami rants it’ll be on hers if Tony causes more bedlam after getting out). She tells him to leave as with that body, he’s lucky people aren’t suspicious he’s impersonating a stripper already (double ouch). He defends himself, saying he’s been working out (LOL). He sees Bonnie coming out and puts his mask on again. Bonnie asks what’s going on with Sami and the Lone Ranger. Sami said she was asking him to do another number, but Bart refuses and Sami goes inside. Bonnie comes on to Bart and he tells Bonnie that Sami was just the trailer, but she’s the main feature as they kiss (now that's a pair!).

Sami warns Chelsea that her new Grandmother is a lying bitch and to be careful. Billie gasps and Kate offers Chelsea Sami’s old job at Basic Black in return. Chelsea thanks her, not believing her good fortune (isn’t she still in high school?). Sami walks away, wishing her good luck with that psycho

Brady is another room at Alice's (my, that place is bigger than I thought) trying to call John, concerned he’s not answering. The lights go out, the disco balls lights up and starts rotating as he worriedly asks who’s there. Chloe walks up smiling and he reminds her that tomorrow they’ll be married, as music starts playing (Edwin McCain's "I could not ask for More") as they start dancing. He picks her up and twirls her, then carries her out.

Roman and Bo quietly smirk about their false info on Roman’s computer, hoping to catch the rest of Tony’s gang (especially that bastard Stan) when they try to break him out.

Brady thanks Lucas for his wise advice and said he was right all along about Nicole. Victor joins them and agrees Chloe and Brady’s love is the real deal and nothing will come between them again. Victor toasts Brady and Lucas, saying they’ve been more like sons to him than grandson and step son. He tells Brady words can’t say how proud he is of him and wishes him and Chloe all the happiness in the world. He gives an envelope to Brady, saying it’ll help them on their way. Brady tries to refuse, but Victor waves it off as he starts to toast Lucas. He says how he, Shawn and Rex risked their lives, which took guts, to save his son Philip. Especially Lucas with a young son of his own. They’ve come a long way. When it comes to Sami..we see hackles raising as Bo, Roman and Lucas stand to object what’s coming next, LOL…Victor clarifies that love changes people and he hopes that’s the case for Sami and wishes Lucas and Sami a happy life together, wishing that they admitted their love a long time ago (I'm with you on that Vic!). He gives Lucas an envelope too and hugs him, hoping this time their wedding happens. Lucas thanks him and says how much Sami has changed.

Billie asks Kate to be happy for Lucas and for her finding her daughter. Chelsea joins them and Kate loves it when Chelsea says she knows Sami is her cousin, but honestly doesn’t like Sami all that much. Chelsea admires Kate’s necklace and recognizes it as a Charles Winston. She compliments Kate’s sense of style, wishing she had it too. Kate returns the compliment saying she does (yup, two of kind Granny and Chelsea are), and asks her to call her Kate being she’s her Grandmother. Kate asks for a private chat as Mama Billie smiles.

Lucas startles Sami after she returns inside, asking if she’s having fun. She picks on him asking about his rowdy bachelor party. He says Francesca did strip for them as she offers to entertain him later. Chloe interrupts, looking for Brady (before she found Brady above). Sami and Lucas dance and he softly expresses his love for her as they kiss and dance. Kate watches nearby as Sami sees her. Kate leaves and walks outside, where Roman is waiting. He says he did love her, but betraying him by breaking her promise about Sami …their marriage is over. Victor walks up and asks if there’s a problem there. Roman steps away, telling Victor there isn’t and she’s all his. Victor takes Kate in his arms for a hug (sucker!) She asks for his help. Victor asks if she’s imagining something, but she knows Tony is holding something over Sami’s head.

Chelsea returns to Abby, saying she’s got better than the lottery with Grandma Kate, it’s more like the tri state megaball. They’ll pay for Billie and Bo abandoning her. Abby tries to tell her they didn’t and it wasn’t their fault, but the DiMeras. Chelsea warns her to stop being naïve, her own parents have problems, as do Hope and Bo (whom are hugging and dancing nearby). She knows Frankie wants Jack out of the way to have Jen to himself. Chelsea goes to Bo and apologizes to him and he tells her he hopes to see her soon. She apologizes again and hugs him as Billie watches in tears behind them and Hope just behind Billie.

Outside Lucas tells Sami he’ll see her at home. Roman rushes out while talking on the phone, telling Sami it’s work. She figures Tony’s busting out.

Later Brady returns Chloe to their the front door he says it’s bad luck for him to see her after midnight and he’ll see her at the wedding. She wants him to stay, but he assures her all will be okay. He’s going to stay with John at the Penthouse that night and she can call him there if she needs to. Alone she prays to God that there be a miracle and to let tomorrow be perfect so that she and Brady can have the wedding they’ve dream of. We hear a tinkling sound and a light from outside reflects on her face.

Alex hypnotizes Marlena, taking her back to a time long, long ago (expected to hear Star Wars theme music, LOL). He asks her to remember the man she loved then and still loves today. She remembers kissing him, saying it was him, and he leans over and gives her a kiss while her eyes are closed. She kisses him back. John walks in (guess not locking doors isn't just a Salem thing) and catches this, asking what the hell is going on here. Marlena stops him from touching Alex, warning him if he does, he’ll lose her forever! She tells John he shouldn’t be there and goes upstairs. John demands Alex explain and Alex does so. He explains they were having a therapy session and Marlena was remembering kissing the man she loved. John finds it hard to believe she was kissing Alex while thinking she was kissing him…but Alex clarifies there’s no telling who Marlena thought she was kissing, it might not have been John. (ouch)

Upstairs Marlena looks at herself in the mirror, asking what she was thinking as Alex kisses her neck, saying it’s okay doc, she wanted him as much as he wanted her. Oops..she was just fantasizing that part.

Marlena returns downstairs and John tells her that he did some more research before flying up there. Dr. North is a fraud and not who he says he is. John says he talked to a Dr. Estrada in California (a close friend and mentor of hers before she moved to Salem). She inspired Marlena to go into psychology and told John that Dr. North has an unorthodox, high risk practice and amnesia patients usually return in a former familiar environment. Alex asks Marlena to excuse them and she thanks him. He asks John if he has any idea about what he is doing, reversing any progress they’ve made. John tells him his little experiment is over and tells Marlena to pack her bags, he’s taking her home. She doesn’t want to go back to Salem. He tells her about Brady’s and Sami’s weddings and should be there. He asks her to trust him, he’s her husband. She looks at Dr. North and tries to decide. She tells him no, I’m not going back with you.


Chloe to Brady (who's back at the cottage): "That’s not the real reason you came back, is it?"
Brady: "No"

Lucas to Sami: "We just got all hot and bothered, now you’re pushing me away? Why?"

Alex to Marlena: I think you should go back to Salem, but only if I am there and able to monitor your progress.
John’s response…"over my cold dead body"…

Belle to Shawn and Mimi: "Please tell me I’m not going to lose this baby".

As the credits roll..


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