Tuesday, September 13, 2005



Episode #10,144

Tape date – 8/12/05

Director – Phil Sogard

The wedding reception continues, with more little conversations, confontations, a bit of dancing and a song from Chloe. And we note the GLARING absence of the bride’s parents, Nancy & Craig!

Mimi gets upset as she overhears Belle telling Shawn that she never stopped loving him, & never will. She runs off, bumping into Brady & Chloe, who were admiring her ring. She congratulates them, while they thank her for being part of the wedding. Victor is on the phone with Nico, who evidently has managed to find Nicole. Victor tells him to take her to his place, but Nicole wants to talk to Victor. We don’t hear her or see her, but she evidently tells Victor she has some love letters in her purse, that Brady wrote her.

Caroline & John ask the newlyweds about their honeymoon. Brady tells them about spending tonight at the cottage, and then taking off tomorrow. Chloe says they are going first to Paris, and then wherever their whims take them, as Brady comments that there has better be a beach in there somewhere. Cue John to have flashback of him and Marlena romping on a beach. (I think it was their honeymoon in Hawaii) Alex is meanwhile urging Marlena to leave the reception, saying she has put in her appearance now, and he will drive her home. Outside, Bo is once more confronting Patrick about staying away from his daughter. (These guys must hate having this same dialogue over and over, lol)

Chelsea apologizes to Billie for the way she has been treating her, and goes to find Max. (now just WHY is he at this wedding? He also knows neither the bride OR the groom…sigghhh……oh, BTW, he now has a little goatee beard) She asks Max to dance, and he tells her his agent called him. Seems Max has not been on the racing circuit this summer (gee, the writers finally noticed that, huh?) and one of his major sponsors has dropped him, and he may lose a couple others. Chelsea tells him not to worry, she will get her wealthy gramma who heads up Basic Black to have BB sponsor him. (My, my, Chelsea, pretty sure of yourself, and you have not even begun to work there, yet). Billie tells Hope about the apology, but Hope is skeptical, sure Chelsea has ulterior motive. (glad Hope has kept the Salem brain, she is the only one using it wisely of late)

Frankie is dancing with Jennifer, but decides he cannot do this anymore, and tells her to go spend time with her husband. Jennifer knows something is amiss with Jack, that he & Frankie exchange these “looks”, and demands to know what is going on. Abby is questioning her dad, wanting to know why he keeps throwing her mom at her old boyfriend. He gives her the song and dance about his twisted ankle. Will worries about his mom to Lucas, while Sami talks to her dad about Tony’s escape attempt.

Brady & Chloe cut the wedding cake, feeding each other a piece, then kiss to the oohs and ahs of the assembled guests. (I just cannot believe that Craig & Nancy are not at this reception……shame on Days) And no, there was no smooshing of the cake on each other’s face at all. LOL John & Victor talk about Dr. North, with Victor telling John to fire the man. John says he tried that, explains the man has made Marlena so dependent on him, & he has no legal right to do so. John stops Marlena & Alex from leaving, saying Brady would be very disappointed if she departed so early. Belle tells Shawn she must stay with Philip, she is carrying his baby, must honor her vows, yada, yada, we have heard it all before many times. Bonnie berates Belle to Mimi. Chelsea asks Max if he wants to go back to the beach and take up where they left off. Abby continues to question her dad, while Jennifer does the same to Frankie.

Brady announces it is time for bouquet & garter tossing. The ladies line up, with Sami giving Kate a little hassle. Sami says that since she is getting married the next day, Chloe should just give the bouquet to her. But Chloe tells her since she is all set, she should let someone else have a chance at it. Take a guess as to who catches the bouquet. Bingo, you were right. Mimi. Next, Brady gets the garter from Chloe’s leg, amid a lot of teasing from the guys….he snaps it into the air….and …..only one guess now as to who catches it. Well, with a little help from Bonnie, yep, it is Shawn. Ha. Roman gets a call from Tek, saying the car Tony was to use for his escape blew up (??) but they are combing it for evidence. Brady & Chloe thank Victor for the wonderful wedding. Bo tells Patrick to leave his daughter alone. John threatens Alex. Marlena tells them not to fight, and John wants to dance with her. Alex says NO (who does he think he is, anyway), but Marlena agrees. Marlena says O.K. and they dance. She says the song sounds familiar, and John tells her it was one of her favorites. He flashes back to them both dancing to this tune (I think it was when they went on that 60s date some years ago….she wore her hair in a pony tail, had a poodle skirt on, etc.)

Victor tells Brady about Nicole having the love letters, but Brady says he has been perfectly honest with Chloe about his relationship with Nicole, and he is not worried at all about the letters. Nothing will break them up. Later, Caroline is going to leave, but tells Brady & Chloe she wants to quote something to them from a love letter. The lines are beautiful, and they thank her, asking where it came from. She says …Victor….then adds Hugo…..Victor Hugo. Later, Victor thanks her for remembering that quote from his letter.

Brady announced that Chloe is going to sing, and she does. I think the song is called I Am Forever Yours. Brady sings, too, one verse. Billie decides not to bother Chelsea for the rest of the evening, & leaves with Patrick. Bo kisses Hope, and they decide to leave, too. Mimi spots Shawn looking for Belle’s wrap, so goes out on the terrace, and tells Belle off. She asks her if she is so helpless now she cannot even look for her own wrap, said she told her she would have cramps at the wedding. Belle protests that she fainted, and could not help that, but Mimi says she is just saying that she called it. She calls her a slut, tells her she talks about honoring her vows to Philip, is carrying his baby, but refuses to let Shawn move on. Meanwhile, Bonnie is encouraging Shawn to help Mimi through her tough time right now, and talks about how difficult this wedding has to be for Mimi with Rex having left her. Jen pesters Frankie to tell her what is going on, and he finally agrees to tell her. Roman hears from Tek that the trunk of the car contained computers, disks, and luggage filled with disguises. Cue Sami to picture Stan, to look panic stricken, and then faint. John & Marlena are dancing, with Alex looking on in disapproval. Marlena tells John that when they were dancing to that song before, she remembered something….being in his arms. John is very moved. And the previews show…….

Abby to Jack: Tell me the truth, Daddy, I’m not a baby. Are you sick?

Mimi: Step aside. Belle: Shawn would never have been interested in you anyway

Lucas: Whatever they find in Tony’s car, I hope they bust Stan

John: I’ve got to get her out from under his control. If he tries to stop me, I’m gonna hve to kill him.


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