Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Tape date – 8/19
Director – Herb Stein

As we all knew only too well, Sami’s wedding is just not to be, while Alex exerts more of his unique brand of mind control on Marlena and the inept Salem PD proves once more they ALL need to get retrained.

CHELSEA ADMIRES the dress she is wearing, preens in front of the mirror, telling herself what good taste Gramma Kate has, and that she looks really good. Patrick comes in saying she is right, she looks really hot. He goes to Chelsea and kisses her. Billie comes in, asking what the heck they think they are doing. YEP, just another one of the fantasies with which Days tries to fool us. Billie has come in, tho, and tries to reason with Chelsea as to the inappropriateness of the dress for a wedding. Chelsea begins to whine about how it makes her feel so good, how she never had nice things, had to shop at the thrift store, blah, blah. Billie tells her she, too, had nothing when she came to town, and wanted nothing more than a career, money and a man. Chelsea says..that is when you met Bo. Billie says yes, and everyone thought Hope was dead, but she wasn’t. And Bo is with Hope, and that is o.k. because he gave her the most wonderful thing in the world….you. Chelsea smiles.

MIMI has escaped into the bride’s room, unable to view the 2nd wedding in two days. She bemoans her loss of Rex, the plans she had for the both of them, etc. Caroline comes in, looking for a hankerchief for Sami, as she knows Sami will cry buckets when she says I DO. She retrieves one from the chest, and then comforts Mimi, giving her a pep talk about eventually finding someone else. (shouldn’t Caroline be getting back to the wedding….heck Sami was about to say I do, last we saw).

Outside the church, Roman confers with Tek, joined immediately by Bo & Hope. Roman asks why Tek pulled him out of the wedding. (if this is all not the most stupid scenario) & Tek says the ISA has received several reports about an international terrorist having arrived in Salem and being spotted in vicinity of St. Luke’s church. Why St. Luke’s, Hope asks. And Bo says to just think about it, all the Brady & Horton extended families are in there (not that I could see, but what the heck, let’s suspend reality, shall we?) along with the last 3 Police Commanders. Perfect opportunity for DiMera to do harm. (and now DiMera is an international terrorist, the only one in the entire world, apparently…sigghhhh). Inside, just as Sami is about to say I Do, her precious father comes in yelling, and I do mean yelling to stop the wedding. Sami pitches a fit, and rightly so (another 30 seconds would not have mattered). He makes his “terrorist” speech, telling everyone to stay put. Sami argues with him, saying the wedding could be over during this arguing time (and we all agree, Sami….as I said, stupid scenario). Roman tells John to take everyone down to the rec room. (wow, that church really has a lot of extra rooms, doesn’t it? LOL.) John tells Marlena she should go to Sami, as her mother, that she may not remember Sami, but Sami remembers her. Marlena does, and tries to comfort the upset Sami, who is standing with Lucas & Will. Lucas promises her all will be o.k. and they all leave for the rec room. Father Jansen takes Will, and then all the strangers get herded downstairs (sorry, but they are, wonder if all those extras had to provide their own clothes?) Shawn looks for Mimi. Belle says she left her purse in the bride’s room, and goes to get it. We see a mysterious figure, all in black with a hood over the head, has snuck into the rec room, carrying a manila envelope with the name Sami Brady written on it.

In the bride’s room, Caroline is showing Mimi her wedding dress, when Belle enters with the news of the interrupted wedding, and the lockdown. Tek comes in, telling them to stay put, lock the door, and not to open it except for police. Caroline does some chattering about her wedding dress in the trunk, talks of when Belle put it on, and Shawn had the tuxedo on. She then tells Mimi to put the dress on. Down in the rec room, Shawn & Philip learn that Belle is with Mimi & Caroline in the bride’s room, & decide to go there. Mimi has come out, wearing the dress, as Philip & Shawn arrive. Shawn tells Mimi she looks beautiful (she does) and we can see Belle looking wistful, I guess.

Marlena gets very nervous at all the people in the rec room, so Alex spirits her off into another room. There, he insidiously talks to her about how her family is using her, not caring about her condition, only their own, mentioning Sami. Marlena protests that it is Sami’s wedding day, and all brides are self-absorbed. She wants to join her family, but Alex stops her, continuing to talk against her family and John. She tries to leave, but he won’t let her. He keeps talking about the need to isolate her. He then begins to hypnotize her (and it looks like he is using the blue topaz necklace John gave her), when Lexie comes by, sees what is going on thru the open door, and rushes in. She gives Alex a hard time about him using hypnotism for mind control, and he gives her a song and dance about how, in amnesia cases, it can have the opposite effect. Lexie insists that John should know about this, and she is going to tell him. Alex tells her that she is NOT to tell John, because if she does, he will tell Abe about her sleeping with Tek. (LOL, would not call that desk top romp or the supply closet escapade “sleeping”, haha). Lexie is shocked!

The black clothes mystery figure has now entered the church. Hope comes in, gun drawn, looks around, talks to Bo via radio that all is secure. The mystery figure is hiding behind a pew. So much for a good search. Bo says the vestibule is secure. They radio Tek. In the rec room, Sami runs into Chelsea, takes one look and says she did not know she had invited a streetwalker to her wedding. Ouch! Chelsea goes right back at Sami, wondering how many wedding dresses she has accumulated now. Sami calls her a tramp, like her Gramma Kate and her mother. They have a few more words, and Chelsea runs out. Billie sees her, enlists Patrick’s help and they go after her. Bo bumps into Chelsea running out the door, with Patrick after her. Billie stops Bo from going after them, saying Patrick knows how to handle this. Patrick tries to talk to Chelsea. Tek goes to the bride’s room to tell them all the church is secure, and the wedding will now continue. Mimi has to get out of the dress, Shawn is going to wait for her, so Belle wants to wait, too. Caroline says no, Sami needs her best man & matron of honor there, she is nervous enough.

Everyone is now back in the church, except for Alex & Marlena. Sami & Lucas are standing at the altar, Father Jansen has Lucas repeat his I do, then, just as Sami is about to say hers, the back door to the church opens (so much for Salem PD “security”) and the black clothed figure enters. Off goes the hood….and there stands Stan, who says, “Hello, Sami, did you miss me?”. Camera freeze on the shocked face of Sami…..as the previews show……….

Roman to Lucas, as a stunned Sami looks on: Are you sure this is the guy? Lucas replies, Yeah, I’d know him anywhere. And Stan says, About as well as you’d know your own bride – isn’t that right, Samantha?

John to Alex: you’re gonna tell me why you’re hypnotizing my wife, and you’re gonna tell me right now.

Shawn: I have to move on with my life. Mimi: So what do you say we move on together?

Billie, apparently praying: Don’t let her be in any trouble

Roman: Stan’s inside. Abe replies: DiMera’s Stan?

Stan: The only one whose getting what’s coming to them is Sami

And the credits roll……


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