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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Tape date –8/29
Director – Albert Alarr

A few lighthearted moments in the aftermath of the wedding disaster, as Baby K has visitors in the hospital, Austin takes Sami home, & Nicole manages to flit all over town.

AT THE HOSPITAL, Philip & Belle are cooing over their new baby girl, while an admiring grandfather Victor & Lucas look on. Lucas has had an amazing transformation, having changed his clothes, gotten a short haircut, and grown a mustache & slight goatee, all in a matter of an hour or two. LOLOL. There is a short bit of conversation about Sami & the wedding, but Lucas discourages it. He knows his mom wanted to wreak revenge on Sami, to publicly humiliate her, just as Sami outed Kate at his birthday party, tit for tat, & he will never forgive Kate for what she did and the way she did it. They chatter and tease about naming the baby, saying that if a boy, they wanted Luke for the name. Lucas is flattered, but says not to name the baby after him, and talks of maybe Lucille. Belle says she likes Lucy, then mention not wanting trendy names, like Madison. Belle mentions all the “family” names that are a tradition in hers, Lucas says he has the perfect name. Kiki. Everyone laughs, as he explains how Kiki Kiriakis just rolls off the tongue. Belle knows how kids are, and would be calling her Geeky Kiki. LOL. She asks what the name would be from, Lucas says Katherine, then Philip says no, not wanting to have Kate think the baby was named after her. Meanwhile Mimi & Shawn have arrived at the hospital, with Mimi trying to talk Shawn out of checking on Belle, as all was well at the church. He insists, and they pop in for a short visit, congratulating the new mommy & daddy, and then leave.

Out in the hall, Nicole runs into a gift laden Kate (wonder where she managed to find a store open on such short notice……oh, yeah, probably the hospital gift shop – but what is Nicole doing there. Last we saw, she was drowning her sorrows at Chez Rouge.) Nicole congratulates Kate on a job well done, and tells her that what she has done is going to come back and bite her in the butt. Kate calmly tells Nicole that with Sami gone, there is no reason for her to have anything to do with Nicole and to get lost. Nicole is furious, but Kate tells her that she already gave her money, it was enough, it is all over now. Nicole leaves. Victor spots Kate through the window, and excuses himself to go stop her. He tries to talk sense to her, but she is all excited about the new grandchild. He tries to make her realize that the way she got her revenge on Sami has ruined her in Lucas’s eyes. Philip comes out, telling Kate that Belle is getting ready to nurse the baby (wow, already??) so would not be a good time for her. Lucas comes out, tells Kate that in his eyes, she is far worse than Sami could ever be & tells her off, saying finally he will never speak to her again. He leaves.Victor asks Kate if her revenge on Sami was worth losing the son she loves so much. She says yes, it was, and thinks Lucas will eventually forgive her. We see Lucas on the phone to Will, trying to console him, promising him that he would still be seeing his mom. Lucas does warn Will, that his mother may go to jail, but that no, Gramma Kate would not. He tells Will that he is going to take him out to dinner, just the two of them.

AT THE LOFT, Mimi & Shawn arrive home, talk a bit about their respective failed love lives. Shawn thinks that Rex will eventually realize how much he misses Mimi and will return. Perfect cue for a knock at the door, and a messenger with a package for Mimi. She opens it, to find all the things she ever gave Rex, all the pictures of them - mementos and souvenirs from their dating days. Pictures, movie tickets, match books, restaurant receipts, etc. Mimi realizes Rex is making sure she understands it is over, he is not ever returning to Salem or her. They both moan and groan a bit, then decide to go out to dinner.


Austin & Sami arrive in the hall, and run into an elderly, rather gregarious neighbor with a rather foggy memory, who mentions not having seen Austin in a month of Sundays. Now follows a humorous conversation, (Sami is in her wedding dress) wherein she first thinks Pammi finally married Austin, & they are going on honeymoon. When they assure her that is not the case, she remembers it was supposed to be Lucas across the hall, & then proceeds to mention all the men Sami was supposed to marry…Lucas, Franco, Brandon. Sami is furious, Austin restrains her, they argue big time. (the neighbor is really funny, & gives some sharp digs to our girl) Austin shags Sami inside the apt., tells her that it was all her fault, not the neighbor’s, calms her down, and tells her she needs to get out of that dress. She asks him to get a storage bag from the closet. He goes into the closet, and shocked, as he brings out 3 storage bags covering wedding dresses. One is dress from when they married in Paris, one that Sami had made identical to Carrie’s when they were to get married, & Carrie & Lucas stopped it. (That was Will’s paternity reveal). The 3rd is the one she wore for their aborted Vegas wedding. Sami is crying as she then goes to the closet to pull out 3 more…….(egads!) the one from when she was to marry Franco, the one from when she was to marry Brandon, and the one she was to wear to her lst wedding to Lucas. He tells her she still needs to get out of that dress. She asks him where he was planning on staying, and he says at Lucas’s apt. while they were gone on their honeymoon. Uh, oh. He wants to clean up, she tells him to feel free to use the shower. (Let us all remember here that so far, have not seen a single bit of luggage for Austin. LOL). He goes off to shower, and a frustrated Sami angrily tosses the wedding dresses around. Knock, Knock. It is the resident lush, Nicole, who first asks if she has any vodka, then gleefully tells Sami off about another failed wedding, saying she deserved it for not helping her get Brady away from Chloe. Sami tells Nik to get out, opens the door, turns, realizing it was Nicole who told Kate about her being Stan. Nicole asks her just WHERE would she have gotten that disguise, that Sami was positive it was destroyed. She tells Sami to face it, Tony gave the disguise to Kate……..and out of bathroom comes a towel clad Austin, startling Nicole. Sami is angry, and wants Austin to get rid of Nicole. He tells her once more to get out of that dress, and she goes into the bedroom, yelling that Nik had better be gone when she comes out. Nicole asks Austin for a hug, he complies, commenting that she has been drinking. She admits it. Sami is yelling from behind closed doors to get her out of there. She wants to see him later that evening, but he says he is going to keep Sami company tonight. They agree to meet tomorrow. He asks where she is living, and she just smiles, saying she will call him. He gives her his cell phone #, and they talk of having lunch at Chez Rouge, where, as Nicole claims, they make the best Bloody Marys in town. He thinks that for Nicole, all the restaurants in town make the best Bloody Marys. She comments about “Boston Austin” (his name during prize fighting days) making snide remarks, and leaves, Sami comes out. Austin insists they not stay home, he is taking her out to dinner at Chez Rouge. Sami says no, that is where her reception was supposed to be. Austin tells her she cannot hide, she has to face people sometime, and why not tonite. She says the place will be closed. He fells they would definitely have room for them. Sami finally agrees. (Jeez, the entire town is going for dinner there tonight……and the place was “closed for a private party”. Amazing, huh?, especially since Bonnie took all that food. Ha.) Outside in the hall, Nicole has been eavesdropping (a favorite Salem pastime) at the door, and smiling like the proverbially Cheshire Cat, she says, Chez Rouge, huh? AND THE PREVIEWS SHOW……

Chelsea to Billie: Why would she make it sound like you guys were a couple of prostitutes – don’t tell me Sami was telling the truth.

Hope to Brady: If you put yourself in the middle and Chelsea thinks you are siding with Billie, you could lose your daughter forever. Is that a chance you are willing to take?

Nicole to Austin: What about me, Austin? Do you still have feelings for me, too?

Kate: Aren’t you going to congratulate me? Sami: I think I’m gonna kill you…….as she launches herself at Kate. And the credits roll.


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