Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Episode #10,139
Tape date – 8/4/05
Director – Phil Sogard

John convinces Marlena to return to Salem, Belle has a scare, Chloe has ANOTHER pity party, while Sami nearly bares all.

CHLOE PACES THE FLOOR, impatiently waiting for Nancy to arrive, and wondering what is taking her so long. She opens the door to check outside, only to find Brady dozing on the porch. She wakes him up, & he explains that he was half way home, when he turned around and came back, not wanting her to be alone, and thought he’d wait til Nancy arrived. Chloe realizes the real reason he returned was because he was afraid she would run off, and she admits that the thought was in her mind. She cries, as he once more reassures her, yada, yada. (yawnnnn, same script, different day). His phone rings, and he takes it inside, which leaves an opening for Nancy to arrive. (Patrika, you look absolutely gorgeous!) She explains that Joy is so excited about being in the wedding party, that she & Craig had a hard time getting her to sleep, so sorry she was late. They have a nice mother-daughter talk, when Brady comes out wearing a blindfold, citing something about not seeing the bride before the wedding. Both Nancy & Chloe assure him that the tradition means while the bride is in her wedding dress, and also just before the wedding.

UP IN THE MOUNTAIN CABIN, John tries to talk Marlena into returning home for the sake of her children, not him. Alex protests her leaving, John insists. John & Alex argue. He talks of the upcoming wedding, and how much her daughter loves her and needs her there, but Marlena doesn’t know her daughter, doesn’t remember her, and callously says she can see the pictures later. John then talks of Belle having a baby, and needing her mother. This seems to strike a chord in Marlena, who now seems receptive to the idea. Alex now looks a bit disconcerted. (Oh, we all do not trust ol Alex, now, do we? LOL) Marlena asks him his opinion, John objects, but Marlena is determined. Alex says o.k. , but only if he accompanies her back to Salem, and continues to treat her. John announces that would be over his cold, dead body. (what? As opposed to his warm, dead body?) Marlena gets angry, and now she argues with John about Dr. North, telling him she needs Dr. North, and wants to make something clear to John. She will only return to Salem for the sake of the children. She doesn’t know them, doesn’t remember them, but will be there for them, and for no other reason. John replies that he will just have to accept that.

IN THE LOFT, Shawn is helping Belle, telling Mimi to see if she can catch Phil. He is about to call Dr. Bader, but Belle says she is on vacation (oh, how convenient for Days, huh) and of course, Shawn then calls the doctor who is a specialist in every field imaginable (even though she was originally a pediatrician, lol) – yes, Lexie. Mimi returns, unable to have caught Phil before he left, soon followed by the arrival of Lexie. (is the hospital across the street?). Lexie tells the moaning Belle to B R E A T H E…(the cure-all for all pregnant women in distress – only surpassed by the ever present cup of healing Salem tea)….says things seem fine, the baby’s heartbeat is strong, but she wants to check her cervix, to see if she is dilated at all. Shawn & Mimi go out in the hall, while Lexie examines Belle. (and believe it or not, ladies, yep, sheet over the knees which are up, looking almost like the real thing..) Lexie pronounces all o.k., asking her what she was doing before the pains began. Belle says nothing, that Phil had just left. Lexie asks if she had been sexually active, Belle says yes, just before Phil left, and could that cause a problem. Lexie says rarely…(then why did she ask?) then tells Belle it seems the pains were probably stress related. Cue flashback to Belle arguing with Shawn about him almost sleeping with Mimi. Lexie tells Belle to take it easy and leaves.

Out in the hall, she assures Shawn & Mimi everything o.k. – that it was probably stress. Shawn walks Lexie out to her car, while Mimi goes to check on Belle, who is happy she is there. But tho Mimi is happy the baby is o.k., she warns Belle about the pain, the baby, the drama all being an effort to reel Shawn back in, and it had better stop now. They argue some, then Shawn returns, asking if he can get her anything. She asks him for some extra pillows from her bed upstairs, and he goes to get them, causing Mimi to light into Belle once again, for her machinations.

IN THE HALL OUTSIDE SAMI’S APT, Lucas & Sami are kissing up a storm, and she gives him the keys, reminding him she promised him a striptease. They enter the darkened apt. as Sami begins to perform for Lucas. And then every parent’s nightmare comes true, as Will, with friend, Arthur, appear at the open door, with Will spouting a shocked “MOM!”. A thoroughly embarrassed Sami runs into the bedroom, while Lucas asks what he is doing there, he was supposed to be spending the night at Arthur’s. The boys claim they came for some DVD’s, they have them now, with Arthur commenting that Will’s mom is better than Hillary Duff. LOLOL. Lucas shags the boys off.

Meanwhile, Sami is brushing her hair, talking to herself she is glad she was not completely naked. As she begins to take off her dress, she screams…..and there is stalker Bart looking in her window. (Jeez, now the fire escape is outside her bedroom window – Salem has some very odd shaped buildings, snickering here). Lucas & the boys come rushing in (thought the boys were gone….jeez) and Sami covers, saying she saw a mouse. The boys leave once more, Sami & Lucas begin to kiss, but she spots voyeur Bart again peering in the window, and pushes Lucas away, saying she is still embarrassed, and not sure if boys are really gone. She gets rid of Lucas (who goes to check), locks her door, then climbs out on firescape (she is now in a robe.) to confront Bart. They now have the same conversation they had outside Alice’s….again, same script, different day. She says she got the info from her dad’s computer, wants all the Stan costuming stuff back. He threatens her, saying no way until the Count escapes, and if he doesn’t, the whole world will know she was Stan, yada, yada. Lucas returns, wondering why the locked door, knocking. Sami chases Bart away, climbs back in the window, shuts it, closes the drapes, and ditches the robe. She opens the door, and Lucas definitely did not mind the wait, as Sami is in a black lace teddy. They begin to kiss, and fall onto the bed.

And the previews show…..
John to Kate: I want you to help me find out what her shrink is really up to.

Marlena to Alex, as a shocked Brady looks on: I’m so glad you spent the night with me last night.

Mimi to Shawn, as Belle arrives in the background: Leave it to Belle to ruin her good friend’s big day.

Brady on phone to Chloe: So are you ready for your dream wedding?Chloe: I can’t Brady: So what’re you saying? You want to call off the wedding?

And the credits roll.

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