Thursday, October 13, 2005


Friday, October 14, 2005

Episode: 10,166
Director Herb Stein
Tape Date: 9/13/05

Jack and Jen tell Abby about Jack’s fatal illness, Nicole forgets quickly about Brady as she targets in on Austin, and John tracks down Marlena.

Frankie leaves to give Jen and Jack time alone. They ponder how to tell Abby about Jack’s fatal illness. Jack thinks about making a video for the kids and suggests that their son will have another father to raise him. This upsets Jen.

Outside Abby and Chelsea talk about how uncertain life is. Abby tells her that their parents can always be depended upon. They go inside and Abby tells them about how many people they got to sign up for the Light the Night Walk. Abby senses how upset her parents are about something and they ask Chelsea to give them some time alone. Jack comes right to the point and tells Abby he’s been diagnosed with a serious illness. She asks if that means he’ll be on a medicine for life, but he tells her no, it’s fatal and he’s going to die. We return to Abby breaking down at this news. Jen tells her she just found out too. Abby realizes that Jack knew when he danced with her at Chloe’s wedding and how he promised to always be there for her. He lied to her and she rushes out the door. Chelsea is outside and Abby doesn’t tell her why she’s crying, just that she wants to go away and never come back. The two gals sit down and Abby tells Chelsea that her dad’s dying and she was wrong earlier, they can’t count on anything. Crying she tells Chelsea that she’s used up her miracles and her dad is really dying and there’s nothing that can be done. Inside Jack tells Jen that Abby’s strong and will be okay, they shouldn’t go after her. He hugs Jen as we see Abby hugging Chelsea outside. Chelsea feels Abby should go inside, her parents need her, but Abby just wants to get in Chelsea’s car and go somewhere. Jen breaks down inside and tells Jack she doesn’t think she could handle him dying. He tells her it will be alright, he knows that this time.

Nicole encounters Sami outside Alice’s and the two women remind each other how big a loser they both are. Nicole tells Sami that Austin’s a nice person and deserves someone better than her (Sami). Sami assures Nicole that she’s not after Austin and wants Lucas back, but Austin deserves someone better than Nicole. Sami tells Nicole that Austin is waiting for her and tells Nicole to go home. Nicole shoves Sami into the bushes and runs inside Alice’s to get Austin first instead.

Lucas tells Austin he knows that Victor offered the job to him first. Lucas is sick of Austin’s hand me downs and cast offs. Austin tells Lucas not to be ridiculous and he’d do a great job for Victor. Lucas knows he will. Austin reminds him they’re brothers, not competitors. Austin reiterates he’s not “shacking up” with Sami as Nicole struts in. She explains Sami got a little “hung up” and offers to buy Austin a drink. Lucas mutters to himself (guess Austin is getting Lucas’ left overs too, ha ha) while wiping the bar. She tells Austin she missed him as she gives him a little kiss. She asks him not to let Sami back in his life again. He knows Sami needs help. Nicole tries to change his mind on that and warns him to stay away from Sami. She challenges him to a little game of 8-ball and he accepts the challenge. She asks for a bet on that and he says he doesn’t gamble. She says it’s not for money. If she wins, he has to come home with her tonight (uh, where are you living without any money Nicole?), not Sami. Later we join them as Nicole’s on a roll and pocketing pool balls. She knows Austin’s getting an eye full as she bends over the table to take her shot and tells him to start packing his bags (didn’t see him have any bags, did you?) She tells him she has all night. Sami walks in and pulls leaves out of her hair as she sees Nicole and Austin sitting at a table. She pulls out her compact to prep and sees Lucas at the bar and goes mushy (aww). She rushes over and asks what he’s doing there. He asks why she’s not in jail and she tells him the charges were dropped, thanks to Austin. Lucas rants that he wished Austin would mind his own damn business. The waitress tells Sami about Lucas’s new job with Victor as she picks some drinks up at the bar. Sami’s thrilled for Lucas and tells him he’ll do a great job. It’s what they always dreamed of. Lucas coldly tells her that he finally turned his life around and it took leaving her for it to happen. Ouch. She turns and sees Austin with Nicole while swatting some more leaves off her top.

John and Kate search the penthouse and after John realizes it’s empty, he and Kate are joined by the building’s doorman, Charlie. He was instructed by Dr. Evans not to let John in unescorted. John tells Charlie that he’s worried about his wife and Charlie tells him he overheard Dr. North tell Marlena that he’s taking her to that new fancy French Restaurant, Chez Rouge. Big surprise, that’s John and Kate’s next stop.

Apparently it took a while for John and Kate to get to the penthouse as we find Marlena and John dressed up and at Chez Rouge. Alex asks Marlena if anything’s wrong as she’s barely touched her dinner. She wonders if she rushed into asking John for a divorce. She tells Alex about the photo album John showed her and how happy they were in it. He confuses her by reminding her of how sure she was asking for the divorce. (little flashback of him hypnotizing her is shown) She feels she should wait until she gets her memory back before making such an important decision. She excuses herself to use the powder room and he offers to order some nice tea to soothe her nerves (uh oh). He slips a prescription bottle out of his pocket saying “You’re not making this easy my dear. It’s time to get you back on the program and this should do the track.” He’s got the drug stirred into the tea just before Marlena returns. He tells her it’s crucial for her to stay away from John for a while. She doesn’t think that’s right for her to be apart from her husband at a time like this, it just doesn’t feel right.

John and Kate arrive at Chez Rouge. They found Superman’s phone booth enroute apparently as he’s now in a suit and tie and her in a black dress and wrap. She doesn’t recommend him bursting in and interrupting their dinner. Marlena fingers her tea cup as Alex notes she hasn’t drank any. She gives her full cup to the waiter and asks for some coffee instead as she sees John and Kate walk in. Alex uses that to his advantage, telling Marlena that John’s moved on already. Alex begs her to dance and she reluctantly agree. John asks Kate to dance with him too and they approach Marlena and Alex. John tells him no hard feelings and asks Marlena to dance with him. Kate seconds the idea when Alex tells John he has a dance partner already. Marlena agrees if Alex doesn’t mind, but he says he does as Marlena just mentioned being tired and wanting to sit down. Not wanting to dispute what he said, Marlena seconds that. John tells Kate that Alex acts like he owns Marlena and Kate agrees. John threatens to kill Alex if he hurts Marlena. After Alex thanks Marlena for having dinner with him, they go to leave. John tells Kate he’s going to make a scene. He takes Marlena’s arm and tells her she’s not going anywhere with him (Alex). Alex tells him to take his hand off her and John responds “over my cold, dead body…” as Marlena stares at John…

And the previews roll….

Mimi to Shawn: Are you ready to take the next step…and they kiss….

Philip to Belle: Looks like Mimi and Shawn had a good time. Do you have a problem with that?
Belle’s response: Yes, I do.

Alex to himself: I can beat John at his own game and I know exactly how to do it.

Nicole to Sami: Austin and I will end up together.
Sami’s response: Over my dead body (quite the popular saying in Salem, isn’t it?)

As the credits roll..

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