Thursday, October 20, 2005


Friday, October 21, 2005

Episode: 10171
Directed by: Roger Inman
Tape Date: 9/20/2005

It’s a new day in Salem…..and our Salemites are starting their morning off with chats with family. Chelsea and Billie’s never ending mother/daughter bickering continues, Jack with Jen and Abby about his illness, Bo and Hope about Chelsea; Sami and Austin plan a new venture together and Lucas with Sophie.

AT THE LOCKHART HOME (just where is Bonnie, Conner and Max living?) we find Chelsea and Billie bickering already. Billie’s not happy about the money Chelsea’s spending and asks where it came from. She’s also not happy about the pj’s Chelsea’s wearing considering they live with Patrick. Patrick walks in and Chelsea complains about Bo picking a fight with him the night before. Billie asks Chelsea what she’s done to upset her father. Bicker bicker bicker as Chelsea rants at Billie that she’s never felt connected to her and is only making her life miserable. Chelsea calls Kate, knowing which buttons to push as she tells Kate she has a hard time calling her grandma as she looks too young and beautiful to call her that. Kate admits flattery will get her anywhere, LOL, and promises to be right over when Chelsea asks for her help. Billie walks in asking who Chelsea was talking to, saying she was more curious than nosey (yeah, right) as Chelsea blasts her for that. Chelsea admits wanting to go to BB with Grandma Kate and needs an advance from her salary to get work type clothes. Billie asks why she just didn’t ask her for it (yup, the bottomless well for the unemployed), but Chelsea fires back she knows she’d have to pay Billie back and never hear the end of it. Later Chelsea is dressed in a halter type dress and long earrings that Billie figures will be great for work (not where I work it wouldn’t, but maybe at BB, haha). More bickering (it’s getting so old) between Billie and Chelsea as Chelsea says they’re so different and she doesn’t want to wear the same thing over and over and look like her mother, yada yada, and throwing Billie’s past in her face. She does look a little guilty as Billie states she didn’t confide her past with her only to have it thrown in her face. Kate arrives and Billie asks for a few minutes alone with her first. She asks Kate not to spoil Chelsea anymore with gifts and money. Chelsea eavesdrops from the kitchen, not happy to hear that. Billie tells Kate she gave her daughter cash and a job, so no more for a while. Chelsea goes out back and rants to Patrick about what Billie said. He agrees Billie was right and Chelsea heads out the gate.

Inside Billie and Kate chat more. Billie tells Kate to let t hem live their own lives and let her raise her own daughter.

AT THE BRADY HOME…Hope gives young Zack to the count of three to get into the kitchen and finish his cereal. He knows how far to push the envelope as mom is squatting down to his level and serious. Bo walks in as Zack goes into the kitchen and says not to take her anger out on anyone but him. Hope responds that the only one in the house with an anger management problem is him. Hope calmly tells Bo he’d rather argue with Patrick that listen to his wife. Flashback of what happened the night before as Hope joined Patrick and Bo arguing. Hope warns him that he’ll push Chelsea right into Patrick’s arms if he keeps this attitude up. Later the two bring their morning brew into the living room as Hope rationalizes that Chelsea didn’t yell for his help from Patrick, but that Chelsea had probably been comforting Abby about Jack’s fatal illness and was upset about that. Patrick was only consoling her. Hope acknowledges that she now realizes that his daughter does have a soft side and straddles his outstretched legs to kiss him. Hope tells Bo she wants to do something special for Jennifer, but it’ll affect their budget. Bo’s not surprised, saying it’s only money and she already knows what she wants to do. Later we hear Hope's blocked four hours somewhere for her and Jennifer (spa?) when Bo returns home. He says Zack caught the bus on time (reality, love it) and gives her a box with something he made for her. She opens it to find a small blue sailboat (with Fancy Face 3 on it) to always remind her of the life’s journey they’re on together. He made it while she slept at night. Awww. They fall to the couch as she admits not having to leave just yet and Zack is in school….we find them later under a blanket ;-) as Hope tells Bo how thankful they must be for having a future to look forward to. He comments how fast life is going by and he’s lost 18 years with Chelsea and needs to make up for her lost childhood with her. Hope tells him to just be there for her now. He agrees and they snuggle on the couch.

KATE CALLS Lucas’ apartment and Sophie answers, wearing just a towel. She hands the phone to Lucas after identifying herself when asked. Kate congratulates Lucas for moving on from Sami at that news. Lucas fires back that nothing’s going on and gives Kate what she deserves. He’s angry she stopped him from being happy and with Sami and Will right now and for her to stay out of his life. She wishes him luck with his new job before he hangs up. Later Sophie comes out after her shower, still in her towel. She thanks him for the sleepover and he’s just glad it worked out for Will being gone and the room available. Sophie tells him she heard him talking about Sami in his sleep (from the next room, LOL??) as the Stone’s STREETS OF LOVE plays in the background. He tells Sophie he knows he and Sami will never have a future together (ah, that means they will in Salemese ;-)

AT SAMI’S apartment, Austin is looking at ads for an apartment in Salem. Sami tells him that he’s welcome to stay there with her (and just how is HER rent being paid without a job?) She tells him she’s having a hard time without a job (hallelujah) and could use his help. He doesn’t want people to get the wrong idea about them, but realizes his future is in Salem. He realized when he came back to Salem for her wedding that life is too short and to go for what you want, then apologizes for reminding her about the wedding. He’s starting his own company and will base it out of Salem. She suggests she needs a job and can work for him. He doesn’t think it would work considering their history. She tells him no one else will hire her, especially after the latest ordeal with Stan. He says it might not do well for his business either and she understands…but he says he’s kidding. He’s concerned about what Lucas would think/say about it. She says she has to move on with her life and doesn't care. She thinks he could live there and they could start the business in her apartment and when it gets established and making money, get a location downtown. He agrees and she hugs him.

AT THE DEVERAUX HOME…we find Jack and Jen asleep in their bed as Abby walks in wearing her robe and pjs. Jen wakes up and walks softly to their daughter. Jack’s wakens as well, but pretends to sleep as Abby admits to Jen she wanted to make sure Dad was okay and hadn’t died over night. Abby says she came in 4x during the night to listen to Jack’s breathing and asks her mother what they’ll do without Daddy. She apologizes for how she acted when she thought they had lost Jack before and will be there for her and little Jack this time. Jen and Abby hug as Jack, now crying, sits up and apologizes for not telling her earlier about his illness. She wants to make him breakfast if he’s hungry. Jack is touched and said he’d eat anything she made. She knows Grandma Horton was right that if it’s made from love, it will be good. Abby leaves to get her brother and will meet them downstairs. Jack wipes away tears and tells Jen how strong Horton women are. She asks what they’re going to do without him. He tells her he’s got it all figured out. Later he denies any “plan”, just that he’ll be looking over the three of them forever. She goes to help Abby with breakfast. Jack tells himself he’s sorry, but going to leave her a little sooner than expected. Jen joins Abby while she’s making chocolate chip pancakes, Jack's favorite. Jack joins them and excuses himself to go play with Jack Jr. until breakfast is ready. Abby’s got the Salem brain today as she reminds Jen that Lexie is a good doctor, but not a specialist in whatever Jack’s got. Jen says that Lexie got lots of second opinions, but they have to keep Jack alive until they can find a cure and miracles do happen (boy howdy, in Salem they sure do especially). Jack overhears from the doorway and walks in asking Abby not to get her hopes up too high..he doesn’t think they’ll find a cure in time. She rushes into his arms to hug him, crying, and Jennifer joins them for a sandwich hug..freeze frame as the previews roll…

Chelsea asks Bo if he can keep a little secret that she doesn’t want Billie to know. Billie (always on the spot) walks in asking what that is.

Sophie tells Lucas he has her number and can always call her. Sami sees Lucas kissing Sophie.

At the spa (knew it) Hope asks Jennifer why she thinks Jack’s up to something. Jennifer knows that Jack will try to find some way to try and soften the blow.

Nicole runs into Donald Trump and says…you’re the Donald. He replies “yes”.

As the credits roll…

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