Thursday, October 27, 2005


Friday, October 28th

Episode #: 10176
Directed by: Herb Stein
Tape Date: 9/23/05

John's determination to get Marlena alone pays off; Austin Inc. kicks into gear while Titan's nervous about the competition (oh sure); and the Brady's and Deveraux's deal with their own issues.

John’s temper gets the better of him and he goes after Alex. Frankie and Marlena stop him and she tells him to stop it. Frankie tells John they should leave and Alex agrees. I think Marlena is listening as John warns her that she would never have asked for a divorce if he hadn’t brain washed her into doing it. She tells John to go and goes into a trance after he leaves. Alex says it’s time for her to forget John Black. As he hypnotizes her we hear the clock again and her remembering John telling her to think of him each time the clock chimes (interesting how we never heard this clock chime until recently, LOL) She asks what if he’s wrong about John. He says any more contact with John would be damaging to her.

By the elevator, John and Frankie talk. Frankie figures there’s got to be something inside Marlena to help remember him. Just when Marlena asks Alex what if he’s wrong about John, John mentally asks Marlena to remember him and flashbacks of him putting the ring on her finger and feeding her wedding cake and dancing with her at their reception. Alex calls for a restraining order and Marlena rushes out the door and John’s still in the hallway. She tells Alex she wants to spend some time with John. Alex says that would be a terrible mistake, but staring at John, she says she wants to go with him and asks when. John says right now and she goes up to change. Alex tells John he called for a restraining order and Marlena comes back out (wow…phone booth in the living room?) in her sparkly black gown. John tells Frankie to make sure Alex doesn’t follow them (Alex doesn’t like that you can see) and he and Marlena step into the elevator. Alex tells Frankie he can’t stop him from leaving and rushes out the door with Frankie in his wake. We see Marlena and John are already at Alices (at least he didn’t go to Chez Rouge, the normal hangout). She asks if they came there often (as the Stones new song plays in the background…enough already). He tells her they did when it was Tuscany, but it’s under new ownership now as he smells his drink before taking a sip, LOL. He didn’t want her to feel pressure. She admits feeling confused and disoriented. He’s happy saying it’s a major breakthrough that she’s out with him. She asks if he has any major words that would help her make sense of this. He takes her hand and kisses it, saying them magic words are I LOVE YOU. Her eyes fill up with tears at that.

Sami and Austin chat about Nicole’s involvement in his new company and she casually shares her frustration. He got Nicole a new laptop to use and when she arrives, she claims it and tells Sami she’s going to be fielding calls and such. Later Nicole’s unpacking as Sami rants about everything she’s brought as Nicole unpacks. Austin lays out the ground rules…by day the apartment is their work place and at night they’re roommates. He tells them Sami’s computer stays where it is (Nicole wants it because it’s next to Austin’s), but he gives Nicole her own laptop and points across the room (4 ft away) for her work space. Austin referees. Sami has an idea suggests they should contact someone she knows at the Spectator who could do an article on his return to Salem. He loves the idea, but Nicole tops it with tv publicity instead. He loves that idea too and they ask Sami to make coffee, which she does with clenched teeth. Later they’re working and Sami puts a cd with customer names on Nicole’s workstation and sees a printed proposal she’s finished. She gives it to Austin as her own work and he likes it, telling her good work. Nicole’s in the kitchen and comes out wanting more coffee creamer and noticing snacks that Will eats are in there, asking if he’s still living there. Sami calmly tells her no, he’s not, and reminds her they’re not suppose to talk personal business during work hours. With one ear pointed their way, Austin seconds that. She gives Austin the same proposal, asking what he thinks about it. Without looking at it, he says he loves it and asks if she has any changes to it. She says no, confused…but while Sami’s in the kitchen fetching her an apple, types a message from Will on Sami’s computer, saying Mom. I hate you and never want to see you again. Have a lousy life. Will. Sami tears up and trying to stay professional, walks out of the apartment after seeing it (just what Nicole wanted I’m sure) as Austin asks where she went. She tells Austin they need a new secretary (hey, it’s HER apartment). Austin says he’s giving them both a chance and to be nice. (the writers must be listening to their viewers about enjoying Ali/Ari's (aka Sami and Nicole's) scenes together)

Victor welcomes Lucas to the company with his prep talk about crushing competitors when Marie (a new one?) arrives with flowers delivered for Lucas. Victor asks if they’re from Sami. Lucaslooks at the card and tells them no, they’re from Sophie, a new gal he’s met. He tells Victor about Sami and Nicole working with Austin, a lethal combination. Victor doesn’t underestimate Nicole’s business smarts and if Sami has something to prove, the two women aren’t to be reckoned with. He calls Austin’s new company a recipe for disaster. Victor admits there working conditions are lean but doesn’t discount their thirst for success and credits Austin for hiring them. Sami’s got drive and Nicole brains and talent. Don’t underestimate them. Lucas said he won’t, but they shouldn’t underestimate him either. Lucas heads home to check on the competition.

Lucas gets off the elevator to find Sami sitting in the hall crying. He softly asks her what’s wrong and she tells him she knows he doesn’t care. He tells her that’s wrong and he still loves her.

Bo and Hope chat about Chelsea. She understands he has to make up lost time with Chelsea, but he has two sons that need him too. He spent time with Shawn that day and tells her Shawn’s moving on with his life without Belle. She looks a little disappointed when she learns Shawn’s going to become a mechanic, but Bo reminds her they’re blue collar cops (when? they’re never at work) and it’s an honest living. He tells her the first money Chelsea used went to Light the Night and work clothes, and so what, she spoiled herself just like Hope did, at the spa. Hope said he missed the point…she lied to him. He tells her she doesn’t like his daughter, but she says, no, she just doesn’t know her. Jen calls and invites them to pizza and Hope accepts.

Jack surfs assisted suicide sites as Jen brings him a protein shake and has researched healthy things to give him to keep him around longer. He tries to sip the shake and says he can’t do this any longer. He wants to enjoy what time he has left and wants pizza. She questions his choice of words and what they mean. She orders him to finish the shake and take the vitamins she got him…then leaves to order the pizza he’s been craving as a concession. He emails Death with Dignity asking them to contact him. Jennifer walks back in, saying she can’t believe it. He shuts the laptop after asking them to call him and asks her what she’s talking about..and of course she found an old pizza menu she found in the drawer.

Bo and Hope arrive at Jen’s and she asks Jennifer to tell her she didn’t order the pregnancy special with anchovies. Jen laughs they just kidded about that, but Jack brings up that it would kill him and the happy mood turns somber again. He goes to get the pizza at the door and Bo the beer in the kitchen. Jen gets the phone and has a hard time hearing who the caller is as Jack rushes back with the 2 pizzas, anxious to get the phone from her. The caller tells Jen they’re calling about assisting suicide and Jen looks up at Jack and says…”suicide…what is going on Jack Deveraux?”…as the previews roll…

John tells Marlena all she has to do is believe it and it will empower her to fight this amnesia.

At a Halloween party…

Philip asks Belle if she’s nervous about seeing Shawn and Mimi together..

Shawn tells Mimi he cares about her and no matter they say, it won’t change how he feels about her. He kisses her (sounds like it at least) as we see Belle and Philip walking up and seeing that.

Jack (wearing a super hero costume) faints as Jen yells, Help, somebody, Help…
As the credits roll…


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