Thursday, October 06, 2005


Friday, October 6, 2005

Episode: 10161
Directed by: Jim Baffico
Tape Date: 9/7/05

SUMMARY: Austin saves Sami from becoming bacon; Marlena asks for a divorce; and Jen finds something that will answer her big question.

Frankie continues to confront Jack about his plan to disappear and how upset and angry it will make Jen. She overhears and asks what will make her do so? Jack tells her it’s a secret and Frankie knows it, but is sworn to secrecy. Jen gives up trying to find out what the secret is and takes Frankie into the kitchen for coffee. Later she and Frankie sip coffee as they pour cream out of the cream pitcher ( many of you use those for casual cups of joe around the house?) as she talks about the party for Jack. He doesn’t think it’s such a good idea. Jen says she disagrees and she even invited a kid that Jack grew up with to it. Frankie agrees old friends might be good for Jack, but a surprise isn’t.

Jack continues working on his plan and remembers telling Lexie he just wants some special happy memories for his family. He thinks of various ways to kill himself, crossing off electrocution or suffocation. He looks at the calendar, saying Halloween is only two weeks away and Jen always loves his sense of humor. Jo (his mother) calls asking if he forgot to pick up Jack Jr. (who..oh yeah, his son). He tells her Vern can read all the bylines to Jack Jr. that he wants, he's a chip off the old block, and will be right there. Outside Jack promises himself that he’s going to leave on Halloween.

Marlena calmly rationalizes a divorce to John, saying she doesn’t want anything from him. John can’t believe she’d ask for a divorce, especially on her birthday. He had plans to celebrate it and thought it would help her memory return. She rationalizes she doesn’t love him and being around him makes her uncomfortable. She wants to be alone. John looks at Alex and says he knows he's behind it. He denies it as does Marlena. John asks him to leave, but Marlena refuses to let him go. John asks for a moment alone with Alex. He tells Alex he’s had it and Alex says the same. His wife wants to leave and John’s refusing to let her. John squints and softly warns Alex he’ll throw him off that balcony if he doesn’t leave. Alex doesn’t think it’ll be that easy and it’ll only upset his patient. John looks back to see Marlena watching them. John tells him to get out of there and Alex tells Marlena he thinks it’s good for her and John to be alone and it won’t be for long and leaves. John gives Marlena her birthday gift. She removes the wrapped box lid to find a photo album. He asks if she wants her memory back and she says she does. He says she has nothing to lose and everthing to gain then by looking at the album. If she still wants him to leave, he will let her if she still wants to after she looks at it. Later we join them looking at pictures (we don't see them) of when Brady was in the scouts, when they were on a date (flashback of the red tbird and they were dressed in their 50’s duds (hmmm, John’s hair was shorter and a little grayer then..but being it was a flashback, used the cloudy flashback mist to disguise that I think ;-)..) Their wedding pictures are next as another flashback of him telling Marlena at the altar how he’ll make her sorrows, his sorrows and will grow old with her through all life has to offer until death parts them and they kiss. He tells her til death parts us and she says that’s enough and closes the album. Tears fill her eyes, but she says nothing came back, but it appears they had some amazing times together. He knows they’ve been through worse times than this and he knows what it’s like to lose your memory. Regardless of that, nothing could ever change what they feel for each other and he still loves her and he knows that she still loves him. They lean in for a kiss when the phone rings. She has to answer it and of course it’s Alex. He tells her to listen to the music and she knows what she’ll have to do. He holds the music up to the phone for her to her. She listens to it and John finally takes the phone from her and Alex disconnects. Marlena says it was a wrong number and looking him in the eye, demands a divorce, saying nothing has changed.

A replay of Austin thanking Kate for something she said that might save Sami. He joins Sami and Roman and tells her there’s no way he’ll let her die for what she did. Good old Mickey, her lawyer, says the charges are pretty serious and recommends that Sami plead guilty if they’ll agree not to give her the death penalty. Austin realizes there are plenty of witnesses to testify against Sami/Stan, but there’s no way they can prosecute her for the charges she’s accused of. Everyone is baffled. Mickey disagrees, he’s read the charges and feels there is. Austin asks Sami to tell them how she became Stan in the first place and to be honest, her life depends on it. Kate makes herself comfortable (why don’t they kick her out of there? Talk about sloppy interrogation with her FATHER interrogating but letting his wife, Sami’s nemesis, plopped in a chair to contradict everything she says?) Sami tells them about her mysterious benefactor supplying her Stan get up. She didn’t know it was Tony. She continues how Kate caused her problems that started this and she convinced John she was guilty of sleeping with Brandon as well. She took advantage of an opportunity to get revenge. Once she knew Tony was behind it, she was as horrified about it as they are. Kate continues that Sami committed treason and almost got her other sons killed. Austin explains Sami is not guilty of TREASON. Lucas, Rex, Shawn and Brady were acting on their own and not affiliated for the U.S. military in a country outside of the U.S. in a country with no treaty agreement. In fact, the marines were also looking for them after it was discovered they were there. Tony was never declared an enemy. If anything, Sami helped save their lives. Sami takes over saying that’s true as they were over their heads out there as bombs were exploding, etc. Tony said he wouldn’t hurt them and Kate pipes up asking if she believed that. Sami rationalizes that Tony proved to her that her parents were still alive and she did believe him. Austin states Sami is not only guilty of the crimes she’s accused of, but in his opinion, a bonfide hero. The lightbulb goes off in Roman and Mickey’s heads and they realize that Austin is right..Sami may not be prosecutable for those crimes. Kate’s mouth drops open in shock as Sami cries in relief. Mickey and Roman leave to make some calls to check on this new concept, leaving Kate in the room with Austin and Sami. She asks what Sami did to Austin overnight (personally I think the NYC tea he’s been drinking must have cleared his brain). Austin tells his mother that Sami’s not a traitor to her country and Kate knows it. He honestly believes Sami saved his brothers and Shawn and Brady lives. Sami agrees. Kate tells Sami flat out it doesn’t wash with her and she’s going down and she hopes she fries. She tells Austin she didn’t mean that literally (liar). Sami calls Kate on finding justification for everything she did to her to ruin her life. Roman and Mickey return, stone faced, saying they called the DA. Kate asks them to just say what their response was, to just spit it out (my sentiments exactly Kate). Roman says the DA and the U.S. Attorney both agree with Austin’s argument. Kate can’t believe it and Sami asks what that means. Roman tells her all the charges have been dropped and she’s free to go. She rushes into Austin’s arms to thank him. He tells her she has his mother to thank as she’s the one to remind him of what Sami had done to be accused of treason. Sami turns and sincerely thanks Kate very much as Kate sits quietly in agony, LOL.

Jen rushes out to see how Jack’s doing as he closes his laptop. She asks if he’s ready for a cup of coffee. Jack accuses her of plying him with caffeine so he’ll tell her what he’s working on. Jack explains he has to rush off and get their son before Vern turns him into the next copy editor for the Spectator. Jen’s bursting with curiousity for Jack’s secret project. She finds Jack’s jacket and rushes to catch him as it’s cold out when a prescription bottle falls out on the floor from it. Frankie says it’s probably for that time he passed out, but Jen worked in Africa for her dad and knows that it’s a serious medicine and wonders why Jack is taking it. Jen looks up the drug on the internet and finds it’s for a fatal illness. "Oh my God, my husband is dying?" She types away madly at the laptop as the previews roll….

Bonnie tells Mimi: “It’s time for you to rope and brand your initials on Shawn Brady’s butt….”

Kate to John: I need your help to nail Sami once and for all….

Alex to himself as Marlena lies on the couch in a trance like state: Now it’s time my work really began

Jack to Jen: I love you, I love you for saying that, I love you. But we’re not going to cheat death this time. We’re just not….

As the credits roll..

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