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Monday October 17, 2005

Episode # 10167
Tape Date: 9/14/05
Air Date: 10/17/05
Director: Jim Baffico

Summary: Shawn and Mimi continue to get closer, which disturbs Belle…Sami and Nicole argue over Austin…Bonnie makes a move on Roman…Alex continues his manipulation of Marlena, but John seems to get through to her on some level. (On a side note, the song “Streets of Love” is played again briefly today, with a tag at the end of the credits that reads “Promotional Considerations furnished by Virgin Records. “Streets of Love” performed by The Rolling Stones. Courtesy of Promotone B.V. written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.”)

AT THE LOFT…Philip is taking care of baby Claire downstairs as we get a replay of Belle climbing up to the roof. She sees Mimi and Shawn dancing and heads back down. But she pops her head back up for a second look and makes a noise. Shawn and Mimi hear the noise and she heads back down. (Interesting, this time, she does NOT slip on the ladder). Shawn looks but doesn’t see anything and Mimi laughs, telling maybe it was a ghost from their past. She talks about how the rooftop has such memories and points out the door with all the initials carved in it, including his and Belle’s and hers and Rex’s. He says maybe they need to make new memories and they kiss. She asks him if he is ready to take the next step and he stops. He thinks they should take it slow, so she agrees. He suggests they go back downstairs and she will make hot chocolate. She says to herself to keep her big mouth shut and not ruin this. Belle goes back downstairs and tells Philip she went up to the roof for some air. He doesn’t think that was a good idea, especially since Lexie gave her a sedative (well, DUH). She apologizes for getting upset earlier and he informs her that Lexie thinks she may have PPD, even though she tells him she thinks there is more to it. He questions her and she tells him that she is so lucky with him and the baby and maybe she fears losing it all. They hear Shawn and Mimi through the vent and Philip says it sounds like they are having a good time. The look on her face says it all and he asks her if she has a problem with that. She tells him yes she does. He asks if she still has feelings for Shawn and she says that she cares for both Shawn and Mimi and afraid it won’t work out for them. But Philip thinks it is good and they belong together. He has a gift for her…a box of chocolate truffles (her favorite). She digs in and he is happy to see her smile. She asks him to make love to her and practically attacks him right there in the living room.

Across the hall…Mimi tells Shawn that even though she ruined dinner, she still has desert…a chocolate lava cake she bought at the bakery. They laugh and yuck it up (this is when Belle and Philip hear them) and as he feeds her cake, gets it all over her face. He kisses it off and they end up horizontal on the sofa. But Shawn stops and apologizes and they agree to cool it. He has rented a movie so he pops it in and they settle on the sofa to watch it.

AT ALICE’S…Roman is surprised to see Lucas working the bar and Lucas tells him he has already heard about it from EVERYONE. He tells him about his job with Victor and they also talk about Sami. Lucas asks him how/why the charges were dropped and is not so happy to hear from Roman that it was all because of Austin. But Roman admits that he is happy that Sami is not in jail, after all she IS his daughter. But Lucas says that getting off the hook isn’t going to help her…she will never grow and learn from her mistakes. Roman agrees with that as they look across the room and see Sami and Nicole arguing.

Nicole and Austin are shooting pool as she continuously leans over the table showing off her “assets” and distracting him. She reminds him of their bet and Sami overhears, telling Nicole “game over”. They get into it as Austin has to break them up, threatening to leave. Nicole throws her arm around Sami, saying they are “almost buddies” (LOL) as Austin walks away. Sami tells her to get off of her and they go back to arguing. Nicole tells Sami she can’t stop her from making a play for Austin and Sami tells her to think again.

Lucas and Roman console each other about losing their women as both assure the other that there is someone else out there for each of them. Bonnie comes over and starts openly flirting. She sits and talks with Roman about his troubles with both Kate and Sami over a free beer. Bonnie offers to help with Sami and goes over to talk to her. On the way, she mutters that the way to a man’s heart is through his children…but she isn’t sure she can handle this one. (LOL). Bonnie tells Sami she can see the little green monsters in her eyes as Sami keeps an eye on Austin and Nicole shooting pool. Bonnie asks which one she is after…Lucas or Austin as Sami walks away. Bonnie follows, telling her that straddling the fence is a bad idea. She should choose one man and straddle him instead (ROFL) as Sami is taken aback by this. Bonnie tells her that Roman is HOT and Sami informs her that she is NOT going to be dating her dad and walks over to him. She tells him she is upset because Lucas won’t talk to her and vows to get him back. Bonnie tells Roman that she tried, but Sami wouldn’t listen to her. She offers him a plate of ribs, noting that he looks thin lately. He asks her to join him so they sit and chow down on ribs. Sophie the waitress asks Lucas out on a date, but he turns her down, saying he isn’t ready. She gives him her phone number and says call her when he IS ready, as Sami overhears all this and is on the verge of tears. She also overhears Austin and Nicole talking about her as well. Austin declares they are just friends and says he can’t abandon her as Sami says thank you Austin (to herself). Austin tries to talk to Lucas again but they end up arguing. Lucas asks if he is falling for Sami again and if he has some obsession about his ex’s and thinks he needs help. Sami and Nicole are back to arguing again as Sami tells her that Austin is not interested in a tramp like her. Nicole says she IS going after Austin and there is nothing Sami can do to stop her. Sami says she will ruin her. But Nicole is determined that she and Austin WILL end up together as Sami says over her dead body. (People in Salem sure are saying that a LOT lately, lol).

AT CHEZ ROUGE…Alex tells John to leave Marlena alone or he will call the police. Kate warns Alex to leave John alone but Alex says he is only trying to protect Marlena. Kate tells him that John is on to him as John tries to convince Marlena to leave with him so they can talk. She is confused and doesn’t know what to do. John apologizes for pressuring her but wants her to think it over and reminds her that she is the love of his life and he can’t just give up and walk away. Kate tells Alex that they have been watching him and think he is romancing Marlena, but he plays innocent. Marlena compromises and tells John that she will talk with him tomorrow, but for tonight she is tired. John asks her one favor…before she goes to bed to lock the bedroom door. She promises that there is nothing going on between her and Alex, but John tells her that he saw them together. She asks if he is spying on her and he back tracks, talking about Alex kissing her at the cabin. John thinks that Alex is behind her asking for a divorce but she doesn’t believe that. Alex and Marlena leave with her promising to talk to him more later. John tells Kate he isn’t sure if he got through to her or not. Kate and John leave as well, planning to keep an eye on them.

BACK AT THE PENTHOUSE…Marelena and Alex are on the terrace. She spaces out a bit and then tells Alex that she was thinking of John. He reaches in his pocket (I assume for the magic necklace) but before he can pull it out, she tells him that she is tired and going to bed. After she leaves, Alex says she can NOT go back to John…he has worked too hard. From across the way, John is watching through the binoculars, hoping that Marlena will follow his advice and lock her door. Alex says he can beat John at his own game and knows exactly how to do it. Marlena readies for bed as John watches and sees her lock the door, proud of her. Alex takes out his tape player and listens to his suggestive dialogue and heads upstairs. He realizes that her door is locked and says this won’t stop him. John sees Marlena’s lights go out and is pleased as Kate rolls in a tray of food from room service. As they prepare to eat, we see Alex sneaking along the ledge, headed for Marlena’s room…as the previews show…

Austin (to Nicole): You know, sometimes I wonder if you have a heart at all…
Shawn walks in as Belle looks at him and starts to cry…

John: I need to get North out of that Penthouse…Sami: Mom needs our help! Roman, John, Sami and Kate all rush through the door, calling out Marlena’s name…

Alex (to Marlena): Alex is the only man you should be with….Marlena: I hear, Alex…and I understand…

As the credits roll…

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