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Monday, October 24, 2005

Episode # 10172
Tape Date: 9/21/05
Air Date: 10/24/05
Director: Phil Sogard

Summary: Austin hires Sami to work for him, much to her delight…but her joy is short lived as Lucas laughs at her and Austin hires yet another employee…Chelsea charms (manipulates) Bo out of more money…Hope and Jen spend a day at the spa…as Jack makes big plans….a VIP visits Salem as Nicole gets “trumped”.

At Brady House…Chelsea shows up as Bo is busy cleaning up Zack’s toys. She cries as she is upset over the news of Abby’s dad dying and wishes she could do something to help. Bo says she is doing a lot just by being Abby’s friend. She starts complaining about Hope and how she thinks she is a brat. But Bo takes up for Hope, saying she just wants the best for her. He starts in on her and Patrick but Chelsea goes on and on about how great he is. Billie and Hope both think she is a loser but Patrick doesn’t judge her. She says she can go to him for anything…such as advice, or comfort or MONEY. Well, Bo is uncomfortable with this, forbidding her to take money from him. He asks her what happened to the money HE gave her and she informs him it is all gone. She starts explaining that she gave some to the Light the Night walk and of course she needed girls “under-thingies”. Bo is very uncomfortable with this talk as she talks about how expensive it is to be a girl. (LOL) He whips out his wallet (guess he just visited the Salem money tree) and gives her another $250 and she promises to be careful with it and spend it wisely. She asks him to keep this a secret from Billie…just as she walks in, asking WHAT secret? Chelsea accuses Billie of following her as Billie asks what just happened here. Bo says it is no big deal and Chelsea leaves. Bo explains to Billie that she was upset over Jack’s situation and Billie wishes she would have talked to HER about it. Billie whines that Chelsea is just upset because she refuses to spoil her but Bo thinks that Billie should trust her more. He says he doesn’t want her to go to Lockhart for anything, because he fears that eventually, he will want something in return. Billie assures Bo that Patrick isn’t interested in Chelsea, because he is hitting on HER. Bo calls him a creep and Billie says for him not to worry, she can take care of herself. Bo says if Billie is wrong…Chelsea will suffer.

At the Deveraux House…Hope is there as Jen goes on about how the stress is getting to her. Hope wants to get her away for a few hours and go to the spa…her treat. Jen doesn’t want to leave Jack (as he overhears). To himself, he thinks he needs to get her out of the house for a while, he has something important he needs to do. Hope and Jack together convince Jen that she needs this and Jen finally concedes (as Hope winks at Jack and thanks him). As Jen goes to get her things, he thanks Hope and tries to give her money to cover the expense, but she refuses…it’s a gift from her and Bo. He thanks Hope for her love and support and she reminds him that the Horton women stick together.

Later they are at the spa and are presented with a price list. Jen is in shock at how expensive it is and says maybe she will only get a massage, she can’t let Hope spend that much on her, but Hope convinces her to stay. She tells Hope that she got the feeling that Jack is up to something. As they go to change, Chelsea comes breezing in and informs the lady she wants the works. She whips out the cash to pay as Hope walks by and sees this. Jen is looking in a mirror saying she will never leave Jack again. She begs for him to hang on…for a miracle. She says anything is possible, as long as he is alive.

After the girls are gone…Jack is at the computer and says this is it…the way to go….just as long as Jen doesn’t find out. He says it won’t be easy and he needs some help. So he calls Billie, who is now outside the Brady house and tells her to rush over, it is a matter of life and death.

At the apartment building…Sami is excited that Austin is going to hire her and he cautions her they will give it a TRY. He tells her to slow down, he has a few ground rules. During work hours HE is the boss, after work hours, they go back to being friends and room mates. She assures him she doesn’t have a problem with that, she is a professional (rolling eyes here). She is okay with everything and he tells her that he needs to go see Mickey for paper work. She wants to tag along, but he tells her there will be plenty to do later. As he leaves, she is thrilled, saying her luck is about to change.

At Lucas’ you can hear Mick Jagger wailing “Streets of Love” in the background as Lucas (clad in a towel) is drying off from his shower. Sophie whistles as he gives that “oh shucks” look and blushes. They talk about Sami and she asks him why Sami doesn’t work. He says with her track record, no one would hire her. She thanks Lucas for letting her stay as they say their goodbyes. They end up kissing in the hallway…and (of course) Sami is watching.

After Sophie leaves, Sami gloats to Lucas in the hall about having a new job. Lucas asks WHO would ever hire her and she tells him Austin. Well, Lucas is shocked and upset over this tidbit and says he just made a huge mistake as they start to argue. She is crying about how everyone turned their backs on her but Austin and now she can repay him as Lucas laughs in her face. She is NOT amused as he tells her he is sure that they will be at each others’ throats soon. He tells her he overheard her threatening Nicole and asks what Sami has on her. She says she has enough. He warns her to leave Nicole alone. Sami says he must have a thing for cheap floozies and starts in on Sophie and Lucas takes up for her. Sami thinks that Will would be better off with his mother and Lucas reminds her he doesn’t WANT her and she has no one to blame but herself.

Mickey’s Law Office…(is ONE busy place today) as Nicole shows up for an appointment. She is informed that Mickey has a VIP coming and someone else is handling her case. Nicole’s jaw hits the floor as Donald Trump strolls in. She rushes over and begins fawning all over him. She tells him that she was married to Victor Kiriakis but is now back on the market. He tells her that he is happily married and has all the “apprentices” he needs as he quickly dismisses her. He tells her that maybe he can set her up with Martha (LOL). As he disappears into Mickey’s office, Frankie arrives (with a new GI haircut) telling Nicole he is handling her case and he doesn’t have good news. Later, Trump is leaving as Mickey thanks him for his generous donation to the Horton Foundation. The Donald congratulates him on all the good work they have done and on their 40th anniversary. Trump talks about how wonderful Salem is as Mickey jokes and says they have quite a cast of characters and should start their own reality show. Trump thinks about it and tells him they are more suited for a soap opera. (Touché!) Nicole rushes over and starts on him again, offering to send her resume. He tells her he will be in touch. She asks “really?” and he says NO as he leaves. Nicole and Frankie go into an office as she is NOT happy about Frankie handling her case. He tells her that Victor wants to settle with a minimal payoff…no alimony and no access to the estate, which infuriates her…she wants more. Frankie tells her she is dreaming. She is ranting about all she did at Titan as Austin walks in siding with her, saying she did great work at Titan and he was impressed as Mickey introduces Frankie and Austin. Austin tells Nicole he wants to talk to her. In the lobby he tells her about his new company and says he needs her help…and he has a proposition for her.

Back in the office, Mickey thanks Frankie for helping him out with his case load and they talk about Jack and Jen’s situation. Frankie wants to help them out as much as possible. Mickey laughs and says that at one time he and Maggie were sure that he and Jen were going to get married. Frankie tells Mickey he has promised Jack that he will be there for Jen. They talk about Nicole’s divorce and Mickey says he hopes she can pick up the pieces and move on. Frankie hopes that Jen can do the same.

Austin returns to Sami’s and informs her that he took care of all the legal paperwork and even hired an executive vice president…someone that Sami will report to. She is okay with that, just happy to have a job and asks WHO her new boss is…as Nicole walks in. Lucas walks up with a smirk on his face and says “this CAN’T miss!”

Back at the Deveraux House…Billie rushes over asking what is wrong as Jack tells her he needs her help…BUT she must keep it a secret and tell no one. She begs him not to do this to her again, it was hell keeping his other secret from Jen. But she finally agrees to go along with him, as she can’t turn her back on him. He begs her again to never tell anyone and she agrees. He tells her he needs her to help him commit suicide…as the previews show…

Jack (to Billie) What are you doing? (Billie): I am calling the one person who can talk you out of this…

Jen (to Hope): She will run straight to Bo…and that will put him in a tough spot. (Hope): I just want to make sure she isn’t taking advantage of her father…

Maggie (to Lucas): Are you SURE you are over SAmi?...Isn’t there a part of you that is still in love with her?...

Nicole (to Austin): I have to have a place to live…(Austin): Why don’t you move in with Sami and me? Sami spits out her drink…

And the credits roll…

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