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Monday October 31, 2005

Episode # 10177
Tape Date: 9/29/05
Air Date: 10/31/05
Director: Phil Sogard

Summary: Halloween comes to Salem! This is a fun show, but one of those that is hard to summarize, with everyone in one place, with lots of little conversations going on. If I miss things, I apologize. Everyone comes down on Shawn for dropping out of college…John seems to be getting through to Marlena (as does Belle)…Jack and Jennifer have a fun evening…that is until tragedy strikes.

At the Deveraux House…Jen has answered the phone, but is having trouble hearing the other party as Jack tries to get the phone away from her. Jen asks if they said something about “suicide”? Jack grabs the phone and tries to cover, saying the call was about a side of sushi. But Jen doesn’t buy it and tells Hope that Jack is up to something. Later, the 4 of them enjoy their pizza as Jen comments on how Jack has not lost his appetite. As Jen and Hope clean up, Bo asks Jack if he is feeling okay and tells him again that if there is anything he can do, just let him know. Again, Jack asks him to look out after his family after he is gone. Jen and Hope return as Jack hugs Jen and tells her he loves her and suggests they go out dancing. Jen doesn’t think it is a good idea, but he reminds her that Abby is at a party and Mickey and Maggie volunteered to watch Jack Jr. He assures her that he feels fine and is up to it.

At Alice’s Bar…Belle and Philip arrive for the Halloween party and Belle is (surprise) in a bad mood. Philip asks her if it is the PPD or is she upset because she saw Shawn’s car in the parking lot. She tries to convince him she doesn’t have a problem with Shawn and Mimi (cue ‘Streets of Love’) and she storms inside. Inside, Shawn and Mimi are working the party (he bartending, she waiting tables) dressed as Tarzan and Jane (at Bonnie’s insistence). He talks about his new job and how his mom is disappointed in him for dropping out of school. Mimi says her mom could care less and mocks her saying that Bonnie would tell him that if he wants to build up his female clientele he should work on cars wearing a speedo. Roman arrives (sans costume) as Bonnie stops him and puts a white cowboy hat and badge on him. (LOL at where she wants to put the badge…use your imagination). He sees John and Marlena across the room. As John and Marlena talk, he seems to be getting through to her. Alex arrives as Bonnie also gives him a hard time as well about no costume. She puts a black hat on his head, telling him he can be the villain. He spies John and Marlena and tells himself he has work to do. Just as John spots him, he gets a call from Frankie to warn him that Alex is there. John asks Marlena to look into his eyes as Roman advises Alex not to bother them. But Alex swears he is only trying to help her and that if she regains her memory, he has a cured patient…John has Marlena and Roman will get nothing, as he strolls off.

At the bar, Shawn offers again to dip into his trust fund to help Mimi, but she refuses. He says that everyone must do what is right for themselves and that dropping out of school is what is right for him. Belle walks up and hears this and tells him he is doing the wrong thing, he is making a huge mistake. (Listen to her Shawn, this is coming from someone who KNOWS…after all she married someone she didn’t love). He doesn’t want to hear it, and tells her that he is just taking her advice…and is getting on with his life. Belle thinks he is just throwing his life away as he walks off and Philip tells her to let it go. Belle spots her mom and dad and goes over to talk to them as Philip complains to Meems about Belle’s mood swings.

Marlena asks Belle what is wrong as Belle begins to whine, then apologizes. Marlena thinks they need a trip to the ladies room so off they go. Roman sits with John as he tells him he thinks he is getting through to Marlena. Roman tells him he is on his side and wants to get rid of the good doctor. In the ladies room, Belle whines and cries to Marlena about how she has missed her. Marlena tells her she is there for her now as Belle boo-hoos about how she messed up her life and is a failure. Marlena asks if it is really the PPD or is it because she has lost Shawn. Belle says that Shawn has moved on and so has she. Belle says she shouldn’t be bothering her with all this, but Marlena assures her that things are going to change…she loves her and wants to be a part of her life again. Both are crying as they hug. Belle says she only wants her mom and dad back together so they can be a family again.

Philip and Shawn are talking about his new job when Bo and Hope arrive. She wastes no time in lighting into him about dropping school. Back at the table, John tells Marlena that he doesn’t think it was her idea for the divorce (as she has a flashback of Alex telling her to put John out of her life). He tells her that they were in love and all she has to do is believe that. He talks about Belle as Marlena has flashbacks of baby Belle and smiles. He tells her that they all love her and need her so much. Roman is watching them and thinks that maybe John IS getting through to her. Bonnie walks up and asks Roman if Marlena gets her memory back , WHO will she remember, him or John. Roman says that no one will ever come between her and John. Alex is getting antsy and pulls out the necklace to go work on Marlena before John gets through to her. But Bonnie bumps into him and he loses the charm off the necklace. Bonnie finds it on the floor and adheres to the “finders keepers” rule and decides to place it in a resting spot…right between her bosoms (LOL). Alex realizes it is gone and begins searching for it. John walks over and asks him what he is looking for and Alex says he lost his keys. John hands him his and tells him, take my car and leave (LOL). He tells him Alex that Marlena is with her husband and is just fine, go home. He informs him that before the night is over, Marlena WILL change her mind about the divorce. Bonnie is hitting on Roman again (as she flashes her new boob jewelry) and suggests they have a good time. He finally gives in (with a “what da hell”). At the bar, Shawn doesn’t want to hear it from his mom as she goes on and on about him quitting school. She becomes exasperated that no one will support her on this. She pulls the “he’s your son…talk to him” trick and storms off, shaking her head. Bo asks him to try to appease his mom but Shawn doesn’t want to talk about it anymore, saying he has to make his own decisions.

Outside, Jack is on the phone with the assisted-suicide-person when Jen walks out and catches him. He sees her and lies and tells her that he was calling to check his horoscope (and just HOW gullible is she?). He cuts the conversation off and tells her that his horoscope says that if he is with the woman he loves, they will have a “super” time. She begins to question him as they go inside. Later, he walks up behind her wearing a red and black super hero costume (complete with mask and cape) and surprises her asking her to dance. He promises her he feels fine as he kisses her. He says “up up and away” as he picks her up and begins to swing her around.

Hope catches up with Belle and they take comfort in knowing that they are the only ones that are upset over Shawn quitting school. Hope confides that she doesn’t think that Mimi may be the best influence on Shawn. Well, of course, Bonnie overhears this and is all over Hope like white on rice. Back at the Black table, Marlena tells John she really wants to get her memory back, so he tells her to close her eyes as he describes their time in New Orleans. As he does this, she has flashbacks and he slips a ring on her finger…and she says she remembers. Meanwhile, Alex hands the DJ a CD and asks him to play it. The creepy music starts as John begins to lose Marlena and she goes into a stupor. On the dance floor, Jack complains to the DJ about the music so he turns it off and puts on another CD. John asks Marlena what happened (oh come on John…you didn’t notice the music???). She says she was distracted. Now back with him, he asks her to dance so they go out on the dance floor and Alex says DAMN and continues to search for the charm.

Bo and Roman talk as Bo notices that Bonnie and Hope are in a conversation and notes that neither of them look too happy. Bonnie informs Hope that NO ONE makes snide remarks about her Mimi. As Mimi and Shawn walk over, Bonnie embellishes what Hope said, saying she called them losers and goes on to say FOR HER INFORMATION, she (Bonnie) is a graduate of Hair Hoppers House of Beauty…working on her truck drivers license, is almost certified in home heating and air conditioning repair and is THIS CLOSE to being certified in VCR repair. ROFL as Hope comments she has taken every course offered on matchbook covers. Bonnie calls her “princess Hope” as Mimi is totally embarrassed and rushes out the door in tears…closely followed by Shawn. Philip sees this and asks Belle what that was all about, but Belle tells him she just wants to leave. John and Marlena dance as she tells him she KNOWS this is where she belongs. Bonnie storms by as Alex sees the charm bouncing between her “girls”. Outside, Shawn tells Mimi it doesn’t matter what their mothers think and he kisses her…just as Philip and Belle walk by and see them. Cue sad look from Belle. Bo asks Hope what was going on between her and Bonnie but she tells him she has had enough confrontation for one evening. Roman tries to lighten Bonnie’s spirits and ropes her, asking what he can do to help. When he does this, the charm falls from it’s ample resting place to the floor and Alex retrieves it. John asks Marlena if she is remembering anything as she looks at him and says she remembers the man she loves. Meanwhile, Jack and Jennifer are having a great time as he picks her up and spins her around…until he collapses to the floor and she begins yelling for help…and the previews show…

Shawn (holding baby Clare): Mimi and I…we can handle her…

Philip (to a sobbing Belle): Every time I mention the 2 of them together, you get very upset. (Belle): I do NOT…(Philip): Because you are afraid of losing Shawn…

Jennifer (to Frankie): I should not be leaning on you like this. (Frankie): I have a perfectly good shoulder going to waste…

Alex (to John): There’s no point trying to hide this any longer…Marlena and I are in love…

As the credits roll…

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