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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Episode # 10170
Tape Date: 9/19/05
Air Date: 10/20/05
Director: Albert Alarr

Summary: Abby and Chelsea go missing as their parents worry about them…the evil Dr. North continues his brainwashing of Marlena…as John decides to take drastic measures.

At the Deveraux House…Bo and Hope arrive (they must have called them) to find Jen a nervous wreck. Abby is missing and they have not heard from her. They say that doesn’t sound like Abby, but Jack says it is because of something he said…that he is dying. As Bo and Hope stand there in shock, he explains about his mysterious illness (he explains the odds of getting it is one in 10 million) and how it is terminal. Hope consoles Jen as Bo asks Jack if there is anything he can do. Jack says in fact there is. Jen explains to Hope that Jack didn’t tell them because he didn’t want to worry them but fears that it is too much for Abby to handle. Jack tells Bo he wants him to promise to look out for his family…he is afraid someone may try to take advantage of them…namely Patrick Lockhart. Hope and Jen ask Bo to go look for Abby and Jack wants to go along. They try to talk him out of it, but he is determined, saying it is something he NEEDS to do. Hope stays with Jen to wait in case Abby returns. As they leave, Jen breaks down, asking WHY is God punishing them. Hope does her best to comfort her and promises she will get through this and she will be there for her, no matter what.

At the Lockhart House…Billie is pacing the floor, worried about Chelsea, having not heard from her and Billie has left 6 messages on her cell phone. Patrick tries to calm her down and is sure that she is somewhere with Abby and they lost track of time. He offers to wait with her and goes to make some coffee. Billie riffles through his albums and puts on some soul. She slowly dances alone as Patrick comes back and dances with her. They talk about the music and how both of them are soul music fans. She thanks him, saying she needed to relax. As he holds her, he tells her how smart, funny, beautiful and sexy she is. She thanks him for always being there for her and they kiss. The phone rings, it’s Jen looking for Abby. Now, Billie is concerned, for she was hoping that Chelsea was at their house. Billie senses something is wrong and wants to go look for them, but Patrick tells her to stay there, he will go. After he leaves, Bo shows up and tells her that Abby is missing. He tells her about Jack’s dilemma (as Billie doesn’t bat an eye…but then she already knows doesn’t she?). She tells him that Patrick is out looking for them which angers Bo and he rushes off…as Billie makes (not so) lucky call #7 to Chelsea’s phone.

Down at the Docks…Chelsea is trying to comfort Abby in her own way. She tells her that she is lucky that she isn’t losing her parents like she did. This upsets Abby even more and Chelsea apologizes and tries to explain. She says at least she has the time to spend with her dad before hand. She says she would give anything to have her parents back as they hug. Abby thinks Chelsea may be right, she should spend as much time with her dad as she can. Chelsea tells her that when her parents died, she tried to remember the last conversation she had with them or remember the last time she told them that she loved them but couldn’t and wishes she had those memories to hold on to. Abby fears that every time could be the last. Chelsea promises to help her through this and offers to take her home. Abby thanks her but opts to walk home. After she leaves, Patrick finds Chelsea alone and crying, telling him what is going on and how upset she is and misses her parents. He holds her and lets her cry as Bo walks up, telling him to get his hands off his daughter. Meanwhile, Jack finds Abby as she hugs him, crying on his shoulder. He tells her that he has known for a couple of months now, but just couldn’t tell them. She is upset that he kept this news from her and asks her why he insists on treating her like a baby. She tells him that she can’t deal with this and runs off.

At the Penthouse…Alex tells Marlena it’s time to erase all memories of John as he turns on the creepy music and hands her a brandy. He tells her that after tonight, it will be like John Black never existed. The only man she will ever love will be him. At Kate’s place, John is watching them and complains to Kate, sure that Marlena was making a break through. He says every time it is like North flips a switch and she regresses. He is SURE that North is controlling her and he needs to get her away from him. Kate points out that he doesn’t have many options left and John says he has one…he can kidnap her. Kate discourages him, saying that he could get arrested and could lose Marlena forever in the process. Alex puts Marlena under and tells her to listen to only him. He tells her he will count to 10 and she will have no memories of John and she says she understands. John tells Kate that he is out of options and he feels that either way, he could lose Marlena for ever. Alex begins to count as she looks at him but sees John instead. She looks at the clock and has flashbacks of John giving it to her and telling her that every time she hears it chime, she will remember how much he loves her…as the clock chimes. Alex reaches 10 and hands her the brandy to toast a productive session as she continues to stare at the clock. Alex asks her what’s wrong but she says she is just tired and ready to go to bed. She tells him goodnight and heads on up. He tells himself that there is nothing to worry about…it all went like clockwork and is proud of himself as he walks out on the balcony, holds up his glass and looks in John’s direction, toasting. John worries about Marlena and thinks that now is the time to make his move as Kate continues to try to talk him out of it. But John is determined, saying he is out of options. Marlena is now upstairs, holding the clock, staring at it, having a flash back of John. She remembers John telling her to lock the door and she does. Alex comes to the door and knocks as she hides the clock in a drawer and lets him in. He pulls out a photo album to show her pictures from a long time ago…when they were lovers, surprising her. He tells her she swore that he was the only one she would ever love. John sees the bedroom light on and worries that Alex is in there with her and threatens to kill him. Alex tries to convince Marlena how happy they once were, but she is still skeptical and wants more information. She asks when were the pictures taken but he tells her she needs to rest and encourages her to go to bed. He tells her that she will remember it all and when she does, it will be perfectly clear to her which man she wants to spend the rest of her life with…as the previews show…

Jen: What are you planning Jack?...

Sophie: I heard you talking in your sleep…Lucas: What was I talking about?...Sophie: Sami

Sami: Austin…I could work for you!...

Bo: How can I make up for not being there for her childhood?...Hope: You can change her future despite being there…by just loving her Bo….

And the credits roll…

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